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– you cannot go down ok hey guys so we're live and I'll wait for you guys to see me hopefully it's uh it's live I just wanted to just double check see if we get anyone on here let's see I'm going to click here and say top chat live chat okay all right we got some people on all right good so I'm gonna hear – and answer any questions you guys.

Might have but I have my videographer right here so this is Jared jared is awesome as a videographer he does all my editing and I wanted to bring Jared on here because he is a typical guy like I was I wasn't always a good eater so he's a typical guy he's doing my videos after a while after thousands of videos okay it kind of sunk in he says maybe I need.

To change my diet right but before you just what would you eat before Oh kinds of junk McDonald's Kentucky Fried Chicken Popeyes Chipotle what about you like the what do you call that with the MSG extra msg it's called with the chicken general Souls that and also what's that chicken I don't know it's it's a place that you.

Really liked but he would come in I can see that he needed electrolytes so so you you started to change your diet after a couple years of watching my videos right yeah so then she went home he started changing it did you start to feel better right away uh it took just a little bit of time I guess because I was still going in and out like I would try.

It for like a couple days and then I was just yeah I can't do it right now I'll go right back to the McDonald's or whatever but Dan I would like go for a week or two and then I would feel clearer and I would feel more awake and I would feel like I was processing more of what was around me stuff like that and you do use also combine in a minute.

Fasting – right yeah I would yeah yeah and so I mean for the most part you're doing pretty good I mean it's not a hundred percent right not all the way there yet I got some work but uh so you also brought remember you brought me that peanut butter that you you're wondering what was in that because yeah yeah it wasn't peanut.

Butter was it it was not peanut butter right now I was like okay you gotta read the directions but I think um I think you know being a typical guy do you find that once you tried this and you saw the results it's like okay maybe this is legitimate maybe I need to keep doing this like what what would motivate an average person a humanoid an average guy.

To keep going I'm just a results like even when I was editing the videos the sleigh it's hard to not want to do it when you see the results like all the time like you're you're editing this video and every time I would be editing it I would be telling people about this stuff and you're just like wow like you're like they almost like thought I.

Knew it I was like no just from editing all the videos I kind of just picked up the information while I was going along but right yes it's hard when like you see on the live show all the people is talking about the results and just all the before and afters you like how can you not want to do it you know I think I think too and one of the things that we.

Run into is that unless you have a physical problem that you're trying to solve there's no motivation there to get started with it did you have a physical problem really or not I didn't have too much mine was just staying away cuz I was I usually just had a problem going to bed on time I would go to bed very late.

And then during the day I would just start getting really at like 1:00 or something to like 3:00 I would just be like yeah I noticed that I notice that as you're doing the video you're like fullness II um so here's the thing guys you don't have for those of you that are average guys or girls you do not have to wait until you get diabetes okay to do.

This you don't wait till you get cancer you do it before I'm telling you it's much easier to do that you don't really need a reason to get started but you're gonna feel a lot better it's for your own good okay so let's answer some questions here let's see dr. Burke I do keto Oh mad I get mucus buildup in my throat what is.

Causing it well probably it's the dairy most of the most likely if you want to get rid of mucus you to start eating radishes Spanish black radishes okay we got 938 people watching you right now guys I had a very I had a fear of public speaking at one time I in fact I was this close to dropping out of college.

Because I had to give a speech do you know how I handled that did I ever tell you this right I actually drank some alcohol before I went on there and guess what guys that was a big mistake that was crazy because I actually I was laying went from bad to worse so so then I decided okay I need to do something so I just kept doing more.

Seminars and more seminars and a lot more okay so working towards Ahmed taking exogenous ketones really helps me around 1 to 2 p.m. get through until dinner with my family I haven't seen you speak on those what's your opinion and exogenous ketones well I think they're good if you have Alzheimer's I think they're good if you're a professional.

Athlete but I don't think they're good for the average person why am I saying that because you don't need them what happens you want to run on your own ketones when you actually dependent on external ketones even though you're in you you have ketones going to your urine that's gonna prevent you from tapping into your own fat because if there's.

Ketones available that you're taking at $140 a month why would you bother need to break down fat and use his own ketone so from a fuel standpoint it's much easier just to run off your own fuel and also you're actually burning fat and it also defeats the whole purpose of doing keto in the first place which is getting healthy when you take you tones you're.

Taking some external thing and that's trying to make you healthy but it's not really true health that's my viewpoint sorry ok sugar is food for cancer yes you're right it sugar cancer lives on sugar and glutamine okay at the summit that I hope you're coming to you're gonna be there video and you doing at this summit we're gonna talk about.

Cancer in depth we're gonna talk about oh my gosh brain physiology in real simple terms we're gonna do a whole thing on debugging wait we're gonna do a whole exercise thing it's gonna be really amazing so I hope you guys can come and it's in Virginia at the peak time but here's the thing about cancer cancer is triggered by carcinogens.

Carcinogens are things in the environment that alter our genes and our cellular parts or processes and so what happens when the cell becomes damaged so look at you have a normal cell that gets damaged becomes a cancer cell what's different about a cancer cell is cancer cells they don't die they don't have the pre programmed death like normal cells.

Have so our normal cells die cancer cells don't it lives on it takes over the body and it takes over the organs it's kind of weird isn't it that our body cells are programmed to die but not can't yourself so so what you need to do for cancer is basically you need to avoid sugar I mean major and then do in a minute fasting both of those are going.

To be very beneficial and then at the summit we're gonna get into what else you need to do alright so I've had a spar Lori I take antibiotics after my meds how long should I wait until I eat should avoid dairy altogether well it depends on what antibiotics you're taking I can't tell you because I don't know what about your.

Taking certain antibiotics you would avoid dairy but here's the thing about antibiotics they wipe out your good bacteria in your back that bad bacteria and they really severely prevent your absorption of B vitamins so when you have antibiotics you may find that B vitamins don't work that well anymore for you and so you have all sorts of.

Issues with the tea and you have issues with hair loss and Kido flu for sure so you have to take more of the B vitamins to nutritional yeast and that's what I would recommend okay dr. Berg love your show thank you just a quick question does sea salt contain polypropylene impurities due to pollution I saw this in another YouTube.

Channel it really depends on where you get your sea salt from I like Himalayan sea salt because it's from a a very an amount where which it's unpolluted completely included and it's like nothing could actually put polypropylene in there at all so that's what I would do if I were you and just by the way guys if you're okay we have a thousand.

People watching now just so you know when you do keto and in a minute fasting it's very important to increase your salt very important was salt sea salt you might need a little bit more than a teaspoon a day because if not you're gonna find you're gonna be weak your muscles are gonna be weak you're also going to not hold as much fluid because.

With the carb stuff when you get rid of the carbs you dump all this fluids so you need a little bit more fluid and you need to hold the fluid in your body with sea salt and we're all still kind of here you might notice that like even your tissues look a little dehydrated well that's because you need more more minerals specifically sodium to hold.

Some of this fluid in there so don't be afraid of consuming more salt on a ketogenic diet okay dr. Burke is there any product natural remedy that you'd recommend to heal post inflammatory hyperpigmentation okay the way I'm going to answer that I'm going to say what you minor might want to research you and your doctor is wheatgrass juice powder.

Because there's some great evidence to show that that's great for external skin and internal skin okay so I was just gonna talk about something and then I just completely talking about before that he says some about wheatgrass news about before that Himalayas he saw yes memory loss yeah so salt is very.

Important I was gonna mention this Jared did you know that a healthy normal person only has one teaspoon of sugar in their blood all the blood do you know that one teaspoon sugar right that's 5 grams okay did you know you're probably knew that because you saw my videos but did you also know that diabetes is like a.

Teaspoon and a half No yeah if you have a teaspoon and a half of sugar up to like two teaspoons of sugar yeah you get diabetes that's crazy yeah now what's happening is your body is working like crazy to get that half a teaspoon out of the blood with all this insulin but this is why 65 percent of the population is a pre-diabetic or.

Diabetic in the United States it's not even that epidemic it's a pandemic which is worldwide and it's so simple I mean like the top doctors the endocrinologist cannot see the obvious which is basically diabetes is too much sugar cut out the sugar they don't get that simplicity I think they had some major confusions you know with the basic.

Terminology of what insulin is alright dr. Burke exclusive breastfeeding keto 16 810 weeks now any suggestion no weight loss absolutely no cheating no carbs processed foods any thoughts two minutes a day well here's the thing you're breastfeeding right your body is actually adapted for feeding this baby and what's gonna.

Happen it's probably gonna slow your metabolism a little bit because it doesn't want to doesn't probably want to focus on weight loss it's focusing on making that milk so what I would do is I would finish up your breastfeeding and then then go into maybe one meal a day after that but one good thing for breastfeeding so if you would like to.

Know this I don't know if you want to know this would be nutritional yeast or Brewers use you can make him in Coke no sugar and you'll fortify your milk okay so someone says dr. Burke do you do i F no no I don't do in a minute fasting have you been watching my videos of course I do it a minute fasting yeah I.

Do two meals a day sometimes I'll do one meal a day okay so love ketose lifestyle but need advice to boost metabolism after 60 years young history of diets and if' for years well if you have a damaged metabolism the single most important thing you need to do is lower your insulin that's the most important thing.

Healthy keto in a minute fasting do it consistently if you want to speed it up then add the exercise in there and then if you want to speed it more add nutrition into it when I speed it up more cut down the fat okay a little bit more in the carbs and that should work good so any last words of wisdom I follow his advice he knows what he's.

Talking about he does the research that's a good advice that's very good guys I hope you can make it to the keto summit I'll put a link down below in about a half hour but we're doing this summit in the fall consider coming I'd love to meet you alright guys have a great afternoon
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