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Hey guys just trying to figure this out if this is working so today I want to just talk a little bit about the digestive system but I'm gonna wait for everyone to log on and I'll be releasing a full video on this but I wanted just to mention it's kind of an important thing I'll be talking about hey Mark I want to talk.

About Zeebo okay small intestinal bacterial overgrowth it's very very common believe it or not so I'll wait for everyone to log on and then I want to talk about it but it's important it is important to know what to do what it is so many people have it especially if you have below team gas or stomach pain or.

Constipation or diarrhea okay and you've had history of antibiotics and you're doing anti-acids then you need to stay tuned because we're going to talk about this very important so I guess I'll just kind of jump right in so SIBO someone says how old are you mark I'm dr. Burnham now mark I am 50 my 52 I think I'm 52.

Yeah I'm 52 years old okay so so let's talk about SIBO okay all right SIBO what is it's a small intestinal bacterial overgrowth syndrome okay what's happening is the normally you should not have bacteria in your stomach because you have asked it in it should kill it right you don't want bacteria in your stomach you don't want.

A lot of bacteria in your small intestine actually 23 feet okay some in the lower part but not too much you want all the bacteria in the large intestine which is the last five feet after the Silvius equal valve you know we want the rest all the bacteria in there so SIBO is a situation where you have a lot of bacteria in the small intestine.

The place where it shouldn't be now why is that bad well it's not designed to have that much bacteria so it's gonna compete for food because normally you have the stomach that should release a very powerful enzyme to break down protein protease it's like a powerful enzyme but you need the acid to be between one and three very acidic to.

Release that enzyme so now we break down the protein okay good so we eat this food break down the protein kills off microbes okay absorbs minerals and then it goes in the small intestine and that's where you have the pancreas neutralizing some of the acid okay and that alkali it's called Alka it's.

Called um bicarbonate that should neutralize and also activate additional enzymes that are different from the pancreas so now we have this amazing release of all these enzymes to break down carbohydrates and all sorts of things okay and then the gallbladder releases bile to break down and modify the fat particles and then with the help.

Of the pancreas we can actually break these particles down to the smallest particle size so we can actually then get absorption into these little silly of those little hairlike structures like roots that pull it into the cells of the colon so all this bacteria will start eating that food especially if there's any sugar okay so start eating the food.

And you don't want that because you're gonna be starved of energy and you're gonna get all this bacteria they're gonna procure it all this gas and you're gonna be like messed up so that's how that's what's happening so now how do you get this thing okay well number one it usually comes from consuming food too frequently because.

There's this thing that happens in between meals that actually is kind of a cleaning action it's not a tough 2g it's another another action where you're you're sweeping out the residue of food into the large bowel okay that's why I like after three three hours after eating use your stomach gurgles and it kind of does some stuff well that's what.

It's doing it's cleaning in between the meals so but if you don't do if you don't actually do in a minute fasting and you're snacking between meals and you're doing five meals a day you never get the cleaning so you get a lot of food that stays there and then you're gonna get back to your longer growth if you've been in an antibiotic or an anti.

Acid you neutralize the stomach or you're getting older and your stomach acids out there you can't kill off the microbes from the food that you're eating there's a lot of microbes and food by the way vegetables and everything and that's gonna end up through the system and start growing that way so now you are bloated and.

You're like constipated and you don't know what to do here's a simple solution there's three main things one is you have to certify the stomach alpha cider vinegar works great the tain how to chloride is really awesome too you need a lot of it there is a product I have you don't have to get it but it's just something that's.

Convenience combination a betaine her chloride and outside of it of her pills I would take probably nine of those my guitar teacher found that if he could consume quite a few of them he can go to five guys obviously was not educated in what I'm doing so the point is that you want more of this acidifier you're taken in the body and then the stomach starts.

Getting corrected now starts killing off the microbes because I can't live in an acidic stomach so the next thing you do is do in a minute fasting very very important because it gives your body a chance to do the self-cleaning thing in between the meals very important third thing is you're going to do accommodation of herbal things that are.

Going to be really make it a better environment for the unfriendly pathogens to be there and that would be like oregano Carl time peppermint oil encapsulated encoded and also there's one more oregano thyme garlic and um it'll come to me okay it'll be in the video that I'll release but anyway you take these these herbal.

Things it starts to create the right environment and then it'll actually it's the that's the best thing you could do the last thing you might want to realize is that stress can also make it so it never fully gets better so if there's any type of emotional stress or whatever you're going through you have to figure out how you have to solve that because.

That's gonna be a really important thing I mean I've had people even just focus on reducing their stress and they didn't do anything else problem solved so that's just something to think with okay all right now I'm gonna answer some questions here what do you use oh I have to mention one thing the worse you could do for SIBO is to consume more.

Probiotics or more fiber you don't want to do that because it's gonna add more food and more microbes you're trying to get rid of them so you don't want to do that with this okay but you can you can consume some fiber but it has to be something called low fodmap and i will actually release the video on that if you look at my recent recent one i'm.

Bloating i actually list all the foods that you can consume on that eating plan in fact what I'll do is I'll put a link down here when I'm done with this video okay dr. Burke could you recommend a good app to track macros yeah I have one but I have to release it yet give me a little more time okay okay so now how do I stop these messages from going so fast.

Okay dr. burgers a bad to sleep during the day not at night the bottom line is just you need to sleep when you can sleep and get the sleep that at least 7 hours and when you sleep is not as important as getting the sleep ok my question is since cherry juice has sugar is it also good for gout to drink.

It well you have to cherry pick your remedy I'm sorry I'm just kidding you know you don't want to do the cherry juice for gout the the best thing to do for gout and realize what stuck with spikes gout is insulin yeah there's a couple things you can do for gout that will counter it one thing is to alkalize the body with.

Potassium citrate very very important ok I just released a video on uric acid crystals I suggest you watch that when we're done here and you could get more data on that ok all right let's see here I'm 37 I have muscle strains more often how do you keep your muscles younger oh you just need to do in a minute fasting that's.

Gonna preserve your muscles more than anything how can we build muscles on if' and keto you have to do weight training well keto make you gay no it won't ok no vegan and could say no vegan and keto do not mix I don't know what you're asking that sorry it's sprouting rice worth the effort no it's not diagnosis for SIBO yeah you it's s it's s I Beto and.

There's a test that you can do you go to a gastroenterologist that and you can do a test where he measures the hydrogen gas and also the I don't know if he measures carbon dioxide but he'll measure hydrogen sulfide and methane gas and you'll be able to detect if you have a SIBO so you can get an assessment on.

That which is kind of smart because there's three different types and you want to get and you want to know what to do but I gave you a general idea of what to do which body type to start with I have symptoms from multiple I would start with the adrenal body type information okay the keto summit is at the Gaylord hotel.

Yes it's gonna be a National Harbor in Maryland it's a really nice one and it's gonna be very exciting hello from Anchorage hello eating resons raisins no because it's it's like concentrated sugar I'm doing oh man keto and my morning levels measure 4.2 they're not losing weight well I think you need to just you're in ketosis but I.

Think you need to reduce your fat because your dietary fat might be creating those ketones but just realize guys and this is very interesting ketones are they're like antioxidants they were very protective of your cells and this whole theory of calories in calories out is what their own meaning is this one.

Little piece of data I want to tell you about you know it's not as mechanical as that you have when you go on keto and you lower your carbs you have a testing you can test your ketones in your breath and your urine and if it's in your urine in your breath which it's going to be you're basically wasting ketones guys you're wasting them these guys that say.

Oh it's so simple calories in calories out you just have to you have to do something to exercise and burn it off no you don't with keto there's a good portion that is wasted just by eating certain things it's like 8 to 10 8 to 20 times more ketones that are you're gonna then different than other types of fuel so basically you're gonna basically and.

I'll get the exact calculations and I'll do a video on this but you're literally peeing out chunks of fat and you're breathing out fat when you're on keto and that's cool because you're wasting energy but it's it's not it's like extra energy that you have too much of so might as well get rid of it right so they don't really calculate this is why.

Calories aren't important but they're not as important on keto because you're automatically been a waste you're gonna get rid of fat it's not necessarily all have to it's not you don't have to get out there and burn off every single calorie that's what I'm saying okay all right is online ordering on your site working ordered the video and audio and.

Friday and still waiting the download link well I'll tell you what it might want your spam but on Monday morning call my office and I will have someone make sure that you get your download okay and I will also check it – Monday – because that's weird why is grass-fed meat so expensive.

Because it's really cheap it's well it's it's expensive because you have to you have to have grass you can't really do factory farming and just keep a cow in a certain place and feed them grains and yeah it's just it's more labor-intensive for the farmer so it's going to cost more but it's worth it can we hurt metabolism on keto and in af.

No actually keto supports mitochondria health improves metabolism the only thing that will destroy your metabolism is insulin I mean insulin insulin is high it destroys your metabolism all right good that's work how do I get rid of man boobs I actually have a video on this and you're gonna have to do something.

About estrogen okay will there be a summit in 2019 yes I'm gonna be doing one in 2019 as well okay GMO and soy soy foods at food I'm not sure your question let's see what do I eat to lose belly fat that's that's gonna be an hour I have a whole video on that you can watch that or get my book that would be the best thing why is it when I consume.

Probiotics I need plenty of fiber in my meal my mood stabilized and it makes in a minute fasting that much easier because you're feeding the microbes the microbes then can help stabilize blood sugars and by the way guys if you don't have SIBO you need to be consuming good amounts of fiber from vegetable I consume seven to ten cups every day but.

I don't have Seva so it's fine but that fiber is very very important in to feeding the microbes so the microbes can help you lose weight they decrease appetite the tremendous amount of potassium and the vegetables help stabilize blood sugars but at the summit I'm gonna be talking more about this but you can actually change your flora in.

Your gut and speed up your weight loss by that and that's interesting because overweight people have different types of flora than there are people interesting interesting guys gut bacteria autism huge correlation I will do a video on that stomach pain okay muscle pain in stomach lasted three hours well you could have eaten.

Something weird I would just kind of isolate what you ate right before that can i still be pregnant if i have high prolactin levels check with your doctor on that I don't know Oh mad and let's say at a meal it's a constant bad charley horse in a few hours later okay can I drink bone broth well Oh Karen's in the house here hi.

Guys I was wondering where you were I am doing a live video there's a thousand people on right now Karen hey guys so we're answering questions here okay and I'm right in the middle of it let's see how can I shoot okay I'm not gonna answer that one all right any advice for endometriosis watch my video on that I have something on that you go.

Okay all right um I'm on my third bottle of hair formula okay good yes I wanted to show you guys Charlie he's getting way too big way too big okay can I take d3k to see kelp and nutritional use at the same time yes you can.

Okay good herpes what do you do for herpes herpes is activated it's a virus you can't kill a virus because it's not alive in the first place viruses are little pieces of genetic which are wrapped in a sack and just lie dormant in your body and they come out when you're stressed and they kick you.

When you're stressed and down what you can do is I think there's two things that you can do potential that can probably resolve it there's not a lot of research in this but I think there's a good possibility of longer term in termina fasting in going through something called the toffee gee a toughie she does dismantle and get rid.

Of viruses so that's that's something that's kind of that's a possibility and then also cut your stress way way down now if you want to get rid of your acne if do keto and in a minute fasting at the same time okay both alright so let's see my grand my green one of the if you're in Quito and you have a migraine the best way to solve it is to.

Add more sea salt okay sea salt I don't know why I keep a few myself you guys could probably hear me fine it's just I don't really for some reason because I can't see you I I'm thinking I have to shout cuz you can't hear me but you probably can hear me fine um okay highest quality olive oil better than coconut oil yeah I would suggest that.

Would be I would say yes do you eat kimchi no but I think it's good and it's just that I just don't I just I don't buy it but I think that you should because it's a really great product I just I stick with sauerkraut myself which we're making homemade right now let's say don't you just keep to lower testosterone levels no it.

Increases it estrogen lowers testosterone levels if you end up with low libido when you're doing keto or intermittent fasting what that means is you have nutritional deficiencies so you have to put back in the nutrition B vitamins and that will help you okay good a new taquito I'm tired all the time I take my.

Vitamins and minerals yeah you need to do in a minute fasting with keto and Whitney Lee I would recommend you get my booklet on Amazon it's like it's very expensive it's $4.95 and it's called it's not lose weight to get healthy it's get a house in this way I show you how to do keto get the basics because you might be doing it incorrectly right.

Any veteran any veggies you could have unlimited amounts of well I'm sure there's always um a limitation of matter but you know just regular high-quality green lettuce green beans are pretty safe I mean I do I consume a lot of those bell peppers they're they're easy on the digestive system they have a lot of nutrition you can overdo it with kale.

Because it's hard to digest but these other things like oh I will do people think that I do like 10 cups of vegetables I do 10 cups of salad and it's leafy greens mainly I'd like to go to the hub the farmers market but it's easy to digest if I had other vegetables I probably can't do 10 cups so when I do like cauliflower or kale I have to do a.

Little less because it's just so filling okay all right guys just want to check in thanks for being here appreciate your attention very much if you're coming to the summit I'll be able to finally meet you go to quito health summit calm all right guys I'll probably be catching up with you tomorrow or the next day see ya
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