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hey guys i’m here for your questions¬†anything that i say is not meant to¬†diagnose use¬†just to provide areas to do research¬†check with your doctor before applying¬†any of the information¬†in this podcast all right i’ll wait for¬†people to log on and then i’ll take your¬†questions¬†hey sarah¬†all right¬†okay guys so i’m here for your questions¬†go ahead i’m¬†actually walking outside right now so i¬†figured i’d kill two birds with one¬†stone¬†hello hi¬†hi how are you fine how are you¬†great what’s your question and my¬†question is um¬†i’ve been having a self-taught like for¬†the past three weeks now and i’ve seen¬†my doctor¬†he has given me some medication but it’s¬†still not working¬†um i missed i missed what you can you¬†turn down the back uh¬†your computer oh it’s my daughter¬†um i’ve been having um saltwater for the¬†past three weeks now but no cost no¬†fever no nothing¬†so um my doctor gave me some medication¬†but it seems like it’s not working like¬†yeah um i still haven’t understood like¬†you¬†you’ve been having what i didn’t get¬†that um i’ve been having salt road like¬†like um mucus coming through my throat¬†yes got it okay so let me explain let me¬†just talk about that for a second¬†i did a video on youtube and uh yes i’ve¬†been watching your video every day¬†oh cool it’s so interesting because you¬†have people that uh¬†have mucus they get a cough they get a¬†fever um¬†and that is your immune system trying to¬†get rid of something¬†um yeah it’s actually working i would¬†just let it run its course¬†unless it’s really really bothering you¬†make sure you take a lot of vitamin d¬†get¬†sun and zinc zinc is going to be¬†important but¬†it’s very important to let these immune¬†reactions run its course¬†because as soon as you start to stop it¬†with medication¬†then the infection stays there longer¬†so yeah¬†so i would just that’s why i’ve been¬†struggling¬†yeah i would love it i would take a real¬†hot hot¬†shower like try to get your uh¬†temperature up a bit that always speeds¬†things up¬†and of course no sugar and um yeah¬†let it run its course okay yes sir¬†okay talk to you soon¬†hello hi¬†hi what question do you have uh doctor¬†i i have a son uh he is 13 years old he¬†is severe autistic¬†and a severe intellectual delay he has¬†sleep tissue¬†since he born i’m wondering if i can¬†give you a sleep paid¬†to him now uh he’s i’ve been using¬†melatonin and gaba betting for him last¬†12 years maybe 11 years i would say¬†but it doesn’t help at all but¬†i don’t get enough sleep in sea bone too¬†and¬†oh wow that’s that’s a bummer here’s¬†what you do yes you can give them the¬†sleep formula i would give them one or¬†even two because it’s just¬†it’s natural things to help calm the¬†adrenals the other thing that you want¬†to make sure you do with those kids¬†is they might need a little more calcium¬†so calcium lactate if my sleep aid¬†doesn’t fully handle it¬†add some calcium lactate two before bed¬†and you with uh young teenagers and¬†small kids¬†and even babies you give them calcium¬†lactate¬†oh my gosh it just helps sleep so fast¬†and¬†also how where do i get the calcium¬†you can order it from any health food¬†store online or like amazon has it¬†um it’s called calcium lactate but um¬†i have some of that in the sleep formula¬†so try that first¬†but a lot of times i need a little more¬†calcium¬†okay uh doctor so if¬†i don’t get my sleep and i as i told i¬†have lots of stress too¬†so do you think i won’t be able to lose¬†weight too¬†even if i’m on low carb because stress¬†and sleep¬†it’s out of my control it’s so¬†interesting¬†it’s so interesting because i’m just¬†releasing a video on sleep¬†and weight loss and um yeah that is a¬†big problem you’re gonna have to um be¬†very strict and do¬†like uh longer fasting but¬†for you what wakes you up is your son¬†right¬†yeah i don’t have any problem sleeping¬†and sleep does it’s not in my control¬†yeah i have to look after him and i have¬†to wake up when he wake up he doesn’t¬†sleep throughout the night very well¬†so i think what we need to do is just¬†handle his sleeping problem to handle¬†yours¬†so do do what i said and then go ahead¬†and um¬†email me at doctor.dr berg and just¬†explain in the email how he’s doing¬†let’s say in a couple weeks¬†okay okay thank you¬†hello dr berg here hi¬†dr berg uh hi yeah okay¬†uh so my question um yeah¬†i’ve been uh i’ve been doing¬†intermittent fasting for¬†it’s coming up on one year now yeah¬†and i haven’t but i haven’t been on keto¬†um so but i’ve tried keto and i want to¬†kind of¬†um you know adopt both at the same time¬†yeah¬†uh my only problem with it is¬†uh every time i do it i keep getting¬†this keto rash¬†oh okay like yeah so i have no other¬†symptoms i feel¬†great everything’s fine um no flu or¬†anything it’s just the rash¬†like it just keeps coming and um and¬†even though i’ve been doing intermittent¬†fasting so i am adapted¬†kind of like to fat burning like i don’t¬†get hungry or anything and i can go like¬†24 hours with no¬†food no problem but um and uh¬†intermittent fasting alone doesn’t give¬†me the rash but it’s like every time i¬†add a teal to it it’s just the rash just¬†comes and i just¬†like i just it’d be nice to like do keto¬†but this is the only thing that’s¬†stopping me so do you have any advice¬†yeah yeah there’s two things number one¬†you need vitamin b2¬†riboflavin okay b2 yeah that’s the one¬†that you need for rashes¬†um one thing if you’re eating something¬†new on keto that you’re not used to¬†it could be some type of sensitivity to¬†that thing¬†so if it’s an allergy then that’s a¬†whole different thing so i would look at¬†take b2 check for any new things that¬†you’re eating that¬†there could be a sensitivity and avoid¬†that¬†okay um i would say like i do¬†eat like the same foods sort of like¬†except with the exception of like like¬†the way i get out of ketosis now is¬†i just eat like a baked potato or¬†something or some fruit but¬†other than that everything else is¬†pretty much the same oh¬†okay then you just need to be you just¬†need b2 and i think¬†one one way to get your b2 is uh really¬†down the nutritional yeast¬†but you may need more okay¬†yeah because that has all the b vitamins¬†um¬†that that pretty much handles it i would¬†go for that and then um¬†i think you i think that should handle¬†it¬†okay okay uh just one more thing i want¬†to bring up um¬†i am also like 23 years old so like i¬†was thinking maybe because it’s like¬†maybe like my ketosis state is so deep¬†that it’s like there’s so many ketones¬†in my blood and like¬†my body just can’t adapt to that many¬†ketones like could that be a possibility¬†no no the body loves ketones as a¬†preferred fuel¬†um yeah you’re going to actually do¬†better it’s a cleaner fuel it’s not¬†going to be¬†uh bad at all unless you have type 1¬†diabetes which i don’t think you have¬†and your ketones can go too high but¬†that’s so rare¬†and you have to be a type 1 diabetic on¬†insulin and the whole thing so¬†yeah okay so focus on the yeast and the¬†beets yeah okay¬†thank you all right talk to you soon¬†have a good one you too¬†hello dr berg here yeah i can hear you¬†fine¬†that’s good i’m just named from texas i¬†used to be uh¬†for like four months i think um¬†i started the month of ramadan now and¬†once i¬†start fasting um¬†i start having a very bad pain on my¬†neck¬†so and i have a rash so i think that’s¬†that’s kid rash but i don’t know¬†what the pain on my neck it’s it’s very¬†it’s very bad yeah are you also¬†um doing quito with intermittent fasting¬†i used to but i start eating carbs now¬†because i have¬†pain and i thought um the rush also is¬†going¬†um going down now¬†okay here’s what you do get on keto¬†like exactly like i explained it and¬†also take nutritional yeast which has¬†the vitamin b2¬†and i i will bet you anything the rash¬†will clear up¬†okay on your neck¬†okay and the pain also is going to be¬†gone the pain is probably coming from¬†the gallbladder¬†so you probably need to kind of well if¬†you’re going to do keto like i recommend¬†it you shouldn’t have any gallbladder¬†pain but¬†watch my videos on the gallbladder and¬†there’s one called gallbladder¬†flushing apply that technique to your¬†gallbladder okay¬†okay and i also have another one i used¬†to have an edge pylori¬†it’s like one month ago and¬†i didn’t get any like the the three¬†medicine¬†that dr um always asked us to¬†take so i just take like uh¬†the mct oil¬†uh mystica and a lot of¬†other stuff and manuka honey and i¬†i i don’t know if i have to¬†go back to um like uh¬†to go to the doctor again and make a¬†test or¬†is it good with keto or not here’s the¬†thing i can’t tell you not to go to your¬†doctor and then also¬†anything that i say is definitely not¬†meant to replace medical care so just¬†check with your doctor of what i’m going¬†to recommend next which is going to be¬†go through autophagy autophagy clears up¬†uh probial things it’ll help and¬†uh this h pylori is a microbe in the gut¬†and you’ll bring balance back into your¬†system but i i really prefer you¬†rather than treat the symptom like start¬†building up your¬†flora and your gut but get the basics in¬†first¬†and then see if your stomach doesn’t¬†settle down¬†okay okay¬†hello hello¬†hi this is dr berg hi¬†hi oh hi dr vera hi i’m¬†i’m calling i’m 70 years old i¬†suffer my entire life since childhood¬†from severe constipation i’ve tried¬†virtually everything¬†i am doing keto lots of exercise¬†drink plenty of fluids i’m i’m kind of¬†at a loss¬†yeah that it’s always a tough one¬†because¬†um a lot of times that if you had it for¬†a long time the colon dilates in the¬†you lose some of the tone in there so¬†you’re trying all these different¬†stimulants it doesn’t really work¬†i think for this situation it would be¬†good to uh¬†i mean you could probably even get an¬†abdomen you can get added¬†extra extra x-ray to see if it’s dilated¬†or not just to get more¬†data because you want to know what’s¬†happening in your colon¬†is there is it just lost the tone¬†there’s¬†or is it uh¬†uh something else microbial maybe¬†colonoscopy¬†okay i’m trying to press this button¬†here¬†to answer the call oh there we go¬†all right let’s see what’s going on here¬†hello it’s dr berg here how are you¬†popular out here¬†online you know i just want to know what¬†you think about it¬†yeah well here’s the thing the the¬†different parts of the body are at¬†different ph’s like the stomach is¬†extremely acid¬†so you wouldn’t necessarily want to¬†alkalize the stomach right so then you¬†have¬†the blood which is slightly alkaline¬†that’s that’s one thing but the large¬†colon is¬†acid the urine is acid so when you eat¬†for¬†a ph i¬†think um that would not be the best¬†approach because¬†having the right ph is not really what¬†we’re going after we’re trying to go¬†after the nutrients¬†out of the food and it’s important to¬†have foods of different phs¬†um as soon as you start to like even¬†people that drink alkaline water for¬†example¬†i’ll check their urine which normally¬†should be like a five maybe a six¬†which is slightly acidic and it’s an¬†eight or a nine¬†which is like way off the scale and¬†as soon as you start to change the¬†entire body to one ph¬†or all¬†

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