Think I’m being Greedy?

Think I’m being Greedy?

Think I’m being Greedy?

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Hello everybody it's Dr Vaz and we are live here on Tuesday thanks everybody for checking in I'm going to start right out with a story in 2006. the Tylenol Tylenol launched a campaign that many people said was crazy telling people to take a product to not take their product if they didn't take it responsibly.

The President of Sales uh went on television and spoke directly in the camera to say some people think that if you have a really bad headache that you should take extra medication the problem is that's not going to get rid of the headache any faster and taking too much medication of any kind no matter how safe it is.

Can cause serious problems your health is important to us at Tylenol so if you're not going to take it as recommended then don't take it at all I'd rather you just not take our medication and if it means selling less Tylenol that's fine with me that kind of marketing is called authentic marketing and IT improved the.

Trust that Americans and others had with the company of Tylenol tonight we're going to talk about some authentic marketing and some great wins that we've had at the Dr baz uh Team over the last week thanks everybody for tuning in I love seeing where you're from and thanks for confirming that my sound works I'm going.

To start with a tradition here on the Dr BOS show which is the reality the real thing I'm checking my numbers too uh I have not had a 48 hour fast I uh had um I've only fasted since yesterday morning so that is so what is that tomorrow morning would be 48 hours so.

It's like we're in the 36 range so I don't expect it to be that great actually so I've got some ketones counting down some glucose counting down and yeah ketones 0.5 glucose 0.56 actually I'm pretty impressed with that glucose um.

Uh my that it's not always been that easy to get the my glucose out of the out of the upper ranges thanks everybody for checking in we are going to share some really good news here at the Dr baz uh uh uh Channel or whatever they call this on YouTube um and I uh I am I'm super thankful for all of you that uh zoomed in or dialed.

Into the low carb conference that uh oh I had a lot of my fingers got on my face uh the low carb conference that was called low carb USA in Boca I had never been before and oh my gosh it's truly one of my favorites and I am about to talk about that which is her poster I mean you can see a little bit our poster which won first place for uh attraction.

Idea I'm not sure really what first place means actually but I'm happy to say we did it and I am going to start by explaining a little bit about that and also uh walking into some of the lessons I have for tonight so number one uh is that if you are looking for awesome content uh that conference was jam-packed I mean if.

You're in that season where many of us have been before which is to look for all the content that seems to not be not disagree with what uh is working for you but what what actually the science is saying that you will find it in that lineup I'm pretty sure you can buy the access to the online stuff after the event now.

Um it was 99 before the event so I don't know if what it costs after the event but it is totally worth it like I want to go back and watch some of the lectures and I just I'm so thankful that I got continuing education for it and if you're looking for a the cliff notes on how other people are doing things and what where where the metabolic Health.

World has come from and has is at at this stage I don't know that you can get a more jam-packed stage of of leaders and scientists and innovators so I was proud to be asked to be part of it and I'm super excited to share what what we got first place about uh and we're gonna do some authentic marketing as we do that.

So let me um let me make sure my notes are all set up here okay so I have um I'm gonna I'm Gonna Change screens here and get right into this um and give the let's see here we go all right so this is um my um.

Take that down a little square it up so this is the poster this is the uh this is the thing that we got first place for the thing you can kind of see behind me and I am super thankful for keto Mojo because they were very instrumental in in getting me to do this because I'm like I need another project like I need a hole in my head uh but I'm so glad.

They asked me to do it because it gave me a chance to really unpack what it is that my dream has been for a couple of years so what we got uh awarded first place for was I mean whatever it means we got first place for this poster which points out that there is a problem in treating metabolic health and uh when you are in.

My neck of the woods treating this problem is is part of what makes it so difficult why aren't there other doctors in this space why why does it feel so lonesome and it's because there are definitely problems in trying to get other people um not only recruited into thinking this way like what is ketones what what is.

The um what is metabolic health and why does my brain instantly see this inflamed patient filled with all these medical problems that all of those lectures covered um but it doesn't fit into our current model that today's current process if you have a metabolic problem you're going to have a situation where you have.

Very limited support that anytime you do come to see one of one of me one of the medical doctors or your health care team uh we're going to talk about ordering Labs we're going to have prescriptions that we write we might spend 15 minutes with you um and in that process we also know that it is going to be difficult to track.

Hard to track uh the the kind of data that I'm going to want to keep track of if we're really going to move the needle in a short period of time and get you on your way to a better life we also know that we're gonna we're we are going to expect you to be accountable and that the amount of Engagement from your doctor is going to be very very poor.

So what the DR Boss team has been working on over the last couple of years um and really moving to Florida did delay this uh this launch for me but I am super happy to say that we my dream has started and the Dream Begins With uh it's a flip much like the food pyramid is a flip for um for how you think about what you.

Should be eating what I'm trying to do is flip uh how is it that I can help the help people move the needle of their metabolism of their metabolic Health uh from where they're at right now to the kind where it doesn't need me that um you know we had uh so I'll explain the program and then I'm.

Gonna come back and I've got some slides that I want to teach you what is it that is so I don't know if the words magical um all right so first of all we have a I lead a program that is not dwindled out for two years when I might move your hemoglobin A1c from uh 6.5 down to 5.5 in two years no this is a 21 day course and it is an intense immersion into the.

Ketogenic diet that I am using mirror neurons to to warp you into a Vortex where your brain doesn't think you're able to do the things we're going to do in these 21 days that we use the the keto Continuum the curriculum that's in the workbook that I've written it's the one that I use in the clinic but when these people see me in the clinic it.

Takes them it takes them forever to get through what I will deliver in 21 days and most importantly the people that are leading these groups they do not have fancy letters behind their name they are lay coaches we start with uh we start with education again the opposite of what I get time for when you see me one-on-one.

In my exam room we start with like coaches uh who are led by a physician but who are separating out their uh separated out into different rooms so that each coach is in charge of their community that the way that we pick the coach is we hire for attitude we train the rest we want them having a success story with a ketogenic diet but we don't.

Want them perfect we don't want them saying I've arrived at the Ultimate Health we want them being one of the people in the room who's going to struggle too because if you're being authentic we all struggle it's part of addiction recovery and one of the best parts about the Boca conference this past weekend was that it was uh the the.

Theme was addiction and to to watch other people talk about how much the addiction model is has got to be part of what we talk about in this ketogenic play face is it was truly inspiring to to hear that other people are are think this way sometimes I think I'm the only one uh all right so let me finish telling you about what our poster won.

And what happens next uh we we did partner with keto Mojo uh their meters uh which is what I've been using to check my sugars but uh the meters of fora care also do this too they synchronize with a dashboard so that students every day are just checking their blood ketones and they're checking their blood glucose and they figure out.

When I want them to check and what what their numbers mean not because they're just looking at their own data but because we did something really novel and we did it because Mojo Health helped us figure out how to implement this for our our small little class last fall which was we want everybody's data to be synchronized in fact one of the biggest.

Fears I had when I was launching the class us was for the first time in my life I'm asking permission through one of the forums may I share your results publicly like the opposite of what I would be asking them if I was seeing them one-on-one in a HIPAA HIPAA environment because we want to use positive we want the patients to to.

Share those data points not just with me not just with their coach but with everyone in the room and what that does it suddenly provides transparency to what you're doing you you can't fake what your numbers are on these little things ask me how I know no I checked them live every every um every week but it also improved.

Compliance in the setting of something that is so critical in a um in an addiction recovery process and that is positive peer pressure the same thing that CrossFit uses that you show up at CrossFit and you think well there is no human being that could possibly do the 35 Pull-Ups.

And then everybody else in the room is doing pull-ups and you're like oh my goodness I'm gonna have to do a pull-up I don't do pull-ups and then by the next week you're you're doing a little bit more and the next week and oh my gosh after a year you're doing pull-ups you're doing pull-ups that positive peer pressure is.

Absolutely one of the places where we activate mirror neurons and it's something I've done with addiction recovery in alcohol and all the other kinds of addiction that show up in a clinic that if you're going to change Behavior we're going to have you practice that behavior in a very committed.

But secure environment where we're all being authentic that my data synchronizes to every single classroom you all know what when I wake up in the morning did I check my blood sugar did I check my ketones everybody's dashboard will show you that and the part of your leader being that involved has did something so magical in that first class.

It was something I've been praying about I've been thinking about I've been wanting to do this for over two years but well Life Hit and uh that fall class I just pulled the trigger and said God help me do this I really think I can help move the needle for students for patients uh so much faster than seeing.

Them one-on-one and so much more rewarding for my team for me as we watched each student Advance their metabolic Health along that keto Continuum they all showed up at the class at different places that was part of what we were looking for we don't want everybody to be perfect but we wanted to practice these needed oopsie.

Um I don't think I can erase on this one oh yeah I can I can even change the size of this is that that little fella oh yeah let's do that okay better uh practice the needed behavioral changes inside this committed group and that's truly what happens with uh not only addiction recovery but also.

With people who are trying to change chronic behavior in a way that does these things that are kind of miraculous that in the end we designed a program that um started with a connected community and that connected Community was connected to our leaders too on purpose we said no if if you're looking for.

Perfection don't come that that's not what I want my coaches to be I don't want them to be perfect I want them to be authentic and I want them to like to like community to have an attraction to helping other people and in this little sphere of what really transforms through several didactic.

Lectures we use positive peer pressure to say can you do better can you do a little better can you do something more and we didn't even have to say it that positive peer pressure especially when you're in a group really of people trying you think it's not possible but didn't have um.

Didn't I thought I thought my video quit and I was like oh no um didn't have uh the uh I thought several people were gonna really push back and I I could not believe that all students stayed engaged and and dramatically changed how they approach problems and even though nobody was perfect at the beginning of the 21 days.

And nobody was perfect at the end they were all so much better everybody had leveled up on their metabolism um and again this model unlike of this model is scalable that what I have learned in this program is that um when when I'm looking for uh how do I.

Spend the next 20 years of my career I really don't want um to see patients one-on-one for the rest of my life because the needle moves too slowly for them to watch what I would have wanted my mother to have at the beginning of her journey would have been no I need you to be looking for a very intense change of.

How you think about you and even though you probably won't stay at that intensity forever we know that we're human we see it uh you now have the rule book for how to progress along and you have yourself a little tribe of other people doing it with you all right I'm gonna switch gears just.

For a second because I want to show you um a couple of things that I think will help you see what do I mean when I'm talking about um the um that true metabolic patient let's see here I gotta square up a couple things.

There we go okay so when I showed up with the metabolic Health conference uh I I realized that I'm not the only one that thinks of patients like this of inflamed and irritated on a cellular level on a mitochondrial level oh you know what I didn't do I didn't uh pour my drink I'm getting thirsty let me let me go back over here.

Double check on the chat make sure everybody uh is doing okay and then um yeah a couple people are asking is it okay to use your fork here yes the fork here does synchronize through their Bluetooth with the dashboard which is what we we want and we were so happy that it worked out as well as what it did on paper and in reality and our.

Coaches have all seen that that problem and are ready to help so what I'm drinking tonight is the pucker up again uh it's my new favorite because it doesn't have any sweetener in it and not everybody's gonna like it if you're new to keto you should not start with this you're going to want to have something where it's got a little flavor.

In it and then maybe you can have this but uh because the sweetness does get harder to tolerate once your palate adjusts so I'm gonna see if I can open this without oh that's how it's supposed to work it's gonna say without popping it into my eye which I have done.

All right so I'm gonna drink this uh as we keep going so let me go back to my slides and tell you a little bit more about what I um what a couple of Revelations that I saw on the metabolic Health Summit so this is a patient yes a patient that I think of whenever I hear the word metabolic dysfunction and metabolic.

Dysfunction happens on the inside of your cells that when people talk about supplements and how important it is to to have um certain medications I think not nearly as important as getting the chemistry straight inside your body and what happens when you don't do that are chronic diseases these are the diseases.

That I spend those 15 minutes matching up lab tests and medications and prescriptions uh and stopping prescriptions with these problems from Crohn's disease to ulcerative colitis obviously the diabetes ones but the autoimmune disorders and allergies and lupus and Vitiligo and arthritis and Nash and.

Obesity and multiple sclerosis and celiac disease all of these were talked about over the weekend over this course and looking into how do migraines how does autism what is being affected and that is because when people say the word metabolic Health my brain is thinking about their mitochondria their mitochondria are not working right and.

Their cells on the inside are swollen and inflamed uh let me do a quick here before I change that there we go um okay uh here we go so uh when I look at some of the things that every person should be learning about uh it is a.

Glucose to Ketone ratio that when we talk about metabolically sick several of the speakers talked about how it advances and grows in a place where the fuel access to their uh mitochondria we're not we're not in a good place and whether you call it a glucose Ketone indos or whether you do the the you know the back of the envelope math which.

Doesn't doesn't you should not take into a bathroom um called the doctor boss ratio take the big number the glucose divide by the little number what are we really looking at what am I trying to help you see is today in this setting in this minute uh not only how high is your insulin but how resistant are you to insulin that.

Even when as you lower insulin over time the cells don't always carefully listen to you they've been they've been just soaked in insulin for so long that they don't work right and as that Dr BOS ratio comes down yes insulin comes down but more importantly we get to start to measure insulin resistance and if people wake up every day with a.

Doctor boss ratio of under 40 which I don't have that either you'll see that in the class uh that that Dr boss ratio of less than 40 means yeah you don't have any insulin resistance buddy you win you're definitely the best but if they're in summers if they're if they're working on their insulin resistant then they're.

Gonna hit between 40 and 80 several days out of the week uh so they may still have insulin resistance but they are able to get numbers like this pretty easily pretty robustly and if they never get their DR Boss ratio below 100 well welcome to the club you're insulin resistant um.

So if you look at several of the things I put in my lecture it was to say as your average blood sugar changes over time and raises so do these diseases and when we stock and we're talking about little ones uh as in little people babies and children they have mood swings and irritability and the more.

That you increase their sugar the more their brain doesn't work right and for heaven's sakes if you watch what the guidelines are for having childhood obesity this past week they now want to do the surgeries that don't work in my internal medicine patients they don't work in the adults they have unbelievable I mean their failure rates.

That oh yes we can improve life for a few years these are kids you don't get to say that yes you may have extended the life of my 50 year old my five years because you gave him gastric bypass and he lost 100 pounds even though you screwed up about 100 other things you cannot do that to a 13 year old you cannot start doing surgeries to a 13.

Year old but the the average blood sugar increasing other things like gut dysfunction and uh seasonal affective disorder and the tolerance of their glucose we have you know obesity and adulthood we have cancer after cancer after cancer dementia Huntington's I didn't put multiple sclerosis on here.

But that one's on here rheumatoid arthritis other autoimmune disorders several of these disorders all speak to insulin resistance for a long time and the longer they have it the more the severity of these diseases uh turn into I mean just it's it's a sentence nobody should have to have.

And reversing it one slow hemoglobin A1c a year they're not going to do it people you've got to reverse the problem because that just gets you out of the tip of the iceberg to get you into the place where autophagy takes place I'm gonna show you the the answer of how we're doing that in my clinic.

But if I take you on one-on-one the most I'll ever be able to share this with is like less than less than a thousand people before I retire and as much as that sounds like okay great I can do that but I could also do it differently and it and it's risky because nobody's doing.

It like this but I want to and I am charging a thousand dollars for a student not because I want the the thousand dollars that's not the point the thousand dollars is I need a paradigm shift for this whole equation of how we take care of people and as we start with the students that I.

Want to succeed I want this program to work which means number one nobody casually gives me a thousand dollars they're people like this who wrote in on Facebook when I over the last couple of days uh and it's just the most beautiful message I was spending 200 a month or more on medications uh and the money for the doctor's visits.

And the time off work plus multiple days of not feeling good and completely non-productive I decided to spend the money on myself and completely dive in and fix myself it helped me completely get off of medications I will not even waste my time going to my old PCP the money spent was totally.

Worth the information and the support I received heck my group still gets together weekly for a zoo meeting guess how much we charge for that nothing that's you because one of the most important parts of why this program works oh wait I won't I'm going to tell you in a minute.

Uh I can also join in other group meetings and there are still that are still continuing it was totally worth worth it in my opinion now I really appreciate that praise because it is uh I I am I am definitely passionate about what I'm doing and who I'm trying to reach.

And when I look at first of all who this course is for there there are three people three are three um audiences that I'm trying to look for number one is people like that who do not have a chance if we don't um if we don't have uh an intense Improvement in her health and we don't have a a.

I mean she's already on multiple medications uh it would take me at least six months to explain the process let alone example it in a way that she can pick up uh and copy and even though she won't be the best one in the class by the end of the 21 days she has the plan this is how you do it and now yeah I'm gonna say that next one for.

That the second the second audience of people of who should take this class is people say can I come Shadow you at your clinic and I'm like no because I'm doing it so backwards that you're not going to be able to copy much of what I'm doing oh wait yes you can be a student what should I do for 21 days and then copy everything I'm doing and.

Take it back and do it in your clinic because we need more people like this we need more people on the other side of this paradigm shift that are saying I don't want your five dollar a month patreon uh relationship I didn't go into medicine for an ancillary I like the intimacy of what happens when I get to know people and.

During this this uh course at least I get to know 10 of them intimately I get to interview them I my the coach's job is to find me 10 cases where I unpack their problem where I they have they said yep we can talk about your numbers in front of people and we use their cases not just to get them through the the you know the course but to really.

Have their experience teach 200 people hey I saw this autoimmune problem who had uh Vitiligo and uh or multiple sclerosis and and here's what the doctor said here's what the doctor there was doing and again this isn't stopping and starting their medications this is just the metabolism that's going on inside.

Their mitochondria that has rules that yes I can put it in a book and there are several people that can read that book and watch these videos and they are Off to the Races they do not need me congratulations go for it but for the people who have severe problems who are saying I can't wait five years I can't wait to get into your.

Clinic when the next one dies off and I can let somebody else in um I want you to copy it because the third person that I want to take this course is anybody who thinks they need to become my patient and I would say start with this most of you do not need to see me you need an.

Intense example of what I do in this Clinic and I will be back twice a year to do this provided I can continue to talk my team into this because it's very intense for the coaches and us too but guess what our health gets a little better each time we do it too it's really beneficial for us and isn't that what.

What true and honest work is supposed to be where I go to work and not only do I improve the guy in front of me but I improve me by doing it by listening to what that uh what that story is meant to share so I also had a bit of negative feedback um and I'm going to answer this because I think they're right that I didn't.

Explain exactly what you're saying yes to what are you getting in this course because I'm all excited about it and our poster I did such a good job of explaining it in person that I realized oh I'm not really saying that in the emails and in the other messages or in the sales copy I need to say that and when I said it in front of these people.

Oh I just I felt the attraction was real like oh this is what I'm giving what they want and this is a match not for everybody but for the people who are looking for what I'm giving let me uh go over here and do a quick uh change of scene here and um okay uh so I gotta go over to this.

Little button don't give up on me there we go okay so again what do you get the first thing every weekday Monday through Friday I start every meeting at 8 30 in the morning it is a live Zoom call that you can either join me live or if it's too early for you folks on the on the Pacific coast it is recorded and you when you wake up you get the.

First live hour of what I do of what but each day is set forth uh in the first week we are talking about several of the ways to set up your mind frame really prepare you for some of the things we're doing and connect you with what we are trying to create in that room what we are trying to create in the classrooms but weeks two and three every day is a.

Different case a case of a real person who's in your class who might be your classmate it might be you and their stories oh it's my favorite part I get to do what I'm meant to do and I get to see inside their life and their heart and their their journey and their pain and say here's what I would do if I were you.

That there are some online uh lectures and oh my golly they're brilliant uh I mean I spent over a year writing these lectures my husband was definitely ready for me to be done writing those lectures but I was trying to put into visuals and a story what am I doing in this Clinic what what is it that I deliver.

And it isn't rocket science but it can be complicated if you're new and it can be overwhelming if you've been at it a while and I need you to step back and go backwards if you don't understand why people are like I don't I I don't want to do that but the second thing you get is you are in a group you are in a very small not.

Too small but small enough to have positive peer pressure there are some rules about those groups it's really important that we follow those rules and that that coach meets with me every day to decompress what happened in their group and are there questions that I need to be dialed in on are there people that you're concerned with and if so is.

That a case that we need to be unpacking or is it um is it a different is it a question an answer that many of the other coaches have as well we do some things that are in the fasting world that today just as a hint my husband had to go to Costco and say.

We need to stock up on some sardines because we're out but there are some challenges that we do and we don't just do it to mess with you we do it in the setting of watching what your metabolism is doing every morning and the most remarkable thing happened during that first class and like an idiot I was so worried about you know taking these.

People's data and sharing it in a classroom that as soon as the class was over I said I'd keep this open for four or five days and and I deleted all their data which is what I should have done but I should have de-identified it and kept the data and then deleted it so I need you to come back so we can do it.

Again and show other doctors what happened inside this group because it was remarkable and of course you know if you're gonna fast it's way better to do in a group um because part of what helps everybody connect is this data dashboard and I just say a hats off to keto Mojo if you're buying strips type in Dr Boz for.

A discount code if you don't have a meter or if you have one that's not working so well go to the favorites page on my on and know that there is a trade-up program um on I think it's the second space in that program but click favorites and you'll.

See we'll help you get a fresh meter for a pretty remarkably low cost but this is how this is part of how that positive peer pressure happens that we're not just having people weigh in we aren't having people weigh at all actually as one of the criticisms people said yeah um that process of reversing medical problems uh requires that you keep track.

Of data so shouldn't you be weighing them and we're going to debate that on the next one so anyway there's other things like some handouts some downloads I have some mini lectures I have some tricks that I do when when people are stressed and I'm I I think the years of addiction medicine really has changed how I do.

Um how I do this I think I'm gonna I actually did these three so I'm gonna scroll down yeah that is the last one yeah um so yeah the the three who am I trying to get this people who've tried and failed like the gal who wrote in that comment people who are like me who do not want to click around uh they want an.

Expert to teach them they want to know how to do this in short order it is the fastest apprenticeship I could figure out and it is it's like it is like shadowing me in the clinic this is what I would do and then finally you don't need to be my patient you really do need um to have uh accountability you need you.

Need a Vortex of um of other people doing what you're doing um but you really don't need well it doesn't mean you doesn't mean I won't see you as a patient I just know that most people don't need to and I want you in this course pushing your metabolism like like the stuff that's out there.

Before I say can I slow down and see you one-on-one and you know I I don't have any remorse about what I'm doing I know that the relationships that I want to create like the Tylenol some of them I don't you don't need to do this but I think about what my mom needed and she had me as a daughter she had access.

To that and she got this intense training six years ago because I was there and so how can I replicate this without exhausting myself in a place where I still get so much joy I can't wait to meet the 10 people that I get to connect to that I get to pray about that I get to know that I hope I can find what.

Their puzzle is that needs to be solved and and if uh if you've ever seen one of those things where you stretch you take a top and you zing it and it starts spinning and they do really good and they spin spin spin spin spin and then sometimes the top falls over so I hope that everybody pulls that.

String in their top spins because one of the most critical Parts about this Workshop about these three weeks is on the 18th day and we got a ton of pushback when we did this the first time we tell the students and we tell you now that we passed this responsibility onto you.

That at the end of this course your coach isn't there and it is very similar to the same Mantra that when we were in the addiction Clinic there was this sign in the nurses Den in the nurses area that as we left the nurse's area the medical area and we went into the patient care area there was a banner above the door.

That said don't let them become addicted to us and sure it's a good business model but it's not the freedom that they were after and if if patients are going to master this process let me teach a tribe of you how to do it right how to do it intensely.

And then you all have zoom accounts you're all adults you don't need us around for this go make your own group that's the the transferred responsibility is how people stay healthy they take ownership that oh she's not going to watch I don't get the coach anymore no you don't need us 21 days and you will be free.

And like that post said I think every classroom still has an ongoing uh weekly meeting where they're checking in to say here's where I'm struggling here's what I'm doing and it's not me I want to have another you know 10 to 15 babies in little classrooms that are out there doing their thing because that wife is going.

To teach her husband and that grandmother is going to teach her grandchild and that second grade teacher is going to be able to have a nutrition talk that isn't just that Doritos are ha are bad because they have MSG or used to have MSG in them Doritos are bad because they're processed and they're a whole bunch of carbs and it's.

Just as addictive as sugar and and those are the kinds of things where I hope what we're doing twice a year right after Martin Luther King day and right after Labor Day we are going to do this course and I hope it carries me through the next 20 years of my career I hope that I can.

Create classrooms after classroom where they're set free not addicted to me or any other medical doctor all right let's take your questions I think I haven't even been drinking my things let me get my questions up over here oh where did it go here we go all right so.

Um first question is by Karen Karen says should we start the 21 Day class in ketosis trying to plan when to start fasting don't fast don't fast don't fast I have to fast more than 72 hours to get my ketones to show up oh Karen we are going to teach you the the darndest trick on how folks like you who have probably a rather.

Improved Metabolism from where you've been to where you want to go and what the rate limiting factor is for why um for why that why you're why you're using fast you're using fasting uh as your only option for um uh the way to get that Dr BOS ratio in the right direction we have some.

Other tricks that are a lot easier to deal with so if you're married your husband's about to like this because it's a lot easier to do that I had another question come in on Facebook that I'll repeat and that was why would that anybody need to take it again and I'll tell you it's that I don't think most of them would have to.

Um but I do know that when I've done addiction recovery over and over again that one of my favorite places was to invite students to come back to the support group whenever they felt that um that they were they were faltering it's why it's so important.

That we pass that support group on to the that tribe it doesn't have to be us but if you're looking if you if maybe something in that support group just didn't click or the time they were meeting didn't fit with you or maybe you just you got embarrassed you didn't you fell off the wagon and you don't you want a.

Fresh start um we're gonna teach the same curriculum but there'll be 10 different cases I'll probably say something's different than I did the first time you'll see a different season of Our Lives meaning the coaches will have changed the doctor will have changed but it will be a different journey and.

The first time we spin that top and it it Twirls around and it does really well for a while and if it has the right support it can stay but if it fell over well we'll we'll give you our intense attention for those three weeks again twice a year.

And I mean I already have keto Mojo saying well can't you do it more times a year I'm like you get that it's human beings leading this this is very intense and well I'm only committing to twice a year I I'm way better than I was before the first 21 days and I had had season of life not going perfectly so I had plenty of things to clean up I.

Didn't keep them all cleaned up oopsie wrong button so I'm looking for actually there's there's um a few questions that um so right now it is the same price for retaking it we don't know if that's going to change we'll see how the we'll.

See how the second class goes I see that question there on the side and um I have is cod liver a good alternative to sardines well I don't know if you're in the class we can use you as an experiment and see what happens.

So um let's see a few others we're making sure that discount code of the of the of the uh it's almost always start with Dr Boz almost all of the the coupon codes are drboz that I that I am partnered with so try that um this time we do have a couple other things that I think were beneficial we.

Let you if you know the coaches and you want to select them by name um the the prepay ones all got to select their coaches or the pre-book ones and um we we have um we're trying to see if we have enough students uh that are all beginners to have a beginner's class because if.

They're truly beginners or if they've dabbled in ketones and then they haven't for three or four years then a beginner's class is a much better place to be and they have the same questions they're in that same Vortex and so we might do that um as a as a um part of this.

Well I am going to call this a wrap unless there are any more questions I'll give a couple more minutes for my gals to see if there's anything more that I didn't answer or that I should answer on maybe oh I might not be refreshing my sheet here let me try that again because there's lots of questions on the other end but what we want to know if.

There's any questions about the course um I like Arlene saying we should have a Dr BOS cloned I'll tell you one other thing that really happened at the at the metabolic low carb is you know you you begin to meet the same people um that are leaders that are the speakers but one of the most powerful.

Things is how much um how much the audience members have changed that on the first couple of them that I went to um it was without a doubt a uh it was a setback for um how many people were so obese were so overweight.

And I was so inspired by the number of people that I didn't recognize they'd lost so much weight they were not speakers these are just people following keto trying to figure out how to do this and not only had they lost a ton of weight but they've maintained it off and they have done well I've been trying to get people to.

Do which is teach other people how to do this um so Karen wrote in and said do we stay with the same coach and the answer is yes you'll get assigned to a coach the place that you'll choose your coach is based on what is your um what you get to pick one two options for what time of day will you be able to.

Meet live with your coach that recording that is not recorded that is only done live we want you showing up and engaged and being part of that community now today at my support group here in Tampa I contend it is probably the best um I mean probably one of the top 10 best meetings I've ever had I've been doing meetings.

For a long time and I mean meetings are keto yes but before that it was addiction meetings and we just we really have over the last couple weeks been talking about how um how your identity changes when you address addiction um and that's that's a very vulnerable.

Place to go and so I shared with them uh how much that uh identity has been difficult for me to address in other areas and some I've gotten better at and others I I still haven't done a very good job of addressing and as I uh said in a um um this morning in class that.

Um when you when you are looking at how much your um your authentic self the one that you don't want to tell people about the one that has the flaws the one that screws things up the one that is embarrassing when you're trying to do things right and then you.

Put on a perfect performance and then the next day you go home and you sneak and hide because you know you don't want to show that part to other people and as we address those places where people sabotage or self-sabotage uh how much that is really confronting our identity.

And you know really goes back to looking at that room of people that showed up for that low carb keto and how how that these people have as an audience have lost a tremendous amount of weight and they've that the authenticity of those um participants in the.

Um in the in the room is it was just a very genuine connection of the people that I've been following and that come and ask me questions and follow me almost every speaking event I go hmm all right so um.

I have one other question that just popped up and then I'm going to check my numbers so let's go over the questions um um let's see here there we go um pajama says just join your class today don't have time to get a blood.

Meter is that going to be a problem so I would encourage you to get a blood meter um it would be uh something that if you write into Angela at hello she can give you some links about where to go to get them but almost all the class doesn't start.

Until the 23rd which is Monday and even if it's not there perfectly on Monday we really need it by Friday of next week so um you'll see what we're talking about there um but I think you got time to do that so let us help you if you need it but um you're going to love it.

All right I'm going to check my numbers I do want you to know that on replay and I got some funny uh funny comments last week about replay um that on replay there's an end screen when I get done with this live YouTube still has to do a couple of things to this video to make it playable for the.

Universe uh if everything's going our way it takes us 20 minutes uh if everything's not going our way some for some reason it takes YouTube like an hour and a half last week to get that replay back up there so there will be an end screen on tonight's live that shows you um how.

Um how well our um or it just explains the the course in a much more succinct way this is this is a much longer way to do it so we have a better uh summary of what we're doing oh shoot a better summary of what we're doing uh in our um.

Um in the end screen video all right so here is my uh glucose and here's my ketones now I just got done drinking my Ketone so I don't know how good they're gonna be um but my glucose is 52 so about the same and we'll count down those ketones and 0.5 so I can't remember what it was.

At the beginning was it 0.3.5 about the same I just finished swallowing it so I probably didn't do that right um all right everybody I will see you um I do have a couple of extra videos coming out this week some of my favorite teaching moments so hopefully that inspires you and we will see all of you in class on Monday that are joining us.

And otherwise we'll see you next Tuesday
Think I'm being Greedy?
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