Sardine Fasting: My Autophagy Secret!

Sardine Fasting: My Autophagy Secret!

Sardine Fasting: My Autophagy Secret!

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Well hello everybody it is Tuesday night and we are live here on the Dr baz Channel I will give you a little heads up that I am definitely feeling under the weather and we may cut the short the show a little bit short but I just couldn't skip this lesson uh it is truly one of my favorite parts of the 21 Day metabolic kick and we have had lots of.

Questions over the last six months about our first time through this experiment and now I have a fresh classroom of people that have just done this experiment and it leads to probably the most important reason that I would push people to sit in this classroom for three weeks is to learn the lesson you're going to learn tonight.

But I hope I can transmit it from what happens in this classroom to what happens out there on YouTube because it is probably the best kept secret in the metabolic world and we are going to use a couple of uh students from the 21 Day class here today to give you the lesson on why is this insulin resistant patient responding so well to this Challenge and.

Why is the guy that's got a a higher stronger metabolism not getting the results and we're going to unpack that tonight to the best of my ability as I start out with a few Traditions that are here on the show one is to check my numbers and tonight I will not be taking any supplements because well we are in the midst of a true uh challenge in our.

Classroom and I like to well do as I say and say as I do is uh um is to example that being in a fast is really good for people and is possible at all stages and when I've got folks in the um in the classroom that say I can't possibly fast for 72 hours I I like to join them so I've been fasting I've had a really clean fast since Sunday I am.

Working to get to tomorrow and especially with the infection that or whatever landed in my face over the last two days I am telling you I can't wait to go to bed tonight we're going to start with some ketones here uh checking my ketones and then checking my glucose sharing those numbers and then getting.

Right into the lesson boy I sure like to see all the folks in the chat tonight uh I have a few folks that saw me this afternoon and said you're looking better than you did this afternoon and I want to say thank you to that because yeah Ketone 3.7 glucose 56 uh this is 72 hours into my fast and I'll tell you if I wasn't fasting and I came to me as a.

Patient I would tell me to fast if I was having whatever has happened to my face and really caused my swelling I I don't know what it is but I'm I can't wait for it to go away and it's way better than it was but hoofta so yeah I I really want to share some of the things that have happened on uh this class and you know that's the second.

Time I've done this uh 21 day metabolic challenge it's truly the best service I give right now I actually had my support group this morning here in Tampa and had a gal drive over two hours to come to the support group that starts usually starts at eight o'clock but during the 21 Day Challenge I start at 7 30 and then hop.

Over to the clinic and get on the live and be ready for a case study that we presented today and then spend the rest of the day debriefing with coaches making sure all the students are well well covered and then visiting classrooms and today I visited a classroom that well dang it it just it has so many teachable moments in it that.

I've decided to use part of this teaching in my uh in my live tonight because well it is the super secret to why people lose weight on the ketogenic diet but it's also going to crack the code a little bit for why some people don't do so well or they just miss a couple of steps and you want the shortest steps uh hop onto the online.

Course you want the a hand held absolutely we do not let any person fail I have every student in the classroom that I've reviewed their numbers we truly have 100 of the people doing way better than they did 14 days ago and we are not done yet they have the best numbers ahead of them um that that's what this challenge this.

21 day course is about but if you want the cliff notes uh it's in the it's in the book uh see over my shoulder yeah that workbook right there that's the workbook I make all of my patients do anybody that comes to my support group I say start with a workbook you're going to catch up with us truly um maybe not quite as quickly as the.

Folks in the 21 day but uh hardly a faster way to reset patient's metabolism so let me explain how this works but we get people into the metabolic the 21 Day kick and give some really good core primary mindset lessons those first few days and then we get everybody synced up to a dashboard and that's how I can look at their metabolism every day that.

They're in the class it is exactly what I would do if they were a patient they're not a patient but they are in this tutorial of a place where I can best teach them when I see what their metabolism is and we have two extremes today that are in a classroom together both that just have provided me the best I mean I've been teaching this trying to.

Explain why it is that I really do set them up to check their numbers create those relationships have these awesome coaches pour into their students and and then I pour into the coaches to do a good job of pouring into the students it really is the top-down trickle teaching effect but then I in a classroom today that it finally helps me click to say.

How do I teach this better at a at a bigger scale and so these two students don't know that their numbers are about to be shown but don't worry they signed a waiver that I could use this as a teachable moment and I'm not doing it to show the about the patients or to exploit their stories but to use and show what it looks like.

To struggle so I'm going to show first a um I've got two cases I'm going to compare them and I will March through the class as I show off these numbers so let me start with saying here is somebody's uh here's somebody's numbers and as you can see um they're not there let's see if I can.

Make this right here how do I do that hold on apple pencil turned on how do I click on here and right on I thought I could write on this well maybe I can't write on a I can't write on a website this is a live website so I'm actually looking at their data right now so I can't write on.

It but I think I can make it highlight okay there we go so this actually was two days into the course when we finally synchronized all of their information and you'll notice that this blood sugar is at 159 uh their blood uh ketones were at 0.5 so if you're looking at a doctor boss ratio that's like what 500 you know 400 and yeah about 500 or.

So 400. anyway plenty high and this patient is a diabetic this patient has been trying to get their blood sugars down it's really been trying to do a better job and she really has had a tough time just capturing that impact of how do I get those blood sugars down how do I improve this so she spends the first few days doing what we ask.

Everybody to do which was you know set some goals and really um you know get their numbers synced up and learn about the other people in their class so day number one her blood sugars were 159 day number two the blood sugars were 137. again these are the sugars first thing in the morning is the only time she's checking with this meter.

She then gets to day number three and that's um I think later on in the week probably Thursday so the 23rd was Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday that was Friday okay and now Friday we we warn them we say all right on Sunday we are going to start a challenge we are going to ask you to eat one item.

For 72 hours and that item is sardines in oil and so we asked them to eat the sardines and oil Saturday she said oh Lord I don't know if I can do this let's eat something good that's not a bad thing to do and I believe on Sunday which was the.

29th um or was Sunday the 30th uh so right in here is when she starts to eat her can of sardines and when you look at her metabolism she has really struggled in the past to get her ketones to go higher and her glucose to go lower and I think actually.

She took a couple of days before she was able to get the sardines into the amount that we were looking at I'll be honest there was some confusion and I'm saying that with a little bit of a hairy eyebrow going confusion is that what we call it so maybe my communication wasn't clear enough but we said no sardines are the only food that you're going to have.

The sardines will be um a place that your um all of your food comes from and that unlike the fasting which I'll explain here in a minute the Sardine challenge starts with a can of sardines so you do not get to start the 72 hours of eating until you eat the can of sardines that's when the clock starts that when you get.

To the 72nd hour that means three days later it ends with a can of sardines so I want you to watch that she was really struggling she couldn't get the ketones up and her glucose well it had been high enough to stop her body from producing a ketone and she really hadn't seen them bounce.

Off the floor for a while despite being a pretty good Aikido and now she said all right I'm going to do this and I think somewhere in on the on that Sunday she ate her first can but you can already see that her ketones well they're not on the floor anymore they're 0.9 and for a diabetic who had an average blood sugars six months ago in.

The over 200 range to have a morning glucose of 126 and our ketones of 0.9 well if that was the best she did it would still be a win but here's what happens the next day she's able to eat a couple of cans of sardines and she sees the ketones now above one the first time she's seen them above one in a long time she eats a couple of cans of sardines.

That day the the first I believe was a um a Tuesday and the second was um Wednesday and that's when she finished eating her can of sardines and so now she's had 72 hours in fact she might have had her final can on this day but what is the is next is how I really uh get to show off that this plan especially for somebody who's insulin.

Resistant shoots their ketones up higher than uh than they've ever seen it before so there's a couple of things happening in this patient Not only was she able to get look at that blood sugar down to 112. again first time she's seen that down to 112 in probably months but that Ketone is also now way off the.

Floor so a couple of things are happening in this gal that as she is uh eating that can of sardines over and over and over again not eating any carbs because there are no carbs in sardines and anytime she is hungry she's free to eat as much as she wants she can eat 15 cans a day I don't care she can eat them in the morning and at night she can eat.

Them in the middle of the night I don't care I just want her only eating sardines for 72 hours and three things naturally happen in well in every patient but especially in somebody who's insulin resistant first of all asking one of my insulin resistant patients uh who especially one who's diabetic to eat nothing Well it.

Scale it scares the tar out of them and many times their metabolism is not ready to do this churn of ketones that well I need them to do in order to do a good job at this metabolic shift but when you swallow that can a swallow that fat she was able to not only in a fishy fat it has a short chain and medium chain triglycerides but there's also plenty of.

Oil in there so it is a very high fat and some good protein menu and um it's also portion controlled and I don't mean that by saying that she was limited in her eating I mean that well when's the last time you smelled a can of sardines as soon as you open the can somehow your appetite is a little.

Less but In fairness as she was hungry and so she ate the sardines just like I ate sardines and every student in the class ate sardines and as she swallowed the fat her fat that went into her liver especially those short and medium chains it actually skips the digestion slips right into her liver and because there.

Are no carbohydrates coming in her mouth and well the carbohydrates in storage are kind of locked in a many ways in insulin resistant patients they have to lower the insulin to release some more sugar so you'll notice on those first three days just in being in class she improved that her intake of carbohydrates was better and.

So her sugars went down a little bit but her ketones stayed pretty low she didn't make a lot of ketones so she probably wasn't feeling very good as she gets into the Sardine Challenge and now she's got even less carbohydrates coming in her mouth and her body lowers that insulin a little bit more enough where she's got blood sugar that's in the 120.

112 much higher than it should be but that's not abnormal for a diabetic but unlike what would be happening in a water fast in this patient this fat hops into the mitochondria in her liver and outspins a bunch of ketones and that first wave of ketones well some of her bodies hungry and they use it and they use the energy and she's.

Got Ketone metabolism happening all over the place probably in many cells that she hasn't seen in that haven't seen fat or ketones in a while uh so then she goes to the second day and she's eating more sardines and fat and now she's got well she's got too many ketones she has enough ketones.

Where she's spilling them over into the urine because now by day two not only is her liver putting out a bunch of ketones because well she had access to the fat she swallowed the fat and her first round of ketones sent out messages to her body it's a signaling agent ketones yes they give you energy.

Yes they're good brain fuel they suppress appetite but they're also a signaling agent and one of the signals that happens is when you have ketones in circulation it stimulates the liver to make more ketones so ketones beget ketones and although I talk about this when you take supplements there is nothing better.

Than a wave of ketones that's coming out of a sardine fast in an insulin resistant patient because let me show you the opposite of this or somebody that's healthy um that's not diabetic so I'm just going to remind you I saw one question I was saying I'm confused I'm extremely.

Insulin resistant and have pounds to lose do I start with three days of sardines no you've got to do a couple of things that we did in the class first in order to get there but as you look at these her insulin resistance what happened here at the beginning of class when she just was checking her numbers.

Well her body couldn't have access to the fat you're like wait a minute she's overweight she's got fat to lose why couldn't she have access to the fat and that's because that blood sugar of 159 is far too high to release any of the stored fat and this is the Paradigm that insulin resistant patients end up in if we could.

Get their ketones High well then their appetite suppresses their liver wants to make more ketones and especially if they're eating that high fat they are able to make more ketones specifically if they're eating the short chain fat and the medium chain fat so in that sardine challenge she Not only was she able to.

Put out that first wave of ketones but the first wave of ketones led to the second wave of ketones and that's what started to happen here so again this is that first can of sardines where she finally has the the ketones off the floor maybe it's the second can of sardines and and by the second or third day of that sardine.

Challenge um she's now making pretty good predictable ketones and this is what happened after she stopped the the Sardine challenge you're like wait a minute how did she make even more ketones if she's insulin resistant when she wasn't.

In uh you know when she was insulin resistant when she wasn't making any of them five days before I mean not not zero but pretty low 0.4 so that's not going to give her much of an effect so how did she get to 2.3 when if you look at the menu of what she ate on that the fifth of February and you look at the menu of what she ate before the Sardine.

Challenge they're pretty similar why you one day result in this excessive production of ketones to the point where I mean she's you want to lose weight nothing like a weight loss plan where she's peeing out ketones a blood glucose of 112 and ketones of 2.8 I mean what's that a doctor boss ratio somewhere around 60 or something that's that's.

Great I mean maybe even 50. so she hasn't seen a doctor balls ratio like that probably ever and she did it with the same menu she ate a few days ago part of the answer there is that momentum that she created by starting to produce ketones ketones beget ketones that wave of.

Production is something that when you start that momentum of metabolism especially in an insulin resistant patient as long as you can keep the insulin down as long as she doesn't binge with carbohydrates which she shouldn't be doing in class at least for 21 days keep it together for 21 days she is going to get this kind of results.

Okay so now let's go to our other patient who is who's not insulin resistant he signs up in the class because well he was having trouble I think I can do this here um he was having trouble losing weight so I think I think this is the one yeah so here's his exact same timing and this man is six foot one he's got he's.

Lost about 70 pounds on keto done pretty good and he's been stalled like he says you know I really wanted to put on muscle weight my my wife of 30 years says good job honey for losing the weight but you lost a bunch of your hunk your muscles and I I'm just really worried about you losing any more weight on this ketogenic diet so he joins the.

Class to say all right doc teach me how to build muscle on this ketogenic diet and I said well what have you what have you heard me teach about before it's like well you tell me that you gotta have ketones in circulation in order to protect the muscle from not being broken down well he starts the class again this is when we synchronized his.

And maybe I maybe I pushed that wrong on the on the on the um oh no I did it right okay so he starts class on the on the 23rd but on the 25th you synchronized his numbers let me grab those it says ketones or is glucose is 84 is ketones are well they're even worse than the diabetics they're low.

They're 0.2 but again he's metabolically healthy he's pretty I mean not super lean but he's lost most of the weight that he wants to lose and he just can't figure out how to crack the code on what's going on with his body so he comes in the next day he checks numbers and he goes a few days without checking numbers which.

Happens sometimes these humans do things I that I would say no no I want you to check numbers but then on the Sardine challenge he's checking numbers so the morning he gets up his blood sugar is um 92 that should have been the first day that he ate cardi he ate sardines um but for sure he was eating sardines by the 31st which was the Monday and on.

The second well he did have better ketones but look at the Ketone production in this patient relative to the overweight diabetic that I just showed you a minute ago his Ketone production well it just made it to one so that's the doctor boss ratio of 96 because it's 96 divided by one even I can do that math on on live television.

Um and then the next day his ketones kind of petered out a little bit you know down to 0.7 but glucose is okay but you know all the way along his glucose was pretty okay so why in the world did his body not do what that other gals did uh and the answer is well this guy's healthier he's not as insulin resistant so he's putting.

That fat in he's putting his metabolism in and although it is going to Prime his body this this sardine challenge did Prime his body for better ketones because well they're off the floor because here's the where they were at the beginning it gets to a 0.5 we finally have a one and then a couple days later we still have a one and then.

He breaks as fast and his uh and by fast I mean he ate something besides sardines and his glucose went to 78 is ketones went to 0.5 you're like huh okay so he didn't have nearly the response of that metabolic challenge that metabolic just flood of ketones in his system as compared to the diabetic the insulin resistant one who I mean again she's.

Been trying just as hard as anybody else but she couldn't get those ketones to do what they were supposed to do either she couldn't get that blood sugar down and by golly when she ate sardines for three days as she swallowed the fat it was probably the only fat she had access to as opposed to this guy who is much more insulin responsive his his.

Weight's gone he's at a stable weight he really wants to bulk up and have that muscle mass back but that's an equation we're going to help him with um and in TR in in the process in his classroom his numbers don't get nearly as flexed as the diabetic but they're responsive So within a day of eating he's back down to what I would say his.

Normal Baseline here of ufta of um his blood sugar of 78 and ketones of 0.5 so pretty close to what they were at the beginning like he had this little bit of improvement from the Sardine challenge and then it was kind of over but let me show you now what happens to his metabolism.

Um let's see I think you have it here yeah his metabolism when he did a water fast so all right so here's here's how the story progresses this is the same patient and you'll see that yep these are his numbers at the beginning and then he skipped a few days and then he did his sardine Challenge and he had this little puppy hick up here and then.

He gets to um the last couple of days and the last couple of days is a water fast only and so here's his water fast I don't have a glucose for that one but ketones are up off the floor 0.6 and then um yesterday he's been fasting buying no food at least for.

Um so yesterday was Monday and that was done in the morning so he was probably only 24 hours not even 24 hours probably only 12 15 hours into his fast uh so a better response than he was having at his morning numbers here because I expect he ate somewhere mid-afternoon on Sunday and Sunday was the fifth yesterday was the sixth today is the.

Seventh and today he has his best numbers ever he's now 36 hours into his fast and his ketones are 1.1 his glucose is 78 and I can't wait to see what his numbers are tomorrow because well he's pretty competitive he's one of the entjs in the in the group and I can smell my own kind his personality is very strong and driven and authoritative and he's.

Like no I can make it through a 72 hour fast no problem um and that is uh I can't wait to see what his numbers are tomorrow because his water only fast now has done things to his system mainly it rapidly opened up the fat cells in his body that had the resource that he needed which is ketones.

His body found them recruited them and used them and it did it better than he did on that sardine challenge um why the answer is his body has been using and distributing the energy from fat on and off for the better part of however long it took him to lose his 80 pounds.

His body was in or already jump started was already working when I go back to the diabetic we're going to go back one more time in hopes that I can um um drive this home see I gotta go here there we go that's what I want we're going to change that date range a little so you can see what.

Happened to her diabetic uh her her story so um yes we start on the first day of class was the 23rd we're going to take it up to today which is the seventh and now we're going to go look at our numbers again this is live so I don't know if she's checked numbers again oh look at that so here here's where she started in.

The class remember this 159 glucose ketones 0.4 she gets into the Sardine Challenge and now her ketones are purring she's got the production of ketones because she has access to Fat okay and unfortunately with a ketogenic or with an insulin resistant patient they can start following a menu of a ketogenic diet but if they don't first.

Correct the access to fat and at the beginning of a ketogenic diet the most important part of an insulin resistant patient is to consume enough fat to do this to start metabolism to start that motor of ketones burning and here comes the next one and here she does and now she gets this really good surge of just life after the Sardine.

Challenged that's awesome and whatever she's eating it's enough to satisfy her and she's got better blood sugars than she has had in months the whole time now this is again a type 2 diabetic high blood sugar is averaging over 200 six months ago and wanted to fine tune how do I get to the next level in my class so here comes her fast had she done a.

Water fast first day in class she would have never produced ketones to 1.2 how do I know this I have hundreds of patients that show me oh you can't do that in an insulin resistant patient their access to fat is so locked under install insulin that you have to lower for it so much before you finally start to open the fat cells found all.

Throughout her body she's got plenty of fat that we could have given but it is locked away because of how hard insulin pushed that into storage push the fat into storage and it is not going to let it out until those cells start listening to insulin again and that includes time so as she lowered this blood sugar she's now got that blood sugar down from 160.

To down to 118 and we're two and a half weeks into our metabolic Challenge and we've only got four days left of our of our class together but what we gave her was this steady reduction in that blood sugar and what was happening is well her insulin was lowering now it wasn't lowering in the place where we've studied this in insulin resistant.

Patients they lower their blood sugar they lower uh their blood sugar and then they wait and they wait and they wait and they wait and they wait and they wait I mean two and a half weeks I've seen them before they get the ketones out of this level if they're just waiting for insulin and the truth is it's probably because they eat their.

Souls stinking hungry that they finally eat and then that pushes the insulin right back up again that pushes the sugars up and their insulin goes up and then there's such a memory in their insulin resistant cells that they do not get to this beautiful phase of oh my gosh she finally feels good she finally has ketones in her brain enough to say.

Oh this is what the ketogenic diet feels like and now she is in a water fast only something she's never been I don't think she'd ever done before or if she's done it it's been a while um and got not only blood ketones down to uh up to 1.9 you know a really solid production of ketones but she has a glucose almost one of the best numbers.

Um she's had so again I can't wait for her numbers to come in tomorrow morning too as I'll look at her uh in in class also be able to say how much uh metabolism is improved for her that won't just end at the end of class she has this motor purring if you would she has the recruitment of not only putting ketones.

In circulation but spitting them out of the mitochondria in her in her liver to the point where she's held a steady state of Ketone production for now a week almost nine days now since yeah nine days that is that it's like you take the the little spin of a top and you pull the zing and they start to spin and they.

Start to have this momentum of good metabolism and once you get it going uh oh it lasts far longer than class does the other things that she's been super excited to share is how much she's improved because well she knows I'm looking at her numbers that she's like oh I just can't hide it anymore I've been lying to myself that I was.

Really getting better and then you're right I would get to a part and just say oh forget it I'm diabetic and I'm just destined for this this poor health and it's not true she has a support system now she has people in her classroom that care about her she has a coach that's been doing such an awesome job of encouraging her.

And saying stay the course this will get better and don't give up and by golly the biggest win in that class yes I'm really happy that the guy is going to learn how to bulk up his muscles so his wife is proud of his muscles again but I'm super proud of that diabetic for saying no no trust me eat all the sardines you want while you've been.

Doing these other steps in our class and I I contend the three major things that are happening in that patient while she's eating sardines is number one She is delivering fat to the mitochondria in her liver where is the fat coming from her mouth she has plenty of fat in her body but she can't access that until her insulin.

Is better once that fat starts to spin she has a metabolism that is guaranteed to grow each day but you have to start it and that's the biggest puzzle with it with an insulin resistant patient the second thing that happens in a sardine challenge is the types of fat they're eating are the short chain and the.

Medium chain triglycerides and that those fats are short chain a medium chain and they do not require sorting through the lymph system to get the outcome of uh of ketones through the liver they go right in through the portal vein and they deliver ketones rapidly and in abundance it's like a whole bucket of.

Them and the third thing that happens when you eat a ketogenic diet is portion control now I give them unlimited food unlimited amount of food but it is it's much easier to eat sardines for three days than nothing but it becomes harder to eat sardines by.

The third day not only well they're not as bad as people say they really aren't but there is quite a smell with them in fact I think they smell worse than they taste uh and they're very satiating by the third day the gut is really good at absorbing it they really do feel full and that hormonal signal that says you're full it overpowers any.

White Knuckle discipline that any of my patients can have all right so that that uh brings me to the place where your questions are going to tell me if I did a good job or if I lost my audience so let me let me see here in just a second before I hop over to that those questions I want to do one thing uh.

Because I I like meeting you guys circle with video why is that not doing what I want to do hold on don't give up on me here let's go to here oh I must have turned it off um hmm why is it doing that.

Safari why did it do that I don't know how I'm gonna I'm gonna share this with you though let's see oh you know what I might be able to do I might be able to do that here oh no gotta go to the web I know I need to do just to hang on one second don't give up.

On me here all right so I get to have a live conversation in um there we go I get to have a live conversation with my friend uh Robin in two days we're not sure if we're doing it on Instagram or YouTube but I want to tell you that I am working so hard at.

Trying to condense my message for ketocon into the 40 minutes that are required that you get to get on stage and give a good lecture so I'm continuing to work on that if you want to come meet me or join some of the folks that are going to be my coaches I think are going to have a few coaches come to ketocon with me please join me.

In Austin The Price is Right add the DR Boss code drboz if you want a little discount but unlike the other uh other places that I go which I go to some kind of nerdy places where they do lots of advanced science one of them is metabolic Health Summit that's where a bench scientists come they talk really.

Nerd stuff that I care about but it helps me to take take better care of patients um but you'll see me in the front row or the second row the whole time because I want my continuing medical education points and that's where I get them the second place that I will be going to routinely is the low low carb USA I just.

Did that last week in Boca and ugh I got a bunch of continued medical education points for that too but at ketocon I get to be social so if you're looking for asking me questions coming around and just meeting me which I really like um well join me join me in Austin all right let's hop over to those questions and see if we've got some good.

Ones for today so um all right we're going to start with um some of these questions came from last week so I'm going to highlight them and see if um see if they still make sense one of them was if I'm night shift when I did when would I check the Dr Oz ratio at 5.

PM or when I wake at 7 30 in the morning you would want to check check it uh uh at 7 30 a.m and you're done with work that's um going to be you also my night shifters I mean I do everything to help them not be the night shifters because especially if they're metabolically sick it's really hard to fix a metabolism.

When your nights are days and days or nights but I tell them you don't get to eat at night not you eat you eat it first thing in the morning right before you go to bed and although that's not ideal it's more ideal than eating at night you fast at night the Dark Hours need to be salt water only black coffee I guess if.

You're trying to stay awake but you check your DVR after the cortisol rise that's that's a puzzle Cynthia 63 years old and recently had my thyroid removed January 2023 for cancer congratulations for getting it out and being cancer free and feeling fine after surgery but fasting weekly 72 hours and my blood glucose is 80. Dr Bob's ratio of 40.

I'm back at the gym three times per week would adding a sauna be too much well what I would do especially when you're trying to stress a metabolism so congratulations for transitioning through some pretty hard health problems like cancer and and really trying to study your metabolism through that what I would be.

Um interested in in or what I would suggest is to not add another stress per week but maybe substitute one of those workouts for the sauna it is a different metabolic stress when I see the routine folks going to the gym often they I hope that your trainer or whoever's guiding you at the gym is having you use different muscles each time you're there.

Waking up different mitochondria really stressing your body from different angles but um but I know that if you were put in a sauna and you were after ah you were asked to off put heat like which is what happens in Asana then a whole bunch of new mitochondria are getting stressed so.

I I would keep it at three times per week but I would substitute one all right Melissa says I am insulin resistant but I have been fat adapted for months is it better to salt water fast only in that case instead or is it better to pre-load a salt water fast with a sardine vest so I will tell you if.

You're stalled or if you're looking for the best guarantee especially in my insulin resistant patients that I I've seen them I've seen them stall and they they think they're doing everything right when we put them in the program and we say okay you've got these other eight to ten accountability coaches and they all.

See your numbers every day morning fasting numbers suddenly their choices are way better than they were when nobody was watching that just makes you human that's not exciting but then when we push them all to say I'm going to rev up your metabolism I'm going to put you in a sardine fast the Sardine or sardine challenge the starting challenge starts.

With the first bite you gotta have a can at the beginning don't start the timer until then you got to have three days worth of sardines and I don't care if they're morning they're night I don't care when what's happening there is especially my people who are insulin resistant but they think they're fat adapted and I I.

Don't doubt that you are most people eat the sardines they don't get diarrhea they don't have fat in their in their stools I mean their body knows what to do with the fat but the challenge of that good of a menu which is high fat medium protein it and and volume of food I mean really the volume of food is impressive how much it.

Is much less than what they typically eat and those three stressors uh boy it just spins every metabolism up and I mean I I have another whole crop of students that I cannot wait to study the data collectively not just one-on-one like we've been doing but collectively look what did it look like during their.

Starting Challenge and what does it look like during their sometimes their first water fast only and had I done the water fast to them before I really revved up their system um I I that we wouldn't have got this we wouldn't have this kind of results in the in the water fast only so I I think.

I answer your question there with start by make sure you're studying your numbers don't do these things without evidence I mean there's pain involved with only eating sardines every day make sure you're getting the return for your pain and that means you got to check your numbers why do ketones go down during sleep I.

Would think that the use of them would slow down during sleep why do ketones go down at night during sleep I would think that the use of them would slow down well um yeah ketones per at night meaning you're not having a big stress you're just trying to meet the demands of your body in fact we I have a coach who's in.

Our class and just a great teacher one of the best coaches and she is wearing a continuous glucose monitor recently and in the past she had worn one of those continuous glucose monitors where you have to run the phone over the arm or the sensor to see what the labs were but this is one of the my this is the glucose monitor that I have patients get.

And that is 24 hours a day seven days a week you must calibrate it every day but it tells you what are your glucose and she goes you know my glucose during the day has been 80s I'm doing really good I'm doing really good right my body is defying me because I mean it's just betrayal my blood sugars go up to over a hundred while I'm.

Sleeping and I'm like yeah that's the problem and when you look at some of the other strategies that we use inside uh the 21 Day metabolic kick or keto Continuum it's it's that Elder problem where she's been around the Sun a few times more than me and she's been insulin resistant probably about the same time as me she's.

Been quite the exerciser but what insulin resistant hits nobody tells you you just suddenly notice that you're putting on weight and you can't get it to go away and then what many people do is they well they lower the fat and they lower the calories and then they exercise harder and really what they're doing is they're taking their metabolic.

Rate down their metabolic rate is going down the opposite of that happens on a ketogenic diet but you have to keep pushing your Ketone production the gentleman who's trying to build muscle mass his ketones have have been too low they need to be stimulated he needs to get them higher and we're teaching them.

How to do that but if he just purred along eventually he's where he is he's stalled for over six months that's that's why he joined the cliffs like why can't I get that bulking of my muscles and you know you know lose these last few pounds and it's because his metabolism is stable how do.

We know it's stable because we check his numbers he checks his numbers and we get to see them so this woman who I said all right you know that eating at night that yeah you do a good job when the team's looking but when when the rest of the universe isn't looking it's harder to not eat at night yeah that's what is happening to make those sugars higher at.

Night so almost all the folks that I study and these are folks that yeah there's plenty of athletes in there but most of the folks have had high insulin there have been insulin resistant and the years of insulin resistance has led to higher blood sugars at night which invariably is a sign of a time of low ketones that's why I want you to.

Checking in the morning I want to know what you do overnight and then as you burp out a bunch of cortisol to wake you up in the morning and there comes a wave of glucose I want to know how well did you keep the blood sugar get the blood sugar back down and did you were you able to keep ketones in circulation or did they wash away with that wave of.

Cortisol that morning cortisol all right one last um oh what oh actually The Counter Culture is the one that I I saw the question come in as I was as I was doing the show so I'm going to read your question and we'll call that the last one because I I definitely I'm in my 72 hour fast too.

I I'm I'm not as I'm not usually what I know this show has done first of all I usually have ketones during the show so if I'm not feeling great I mean I have plenty of ketones that I'm making today but well I'm just done and my face hurts so I'm gonna do this last question and call it good uh here we go Counter.

Culture says I'm confused I'm extremely insulin resistance and have a hundred pounds to lose do I start with three days of Sardine any time of day not in an eating window then I eat keto intermittent fasting or water fast so it is a great question and it is one that is often confused with insulin resistant patients because what will.

What the answer is related to how well you do in that sardine fast that I don't need you doing a water fast uh as long as your metabolic stress is still measurable so in your sardine fast there is no eating window it is this open range free range for food it's just that your menu is limited to sardines and oil and that's sardines in.

Oil will spark an increase in ketones um I'll tell you one of the key ingredients is to this metabolic Health kick working is the accountability is the people that they know I see my numbers are displayed in every one of the classrooms so I know that it would be really easy for me to say oh I've got this you know infection or whatever's.

Making my face swell I'm I'm tired I'm just gonna break my fast tonight and not make it to 72 hours but I am impacted by positive peer pressure too I know that no no all of the students are going to see my numbers in the classroom tomorrow and they're going to know did I break my fast or did I not and I know I can make it to 72.

Hours I'm having a bit of a pity party because I don't feel good um but so do my patients they don't feel good and when people have a hundred pounds to lose saying well how do I do this how do I do this the biggest mistake that I see is they're missing true accountability and I don't just.

Mean that a friend is trying to watch you do keto the friend is doing keto with you the friend is checking in their numbers and you guys can share each other's numbers in these dashboards we teach this in the metabolic course it is very powerful part of the course like we don't want you to show us forever we want you to show your accountability.

Partners forever and we don't want it kind of saying oh I ate 20 carbs today with no accountability what did it do to your metabolism so in somebody who's insulin resistant saying I need to lose 100 pounds says okay all right you got to start the Sardine fast and I start it and there's no eating window yeah there's no eating window you eat them.

But then you get to track how well does your body's metabolism stay after that sardine Challenge and in our diabetic uh her sardine challenge is truly it sparked her metabolism her ability to do a water fast was never even possible I wouldn't have you do a water fast if if she was a diabetic at asking me on a YouTube channel should I no nobody's.

Watching you nobody has accountability to this and things can go wrong now this diabetic has an awesome coach watching over her she has classmates watching over and she has watched every one of the videos where I said no don't do this without learning what you're doing put that knowledge in your brain you can't unlearn it it's going to be with you as.

We get you through the 21 days and then you can fly free you don't need me once you learn this you probably need an accountability team and those don't cost you any money they are their volunteer and I think those are the ones that last the best and really do spark people into that type of metabolism that doesn't just last a week.

And then they gain it all back they really are in this for a lifetime and they truly reverse those medical problems one Ketone at a time how's that all right so um I am going to put a show note uh at the end insulin resistance is super weird to talk about and it's got a lot.

Of rules but we have a really good video that we're going to put uh in the end screen so that won't be for you people in the live but the people that are watching this on replay though should be an end screen that has an insulin resistant video YouTube loves it when you click on those because my lives get circulated more if people click on the.

End screens so I do want to say one more hi I see John Ford out there I just want to say your fatty tale is still one of my lessons in this course and I just can't thank you enough for sharing uh your uh I think you use mackerel in yours but I use your spreadsheet I tell your story and it truly helps people to see how well you did and now how they.

Copy how well you did so thank you for that well watch that end screen and we will see you next week hopefully
Sardine Fasting: My Autophagy Secret!
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