KETO DIET FOR KIDS, Keto and Calories and Dr. Boz Q&A!

KETO DIET FOR KIDS, Keto and Calories and Dr. Boz Q&A!

KETO DIET FOR KIDS, Keto and Calories and Dr. Boz Q&A!

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Hi everybody welcome to the dr. Boz it is Sunday night and that means we are live on YouTube I am thankful to be back home in my clinic and my place where I know where all the buttons are and just want to say thank you for those tuning in right away and we are going to use tonight's live to do some real hack question and answers so while I am.

Giving you a quick segment update on Lachlan I would love to have you tell me where you're from and we're going to have some question and answers but before you start posting those I would love to know if you've read the book and if you the book is anyway maybe I can't read you with son my chords are keeping me too close so you can see it up over.

My shoulder here in my book anyway you can which is my favorite teaching tool the question I have for you for listeners tonight is after you read it I have lots of people write in and say here's how I recommended it for and I'm super curious to see when you got done reading it who was the first person you wanted to share it with so while you.

Post those things I'm gonna hop over to this little side-by-side and we're gonna do a six-minute little update here from Lachlan this is a pre record but is gonna set up a few questions that were gonna take on tonight but most the questions we're gonna do tonight are gonna be directly from you guys so let's take a minute to hear from Lachlan and.

We'll then go from there hmm hold on you can't hear that can you mmm hold on pause pause pause buzz well see how why isn't that doing that let's try one more time if see if that tries again rewind that push play let's do this I'm sure you guys are thinking does she ever take that sweatshirt off you know I don't I.

Live in this on the weekends at the baseball field cuz it's always cold long gone are the days of warm baseball weather I guess so anyways and that wanted me to talk to you guys about my son's kind of this week so we are I'd say as a household probably 90% kedo like I'm a hundred percent of my sons you know they're.

Teenagers are still growing and doing their thing so they have some little things still I mean I don't bite chips or you know little Debbie's or fruit snacks Oh or any of that kind of stuff anymore it's just not allowed in our house um and at first there was a lot of pushback especially from my younger son he's a sugar addict so he was like.

Freaking out cuz like when he was little I mean he would wake up saying I want a fruit snack really bad so you know we save all of that stuff as like a special treat from time to time you know but I cook keto friendly stuff and that's just the way it is and if you're still hungry then so the one the one thing I allow my younger son to have in the house.

Macaroni and cheese so he gets that my older son he was the one who had surgery and he really needed to lose some weight so he is down the last time we checked it was like 32 pounds since January so he feels so much better he does he like you could totally tell his little attitude it's like he just feels more confident more happy with himself I.

Could tell you used to try and kind of hide himself a little bit you know um and now he's just a lot more confident and I think it obviously definitely helped with surgery and healing not having sugar floating through his body he's in the grips of teenage you know skin his skin is flawless now you guys like he I mean he didn't have like.

Full-blown acne but he always had breakouts and he has nothing nothing I'm talking about skin I know I look kind of scary cuz it was a long night last night um and we're up early but I don't like I have somebody makeup on but like I used to also struggle with like adult acne all the time and now I can wear no makeup and not feel like I'm scaring.

People so there's just so many benefits to everything um Annette PS I made one of those drinks yesterday you told me about with the ice water and a scoop of her yummy key Donis and blended that up and Jackson did drink it so but then unfortunately we played no baseball cuz I got rained out so I didn't get to see.

What would be helpful as if I had it with me today because we're about to play bye it's cold so pray for me but what else I think that my goal going forward with the boys is probably for all of you who have teenagers you know how well it goes when you try and tell them anything you know like cuz we know nothing so my my.

Way I've been doing it in the way I'm gonna keep on doing it is just showing them by example like I'm not going to have it and you're gonna see how much better I feel and how much better I look and then you're gonna want to do the same so that's my plan going forward with them school is out this week so I also want to start teaching them how to.

Cook some of these keto friendly things you know cuz it's different it's a little bit different you know um so they can make those things on their own when they're home from school over the summer um but yeah other than that they're doing really really well um I know I have a couple friends who want to do it too and you know their.

Biggest concern is like well what about the kids and like what are they gonna eat and like is this gonna be so hard cuz I'm gonna have to cook this meal and then that meal and you know there's no way my kids will do keto they will it's delicious like it was delicious and at the end of the day we all have to remember who the adults are we're in.

Charge so um you know I had a lot of guilt for a lot of years for well not for a lot of years but for some time now just about being the one who put that crappy food in my house that contributed to my son's weight gain you know um but you can always stop that and turn things around and my house is and we're gonna keep on going and you guys can do it too.

So have a great week Happy graduation for everybody's got graduation going on this week I can't believe it's this time of the year already right so alrighty let's see you guys next Sunday awesome alright well that was Lachlan update for the week and she we actually did a live a couple of days ago just going through her story I had many.

People reaching out saying did she give up I'm like oh no no we've just had two busy people trying to connect and we've learned that her connection on the baseball field isn't perfect so we just have done a pre record which at least gives us a chance to hear from her and the the best responses that I have in in journeying with somebody like Lachlan is.

To show their story and we don't hide the bad parts but Lachlan is a type 1 diabetic and I think I invited her to keto as her physician to do this for about two years before she came on board and it really is a much different commitment as a type 1 diabetic but her journey has just been so helpful for so many people that when she went around.

Not not talking about her what her updates were people were like did she give up I'm like if she gave up you would hear me talking about it so I just want to say that hi dakedo mama and I do have the live comments actually working today I'm not gonna touch slides I am going to answer questions all day or all for this hour because every time I do.

Slides then coming back to the live chat it doesn't seem to keep up with a question so I'm gonna stay on this but I wanted to give a comment to a keto mama who's been a really good supporter as far as comments and encouragement that she obviously saw my posts on Facebook which today was a big day am I my middle son turned 15 and my oldest son had his.

Graduation party so I like cleaned up my face because I was super emotional for this mom saying I didn't plan on getting emotional but boy when your kids grow up and as they have these rites of passage I just didn't plan on being that much of a boob but I was totally crying and they did great so thanks for all those that have put the support in.

And it is been a heck of a full day for me my goal is to not cry turning these lives so thank you for your support there's a couple of things that have come through so far I am keeping an eye on two different or on the streams here so that you can see what I see so the question I posed right before I had Lachlan talk about what her kids have.

Been up to was in your in your Kido Kido journey if you've read the book I want to know when you got done with the book who is the first person you thought of that should read the book it is my favorite teaching tool it is the simple lessons I told my mom on what happens with the ketogenic diet in a and life hers was an end-of-life story she was.

Ready to say I'm done and those lessons were something I was always going to keep private but I did publish them in this book and boy I don't regret it it's been a huge success for so many people and I'm very fascinated with when they get done reading the book who's the first person they share it with and so I'd love that to be part of the comments.

That we're talking about today there's a couple of comments that have come up that I want to touch on there was one really early on it said hey I sent a message of dr. Boz and she never got back to me and I can just say I'm sorry I still do run a clinic and I still have this YouTube channel which I try to get the questions back to I have emails that.

Come in from the book that I do try to get back to you on but I think one day I had somebody just count the number of messages that came in and it was over 400 in a day so I try I do my best and I'm sorry if I didn't get back to you but you're on live so post a question so here's one ms can reduce so somebody a couple of like a minute ago said is keto.

Good for MS and so let's just give a little minute about multiple sclerosis is a brain disorder it is thought to be an autoimmune disorder which means the body is attacking itself and the question is is keto good for MS and I'll just kind of give you a little history lesson about me that I am an internal medicine physician and.

I started puberty and I take them to the grave internal medicine means we like to solve these complicated puzzles but when it comes to ms it is specifically important to me because I live in South Dakota again the higher northern latitudes have a higher incidence of multiple sclerosis and you combine that with a brain disorder and you can really.

Find a lot of my clinic my clinic has been general practice internal medicine but there's been just a collection of brains that don't work very well from sleep disorders to Parkinson's to depression to bipolar to tremors to brain injuries one of the favorite things I do recently is I go to different police academies and teach on.

Teach the officers about brains and how to heal them brains of addiction seem to be a really they're actually so hungry for the information that I've got a couple public events coming up but these partnerships with the police academy has just been something that's really near to my my public service heart that I I've just so much enjoyed so the.

Question getting back to what do I think about MS for a Aikido and I would say if you were my sister if you were my patient I and you had MS it would be the first step that I would sit down and I would go through some of the chapters that are in that book about saying why is it that MS would be such a great partnership for.

For Kido and it has to do with the nutrients needed to repair a brain injury again one of my first in my deep dives into the ketogenic diet was on seizure disorders and people who were trying to prevent seizures when using a non-rebreather mask as a scuba in a scuba diving situation and just studying what the research has shown us about how.

Powerful we can impact when things go wrong with a brain why is it that a ketogenic diet works so darn well and number one it has to do with the decreased inflammation especially when you get that dr. Basra show down below 40 we really see this anti-inflammatory kind of going to overdrive we see the Papaji of kind of picking up those de.

Breeze that are found in brains but also in other parts of your body that have just been sitting there stale or stagnant just kind of getting in the way gumming things up and that process of repairing the brain has everything to do with cleaning up the debris in a patient with MS as well as stopped the immune system from attacking itself you know.

Another question that I saw a minute ago is something about lupus and when you look at the number of illnesses that are autoimmune autoimmune means your body attacks itself and multiple sclerosis is thought to be one of those specifically multiple sclerosis is also this brain disorder so it mirrors to some of the two top things that the reason I'm Kido.

Is I really like the way my brain is working if you go back to last week I had been on a sailboat which was kind of impromptu but a sailboat for five days that had no Kido attention and I I said alright we're just gonna go and eat what is what the locals are eating a five-day binge of carbohydrates had Sloane down my brain made me Swan I had to like.

Remove the rings seven pounds in five days and if you look at that video from last Sunday I mean my brain doesn't want to focus and it's super embarrassing and maybe any reasonable person would have just taken it down because it's me I just I'm not focused but that power of what people say why do you do keto you don't need to lose any more weight.

You're healthy you're young and I'm like because I study brains for a living and when they break when they are not repaired when they aged with these injuries it is super important that this inflammation decreases in their body and that that they have the nutrients supplied to repair their brain you know again brain injuries have a lot to do.

With the electrical current if you were the current that goes from one part of the brain to the other and then the the myelin or the fat that's around each one of those wires if you would I like to think of it as electricity and if you look at the electrical in the wire and then the insulation on the outside our nutrients in our diets.

Are super important at repairing those nerves as well as repairing an injury from concussion or stroke or high blood pressure and ms and when you look at that autoimmune combined with higher inflammation combined with continuing to age and then you add on poor nutrients boy it is a disaster for a constantly deteriorating process and some of the.

Hardest brains for me to heal have been those brains coming in who have who have been vegetarian and they've been just super low fat and you know I know that there's keto that does do loaf there's keto that does do vegetarian but they have to work really hard at it I mean they really do have to know what they're doing and study out how to get.

That much fat to keep them in ketosis the the typical vegetarian has just been really low fat and they are usually pretty educated on nutrition but I am amazed how difficult their brains were to heal and how long it took us to really get into that phase of improvement so all right well that brings us through what is keto good for.

Ms and that might be a little bit longer answer than they were hoping for but I just think the the dovetail of so many folks writing in asking about the the benefits of an auto amines in an autoimmune process it it is one of the most top conversations I have when you add brain disorders to it that it seems to be like you could probably get the.

Top 30 messages on my to-do list would have to do with autoimmune and brains so it's kind of both of those in one question so let's just look here's another question that says magnesium bath magnesium oil spray taking supplement no pink salt Hungary must have been magnesium in the pink salt.

I needed magnesium is another one of these subtext that you might not have known anything about magnesium before starting the ketogenic diet but it doesn't take many of my patients to get three or four days into the ketogenic diet especially if they've had high blood pressure or cholesterol or been you know overweight by more than.

Ten pounds that first week of removing a lot of that inflammation flushes their magnesium a little bit lower and most of us hang out on that pretty low magnesium level the magnesium is replaced one of my favorite things to do is a float not only does it give me a float is a float spa is where you go to one of these big bathtub type tanks that's supersaturated.

The water's supersaturated with magnesium and it's kinda like the dead sea salt you float which is where the word comes the name comes from and it's a powerful infusion of magnesium I mean I can put an IV in you and give you magnesium and if you've ever had a pregnancy that started to go into preterm labor and you go in for a drip.

That drip is a magnesium drip so we can give you a magnesium if you don't need it you're gonna pee it out so it's really hard to screw this up as far as toxicity goes but when swallowing it orally you have to do it in tiny doses it's for that reason that you've seen some of the poor man's magnesium replacement is just by milk of magnesia.

And put a tablespoon in your water and it just adds a little bit of magnesium every time you swallow it if you put large doses of magnesium into your system at once you'll know what the other clinical use for magnesium is and that is we can fix constipation with magnesium we can prepare you for a colonoscopy using a magnesium option and.

When you go keto that first flush of all those extra fluids it pulls out magnesium with it and boy the depression the muscle spasms the cramps headaches lightheadedness it is so highly related to magnesium that if they have this mental slump a week or so that is you know the mental slump is it could be a lot of things but if it's.

Happening within those first few weeks of like first 10 days of going Quito it is magnesium until you can prove it otherwise to me I just it's so common that the fastest thing I'll tell patients to do is if they're in a really big stink of a mess I'll say I need 5 floats done in 7 days and I'll write them a prescription for that I don't.

Think their insurance covers it but I am showing them the importance that I can try to put this in orally but you're gonna have to take multiple doses throughout the day to get that magnesium high enough if I put you in a float for an hour it um it will be as much as much magnesium as you would get from an Epsom salt salt bath for like 7 hours so 7 to.

12 hours in a bathtub is equal one hour in the float and that was enough for me to say my time is valuable let's just get some magnesium in let's move to another nerve question your post shingles nerve pain or post herpetic neuralgia given that glucose metabolism is dysfunctional in shingles functional in shingles at minimum it helps heal the.

Rash in the wounds so I wonder if that person was answering a question from another post that what got my attention as I'm looking at those that chat is the the neuralgia that happen in my diabetics and they I've had several people saying thank you say thanks doc my my numbers are super I'm following my doctor Baz ratio I'm looking at these.

Numbers I'm keeping my doctor Baz ratio less than 80 and they find that the the nerve pain isn't gone yet and I'm like well so here's the formula for nerve pain again think of it as like I was talking about with that Ms patient where there's the wire and then there's the insulation there's a myelin sheath around each message that's carried and.

In your brain there's obviously a millions of circuits though that send those messages but in your feet the furthest distance from your heart is a common place for diabetic neuropathy to first impact patients in fact when I've had diabetics that have been out of control one of the first ways I get their attention is like.

What do we need to do to make this foot pain go away and you know I can warn him about high blood pressure and cholesterol and diabetes and heart attacks and dimension reptile dysfunction all these things that this chronically inflamed vascular problem of diabetes will cause but what I have learned is when they hurt when they have.

Pain they will now pay attention so when they have that neuropathy I will say we need to decrease the sugars you need to help me my medicines will do some of this but you need to help me by decreasing the amount of carbohydrates to less than twenty a day and then once we get that dr. Baz ratio under 80 is where I start with their goals we know.

That you get to heal about a millimeter a month so if you've been diabetic for six months you probably don't have neuropathy if you've been diabetic for six years you might start to have these tingly it's like I can't go barefoot anymore doc my feet hurt that's think of those little that myelin sheath that insulation around the wire like a little.

Mouse came and chewed off some little spots in the message and as the electrical current sends down that wire now there's electrical electricity if you it's not electricity but there's current that hops out of the currency every time there's a hole in the insulation and so just like if I was gonna fix the let's fix the wire that's.

In the electric you know electrical current I would try to find a way to repair the the insulation well the insulation is this fat based myelin around your around your nerve and in diabetics they've got usually lots of moth-eaten it looks that's what their nerves look like and it starts very distally like if their feet and it.

Starts to work up so six years into having diabetes and they can have a good four or five inches of nerve from their toes up to like the back of their heel and if it goes on another six years usually if they've got pain or loss of sensation up to their ankle so now you've got like 12 inches of nerve that you need to hit repair and I'm saying if.

You're on the ketogenic diet and you keep it under 80 that dr. Basra's you under let's your glucose divided by your ketones doctor bras ratio we've gone through this and a lot of other videos that that repair of the insulin of the of the insulation is about a millimeter a month once we get your sugars.

Controlled now the good news is but that is fixable and there's Larry C he's actually a really big fan and has been so great about you know dialing in whenever I do this and again the forgiveness of becoming better at these lives and better attempt this education he has just been such a good supporter and encouraging to just keep trying even.

If I screw it up he had diabetes and had his feet that were on fire as a neuropathy from his diabetes and when it comes to repairing it I tell them a millimeter a month because I want them to have appropriate expectations and when I would get their blood sugars controlled before I recommended the ketogenic diet it was if I got their a1c.

Out of like the ten range and I brought their a1c down into like the seven range if we could hold it in the seven range that's where I would talk to them about a millimeter a month we could repair and I have found with neuropathy the the when they get their doctor pass ratio under eighty there's again you don't want to promise this too early but about.

Two to three months into the ketogenic diet they are like especially if they've been following their numbers not just kind of okay I did some dirty Kido and I got the keto good enough I'm losing weight cuz they've dropped their eating habits and it really is better one of the dangerous parts about that dirty keto if you're diabetic is that yep you.

Are gonna lose weight yep your body is gonna be better but if you're looking to improve the things like improve your immune system decrease the chances of other autoimmune problems or repair a moth-eaten nerve in your feet which is what neuropathy is my clinical experience shows that if they can keep that dr. Baz ratio under 80.

By about the 9th or 10th week they are just the biggest fans like they should get on this channel because they said I thought I'd never live without that pain again and my feet do not hurt and I don't want to over promise things because if you have no myelin left on your foot because you've been diabetic for so long.

And the moth-eaten process is worse than we hope but if they're early in their neuropathy like they've only been struggling with the pain for a good six months or a year and they take those carbs under 20 and they measure their numbers I think that is one of the biggest things as an internal medicine physician we are a batch of physicians.

That are very evidence-based and although every doctor is evidence-based there's something about being an internist that says we check something we followed up we should check something we follow it up like a tease I was teasing my husband one of the first couple years in the practice that I really wasn't a doctor.

I was just somebody who ordered labs told people why they were wrong and how to fix the labs and yes their symptoms but you can't come in with a brain fog and then say okay what would you recommend and then just tell me do it I would have to check what's your thyroid and what are you anemic and do you have an autoimmune disorder and what's your.

Sleep schedule and why aren't you sleeping well and is a test associated with that and what's your vitamin D so I became this kind of it's very ingrained as an internal medicine physician that you check something and you find a result and then you check something and you that result turns into a plan and you follow it up and when I look at the.

Danger of diabetics is that when they go undiagnosed for two or three years and they come in because their feet are sore getting their body to repair is as possible because they've only been diabetic for a couple years but I think Larry said his diabetes is 20 years in so but I would hope and I don't know his labs personally but I would hope that.

His diabetes wasn't a one sees of 10 or a one sees of 11 but probably a one sees around seven or eight and that's not perfect but it really has it really has seen an improvement in him within a shorter amount of time like I think he said two months he was feeling better with the neuropathy I want to get.

This question do you have clients with Alzheimer's who you yourself have seen improvement feeis Aikido MCT and ketones and I can great question so yes I told you earlier this is kind of the theme of this hub tonight looks like that brains brains are what I care about so from Parkinson's to Alzheimer's to.

Dementia that we don't put those labels on when you look at the overall pathology of why are they suddenly not functioning part of this is that their blood-brain barrier is insulin resistant Oh Larry says that his a1c was between eight and nine which still is pretty high sugars and thank goodness to two months in his neuropathy got better.

Thank you for following that up Larry going back to Alzheimer's though it's amazing to me how often the the the the brains of dementia when they come in and they don't get an official score for being Alzheimer's or having official dementia but everything about what they're doing sends the spidey sense through me that.

They're they're not remembering right sometimes I get a little hint from the caregivers sometimes you know families will write in but commonly you'll get elderly patients who have never been depressed and their mood is scoring much more depressed than it's been in the past and that's my clue that something isn't right and I think that's the first.

Place I've done a couple videos on how to repair brains and I use Alzheimer's brains as a way to teach that I show you their brain scans on how their Alzheimer's brain does not have the skill set to use ketones it is only using glucose and unfortunately it's not supplying the brain with enough glucose because of the insulin resistance that's.

Found at the blood-brain barrier the other fuel that can go into the brain is a ketone they can't put ketones in the brain if they're not in ketosis though so you say well okay let's lower their lower their carbs to you know less than 20 and what happens when you do that to an elderly person who's has memory problems they're like forget this doc I.

Got worse your diet made it worse I'm like well of course it did your brain has only the ability to use glucose and now I'm asking it to rev up its mitochondria to burn ketones but that bridge between burning glucose and burning ketones mean that they went down in their brain function and when they're on the edge you suck down their glucose.

Production and by golly they'll think you're the worst doctor ever like these symptoms get worse you got kids saying I don't know the still have got left on they took off on a drive and I found them in Timbuktu and you're like okay we can't afford to do that in my patients I live in a very rural state if you take away someone's.

Ability to run a car you have just like put them in like farm jail or rural jail because there's no public transportation that's going to come get them and as much as our churches do a great job of community support those are pretty proud people they're not gonna call the church and say hey my brains not working I'd like you to come give me a ride to the.

Grocery store so instead I flip it and this is a difference in my approach than when I wrote the book anyway you can I was still kind of skeptical about using the supplements and I really didn't see the data that was actually out when I wrote the book but I just hadn't read it it was profound how much in four days of intensely bathing their body and ketones.

How much you could wake up about those brain cells to burn ketones and so this is how I tell families to deal with with a brain on the edge of Alzheimer's and the question was specific have you personally seen it I think that's the part that got me so motivated to be able to push record and screw it up on YouTube and then tell you the truth like.

I can't believe how well these patients did I mean they were headed for a nursing home this was not a safe place for them to go and their their caregivers said okay we are gonna take ketones and a can that's what they started with MCT would work as well MCT and elderly can mean if you can you diarrhea that both can give you.

Diarrhea if you take too much too quick kind of like magnesium if you put in too much in the gut you're not gonna like me if you have constipation you'll like me but if you don't you're gonna end up with a relationship with the toilet for a while so the gut is just not used to absorbing that much salt if you have ketones in a can and it can be quite a.

Diet a laxative same thing with MCT c8 c10 is the perfect fat but if they're on a low-fat diet their gut lining just isn't used to seeing that fat so it really becomes a it becomes a laxative I mean it just it really stimulates their bowels to move and gurgle so you have to kind of wake up that gut lining when it comes to.

Absorbing those fats and it will do that but it's a slow process especially in the elderly so that's why I push do the ketones in a can for like two week experiment and then watch their thinking I've seen this in my depressed patients I've seen it in Parkinson's patients I've seen it in my I don't even you know they did they have the official.

Diagnosis of dementia the ones that were the biggest teachers for me didn't but I was very worried about how their brain was functioning and they are they are some of my biggest reasons why I said I just need to share my experiences with what other people just others when I look at when I look at how long it took them if you remember Lachlan talked.

About this thing I was telling her about her kids like she put it in this in the supplement for her kids like how do you get kids to do Marketo in my family we don't have cereals we don't have we don't have mac and cheese our keep family is keto but my kids live in the real world too and so one of the things we've done is anytime they want a drink.

They take the ketones in a can they put a full scoop in the water bottle and I've learned to put in cream a heavy whipping cream with it with some ice and the cream makes a little easier for you to absorb those ketones in a can I don't like the taste of stevia so to me it tastes less like sugar substitute II when I do it by adding cream but my kids.

Really like it when I add a little cream I mean like that right but what they're able to do then is just sip on that all day long so put some ice in put a little little cream and then put one full scoop in and then the goal is to drink that that day well at school or she was saying I have five baseball games today I wish I could.

Use that for my kids and again I'm trying to do the same little trick with my kids as I've done with my patients whose brains are failing and that is I have plenty of prescription medications that I can use to help you I have lots of advice for you to follow but if I can get your brain to wake up more of the cells and.

Burn ketones which has a more stable energy as opposed to glucose which goes up and down I've given you a new lease and to deliver those ketones to the blood-brain barrier and get that little transporter to start putting them in your brain that's the first step that's needed to transition through this this phase when.

You go from a carb fuel set of mitochondria to a ketone fueled your brain will eventually prefer the ketones but it cannot prefer them if they're not around so by putting those ketones in the supplements I've had these brain injury patients I've had you know I had a couple concussion patients you know teenagers that were like I don't want to.

Do this they're really crabby their brains not working right and then teenagers on top of it and I just said to the parents here's what we're gonna do the whole family I want you to use ketones in a can for any time you have a drink and if you can get them to sip on it because they those ketones in a can only last two to three hours so if.

You're gonna keep that blood brain barrier exposed you just got a sip on it all day long and that that was the step that when I did that with my first couple concussion patients they came back and says I can't believe how they just don't crave the sweets and again that sent me reading an understanding that okay once your body learns how to.

Make use ketones when I if I can awaken those mitochondria to a ketone producing or ketone using fuel it shifts the the slump of lowering those glucose before your body figures it out and that's where I lose patients whose brains aren't working well if they have dementia if they have depression if they have a concussion they just they don't.

Want to go through that awful Kido you can call keto flu but it's really that keto brain slump that it happens when your body is used to burning glucose and then we flip you to burning ketones that changed is it sucks I'm keto adapted and after last week um actually I'm reading this I'll tell you that certainly lots of people tell me.

Keto is bad I tell them coach dr. waz I had to stop five drugs that I was taking five blood pressure pills down to two was on five blood pressure pills and now down to two that's a win I just couldn't help but show that you know it's an amazing transition that my goal now as an internist is to stop more medications.

Than i prescribed and I'll tell you the way I do that is I teach them about keto I say if you want to be part of my clinic you gotta read the book because these lessons are really basic but if you don't understand what makes me so motivated to help people transition off of this heavy laden journey the danger of where you're going with my.

Prescriptions is kind of like the danger of people who say you don't need those ketones in a can your body can do it naturally and let's just take the demented patient let's use the concussion patient those are even better so it's a young brain they have concussion and people saying just put them on keto like well they're not.

Feeling good they have a headache they're irritable and now I need them to follow this really strict diet where every time they go out in the real world they get tempted with with with carbohydrates getting them into ketosis is sometimes the right limiting step when I have a patient come in and they're diabetic and their blood.

Pressure's high and you know there's I need to start blood pressure medications to protect their eyes and protect their kidneys and protect their heart and it was never supposed to be for the rest of their life it was supposed to be until they lost the weight and we got them back in shape and they really did get their health back but it's almost like.

Nobody remembered that after a few years we just oh just write the prescription follow the guidelines make sure you put them on the east inhibitor first and on an R but then a beta-blocker you know like wait a minute weren't we trying to like make him healthy wasn't that part of the conversation and now I.

Find that if you read that book they almost stop the medications before I can get him into the clinic and that's why I I started this podcast or this episode by saying after you've read the book who do you want to give that book to so you're done reading it maybe you keep it but maybe you don't I've had many patients say I gifted my book to my.

Doctor and I think that is the biggest compliment ever I've had several physicians say out saying my patient give me this book I did not want to read it and then I did and I can't thank you enough for just kind of sometimes you get your cognitive dissidence on that you cannot seem to find an answer find the the white the.

Way to begin talking in a different language that does make sense once you get here but I was in the prescriptions 45 prescriptions a day at least would go out my clinic and now my goal is to stop more than I start we're gonna do one more question and that was it has to an ADHD I've seen it coming through two or three times and I again these are brain.

Questions that I love so whenever I'm at the police academy and I'm teaching about brains of addiction yeah I get ten hours with them and it's the best education because they're so hungry for questions just like this where what about this brain what about this brain problem so what's that let's end this with the final brain question which is.

Does it help ADHD so I am a huge proponent of the community service in my area and I would contend that much of the ADHD that is diagnosed today we've all heard that's over prescribed it's over diagnosed but I've also been in the classrooms where these teachers say what else would we do and I would say I don't know I don't have the answer and I now.

Say if your child has ADHD step one again their brains don't work right okay their brains are just flying in 40 different directions you do a functional MRI and it's waking up when it's not supposed to wake up and that's send the messages when it's Mass but us to send messages and that kid is not trying to do it that kid is struggling with why do.

I how do I lose my attention that there's a couple of psychiatrist and that a couple of Aikido meetings it's been really helpful for me to hear their thoughts on saying if you want to come to my clinic we will address your ADHD but I tell families they need to go Quito if your if your child is on if on the path of having attention deficit.

When you regulate their blood Sugar's it is a powerful change in how their brains sleep and how their brains think the swelling that's decreased in their brain after you've stabilized their sugars it is the difference between a pathway where that brain matures expecting the chaos that's going on versus a paint a brain that matures saying the.

Inflammation is so much less now does it mean that there's no chance of them having ADHD no it means that if they have ADHD we can control it so much better if you give them a stable sugar and I really think it brings it back to saying well how do you start and I would say don't fight with them they've had lots of people screaming hollering.

Yelling at them to sit still and not move and control this and it's your fault and I've been witnessed of that witness to that it's it isn't good for the kid I would say give him a water bottle at the beginning of the school day put a little cream put a little ice put a one scoop of ketones in a can and then don't tell him to change a single.

Thing just say by the time you come home I'd like this gone this is for your brain I'm trying to help your brain and what happens is again that blood brain barrier gets exposed to ketones and before you know it it is got the ketones in the brain and again when the mitochondria inside the brain have a choice between ketones and glucose it.

Will prefer the ketones over the glucose that was not what I was taught in medical school but several of the studies I've gone through on this channel have said look the brain would prefer the ketone as long as it's available and step one is will make the stinking thing available the poor kids been suffering enough the.

Dementia has been there long enough for that elderly person the head concussions been going on for two years with with pain since he was in that accident help him and then they find they can find the choices get better they don't need the supplement forever just like I was saying those prescription medications are supposed to be for a bridge I don't.

Want your kidneys dead I don't want your brain offline I don't want you to have a heart attack and I will help bridge that with prescriptions but then we were supposed to get you healthy and when I use supplements it's not because I think you should be on him for a lifetime I use them when I've been on a sailboat and had too many pieces of.

Cornbread and want to say okay I just need to not have any cravings and I don't use it I don't need it I'm very keto adapted and it's amazing how quickly I'll go back into ketosis of the seven pounds I had almost all off by Wednesday of last week and I didn't get to do a good fast it was just one meal a day is really what I got back into the.

Rhythm of with traveling and stuff so I wasn't even that good at fasting and I still got myself back down to the weight that not quite back to the way I was but pretty close and that was pretty quick as far as you know once your keto adapted you'll go back it's that personal am I having cravings just like the ADHD kid.

How can they be disciplined enough to make the choices for over carbs versus not carbs when they're the ones suffering with this spontaneous impulsive brain firing when they don't ask it – all right well I appreciate all of the people that have written in and the questions have been super helpful I'm glad that the feed worked so well.

Tonight so I've learned a few things on my own channel that if I want to do live chat just don't try to run slides I think and then I just want to say thank you for all of you that have bought my book it is what supports this channel if you've bought the book and you're saying what can I do to help support you buy it again and give it to your doctor and.

Then tell me the story that happens afterwards because that is so motivating for me so I want to say thank you again and I'll be back next Sunday uh and thanks for all the well wishes for my son whose birthday it was today sweet 16 and my other son who graduated from high school I'm glad I made it without crying alright sign it.

Off I'm helping your health 1 ketone at a time see you next week I'm dr. Boz
KETO DIET FOR KIDS, Keto and Calories and Dr. Boz Q&A!
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