I’m gonna get in trouble for this

I’m gonna get in trouble for this

I’m gonna get in trouble for this

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Hello everybody and welcome to Tuesday night with Dr baz here on YouTube I am super happy that you're joining us tonight and I am throwing down the gauntlet which might get me in the not so fun phase with some of the keto leaders out there but I am a strong believer that if you are not producing ketones.

You're not on the ketogenic diet we're gonna unpack that tonight in a lesson that I think lots of folks get trapped into and I've got a pretty good explanation as to why that's happening hopefully you can uh join me and uh put those questions up at the end of the uh or in the chat because we will cover them at the end of this video I love.

Answering questions and meeting you guys uh looking at uh Modesto California I I want to tell you that I spent an inappropriate long time in Modesto California my husband was selling big semi trucks at the time and he actually got like a Salesman of the year for a couple years running because of all the stinking.

Semi trucks he sold out of Modesto California and if I wanted to see him at that season of life well I needed to go to that little town in California so I just wanted to say hello from there there are lots of memories in a uh in a I think he lived in a hotel room or a motel room at the time and uh many years ago nearly 30 years ago that.

We did that all right I'm checking ketones which is one of the Traditions here on the channel which is apropos for this uh this uh this evening's uh topic I am fasting um I had uh ketones at 81 and count or glucose of 81 excuse me ketones are counting down here um did want to uh show you that yeah I.

Feel pretty good uh 2.0 is my ketones I feel pretty good uh I did start my fast later because I watched the Super Bowl even though Tom Brady did not play uh and I did cheer for I don't know both teams they actually I love I'm from the Midwest so Kansas is one of my other favorite teams and my son now goes to KU so that makes it almost like kind of.

Hometown-ish I am going to have some uh pucker up tonight I was gonna actually before I fill a cup I was going going to show you how much is in a package we've had a few of you write in and say that your um your little your little dispensers leaked and so I wanted to show you there is not very much in each package but wow.

Are they packed with ketones um so if it did leak know that it's not a big size that's in there we think there's about one in 80 of those vacuoles that are leaking so we're trying to minimize that but uh just forgive us I don't know how to make it any tighter without they were impossible to open if.

I did it any other way so I'm going to drink on this tonight and then check my ketones at the end the reason I do that is not because I need to drink ketones in the middle of my fast no I'm pretty good at making ketones it's to show you that if you're gonna pay money for ketones make sure it raises your blood ketones because there.

Are products out there that don't do that so I am here to talk about something that is probably going to get me in a little trouble with other thought leaders out there I am happy to stand on this side of this lesson that uh when it comes to changing lives when it comes to improving people's metabolism we're going to unpack why it.

Is that well I'm a numbers girl I'm gonna have you follow the numbers and today we had my support group here at the bowling alley we have it every Tuesday morning at eight o'clock from eight to about 9 15 and last week's show where I had uh two people's numbers shown what they were doing in that 21 day class they were both in class this.

Morning one of them is from Connecticut and the other one is from the Tampa area but it was so fun to actually be in the same room with both of them this past morning as we were answering questions going through some labs and really taking a deeper dive into what can happen when you gather around and you well you study numbers uh all right so.

We're going to do a couple of things here tonight I just want to say hello from uh all the folks out there we've got Patrick V from Ohio and we've got Phil who has been following this channel forever and ever so nice to see you again Phil and I think somebody calculated my Dr BOS ratio of let's see if anybody did that.

Well oh there it is thank you Francine uh oh no that's your Dr Oz ratio well I forgot the number 81 divided by two so yeah about 40. um so we'll check the ketones afterwards it is Valentine's Day night I am I'm fasting since Super Bowl where I had chili with a couple of beans in it like.

It was mostly not beans mostly meat with high fat in it um but I did uh save room for a little bit of a valentine tonight for my husband and I so before we dive into that before we uh get to our question so we are going to uh slide over and do the slides first because it is a pretty good.

Uh pretty good uh length of time and I want to make sure I get through it all so let me go to where's the right button oh here we go all right so yes there are two camps to Keto and those uh those places in the ketogenic diet start uh with um.

You can have your uh the camp over here oh good my pen is working where keep your fat High keep your carbs low and get as close to carnivore as possible and that's what a lot of people out there are doing they have great success with it they are very much guiding people through well the first season of Keto but then there's the.

Opposite not even the opposite it's maybe the extension of that recommendation which is that metrics matter metrics matter what's going on deep inside your cells uh is measurable and it will tell you when you're about to have a stall or why you're having a stall because if you're not producing ketones you are not in the.

Ketogenic diet you are not on the ketogenic diet you have to produce you have to be in the state of chemistry in order to get the results and in my experience this is what success looks like and that is what a stall looks like all right let's go on and tell you a little story so this story.

Is about what happens to people when they come to the ketogenic diet and there's lots of naysayers out there that say the only reason that you lose uh that you lose weight on the ketogenic diet is because you there's a bunch of water weight that goes away at the beginning the only reason that you lose weight on.

The ketogenic diet is because um you stop eating I mean they the volume of food the only reason you lose weight on the ketogenic diet is it removes your swelling lots of those like I don't care yes they lose weight if you ask me the best reason you lose weight.

On the ketogenic diet is you pee out calories let me show you what I mean so here's what it looks like when folks come in the front door we call it keto Continuum number one because they come in they're often in the 200 club which means they have over 200 carbohydrates a day that they're eating they've likely like most of us wouldn't count.

Carbohydrates before this time and their blood sugars rise way up there like some of them are in that pre-diabetic range shooting pretty high after the times that they eat it takes a long time for that sugar to come back down their eating window starts early in the morning at that first meal around six or seven and they don't close their eating.

Oopsie don't close their eating window until uh let's go here like somewhere in that nine o'clock range but their sugars stay high oofta a long time when you look at um some of the other uh habits that they have is here I have them eating only three times a day but many times they're eating many more times than that their.

Carbohydrates only last a couple of hours so when they get this dip in their sugars they feel terrible they're owly and crabby so they'll often eat their way through that feeling when they come into the ketogenic diet we lower their carbs we take their carbohydrates down to 20 total carbohydrates per day yes that's 20 total carbs and here's what.

Happens their blood sugars no longer peek out as high and in the background their insulin is lowering how do I know that their insulin's lowering their blood sugar is down from where it was and oh these babies are rolling through their veins these are ketones and if you look at the ketones over here you've got them ranging in well they can go as high.

As like I mean I've seen them up to five four just hardly doing anything except lowering carbs doing just what everybody says to do lower carbs don't look at anything else do not get distracted just focus on the carbs and by golly it's enough of a chemistry change that they are able to uh shift that uh metabolism into a way that their their body takes.

These carbohydrates uses them throughout the day even though they've still got pretty high blood sugars they are using ketones throughout the day and this goes on for a while um and then this happens they keep doing just like they did they ate just like they used to and they're like I don't.

Know doc I did that keto thing for a while and it stopped working and if they were following the numbers they would have seen oh something has changed about the chemistry the ketones are now in this well they're they're in the dismaland less than 0.5 which is you know the error in these um uh these home meters if you get it less than 0.4 it's.

Probably zero uh the accuracy at the lowest part there is well there's just they're not present they're not present um so what do we do next is we say all right we have a plan for you when you are a beginner on the ketogenic diet we start you at the uh place where they're eating every two to four hours we lower.

The carbohydrates to 20 total carbohydrates or less and this shifts your chemistry and we can measure the chemistry with ketone strips it's okay that's all you need as those ketone strips turn purple uh you are changing things in the background and I don't need you to spend uh ten thousand dollars on Labs checking every week to.

See if your keto adapted I just need you to wait for your brain to not be ravishing for the meal that you're typically eating in the mid to late afternoon or even in the evening and you say you know what I I just I worked right through that meal often actually it's not the evening meal that people first Miss they'll usually work through.

The lunch meal the the noontime meal they're like I don't know doc I just I accidentally missed a meal and that is a wave of chemistry and they get in a habit of saying boy I really don't need to eat as often this is when we push them to eat two meals per day and in many cases if they could do that um they'd never need to be checking.

Their numbers as much as well I have to push people to check their numbers because they don't believe me they don't believe that yes you're you can be eating that high of fat but you are eating it well let me show you what they're doing uh oh one more step this is usually a four to six week process when somebody's coming into me with high.

Insulin they don't rush through this in um in 48 hours that even in my 21 day class I know that I'm pushing uh their metabolism and it isn't until 14 days into that 21 day class that I can do something that well you shouldn't do until you're keto adapted and that is fast but I'll tell you in that course I'm watching them and so is everybody in.

Their class so sometimes the reason it takes four to six weeks to get to this spot is because well people slide backwards and they don't follow habits they don't have any accountability uh so that we move people to that keto Continuum number four where they are eating two meals per day and this is what it looks like now their blood.

Sugars are in that they still peek out about where they did every time they eat a meal but they're only eating it twice as often and when they spread and only put two boluses of food into their body um their eating window is still pretty wide uh pretty you know like morning is when they're eating and evening is when they're eating that noon meal is what.

They skip and they get a little Pang of hunger but nothing like the Ravis ravaging ravaging uh the rage for guanine calories when their blood sugars drop because now um they have a wave of ketones and I would even put oopsie I did not mean to advance that slide I would even put that ketones let me try that again it's going.

To advance it again when I drop so I'm going to draw it with my this white pencil that I put at first when they do that that that wave of ketones it's still in that one to one point 5. a little Improvement in where they had been it was down here before they put two meals a day and then it lifts about um about a half a point in their ketosis.

And the reason that matters is whenever there is excess ketones in circulation well you're peeing them out they are units of energy that would you could use to survive but if you don't need them well you're going to pee them right out which is why people when they're in a stall it's because well there's no extra ketones that you're getting rid of.

You're going to have the same weight um so let me show you a couple things so this is uh I have I have a oh there's that eating window again and now it's gonna quickly go to the next one it's gonna draw this line and go to the next slide because I have something set wrong in the background yeah that's me I did that.

Okay so I want to show you something here um my helper Jack who helps me with my slides he's gonna be really mad because I took this old slide that I built which is not very sexy it's not very pretty but I was teaching something when I was showing people when they first.

Um go on a two meal a day process so if you can see down here there's two days that this is spanning over and the glucose well it doesn't do this boxy thing it does that graceful thing that Jack Drew but you'll see this is mostly uh um.

This is mostly glucose here that's what they're burning during the times when they eat and this shaded time here is where they burn oh you can't really see that the Shaded part is where they bring ketones but what I really want to point out is what's happening deep within the cells at this point and that is that you have.

These mitochondria the mitochondria are choosing which fuel to burn uh when there is when there are ketones around that you'll see that at 6 PM uh right between the two meals right before they ate that second meal they had a whole crop of mitochondria that were living off of uh of ketones how many of them were.

Living off of ketones well it depends how much ketones how much of the of the ketones were around and what kind of shape are your mitochondria in and mitochondria well they are in the business of conserving energy when you conserve energy it means that you will use just enough and never produce more than your body needs so if you're trying.

To pee out ketones um your your body will always return to the place where it matches the needs of what your system asked for over the last few days so there is the place where yep it was burning a few um key that blue hue around that beautiful mitochondria is that means that they're burning ketones here was.

The other place that they burned ketones and maybe a little bit at night they burned it but for the most part during the day they are burning glucose which are the red ketones and they are burning them very easily very quickly and it it it dominates most of the mitochondria during the time when they were eating so let me just say this again in this.

Section most of the mitochondria in the muscle most of the mitochondria in the brain in the heart uh in the um in the liver they're running off of glucose it is only these brief moments where the ketones are present maybe you have a few mitochondria that would get to be.

Turned on in that spot too where they were able to burn uh ketones and if that's the only time your body was demanding that you used ketones well those mitochondria are going to go back to sleep they're going to be dormant they're going to do exactly what you ask them to do so when I look at a muscle cell in a time when most people are.

Starting the ketogenic diet I actually think it's it's a a grateful moment if there is one there's one in the whole muscle cell that's using a ketone and as their bodies get stronger in the world of ketosis they will begin to flip and every stress that you add to the the system that that mitochondria will now be flexible it will now be able to use.

Ketones and glucose after that stress so the first few days on a ketogenic diet you might only turn on two or three of these mitochondria in the muscle because you get there's so many other ketones it's a quick flash you've got a couple of them that are burning it's your muscle wasn't asking for more energy and especially when you use ketones to.

Supply the energy you can meet the demands with only activating a few of those mitochondria inside the muscle cell but as you go through you go into weeks of you know weeks of doing the ketogenic diet and weeks where there is a Persistence of ketones available now you're going to activate another crop of mitochondria within the muscle.

Cells and another crop of mitochondria within the brain cells and another crop of mitochondria within the fat cells the heart cells all of these cells have the ability to use either ketones or fat and uh the number that are metabolically healthy they they can flip into a state of using ketones rapidly are the ones that are adapted they are activated and.

You can't do that if you only offer them ketones for the first three weeks of a ketogenic diet and then you fall into this phase where there's no ketones around because what happens is all those mitochondria go backwards and they say yep I haven't used a ketone in weeks I'm going back to only using glucose and oh that's called a stall.

So here we are in that keto continue number four this is where that the ketones were they were better but as um you spend time in this Zone where I see lots of carnivores come in the front door they say yep I eat a couple times a day I eat in the morning I'm not hungry till night I've been doing this for a year Doc and I haven't lost any more.

Weight and I'm like yeah because all of your mitochondria forgot how to use a ketone you haven't had enough ketones in circulation to keep them awake alive and having the ability to waste some energy because that's not what you're designed to do you're designed to conserve energy you'll use glucose as a default only will you activate and use ketones.

If you've got um a stress that's been recent if you've got ketones in circulation so the first thing we did was oh yeah we moved those two meals together and again I call this keto Continuum number five usually it is um I think I put the eating window on here oops nope hold on let me go.

Backwards pretend you didn't see that so here you've got uh the eating window about noon is when they'll they'll push it too sometimes keeping that fat filled coffee there in the morning and sometimes they give up the coffee and they get an even better when they do that that this wave of ketones goes like this.

Uh so they have a much better production of ketones throughout the night and through the morning um when you look at those two meals though we put them within an eight hour window eight hours is where people start then we increase their stress to a six hour window when I look at most of my diabetics that.

Are able to reverse their diabetes they're somewhere between a four to a five hour window they do not hop to a four to five hour window in the first week of Keto if you do that your mitochondria will well they go kaput it shuts down metabolisms they're not keto adapted they feel awful and if they can push through it uh most of the time by.

The end of the second month they have recruited about half of the mitochondria that they should have done had they just stuck to the plan eat as much fat as you want eat as much often as you want at the beginning just keep the total carbohydrates to 20 or less and don't be limiting your eating window that early you'll know.

You're in the right spot because there'll be a bunch of ketones and they're coming out and you can check them in your urine Ketone strip so the next thing that happens after that stall is we start to move that keto Continuum towards Sunrise Sunrise is a beautiful marker of most of my diabetics they eat without eating which means they get up.

In the morning and this uh morning cortisol rise that's what it should look like in a healthy person in my diabetic it goes up like this and so they have enough blood sugar 120 blood sugar by the time their cortisol rise is done Rising well that's what a normal meal looks like in somebody who's not diabetic they have.

Blood sugars rise up into that 120 range and stay there and then when they eat it still shoots up to that you know 140 150 in many of my patients so the point I'm making is are you making ketones during that time I don't know check and by checking that's how you will see.

Do I have uh do I have the chemistry to be able to get the success that all these other people write in and say I can't believe how much better I feel I can't believe how great my brain feels um I can't you know people talk about this you know brighter colors and you know sounds are clear and my cataracts seem to be like reversing how is that.

Possible well it's only possible if you are taking in a um a food consumption in the way that your body chemistry adjusts to um to the the production of ketones the stimulus of producing ketones as well as how long.

Does it keep that blood sugar up so uh in the in the bigger picture here what what I am really happy to have had patients trust me enough uh is to be able to write this protocol this protocol is what I call the keto Continuum and essentially it's following chemistry all the way along the way that um you know a couple of things that I I.

Want to make sure to show people are that when you go to let's go to this little fella here um oh well I'll say this now too oh ketocon yeah so I'm gonna do this and then I'm gonna go to the place I was going to tell you about uh so my friend Robin we were supposed to have a live last week.

And she got sick so we're hopefully gonna do it this week um where we're talking about what is the benefit of coming to ketocon um I'm going to point out that I have a bunch of coaches that helped me through the 21 Day course and if you want to meet them oh there's a whole bunch of them coming to ketocon I have a great.

Lecture that I'm working on I practice it a little bit on the folks this morning that came to my support group it is going to be advanced and so I'm really trying to find an Artful way to um to deliver that message um.

In 35 minutes or less but if you do buy tickets to ketocon put in the promo code DR Boss Dr Boz and you get some you get a few uh dollars off for I think 50 off all right so I wanted to show you something here uh first of all what I ask people to follow along and document their cases there are uh some awesome ways to do that one of them.

Is this this spreadsheet here uh let's see if can I draw on that I can't draw on that oh but I can make it big okay perfect this right here is the doctor boss spreadsheet this is how you calculate your numbers and keep track of numbers if you're a spreadsheet kind of person now I have some Engineers out there that well this was built by one of.

The engineers his name is Patrick v he's one of my favorite people he helps me with the Facebook page he helps me as a coach and he just makes my life better by being a part of it but if you've ever wanted to run toe-to-toe with an engineer keeping track of data this guy got my attention by the the spreadsheet that he helped me build uh or he built.

It and I said oh my gosh do you know how many people would love this spreadsheet this is exactly what I would be following um in a clinic and since then that's what I do that's one thing that I show people if you're stuck and you want to say well what kind of number should I be following what should I look at.

Um that spreadsheet it's a free download um thanks to Patrick V but the second thing I tell people is um let's go over here I have something that is you can find it printed in all the workbooks but let me go to um this one so it is a two-sided really thick magnet that on the on the front.

Side it shows you the rules what is a ketogenic diet and if you're brand new um stick to the things on this list and you're gonna do great until you don't which is which means you've got some steps that you need to figure out and I tell them you don't even get to read this map until you have memorized the front page of this which.

Is what foods you should be eating I throw in this little booklet that is well it's very durable it's meant for you to pass along to somebody else once you memorize what is in what are the foods that I put in there a great little uh beginning kit for anybody that's out there and honestly um that kit has been all the tools.

People need along with a meter or at least a ketone you're on strips to get the basics out of the way put that on your fridge when your husband says why can't I have this you point to that and say it's my fault because that's how people succeed they get the rules right and then they start to follow the chemistry hidden in the background okay.

So I'll go back to this slide because I have a couple more things I want to make a point of um I think hold on Where'd I go here it goes okay yes all right so uh the oh the next one is my I have a very special treat I'm going to do a few questions oh good I have.

Plenty of time uh and I wanted to set it up just like that so I can do the treat for Valentine's Day so stick around we're gonna do questions until then let me go back to the front chat and just make sure everybody has uh been following along um yeah I had a great email today that inspired me to say oh I am going to do.

That on my live tonight and uh one of the benefits of the 21 Day course is it hyper focuses me on well some of the behaviors that I've slipped on that I've let the rules lacks or not not quite as strict as I should be and then hot diggity when people are watching what I'm doing because my data ported into everybody's.

Classroom they can see every one of my morning fasting numbers my morning ketones and glucose and um boy that really improved my behavior but the other thing that um uh happens during that time is well I do nothing else I did manage to go to low carb Boca and do that speech but I was a wrestling mom.

Of which I want to say thank you for those of you that prayed for my son he is the two-time state champion in the the University or University at Florida for wrestling at last year he was 132 pounds this year he's 136 pounds number one state champ for JV wrestling and I just couldn't be more proud uh What uh what an awesome sport.

So thank you for those of you that prayed for him or watched the little Eclipse I put out on Facebook when he was wrestling folks um but that's all I accomplished in three weeks was I didn't open an email I didn't respond to an invoice I didn't do anything else in my business except run the 21 Day course and then.

Those few little things of uh speak and be a good mom uh only to one kid the other two kids had to fend for themselves all right let's get over to your questions I see that they have been Gathering them there for me and I have a couple of things I'm going to try to do a little bit differently with the.

Questions tonight so let's see if I can pull that off um so let's see here I think I can make this camera work oh good all right hopefully you can see me yep everybody can see me uh all right so I am going to read this question and um we're going to take on this so James.

Writes in and said do you think keto is appropriate for an early stage Parkinson's patient the answer is not only is it appropriate it would be my number one recommendation when you look at Parkinson's it is one of the chronic diseases of Aging and part of the mismatch that's going on in those chronic diseases is the amount.

Of fuel the brain needs is not being met in the brain you've been using glucose all those mitochondria with only glucose that's what you've been using in your brain and by adding this wave of ketones not only do the fragile parts of that Parkinson's defect get better they actually wake up and do a better.

Function how long that lasts depends on how good your numbers are but um Parkinson's is a disorder that's near and dear to my heart I would highly recommend that somebody uses a ketogenic diet when suffering with Parkinson's um brains are my thing right I really want people to understand how a brain ages what defects uh make it make it.

More sensitive or fragile and then what are the first steps that we work on to get those to reverse yeah sleep is important but fuel fuel is the number one thing I had a guy actually the guy from last the last Live come to the workshop this morning and he just said you know um I know people give you a hard time.

For chasing ketones but I will tell you that I've been doing keto for several years and he's pretty intense guy and he's got like lots of life left that he's ready to do and he's in his early 50s and said I cannot believe how laser focused my brain is and when I can get that for a Parkinson's patient somebody who says.

I'm not sure I'm going to be able to ambulate my way through the last decade of my life I they end up in a wheelchair they cannot mobilize um it's not an it's not a destiny they have to keep they could have aborted that plan if they would have switched the fuel in their brain from a chronic.

Glucose based fuel to having ketones available to the brain hours of the days most hours of the days but that means you gotta check the numbers you got to be chasing ketones to prove that they are available for those brain cells so great question James all right let's go to the next question um so Angela writes in and says does.

This mean uh does it or what does it mean to have high ferritin uh coming in at 270. all right so uh ferritin is a trap let me go back to here uh High ferritin is a trap because it can mean a couple of things if you have high ferritin when you have other inflammatory markers that are high.

So I mean your said rate's High your C-reactive proteins are high you have an autoimmune disorder going on in their body well ferritin is a marker that is called an acute phase reactant meaning it reacts in the acute phase of injury but if you are chronically in the acute phase meaning they've got chronic inflammation you can see ferritin's.

Hanging out way too high you can also see ferritin high when they have had low iron and they have finally replaced their iron like I have I have a ferritin that's um I don't think it's quite 270 I think it's in the high 100s and according to the lab test it's way too high but it is exactly where I want it I also have the.

The confidence of knowing my SED rate's not high my C-reactive protein is not high I don't have an autoimmune disorder so ferritin has this like two-prong problem it's an acute phase reactant and it's also the protein that carries around iron so if it's doing its job Doling out iron and it's busy well and it's going to be High.

Um so you got to talk to your doctor about that but that's that's the summary of that one all right next question um there we go all right Kim writes in and says can you uh have too high be too high in ketones I'm running moderate to.

Large on the pitone strip and I'm not a diabetic yeah so uh great question the question I get is can you have too high of ketones in circulation and the answer is maybe if you have a very high blood sugar because you don't have any insulin then that blood sugar is staying away from your mitochondria your mitochondria.

Are inside the cells if no blood sugar can get into the mitochondria well then your body will say make me a bunch of ketones and it will produce ketones I mean you'll have ketones 15 16 17 20. that is ketoacidosis the reason ketoacidosis happens is because they do not have functioning insulin either they have no insulin or the insulin isn't.

Lifting that glucose into the inside part of the cell so it can get to the mitochondria um when I look at ketones over this last 21 days I had like a couple people whose meters said hi and when you hooked it up to the dashboard when you hooked it up to the real metrics.

It came back at like eight seven and a half eight now it wasn't there forever it was a wave of ketones their liver pushed out a bunch of ketones because we stressed their bodies we pushed their metabolism we gave their mitochondria a workout and a burst of ketones came out of their of their mitochondria in their liver and it.

Read high on their meter but was it dangerous no this is the beautiful part about how did you you when you produce too many ketones you pee them out they're water soluble your kidney says I'm not going to use it and throws it in the toilet well that's weight loss that's how you're burning calories without.

Exercising and now there's a place for exercise there's a place for sauna but when people first get on the ketogenic diet the body has a defect of over producing ketones they do not want to run out of fuel and in times where we didn't have access to the processed carbohydrates we live on now that overproduction of fuel saved them.

From famine or not having access to food or stranded in the middle of nowhere at your body says all right we need to live through the next two days that means we need to have an excess amount of ketones so it will over produce them even if it wastes them out the urine you survive those 48 Hours well in modern days when people say I I got on the ketogenic diet.

And mine are super high I'm like ride the wave girl because it goes away it does go away your body will stabilize saying well here's how many ketones she uses in a day so let's produce that many and that means the amount that you're circulating isn't going to be very high in fact when you look at my ketones typically on a morning they're pretty.

Low they don't my glucose is low and my ketones are low because my body has learned day after day I've been doing this for seven years now that I produce as many ketones I use as many ketones I produce as many ketones I use as many ketones so how might mitochondria not go to sleep.

Oh I fast every week for this show and I show you what the numbers are before I start I push my mitochondria to have a workout and then when that didn't work so well uh because I would I would fast for two days my ketones would be like 0.6 and sure enough my brain wasn't working.

Any better it was just kind of like yeah that's about what it feels like but I can have this almost euphoric feeling for Tuesday night lives for this show when I've stressed my mitochondria so yesterday I did a workout fasted yes you can work out fasted um and then I I do I try to do Asana um.

Um it's not a sexy looking sauna it's a pop-up sauna that is in my house but it's good enough for now and it definitely pushes my mitochondria to do a workout all right next question oh John Ford I love John Ford John Ford wrote me in he's one of these engineering people who wrote me a.

Beautiful uh um summary of His of his trial of sardines and I'd use it to teach other people it's the best nice to talk to you John Ford he says Dr baz what do you speak on at ketocon in Austin oh great question so I I don't know maybe I reached a little high this year because it's taking me a long time I mean I.

Thought A1C last year my speaking tour was on why um average blood sugar matters most and I taught about what is a hemoglobin anyone see why does it matter why should all of you be checking it and this year um I I just find so many people saying that cholesterol doesn't matter cholesterol doesn't matter don't look at.

Your cholesterol never look at cholesterol and that's not true um now it's easy to say don't look at cholesterol it's easy to say oh your bad cholesterol doesn't matter now the way we measure bad cholesterol in 19 0 doesn't matter it's the it's a very terrible way actually of measuring cholesterol we now have a better way to.

Do that and we can understand what your cholesterol is teaching us so it doesn't mean put the blinders on and ignore it um now blood sugar still matters most but the second thing that matters is well what's your cholesterol so it's a complicated uh Story to Tell in a short period of time if I was teaching Med.

Students I would at least take three lecture days to do this so I'm working with Jack to try and get some animation to say can I teach that faster can I teach it without confusing everyone but um I my poor folks here at the pin chasers every Tuesday they get a little bit of a pinch of an idea of how I'm.

Trying to explain it a little bit and I'll explain it again and oh let's try it this way so they get all the failed attempts at me trying to explain it but but they keep coming they come every Tuesday I appreciate them all right here comes uh a next question so chill wire says my friend wants to do keto but her doc said no because of.

Kidney disease oh for heaven's sakes any videos you can share on that lol she's a skeptic you know here's the sad part the person I would have her look at is my colleague Dr Fung who is a kidney specialist and when you look at his stuff he is a nephrologist that hooks everybody up to dialysis because the kidneys are dead.

And what is his major Focus one of the reasons he became you know the fasting Guru was well by the time you come to see me and your kidneys are dead the way we were going to help them was to get your blood sugars lower the way we were going to help them was to get those inflammatory markers out of your system and you've given him a couple of dead.

Kidneys he can't make them out of nothing so his commitment him and Megan Ramos and their just incredible education to say no we might be putting ourselves out of business to teach you how to not be on dialysis but man I'll meet you in heaven that's a great life goal and sadly he has plenty of people who still need dialysis but uh if there.

Was one I mean so another example of what I tell people is my dad died of kidney disease he died on dialysis now his um his kidney disease was not high blood pressure it was not high cholesterol it was not diabetes he's a farmer from South Dakota and he used a lot of chemicals in the industry of farming and.

I think based on the bone marrow biopsies and what was happening in his kidney his kidneys were just spewing Out protein called a protonopathy and again we had every test Under the Sun done to figure out what it was and we never could figure it out but um the truth is it is not a.

Um it wasn't until he was solidly on keto that his kidney progression stopped so sadly it was not enough to stop it from his kidneys needed dialysis to stay alive though so yeah I put my own dad on a ketogenic diet despite his kidney failure um.

Yeah I'm not gonna write that book no thank you okay let's go to uh questions um Pam writes in and says how does keto affect ADHD all right so there are a couple psychiatrists out there that talk a lot about what they recommend on a ketogenic diet for ADHD and it the one of my favorite lectures was I want to.

Say it was Dr Eads am I saying her name right where in her practice if somebody was coming to them with a child who wanted to be on a stimulant uh there was so much reversal of the symptoms of ADHD by changing from the ever fluctuating glucose fuel to the stable ketogenic fuel that the.

First step she recommended if you are if you think your child had ADHD was get them off the sugar get them onto a stable ketogenic diet and watch how much their fuel their brain fuel changes from symptoms of ADHD to reversal of ADHD again fuel source or brain energy matters and when that child's brain is being fueled on off on.

Off on off with a glucose dependent system uh yeah it looks like they don't have attention and it is the diagnosis is pervasive in our community in part because well we are adding this on and off fuel for the brains of these growing children by switching to a ketogenic diet the fuel is now stable and even if they.

Added some carbs on top of that a few times a week the stability and the the condition of the mitochondria in their brain were ready for ketones they could use ketones they could flip to a ketogenic fuel immediately once their body was practiced so um again it's the hard part the you put.

Somebody on a ketogenic diet who has been dependent on carbohydrates forever now put them in puberty or eight years old and watch the Tantrums of the parents are exhausted I know how you feel that says oh I'll just give them their carbs and unfortunately that's feeding the monster and not only does that persistent brain development on a.

Ketogenic fuel only it blunts their the peak maturity of their hippocampus and some of the other um primitive parts of the brain some of that core brain issues so hippocampal development is something I've given lots of lectures on I really teach teenagers about you want the longest thickest.

Hippocampus you can make and one of the ways you blunt that growth of hippocampus is to swell the brain in fact I get to give a lecture at the Air Force Base in uh see two weeks now and the the lecture is going to be called um how does a baseball alcohol and sugar.

Compare when swelling the brain and oh it's a great lecture the baseball's energy comes within seconds the alcohol's swelling comes within minutes to hours but the chronic blood sugar elevation swells the brain's brain cells over years and the picture of the damage that happens is one is immediate and you'll take notice and do something.

About it a bonk of a baseball to the Head the second one is a hangover and gets your attention it says it probably shouldn't do that again the third one is slow is so slow and Insidious that they don't even know that their brain was slow until you do what Joel did which was go strictly on a ketogenic diet measure.

Your ketones and then watch what Clarity shows up and they're like oh my gosh I didn't know my brain wasn't working that well but it is incredible how well it's working now um all right I am going to uh I'm gonna redo I'm gonna read you my Valentine's uh Day surprise here and then I will check my numbers and we'll.

Call tonight let's see I'm going to go to my my team did not approve this you're probably gonna yell at me but I don't care let's see go to oh here we go all right so here is my here's my Valentine Day uh tribute um.

I bet you I can do this here oh nope that's not gonna work oh never mind that's not working at all let's go back to here okay this is an Ode to the mitochondria oh mitochondria the power of our cells you are the engine that drives us through life's Wells.

A love so pure a bond so strong with you within will never do wrong you're there with us in Every Beat of your heart that you make complete our cells would falter without your grace but with you there we'll keep up the pace from the start you've been by our side giving us energy a reason to strive.

You're the reason we move think and feel our constant companion our Powerhouse that's real oh mitochondria we are grateful to thee for your love your energy so strong and free we cherish you our Ironclad energy source you're the light that shines within our course.

So here's to you our mitochondria dear our love for you will always be here for you are the key to our life's success forever and always you'll be our happiness Happy Valentine's Day to my favorite part of your body the mitochondria.

Yes I'm a dork my husband's gonna love that all right I'm gonna do the last bit here I'm going to check my numbers uh and uh just look watch and to see uh I love John Ford's comment mitochondria will you be my Valentine that's honestly right a trusted true dependable and when they leave you die when they're not working well they don't.

Have fuel all right I'm gonna check my numbers again the reason I do this is to say yeah the numbers matter and you can have some of my colleagues give me a tough time for chasing ketones but I'm telling you that's where the success is you've got to be able to track the ketones to know if you're in ketosis if you're not.

Making ketones and producing them enough to measure them then you're not on a ketogenic diet you're on something but it's not a ketogenic diet all right at the end we are looking at what are my ketones what's my blood glucose my glucose not down to 75 and ketones went to 5.8 I'm telling you pucker up does a great job of raising ketones uh and why.

Would you do this well if you're in a stall if you are insulin resistant and having a tough time going to the next level don't let your mitochondria fall asleep that if you're trying to find a solution and you need a support group but they're not there yet well grab some ketones put them in circulation it doesn't solve all your.

Problems but at least you won't slide all the way backwards I do have another quick announcement last year uh I helped out the school that my son goes to by having an auction uh the auction item is coming up at the end of the month I will put it on a link next week and you get a consultation an hour consultation from me and then a gift.

Basket for me next week I'll bring a picture of the little uh tiger that I made uh you aren't going to want to bid on that that's probably for a person who goes to the school but last year it was a very gracious woman who won the bid and her um her auction item paid for a semester of school for one of the boys that.

Couldn't otherwise afford to go to the school and I'll tell you this school makes great men they are men of service men of faith and I couldn't be happier to be helping them close out their fundraising for the Year by donating an hour of my time for somebody who might want that all right the end screen for tonight.

That little video that we're going to put up at the end is because focusing on your numbers really does matter you will discover what keeps you in ketosis and not if you watch that video at the end we give you a short synopsis about um how that number matters especially focusing on the number that matters most your average blood sugar so take a look.

At that video and again YouTube loves it when you click on that end screen so only those of you on replay will get to see that but please click it it truly helps us out otherwise we will see you next week on alive and
I'm gonna get in trouble for this
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