Fast Like a Girl with Dr. Mindy

Fast Like a Girl with Dr. Mindy

Fast Like a Girl with Dr. Mindy

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We have a Christmas special a holiday special for you because we have Dr Mindy live in the house here on the DR Boss channel uh yes we are in that wonderful week between Christmas and New Year's and I have a few things on my list that I said I really want to do some uh some of uh of these things before the end of the year and one of them was to help my.

Friend Dr Mindy who has written a book that I wish I wish I could take credit for helping her but it was like she got inside my mind and wrote down the words in a book in a way that has been helping women and helping just the the audience in general how to get their hearts and Minds around the idea of the f word which is fasting so Dr Phoebe welcome.

Merry Christmas oh Merry Christmas to you I I just love this you and I have so connected on this you know YouTube uh culture that we are a part of so this is really fun for me and and yes let's let's bring the f word to light and and make it a little bit Kinder and easier to hear yes absolutely well uh I told Dr Mindy that I would do this interview and.

Then um we our family has a wonderful adventure of being um being here at a wrestling tournament so I'm here in a hotel room and we the word fasting is something that uh I can't wait for you to unpack a little bit for my audience and for uh just exploring a little bit more about the.

Book because if you've been around a wrestling team everybody has to make wing and so this idea of fasting and what does it mean and what is it for a teenage boy and then what is it for 50 year old women when we fast uh boy yeah that could take an encyclopedia but agreed agreed yeah are they doing it safely I mean that's the that's really.

When we talk about fasting it's there's it's not just avoiding food like there's a safe way and an unsafe way to do it right yeah his mother is me so excellent right so you know it is interesting to to kind of flip the switch when you're giving metabolic advice um you know my day and night and 25.

Years have been spent with metabolisms that are that are filled with insulin that are overly uh you know abundant in their storage and to to kind of apply all that that science where you you really stop thinking does anybody ever exist without insulin resistance and then you walk into a wrestling room where they work out four hours a day.

They have more muscle cells than than sometimes brain cells which is why they have mothers for sure but but that uh the process of fasting uh becomes uh a a a a wealth of Education uh and you say oh yeah there are normal people in the world that don't have insulin resistance but they all might be 16 year old wrestlers so.

Yeah well let's pop balls because I don't know how many of my people a channel have read the book or seen the book so why don't you just introduce the book and then give us a little uh Insight because I've written a couple of these book things and they they consume.

Your life whatever inspired you to want to write a book oh my gosh could you you needed to give me that advice this summer you're right it was totally consumed my life my Christmas everything so um you know what's really fun about this book is that actually and I know you would resonate with this it was born out.

Of my subscribers on my YouTube channel um a lot of people started to find my channel after they had read the Obesity code and they were like doing the one meal a day and they got great results and then they got stuck and so they came up to my channel where I was teaching Feast fam and cycling and showing how to move in and out of sugar burner and fat.

Burner and they started to unstick themselves as far as weight loss goes and their results and getting the their glucose and Insulin down and then I started to see a trend in women and I started to see that all the women were having that were fasting had the same uh symptoms hair falling out Cycles stopping anxiety weight gain so I.

Started playing with tweaking how do we look at Feast famine cycling around a woman's hormones and this was like seven years ago I started putting all these pieces together and then just rolled it out to my patients rolled it out to our our following and we started to see a very clear formula that women had to fast differently so really like the fast.

Like a girl is basically a summary of everything that we've seen in millions of people millions of women giving us feedback that when they fast for their hormones everything works great and when they don't fast for their hormones everything starts hormonally starts to go in the wrong direction so that was really really the birth of this back you.

Know it is I've got several folks uh chirping and saying their book arrives today they are reading between your book and mine they're going to have the Encyclopedia of how to do this right yes it truly is what happens when you you know you have uh you know I I do I wonder if the audience can possibly appreciate how much uh it's refreshing.

To find a voice like yours in this space where the the service heart in you is easy to feel so to watch your journey and then hear that yeah the reason I wrote a book is oh I had all these people asking how do you do it how do you actually solve this puzzle and it wasn't obvious on the first year that we started advising patients because right.

There's no textbook telling us how to do that they're all saying no low fat low fat low fat and I'm like no that's not working for these people and then to come into these struggles of okay now there's an advanced level that we have to figure out that um only those that are you know truly gonna stay the course and figure.

It out uh they have to have a service heart they have to be in this space for the reasons that uh that really do uh invite those followers I mean why is your two your YouTube channel and my YouTube channel a very similar uh profile because when you look at that um the process of improving people's lives it's not a.

One-Stop shop it is a journey of a continued conversation great and and like you I feel like you were you know you and I were like Soul Sisters like when I met you this summer I was like oh my God because we approached this information with the same the same intention and I think you know that's really really.

Um what we want to start to see is that we take this cookie cutter formula that Healthcare has created um as people's path and really make it more individualized and you and I both connect on this metabolic syndrome the metabolic poor metabolic health is it the root of everything so if we could help people solve that then we can solve.

Almost everything else and how many times have you heard people say oh you cannot fast it will ruin your hormones oh my gosh yes yeah and that this is actually was the thing that really fueled me on the on the days I was like I don't want to write this anymore it was like I'd go read an article where like somebody some.

Popular celebrity would come out and be like women shouldn't fast or there would be like some mainstream article that not good for women and I'm like no no we're gonna end this right now and that's what this book is about is like it's amazing for women and let me tell you why and this is how we should do it right so yeah you're nothing like fighting fire.

With fire there because your forward is yeah open the book I'm like oh that is a home run you win that is amazing home run so why don't you tell people about well because I have heard every celebrity as well in fact I have a list of celebrities that that do keto that say the word fasting so uh why don't you tell about your.

Forward and then story yeah it you know what it's so crazy so um Leanne uh and what she's referring to as land Rhymes reached out to me um November 2021 and here's the funny thing is I wasn't taking any patience on I was just writing this book and she had heard me on a webinar and so it took her.

Some time to get to me because I was like I'm not I'm not doing one-on-one anymore and finally when we we connected um I said here let me just give you some things to do around fasting and food and like we'll check in in a month and she was like no no like I need you to coach me through this so that was November 21 and um it's been this beautiful.

Experience um we literally talk almost every single day we've taken all of these principles um and integrated metabolic Health into her hormonal health and then she's been you know she's got mental health she's been very vocal about mental health so literally really on the day I met her she was counting calories she at you.

Know 39 years old had no idea about her hormones and here we are a year later and she's a freaking master of her hormones and metabolic health and so she tells the story in the forward and she did she's so authentic you know she's you would love her like she's so kind and authentic and wants to help women and I feel like her forward just sets.

The tone for the whole book because she talks about musical Rhythm and how as a celebrity she can't she's not going to get a free pass out of the four you know perimenopausal years and she realized that like her celebrities was not gonna help her get through perimenopause she's gonna have to do some work and that's what we've been doing I mean it's truly.

Exactly the the same puzzle where you know you get to the place in your career in your advice for patients and you know you and I were both kind of reaching for that next chapter to learn and it wasn't there and right kind of write down here's what I see in practice working and there's no guidelines for you Dr Mindy there's no right here here's what.

The experts are going to say it's like no here is a practitioner in real life saying I have to answer to the people sitting in the chair across from me that's right the thing is their hormones and that uh the idea of um Counting these calories you guys have led us astray it isn't working they're hurting and you know one of one of my.

Mantras for patient care is when your body gives you enough symptoms you're either going to get desperate enough to find the Physicians that have said all right yes you're right those guidelines didn't come out of nothing they came out of years of experience but we have new we we have we have to not ignore the the the voices of what was happening right.

In front of us as practitioners and say the words okay let me apply this where you don't say don't throw the whole guidelines out with the bath water but say on top of that here's what they were missing and here's how I can help I think I think questions you know I think you know and you actually really.

Ruined me on this when I brought you on I'm asked and it's like there became this system that Healthcare has really tapped into and it's very formulaic And yet when we deal with the human body we are not formulaic we all have individual needs and so and then you have take a woman's body and she is definitely not formulating so I think that I love this.

Idea of we've got to ask deeper questions and I and I also and this is a big prep uh piece of fast like a girl is we it we got to get to know our own selves like I've sat in so many conversations over the last six months with women of all ages that are like wait like when does estrogen come in in my cycle.

Wait I'm in menopause what's happening to my hormones I'm like no like we gotta start with just an awareness of where the hormones are at and we don't even have that no no no right so when when you look at the women who who have you know because because I see this as well the women who who've got really what LeAnne Rimes has which is you start with.

With a little bit of a problem with hormones and that acquisition of symptoms doesn't just stop with oh let me help you with your period let me help you get pregnant I think keto has some awesome life restoring um new I the number of letters I have saying I'm pregnant because I followed your advice and I'm sure you've got the.

Same kind of impact when you say we can manipulate hormones when you start talking and you start manipulating fat right but that symptom of um like Leanne Rhymes where where she got all the way to mental health what are so if you started just the menstruation not working well if you had to line up what you see patients suffer.

With if if hormones of a menstrual cycle being the first part and what I think of as the most extreme part is when their mental health is is you know in need of a physician um what were some of the other uh um profiles of patients that you really think this book is going to help yeah this is such a good question and I want.

To address one of the questions somebody said that the book shows to deliver on February 1st uh uh and I promise you there are new books coming the snowstorm in America here the the weather's sort of derailed getting new books we actually sold out in the first 15 000 so the second has been has been sent so if you order it I promise you know February.

1st is not what it's coming it's coming much earlier than that so I just had to say that that's a great problem to have it's a great problem to have and so Hay House just sent a bunch more to all the so you're going to get a lot earlier than that okay to answer your question um and I think this is really important um is that in the book I map out six.

Different types of fasts and so and they're all based off of times so we we can call to uh fasting time restricted eating um is I think a better way to look at it um because you know fasting gets all jumbled up but you're basically taking certain period of time and eating leaving the rest for for not eating and.

When you look at these six here's here's the benefits you know when we look at even intermittent fasting 13 to 15 hours you're looking at growth hormone and testosterone starting to rise so you slow aging give get more testosterone you're going to end up with more motivation libido uh Drive is going to be great 17 hours we know that autophagy.

Starts to kick in so you're going to get some of that get rid of those cells that aren't working the senescent cells um are going to get out of your body 24 hours you repair the gut we have evidence uh scientific evidence that you're going to up regulate stem cells in your gut so you can start to prepare your gut we see huge metabolic changes.

At 36 hours 48 hours we get all a huge reset in the dopamine system I even found a a beautiful um study done on humans showing that new dopamine receptor sites start to emerge when you fast for 48 hours and then vulture Longo's three-day water fast is the Mack Daddy and that's where you can reboot at the whole immune system so if.

You look at just all of that what we're seeing is that you know when we just are working on our food we're not trying to tap over into the fat burning system we don't we miss out on everything that I just said so we've got to fast and do keto if you do both of them together you've now are in this like you're in a whole nother Universe you're in the fat.

Burning Energy System and in that system you're going to not only lose weight you're not only going to bring your hemoglobin A1c down and glucosins and all that that you talk about but you tap into this just abundance of healing effects that I just talked about so when you when you ask like okay what you know what is it that people were seeing I've.

Seen mental health challenges change chronic depression and anxiety um I've seen you know people women that were in menopause uh start to come out of menopause as they're hormones regulated weight weight loss of course is a big one sleeping better chronic pain going away I mean all the same things that you see.

Um but I think what what's so powerful is we as as you as you say these words I mean what I'm doing is I keep holding my chest saying oh it's so refreshing to hear it from another person again right because you do feel like your own Echo chamber like I know I'm not the only one seeing it the emperor has no clothes but I'm not.

Saying this yeah when I was reading your book I I mean I got emotional a couple times saying oh my gosh to see another person write it down say it out loud and say no no I'm not the only one reading these studies and I've seen the application in my patients but when when they when you mean to hear it from in another like.

Parallel universe thing no no I didn't help you write it I I feel embarrassed that I didn't get to be part of the Journey of saying oh I don't give up but but that encouragement for people to stand outside of the the pack of what your industry has said to do and then just boldly be able to say go talk to the patients that have been approved and.

Then they're sisters and their children and their and their mothers because as soon as you truly awaken that um that soul in their bodies that is dependent on the right advice uh the The Vortex uh around them gets better their their circle of influence starts to talk about that and I think as providers it's been a lonely Journey so lonely you know.

Although I will tell you I get people like on as I've been promoting this book I've had people ask me well what do you say to the critics of fasting and like my response is why would you be a Critic of fasting have you not seen the research like and really what I want to say is you're dumb like.

Hello because you know to your point you and I dive into the research and then we create the application in our patients and then we do one step further we teach on YouTube and we get to see hundreds of thousands of people respond back to us and show us what's working I have no doubt this fasting is your fastest path to Great metabolic health and if you're.

Not doing it I don't then I don't know what else to tell you I mean read the book I put all the the science in there but it it it's such a powerful tool and it's free that's right exactly like the industry supporting us to teach fasting isn't isn't there that there's no such thing it's the absence of food it's the ABS and I just think that is you know as.

You know raising my my boys are in those late teenage years and watching to say life of abundance has been this easy creep into your life as as you look at stuff and you know 21st century living and then you take on this this uh this journey which in my case really started with my mom's health and saying I'm gonna I'm gonna walk.

You know lock and stuff with her as I as we help her and of course what's turned into an army of people around you saying no I want help too I want help too and you know the the subtext of where all these conversations come from is the lack of stuff the lack of yes that is uh that's that's like oh are you are you deprived I'm like yeah I need to.

Understand this is a privilege for me to say I choose not to do this because of the benefits and oh it just turns into a conversation that you you're like no no no uh this is a choice and I I think the more people that really can hear the testimonies from people who said I literally went without food for four you know for 48 hours or 36 hours to 48.

Hours and I cannot believe what happened right so the self-pride I think this is something to really point out um when I went to put the book together it was really important to me to put these six different length fasts in there because I think the longer we go and I know I don't know if you've had conversations with Jason or Megan Ramos.

We're actually next week we're gonna you're gonna I don't know if you've met Megan but you're coming you're coming on my master class I don't hopefully you know that yeah yeah that part I was like who's leading today oh I'm eating today yeah you know next week I'm reading but but um so just to fill everybody in I brought uh you know Dr.

Baz and Megan Ramos and a hormone expert Dr Carrie Jones together to have this conversation about metabolic Health uh mixed with um with hormones but but what I what I'm starting to see is that the longer fasts have this greater benefit and when you go into these longer fasts you the self-prime to your point is like because.

You and I can teach it we can say here's what you do but we can't do it for you right only you can get through those tough moments so what I see happens to people is they kind of go uh I don't know I don't know and then they do it and they're like boom like they're like rock stars they're like look at me okay I don't know any diet that's gonna do.

That for you but to bring back that empowerment in yourself now you can whatever the media wants to say whatever you know big Pharma wants to say you don't care because you've experienced fit for yourself and I think that's a huge piece of fasting is that self-empowerment that comes from there you know and and that that's the gift.

That's the part where when when I look at the first 15 20 years of my career and the number of patients who really transcended into a health that they I mean we have this Mantra in in our Clinic that said don't let the patient get addicted to us because as they would come off of their you know car carb addictions was later in my career but.

Other addictions in life and we would you know help them get out of this darkness that they were dependent on you know sex drugs rock and roll you know chemotherapy life that was really holding them down and as as you walk out of that uh that the depths of poor health they they they they love you you're like right but right this is the.

Solution here you your your journey is to be is to be free of all of this that's right it's a good point right yeah that that transition where they go from not fasting to their first fast it's like the first little bit of feathers on their wings saying no you're gonna do this and you're not gonna need me you're going to be free from all of.

This and yeah I just I really um um I I can't recommend this book enough because of how much it says you know not only did you help to parse out the different places where you don't have to reach for the ultimate fast tomorrow in fact I recommend that I would recommend you no right so why don't you tell them.

What you recommend because I'll shut up I find you as fascinated as your listeners I'm sure um so um but yeah I mean um here's what I would say I call it fast training is that I really feel like we have to slowly train ourselves to fast just like you know if I was gonna go run a marathon if I decided the.

Marathon was in three in you know six months I wouldn't just slap on some shoes and go run 13 miles my first go um I would do probably three and then five and I'd build up to it so if the thing about fasting I don't know if you've experienced this but what what I see and what are what my followers have seen is it gets easier the more you do.

It like I don't know any diet that gets easier the more and keto diets the same way like it just gets easier the more you do it because your body is craving it so with the six different fasts I really recommend you just Master the first the first level and then one day a week try to stretch your fast go a little bit longer and get get that.

Hormesis and and a little bit of adaptation um and then you know one or two days a week don't fast we want to go back into this Feast spam and cycling um in the book what I did because the hormonal piece is just a little bit um it has a little variation to it is I put two 30-day resets in there one.

That's for beginners and one that's for an advanced so you could literally start on day one and just go 30 days through great for menopausal women great for men if men want to do it and then if you're a woman a cycling woman you'll just time that 30-day reset to where you are in your cycle and I I explain it all in the book but to your point it definitely has.

To be you know you want to train yourself you also want to set yourself up for Success like what we do with with diets in general is be like Oh I'm gonna dive all in and then right right around the corner you're like no no don't do this again two weeks later you're like I can't do this okay that let's stop that mentality right so.

When you look at let's just actually take a couple of uh real life examples and so maybe pick one from your my favorite stories are always the ones that are closest to me so I look at your maybe if family or friends and family in in your area that were pretty resistant to doing their first fast and can you think of an example in your mind where.

You walked them through this and maybe just share what what their experience was and and how that how that story has either in the process of unfolding or has unfolded yeah I'll give you two examples um one that really surprised me was a woman who had a chronic fatigue and adrenal fatigue and she was super hypoglycemic and she's like I I can't go.

More than eight hours without without food and so what we did is we literally spent about six months just taking her eating window and slowly slowly slowly compressing it she was eating really well now she was eating like gluten-free well so we had to pull some of her right we had to pull some of our carbs and put her more into Nature's carbs and get.

Some get a little more in the keto area and then but we just slowly over time started to push that fasting window bigger and bigger and within in about three months she was get she had her groove and she was doing great she wasn't hypoglycemic anymore so so that was cool the second one is I did this is the first time I did this and we're.

Gonna actually do it again next week is that I took a group of people who had never fasted um it was like this extreme entrepreneurial group Jesse itzler I don't know if you know who he is yeah yeah so I I part of his mentorship group so I took 50 of these like high performing entrepreneurs through a three-day water fast now these people.

Are like gung-ho right so they're like let's go not everybody was metabolically healthy um but uh we put them through three days and what and I led them you know each day I told them what to do each day I was there to support them there was a lot of community uh that they could lean upon but the biggest thing was the again.

Self-pride after three days and how many people told me that they dropped weight and it never came back so months later they're like I never had my weight come back so we're gonna do it again uh next week uh for a three-day water fast worldwide we actually already have over 4 000 people signed up for it it's free I know and we're just gonna guide people.

Through it so you know we've have examples like that I I had another example that I haven't shared with you that you would geek out on of a man who has total total food addiction and over 300 pounds and he came to me and asked for help and when I asked him what he was addicted to why lot of soda a lot a lot of you know buffalo wings and things.

Like that and so all I did is take the food he was eating and I started to work on compressing his eating window I didn't change his food at all that's cool so so the first month the first month I just said can we get you to 13 hours of fasting and he just did that one thing and he lost 15 pounds that first month he didn't change what he ate.

All he did is put put it all in an eating window so next month I was like okay could we drink the soda outside the house just don't have it in the house totally I love it another nine pounds then the next month I was like okay can we just up your protein and and that's it another 12 pounds so like the guy had almost 40 pounds down and we didn't take.

His buffalo wings or a soda away just from like making some changes like that you know it's exactly I mean that I I think one of the best things that has prepared me for the the world of uh carb addiction is what I think we're fighting when you talk about fasting or keto or any of this stuff was the the years of addiction Clinic that I didn't really.

Promote a lot I was an internal medicine doctor who happened to work on Peak brain performance and that means if you're addicted to something we're going to have to tackle that but but it's powerful that um when when you look at the people who make the changes that last they do not rip their lives apart and change everything they change one.

Thing and then they hold with that and then they change the next thing and I will I'll I'll spin back to one little thing that I I've been looking at a couple of uh um topics for my you know speaking stuff that's coming up this year and then just even this next month of January a couple of things that I had known but maybe I.

Just didn't unpack as well as I should have and that is that you've heard we've all heard of Crash diets and how terrible they are and how awful they are and um when you when you said that you dropped their weight and they held it it reminded me of the stuff that look at when you drop weight quickly.

It sounds awful like oh don't do that don't do that but the truth is to you know set points in our bodies are are not um they don't they do not like casual change uh as much as you casually change them to raise them um oftentimes when they were putting on weight the set paint Point happened over a short period of time where they really.

Did gain a bunch of weight and the reverse is what I I am so thankful to have really watched or looked into this and and said wow I I've seen this on my practice when they lose that weight quickly so that three-day water fast is a perfect example and then all you're working at is maintaining uh a behavior one behavior that you really yeah did.

You really need to you know look in the mirror and say that's not good for you um but that drop in weight quickly is actually the best antidote for people who say once you gain weight you can never lose it and there's plenty of studies that prove that oh you're never going to lose it once you gain the weight you're never going to lose it and.

The the truth is some of the hacks to losing the weight is you you must drop that weight rather succinctly so making a change like that and then hold one Behavior change for the next you know three to six months then dive in again for another set point change and I love that I I sense because I had.

Right but it's a hermetic stress and we have to be like sometimes when we come out of our bodies with something powerful and intense and quick the body can adapt like much better but when we're trying to like slowly do stuff sometimes yeah so I and that makes sense that's so cool well and I think you know that the social changes are what what.

You and I probably have a whole practices built around the chemistry of getting somebody to lose weight I can lock you in an exam or you know hospital room a weekend but you dealing with your own headspace is is that the steps where you say that that crash dieting of of you know saying this is how you're gonna lose it forever.

Now you can you can drop your weight for uh that crash diet but it's truly these Behavior changes where you say pick that fast that you can hold or I love that story of just eat the same stinking food you've been eating for the last 20 years but put it in this place where you have absence of food uh for those hours and watch how remarkable your body is at.

Healing and you know you really have summarized that up in your book uh as well so when you're looking at um this is your first book right no it's my fourth book believe it or not no but it's the first one with a major publisher with Hay House so yeah yeah so it's it's you know the other three actually they went back and they bought.

To the other two of the other books so we're gonna put them all out through Hay House oh congratulations well honestly I'm as a as a book writer and I know several of the folks that follow me are writing too just share it with the public the difference on what you had to do with a with a self-published book versus what happened uh with a with a.

Publisher and I'm being serious this is I think it's hidden people don't know this no well okay so Hay House has been amazing as far as like they've given me a lot of creative expression they've asked me a lot of about my opinion um and I'll tell you a little story about the cover because that's where you start to realize like you don't have as.

Much anymore as you would like so but um basically to get a book deal you gotta write a book proposal 25 000 words you gotta and you gotta get an agent so I had to get an agent my agent's been amazing and then write this book uh write a proposal and then you pitch it to all the Publishers to the publishing companies and um it was really.

Interesting when we did that what shocked me is how many of them came back and said oh we're not doing fasting books anymore like that trend is behind us uh we're not doing Women's Health I know one of the major uh Publishers said we're not doing Women's Health anymore I'm like what what what what what wait what's going on so throw them with a.

Million dollar sale or a million sales please right exactly but what I love about Hay House is the way I pitched it was that um women need this book we don't have a fasting manual for women we have all these other fasting books fabulous but we don't have a manual a manual for women right and so Hay House was like we're in we want you.

Um they're so sweet but there's you know you this book has had gone like five editors three proof readers like two graphic designers like layout people like there's this is not a solo Journey there has been a team of people and you know not every step do you get to choose the outcome right like like the cover so when they first gave me the cover it was.

All white with the circle and then it was colored in the in the letters and I was like that's boring and so my agent said to me you know it doesn't really look like you you're you got a lot of color in your life so we just decided to put the and when I went back to them I'm like can you can you redo this give me some of their options they're like no.

These are your these are your two options all right two options so I was like could we just put some teal behind it and they did and it was perfect so that's awesome I mean it's a great yeah honestly book covers are something I never spent time on until you have a couple and you're like uh oh it's heavier than you think oh.

It's like me being a child it's a big responsibility yeah yes well it it truly needs to be something that people can recognize across the room and say no this is one worth slowing down and reading and not only the the um the outline but you know the stories in there I think help people relate to say can you see yourself in that story.

Can you see yourself in this person's problem and and that's really what I think attracts the reader um to transcend don't just put this in your ear and think it's another one for the Shelf it really has the manual to help you and then connecting with as many many of those pain points that I've seen I'm sure you've seen obviously with your.

Book that you you deserve um really reading this and and finding their Solutions in it and then my favorite my favorite um uh comments I get from people who've read the book is I read the book and I I thought I would never let anybody else and I it was my Bible and then I saw somebody who really needed to understand.

This and they pass it along so yeah so yeah the manual the manual effect of what you've got in your book is a pass-along book as well where you learn it you study it and then you say now help your neighbor because then just your problem and the more people that do have this Awakening of understanding what fat based hormones are doing and.

How much you can manipulate them with what goes past your lips and and then uh as women we have different responsibilities uh in the way we take care of our bodies and the way we age and Society is clearly needing us to all keep our brains until the very last day yes independent on yes.

And then the other three boys yes this is required yeah and I really I love what you're because again this is where you and I unite is that if we're going to change uh the metabolic mess that we're all in it doesn't just take you and I standing up and saying hey here's how you do it it takes when people read my book your book when they have an.

Experience with it turn around and teaching your neighbor and you know I really love the quote one of my favorite quotes I used to have it in my old office I was in is from Gandhi and and it's be the change you want to see in the world Amen and so you be the example of it you live it and then people are gonna ask you and then you turn around.

And teach it and and this is how we will change the metabolic health of the world is when each empowered person not just woman each powered in person turns around and empowers their Community now we're gonna see a global switch in the metabolic mess that we're in right that's absolutely right well as I look towards the year of 2023 not only can we.

Pray for the best book sales for fast like a girl and I assume I've seen it actually in bookstores and Amazon and everywhere you look I'll uh the first time I set up the show I had it in the link of the show notes but I'll make sure to do that when we're done put it in the link of the show notes thank you um just uh map what your year of 2023.

Looks like uh besides promoting your book what what's what's some of the ways here for your next year yeah you know I it's so funny because I you know you think up to the book launch and then you're like oh wait I just looked at my January February I'm like oh it looks just like the book launch it's like a lot so but some really cool things that.

We're doing so and I'll tell you three neat things that we're that I'm doing next year one is we're going to do a live event if you if for anybody who's it lives in LA or near La I've actually got Leanne gonna is gonna join me in a live event where we talk about um her hormonal Journey how to get women in general to be able to start to.

Embrace better hormonal health so and it's a fundraiser for hyperbaric oxygen um oh me too right so it's yeah so that will be on January 18th in La so join us for that you can follow me for information on that um do you know Tony Horton he did the P90X oh yeah yeah so Tony yes Tony and I.

Are actually doing a fitness program together and we're going to time it to women's hormones is online is it it'll be online yeah yeah because you know everything he does now is online and so but what he's gonna do is he we're taking Tony's workouts and then we're gonna create a calendar he'll.

Create a calendar for men I'll create a calendar for women and we'll do post-menopausal women and cycling women so we'll do do all of it but we're gonna film it together so I'm actually going to be at one of the fitness videos oh that's so cool that's motivation no that's fun that's so cool yeah and then I'm I'm uh I'm.

Writing my next book I just went into contract on the next book and it's going to be around what happens to the female brain after 40. um specifically what happens to our neurotransmitters as these hormones start to go away and uh you can pretty much bet that there'll be lots of metabolic Health filtered throughout all.

Of that yeah I don't know if you've seen the book out by uh uh Dr Chris Palmer Brain energy the psychiatrist from Harvard he and I have worked on a couple cases together and he's uh he's been one of those I hadn't met I had been on stage with him heard him say going oh that's refreshing he's saying what I'm saying he's saying.

The stuff about mental health and uh his book just came out as well but unbelievable how well he I mean it took him four years to put together because as as you know with Women's Health when you're the one writing it you're like well well now we even know more now we even know more so kind of Drawing the Line in the Sand that you.

Can say here's the threshold that we can talk about and you want a book that's not going to be you know out of date tomorrow because because of all that you're learning and the universe is kind of learning about how we should have been talking about this uh your mental health one uh he's a great resource to to okay great oh yeah thank you I'll.

Definitely go check that out that's awesome but yeah so in in the spirit of uh the best we can wish for you in in my help of just empowering you and saying I want you to win I want I want the world to read this book um uh do you have uh do you have a does your publisher maybe is a better way to say have a goal of what they think the.

Book will sell or where they're at well I'll let I'll let you in on a little behind the scenes uh so uh so we've it looks like we've we've got we've got that first 15 000 the next 15 000 are coming uh which is really great and we did find out last week that New York Times is watching it right now so um but you know but we're but we're just.

You know we're just uh trying to get it to as many women as possible so any bestseller list would would be just an amplification of us being able to get this out so you know again this is this book to me is about the women and getting it to women so when you know hitting those lists just amplifies what we're able to the message we're able to.

Get out so amen so that is the perfect place to end this interview because you deserve uh the uh praise for the years you've spent kind of being the Pied Piper of saying no really trust me we are going to get you healthier you know putting it in a book and saying may we all help support this to be a bestseller you know not just for your praise but.

For the communities praise as well to say you should be the leader getting the the the Fanfare but we all benefit when when the conversation around hormones changes and yes that's that's the moment of of um yeah where you win yeah yeah thank you I just I just love you I feel I feel like your heart I hear it.

And I'm like I'm like as you get it like you said like you get it you get it thank you so much forget we have to do more together because I just love it yeah yes sweetie let's do something that's great and 2023 has a whole a whole uh agenda for improving.

Um our Rhythm on the on the social media world and and just being that higher level of education so I will continue to point people to your book and really appreciate you taking the time to writing it uh writing it so well and uh it stops me from having to do it so good job first the next book I want to write I'm.

Going to say to you hey Annette what do you think you want to write this one I love it God bless you Happy New Year and everybody check out that book uh fast like a girl thank you Happy New Year appreciate you you've been bye
Fast Like a Girl with Dr. Mindy
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