Don’t Regain the Weight

Don’t Regain the Weight

Don’t Regain the Weight

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Okay let's hope i am live hi everybody thanks for waiting just a minute for me there i had to check some internet stuff so i hope it works as good as i think it's gonna work i am going to click a couple buttons just to make sure i can see your comments as we're doing this.

And um let's see here go to here we're going to do i was trying to get to a pop-up chat let's see that should work all right i think i can see your comments i'm hoping i can see you i would love to hear that you can hear.

Me and see me uh yes that is uh um uh i'm asking for a little bit of forgiveness i'm so sorry but i will definitely uh give you uh the best i have for this weekend i have a great story to tell you i am super hopeful that i can get.

Through it without tears because it is such a if you are a mother anywhere you are going to love this story and i hope i can do it justice i am coming to you from florida and as you can see i'm in a hotel room because um yeah that's my life right now.

Uh i also cannot reach my see if it'll reach and my my testing kit is about five feet away and the string for my microphone might not be that long so let me just see if i can grab it without knocking everything over i am going to test my sugar and i'm going.

To tell you right now if you wanted an example of what it looks like to have real life and things not go perfectly i'm going to show you exactly what that looks like but i think it's keeping it real and showing people that this is why community is super important and there is so much that we can learn from.

One another especially as we struggle so i'm gonna just give you lots of teachable moments as i do this all right so my testing kit is um now in my hand so we can get started um there are a couple other things that i just want to share with people the uh updates on.

A few steps in my life as many of you know this move to florida happened after many of you helped pray that my son would get into the school he wanted to get into that we wanted him in and that letter came late may so we are six weeks into moving.

Our family from tampa or from south dakota to tampa and with all of uh the busyness and packing up and getting a uh a whole bunch of life uh going in the right direction um we made it one trip to florida we know we're gonna have to do that drive two more times because we have a couple.

Of boys back in south dakota that need to be moved into college and we have a bunch of stuff there that like a couple of cars but we are living in a hotel because i uh we did our best to try and buy a house here in florida and i think you just need to.

Show up with a wheelbarrow full of cash or something because it is like as soon as one is on the market anywhere near my son's school it is then not on the market it's gold sold all right i'm testing my sugars here um and i am just going to warn you that it has been a week uh not only are we all sleeping.

In a hotel uh the hotels last a couple nights and then we thought oh we'll figure something else out and then that other thing didn't work out so much um all right see if i can get a little more out from that i might have to close that.

Thing behind me if it is too loud somebody should tell me we're on the sixth floor so i was hoping that wouldn't be bad here's my sugars they're counting down i'm gonna leave a little more for that ketone sugar is 104 that is exactly what happens uh when you're stressed and.

You don't sleep well uh all right ketones are counting down so yes glucose of 104 ketones i bet you they'll be like lower 0.2 or oh 0.6 not terrible and as any of you following me on instagram i have said the hardest part about my stress in the past.

Well there's several hard parts but the part that i'm disappointed in myself is i did not pack any ketones or they're packed but they're not with us they're in a bin that didn't make this trip so anyway um that's what i typically would do when i'm struggling this badly to just find a rhythm and find um.

I don't know two days in a row with the same bedtime would be nice we're not there yet uh but as you uh i had several of you write in and ask some questions so i'm going to try and take care of a few of those i just want you to say praise god for those of you that have uh prayed for our safe journey we landed on.

The day that a it did get upgraded to a hurricane but every local says that was nothing and in south dakota we'd probably call that nothing too actually it was a pretty good storm but it wasn't um when it in the part of florida we hit it or in tampa it just wasn't it was a windy storm but it wasn't awful.

Uh but it did delay everything and um my son is actually with the he started wrestling practice this past week so he's met a few friends that's a really big deal and his parents have desperately tried to find a place to live i i think i scrapped the idea of buying a home and we're just going to.

Rent something and unfortunately the closest thing to rent still is an hour commute to his school right now so anyway um the best part of my day i'm just going to share this before i tell my story because the story is pretty profound and i hope i can tell do it justice by telling you her story so.

Well um is that we visited a church near the possible place where we're gonna rent and of all of the places in the last week where i think my brain just settled down my the noise inside my mind uh stopped chattering was in the walls of that church and i just want to say thank.

You to the people uh at the methodist church here in uh saint petersburg for welcoming us and for being a a conduit for the holy spirit to show up and say it's going to be okay moving across the country in under six weeks it's going to be okay.

And i will continue to give you updates each week on how our transition is going um some other things are happening on the channel that i i don't know if many of you have noticed our american tradition has uh has finished up and we have been in the process of really trying to enhance.

Our youtube videos um really turning sunday nights into a community a place where you get to see my struggles you can also follow me on instagram uh to see those struggles but uh sundays are a place for me that i'm trying to share the stories of many of you that have written in the.

Questions are very similar so as much as i answer those on the facebook neurons page as much as i can i've learned that this is another place to just tell people's story a little more um just a little bit of awesome to show how this looks we have somebody who has lost a hundred.

Pounds four times tonight that we're gonna focus on and uh her story is inspiring she is the healthiest of the 400 pound weight losses on this go around we're gonna explain that a little bit we're going to talk about some of her labs and just what i would recommend for her.

And then show you some of what my um my labs are here live on the show so let's go ahead and get started um with the with the talk uh okay there we go look at that okay so i'm just gonna make sure that i can see everything i need to see there we go okay so um let me get started with uh this slide.

Yes it is a four time it's the fourth time uh this uh woman has lost a hundred pounds and her journey is not just uh remarkable it is um something i've heard more than once um there are many people who have lost 100 pounds.

If you're going to lose 100 pounds keto is by far the way to do it oops that light just went out and when they do have that remarkable weight loss um i have found there are some complications and there are some things that i as a physician will help my patients through but quite a um.

quite a journey that i mean just to lose 100 pounds in and of itself once is a lot but four times and how would i how would i help uh chris this time so let's get started uh we're gonna do a quick introduce introduction to chris.

I think it's gonna go oh it's this button sorry there we go okay yes so this is chris this is a picture of her before the weight loss uh this is a picture of her after the weight loss and again it's her fourth time of losing 100 pounds before we hop into that i do want to.

Just uh highlight a couple of the uh folks we are going to give away some books tonight uh we haven't done that in a couple of weeks i do like to give away audiobooks on the folks that tune in live again another way to support the audience of people that are tuning in on sunday nights and just the.

Regulars for the dr vaz show um i also like to point out that one of the best ways to say thank you uh is uh a let's see what happened there i need this to be safari um hold on oh i think it's this maybe not.

Um i wonder if you it's not showing up there is a dang it uh shoot nope that's not it either let me let me go here and try one thing before i give up on this uh just hang in there hanging there.

Hanging there i just think i figured it out uh i wonder why that's not showing up well i'm not gonna be able to do that i was gonna read you a review i'll just read your review without you guys being able to see it it's an awesome review uh and what they.

Were able to uh share is that there uh there are a couple things in the book any way you can which is my first book that i wrote um i've had a couple of uh reviews in the last week i just want to say thank you for those that have done that.

And um this this review came in for miss from mr canfield and he says there was nothing about this book i didn't like it was riveting i have done diets for my whole life and this book really helps me have hope uh about the way to the way to success dr bosworth wrote it.

Very well and i have shared this with other people so thank you for that any way you can was the first book that i wrote it is again um if you're new to keto if you're kind of saying i think this is a ridiculous diet that's a fad that's what i thought too start out.

Reading that book by chapter four you will have at least some insight to the things that i really have been profoundly impacted by the other thing i wanted to show is that there have been 60 reviews of the workbook as many of you know uh this past year has been filled with lots of grief.

From the um the implosion of my clinic while i was in hawaii lots of you joined my online class when i was in hawaii but what was happening in the background was i couldn't see patients so that um that mess unfolded and then i landed back from hawaii and the covid mess.

And six days later my dad died a few months later my mother died uh and in that process i was trying to write a book so i finally did push print on the book january i mean december 31 before midnight it was honestly i was that was a goal and i was.

Just bound at least to get that accomplished and then i thought it would take me no time at all before i would have the workbook out which was always intended to be used in congruent in conjunction with that other book and by golly it took me almost five months.

To get that workbook out but 60 of you have reviewed this and i'm going to use some of the book tonight as i share how i might help chris in some of the things that she should take a look at or maybe just have her doctor take a look at and the book was difficult to finish.

Because i wanted it to be i wanted it to be probably another 100 pages long but what is there is are the core processes and worksheets that i encourage my patients to use uh it's been it's been so well received locally the patients that come to my support group locally.

Which i will be starting here in florida i won't be starting a clinic for several months as i kind of get my bearings with me you have several things that need to be set up that take time but it's absolutely okay for me a licensed physician here in florida to offer a free support group uh where i.

Live which is what i've been doing in sioux falls i will continue to zoom into that one as often as i can but i'm looking forward to meeting floridians and and transitioning my identity i guess so i just want to say thank you for the people that have written those reviews on the workbook and i just wanted to.

Read one of them because it was the title is what got me it says uh i read consistently keto i excuse me i read consistently keto and learned so much uh i use i used to view keto as just a way to lose weight i didn't recognize the importance of consistently practicing.

It dr boz explained the long-term damage caused by high insulin and the resultant inflammation in a way that really got through to me now that the keto continuum workbook is out i am reading the book again while using it the worksheets and diagrams help me go in depth and understand.

How and why keto leads to health and happiness wow i just want to say thank you cindy that was very generous and again i think all the negative reviews from the keto continuum are because the workbook took a lot longer than i was planning on so we're going to talk today about somebody's brain who wasn't.

Working well she's had several setbacks in life and i can relate so let's get started back on chris's story if you're looking for a great way to say thank you i am all about um uh a um a book review please leave me a book.

Review on amazon i have a friendly little uh game that i'm playing with dr ken berry about who can have more book more book reviews uh he has lies my doctor told me and i have any way you can and i just would encourage you i texted him that he'll have to visit me no.

Longer in south dakota he'll have to come to tampa and he seemed a lot more excited about coming to visit so if you leave a book leave a review for either of us we are both physicians that stepped outside of the pack and said boy this just isn't getting our patients better lots more have followed.

On the the process of advising patients how to use today's wonderful advancements in health but not just to prescribe prescriptions but really to make them better and um i i like i'm i would do nothing but praise dr barry all right so here's a picture of chris before and after that hundred pounds.

Uh we are going to give uh just a little bit of uh background i'm gonna do a pretty thorough job of trying to tell her story um and the reason for that has a lot to do with it it isn't just her story that i want you to pay attention to many people have this story i am going.

To try to take some time in the story to do some educating and some of those have slides and some of those don't so you're just gonna have to be a little patient with some of those all right so chris is our patient chris is our our star for the week and uh before we introduce chris i want to.

Remind many of you have seen this you can google this if you type in body mass index chart i want to show her body mass index as she's telling her story as i try to tell her story and if you look at the the color zones uh green yellow green is healthy green is what we want.

Your body mass index to be and as much as people poo poo this i'll tell you there is still one very cheap and effective way to begin to predict insulin resistance and that is is your weight in that green zone uh as you'll see it's a range it's not.

One number um but as many people i've been using body mass index and i've you know been in the camp but uh i give up i can't i can't fight body mass index so many people push back against it um but as i was writing the book any way you can i looked into several very expensive ways to check.

Insulin resistance and by golly uh this uh body mass index is still one of the best most effective and uh the evidence based on how insulin works uh it's a great if you've never left the green zone but if you're in the world of humans especially in the advanced worlds of.

Packaged food many of us have drifted up into that yellow orange and even red zone so let's begin by focusing on what happens when you're five foot six which is what chris is so chris's uh five foot six height is what we're going to focus on you'll see at the top there that.

Um she uh was born in 1953 and we're just gonna guess she was born normal like all of us um but it wasn't uh it wasn't long before her insulin was very sensitive to putting on weight and she remarks that at the age of eight she was she said i was overweight then what.

Happens then is it is about two to three years before puberty uh this is not an uncommon finding as that uh that girl body turns into a woman's body those hormones play a very big role in how your fat cells uh speak to one another the.

Thumbnail the the first slide here that's a big blown up picture of a fat cell and whether a fat cell lets the fat out has much to do with hormones um as you look at different places where how much fat is stored in our body there's some easy ways to do it like body mass index and some calculations.

Those have errors and there's some advanced and more expensive but not terribly expensive ways to look at that through a dexa scan you can look at how that percentage of body fat and dexa scan so as we look at um her her eight-year-old little girl.

Um she says but by about uh high school uh around the age of 18 she was 30 pounds overweight so if i'm just guessing on numbers here that puts her just in that orange zone so out of the yellow zone what's happening inside her fat cells at that point is they begin to lock not only that they grow more in the.

Setting of insulin so these fat cells are going to be pretty stubborn they're going to need a very strict set of rules um they need to never visit florida while stressed out because your sugar will go up to 104 and she said you know there were several parts of uh the.

Her journey that um she was losing self-confidence she had um she was very active she loved sports uh she described herself as a tomboy but really found you know lots of pleasure in uh working hard and um she said when i was 30 pounds.

Overweight i felt like i was a hundred pounds overweight she looks back at the pictures now and realizes hey it wasn't that bad then what i mean i really isn't that bad then and uh she says i now realize i i wasn't that heavy by her second year.

In college she actually quit all the activities if a little bit more weight came on uh and um that's the one yeah um she said she was uh able to uh in her final year of college she said i found atkins and it sounded fine to her she hadn't really paid attention on.

How to lose weight nobody really advised her but 40 pounds down and she's like okay this feels better she got married and then she got pregnant which is where we bring back to focus those hormones her her baby grew fine and lovely but her baby grew.

In the setting of her being overweight and it's not to say that women should diet while pregnant but it is to say that gestating a baby in the setting of high insulin does increase their risk of diabetes increases the risk of obesity so she has baby and in that pregnancy gains a hundred pounds.

This doesn't do anything wonderful for her brain i many of you have seen the show enough that i've talked about postpartum depression postpartum depression has a lot to do with hormones and a lot to do with high insulin states uh that serotonin process cannot work very well when they're.

Uh postpartum one of the dangers of um a time after a baby after delivery is the dramatic flux and if it's a high insulin state the fat which is how you make the hormones to restore the body after pregnancy gets locked inside those fat cells so it doesn't get to flow turning into.

The hormones or being used alternately as hormones for her for nurturing her body back to health so again this is a 100 pound um weight gain during the pregnancy and then she hits the highest she uh her highest weight at 315 postpartum so not only does she have a beautiful.

Little baby boy that she's trying to take care of uh but she is struggling with her weight so in 1982 she says okay um honey meaning her husband i insist i am going to get gastric bypass i'm going to fix this problem i don't know how to do this she goes into the doctor and in 1982 you.

Had to be over at this body mass index in order to be considered for the surgery uh they've since continued to be very strict about that um but she's like i didn't care if it would kill me i was ready to lose the weight any way i can and she said that uh that weight loss.

Took about 10 months and she lost about between 110 115 pounds with gastric bypass if i would if i would be able to look inside her brain after that weight loss a very rapid weight loss we know that that happens um and although surgery stops them from eating for a few days that can kick them.

Into a state of ketosis unlocking those fat zones there is a huge amount of um metabolic shift that happens after a gastric bypass um that doesn't have a great promotion of improving her brain um she said she did start um she kept the weight off there you go.

Yeah we yeah that was her first hundred pound weight loss um she kept the weight off um through 1988 she recalls she's now 35 years old she's still around 200 pounds and finding that um it's difficult but she is able to maintain her weight um a few a couple years later another.

Very stressful thing happens in her life so it wasn't living in a hotel room in florida instead her she'd lost her job at this point she does a great mom thing and says i'm going to go back to school so she enters a four-year college for nursing uh and as much as the nursing was very.

Satisfying to her so was the weight gain so now back up to 255 pounds and i just want you to notice that body mass index is now back in the red zone so not only uh does insulin resistance start in the yellow zone it gets much deeper in that orange zone and even higher in that red.

Zone so in 1994 up to 255 pounds um and then by the end of the next two or three years again in nursing access to great health care but nobody's doing anything logical or anything close to keto anything about insulin resistance and how we know.

That we can hack that now but we didn't talk that way in 1997. so she's back up to 300 pounds she's only 44 years old and she's got this energetic boy uh which is the part that i think is the most endearing she goes uh she writes in and says uh as the weight crept up towards.

The 300 pound mark in the late 1990s my son and husband did all these fun things that i love to do they went backpacking and i stayed home we went swimming and i would sit on the sidelines i would ride my dirt bike with them but i began falling and then when uh the.

Tragedies started happening to her like falling she said i started another diet which is not uncommon um as she did that uh just keep in mind 1996 was another 300 pounds um by 1998 she said okay i um i think yeah 1998 she went through several surgeries again.

And i will tell you that this is not an uncommon finding for me when patients get sick enough that they go through something as traumatic as surgery they stop eating and it's not the way i would want you to fast i do not think that's a good idea but there is something about inducing.

That state of ketosis that i have found time and time again for those that have lost dramatic amounts of weight i do not recommend surgery as a way to begin weight loss every time your brain goes under anesthesia you you will sacrifice brain cells.

The way you restore those or possibly rekindle them is definitely based on the health before you enter uh the surgical room i had another patient uh that called me from south dakota saying here's my what the doctor's recommending what would you do dr boz and i'm like.

Sweetheart i would not be doing surgery anytime soon for you we have several known brain injuries and you're in this patient um and that's difficult because uh this the so the surgeries that chris was getting is because she had terrible soul shoulder surgery or shoulder pain.

Shoulder arthritis her hands had begun to hurt um and she then um throughout through those surgeries the fasting must have led to something and she got the weight off so that puts her in 19 or in the year 2000 over the next 10 years.

She steadily puts on that what i call the stable weight the weight that most patients put on as they age through their 40s and 50s it is close to seven pounds per year and that's only three bites of high carbohydrate food during a time when their body can't lose it their their chemistry is off.

I would think of chris's situation as having several brain injuries by now not just from the surgery but surgery during a time of high insulin and then just that severe depression during uh during the time when she had her son gastric bypass is also another risk for who are the patients that i really worry.

About when they come into the clinic and that is those who've had a gastric bypass it is very um there's there's some really important things they have to to worry about so what does she do as a nurse she totally is my kind of girl she walks into the storm she does the opposite of what everybody is saying she.

Should do but she has this little memory in the back of her mind saying well it worked i did this when i was you know in my young 20s that's how she probably got pregnant is she took that insulin down she ovulated she got pregnant um unfortunately the hormone flood was.

Pretty close to when she'd been insulin resistant so it turned into a pretty heavy weight gain when that insulin rose during pregnancy uh so she did atkins and she lost 100 pounds for the third time um it was uh aft at that point where uh the story gets a little um not a little bit.

More emotional quite emotional um but at this point she said she writes and says i was able to maintain uh in 2011 a pretty solid weight get this with a liquid diet coke diet not not the first time i've heard that either she said i felt good i felt strong i just needed my diet coke and that's really.

Where her nutrition came from this would have been a great time to measure some of my what i call biomarkers uh that are cheap and those are the ones you can do at your home uh we'll talk about those in a minute but definitely she fluctuated 20 pounds and by 2014 she was slowly.

Starting to gain again now up into that 215 range and by um by christmas of 2014 she gets some very very tragic news and again this is a an example of what happens when we have setbacks what happens when our community is is there to help but cannot possibly.

Understand the depth of the story uh she goes on the eve of 2014 our son called me and told me he was diagnosed with cancer and she she did what every mother would do she dropped everything canceled her life moved to where her son needed her i had a daughter-in-law and some.

Grandchildren and her son was only 35 years old at that time non-small cell cancer had metastasized lymph nodes were choking off the bottom of his esophagus um several complications happened throughout his story and it takes him.

Um months to get out of uh the hospital he ended up in a coma he had a tracheotomy he had these four beautiful daughters that now needed a dad but his dad was super sick so grandma showed up and said let me see what i can do but as you might imagine this was difficult so.

You know there's a daughter-in-law involved that daughter-in-law is going through the grieving of her her husband she's about to be a widow if things didn't change and um you know finding the journey and all that was was very difficult by by the end of the year the cancer had.

Returned and it was one year after the diagnosis that in on january 10th that her son died and i had a picture of that uh i think it's going to be in a couple of slides um of her son beautiful son and like any mother she was heartbroken she said i started drinking.

And eating my way out of my depression i couldn't find any comfort the only thing that had ever really comforted her had been food and the grief left her with the saddest heart i can barely say this story without crying imagining what it would be like to to have that story and i've had plenty.

Of them run through my clinic going going through the the tragic stages so she says by the end of um 2019 she just barely was starting to feel like she could wake up again and she and then of course covet hit she she saw her doctor about the time kovit.

Was unfolding march of 2020 and she was back up to nearly 300 pounds she's now 67. so this changed the the equation at 67 she said okay she had some success with weight loss by september of that year she had lost 30 or 40 pounds but nothing.

She said i described my health as horrible and i can't even begin to explain what that must have felt like knowing that her story has an ending we'll get to in just a minute um i am going to there we go i am going to go to.

Um a couple of all right so what i i wanted to share with you um that i did not put in the slides is that she wrote in for some of her labs uh her her um her weight loss over the course of 2020 started with uh trying to figure out how to do atkins.

Again and somehow she came across uh the youtube uh information she uh dove into the course she dove into finding herself a community and has really been working through her uh her journey that that beautiful picture of her is at her current weight which.

Is i don't want to get this wrong she's down again over a hundred pounds and i don't want to tell it wrong uh i'll i'll i'll find that way if she is here you she can if you feel if she would just give me an assist by saying what was the weight i have all the other stats that i was.

Hoping to talk about so as she was watching the channel she tuned in on a sunday night and she texted me a question and i answered it live she describes that she had gone through several times where she'd lost weight she had a gastric bypass oh she says oh there she is yay chris uh she's down to 169 pounds this is.

The lowest her weight has been since i think college was the the part i remember uh in may of this past year she had some labs checked but before may she had written in this was december of this of 2020 she'd only been on the the keto diet.

Several months but had lost a significant amount of weight and she was stalled so i've written over the last few weeks with some of the heroes warning one hero what to do about a stall warning another hero what to do now that she's uh at a pretty stable weight and in this situation i i thought it.

Would be great to kind of play on this uh this trifecta one that i'm about is about to hit a stall one that was stalled and at her ideal weight and one who says by golly i have lost this hundred pounds three times uh four times now how do i not gain it back and in fact i still have some.

Weight to go i would recommend with just looking at her body mass index uh so the first thing i told her to do was take a guess she had never fasted so she had gotten to the point when the keto continuum where she was able to restrict uh eating an eating window somewhere in.

The um sometimes it was one hour sometimes four hours and had found great relief but said i'm stalled and the reason i was i put so much energy into showing that time that uh line of body mass index is i really want you imagining.

If you've had a struggle with weight i had a struggle where the weight has come on and it sticks it isn't just a calorie component we could go into calories that's that's not something i like to talk about um to any of my patients until they're either very advanced or we're really working for something.

Like anti-seizure or one of the cancer protocols instead in a case like chris's where she's lost multiple weights she had dropped i think it was 60 pounds at christmas time and was able to then say now what and then i say the f word i tell her honey you need to fast and.

The reason she needed to fast was because her fat cells were definitely linked to the resistance of insulin how do i know that because of those years spent with that high level of body mass index and there's a whole bunch of things i could do to test uh and see exactly but none of them are.

Going to do any they're not going to change the advice the next advice was your fat cells need a break from any insulin and the lower that insulin gets the better you will do um her hemoglobin a1c was something that she had checked in the past and had been higher than it should be it was in may.

Of this past year so now she she hears about the fasting i probably grieved a little bit saying oh my goodness i don't want to do this uh and then she succeeded though she said i did four 36-hour fasts we do that as as a teaching skill uh 36 hours really is only one day.

And if you can read that book go read the read the workbook i really want them practicing that skill it doesn't take long before that 36 hour becomes a 48 hour and for people who've never fasted they say oh my gosh i can't do it i can't do it and i'm like just uh don't say that you.

Come from thousands of years of evolution and that isn't it just isn't true you can fast you just can't chris couldn't have fasted the first day that she came out of that grief chris couldn't have fasted the first day she came out of postpartum depression she needed to raise the hormones within.

Her body they needed to circulate they needed to not get siphoned right into a fat cell and how does that happen she had to first lower the insulin that lowered insulin came from dropping the carbs to 20 or less per day don't look at anything else just stick to those carbs.

Once that body starts to keto adapt that means something it's not just a a fancy fake word that says oh i'm at a different level it means that the hormones if i would inject estrogen into her blood they wouldn't be all rushed into a fat cell they would actually get to stay present.

If i would give a man testosterone and then check it if there have high insulin that we keep upping the insulin and upping the insulin i mean excuse me we keep upping the testosterone upping the testosterone why because the insulin is fighting us it is putting that fat soluble.

Hormone into uh into storage into the fat cells not allowing them to impact their brain and their their endocrine system the way they should so chris bravely did four 36-hour fasts and then she did four 48-hour fast and then comes the best part.

She then started doing 72 hour fasting and she said i've only missed two or three weeks of fasting usually i make it to 72 hours sometimes i don't quite make it there but the process of uh gaining that skill really what she was biohacking what she was learning is a skill that she should have had someone.

Hold her by the hand and teach her long ago which is to conquer this journey of food addiction i will i would never ask somebody who is uh in the throes of an alcoholic rage to suddenly give up alcohol and say you're going to be perfect tomorrow i would get them in a community of.

People who have also learned how to handle this struggle just like chris's journey has had several setbacks and has had the most tragic thing a mother could do is lose a child that deep depth of her sadness turned into something very important that we work on on the dr baz channel which is finding her why.

And her why is those four beautiful grandkids that she knows that there were years that she did not get to to be her best version of herself because she was too heavy because her arthritis was flared because that inflammation that is definitely fueled by high insulin could not be addressed could not be.

Reduced no i can give you steroids i can make you feel better for 48 hours but i can't do anything close to what your endocrine system can do in uh in a situation for somebody who has chronic inflammatory disease uh so uh we're going to do one more.

Thing i'm not going to say these numbers out loud and then we're going to go to the workbook really quick where i hope she has uh i'm going to need somebody to get their calculator out so if you can help me um so some things that she uh talked about is in may she had these labs labs done now.

She's been fasting every week since christmas that's five and a half maybe six months of fasting by this point and she says i measured my vitamin d it was over 80 that's beautiful that's so good for her brain that is such a measurement of health for somebody who's had mental health.

Struggles who's been in a depth uh a season of grieving she had a hemoglobin a1c of 5.1 we're going to see a graph of that in just a minute her ferritin was over a it was like 170. uh her ldl cholesterol was 72 her hdl cholesterol was 61 and her triglycerides were 97.

Um let's go over to uh look at her uh yes this is what i wanted so if you look at this uh this is oh that's not what i wanted let's try that again um let's see i wonder if i can do it this way hmm well like i clearly see what i did see how that blue part is missing there.

That's the part that knots isn't supposed to be missing that's okay we'll just do it this way um all right so if you look and this is one of the workbook one of the sheets in the workbook that um i i i ask people to look at it is in the first part of the workbook where.

I want them looking at some things that they can get on their own uh and those include see if i can make that bigger yeah they include blood pressure that body mass index i would highly recommend checking your morning fasting glucose there are lots of ways that can go wrong but there are also some really important.

Things to measure throughout that again you don't need to see a doctor for any of you so far next circumference thin that thumb shin print we talked about that last week um and then it gets into some of these so a hemoglobin a1c i would love it less than five the lower the a1c the better.

Just because it's less than five doesn't give you the perfect ban badge of health but the lower the better you'll get over to uh our omega-3 fats our trans fats index we haven't talked about that in a few um in a few sessions vitamin d we've talked about a lot recently we definitely want that to stay above 50.

My northern friends in south dakota this is a really big deal the higher north you live checking your own and not fighting with your doctor to get them to measure it but i'm going to point out something here called uric acid uric acid is also um a really powerful way that we look at um.

How the debris is being recycled in your system uric acid has uh it is not is usually used to diagnose scalp we're going to review that in just a second i'm going to check mine live after such a naughty week because i can using that for a care this has come out with several of the testing.

Kits i again really like the strips that come through the four care process because they're not temperature sensitive temp uh uric acid is something that if you don't have gout your doctor probably can't order it without you paying cash for it.

So getting a test trip and measuring at point of care is still probably the cheapest way to do it i think for like 10 strips it's like 30 or something so it's not terribly expensive but it is it is really important for chris to look at this because of her years of being overweight.

And it's going to give me some insight into uh into autophagy so we'll circle back to that just a second the last thing i want somebody to help me with is if you could take her triglycerides which were 97 and divide that by her hdl which is 61. we want that number to be less than 1.5.

Uh and i believe it is so if somebody wants to do that for me i i know better than to do long division on live live streaming um but i'm pretty confident that her number is is is very good uh this is actually my favorite thing to put into a lipid panel uh people get this done.

All the time they can go back it's probably in your chart um and just do the calculation when that triglyceride hdl ratio is this good um i am super excited to see that she has lowered her insulin that uh it is continuing to improve and the longer we can help her with that the better.

All right so i want to go back over now to the uh slide deck let's see here so getting back to chris uh we are going to show just a couple of things about uric acid so again uric acid is the measurement of what uh of breakdown within our body uh most people think of it as gout and.

It is a it is really um so yes somebody just did the calculation really quick triglycerides divided by hdl is 1.59 so she is right there on the edge of what i would call ideal for her body it isn't um it isn't a difficult calculation anybody can do this looking at their own lipid panel.

But those are the two numbers where i really they are really insulin sensitive so as they have normalized you're going to find um the the process a lot better let's see let's go to all right so as we look at this too i want to point out that her.

5.1 uh hemoglobin a1c is an average sugar just around 100. um that really does change when people get their a1c checked i like to think of the a1cs that if they get it below 4.5 they are reversing age and if it's between 5 5.5 or 6 they are um they're aging faster the.

Higher that goes on the scale the quicker it fasts the quicker they age looking at where uric acid usually shows up is be is in a is in a joint but it is in your system your body is constantly getting rid of the extra nitrogen in your system it does that through uh through uric.

Acid when you eat meat people say oh if you have gout you can't eat meat that's just not true now what we really want to do with a uric acid transition somebody with high uric acid is we want to lower their insulin but what we can do in chris's case is she can measure her uric acid.

And it can be a predictor of really how well her system is um is progressing this is that picture of her son look at that smiling boy i have a son with red hair as well so as i listen to her story i also love that their t-shirts say that it's their last name and then.

The word tough so their hood tough and this is when their son was fighting cancer doing their best to be the kind of parents that said you know what we will drop everything we will be there and now chris is finding a way to do that for her grandkids um the medical conditions that show up.

With uric acid are high blood pressure renal insufficiency heart failure um they have a severe tissue hypoxia the peripheral disorders associated with increased cell turnover that's really what i'm looking at when when we look at uric acid we know that it does mean the cells are turning.

Over much too quickly um there is a couple of other places where uric acid in the blood uh changes uh you'll see the lab test say that anything below 6.8 is normal i i actually would not agree with that i would want it below five um so i'm.

Gonna check mine today and be a little vulnerable for all of you and see what um see if i reach my personal goal let's see here i think um let's go to the next uh actually i'll go over here um we're gonna get that out and i will check it while i do that i would love to.

Start answering some of the questions uh and for those of you i think you can see that um that uh um chris is on on tonight so thank you for joining us i'm just going to show this is what the uric acid test strips look like for four cara can i get it in the light without.

Using it there we go anyway uric acid that's what they are so just like what you do with ketones you you put in the little uh calibrator and um the calibration of your uric acid is um or the calibration of your machine happens when you get your test strips and then you can.

Check it just like you would check a glucose so i'm going to look um uh put this in my my little fork here thing and you can kind of see that it's just gonna set i'm gonna also take time to prick my finger um and there you go so yes uric acid um is something that when i teach patients.

About this especially point of care you cannot be in a long-term fast when you measure this the long-term fasting i think of this as increased cell turnover because autophagy is happening we look at that dr boz ratio as you fast and as the doctor boss ratio gets lower that is a way to lower your insulin that.

Lowering of your insulin becomes a um becomes a measurement ah can you see that uh can i see there you go um the lowering of your insulin becomes a way to that will impact your doctor boss ratio so there you go 4.0 so there are a few things i'm doing right so.

Again uh check i checked it last week it was closer to five which i didn't like seeing the other three times i checked it it was around four four point two four point five uh anything under five gets a gets an a you get an a plus if you get it under four point five.

Uh so how would my uric acid be this low this is a sign that um well i'm probably not turning over any cells right now i'm not an autophagy my sugar is over a hundred um but i have been i've been fasting for the better part of four years each week follow me on instagram to see what my numbers are you'll notice there was an.

Absence of numbers last week because i didn't i did get 36 hours in a couple of times but if i was fasting you wouldn't want to test that uric acid more than 12 hours after that last meal i mean maybe 13 hours you could still check it one of the reasons why is that as your.

Body especially a keto adapted body gets into those extended fasts which are longer than 24 hours close to 36 hours it is recycling protein that recycled protein ends up in the in the circulation that part of that is the uric acid that nitrogen turnover that uric acid is part of that when you get people who have fasted.

A week you can see them skyrocket their uric acid it is not giving them gout uh gout happens when uric acid goes into the the joint because it's so supersaturated in the body to get it out of the body to get it reversed from the body uh the process is um.

Is is best done in autophagy autophagy again is something we cannot measure we can only estimate so one of the things i look at for autophagy is as i was as i do longer fasts and i check my uric acid at the end of it i can see it go up now it doesn't spike but i had a 72 hour.

Fast probably four weeks ago now when i was really experimenting with uric acid and it went way up like i think it was eight or seven and seven point two or something and i'm like oh my gosh that's totally uh that's a response of my body turning over that.

Those cellular debris that protein that's not being used that's what autophagy does that's what i'm trying to do while fasting so i think of your uric acid as uh the one of the ways to measure how well your body is processing that uh processing that the debris in your system so as it is.

Exiting as it is being used it will rise in your blood now do not go to your doctor and if you're my patient don't come to me and say oh but doc um i really want to have you measure my uric acid your insurance will not cover uric acid um unless you have gout it just will not cover uric acid.

Unless you have gout and i'm not uh afraid of that i don't uh i would do it but you're gonna end up paying for it and if you have point of care it's it's way more fun to check when you're you're in a normal state like you're not fasting i mean you woke up in the morning you checked it i have not.

Fasted all day you don't need to be fasting for uric acid um you can check it in the middle of the day is what i'm saying it's probably best to check it first thing in the morning but i don't do the show then so i wanted to check it live with you and the process of improving your uric.

Acid over time is what i would want chris to take a look at i would also encourage her to continue to measure her hemoglobin a1c and i would also push her to make sure that that vitamin d is checked let's go back to those slides really quick i was going to look for a.

Question so keep your questions we're going to get to them uh i started a little late so i'm going to go over the top of the hour let's see if we can see and we have books to give away oh yes we have books to give away don't let me forget don't let me forget all right so here's the here's the punch line that i was.

Trying to get at there is that uh uric acid um is uh as it exits the blood it as it as insulin decreases uh so does your uric acid the one caveat is extended fasting will raise it it is a it is one of the ways i measure personally my my.

Autophagy during a fast is how well i can boost my uric acid how well am i cleaning out the debris within my system um and uh we we've said several times that having the process of um looking let's just go back over here for just a second uh having the process of looking at uric acid.

In real time and looking at it in your life is been something that wasn't available until just recently again four care is one of the companies that has a uric acid point of care test i i don't want to buy another system i actually really like their strips so.

If you're looking for that i'll have my assistant put the link maybe i can do that actually into the uric acid link i don't know if i have that available oh here we go so there are a couple of let's see if i can do that into the into the chats ah it worked okay i think it worked.

So um i will um i will look at um a couple of uh the gastritis question is the one i keep seeing uh pop up boy is it hot here in florida i'm sweating um all right all right so let me actually go and finish giving away the books and then i.

Will come back and do a quick um answer of questions uh okay i thought i'd be able to find a good question there right away i saw it earlier and i can't find it right now i'm so sorry um i gotta learn to talk less about the people that write in so i have more time for your questions.

Again this is a learning curve i continue to humbly say thank you for showing up on sunday nights we are going to give away some books here and um i will come back and see if i can find that question but i won't make the rest of you wait for that so let me go to uh the keynote over here.

Because that's how i don't mess up the um the advancement of uh giving you those free books uh for those of you that have uh not heard from michelle recently michelle was the the star the talent of our american tradition that was our documentary and as i said earlier we've really been.

Working on improving the our uh storytelling inside the dr baz channel that's really taken the volume of videos down that we're putting out right now know that we're working on that it is a process it's a new learning curve for me and did i mention i'm moving so it's.

Been a little unst unstable i am the rate limiting factor right now i have a great team around me who's trying michelle is one of those who has been helping on the team really organizing our playlist i don't know if you've seen the dr buzz channel where we used to just have three major.

Like 80 80 videos in a playlist and michelle has really organized them into playlists that are just two or three videos that kind of have the same theme or have the same topic so we really hope that you as audience members have um have maybe noticed that or maybe.

Taken advantage of that but it makes it easier for you guys to find things and find other videos that we have out there that are similar topics and then know that we have some awesome stuff coming up i wish i could just magically make those videos happen but i i can't and my poor team continues to miss me so following.

Michelle she is just back from vacation so i think she is uh has learned a lot about falling off the wagon and figuring out how to get back on it um the one thing i didn't mention to chris is following her vitamin d over time because of her age i can tell you that.

She is right on the edge of medicare and that process of being reimbursed for checking your vitamin d by your insurance or by medicare is limited like once a year once every other year if it's normal and i've tried every way possible to figure out how to get that to be.

Better it's not possible i swear to god it's not possible but you can measure it on your own at the dr baz channel you can go to our shop and find the kit i have been very mindful about putting two tests per kit there i not only want you to.

Check yours now but uh i really um i really like that patients follow up uh as chris gets past this massive weight loss uh any vitamin d that was stored in her body has now it's it's free it gets out of the fat storage.

But if the supply coming in is minimal if it's not adequate if she doesn't get enough sun uh all of those will play into whether or not her vitamin d stays normal with a history of mental health struggles i would highly encourage her to check her own my kids are headed off to college uh.

Two of the boys are headed off to college my my youngest son is here in tampa and is going to find um going to find a lot of stress coming his way i have made it my goal to make sure every one of my kids has normal vitamin d starting out the school year uh you'll you'll have a heck of a time.

Getting physicians to order this if you pay for cash through the doctors when you come to my office and you pay for a med lab to do it it's at least eighty dollars per test that doesn't include the lab draw that happens with patients so i have found the point of care test for vitamin d to be like the coolest thing.

Ever um i do also remind people that last week i showed you my favorite toothpaste there's a few more of these left apparently i messed up and didn't give you the right link two weeks ago so i'm just reminding you that i.

Asked you to try again um i can have my assistant copy and paste that link for that toothpaste there for you um i told them to send me a um 12 of them because they're stopping making them and it's the paste i use when i fast so i don't want to have to find that again.

All right so here are is the the here is the giveaway um and then i'm going to answer a few questions because i can see the good ones i see right where they are i will not lose that place okay so here's what this is if you go to uh you can find these promo codes we'll give you a free.

Version of this audiobook this is my way of rewarding you for showing up on sunday nights you have to type in that website that's on the the on the video right now and that gb stands for global market or outside of the united states and the u.s market they each have.

Separate codes so if you're from america and you're watching this and you type in this number it's not going to work the next number will work so i will share what that number is if you're in the global market a9 sh nfx3 d b g a s that is the code that gets you a.

Free copy of the audio audible book any way you can if you live outside the united states this is my favorite if you've not had any exposure to keto if this is your first time with the dr boz live show uh this is as good as it gets from a hotel room i'm just super happy you can hear.

And see me and most of the slides worked um the u.s market you know you're going to need to use this code l b w h p 6 z t y g 5 r k so again those will get you the free book for any way you can um and i have.

Uh the keto continuum coming up next uh so same thing global market is going to get you one version and the u.s market is obviously in the united states so global people maq 3 y d r 8 k c k q and then f and for those of you typing in the chat that's not how it works you.

Got to go to that website you got to type in or if you're in the united states audible co dot uk forward slash ack promo so i put it at the beginning of the show and then i give it to you again at the end and it's the same link every week so just keep showing up i try to give away.

Four books every week two of any way you can one for us one outside the us and two of keto continuum i really appreciate you guys showing up to the show and these are the easiest ones to give away live because you've got to show up live and you got to be the first one to type this in so here we go.

Ready set q y l t x p 9 7 d m n h r and if you do get the book i love it when you share that you got the book um i i like giving those away i appreciate those of you um i'll tell you running a medical clinic has been something i've practiced.

For a long time running a youtube show is uh is different i'm working on it uh that's not what i wanted that to be i want that chat to come back over this way so i can see it um and we are going to go this way to get to the chats and i'm going to read.

These questions out loud so for those of you that want to ask a question you typed it in a little bit ago i'm going to scroll back and find it and read it out loud here um okay so there was a couple of them let's see i like the one the happy camper who says can you get weight control pills.

Okay so my weight control pills are bhb pills honestly you don't have to make ketones you can swallow them that is not uh that's not good that's not gonna work forever but when i am struggling and i'm looking for the best answer um i was a you know.

Having ketones in a can having ketones in a capsule they do work when we are trying to help seizure kids be compliant type one diabetics that are kids um cancer patients hit a certain protocol using exogenous ketones or ketones that you swallow there is a ton of research behind that.

And i was unaware of that when i first started the keto diet i was kind of like you could just fast and get your ketones up and i could fast and get my ketones up but right now i'm living in a hotel room with two teenagers and a husband and i like being married so i'm not gonna fast for more than 36 hours.

But i will try to keep you posted on that so i love that the weight control pills go to they i do sell ketones and a capsule there and um the the key about ketones in a capsule is there's no stevia in them i my husband's allergic to that so that's the only ones he can have.

And if you like the ones that taste better which is what i like there is stevia in them some of my patients with insulin resistance do see their sugars stay elevated more than they would have if they don't use stevia so it takes a lot of pills to get the effect though so be sure to measure.

Most sunday nights i'm measuring okay so i have a great question here dory says when will you start your new group in florida as soon as i'm not living in a hotel again i am new to a community so i am looking for a place uh to uh just to find my feet it's really been stressful i'm super.

Excited i had a show this week uh i prepared for it in the last three hours and i just really want to ask chris for forgiveness if i said anything wrong or it wasn't quite right um i've read about her story several weeks ago and have been thinking about her and praying for her uh especially for the grieving of her.

Son and really wanted to honor what it looks like to struggle and to keep going and i know what that feels like to have seasons in life where it's just not easy but as i'm here in florida i uh i i will look for a community of of people like right now it looks like i'm gonna live in one.

Place and work in one place so maybe i'll have two groups one close to my home and one close to the office i did get an office so that was easy but dang um yeah it's uh so when will i be getting uh um and the next question somebody asked me is will i be setting up a practice in tampa.

I will never not see patients i think god has called me to do this it is part of what i love doing uh i however the last time i set up a medical clinic i was closer to 35 years old now i'm i turn 50 this year and i am going to be very wise about setting up a medical clinic and that is i need to not push until i get a few.

Things under control in my life which is a teenage boy at 15 who needs a mom participating in his school being the kind of mom who shows up and doesn't have a huge um a huge disconnect between uh what i what i want to do and what he needs me to do right now so much like.

What i think chris did which was at a time when her son needed needed a mom also made me cry she sacrificed everything and i had a mom like that i had a mom who would stop everything and say i'm here for you my biggest fan and i miss her dearly and as i transition to a new community i really.

I know that the the groups i do are for free um it is a place where i get to practice medicine not practicing medicine i get to be in relationship with people i really do believe that you don't need a doctor for a keto diet that's part of why i do all this stuff for free.

I write a book that says just follow the workbook it's the secrets are in the book i write a story about a pretty normal guy who is struggling and then i give you the workbook that i made him do and i i praise god for his courage to say yes when i said can i tell your story.

And use your struggles to help other people and he said yes um so as i look at when i will set up a practice in um in florida i'm licensed as a physician here but there's a whole bunch of stuff that goes along with setting up a clinic including i got to have a staff i got a.

Train of staff and right now i can't even get the videos on youtube out as fast as i want to so i just have some steps in front of me um and i appreciate you asking that though uh so let's see and then i don't i haven't i'm a new.

Person in a medical community um i really want to get to know who else is in my community i don't like being um in isolation i'm an extrovert i love people so um my son's school is in tampa it's like near the airport.

And he is super excited and i'm super excited and my office will be near where his school is but um i i don't i don't know we have we don't have a house to rent yet so we are trying to figure that out so i appreciate those of you that are praying for me i appreciate those of you that stuck around to the end of this show.

Because we are 15 minutes over and you know i was late so uh god bless you and i will uh continue to show up on sunday nights improving your health one ketone at a time and uh again if you did get that book if you get the uh uh audiobooks i love seeing who gets uh those in uh.

Who who got the code that made it work so all right i'm gonna sign off that's enough of me talking um hold on here let's see oh here we go okay this is for real this is the part of me turning off the live this time next week everybody.

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