Discipline Required, but it’s time to do this.  Part 5

Discipline Required, but it’s time to do this. Part 5

Discipline Required, but it’s time to do this. Part 5

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It is tuesday night welcome to the lives we are so excited that you're able to join us if you're looking to get questions answered this is the time and place to do it so we're glad those of you tuning in we've been in a series about rebooting those of you that have either been keto.

And kind of gotten a little lacks about it or those of you trying again and so from the beginning of the year we started with how to start and then the second week we got a little bit personal on the price we pay for keto not just the cost of the food but really what does it do to our.

Health the third week we talked about satiety and how important it is to not rush keto and really let that chemistry of a fatty diet help you replenish some of those hormones and work for you we took a little pause last week and did some setbacks because we had a few emails that came in saying i'm struggling and so we answered some of.

Those questions and today we are doing um one of my favorites really where we get to the part about keto that is it's a little more doctory it's a little more sciencey so it's past the easy part it's really getting into the strategy of what i like to think of the art and science of medicine where we take what.

The chemistry books say and then we involve the human element of what's reasonable and then we if you're on my team you involve a little bit of spirituality so i hope you'll you'll gonna want to stick around to see what it is i think you have to do at this stage really to succeed and then we've got some great updates for the week but.

First we have some things we do as a tradition on this show and that is i'm going to reveal my personal numbers again if you're new to the ketogenic diet i don't think you need to check blood numbers at the beginning but boy it does help when you get to this stage that we're at.

We're going to talk about tonight and i um i'm going to have less than perfect numbers tonight last week i had really good numbers i had a really strong fast i was preparing for a a weekend away from kids with hubby and we went to billy joel and i started my fast on sunday and.

Got home last night when husband had made supper and i just didn't have the heart to say oh i'm fasting when he went he made a really nice supper he did um one of his traditions which is shake and bake pork chops so my glucose is 80 my ketones are 1.7 it's actually higher.

Than i thought they would be i've fasted since last night and i did a pretty good 36 hour before that meal but i've had some stress i've had a really big setback about one hour before the show and so i'm pouty and trying to not feel sorry for myself um but it totally delays me seeing patients.

Here in tampa which is just i want to kick something or just be pouty um so i thought the stress would do a little bit more to my numbers we're going to check it at the end of the show in the meantime i am going to drink some ketones and the reason i do this isn't.

Just to drink ketones in front of you and show you some numbers which is a little stressful last week i had such high ketone numbers i'm like i don't think a supplement can increase the numbers which is the point you have some really good science that you can do when your metabolism is really strong and indeed it didn't increase my numbers but.

We'll see what it does tonight the reason i do it is that you should be checking numbers uh and following the science along with this diet it really isn't just a whimsical uh happy land down how do we make people feel better i'm really looking at the science of improving your heart and lungs and brain and function and that.

Means you do have to track some numbers um i want to do a good shout out for those of you that have joined me um my music is still playing sorry it's a great song though those of you that have joined me for my support group here in tampa this was.

Week number four or five it's week number five same number as our reboot um and i've just been so thankful for those people that are coming out early on a tuesday morning the the our meetings start here at eight o'clock on armenia avenue uh north armania avenue and we meet at the bowling alley.

Called pin chasers here at 4809 north armenia and if you're looking for a support group it's free but it's from eight to nine on a tuesday mornings and if you're want some questions answered but you really want to find a group of people that are struggling together i'm in that bus too and i've just been very thankful for.

Learning who's in my community and how they're um how they're advancing through their uh struggles and that what what it means to be part of a community that's encouraging and giving you examples of well i'm doing better than that which is really.

Part of it saying there's comparisons of i haven't gotten as far as the next person but i'm i've i've gotten through that lesson and here's how i did it and sharing that is really i think of it as the benefits of a one-room schoolhouse which is so old-fashioned uh but there is a benefit of seeing someone else learn something and know that you're not.

There yet and at the same time turn around say oh look i've i did learn that skill and here's how i did it and i think that sense of sharing happens in a support group and whether the the issue you're trying to get over is you know a hurt a hang up hiccup or you know sex drugs rock and roll we're.

Trying to work on carbs and how do we progress on the ketogenic diet and i've had a lot of you write in asking if i'll zoom that meeting i used to zoom the one in sioux falls and i just really want to get to know the community here so i i think it's really a distraction when we start adding zoom to those meetings that i.

Can't be as attentive and present for the ones that show up and i i really am so thankful that they've shown up for five weeks in a row some of them again driving two hours to come to this support meeting so thank you all right i am going to hop over to uh.

This one yeah so there's a couple things i want to review um sometimes i have uh things happen in my week that i can't share the whole story but it really is a privilege to to be trusted with people's health in medicine you can get you can kind of grow um calloused to that that you forget.

These people come to you with their very private concerns and you do this long enough and sometimes you're like okay did you make a difference um but there are times in life where you get to help somebody that you didn't you didn't expect the friendship to be as as rewarding as it's been so.

The place i'm at right now clicking around is bazmd.com and i clicked on that online course uh under brains from trauma to repair there's a button called review and there's a review that came up in the last few hours that i want um i just want to read because i think it really is a.

It's it's super helpful for me to watch what happens when when we look at the uh changes that you help other people learn uh and this is one of those where i just i find it not just fascinating how much somebody.

You think knows a ton of the things that i've been teaching for years and then they formally went through this online course and um anyway let me just read what he says so i feel this is the this is a review of the.

Brain course that i used to teach for department of defense and i put into an online course put it on my website and i do not expect newbies to do this i expect people who've really been seasoned in what i teach and this guy i thought knew knew a lot of what i taught and sometimes you just forget that the.

Formal process of learning it does something i feel so i feel more self-empowered to fix the damage i've done to my brain than ever before i knew all along that some of my life choices and habits were negatively impacting my life i didn't realize how much impact they were making with this newfound knowledge i feel more.

Capable of facing the hard times that that come with removing those habits and dealing with the hardship that come as i face life a life of sobriety i know it won't be easy but it will be more manageable knowing that there is hope for my brain to repair the damage i've done i also now have children in my life and.

I feel i owe it to them to give them a better chance of of success in life than i gave myself it just almost makes me emotional i wish more people knew the truth about some of the socially acceptable pastimes that are damaging our brains he goes on to thank me for his uh for the information he learned and i just.

Really uh it's one of those moments where someone you expect to know the information as he took that course i just didn't think it would make that big of a difference to him and i i just want to say thanks for writing the review and i i'm i'm touched by how much it meant to him.

Uh another thing i do at the traditions are i have said many times on here so if you're tired of hearing this you can skip ahead but i still love uh this morning somebody was asking me what they could do for the support group because i said no it's free i mean you don't want any money i'm like no it's free well what can i do to help you i'm like write.

A book review that's really important so this book review was written last week i think we're up to i just wanted to check the number i want to get to 3 000 book reviews and we're at 2939 it's the book any way you can that i wrote uh and it's about my favorite patient that was super stubborn but.

Definitely changed the course of my career uh yeah yeah i i can't find myself there there you go uh and pamela writes in and i just thought this was a great review again the best way to say thank you is to write a book review i'm an independent author and these book reviews are crazy important uh so she has a little.

Photograph there i don't know if you can see it of the book and she goes we bought the book both paperback and audible my first read was last year when my husband went keto he started in the beginning of covid as he was overweight and knew this put him at a higher risk he lost 70 pounds in one ear.

Now i'm joining this lifestyle i reread the book along with the audible dr boz whines us through her and grandma rose's discovery of ketones and how to begin and stay peeing ketones so happy that they discovered a way of life that gave grandma rose time and more a more vibrant life i am now in my first week and used this knowledge to help me.

I even tried afloat therapy which we talked about last week and when i started with leg cramps at night she went to the float therapy thank you i am now moving on to reading keto continuum thank you thank you thank you for the entire uh truth of your journey and your moms.

Um and i think i really oh no i didn't read this one last week this was another one uh by by leah and she says we have purchased and oh no i did really read this one last week sorry the the any way you can is my favorite one to look at it's it's the one i have.

The goals to um it's just another way that i celebrate my mom is by looking at those reviews so thank you for those that did that um so this book uh is the is the more advanced science about how i use keto in my clinic and eric wrote in.

On the 27th and said i started my keto journey last august type 2 diabetes and was diagnosed a couple of years ago when i started i had no idea what i was doing i found dr baz on youtube and started watching her videos i needed to get to my next step and i stalled it couldn't i couldn't get my morning.

Numbers where they needed to be and didn't understand why so i read the book yes the secrets are all in the book uh i totally relate to david i know now what needs to be done what a great teacher and storyteller i feel i need to read the other book about grammar rose yes you do thank you for what you're doing and helping so many again i really.

Appreciate the book reviews i know that um it seems silly and when people said that's it that's what you want i'm like yes that's what i want all right so we've got the dr bob's ratio taken care of thank you for those that um uh have put in the numbers and again i i.

Love seeing where you guys are from so thank you for doing that uh right before the show started one of the gals who usually comes to the support group in the morning her name is millie she said hi i missed group this morning and i just want to say millie that i totally uh had a great story that i was gonna tell about you this morning so i'll wait.

Till next week we'll see you at support group next week um all right so we're going to get to uh this step in the keto in your keto journey which happens around that first month so i've been trying to time some of these uh lectures uh or these uh check-ins with what usually happens with people on a ketogenic journey now.

They're not perfectly timed because lots of folks are at different stages and that first section of keto really does go a lot faster when you're rebooting if it's the first time that you've ever um uh done keto then you're probably right on track for that keto continue number four um and maybe not ready for keto.

Continue number five but i wanna show you um what what really happens in um folks that get to this section where they're usually eating about two meals a day and then uh they think oh this has been so easy and by that time they are peeing ketones we're two meals a day they've missed a meal there's a lot of checkpoints that get them to that two.

Meals a day and then if they don't read they get stuck so i'm gonna give you some hints about uh what what that really means what i'm talking about so let's okay so this keto continuum is what i was talking about thank you for giving me a little bit of forgiveness there um.

As i see that i have to fix that for next week all right so keto continuum this is this process that i didn't just kind of pull out of my hat keto continuum is what i use in my clinic to get people not just through that little bitty part of keto but.

Really the process of improving ketones for life really in reversing some of those medical problems and finding a consistent pattern of health that definitely correlates to to some behaviors of some successful patients so i had somebody say this is just this brilliant idea you are so.

Great for writing this down and i had to giggle because i'm like well i just wrote down what the successful patients were doing and put it in a plot so again i really thank you for the people who have come back uh to the clinic over and over again enough to say all right you did this and then this and then i think you did this and i would i.

Would go through the keto continuum with them and of course teaching that isn't just um a um a moment of sharing someone's life but the compilation of patients stories successes and failures that get them to.

A consistently a consistent life of keto of course the first patients um were was the first patient was my mother and for any of the those of you that did read the book you know that she was in a pickle she did not have time for any forgiveness i needed to do a lot of things right.

Um and thankfully most things went right during that story uh and the rest of them i told you about in the book so all right i want you to point out i want you to see something that i i think people um that study this but maybe i'm the only one that studies this um have noticed in the keto continuum.

And that is we are in this fifth week of a reboot for keto and by this point the beginner and if you can see there the beginner got through steps one two and three and even pushed into step four but when they those first few weeks of keto it really is this graceful period that the chemistry carries you i mean.

They come in with white knuckles saying i'm gonna you know if they've done weight watchers or they've done other weight loss programs they really are saying i'm gonna do this perfectly i'm like oh relax the only thing you need to count is carbohydrates and once we get you to this step tonight that we're going to talk about tonight that's when.

Their discipline needs to come out the red line here is the place where discipline has to show up in this process i call this the baseline metabolisms and it really is um not as difficult of a problem i mean it's discipline sounds scary like people aren't really going to be able to follow it but the discipline is each step.

Requires the skill that you're going to learn and once you learn the skill it really is easy to fall back on like any habit that you weave in a little bit at a time once you succeed a little bit then you can stretch it a little bit more stretched a little bit further and if you fall you.

Go back not to what you used to do but to the littlest increment of that habit and so i really find this what we're going to talk about tonight very important i will point out that if you're still measuring urine ketone strips that's all you need to do um the the.

The metrics of of using a meter and checking your blood samples i love this stuff but you don't have to do it my way you you can just check urine ketones for a lot of this so we are going to step over this into keto continuum number five and i am going to show you hopefully.

How to look at something that um i think um i think i can do with that mess of the sound thing that happened so i'm gonna review what's what keto continue number five is um so people have gone from two meals a day they are usually coming to if they're coming to support group they'll say i am.

Just doing i never thought i could get away with two meals a day i feel so good and then i they'll they'll stall they won't have any further weight loss um or they'll maybe they're eager and they say i want to say what do i do next and i talk about the difference between eating two meals a day.

And now we're going to use the clock we're going to measure time as part of your success and the word is called time restricted you know time restricted eating or some people like the word fasting i don't use the word fasting until you get to 36 hours i want a couple of major chemistry shifts to happen when you fast.

And 36 hours really is the only way i use that word the time restricted eating other interesting chemistry things happen i want to point out a couple of things that i are highlighted here in this area you can see that in the two meals a day i ask people to choose to only eat two meals per day but if you step into keto.

Continuum number five where we do time-restricted eating we are just putting those two meals a little closer together that all food snacks and supplements are within eight hours of the day no eating snacking or chewing for the other 16 hours now some things that i want folks.

To point out is i i do want my gum chewers to pay attention to this that um if i look at the places where people have the have setbacks that i scratch my head saying gosh you're doing everything right um one of those places is folks who chew chew gum they are it's one of their coping skills whenever they're hungry or they think.

About food instantly they put in gum or some sort of cough drop or and they say you know what it's just a cough drop and i'm like yeah but you're just a hundred pounds overweight or you're just 80 pounds overweight that insulin is very sensitive to what you put in your mouth uh especially that parotid gland is in touch with.

Sensations of food or stimulus and when they chew gum they sabotage a couple of things so gum chewers this is for you but the part that i don't um that i don't talk about during this is whatever you're doing for your morning drink if you've got a you know bulletproof coffee or high fat coffee that that's not in your two meals a day.

I don't even talk about it so keep doing that i want you focusing on the eight hours i want you focusing on not having anything uh that would stimulate that's that parotid gland for the other 16 hours a day and as easy as that sounds um there are people who have you know as as you might have seen on the show i drink bubble water i'll mix it with some.

Ketones but um the bubble water doesn't have any extra things in it but there are some some drinks and hydrated water or um um bubbly i'm trying to think the the carbonated there you go that's what i'm looking for other carbonated waters that have things in them so i tell them all of those rules are you you can't add.

Those to your parotid gland during those 16 hours i really need those eight hours clean now i'm going to show you something here okay so this is the part where i hope i can do this based on that sound thing so just give me a second to see if i can go.

To ha i did it okay so this is um one of the charts that's found in um the let's see if i can pull this over here um there we go we're going to make it a little bit.

Smaller because i got it kind of big hold on there we go all right so this is this is the chart that if you fill out the workbook or you're taking the online course that i ask patients to do during um keto continuum number five so it is uh it is in line with the other things that i've asked um anybody who's.

Trying to improve a behavior you know whether we're talking about an addiction or exercise routine or even taking your blood pressure medicines too many things at once and they explode don't usually succeed at what i'm asking them to do i've got teenagers in my life teenage boys that i'm trying to raise into.

Functional strong men uh and teaching them too much at once turns into a crash and burn that they didn't hear a thing their mother said but when you look at this chart what i ask people to do in keto continuum number five is um really carefully look at the first bite of food you have and then i time the.

Last bite of food you have so in this process i'm gonna blow this up a little um obviously you put the date there write down that first bite of food write down the last bite of food and then if you blow this section up i have them um.

I have them shade in if they eat their first bite of food let's say at let's say they have their morning coffee at eight but that's not a bite of food they eat um starting at 10 o'clock in the morning they they start to eat there and um the last bite of food goes in at you know four o'clock in the afternoon um.

Uh oh i see how i did this one uh sorry i didn't use the clock on this one i used number of hours so if the first bite of food went in at the first hour you eat i wanna know did you make it more uh did you make it eight hours and really what i'm asking people to do is study themselves.

When i look at the patterns of behavior that change on a ketogenic diet one of those times is this skill that some people fast forward over i just need you to protect those that the eight hours during this first time restricted eating is a solid eight hours that you can eat um but after the eight hours is over.

Nothing except salt goes in your mouth water and salt are the only things outside of that and again i don't have you address that morning coffee that comes with the next continuum and then what this part is is how many days have you done this in a row how many days did you keep that eight hour.

Window at eight hours or less in a row and i will tell you when they finally get seven consecutive days in a row they almost never get it the first time if they're being honest like okay i need you to practice this skill i need you to successfully do this uh seven consecutive days.

And like i said almost never almost never do i see them get it for the seven consecutive days in a row on the first try um the other things that i i try to get them to be aware of is the number of drinks with calories or sweeteners in them and the reason for that is they can be in your eight hours that's no problem.

But as we start to address some of the other skills in the higher levels of metabolism those drinks with calories or drinks with sweeteners in them become something to identify and many times they don't even know they're doing it they don't know that that has.

Calories in it uh so again uh this chart is it's it looks easy but what i learn as they fill out this chart becomes um it's it's really a testimony of uh when you restrict when you restrict how people uh feel during stress um the old habit that used to comfort us comes back.

So when i look at people who um especially if you watched michelle uh on the documentary that we did uh i think one time we really got it on camera where she's like can't i just go do that thing that's next on the list and i'm like just stay where you're at and grow success grow identity.

Uh from the time when um you don't you don't need uh to think about um the the the um next choice and the reason that becomes important is is the example i'm about to give about myself easily it would be um.

You know getting setbacks getting news that's a setback getting something that i'm disappointed in and finding that coping skill that tickles my head saying oh just comforting with food be a good idea and knowing that um the skills that i practiced for years.

Didn't start out at going from keto continuum number let me go to this one um which is the one with sound oh this is sound going to the keto continuum um let's go here and i gotta turn this off there you go um going here taking that back out.

I just want it to be smaller how do i get to be smaller oh there we go thank you uh so all right son i got just so distracted with changing what the the screen said um but as i look at this process of the.

Keto continuum where a stressful place would have landed me back to eating carbs in the first year in fact it did mom and i did a good job of keto for a while and then i got distracted with my life and went back on and easily went back to rewarding myself with food finding a way that i needed to you know i deserve i feel sad and as as the set.

As you know setbacks then would happen just like they happen now disappointments would happen um i easily reached for those little things that wouldn't throw me completely out of ketosis now but certainly did back then um and as you progress through this list um getting to 16 8 and really mastering how.

To keep your uh your parotid gland from being stimulated for 16 hours a day that skill took me probably four months i i didn't even know that's what i was calling it then i just knew any time i put anything in my mouth beside i was a gum chew or two or at.

Least a mint um that if i got stressed i could have a mint and then i found myself that one mint and lead to another mint will lead to another mint and i i totally went off the rails on mints and so practicing that 16-8 holding those 16 hours of only salt and water i had to get really good at that skill before going to the next one and many of.

My patients struggle with this as well you know was as i look at the advanced 16 8 which i'll cover this week because i'm going to go to something a little more difficult next week the advance 16 8 really does get them to move to clean up that final drink so i'll read this part of it it says clean.

Up your morning drink remove all calories and sweetener which is why i had them track the sweetened drinks or drinks with calories in them so they know if you're gonna have those they have to go inside the eight hours once they've got that they don't stimulate their parotid gland for the 16 hours now.

Um i mean i leave this drink off there because it's such a powerful change that their morning drink usually has mct oil in it or butter or you know heavy whipping cream which is a big big one of mine that for the 16 hours now that drink counts so before uh.

And i reiterate this on the other uh column they're saying do not remove the fat from your morning drink before this phase you needed it to get here but now it's time to let go and i really find that when i'm looking at um working with somebody with addiction or working with somebody who's.

Had a brain injury and they really want their brain to work right tomorrow that if we advance through those skills of that they have to learn it has to be this foundation this identity of who they are if we fast forward and and swim right past those skill sets they really.

Do not have favor they fall completely off the wagon when things go bad they don't fall back to a 16-8 they never solidified that skill in their mind about how to deny food for these certain hours of the day well enough um that when we push them into a fast or we.

Push them into what we'll talk about next week which is seven and eight um it truly changes uh their success rate by not having this at least for one week on each of them and again seven consecutive days where they succeed at those two skill sets that are in the workbook um before i let them go on to the next one.

Um you know if you if you did what read the book any way you ca or keto continuum david struggled with this he really had a tough time when it came to improving his um his ability to say no and he wanted his family to do exactly what he was doing at the exact time he was doing it and his wife had been.

Married enough years to say no no you do your thing i'm not doing that and that was really hard for him because it the the skills to be disciplined in some of these limitations um were so socially connected and i think that's the real key to some of the skills that we march people along on the keto continuum we march people.

Along by using a support group is because you're gonna see that success for um the long haul is about mastering these tiny little skills like um 16 hours without anything in your mouth is not a big ask but 16 out the first step the first one is you still get to have that morning coffee and then it's those two meals.

That are within the eight hours but the next one where advanced 16 8 which i think i was at that a year before i tried to do it any further than that um because i was terrible at it i kept failing i couldn't do it and i loved my heavy whipping cream and i would get in these moods like i'm in tonight which.

I'm a little pouty and sad and i don't know how to deal with a setback and heavy whipping cream with coffee sounds like a really good idea even at midnight for me so again the process of what happens next on the ketogenic diet is it's partly about your metabolism i mean i don't show up with ketones at 1.7 i.

Didn't do that the first three years because i couldn't do this skill i couldn't limit um i i had i had to like put something in my mouth every time i thought of food i had to put something you know in my mouth in the name of breath or whatever it was i was telling myself i needed it.

For and getting past that was really dealing with some of the coping skills in it you know dealing with that stress in a different way and i talk about that in the book i have some other things that i have people do in the workbook i have you analyze yourself i have a couple places where this is how i would deal.

With stress this is how i feel to help my teenagers deal with stress they aren't fasting they aren't trying to do keto but they definitely have times where they their brain wants to run off and do things that they need to hone in and if you don't learn that skill it becomes depression it becomes anxiety.

Becomes a mind that goes stretches further in the wrong direction without pulling it back into a deep sleep and a really sense of mindfulness um you know bad habits lead to really chaotic brain activity over and over again that's not new to not being keto that's human nature that you know that mindfulness prayerfulness.

Um form of meditation is is your personal ability to slow down those thoughts and really hone in that impulsive need and the skill i had practiced for all those years was hey um i don't feel good put food in and and i would call it healthy no i no.

Matter what i would call it healthy and it wasn't healthy um all right so we are going to take some of your questions here in a minute but i want to just um give a shout out for those of you that did reply to the emails that we're sending out michelle and i have been working on a way to nurture folks that.

Come to our our channel uh so anybody on the email list has been if you've signed up for any of the freebies that are on the site you end up on the email list if you've um if you noticed you just said i want to be up there it used to be called the newsletter but i never did a newsletter um so now i say if you want stories by dr boz sign up on the website.

Those emails are part of us saying um we have a lot of free resources on this channel um maybe an inappropriate amount of free resources on this channel there are things that we do charge for and i am thankful for those of you that support the channel by buying them um but we know lots of folks can't afford that and.

We are thankful for the people who have put time and energy into either buying the resources and sharing them in their community we have several people who do the online course as a community and we want you to do that we want you to not have to lift the curriculum for the online course um.

When uh you can use uh one person with enough resources to share that with other people there's one other thing i wanted to show you on let's see if i can get to this um not that um hang tight there here we go and i wanted to do this okay so let's go.

Over to this page here i i have an unfortunate thing to share that i've been working on and still not better let's go here and we'll go here and hopefully that lets me click here give me one second all right.

So if i go over and click on here and go all right so i have another setback and i'm sharing this with you so that uh because i've had a few of you write in saying what's up with your um products so again um one of the.

Places that i do pay the bills is i sell the products that i use on my family i use in my patients um and amazon was my first store that i i sold patients on or sold patients sold products on but as you can see there are quite a few products that say currently unavailable so we are in what they call amazon jail.

And it's because there's new rules about anything um that is um that has to do with health or weight loss uh so this product is available on amazon and which is the keto combo and this product oh no that one he has to do all of those other products um.

This one had the paperwork in it already thanks be to god but the rest of them all need i need to prove that there's not prozac in any of these products which sucks the paperwork to do it is in process i'm in line with the four labs in the country that actually do the chemical analysis to prove that what is not ever.

Been in this product is not in the product but i just did want to point out that um those of you that um are looking for the products you can still buy them in the dr baz store on my website so that's bazmd.com and the products are all on the site.

I tell you that because i've had a lot of you write in on the emails and we appreciate the feedback we are really looking to do a better job at communicating with you showing you where the free resources are and then knowing if um uh if those of you that i mean i have.

Patients that depend on some of these protocols um and they do need the supplements to get to to reach the numbers we're working for and um they were on amazon too saying where are the products so it's kind of a bugger amazon jail is awful yeah so somebody says prozac in.

Diet stuff yeah prozac and like four other things that i'm like who would ever put that in their chemicals and why why do i have to check this i've never done this i've shown you every chemical analysis of every one of the third-party things i i check all of them anyway so i just want to say thank you.

For those that have figured out that the website is where those are still at um it's been a really big hit for us too because obviously sales are way down and that's just another thing all right let's get to your questions all right each week we ask you to write in questions in the comments and then i have some.

Angels in the background uh taking those questions um and turning them into let's see where are the dr boss questions oh here we go uh turning them into um the questions for um our show tonight so um.

we've got a few uh we'll start with cheryl's question she writes in when fasting for more than 24 hours do you skip any supplements you take um personally i've been i'm embarrassed to say how low my vitamin d got when i moved to florida because i stopped taking my supplement thinking i live in.

Florida but i don't have any more sunshine here then i i worked just as hard here as i did in south dakota uh so um i still take my vitamin k2d3 on um my fasting days but for the most part um i don't take any supplements on the days that i am fasting um i've had a few people write in about.

Their thyroid supplement or their thyroid medication i remind them that the thyroid medication used to be dosed weekly so if you do fast during and skip that thyroid supplement during your your fasting days you can just double up on the day that you start eating again so good question.

Cheryl jan says could you please discuss if there is a connection between ketosis and slowly dissolving kidney stones yes there is a connection um i write about this in the book any way you can and i tried gently it to not let people freak out about oh my gosh am i going to get a kidney stone.

When you look at a kidney stone acquisition like how do you make a kidney stone it is a concentration of some waste products and some highly s uh concentrated um you could think of it as a state of dehydration so high concentration of the salts in your body that end up in the.

The urinary channels that make a in your in your kidney um and those salts start out as one positive ion and then it attracts a neighbor and then attracts another neighbor and as it the more na the more uh salt particles that it collects the stronger the attraction to pull something to it.

Now if the fluid is a different ph so a different acid-base ratio or a a better dilution not as concentrated that's those are some of the ways where a kidney stone can start to dissolve most kidney stones are made in a state that is the opposite chemistry of what a ketogenic urine looks like i mean as you.

Pee on those ketone strips we're not just looking at ketones there there is a shift in the way the ph of your urine changes in a state of ketosis but just the presence of that ketone changes the chemistry of the urine and creates a process that is favorable for the removal of some of those ions on that kidney stone now this is a general over.

Over simplification but it really is um important to to help with um uh the forgiveness if a kidney stone happens and you're on a ketogenic diet because if you could look at the shape of a kidney stone um you would like it.

To be this this um wide-based uh um deposit of crystals that kind of looks like a um like what a pimple would look like but that's not how they always grow they kind of grow in a place like stalagmites or stalagtites to come in a cave and so they get very pointy.

Uh and sometimes the neck at which the the crystal is holding on to the inside of that kidney uh that ureter uh that your that urinary system um sometimes the neck is what dissolves first and that's very unfortunate because what's gonna happen is the neck gets thinner and thinner and thinner and then the crystal breaks off and it rolls.

Down system and that's a kidney stone so i will pray that your kidney stones dissolve like nice little deposits and they do it very methodically in the order that doesn't result in a big drop off of one of the stones i point that out because i've had lots of people.

Um oh please tell me there's sound um can you guys hear me okay linda just gave me a thumbs up okay i'm gonna keep going i saw the word no sound and thought not again okay we're gonna go on to susan from ohio.

Um and the question is why is it so difficult for the brain to not want what it sees i'm back to serious keto and i know what to do but it's so hard the second time around um so i'm just gonna make sure.

To go over here yes there is sound thank you okay just making sure uh all right so she's saying it is very i had somebody in group this morning saying that the process of improving their uh of getting back into keto uh they're disappointed that they don't have this big wave of ketones again and.

Like i said the second time to adapt that body to a ketogenic state it is easier it's faster and the big wave of ketones is much less um the the the other part though that i have found when i've had setbacks is.

That the season of setting things up correctly the second time around like the first time people are pretty good about emptying out their cupboards really removing those temptations i always have them revisit their why why are you doing this and don't be cheap on this answer really look internally for.

What are some of the motivations you know my motivation at the beginning was to be very very good role model for my mom to be the one that where she could lean on where i was doing it with her and when that motivation left it's taken me over a year to be really.

Passionate about saying no there is a greater audience uh that that tunes in every week that reads the books that really does grow in their health uh and i really have had to learn to pivot off of the the spirit of what i was doing for my mom and that some of the best um ways to grieve.

To get through my true why was to make sure i remembered that her death isn't about what she left behind that i'm disappointed in but is what she left behind that i get to represent for her and you know coming in here every tuesday night isn't the most convenient thing i have other things i could be doing with being a mom and a.

Wife and taking care of that problem that showed up an hour ago but it really is the spirit of the consistent behavior and you know that give back to your community in a way that is valuable and i hope it's valuable i i would say that you shouldn't show up if it's not valuable.

So i assume your attendance says you are getting um value out of this but susan's question says why is it so hard the second time around and sometimes i think it's because they really don't revisit what's the what's the deeper motivation for doing this the workbook does a good job of walking you through that if you've done it once.

Revisiting what what really inspired you to do that it changes you it really helps that brain to say yes i see the temptation and i'm gonna pray through this i'm gonna uh i've gotta i mean i'll tell you going to support group is very very helpful i had a gentleman came up to say i missed last week at support at the support group and this past sunday i.

Really really wanted to have and there was a list of things he wanted and he goes you know what stopped me from doing that i knew i was going to show up here today and i just didn't want to tell anybody that i that i did that that accountability changes our you know we are seen by by others in their true sense and that it really.

Does help us um so arlene i will answer your question that would be great my privilege to answer your question uh she says at my weight goal down 140 pounds through keto and carnivore do i need to continue chasing a low doctor boss ratio through extended fasting um i i am below 80.

Without fasting but have some loose skin well it's a very good question and congratulations on that kind of weight loss that is amazing but people write in and say why do you fast why do you post your numbers when you're fasting and in part it is to continue to stress my metabolism at least once a week.

Um maybe it's that i see patients who've aged in a way that i don't want to happen to me and i don't mean i want the fountain of youth i don't want a brain that's not working i want longevity in the spirit that grandma rose got which was vibrant and healthy right up till the day of the funeral and that that ability to that privilege.

Of having that kind of health comes with a metabolism that's stimulated when i had a house with a sauna in it that was another way to stimulate my metabolism but i don't have that privilege anymore um i used to have uh you know three boys that i took to crossfit three times a week so that was.

Another way to stimulate my metabolism i don't have that anymore either so looking for a place at least in my fasting until i can get back into a season where i i do have a rhythm of either using a sauna or working out um i push my dr boz ratio to hit that 40 or less at least once a week i do it through fasting.

Because that's what fits in my life right now when people are looking for autophagy uh that that is one way that um touching autophagy for a moment in the week doesn't really get the kind of returns that they're looking for the people who get that really robust autophagy have a doctor boss ratio that.

Hangs out in those lower numbers for several hours per day all week long and so if you're saying well i have some loose skin i'd like to tighten it up if you're not in a hurry then really pushing that dr boz ratio at least once a week is is going to be a good idea finding other ways besides.

Extended fasting to push that doctor boss ratio lower is another way to say we can't calculate autophagy we can approximate it and one of the approximations is that glucose ketone index or the dr boz ratio same thing all right um share your writes in i'm going to skip the one about bregs apple cider vinegar.

Breaking a fast um i'm pretty oh actually i know i will answer that for you when you take in apple cider vinegar there is still the reason people like apple cider vinegar is it usually is still sweet there's uh you know it's bitter it's vinegar but there's still sweetness to it so what i would do for.

You if you say i want to know if this is breaking my fast well check your blood sugar before you take it take a tablespoon of it or whatever you whatever your dose of it and then check your blood sugar in 30 minutes in an hour and i will bet you that your blood sugar is higher and.

That's one way to say did you break your fast so you can do this for any of these things um but that's that's my favorite way to teach people how to do that all right sherry says do you have any suggestions of books um or youtube videos on dementia and um you know that's a tough one.

Really my i know sherry has taken that online course for about brains and what motivated me to be so thorough in that underst in that course is because when people show up in my clinic and they are already showing signs of dementia the chances that i can help them that i can reverse it is.

Is very low but we can change fuels we can do a lot of things but the people around them are the ones that have to give that support to them so when i look at the books that are good for for people whose family members are struggling from dementia.

I love the norman deutsches books the brains that heal themselves and the brain that changes itself but those are really interventions of injury not chronic decline i think the most powerful thing that i've learned in in family members who suffer from dementia is to use the pain that pain of somebody's mind who's not.

Is not working and you're looking for what to do yes you can put ketones on them i've seen amazing awakenings on that but the family has to be around them to help them do that and stay that way early signs of memory problems i've seen reversals of that by the time family members are noticing the other person to.

Have dementia or if i notice it in the clinic i can prescribe these medicines but it doesn't make their life better it is in the prevention that's why this show and other shows that really look at the process of improving um improving the.

The chemistry that reverses these problems is super important you know the gal who said do i need to do these extended fasts i would have her shadow me in clinic one day and watch what happens when brains don't work and it would make you would motivate people to say okay i do not want that to happen and the way you prevent that from.

Happening is pushing that metabolism doing a workout which is getting that dr boz ratio down less than 40 less than 20 if you can and doing it repeatedly um all right so uh i love these questions i know we're right at the top of the hour but i i still want to answer them.

Um let's see i dr boz is it safe to stay in ketosis as i'm afraid to come out i think i might uh it might feed my prostate cancer um so looking at uh the higher and the longer we stay in ketosis the less inflammation happens that is what the diet the ketogenic diet really is all.

About is um a chronic state of anti-inflammatory and like way bigger than um than an ibuprofen or pills with anti-inflammatory effects are so when there are pathologies that are very linked to inflammation going on in your.

Body and you go out of ketosis you're right there are some consequences i can't guarantee whether or not the prostate cancer would respond to that but i understand your fear all right kimberly we're going to do the last question here i have been monitoring my glucose with a.

Continuous glucose monitor while my blood glucose stays in the narrow range during the day and i don't eat after 2 pm my glucose soars during the entire sleeping hours why number one i would be checking for sleep apnea it is not just a little bit of
Discipline Required, but it's time to do this.  Part 5
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