Binge Protocol | Do this NOW

Binge Protocol | Do this NOW

Binge Protocol | Do this NOW

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Hello everybody it's Dr baz and welcome to Tuesday night we are here to talk about if you're human like I am and you've had a binge how do you get back on track what is the protocol that I use once people do that life thing where they do something that had all these good intentions and then they crash and now they're way off track welcome to the.

Dr Bob's show we reverse medical problems with healthy keto living thank you everybody for tuning in glad to hear that glad to see that you can hear me I am uh having uh no technical problems that I know of right now so thank you everybody uh for being my my crew check for sound we are going to do a couple of uh Traditions here on the DR Boss show.

Which is number one check my numbers uh we use data here on the DR Boss show and I am actually really excited to show you some of my numbers um I've done a pretty good job of my fast this week I have teenagers that are in one year from college and I will tell you that it's a lot harder when those Temptations are high so I I'm actually.

Thankful to be um at the end of this fast oh yeah there we go because um I don't know it's just hard for me so I'm going to show you my numbers and then I'm going to sync this up and show you my dashboard so yeah keto or glucose.

Of 59 ketones of 3.1 because I have a couple of announcements that I'm going to use as a way to show you how the update is doing but I have to synchronize these numbers really quick with my dashboard yes there are updates for those of you that are using the keto Mojo dashboard um I am.

Just gonna do that one more time I have used this dashboard in my classes where I lead groups of folks where if if I'm mentoring somebody who's a cancer patient and I'm trying to coach their whole family through it because nobody that's struggling with cancer should be on a ketogenic diet alone I would encourage you to do this with other.

People thank you Deb for calculating my dbr 19 tonight yeah I did a good job this week on my fast I had a workout yesterday that is probably the first one in 10 days I just life um so I'm your perfect example here for what happens when um.

When you're when life doesn't go perfectly I can be the best teachable moment you've got so I'm synchronizing both of these uh meters so that my dashboard turns out to be correct so just give me one more second there we go and now I can refresh this dashboard and show it to you because there's been some updates in the those of you that left.

The left the class the 21 Day metabolic kick and you hopefully have your own support group and you're using your own keto Mojo dashboard because that's how we make a difference that's part of how uh you fall off the wagon is when you have to tell somebody when you have a support group we're going to get a little bit more into that tonight but.

Let me show you um let me show you this one yes so here are my uh here are my numbers and let's see if I can refresh this page a little better yeah so if you have been following this uh dashboard you'll know that one of the things that we chirped about when we talked to keto Mojo was hey when we're.

Checking numbers they would use the daily averages to um to show what uh what their what you know what plot was on this graph here and now we have a much better plan where it uses the actual data so if you're averaging the average blood sugars and you're averaging the ketones and then you're trying to average your DR Boss.

Ratio from the whole day that does not that is not helpful for the way we were using the the numbers so now we can uh the dashboard I don't know if I blow it up it didn't seem to stick so maybe let's see if I can get it to go so I could zoom in with a let's see if I change this to a seven days um.

Let's go seven days I think it'll be prettier when I do that so yeah now it's got my updated ratio there the glucose of well that's not the last glucose this is the one right before the last glucose I think if I push refresh one more time it'll be there now I'm always impressed at how quickly it.

Does update so when it's not there on the last one so let's let's look at what the numbers are um so if I look at these numbers here so you can see the glucose of 57 and then a glucose of that's right before my live so it hasn't synchronized with the last numbers yet.

It might be because I have all this stuff turned on oh you know what I put that on do not disturb so it's not gonna it's not gonna talk to my phone until after the show's over that way I also don't get a phone call during the show um anyway so let's just use the number right before the the show which was a.

Glucose of 59 and ketones of 3.1 in the past it would average those numbers and we are so excited that keto Mojo has updated this to do the point by Point data which if you're in a group and you're looking at averages over a day it really is a little frustrating to say well what is that wait a minute that's not what really happened so you can now.

Hover over these numbers and do a little better data point here I took two ketones one I got an error of 0.4 and then I took it like 30 seconds later and it was 2.3 I did have a glucose that matched at the same time there but it's not showing up on this one I synchronize both of them so we'll see.

We'll see at the end of the show if I can get that other one well I just said it can't synchronize because I'm not um my my phone's not talking to it well let's get back to our show we do have a couple of announcements and I just want to also scroll through and say hello Gene Wagner's on tonight so is Deb hello Lance.

Um and then Karen Edwards all of uh some favorites hello Patrick uh so many of you that are uh helpful for um for not just showing up but also being the reality check that I often need to that yes you can do keto but when you do keto alone it's uh it's not nearly as effective and.

I don't mean that your chemistry is not as good I mean that when you're doing things like yeah you've found yourself in a fit of a moment and you reach for that popcorn or you have a vacation planned and despite being on um a good um environment a healthy environment.

When you headed on vacation all of the food that you thought you would say no to well the food you're saying yes to is is not tasting very good because you're not really in control of what's in the fridge you're on vacation and so you just say oh forget it I'll just I'll just eat with everybody else and one meal turns into two meals turns into.

Three meals and before you know it you have landed at a place where does your body remember what a ketone is so we are going to use some of my protocols for when folks fall off the wagon what uh do they do what do I ask them to do um I'm gonna open up my drink for the night and put a few ketones in I do.

Am happy to say that the uh the ketones that I am putting in tonight are pucker up and I do have some raspberry on order because we are no longer out of stock on our raspberry and I will check my numbers at the end not because I need help raising my ketones my ketones are already high.

They're high because I fasted but I'm not always this good folks I count down to the show you showing up and joining me helps me which brings me to the point of what happens when when people are um when they're stuck when they're not doing well so let's go over to the lesson we're gonna swing back and give you some announcements a little later on.

But let's get to the punch line here so what is my binge protocol so again binge protocol doesn't show up um every day of the week it only shows up when uh you've actually fallen off the wagon I'll tell you that other things that uh get in the way are when you swirl into a vacation where one little.

Bite led to a whole bunch more of processed foods and then you check your numbers saying I didn't have that much to eat I've been really good it was only a little bit and you wake up and you just your numbers are definitely not where they should be and that craving that want for food is really heavy on your brain it's really reminding you oh.

My idea of having you know high fat food that isn't very um well the word I like is palatable which is the official word used for when food is sweetened whether it's through a natural sweetener or erythritol that palatable food seems to be what you think about what you're craving the first thing that I use for the bin.

For my binge protocol looks a lot like what happens when you're in an emergency room and or you're the first EMT on the scene and you're just trying to do damage control so the first thing I like to think of is stop the bleeding what do I mean by stop the bleeding I mean you should fix your chemistry and just get the chemistry get ketones back in.

Circulation uh usually binges I mean if you've been at this a while maybe your binge only was a bite or two but the rest of us had the whole box of popcorn the first bite wasn't so bad then you were only going to have one more kernel and then you look down and the movie's half over and you've helped your husband eat half of the Box you're like oh.

I did not mean to do that I did not mean to do that so the first step is uh when you kind of shake off uh number one you're not going to fix this problem overnight but what you can do by adding ketones back to circulation is um you can suppress the Cravings you can improve the way the brain functions when I've had a binge I'll also have.

Swelling in my legs this is something that happened when I um when I was really insulin resistant is I would easily put just have a thumb print at the bottom of my shin and I of course I would had taught medical students that well that that only happens when people have you know like heart failure or they've been inflamed.

For a long period of time and when I could put my own thumb on my own shin and leave a shin thumbprint uh after pushing for like 15-20 seconds I yeah I realized yeah I'm not 20 years old anymore I I have been around the Sun a few too many times and as soon as I would start adding those carbohydrates my insulin would Chase those.

Carbohydrates right to right out of my bloodstream but it was at a price that my body would be really swollen so when I say stop the bleeding I really do mean that um that the um the ketones in circulation are going to.

Help in a chemical way to slow down uh that that binge the second thing that I point out is what you should not be doing and this is the mistake that people do is they they have this guilt syndrome and ask me how I know then they step right over and say I'm just going to do a quick fast I'm going to start fasting right now or they say you know.

I've been doing so well at this restricted eating this four hour window I've been doing it for two weeks and and then I fell off and it was two or three days before I could do it so they try to reach back for the best eating window they've ever had as if to say I really need to just pinch uh pinch my eating window slide it to the hardest time.

Possible and and then they wonder why it's not only it's just a few days later before they have fallen off the wagon again so I do not want you to do that I do not want you to do that that's not right so the first step was number one stop the bleeding add ketones to circulation but the second thing in the protocol.

Is to assess the situation feel for a pulse so what do I mean by that I mean that you should assess your situation which is what were you searching for uh what was the reason for the binge I spent a lot of time when I'm one-on-one with people uh helping them look for this helping them say yeah the the hot moment is over uh now that your body's.

Feeling the chemistry that feels good again uh calm down and I need you to just feel for a pulse just look around and say what happened there I have some worksheets that are part of the workbook or whenever you take one of the courses I use this as a handout to say study yourself look at yourself uh and I'll be honest it's really hard.

For people to do that when they're in the moment of a binge when I have um when I've seen the best success for this they usually have a partner that can help them ask these questions but you must trust that partner a lot it is not somebody who can enter into one of these vulnerable moments where you can admit what you're what is really.

Going on um let me show you I have um I have a um I have a worksheet over here that I use one of them is looking at your the the food craving thoughts so if you can see this it's what the workbook looks like and I have them say all right.

Um what time did this happen and what was really going on um when this when this situation hit so for this situation if I look back at let's just take the last binge that I had so what's the date it was probably about uh six days ago so I'll put oopsie yeah let's try to get so I'll just say six days ago and what.

Happened was um well I went to a movie I went to a movie with my husband it was fun uh it was movie night and I don't know about you guys but we've really enjoyed how we watch movies at home and I haven't smelt popcorn in a long time and as soon as he said I'm gonna buy.

Some popcorn are you okay now I had my Redmond salt with me I knew that I would if I just had that all along I would be fine but the movie got um a little intense and this happens to me at home too when a movie gets intense and I don't want to deal with it or I don't want to look uh I even like scary movies but even when.

The emotion hits I can feel me want food and it happened in the movie theater and I was sitting right next to husband so I started eating the popcorn so was it a craving or was it hunger one of the ways we look at that is how long does it last Cravings are short they're going to last less than five minutes hunger will stick around for longer than that 15 minutes.

Now when you're keto it's it's shortly after that 15 minutes that they don't really struggle with it but in that moment I totally know it was a great thing as soon as the movie scene changed I had this lovely popcorn in my mouth and I thought it tasted lovely but if I was looking at what was uh what were some of the things that.

Um this is ways that you can make it go away but what were some of the emotions that I was feeling is that there was a bit of stress in the movie I also know that it was a distraction uh the the movie was being used as a distraction but also the popcorn was part of that ritual that I that people do at a movie and.

I've been good about it before I have gone through several movies where I didn't touch the popcorn it is usually the first bite that gets me and then I spiral downwards and then the next thing I know is um it's it's a bigger problem than it should be I should have just stopped but I didn't so stress I'll put boredom here.

Um the other thing was is the ritual uh so all of those are ways that I've told my husband to help me and most the time he does a pretty good job but I think it'd been a long time since he had popcorn too so we did this and we had a bunch of popcorn and I knew instantly that I it was it was going to be too much for me.

Um it wasn't what I should have done but it gets worse because just like anybody else on the way home he's like well you know do you want to grab some ice cream again something I usually would say no to but that first bite led to the second bite and it was probably the ritual again this is something we used to do a lot when I before I really was a firmly.

Keto and boy I said yes when I should have said no so some of the ways that you really uh look at how do you get out of a cycle I don't think I can start meditating in in the middle of the movies movie uh screen I don't think I could have gone I mean I could have gone to the bathroom honestly anything to like really switch uh the.

Way your brain is working so you can be if you're in your own home maybe you could do this in a movie theater you can splash water on your face you say that's weird yes it's weird but it does reset the brain it's a moment where you reset the brain one of my favorites um so if I put salt on my tongue I don't know if you can see that that's a great.

Way for me to usually fix it and I had my salt along but the salt plus the popcorn one so when I look back at some other things that um I do there I think I left oh I don't know if I left this one on here um yeah so this is uh I was going to show you the left-handed Loops left-handed.

Loops are another thing that I've done in a movie theater when I was first figuring out how to say no to popcorn uh I learned this when I was helping people with addiction get through their first support meeting like whether it was a A or a church group or um uh Al-Anon I would go with them and as soon as they would start to do their.

Behavior of stress I would hand them a piece of paper I would put the pet you know we'd have have the lined paper ready for them and they would start just to do the left-handed Loops left-handed Loops over and over and over again and they would get through the moment they would get through the moment so I've done that in a movie theater uh it.

Actually works really well for me I can still watch the movie I start to circle with my left hand and there's just something hypnotic where I S I stop the craving it's really it's really useful for me um I don't know if it works for everybody but it does work for me here's another thing that this is the part.

Where when you're having a craving you if you can invite somebody into your pain that you trust um they can help you with this when I've asked people to do this on their own they can do it but it's not quite as honest as when somebody's helping them with it when the Cravings happening if you can get somebody who's who's in this.

With you to really write this with you I love what happens here so I tell them to say when the craving starts Mark the time so you would fill in the time here like you know eight o'clock um and then every 30 seconds you do a couple of things what is the desire level you have for food so one being low and five being high uh let me just uh do.

That so I would say during the first few minutes uh it's high and then I have them in cursive really important you do this in cursive what is on your mind and when they start to write stressed um worried about health problems or something.

And when they're writing in cursive that is a huge part for releasing how the brain thinks this process is not something you should practice the first time when you're having a craving you should practice left-handed Loops if you can right left-handed I just wrote that with my right hand but if I could write left-handed with incursive it is even a.

Bigger reset so there I might try to say um uh I don't know if I look at that so you see what's happening there so when you write uh left-handed that curse of writing really slows down your brain and that is again what the same thing is happening when you do the splash with.

Water splash with water is really quick and it well it's uncomfortable but actually so is writing left-handed with what you're thinking so if you can find yourself in the moment this works really well and especially for my patients who've who've had trauma who've had issues with um uh you know really getting past their.

Carbohydrates as the way they cope with life um so that worksheet is in all of my handouts for the courses or it's in the workbook a really great way to um um to to look at where they're you know what what their brain has been doing so I.

Want to go to this slide and talk about uh when people are on when I'm asking them to take their pulse to to look at what happened step one of take their pulse is look at the emotions around the decision look at where your brain was try to find something that has slowed you down but the second thing that I like them to do is I want them to.

Look back at the keto Continuum and say where have you been remembering that this first few phases of you know one through four is really the chemistry set that they work with uh that's not most often where people have been where they binge they get past that it's usually in one of these areas where this is where people live okay keto Continuum five.

Through eight is uh the the five is 16 hours of no eating eight hours is how long their window is the advanced part is when they've removed the coffee the cream filled coffee from the morning and if they couldn't do that well then they um they counted it in the hours that they.

Eat um and then this little line right here I I actually am really careful to show this to people that uh this line looks like a tiny little line right here but when you go from eight hours to one hour of eating you do not do that overnight it is a gradual process that's essentially what we teach in the courses.

That this looks like it's a tiny little step it's not you gotta slow it down you've got to do several things that really allow you to get from eight hours of eating to one hour of eating but it's somewhere in there that usually people relapse and they if they've been following along they know what that looks like.

What I see people do is they slam down to here they say you know what I did a 48 hour fast two months ago I'm gonna quickly hop back over and do another 48 hour fast that's not going to work people that is not going to work you're going to stress out your emotions by pushing a skill set that you're not ready to do I tell the.

Story about um when people when a baby babbles when a baby babbles it is uh the skill set that they are comfortable with and they will reach for the next word and then they'll go back to babbling and then they'll reach for the next word and they'll go back to babbling this is the same skill the same process that happens.

As we learn a skill set in adulthood so learning how to fast learning how to say no to food learning how to say hey my emotions are definitely driving why I had that fit and I like it I like hanging out in this emotional fit until you start to see some of those Health consequences come back in my support group this morning we were.

Talking about what's what's something you know that says you should back off of the um that you know you need to like man up get back to where you used to be and one of the gals was saying you know I used to have joint pain everywhere I went keto and all of this joint pain disappeared I couldn't believe how great.

I felt but as soon as I start to have these Cycles where I'm eating too much I'm eating too many too often my my window is no longer clean there is one joint that starts to hurt and it's the Sentinel joint if I don't reverse things when that first symptoms comes back uh then it's five joints hurting within a week so as you look at people who fall.

Off they binge some people it's only one or two P one or two days of having these binges but some people the binge leads in to four or five weeks before they can say oh I gotta figure this out how do I get back on board again number one add ketones until you figure it out uh the second step is take your pulse assess what makes you.

Eat what is pushing you go back to the place where you fell off the wagon and really analyze what happened and use that chart you know what were you feeling where are you at with that there are several other steps in the workbook that go a little more into it but what I don't want you to doing is reaching for the crash and.

Burn saying I did a fast once when I was in a group of people and I did awesome and I felt great yup that was not when you're not there that's not where you are right now don't do that uh that really does lead to it leads to a a pile of people not doing well because you you rope in other people just like what my husband did it's not his fault it's my.

Fault that I said yes but had he not bought the popcorn and then he had not said ice cream yeah I totally fell along but as soon as one person falls the next person it's easy for but the reverse is true too when one person gets back on board if you're in in community it inspires the next person to do it so don't Don't Run.

Away Don't Run Away um all right so let me go back over here uh and um um let's do that yeah so if we look at this this is our uh the keto Continuum and what I see people do is they are usually somewhere here or somewhere here and then they slam down.

To say but if I go without food for 72 hours everything is going to be better not true what I ask them to do is find where they were last safe where they where on this Continuum where they last at where they hung out there for a while now I I don't know if you can see the little red lines that I have around this area here.

And that's because I really like that um from four through seven for people to hang out at like that's where people should live uh Eight's in that too but I'll tell you most people can't live at eight for too long without um um without crashing and burning and this.

Is the place where I find if if you can if you cannot crash further than four so when people are at the beginning they're you know they eat every two hours then we get them to the 20 total carbs they accidentally miss a meal and after they accidentally miss a meal after they're keto adapted I asked them to go to keto Continuum number four and.

I want them to stay there for seven consecutive days in a row part of why I do that is for this crash and burn that when they have gone through the cycles of binging and crashing and binging and crashing I know that if they had practiced this to the place where they had a pattern now I honestly don't think seven days is.

A pattern but that's the minimum you have to do it for seven days to at least find any rhythm but most of the patients who have two meals a day and they stay there just really holding on to what it feels like to be in two meals a day they've done it for at least three weeks 21 days they're in that three weeks they've gone through.

Weekends they've gone through weeks and even if the rest of the world's celebrated they figured out how to keep one meal in the morning and one meal in the afternoon um not not that uh it doesn't also lead to um you know we want you getting through.

The Temptations while staying at this level while staying at keto Continuum number four if they've had that pattern in their in their Babel in the place where they practice the skill they Advanced and then they fell back they practice the skill they Advanced and then they fell back that's a normal pattern of eating.

That's a normal pattern of behavior Improvement and if they stayed at the two meals per day when they were progressing first of all I know they're really fat adapted then their body is ready their endocrine system is is working towards really being able to Surge when I need it to Surge and when they crash when they have.

A binge they can go back to two meals per day while they look around they look around and say okay can I hold this for seven for ten days so let's go back to my little protocol here saying okay binge protocol stop the bleeding yes add ketones number two assess the situation uh figure out where uh what happened during the binge and then.

Remind yourself where the last place it is that you were stable and then go back to that how long do you go back to that you push reset for a full 10 days looking at um yeah looking at what what were you searching for what was happening during that time when you were binging and then making sure you've got a list of the.

Places you get pleasure that are not food this is super important mainly because it is such an easy place for us to get pleasure in the 21st century that pulverized processed food where industry has spent a ton of time making sure we know exactly what's going wrong with your body exactly what's going wrong to make you crave and want.

For more they know it to and it is a science it is not random it is very much calculated that that is how you end up addicted that's how you end up with this craving cycle um so find pleasure other than food and again we work at this when I'm working with a team or with I'm working with a patient.

Um but finding where where your anchor is for the last uh success that's the that's what I was saying if I hope I hope that somewhere along the way you spend at least three solid weeks uh where you didn't just say oh I did this and then you skipped to the next one you really see that pattern where you were successful at and this is key uh 10 days.

For the for people who have been through a binge that 10 days isn't an accident that it's longer than a week it's got weekends built in it's got the work week at least one full work week in there um what I see so commonly is patients say yeah doc I've been here before I did three days of this and you know I usually start my fast on Sunday so or I.

Did that with you a couple of times so I've I've been back to two meals a day for three days now I'm gonna I'm gonna fast with you and I'm saying don't do that don't do that it really does lead to another cycle of binging they never really get past the binging when I look at people who are progressively improving their habits where they come.

In and they're usually a hot mess like most of us when they are insulin resistant and then we teach them these skills and we teach them how to count carbs we teach them how to get through that first um you know place where they're eating fat where where they're building up that endocrine system they're really learning.

How the body what it feels like to feel satiety through these fat based hormones that process takes time and during that time you know it's like Karate Kid wax on wax on you're practicing a skill that doesn't seem to make sense until you get to the moment of danger until you've had a binge and now I need you to slow down.

And go back to a place where you can be predictable there's another handout in here that I I really like let me go to that really quick um uh where did I put that oh on my iPad there we go it is.

Um it's in the files here we go I'm like I had it open a second ago uh it's this one yeah keto can here we go okay so let me show you this um all right so on this one uh it's it's actually keto continue number seven.

Um where you can write this in but um I have them document what time what time uh oh not a racer I need the what time they wake up I have them document their glucose I have them document uh they're ketones and then I have them document their doctor boss ratio all three things that the keto Mojo does.

For you but this part where they where they dot they write down what time did your eating window open up uh um when when I talk about eating window for the people who've fallen off who are trying to find their way back to a um a solid you know a solid eating cycle.

The time where they open up their eating window is if your coffee has anything except salt in it that means any sweeteners or any calories that counts in your eating window so they write down their eating window and then they document what time they're eating what was the time of day that they're eating window closed now in keto continue on.

Number seven you're trying to narrow the eating window smaller than eight hours keto container number six does this workbook as well where they they shade it in and what we're looking for is we get you a two-week cycle this goes a Sunday through Saturday Sunday through Saturday and how well did you hold the eating window now if it's beyond the.

Eight hours you can always you know fill that in on your own at the edge of the paper but what I like to see is that their eating window is consistently that you know six to seven hours every day for those for those two weeks and there is a very helpful process in the in your mind when you're documenting your own progress when you're keeping track I.

Mean honestly keeping track what was my first bite what was my last bite and where did I land and if you're looking at your morning ratios and you're looking at your morning glucose ketones it really can teach you a lot I I love those worksheets I think they are better than a therapist sometimes because the patient is learning about.

Their own process um so as I as I look at the binge protocol um I know this quite well because I've done this too okay when you get out of a rhythm I've been in a pretty good Rhythm for the last year but if you go back I mean honestly since the.

First 21 day course I've been in a pretty good Rhythm I've had a few times where I might have had a day or two where I've fallen off if you go back to before that boy that whole year of moving of you know getting the families situated across moving at 50 is really hard people.

Where kids are in a new school I'm trying to figure out my new life here in Florida uh and I just had a lot of sympathy for myself and every time I felt stressed I used food to to say oh you deserve this oh you'll be okay you're all right you're pretty good um it really was when I got in a group.

Of people where I said all right let's do our best for 21 days and then afterwards even when I would fail I didn't fail anywhere close to as bad as I had been and so I think this is the part where when you progressively improve the danger is it takes so long when they crash and it takes five weeks to get.

Back to your support group it takes five weeks for you to check in with your buddy your friend to look at your numbers uh that's really where people's health problems just tick in the wrong direction forever and ever um you know I always we say this to our boys we say this I say this to my team that people underestimate what they can.

Get done in a day excuse me they overestimate what they can get done in a day and they underestimate what they can get done in a year that if you if if your goal is steady to slowly improve these processes that for a year you hang out at an eating window of six hours a day or maybe seven hours a day but it's solid.

You're not cheating outside that you're really holding and when when I see people crash and burn into the cycle where they keep binging and crashing and binging and crashing they don't do this protocol they leave the ketones away saying I'm just going to make ketones I have so much fat I'm going to make ketones when you add ketones to.

Circulation not only does your brain work better but the appetite is suppressed and the mitochondria that have kind of been a little lazy they haven't needed to use a ketone for a while you can they start doing their job and while the while the mechanics of your body are back at work we need the psychology of your your mind.

Back at work and that means how do you address where how you got there what was going wrong who is your support group that can help you walk through things and then that self-realization by documenting in a place where you can look back over time that I really need you to make it at least 10 solid days of doing the right thing before you advance.

To the next level do not reach for those fasts do not reach for the best cycle you've been at go back to a place where you really are solid and when I see people do that they have this steady Improvement steady Improvement and and that's how we reverse medical problems okay we're going to go over to your questions so be sure you're typing them.

In my team is putting them in our little document well I before I hop over there I am going to uh just give another reminder to say thank you for everybody who did send in your videos um for our 21 day course we have lots of reviews but also the folks that wrote a wrote the um.

Um wrote in for um the you can see the videos if you if you scroll through at the bottom some of them are just so awesome and then you can see the ones that typed in those messages as well anybody who submitted that does get a a a gift from me so I they all know about that I'll let them show you that I also want to say a.

Special thank you to the folks that come to my support group on Tuesday Mornings it is every Tuesday at the pin chasers here on North Armenia so 4809 North Armenia every Tuesday at 8 A.M it is free to anybody who wants to hang out ask me questions I I leave at about 9 15 and have a meeting that starts at 9 30 but I'm I had some new faces this.

Morning and they are getting a sneak peek at what I'm going to be talking about at ketocon I'm taking off a really Advanced lecture which is to really teach about cholesterol not in the glib way that says LDL cholesterol is bad no we are really diving into the advanced biochemistry of what happens to cholesterol during a ketogenic diet and.

What do you really need to look at as a as a person trying to say am I doing myself any harm for having all that fat and the answer isn't just Oh no you're fine that's not the answer you gotta you gotta learn about this process so I keep practicing the message the folks that come allow me to use their Labs as I try to teach through it with the slides that.

We've been using and I'm just really thankful so if you haven't signed up for ketocon I really do uh plan I do not plan on having a booth but I plan on being there standing there answering your questions so the fastest way that you can hang out with me is going to be well Tuesday Mornings at pin chasers but that's only an hour.

At a time um I'll be at ketocon and I'll be there to answer your questions and to get to know the folks that really are trying to become part of the keto community so I'm I'm looking forward to all of you that are coming let's hop over and look at our questions um let's go.

And um all right we've got some questions in the bank here my team is keeping me up to up to date so yes this is also where you're going to get your questions answered I know several of you have written in on Instagram and uh on Facebook and every time I try to add one of those tasks to the week I can do it a.

Couple of times before it's just one more thing on my schedule that I don't I I'm struggling to have the consistency with so keep showing up here and I will answer your questions here the other places I'll I'll keep trying but be nice to me all right so should we eat in a four hour window long term or is base.

Metabolism always 16 8. Kai that's a really good question um uh I will tell you your numbers are going to be the ones to tell you that one of the things that I loved seeing in the 21 day was every one of the students was hooked up to a keto Mojo dashboard so I could totally geek out and go in and.

Look at people's numbers and as you would watch their blood sugars start to get better we had a couple of challenges where one of the challenges was we said you can eat as many sardines as you want at any hour of the day for as many hours as you want but the only food that you can eat for these three days is sardines and I would watch to see what their.

Sugars have done so their eating window is completely wide open but what's fascinating is in those people who are keto adapted especially by the third day when when their cholecystokinin is is primed when their body is able to really send the signal of satiety with a high fat meal their eating window is usually a lot more.

Narrowed than they typically were before the Sorting check so when people say what should I be eating a four-hour window or a you know can I keep it at eight hours I have many people who are so insulin resistant that when they narrow their eating window to eight hours at first their morning sugars are better.

At first their ketones are up in you know in the 1.2 2.0 I mean they really have pretty good ketones but it doesn't take long for their body to really equilibrate to that and reset and once their body is reset to that that um that morning sugar that is not in the 70s that is not in the 60s and their ketones are not not elevated they're.

They're low like 0.2 is 0.4 then I'm going to ask them to stress their metabolism a little bit more especially if they're not at ideal body weight especially if they've had insulin resistance for the better part of a decade uh by by allowing that morning fasting sugar to bump up into the 90s or hundreds and the ketones to sink back.

Down to a 0.2 or 0.4 every day every day every day that says you're you're not stressing your metabolism 16 8 I I mean my teenagers could live at 16 8 and stay healthy most of my patients cannot live at 16 8 and stay healthy 16a is where they learn to cope with how do you say no to food especially when I have them say you're 16 8 hours needs to.

Be that the eight hours slide towards sunrise and you don't eat when after Sunset when they have really been practicing that and their morning fasting blood sugars are greater than 90 greater than 100 and their ketones are very low that's when I start to say all right I need you to advance instead of an eight hour window I need you to.

Try a six hour window and then they hold there for you know six weeks three weeks whatever it is and they realize okay what's your morning sugar at what's your morning ketones at and when their morning sugar is not in that you know 60s 70s or 80s and their ketones are 0.2 then at some.

Point they need to slide that eating Windows closer if they're trying to reverse medical problems because a doctor boss ratio of greater than 100 in the morning is not going to reverse those medical problems you're stable um you're probably not going to get worse really fast um we have we have a guy who is giving.

His report this morning from our our group and he has been insulin resistant he's had a heck of a price he had to pay uh where his insulin resistance led to a vascular situation where he had a stroke after a surgery and that stroke um has almost completely reversed by now he's been coming to group almost two years or a year and a half I guess now.

Uh and he really has improved himself it's just impressive how much better he is but he gets up in the morning and his sugars are not 60 70. they're they're higher than they should be and his ketones are you know 0.4 and he's doing pretty good things but if he wants that to be a if he wants his metabolism to be um to be flexible to be stressed which.

Is part of how you heal that blood sugar needs to come down and the ketones need to go up so the answer to your question is long-winded because it's a really common question I get this a lot and I'm trying to answer it not just for you but for other people that when people are at a four-hour window um.

And then their life falls apart and they fall and they binge and they can't well then go back to whatever it is that that window was where you were last stable often it's eight hours and then you're at eight hours for those 10 days then you're at seven hours for those 10 days and what you're trying to do is Slide the window narrower and more.

Towards sunrise in order to uh to watch to see when does your metabolism click back over to metabolically flexible I hope that answers your question does smelling food cause an insulin response no but it causes an increase in response so I haven't talked much about this I.

Actually warned the people this morning I was trying to talk about the increase in effect um this is actually why um ozempic works is it has it's an increase in analog it's a look-alike for an ingratin um the but there is a a cephalic phase of.

Ingredients if you go back to last week's live I think it was last week where I talk about um what happens before they ever eat their food is the the ingratin effect and there is a cephalic phase meaning as they smell as they see as they imagine as they as they anticipate food the hormonal process does start it's not.

Insulin it's incretin um it might be too advanced to do without some slides I warned my my the person that helps me make slides that are gonna have to figure out how to make that slide because I get that question more often now not now that ozympic is out there there's a couple new ones coming.

Down the pike that you're going to want to learn about and we're going to have to be able to teach about ingratin so I'm going to need some pictures all right let's keep going here um Lisa says binges are dirty keto with high fiber nuts Dairy sweets tastes uh sweet taste like the alternate sweeteners would I still follow this.

Process to get back on instead of my fat fasts okay so with dirty keto what I find is the cycle of what you're doing that fiber that nuts that Dairy and and then those uh those sweeteners um they happen I mean it's like a treadmill that starts out nice and slow but as they add a bad habit and you can.

Call it dirty keto but I'm going to call it a habit that's not giving you the numbers that you need they add a little habit they add a little another habit then the next habit so ask me how I know I've done this too yeah so there's nuts that sit on the counter and then the nuts lead to um.

A piece of cheese and then um the nuts lead to a piece of cheese and then I don't do very well with the sweeteners but it'll be you know I I'll have my coffee without cream in it for 30 days and then then one day I just say I just want to have the cream again and it's usually after I've been having.

Nuts after I've been having cheese after it so it's this there's a escalation of how do I reset and so when I look at the accumulation of the dirty keto whatever you want to call it by by pushing reset saying get ketones in circulation start there usually my if I'm checking my numbers they hadn't been I hadn't been making.

Ketones so that's step one the second one is you really need to look at why are you reaching for those because I'm guessing you're not adding nuts because you're hungry I know I'm not it's because I'm stressed or bored or I don't know feeling entitled all the stuff that's normal but if I'm trying to reverse my weight if I'm trying to.

Reverse my insulin resistance the next the next bad habit leads to my next bad habit and and I'm totally human I do that um so I wouldn't go to your fat fasts right away I would I would back up I would really look at I mean again the fat fast like um a sardine challenge if you've been to.

The chorus and you've seen how amazing that works that's great but when I see people having these bad habits having these bad habits and then they just crash into something they know has worked in the past it isn't that I don't want you reaching for a sardine fast over the next month but when they quickly go to the Sardine.

Fast they skip over the part where they recognize why are you doing that why are you reaching for nuts why are there such easy easy snacks in your in your atmosphere in your life and that's really where you're going to be able to reverse these problems not just one at a time but really for the benefit of of you feeling better.

All right a couple things um uh let's go here uh all right so oops I went a little too high Dr baz any good advice on organ meat supplements well that's a good question because um I just got done finishing a filming um.

A really good video it was probably going to take us another month to finish editing it but it talks about let's see if they're here I don't think I have any back here it's all out at the front desk um the one organ that I tell people they really do need to supplement is liver so many people can't eat liver and that.

Um that liver um isn't uh isn't nutrient dense and you know praised by most people because it's kind of good it's really good for you the problem is let's go over here um the problem is is most people don't like how it tastes so there is again I.

Don't put my label I don't make a product that I don't take myself or somebody in my family doesn't take my husband will not eat liver I don't know he was like scarred as a child or something so looking at uh this took me about two years to get to Market because do you know how hard it is to get gas grass fed.

Liver and then it's not just like fried liver this is freeze dried liver so that the nutrient stays really good in it and that's the supplement that I eat that's the supplement that I would put in my body um again I don't like taking pills I don't like taking supplements but if I'm going to take it it better be worth the.

Time it's taking me to get the dang pill in my house and then figuring out how to eat it so the only supplement that I've found worthy of doing has been the the beef liver there are some other organ Meats out there that aren't terrible but um I would stick with the liver ones and.

You're looking for the freeze-dried stuff like like what our brand does all right Johnny Appleseed or Jonah apple seed any words of wisdom or advice going forward after the Sardine challenge so it's really great that when people have done a sardine challenge saying well what do I do next what's what I get this.

A lot too so sardine challenge does a really good job of of three things it primes that the body for making cholecystokinin again how much how much cholecystokine in your body makes is dependent on how much fat you've eaten over the previous days so people say gosh doc I have those sardines and I burp and I don't feel.

Good I don't like it they make me burp I'm like just keep going the first day is because the previous fat that you had yesterday wasn't that much and by eating only sardines it really does prime the body's ability to make bile part of that's gallbladder but part of that's liver and it all has to do.

With how much your body's your how much you're swallowing for that fat so by the third day of the Sardine challenge your body has some really good mechanisms reset it's making ketones really well it has lowered the blood sugar really well and it makes cholecystokinin really well the part that I see people Crash and.

Burn for after they do the Sardine challenge is they like ward off like I've had my lifetime fill of sardines what I would do if you're struggling if you said if you did the Sardine challenge with us and then you finished off the 21 day we've had several folks write in saying oh I know I didn't follow up with a support group I thought.

I would but I didn't do it and now I'm kind of floundering so what I tell people to do is if they if they get back into their Rhythm and they they work towards 10 days of eating well at the place they're at and then push for a sardine challenge so three days of sardines then after that there is a minimum of five cans of.

Sardines that eat for the for that week okay so that that usually means it's the first meal of every day for the next week it's amazing how little they eat when you do that the following week I go to four cans and the following week I go to three cans and what's happening is you're gradually saying all right when I took.

Away all the the social pressure of figuring out a menu and keeping it high fat and then of course the can of sardines has good portion control right so all these things are wonderful but then I push that responsibility back on the patient and they're just not emotionally ready to deal with all that well uh start with the training wheels.

Say okay the first meal of every day after the Sardine Channel challenge is I don't care what you eat after that start with sardines start with a can of sardines and then the next week you have to do it four days out of the week and then the next week is three days out of the week and what happens is that's a great I.

Mean they really have satiety they really feel full so the ability to eat past that fullness it it it's really hard to do I mean when you're when you have endocrine on your side when the hormones are on your side yes I can eat through it too I can push through and say I'm just gonna have what I want.

But it's a lot harder to do that when your hormones are saying oh you can do it you can do it so I've had a lot of people write in about that so I'm I'm glad you you type that in they've been through the emails and I haven't gotten them all answered I keep thinking oh we're gonna have to.

Address this in the next 21 day course because so many people wrote in and said well what do I do now so you took you took the pressure away from me I got to answer it all right I'm going to check my numbers at the end here I do have um something I would like to talk about instead of showing you an end screen.

This week um I I want you to hear about different ways you can help support the Dr BOS Channel because as you hopefully see you're at the end of this video because something was helpful I hope you find this as a community I hope you see that these are real people trying to get rid of real problems and.

As much as I could be seeing patients one-on-one at a much higher volume I take time to make these videos to plan out what what folks are looking for and find a way to serve a larger volume of people but um things like supporting keto Mojo by using our link gives us a little bit of.

Income a little bit of feedback so if you click the links that my team will put in the show notes here um I it helps our system it helps our team uh be able to keep the channel open so we appreciate that there's something called a card that happens on here and I think it's either up here.

Or up here on the replay we'll try to put it in that card too all right so my ketones are okay 4.8 and my glucose is 50. so ketones 4.8 glucose is 50. when I get off of the live I'll take a screenshot of my dashboard and put it over on the the the community tab so if you've got numbers uh you can share with me but I.

Would love it if you uh help our system out by not only supporting keto Mojo and they have done such a great job of building a dashboard that works for our system and it's free it's free to all of you that want to run a support group that want to have accountability through numbers and I think there's nothing better I mean it really is the truth.

Serum for saying how is your metabolism doing should you be at a six hour window should you beat an eight hour window I don't know look at your numbers that's what we do at the doctor about show that's a wrap for tonight we will see you next week and I appreciate all of your comments I do use them to come up with ideas for what you want to hear.

About next week so thanks again I will
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