Are you losing Muscle on Keto?

Are you losing Muscle on Keto?

Are you losing Muscle on Keto?

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Hello everybody it's Tuesday night and this is the Dr BOS show Welcome to our live I love seeing those members of the community out there and you guys had good questions uh starting already you guys are trained this is where I answer questions live tonight we are talking about are you worried that you might have loss of muscle mass on your uh on.

The keto diet uh this is something I get asked a lot and we're going to talk about how you can be confident about your muscle mass and whether or not uh that is a something you should be concerned with how can you control that and what are those steps to do that thanks for the regulars telling me my sound is good which is always the best.

Place to start on Tuesday nights I am going to start with some traditions here on the uh Dr baj show which is checking my own numbers and giving you a little bit of a recap of my weekend my week I did do a good job on my fast it's been over 48 hours since I've last eaten and I have done some metabolic stresses to my system I went to the sauna on Sunday.

With husband and then I uh went with the interns yesterday to CrossFit which I'm trying to be in the better habit about doing yesterday's CrossFit was particularly uh taxing I ran 800 meters and then did okay so glucose of 47 and ketones of 2.9 and my little guy is beeping at me that that must be too low I'm here to tell you I am trying to.

Preserve muscle mass so if somebody wants to do my uh do my um uh Dr Bob's ratio I would be appreciative of it but it is uh leading into tonight about how uh we and some of the things we're going to talk about I am drinking ketones tonight and I have a couple of great stories that I'm going to start with but before we do that I.

Have some announcements that um you're going to want to stick around for the 50 deal that I have for you tonight um and and why in the world would I be doing a 50 deal I will tell you more about that let me switch to this one uh I have a few announcements today I did an interview with the folks at low carb um USA dang what nice people uh I I.

Really am excited about not only being invited to this uh place where uh where I get CME if you are a medical professional and you are looking for a place to support um for those of you that have seen my lecture in the past about A1C I have I've probably spent another 10 hours looking at and.

Um and getting the slides at the level of a caliber that would need to be for a medical approval upon review which doesn't mean that the other part wasn't medically reviewed but I have to cite the sources and it just takes the level of the lectures to a higher level the other part about low carb USA that I'm I'm super excited about is there's not a.

Whole bunch of rooms going on at once you get to really focus on the people in front of you and I find that increases the quality of the relationships that I'm looking forward to reinforcing with several of the people that uh the last few times I've been at a at a conference I've just been so busy that I did not get that so I'm looking forward to that.

There is a dinner that if you want to join us and hang out and talk keto I will be there for that but I'm going to show you how to get there let me see if I can do this on a live show here oh here we go events and then go to the Boca 2023 it's in early January and if you type in the code put it in the chat here d r b o z you.

Get 20 off um I just got that code today so if you did purchase it already I'm sorry uh I'm actually my nurse is looking for continued medical education I'm like let me buy you the best continuing medical education because it's hard to find medically approved literature or conferences.

Um that have continuing medical education so we are I'm happy to support this the the people that are speaking at this event and the people that are running it but I really if you're a health coach if you're a nutritionist if you're looking for continued education the quality of this is is high enough for me to get medical education points.

And I think you're going to be very impressed with not just the lineup of people they've got in there um but also um uh the quality of time that you're going to get to spend with not trying to chase too many rooms at one time I'm leaving off poor Dom at the bottom bottom here Dom D'Agostino is again.

Tampa native or Tampa research but um I will probably not see him until Boca just the nature of Our Lives let's hop over to the DR Boss Channel I do want to point out that we've been working on our Dr Bob's favorites uh page and I do have some um some specials that I are always here for you again I want you to see what I.

Do so this is um the link for the meter that I have uh I have that I offer a discount to by using the link here if you have a if you have a for a care meter and you want to upgrade it there is no better deal than this one it's called a trade up and if you if you click on this link that's uh tested live.

Perfect okay that's what's supposed to happen um it does give you uh you you say yep I will send in my meter and um and they will send you a really s squeal of a deal 70 glucose 70 ketone strips for about 70 by the time you pay for um the uh the shipping and handling and that is a really good deal and it is the.

Meter that we use in our 21 day um challenges we have improved the link to the uric acid that is the four care meter that does that the four care meter is still on here we've we've got it down here as the bundle and if you're looking for some of my favorites that's what this page is all about we I continually.

Try to update it and keep it current with what is my real favorites other things that I like folks to do on this page is um oh Angela's gonna kill me I have a review that I was supposed to use from her she found a great review because I said I will give a gift to.

Somebody who leaves a review um and I I see that she says to do it but I don't have the review in front of me so let's see if I can find it really quick so um first of all on the website signing up for our newsletter is how we communicate with you is how we share our.

Deals we do have a super exciting Christmas deal that uh probably the best deal I've ever put together and I I'm really excited about it so I will share that first on the um on the web on the emails that are going out so to sign up for an email you can scroll down here and say yes to the newsletter if somehow you've pushed.

Unsubscribe then you have to re-subscribe or it's the rules do not permit me to send you one so please do that let's go over to the see if I can find the oh I bet Angela is shaking her head right now because we have not allowed people to leave reviews before but she says there's a really great review under the.

Beef uh the the grass-fed um beef liver and I'm super excited about this I've been trying to Source this during covid it was an absolute nightmare I could not get it to Market um I thought I had it all figured out and then they changed the cows on me and I they were not grass-fed anymore and so.

I had to start all over um I'm really proud of our cows they are from Argentine and I am definitely thankful for getting this all the way to Market we will offer it on Amazon shortly but I I highly recommend you you start here oh goody here's the ones you wanted me to read I did it okay Heidi writes in and says okay for first of all.

I'm reading Heidi's uh review on the live show so she gets a gift from us and it's not a stingy gift this is a great gift this is the only way I'm getting the iron in my body I've tried eating liver just can't do it uh these liver capsules are high quality and well priced compared to other brands uh I've used previously yeah I talked.

About this last week when I went through my labs to say if you're trying to get um uh some of the benefits for uh whole food organ meat yes that is awesome you should do that but some people truly cannot stomach the liver taste and um I went through a ton of uh of details on how I think through a ferritin my.

Ferritin is nearly 500 do I think that I'm in trouble no do I think I'm iron overloaded no I have our local support group here at the pin chasers and if you're in Tampa and you're looking for a support group 4809 North Armenia every Tuesday eight o'clock I am nothing if not methodical and I answered a whole bunch of questions this morning about.

All right doc I need you to repeat what you said last week on that live so it gives me the hint that there might be more of you that have questions about some of the details about iron and ferritin and then a few other things that I probably didn't flesh out quite as well I am working on some slides to make it much easier for you to.

Understand so I don't have it done this week I have a really good idea for what I want to do next week for Thanksgiving so I probably won't do it then but I'm going to keep keep educating until everybody gets Wyatt is so important to use heme based iron not Elemental iron to replace your iron and then for heaven's sakes if you live in an.

Industrial world like ours check check your numbers you don't need me for all that all right so that gets us through our announcements um I do want to make sure you hear me loud and clear that showing support for that low carb conference I just there's a lot of conferences out there that do not succeed and I.

I really I really want to put my my voice towards the ones that do a great job of lifting the bar and educating that when I show people a a glucose of 43 and hopefully nobody out there is freaking out because I've educated you I've said no no no um here are some ways that I know I am not a a glucosa 43 you should think.

About am I breaking down muscle for energy how am I doing this I am not hyped up on caffeine I really am fasted 48 hours and I have a metabolism that I have been flexing that I've been pushing and I did some of that explanation this morning in my support group because we do talk about the advanced lessons that I try to teach here on the show and.

I tried to make sure that are answering your questions as we continue to lift that education along the way if you're looking for a crash course in how this education really can transmit the focus of Boca low-carb USA Boca is on mental health and and even addiction again near and dear to my heart uh something I've spent.

A lot of energy and time working on and delivering in not just a a glibway but um in a way that's really answered the questions for patients and for um several uh family members that have struggled with this so I'm excited to be a part of it but also um I'm going to do my part to lift the.

Level of Education that I've got inside my um inside my lecture I am taking it to the next level so if you even if you've heard part of it before I'll have to practice but it's going to be good by the time I'm ready all right so I'm going to go to a couple stories so I'm going to take away the.

Chat so I don't get distracted because there are some things that happen this week that um that bring me to answering this question about um lean body mass and are you wasting muscle am I using muscle for energy uh when my blood sugar gets that low okay for starters I.

Um I have uh two stories that I'm going to talk about number one this is a really big week this is the first real week of wrestling season and for those of you that follow me you know that my son is a wrestler uh my son number three came out left-handed.

Redheaded and definitely built different than the other two he um he talked his mother into letting him wrestle in the second grade and we are now a junior in high school age 16 and he is on a wrestling team that I couldn't be more proud of um but this week something very important happens on the wrestling uh.

Team and that is he has to weigh in over the summer I had um I had him measure how much body fat he has along with his brothers and I measured mine too I had the most body fat of anybody in the family um but I did that because this day was coming and this Friday he has to weigh in for the season he will not be.

Permitted through the health rules of the I don't know wrestling Society that when the team physician weighs him in they'll do a body scan to measure how much body fat he has and it will be um that will calculate how much he's able to lose during any time during the season between now and the state wrestling uh tournament in the spring.

They do this so that the boys do not try to cut weight in in a way that's unhealthy but it leads me to um to talk about uh muscle mass you know as many of you know my my dad passed away in 2020 when we were stuck in Hawaii 93 days during covid landed in Hawaii and couldn't get home couldn't even get.

A rowboat to go home and by the time we got home dad had been on dialysis for a year his kidneys were peeing protein and um it is a very good teaching case to say when I look at a patient that comes into the office and says doc I want to try your keto thing but I don't want to lose.

Muscle it's not an insignificant concern it's a very important concern that as you age one of the biggest predictors for fragility and that is that part of a person's life where when something happens uh to their health uh they can't recover like fragility matches uh you'll if.

You've been to the doctor's office in the last three I don't know four years now they have us asking have you had a fall in the last so many months and what they're trying to score is they're trying to screen people for a fragility a fall is one of the measurements of this fragility but it's because it's related to muscle mass now I grew up on.

A farm and the image of my dad was muscle okay he is a identical twin him and his twin I don't know I think they're built like my my wrestler they they were built of muscle from everything from his handshake uh to seeing his back filled with me just muscle um and I can remember only a a small.

Season of his life where he ever had a a punch and it's actually right before uh I wrote any way you can and really put Mom and Dad on a ketogenic diet uh leaned them up and um and dad got several comments about you're getting too skinny you're getting too skinny and he wasn't his muscle mass.

Was preserved but when his kidneys had a um something that was a tragedy that he peed Out protein and from perhapsing his kidneys looking at everywhere in his body they couldn't figure out where that why that protein was leaking out of his kidneys uh it got so bad that he had to be on dialysis he could not filter his.

Um his blood well enough so he was on dialysis and in that year of being on dialysis and having so many proteins wasted out of his urine his his muscle mass it just plummeted like he went from being this muscular man I mean he was in his 70s and he it just dropped and as soon as something went wrong he.

Died it is not an insignificant question to ask hey Doc am I going to lose muscle mass on this uh on this ketogenic diet uh so those two stories of my son um weighing in on Friday for his um projected ability to lose weight any weight in the wrestling system his mother won't let him cut weight so but.

It's really for the other boys that don't have crazy mothers like me saying no I'm gonna do a body scan to make sure you don't lose any more fat than you need to and dovetailing that into what happens in uh on a ketogenic diet and what can you do in the mat in the respects of protecting yourself from Akita from Ketone loss so.

We're going to talk about that and then we're going to talk about what you should do if you're if you're concerned and what what I've done in my family I'm going to be a little vulnerable tonight so I'm gonna ask everybody to be really nice to me because this this might be hard for me to share with you um but I have.

Um I have a couple of things so a few weeks ago there was a gal on that had uh eaten two sticks of butter and she did that because she knew that if she put a really high fat content into her system that she could get those ketones higher that she um she comes to our support group and she had had these ketones that were just.

Terrible I mean 0.3 0.4 maybe she could get it to 0.6 but could just not get the ketones to rise and she had seen all the numbers from the Sardine fast and said I can't do it candy sardines but I could eat a stick of butter I could even eat two sticks of butter in a day she literally ate two sticks of butter you should go back and watch it.

It's a great video uh but the the punch line for that was yes she could make her ketones go High um and what happens when those ketones are in high numbers a high circulation is not only does she have excessive access to energy once your body turns fat into a ketone once I swallow ketones there are only two Destinies that can.

Happen to that that molecule I will either burn it inside a mitochondria or I'll pee it out a urinated out it will go through my kidneys it's water soluble and I'll flush it out so either you have a very energized system or you have very expensive urine how to sort through that is what is the demand of energy from your body.

But as those ketones are in high circulation uh let's talk evolutionarily those ketones would only get high when people had had little access to a carbohydrate food now this happened in Seasons it happened when uh you know Harvest was great and they had some fruit or some grain but then there's you know 12 months before that.

Harvest is going to happen again so there were many months where they had just high fat and meat as their consumption and during those times where the the rapid fuel of glucose was was not as easy for them to consume keeping ketones around was important to make sure that they had energy to do the kinds of things they needed to do like.

You know get the saber-toothed tiger and hunt and find their their food but in the evolution of having ketones high in your system um there's a mistake that the body makes and it's worth the mistake the mistake is what that woman was doing with two hacks two sticks of butter and she was hacking her system to raise the ketones.

Higher and by raising them higher um first of all she had good energy but the production of ketones or those High ketones would stimulate her body to make more ketones so ketones beget ketones and her um yeah the the signal that uh happens when.

You have that high of ketones in circulation is you get satiety you don't have hunger I mean the brain thinks we all talk about or focus is increased but what it does for your muscle is it signals to not break down muscle so by having high ketones in circulation she would she would signal her body to not use her muscle mass as energy but to.

Use fat as energy um so when she hacked this when she had those two sticks of butter for several days in a row I think it was I don't know a week or so uh she she really produced the ketones higher and then even after she stopped eating the butter she still fasts for 72 hours every week.

This woman has been fasting for 72 hours a week since February I mean that's way longer than eight weeks but you should see how much her body has improved and she has worried am I losing muscle mass I said well what happens uh to your Ketone number when you fast and she goes well first it goes down and then then it gets higher what it was doing before the.

Butter challenge that high fat Challenge and if you go to the end of that video but it she doesn't need to keep doing that it's a great little experiment but you do not need to keep doing that what what she's doing uh is making that energy available to her system and by having that high Ketone around it is a protection that she will not break down.

Her own muscle for energy her body will seek out the fat that's stored empty those fat cells and use that as energy over any muscle mass so that brings me to what what other things I do on my fast that um I don't need a stick of butter okay I do some sardines but on my fast I eat nothing and during my fast you can see.

That yes my blood sugar gets down um into the 60s and even in the 40s today but before it does that that Ketone production is a pretty solid production um and my sugar is doing better than it was I mean it's been in the 80s and then 70s.

And now now getting even better um but I've learned to to burn ketones during my fast so the first way I burn ketones I said earlier that my husband and I went to the sauna on Sunday I try to do this routinely on Sundays um where I go expose myself to heat and.

I like the to go in the the the steam sauna is my is the ultimate place I like to go but I start out usually in the hot it's like the hot tub but it's it's super hot water and it gets me sweating and so like my body temperature a little hot and then I go into the Steam and I try to make it for 17 minutes I try to make it for 19 minutes but um I've.

Already been in the hot water a few minutes so I give myself a couple minutes that's not scientific that's just me trying to get through and then I get in the cold water for three minutes and really lower my body temperature and then I go back in the hot water and then I go back in the steam shower or steam Asana and then I go back in the cold.

Water so it's two cycles through that which takes me about 45 minutes to get through the sauna and what I'm doing is I'm stressing my system by exposing it to heat um and then exposing it to cold and then taking it back and exposing it to heat and then exposing it to cold and when you look at my ketones at the.

End my blood sugar usually has spiked a little uh it's usually at the beginning of my fast so there's plenty of sugar and Storage by this time of the week um and my ketones go down I've used them all so then what happens over the next 24 hours is I'm usually the crabbiest right before I go for that workout on Mondays.

I've only been in the routine of this about six weeks but I'm trying to find a good rhythm of saying on Mondays during my fast I want to do a muscle building exercise and usually I can depend on CrossFit for Designing one of those muscle building activities for me uh so this week I went and before I worked out my blood sugar was it was in the middle.

Of the afternoon my blood sugar was like 70 something um and my ketones were I don't know 1.1 or something so not bad but not not super high um because I've been doing this long enough that my body will produce the energy that I have been exposing to that I've been asking for.

So by by stressing my system and this week at CrossFit we did an 800 meter run followed by 50 squat jumps right and then another 800 meter run that's a lot of running for me and then another 50 squat jumps and afterwards my blood sugar was um in the high 40s again and my ketones were on were I mean I had used them all.

Up they were now down to 0.2 so I wake up the next morning okay so that's Monday night so then I woke up this morning and I checked my blood sugars and I think this morning's blood sugar was like I want to say it was somewhere around 50 56 or something 64 something like that in the 50s or 60s and my ketones were.

0.2 so if I was looking at my doctor Bob's ratio this morning you're like oh where did my ketones go it would be a signal that if I hadn't been checking them more routinely if I didn't know that I've been high and then I used them and I got lower and then I got high again and then I used them again and got lower.

Um I would be worried about what the lady with a stick of butter was struggling with am I not producing enough ketones and when my body is not in good enough shape to do that it exposes my muscles to be broken down as energy and I can be confident in that because by tonight I don't know what was my.

Ketones 2.4 or something um whatever it was uh I can look here quick um the you guys will probably remember this faster I will I could scroll back and see what it was but um the the ketones of um.

Of so I was 47 on the blood sugar and oh 2.9 uh of the on the ketones so yeah by the end of the day my body has said no no no we need more energy for her to keep going and I have so many ketones right now like 2.9 or whatever that was uh that my body's willing to spill some of them into the urine and it is a very wasteful thing for my body to.

Do that but when you see the next dexa scan the next scan that I'm about to talk about you're going to see that don't worry I have plenty of storage for what I'm doing here okay so what what I hope you are hearing me say is if I'm looking at somebody's protection of their muscle I want to see that during the week they're able to.

Bring their ketones up to a solid good production those ketones in circulation send out protection that your body will not use a muscle cell as energy as food source that even during times where I use the energy up this morning I woke up my glucose was low my ketones were low I felt fine my body was producing just.

Enough ketones I had used all the extra ketones during the night I was sleeping I wasn't you know stimulating production and I woke up and I have these low ketones and low glucose but I felt fine it was just enough energy that my body was doing okay that's what it's supposed to do that's the goal is it's trying to meet the demands without overshooting.

For too long but it will make the error of overshooting ketones because that's how you survive a famine and that's how your ancestors got you genetically here today so as I look for the the benefit of why I want to see ketones in my own circulation during that fast is to say yep I want to build muscle mass uh or at least not lose muscle mass I know that.

Having solid muscle mass I'm about to turn 51 in a couple weeks and having that muscle mass through my 50s and into my 60s is a protection for how I don't hit fragility and I just can't emphasize um how big of a transformation my dad who is a farmer from South Dakota he's got you know exposure to cold and.

Heat all the time working his own working man's job his whole life and he had enough muscle mass he could have lived to a hundred but then he started wasting protein and his body wasn't making ketones until the last little bit of his life and then in covid uh you know and on dialysis even with.

You know his ketones were never as good of a production as moms were and usually men produce ketones faster quicker than women but even with his Ketone production around that one or 1.1 it wasn't enough to for his body's pathology to still keep attacking his own muscles now he had a serious disease that was not reversible.

Um but I don't have that disease and let's hope you don't have that disease if you do you should be your the muscle wasting is incredible it is so fast outside of that I want you to lose the body fat get your body's Health in the best condition and one way to protect against using losing that muscle is to make sure those ketones stay high the.

Second thing that you hear me doing is I'm using muscle um I'm doing an exercise that is resistance training so that's what CrossFit is for me on Mondays and usually Fridays all right so the second thing that I want to talk about is what I did for my son and what I did for me this is that part where I'm about to be.

Vulnerable and I want everybody to just be nice that I did this in July did this about 10 or 15 12 pounds ago at least and I did this for my hemoglobin A1c my average blood sugar was closer to like 118. if you've been following along my now my average blood sugar is 100 my e1c is 5.1 my goal is to get it back in the.

Fours and that's why you see me pushing so hard to get those blood sugars low during my fast and then try not to go too Hog Wild on the days that I eat by keeping it limited to sardines and limited to a certain uh you know the number of hours I eat per day is is less than four okay so I'm gonna show you this next.

Thing let me go here yes okay so this is a body uh a dexa scan now I'm showing you my dexa scan um and showing you what my numbers are because I want you to um to take in what what you learned from a body a body um okay so let me let's go back to the.

Bigger screen and explain this before I give you all those numbers okay so there are three things that you get out of a dexa scan a dexa scan is a very low level of radiation like lower than an airplane trip lower than 10 minutes in Us in the sun those are both filled with radiation lower than a mammogram this tiny amount of radiation is sent through.

The human body and the the density of your mass falls into three categories if it's a water density it is that is considered fat if it is a bone density if it's you know calcifies minerals that is your bone density and the other density there is your lean body mass so we can see what.

Your lean body mass is with a dexa scan now this is a scan done by Body spec and they were at ketocon this year so it's my first bone density I hadn't ever done one before it was after this that I said I need to make sure my son does this before school starts which is when all the boys did it and I super proud to say a couple things here that I was the best.

In the family on a few things let me show you um okay so let me get this back up here and give you some information so what I'm I I hope everybody can be kind about is yes I had 31 body fat okay I was the fattest one in the family.

I was also the only girl uh and also the one who birthed children so but what I what I really want you to be able to um to see is that the the total body mass was about 140 pounds and my goal is to get down to like 125 and I'm not quite there yet but I'm I'm keep I'm working the amount of fat I had 43.

Pounds of fat I had 5.35 pounds in bone and I had 90 pounds in lean body mass all right so let me unpack that a little bit before you uh and and say again this is not um it's not great I know let's just go into my age group so here is the one for women and here is my age.

Group I'm 50 years old and I am in the uh this uh you know percentile for where does this spell-shaped curve land for women what I really like to show off though is when you look at um when you look at um where that uh the fat mass is happening there are a couple places in.

The human body where we know it predicts for really poor health and one of those is the fat around your abdomen they call this the Android area and on the second page they really go into this here they talk about um.

Yeah so Android this is the lower abdomen part and if you look at that little space right there um that's the um that that's it says number one I don't know if you can see that it's pretty tiny so here is Android this is the gynoid section which is the number two.

Let me just blow this up a little bit better okay so this would be Android there we go uh hold on a second this is the um Android area that is where visceral fat comes from this gynoid area is this section right here in your hips um and it does a pretty good job of just kind of saying okay when you're.

Comparing the ratio of the fat that's found in your abdomen to the part in your hips it should be less than one it should be less than one so when I look at my Android of 32 percent body fat and my gynoid of 36 body fat it is a ratio of less than one again that's what you want this is saying that my visceral fat inside my body is less than my abdominal.

Fat okay that's not what we're doing here we're gonna look at lean body mass in just a second uh but I do want to break on one second because um I was really happy to show off to my kids that here's what eating sardines really does over time and that is that my ability to absorb calcium and use it is because I eat sardines.

Um your z-score is the age matched range for your for you and in the population uh there is less than one percent of the people that is that are greater than 100 that are above 2.5 and I happen to be one of them anyway I I really was I bragged even though I was the fattest one in my family uh I have lean young sons that.

All are they weren't quite as lean as they thought they were but they were pretty darn good um I was the best bone dancing so I know it's because of my sardines anyway okay back to this so what I'm really looking at here is here is my total muscle balance and when you look.

At these spec scans you can say well am I losing muscle mass again don't take my word for it check your numbers look at this data this you do not need a doctor's prescription to do this I think they cost between 50 and 75 dollars you can Google in your area which you know a dexa scan your doctor who does a bone density for osteoporosis and checking.

For osteopenia all of these numbers come in that report if you don't know them and you want to know them I'm saying don't be afraid to say hey Doc what is what are those numbers so if you look at this muscle report though um the let's just look at total mass here uh Total Lean Mass so in the the.

Regions it's just showing you so here you have my total arms and I have you know the total mass of my arms was 12.6 with about three pounds three four pounds of fat but I have eight pounds of um of muscle mass when you look at my total legs I have about 32 pounds of muscle.

Mass um that's my this is my bone density here again way of building all that up the percentage of of these really is to show that when you look at um what I would like for my body um I'm I'm working on it I'm just like you I I'm not perfect here uh but the process of improving your system begins.

With number one measuring your system uh this lean body mass shows me the amount of muscle mass that I have this is not one of the scans where you go in and you hold on to uh something in your hands and they look at the conduction of you know energy through your through your hands and feet what they're trying to do is saying yeah muscle mass.

Conducts that energy at one rate and water conducts it at another Fat conducts it at another rate and they're trying to base that uh amount of body fat and and lean mass on how well it's it conducts that message from one hand to the next I would not I don't like to do I would do the radiation if you say it's but it's radiation I'm like but.

It's accurate it's measurable it's repeatable and if you're really concerned about whether or not you're losing muscle mass well first of all keep your ketones around ketones in circulation help you protect from that do things that build muscle mass and increase growth hormone that includes resistant training and exposing yourself.

To temperature like what I do in that sauna every week and then for heaven's sakes measure so those are the punch lines of what I want to say for people that are worried about losing muscle mass those are the punch lines that I hope you take away from this all right before we go to your questions.

We're going to quickly share because I snap I forgot to pull up the questions hold on one second just give me a second because my team is writing on a on a page that I forgot to click on so I might not be able to show you the questions but I'm going to be able to read them hang tight here we go my bad I totally forgot to click that.

Button Angela's shaking her head again right now I can totally tell um okay I got the questions pulled up I I'm on the right page before I do that though I am going to show you um a um.

I'm going to show you the the deal of the week so let's go to um here and we're gonna go to uh not here uh where did I put that don't give up don't give up here it is let's take that away okay so here is uh the deal of the week we have uh my.

Fulfillment center is doing a great job but one of their software uh updates now alerts us when something is about to expire and unfortunately we lost track of a few items that were about to expire oh when they expire they all go to my family and I eat them I they're safe I'm happy to use them but in in the meantime before.

They expire I can still sell them and you can get a heck of a deal you can get 50 off of these Ketone bodies again one of the hacks that I have for people who are worried about losing muscle mass is you can eat the stick of butter or the sardines like like I've talked about but I highly recommend what I have my son do this week in preparation for his.

Weigh-in on Friday and that is son I don't want you to be low on energy I don't want your brain to Crave for energy you need to do well in school but I get that you want to be competitive in a sport that you cannot afford to lose muscle mass and you need your brain performance as a junior in high school to be at Peak Performance so I need you.

To drink ketones between now and the time you weigh in because if those ketones are have a use if your body is in need of energy you'll burn them but if they're not you pee them out you don't end up gaining weight because you want to weigh in on Friday at the leanest weight you can in a healthy aspect the way he does that is he drinks.

Ketones and the whole family is eating sardines until Friday when he weighs in so welcome to my family all right so if you are look for a deal you go to our website you click on the cucumber sachets and um you get 50 off from the sachets of cucumber lemon until the supplies are.

Gone and I didn't check with Angela how many are left before the show started but um if the coupon doesn't work it's because we sold them we sold all the ones that are about to expire and then we'll try really hard not to do this mistake again but it's benefit for you if we do all right.

So let me get to um make this be what it's supposed to be here um because I think it is easier for you guys to read the questions um let me go here oh good it is right there it worked okay.

Um so here we got Gina is writing in and I'm trying to take this down so it looks right okay Gina writes in and says you mentioned the sauna you went to today are there benefits for a hot tub so this is the part where I uh it's a great question Gina I get this a lot so thanks for asking that um but.

Um I don't want to touch that okay uh but when I look at um that hot water that I get in before I go in the steam sauna first of all I'm just not very good at the steam sauna I do I do pretty good and then I I can like make it 12 minutes was this cut off that I just couldn't get past for a.

Long time and mind you when I was in South Dakota I was getting to 19 and a half minutes I did it every time I was there but I don't know something hit me in Florida I can't seem to get past 12 minutes so I was trying to heat up my body in the water before I got in the seam sauna and the reason I did that was.

I have read several studies that say it is the heat stress that you're looking for what I worry about in a hot tub is that you do really need to immerse your body in the water and it needs to get you hot that you should have beads of sweat happening you're trying to increase the body temperature asking those mitochondria to burn that energy.

To waste that heat in order uh to stress the mitochondria to burn it you you look at the benefits for sauna and it is called an exercise mimicking process because it is mimicking exercise which means that heart rate needs to raise that you are offloading heat you are offloading energy in hopes to reduce the stress of your system that is under the.

Stress in that case was heat I find it very this is I I did not find it refreshing the first time I did this but I find it very refreshing to then so go I go in the hot water I do that for like 10 minutes and then I go on the Steam for the 12 minutes that I can make it so I've made it to the 22 minutes in 19.

Minutes is what the data says you need to do for uh the steam sauna but I'm just not I'm not doing perfect yet and then I get in the cold water for three minutes and the cold water lowers my body temperature I did it for a while I did a um watched the heart rate monitor as I did it oh my gosh to watch my heart I just go boom boom boom really shut.

Down during the cold so last year we had our um our company um team meeting at a beach house here in in uh the Tampa area and I said if if we the next time I have everybody in town I'm totally gonna make him go to the sauna and expose them to the sauna when they come to town they're gonna boycott.

And never come out when I say that out loud all right let's go to the next question it's by Violet um let me read it this way Violet says I've been intermittent fasting uh and keto uh I've lost weight I ride a bike but I've been thinking about going back to bodybuilding can you do omad and keto training I'm a type 1 diabetic well that.

Is again a very good question so I think it's it's interesting as I go to my um my CrossFit gym uh and I tell them yeah I haven't eaten in and I don't I didn't tell in the first few weeks but I'm like no I fast on Sunday till Tuesday so Mondays is in the middle of my fast and my blood sugar at the end can be like 45 and you know it kind of.

Freaks them out like why are you doing that and I'm like you know to muscle train to push your mitochondria during a time when I have all these ketones around I've made all these ketones I get the benefit of producing High ketones for the next several days if I make the ketones and then I use them I don't waste them that signal of my liver to.

Make ketones the rest of the week isn't just because I ate the stick of butter and I raised my ketones you raise your Ketone and then you burn them that is the churn of metabolism that is what it looks like for your mitochondria to get in shape so I don't worry when I wake up in the morning and my glucose is low and my ketones are low like oh my gosh I'm.

Not making ketones no I made a bunch yesterday I burned them and my body will match what it is that I'm will match the production of what might the demands of my system is but because I raised the demands I did this really important thing which was push my metabolism during a fast I get extra ketones for the next three.

Or four days without another workout I mean I could work out but I don't take the time to do it and I'm do a really good job when I go and I I work to do it on a fasted State not just because I like to see my blood sugars been doing better but to do exactly what I just said which was burn the ketones that that production of ketones and then.

Emptying your tank is what stimulates the liver to reach into that 30 percent of my body fat and spin out a whole bunch of more energy hopefully I pee it out hopefully I don't eat it but it sure does protect against my muscle breakdown so I do really recommend not only do I recommend that people do a fasting exercise but it is the weight training.

That I really um I mean when you look at folks who are in a cardio only workout the mitochondria in those muscles that they use become really strong but you have all of these other muscles that should be stimulated at some point and that's really why that cross-training that I mean I like Crossfit because it's got a community.

It's got somebody saying good job I liked it as a role model for my boys when they were learning how to weight train that I wasn't the one they don't want to look at their mother they want to look at some guy with big muscles in the gym and but usually supplied that I liked that the coaches in those CrossFit Gyms were.

Very well trained there was a couple of them that were wrestlers so they were you know again role models for the for the boys all right so I'll keep going Violet the part about being a type 1 diabetic is you do need to watch that Sugar um you know the production of glucose and ketones.

Um yeah I mean I have a couple of diabetics and their average blood sugars hang out in that 55 to 65 range but they are really good Ketone makers they constantly are checking to say does your cell have both both fuels the glucose and the Ketone on a type 1 diabetic you have to.

Add the insulin for that glucose to get inside the cell you do not need insulin for that Ketone to get inside the cell but you do have to have that production of both of the of the Ketone so you're not going to produce ketones the first day you're going to need to build up the process of do you have ketones available but once you're in a ketogenic State.

Most of my most of my type 1 diabetics they supplement with with ketones when they work out they don't supplement with sugar um so good questions good questions uh uh let's go to Anthony his next um Anthony's question says does eating saturated fat raise blood glucose I heard that today when uh researching.

Or I heard that today on researching diabetes hubby cannot get his blood glucose down um I should know what this means high fat uh can't remember what that means blood ketones are 3.5 blood glucose is 119. he has 19 Wicks weeks strict carnivore no.

Cheats ever okay so what I'm guessing is that um uh your keto but you've been insulin resistant that's how you got that blood sugar to stay that high so to get that blood sugar down actually I had this exact same question in group this morning and I told the guy.

You gotta fast I mean you've got this great metabolism that you've been working on you've got this metabolism that really kicks butt it's doing a great job of um of responding and making ketones but you need to give it the space to use them to empty the tank and then fill it up again and then empty the tank and.

Fill it up again and of course when you're fasting once you empty the glucose the only tank that can go up and down is the Ketone tank and that is the enhancement of your of your of your mitochondria so when people go carnivore I mean it is a great stress on reducing the carbohydrates as far as the consumption of them.

But when you have that constant steady glucose um it is first of all there's no carnivore diet I mean rarely a carnivore diet that you can avoid all carbs I mean it still ends up in stuff on sauces and um you know they're still having some carbohydrates I've tried to eliminate them all if you eat only sardines you.

End up on a no carbohydrate diet but they don't do that for long they there's usually some carbs that they put in in either it sends in the cheese or some of the things they eat but when people have been carnivore and they're doing a great job of making ketones they're got the fat down perfect they're consuming protein no problem.

Um but that body is production of glucose is still trying to empty that storage tank and um it does a pretty good job of keeping it full once you've been insulin resistant to fix that you have to add you have to go along the keto Continuum so where where I see people in the carnivore is on the keto Continuum which.

Is this is what I do with the people in my clinic they get to a place where they now can keep their eating window into an eight-hour window they usually have it in two boluses of food two times they eat now I need you to shrink the hours you eat and what that happens is that this this requirement is that your liver must.

Supply the glucose outside the hours of that eating window um and you have plenty of storage if your average blood sugar is about 115. I'd love to know what your hemoglobin A1c is inside that eating window still two boluses of food and what happens is it usually gets down to about four or six hours before people.

Really start to say okay now what now you move it closer to Sunrise and this is something I go through in the keto Continuum once you say Doc it does not fit for me to eat breakfast and through lunch and then not eat from 12 until the end of the day it just doesn't fit in my family like okay if you're eating from three o'clock till six.

O'clock or you know three o'clock till seven o'clock every night those are your four hours that you're eating you're putting two boluses of carnivore food in the rest of the day your body is trying to empty those glucose storages you're going to make some difference but if you're stuck with that 115 blood sugar you need a 36 hour fast at least.

Once a week and that is how you stress your metabolism you empty the metabolism you empty that stored glucose to get your average blood sugars down and average blood sugar is what is going to tell me are you going to be demented are you going to be the frail person who ends up with uh an accident a fall that you never.

Recover from and those are the kinds of predictors that again we keep going through week after week after week on the show um all right um I I'm going to answer one more question so that I uh so I I don't hurt somebody.

Here if someone asks Arlene I'll show you the question Arlene oopsie wrong one um Arlene asked can going from hot water a hot tub to a cold pool be too stressful on one's heart if you're a senior um it's like asking if you are going to run a marathon is it too stressful for a.

Senior do I have seniors that run marathons yes did they run them in one day no when you look at what I do in that sauna I am several years into using Asana I did not have the strength to do this at the beginning In fact when the first time I got in a cold in the cold water I made it like 10 seconds and said that's nuts I am not doing this.

It is uh it is a stress but is it too stressful for the human body to adapt to no but it is a gradual Improvement just like I would never ask somebody to start out with a 72-hour fast no your body's not in shape for that um but I absolutely have patients that do that and they do it routinely it is a really good stimulus of growth hormone.

It is a really good stimulus for um how do how is it that a ketogenic diet can push your metabolism all right I'm going to check my numbers here while I do that I want you to know that there is something called an end screen I feel like I'm teaching you all about YouTube every week and the screens are really important YouTube measures how many of.

You click on this end screen and if enough people click on the end screen then it starts to circulate this video to other people so on my end screen tonight I am adding the video that I did that says what type of fast should you do which hours of fasting is good for you and really is a great little piece of Education it's a nice short video but.

Helps you see how do I think through this we continue to push out the content in this um uh on this show trying to find what what it is that you guys like so not only does click on the end screen help my the metrics of the show and really promote other people to find the video but hopefully those of you that stuck.

Around weren't just there for the 50 deal you actually made it all the way to the end oh I I did shoot my blood sugars up a little there now it's up to 49. um or 59 excuse me and so um and then it's counting down to these ketones uh I better recheck that again I don't.

Think I use all my ketones in in one short um uh one short hour this is the part of point of care I'm going to put the Ketone strip in the other one and the glucose strip in the other one when you look at um when data doesn't make sense recheck it recheck it.

Um so I always know that when I squeeze the blood out of my finger which that's um oh come on I'm looking for the strip that matches here I have a group almost there don't give up on me hang in there.

and then uh we will all be happy when our sun weighs in for his wrestling uh team in about uh four days because the only men only thing on the menu all week long so that he makes weight all right so the key to the blood glucose is about the same 55. and we're counting down to the ketones.

I do not understand that I'll check again but that's enough for tonight guys
Are you losing Muscle on Keto?
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