🔴Live with Dr Boz: Traveling While Keto

🔴Live with Dr Boz: Traveling While Keto

🔴Live with Dr Boz: Traveling While Keto

Check out the video on 🔴Live with Dr Boz: Traveling While Keto.
Okay I think we're live so unlike South Dakota when you travel in the airport there isn't a square space that's alone so before I get busted for being in a hallway and pushing record on the YouTube live I'm gonna answer a few questions about so I have a few wonderful questions I've had some great feedback over the last few videos I just.

Want to say thanks for being patient I am NOT the best at doing this yet but I'm really enjoying how many people are connecting with a ketogenic diet and then how much how much questions they have that even though they're answered in the book either they didn't remember it from the book or they're just having to hear it again which is how we learn.

So thanks for asking the questions I'm recording right now in LaGuardia Airport in New York so if you can hear planes in the background that's what that is and the topic I'm gonna go through today is how do you do Quito while traveling and it's not easy so I started fasting Sunday at noon so I'm about 48 hours into fasting and I.

Was doing pretty good until last night where I hadn't had any salt over the last you know probably twelve hours and a really busy day and it was unpredictable what had happened and I just needed to go with the flow but I didn't have any salt and I got home and I checked my sugars and they were pretty good and I even put out there on.

Instagram go to bed and then I just got super like irritable and I could tell I was low on salt and probably low on magnesium and I was away from home so I couldn't really do a magnesium bath without figuring out how they get a mover to the bathtub or to the salt place and then come back to the bathtub so I said alright I'm gonna go find some.

Salty cheese which was in the fridge where I was staying and so I did break my fast if you would for that moment cuz I just needed to find a way to get some salt in and I woke up this morning so with that I had some water and then about a quarter cup of a little kombucha and the kombucha was store-bought so it wasn't the kind I make at my house where.

I can control the pH and you know keep the sugars really low I just needed to have get that salt in and get past that moment I was proud of myself that I didn't break the fast anymore than I did but I really did have trouble last night so I woke up this morning and my sugars are 108 so I really wish they were better than that but you know they were.

Really good yesterday before I ate and so I had a choice to make this morning should I eat breakfast or should I keep fasting and I thought now I'm gonna take on the challenge of being exposed to the airport while fasting because I think it's easier to just fast when I travel than when I try to figure out how to eat while traveling and it's kind of where.

The focus of this post is today is as we walked into the airport you can have you could smell the baked bread probably from the pretzel place and or maybe the I don't know what was making such a wonderful smell but it didn't take long for me to say oh the temptations are everywhere and I have found this with several patients that.

Zero is easier than a little bit and same thing happened last night when I got close to that irritable moment if I would have had salt I could have gotten through with zero but as soon as I started to eat then the kombucha sounded good and it was one step after the next that I kind of fell off the wagon and I'm okay with that it's it's not the.

It's a journey but I hopped right back on fasting this morning and chose not to do that because I am heading into the world of temptation in an airport some other things in an airport that are much easier while on keto is now you have a much better selection for nuts I really like pili nuts they're not very common they taste like butter and the hallway.

Is gonna be filled with people here is that good but it is amazing how many other options like there's some really good cheese that happens to be available if you can find any feta cheese that's actually got some pretty good you know Omega threes in it but these were not options a few years ago and you can find them if you look around the airports.

Today so I stopped by and looked for some of the snacks and you know some of these healthy snacks are dried fruit one of the videos that I have people are giving me a hard time for having us clickbait which because it says fruit is evil and I do think that fruit is evil mainly because it's so tempting and as soon as you start eating it you want the.

Next bite you want the next bite you want the next bite so even though the the places are filled with fruit snack I recommend that we don't use those over the course of the next few hours I just stay away from them because as soon as I start sampling that fruit snack then I want more than I want more I did stop by the nut stand and they did have pecans.

Those are a really good option they're higher in fat macadamia nuts are the next best fatty nut after pili nuts pili nuts are the ones that are made in the Philippines and although they're really fatty and they taste a lot like butter I can't find it very well and you kind of have to special order them and they are expensive because they're only.

Made in only found in the Philippines at this point so the the nuts are a really good option but other things that I've done while traveling is that if you happen to get in here McDonald's during breakfast time and some of the McDonald's they have breakfast all day long you can't beat to sausage patties in an.

Egg if you're fasting or if you're ki towing and you're traveling look towards that is a great option for finding a great snack or a great meal while traveling the other things I've done is I've actually done the hamburgers from McDonald's while I'm traveling and just left the bun and ordered it without it amazingly today you do that and nobody's.

Finch's their nose it was like oh yeah we've heard this before but as I look at the best option that I found while traveling is that as soon as I start to eat the smells get into my temptation zone and I am eating way more than I was planning on so I've tried to make it a plan that as I travel which I don't care for traveling it's the disruption for.

Raising kids and run into practice and so what but when I do travel my brain works the best when I get home if I've fasted I've done several mission trips where we travel travel many time zones when we do that I recommend that they fast during the travel sometimes even if they've never fasted before one of the best ways to hop your brain into a new.

Time zone is to fast and to not add calories into that zone so as I look at some of the tips and tricks I've used for traveling we've got a few of the nuts we talked about stay away from that dried fruit and you know do some things like it's amazing how easy it is to find a keto meal at Qdoba which is like their queso sauce one of their high fatty.

Meats and some roasted vegetables and then to use other ideas like – sausage patties while having an egg at McDonald's and so those are some great little cheap tricks that people say I can't do this while fasting I can't travel or excuse me I can't keto while traveling and I just thought I'd share how I would navigate this with my.

Number one is try to fast while you travel it's just easiest for most people to say no you can have a good fatty meal when you get home but number two is there are some really good high fat meals at the fast-food restaurants and I like the two one found at Qdoba and one found at McDonald's I hope that gives you plenty.

Of little ideas for the next time you travel I will take time to answer all these questions as soon as I turn this off but I see that a plane has landed and I need to get off the air buddy before this will Holloway is totally filled so thank you for tuning in be sure to tell me where you're from oh I was gonna give you a code for the.

Free audiobook mmm I didn't prepare for that I don't have it in front of me I will do it next time I promise I will do it next time all right thanks for tuning in dr. Vaz you
🔴Live with Dr Boz: Traveling While Keto
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