๐Ÿ”ด Live: Keto and Fear of Fat

๐Ÿ”ด Live: Keto and Fear of Fat

๐Ÿ”ด Live: Keto and Fear of Fat

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Hey everybody i'm dr vaz welcome to sunday if you are in hawaii it is uh still one o'clock in the afternoon but if you are one of my midwesterners or anywhere around the world uh obviously it's uh evening so afternoon or evening wherever you're at welcome to the dr bob show i have a great little lesson for you today.

And i really i have some updates that we're going to go through and a great lesson but i love seeing where you're from so as i look at your comments i'm going to take a little drink and then watch your comments to see where you're at and that everything's working well.

As as i look at the week ahead i have um this is the start of my fast and i often start by pricking my finger and showing you my numbers and i'm just making sure that you guys can see me hi just if you guys can see and hear me just give a shout out oh well good but very good thank you.

Thank you thank you thank you it's awesome all right so now i can focus on what i need to focus on which is you guys and educating you on my little lesson so while i start to prick my finger i am going to tell you a little bit about my past week and my up week so this past.

Week was easter and about three days into the week my hometown of sioux falls south dakota became the number one hot spot for coronavirus in the world thanks to a packing plant that just had some really tough luck of folks being really close together and.

Not having um the best of distancing and bam that led to them getting infected and many of their families getting infected so about the time i'm just going to show you these numbers here my sugar of 89 my glucose of zero my sugar of 89 my ketones of 0.7.

So about the time we were looking at uh returning to south dakota uh we decided that would probably not be such a wise idea just yet um the kids at school is still cancelled uh finals are in the next week or so for our freshman in college and the destination we were headed for is.

The most infected place per capita in the world last week so we said i love i it's really hard to ever complain when you're in hawaii so i'm not complaining but uh it does sure change yeah everything so i just want to say a shout out to everybody that's had some consequences of corona or covid19.

We really are praying for everybody to have the strongest immune system the last few lessons i've given have all been trying to coordinate or lift people from a an understanding of yes ketogenic diet is more than just weight loss it is really.

A strengthening of your immune system um i i really liked the lectures over the last couple but did have some feedback that it was a bit sciencey so we'll keep uh keep trying to teach in a way that you understand and i really enjoy teaching it so i think that helps.

Um the the next um next week coming up has some firsts for us uh usually our kids are very thankful for going to the farm on their birthday and my youngest son will be turning 14. for those of you in in south dakota one of the key things for turning 14 is you get to drive yes you heard that.

Right for all of those moms out there that have raised sad that he's not going to be in the state of south dakota where he could go take his driver's license uh driver's test and then begin driving with the supervision of mom and dad but.

Yeah he so i'm actually kind of thankful but uh he's gonna miss seeing grandma and grandpa we usually have a a birthday bash on the farm but that's not gonna happen and uh he's not going to get to drive here in hawaii i think you don't even get to practice driving until somewhere in your 16th year so.

Poor kid super disappointed too but other things are we're marching into finals this next week and um and i do something i've never done as many and treating her cancer that she had for 10 years and i honestly as a internal medicine physician saw that.

She'd used every angle from the customized western medicine looking at her body looking at her dna looking at her cancer and she was like i'm done i've had this for 10 years i don't feel well and i don't want i don't want to have another round so as i was studying the ketogenic diet.

I had seen just enough information that this is way more than weight loss i knew but i was really looking at brain injuries and came across the studies on cancer at which point i walked my mom through how to take the ketogenic diet up to an intense level to support somebody who has cancer.

And she is doing great in fact she just saw that was five years ago now so she just saw her chemotherapy doctor again she has been on no chemo just the advanced ketogenic diet and got another great bill of health this health as well but grandma rose who had.

Cancer sparked me to write down these lessons for those that have bought the book that have reviewed the book that have learned i'm pretty skeptical at the beginning of that book too so they can see that they appreciate that and really has been a blessing.

But what the book did do is it fell short for a lot of the advanced lessons a lot of the things that i got right but i really kept at a very primary level and some of the you know hundreds of thousands of people uh that i've coached through how to use a ketogenic diet in the last four years really has taught me this.

Is preventable if you do this in this so as i've been writing this next book i am i i learned a lot by just putting a book out so my son's birthday is on tuesday we are going to open up this course for some students that want to learn online and we will close the course five days later.

Take those students through the information and really you will be helping me as i help you uh hone in this message of how do you teach a more be from beginner to advanced ketogenic science so i look forward to that we'll.

Talk more about that at the end and go through some of the details of that um as many of you know i do a fast every week and i was going to start by putting this on let's see if i can get my little mouse to work here okay let's go in here i'm actually gonna go to the instagram and show you this.

Real quick um maybe a best job of trying to be ketogenic with you and i just think it's worth showing you that each week i do this fast and it starts at this live show i do my numbers here online and what my goal is is to get to a.

Doctor boz ratio of 40 or less as you might expect it's kind of stressful to be away from my clinic to be away from patients to be away from our community my my dad's been in the hospital then home again then almost back again but as i as i show you um each each color is a fast that you can see.

Last week when i was i had a tough week i really hadn't been sleeping well we're going to talk today about some inflammation and fat based hormones but i think it's really powerful to show you that if you notice on uh let's see if i can show this to you in a little bigger format here uh maybe yeah there we go so as.

The as the 12 hours into my fast i am yeah i'm at a dr bob's ratio of 313 and for those of you that have ever you know done this yourself you'll see that wow that's a lot um that's a lot of sugar um but you know my blood sugar at that point was 94.

My ketones were pretty low but as i walked through the fast maybe this will keep up with my internet needs here um 18 hours in my glucose hadn't changed but my ketones had doubled to 0.6 so now that dr boz ratio was down to 160. uh as the fast went on.

I got to the 24-hour mark i think uh maybe as you can see i don't know if you can't see this but i'm up in the tree house again and the reason i'm doing this isn't because it's the most convenient but because it's the easiest to keep the kids away from what i'm doing and not walking into.

The camera there's four teenagers now this might not keep up with what i want um let's see here so yeah you can kind of see there so at 18 hours the blood glucose was 86 but the ketones were now 0.8 uh oh actually that was that was 18 hours.

It was actually blood glucose of 96 and the ketones were 0.6 at 24 hours i was again at 0.7 now 77 anyway a doctor boss ratio of only 140 so again not good numbers people write in all the time dr boz i can't get my ratio down and i just wanted to take a minute to.

Say if you follow me on instagram when stress is high when you're not sleeping well when life is hard it does take time to get that ratio down it took me uh 45 hours to get it down to a 44 dr boss ratio of 44 and although it wasn't quite 40 i did call it good for.

What i was trying to accomplish but don't be discouraged i'm going to show you some uh some of the um stories this week of two ladies who are trying their hardest to um to to fight off all of the hormones of what it means to be having stress dealing with stress we're.

Going to start the play on our little lesson here for today and they really did have a fear of fat both of them do um as you can see that 45 hours of my fasting really did resurrect my immune system it did really show me that my autophagy was probably reached i.

If you read in the comments my thinking gets so much better when that ratio goes down and in many ways i use this fast as a way to say don't get too far off track these are some of the things that you're going to learn about in this course that is online but also in the book that's coming out and.

When i look at the fear of fat it is not um it is not just for uh you know doctors who've been saying you shouldn't have that much fat really the fear of fat happens in so many of my patients that i have two patients that attend my keto group.

And they're both 43 years old they've been sheila has actually been attending for a couple of years whereas betsy is rather new they both are in their early 40s betsy's very lean and she is really looking for the improvement in her mental function and her just overall.

Energy and health she really doesn't have any weight to lose whereas sheila is the opposite end of the spectrum she is a type 2 diabetic who's on injectable insulin and the injection insulin is not a it's not uh just a little bit she's over.

150 units when we first started of injectable insulin and i would contend that one of the major reasons both of them have struggled has been that they fear fat this is very difficult sheila is actually a nurse and so has very good understanding of the science but struggles with the food addiction.

She really has used food to comfort her and she's followed low fat and lots of things that the medical guidelines have asked her to do but oh my goodness she has very advanced insulin resistance and she's been a delight to have in the group not only is she just humble and keeps trying and.

Forgiving herself when she's fallen off the wagon but what her example shows to the rest of the group has been a powerful tool to say do not give up don't give up in the way that you're not going to have great numbers in the first week your body has been fighting insulin resistance for a long.

Time but don't give up in that looking around the room when you're in a keto support group or even online people will do what betsy did which is step into a ketogenic way of living and then look at the most advanced people.

And try to step to that in really short order and it was that they're both they both were looking around saying well i don't need that much fat um betsy was saying although i don't i don't need fat i i'm not trying to lose weight i just want to be keto.

And so i'm going to increase my protein was a couple of things she said we're going to go into our story just a little bit more but sheila had a different approach saying well i'm so overweight there's just no reason i should be eating that much fat i don't i don't.

I don't think that's it was just really hard especially the 20 plus years she's been a nurse to step into a realm where fat was such a profound message that we said to people so as these two women progressed through their.

Story what i what i want you to identify or just to notice is they are both chronically inflamed um when i say chronically inflamed i want everybody's brain to do what my brain does but i've learned it doesn't do that unless i tell you so even though i say the word flame uh what i really am talking about is the.

Opposite of a flame which is water or moisture uh when you look at the inflammation found in uh in in both of these patients um but specifically let's talk about sheila's inflammation in her joints in her body uh from years and years of high insulin.

Her system is chronically inflamed and by definition she has way too much water in her body way too much swelling in her body and you can think the word flame uh would be like the opposite of water but it it it really does mean that they are in a.

Boggy soaked system and the reason they have this swelling uh this inflammation is because that that extra water doesn't just happen in her in her joints and make her stiff it happens all the way down to her mitochondria in her brain in her heart in her lungs.

Every cell that has a mitochondria is going to be burning fuel and when you have chronic inflammation those cells don't work well and this is what patients look like and i would contend that both of these patients have inflammation that betsy.

Has inflammation um of her stamina of her mental performance uh she went to the doctor this past week and we're going to talk about what happened with her lab results um where she said what do i do i've been keto now for six weeks how do i.

How do i do this and in fact we're going to have her back up to some of the earlier stages in a ketogenic diet so that she can take advantage of why the ketogenic diet will be helping her inflammation improving her brain but only when we can get her past that fear of her fat.

In almost opposite form betsy or sheila has uh you know has probably a hundred 180 pounds to lose so very overweight and has been working on getting that weight off getting that inflammation down getting her sugars down and she really has the complicated.

Science of how do you lower the insulin she's injecting while changing her diet what happens when she falls off the wagon and she has really come to learn that as soon as she starts to clean up her metabolism oh my goodness she feels so much better.

But when that food addiction fights and just kind of gives her a right hook she just sinks back down into the heaviness not feeling well not thinking well and it is really because of her insulin that little guy there with a big eye on the top of his head and the flame is my.

Cartoon character for insulin and yes i demonize insulin mainly because most of my patients have way too much insulin and if i got the chance to look inside betsy's labs i bet we'd find elevated insulin not nearly as high as sheila's but the inflammation marker that is.

Pushing her high inflammation is connected to her production and her years of use using insulin what betsy and the consequences of falling off the wagon for sheila has done is it slows down her brain and watching um again this is where i started to look into the ketogenic diet one of my.

Favorite things to teach about has been how do you heal a broken brain the ketogenic diet has a connection to all of these terms here whether it's improving symptoms reducing risk repairing mitochondria um reversing migraines has been powerful like more impressive than i.

Ever thought it could be my patients with brain injury all get put on a ketogenic protocol to repair their brain as fast as possible and as i said at the beginning of this that's where i learned about the cancer research and used it on my mom.

Who lives today because of her ketogenic diet she had less than six months to live with at the top max of all of her uh possible western medicine best chemotherapy you know identically matched to her cancer and yet still her body didn't have.

Enough fat fuel to fight the infection her white blood cells were broken so as i look at brains that's really where i want you to be thinking about and when we look at replacing fat replacing fat allows you to replace and build ketones now these are blue.

Fellas or ketones and ketones can show up when your body's inflamed but only when you've reduced your insulin so for instance sheila who injects at the beginning was injecting probably 170 units of insulin at the beginning she came down on her short-acting.

Insulin pretty quickly but still has at least over 100 units of long acting insulin that she she injects every day we will get that off the longer she is fueled by fat but relative to her production of these ketones is what's her insulin and when her.

Insulin is injected and made by her own body we will start to awaken her body's ability to fuel the fat the more ketones she can produce this is a super difficult concept to grasp she's a nurse she's very smart but to have that sense of how do i.

Build more ketones when i'm injecting insulin and you've just told me that insulin stops the production of ketones and i am here to say the power of when you fix that how do you repair that is we need less insulin than you produced yesterday and as she steadily reduces the amount.

Of insulin that she is required to use she will get to inject less but boy oh boy if there's ever somebody who has to be checking numbers it is my my folks with insulin resistance especially those injecting insulin while trying to do the ketogenic diet those are.

Super mandatory for people that they follow their numbers they know not just what their dr boss ratio is on the days they fast but really every day when we're titrating off their insulin and the key was she sheila started out with eating every two to four hours she.

Really could not function without those hormones and we we started to show her yes you need to eat high fat you need to add fat to your drinks you need to add fat to your meals and she pretty quickly did that she really loved the taste of of sweetness so she did keep sweeteners in.

Her diet it was just the best she could do at the time and as we look at changing her body from fueling on glucose to fueling on fat is inside her mitochondria that we were able to gain power now she's been at this for on and off because she's really struggled and i.

I just cannot tell you how much praise i want her to hear that this is one of the most difficult cases is when they're on insulin they're injecting insulin they're type 2 diabetic so their body's making insulin and they're so addicted to food they eat every two to.

Four hours so as we first replaced her fat with all kinds of fat she probably took six or seven weeks before she said i really think i feel better and that was my first clue that some of these fat based hormones were higher and what i was instantly imagining was.

How many drips of water are swelling her mitochondria versus how many of those mitochondria were burning fat or ketones so if you look at the fuel options here this is one of my little cartoons of a mitochondria and that electrical image in the middle.

Is really looking at how much electricity how much fuel was coming out of a mitochondria so carbs enter into that mitochondria as glucose and as that glucose continues along the mitochondria it is processed and the the electron chain transport uses that.

To give energy but the energy is really just like a little quick up and down it really is not sustained energy when fat enters the mitochondria we need it it is burned as a ketone and my oh my the difference in the energy that comes.

Out of those mitochondria is not just a little bit it is longer it is stronger but it requires fuel as soon as you burn through those mitochondria that you've made it'll go back to using if the using the glucose that's hanging out so when when shelley when sheila would.

Have a improved option um i have a slide we'll come back here in just a second when i when when she would have the carbs running through her mitochondria and you can kind of see that really faint tiny mitochondria back in the back of that slide that's what.

I'm trying to get you to see is that the energy you get from carbohydrates really was only lasting her a couple of hours and that's why she was needing to eat every six to eight hours um as you looked at the other options for fat uh once she has enough fat around she could have um the the fat.

Supplied the fat built ketones to fuel her for such a long time so much more energy and indeed this is what was happening with betsy betsy had been um she she'd been an american so she had plenty of carbohydrates in her history but she'd been paleo and she was very lean her mitochondria didn't have near.

The extra fluid in them but they weren't very good at fueling from fat and the number one reason why is that betsy's supply of ketones was only small how do i know that because her fat based hormones.

Were in low supply and this is one of these little bitty secrets that i i'm gonna do a brief job of explaining today i'm gonna do a much better job explaining in this online course that you do not get to wake up tomorrow and say i'm keto because of the way i eat you really have to reset chemistry.

Inside that body to live off of fat and when we look at what happened with sheila she had so much insulin fighting her that it's taken probably nine months for her to really get to the point where she understands that the key to her fuel is what does her body say when she's.

Eating and when she's eating and can feel full can feel satiety i don't want her eating again until she feels hunger again and she has this battle that she fights with on do you have enough fuel when you're craving and i would contend that.

She's learned a lot about cravings where when food gets in front of her so let's just back up a little bit she stepped into the ketogenic diet she was eating every two to three hours we put her on less than 20 carbs a day she really needed sweeteners to help her she failed within the first couple of weeks.

And then we said all right let me introduce you to ketones in a can and that's that white line below that you can see for those of you that are looking for that on amazon i am so close i am out of amazon jail uh for the the process that's happened and we should be on shelves by friday i know i said that.

Two weeks ago but the virus really has changed their warehouse productions so hanging with me there that ketone product will be there but this is again ketones made in a can and when she had so much insulin throughout her body uh it was.

Just too easy for her body to burn through what few ketones she made and then go back to burning glucose let me grab a drink so as sheila had improved her supply of ketones by taking ketones in a can she really changed the chemistry she started out with.

Just a trickle of ketones and because of what her insulin was doing in the background it was really a chemical nightmare only after we started supplying her body with ketones was she able to convert more and more and more of her system to using ketones and then the flood of her liver started to make.

The ketones the liver in her body will do a far better job than any supplement out there but getting her past that first step of yes you can make ketones enough to sustain your energy and as the background chemistry was changing inside sheila uh her addiction to eating so often was.

Difficult she couldn't let go of eating four or five times a day still so we got her down to three meals a day and she could sustain she says i'm really not hungry in between the the truth is i'm just so used to eating that often so finally we got her to two meals a day.

And that was in recent weeks and just this past week she said i finally understand what you mean that when your your body has enough fat based hormones and again the fat based hormones will rise at approximate levels that your ketones will rise.

The supply of ketones in sheila is now a steady supply she can depend on them her liver is very efficient at making them and again she's fallen off this wagon probably five or six times in the two years we've been helping her but recently she really stepped on she has found her energy.

And she goes you know i got time for my second meal in the day and i could feel that i wasn't hungry i sipped on some salt she's got those salt sucking i think everybody in my keto group has been converted to how powerful that is so she grabbed some salt she sucked on the salt and really said i could not.

Believe for the first time in maybe her whole life she was able to say this isn't hunger i really am not hungry and it was such a breakthrough for her uh so at first her fear of fat wasn't so much that she had struggles eating it it was she was so patterned to eating her fat-based.

Uh or her meals so often that the addiction of chewing of feeling sweetness of comforting herself and then that habit of just going to the fridge and opening the door when she was having emotions seemed to be the steering wheel for her whole metabolism when we focus on betsy betsy had.

Actually been using some mct oil and again that does give her a longer fuel but this past week let's go to the next slide so she had used some of the c810 and i said you're not going to want a couple of these you're really going to want to supply the body with quite a few grams of fat.

Especially at the beginning i said you know in the studies where we converted someone's brain in four days or less we put people who are struggling with cognitive problems on 30 grams a day now the biggest reason they failed that study is they got diarrhea that is a lot of fat to swallow in.

Somebody whose body isn't used to absorbing fat and she really was like i don't take nearly that much i feel fine i don't even feel hungry and i'm like i know but your hormones for fat have been low and so we talked a little bit about this a few weeks ago.

And she says well i think i can go at least at least one meal a day and i said don't do that don't do that um what's your cholesterol oh i have really low cholesterol and she goes i'm going into the doctor and they're going to do some hormone tests.

Now in my clinic i don't do these i have done these but i have learned there is first of all they're super expensive many times they're not covered by the insurance but most importantly the the um amount of fat that is in circulation is often just a tiny little glimpse of.

What i want to know with each of these hormones there is a uh um fluctuation that is normal they go up and down resp responding to what your body's asking for and there are so many ways you can screw up this really expensive hormone test we've used saliva as a way to suppress.

The hormone test uh or to like average out what's your what are your fat based hormones in your saliva we've done some other things that also are a little better at approximating those fat based hormones but the truth is they're really difficult to measure.

If there's one test that i do to say i wonder what your fat-based hormones are i'll check their vitamin d so when betsy showed up i said you know have you ever struggled with vitamin d she goes oh it's terrible it's in like the low 20s which it should be 50 or above when it's healthy so not only did i have that she was um.

She's fearful of fat and that's normal but to get her past this was going to be an education to say i need your hormones of fat restored so this past week she headed to the doctor to get these tests done and she's like my cortisol was low you know cortisol is chronically high but.

Uh it was not as high as it should be for the stress she was under her estrogen and progesterone numbers were both low all of her fat based hormones came back at with the signal that yep we are in low supply and i would contend you could have told me that you could.

You could have got that from her history she had a history of um just running out of energy really having that foggy brain that happens in a lot of folks when they've been low fat for a long time and then you look at her vitamin d and sure enough it was low.

Checking her ketones when she's you know fasted for 24 to 48 hours you would think that they were like mine were this past week but they were 0.3 0.5 0.6 you know just barely saying that she's in ketosis and so her ability to make ketones is equivalent to her ability to.

Produce abundant amounts of fat based hormones so the parallel that you can grasp when you have ketone measurements and then these super expensive fat-based hormones that really do have evidence behind them but i contend there's a better way to get there.

And that is put them on a ketogenic diet and they must you must teach them this is so important you must teach them that the fat that comes in their body uh is is there to supply not just how to make ketones so as she was taking the mct c8c10 i'm like you should be taking 12 to 15.

Of those capsules a day and there should be butter in your coffee and you should be three meals a day right now she's like i haven't done three meals a day in you know maybe a decade or i don't know it's been years since she's done three meals a day i'm like what i'm looking for is to supply your.

Body with fat because the only fat your body can use is the c8c10 that we've looked at this on other videos where it's a very special fat that does not go through the absorption excuse me it does not go through the digestion it is absorbed but that's kind of expensive and you.

Don't have to have c8c10 to get this chemistry shift it just makes it faster you also need to do it long enough that you supply all of your hormones that are low on fat with the uh with the building blocks to make them so it is why when we look at this keto.

Continuum we are looking for how well did we supply your mitochondria with ketones and it's not something that you can gradually say you know just by looking at you i'm going to be able to tell you're overweight so you need fat longer that's not how it works these two women were similar ages.

And they have drastically different hormones in their background both of them i have instructed sheila was a few weeks ago but had gone back to just eating high fat until she could feel the sense that she was full and those fat-based hormones.

I didn't list them all there's cholecystokinin there's peptide yy there's leptin and ghrelin have their shifts that they're going to make all of these fat based hormones you don't need to know the name of you don't need to have a blood test for you will be able to feel satiety fullness and energy and that's when we.

Can start marching through some of the more advanced levels of the keto process all right so i love talking about this these two women are on awesome journeys they come to the keto group each week now it's a you know it's all we look at each other through the faces but in many ways i get to hear.

More about their specific stories and dial into each of their their check-ins a little better and looking at where they've come from i just want to say i am praying that both of you first of all don't get coronavirus or don't get uh wiped out by it until your.

Fat based hormones are in strong supply because that is the power of what happens with this ketogenic diet is you get not just a little bit of improvement you get a powerful predictor on how your body will be able to make these hormones over the course of the next.

Uh several weeks all right so looking at uh looking at uh several i wanna go through one more thing here um let's see i just want to show you hang in there hang in there where did it go here we go all right so uh this is the keto continuum and again this is.

A really big part of what i'm going to be teaching uh over the course of uh the um i gotta do one more button here i just wanna make sure i did this right interact okay perfect and we have it unlocked okay i got it right okay so this is a lot of what i'm going.

To be teaching about but the chemistry that i was just talking about in these two patients um they they both started um with somewhere in one two or three where they were not keto adapted yet their body did not supply enough fat to sustain energy not just to keep their brain working but to supply.

Their fat based hormones and they both needed to reverse back to eating less than 20 carbs per day and getting that fat into their body every six to eight hours who does the work in this section of the ketogenic transition is the chemistry this chemistry is very powerful in what it does to carry you through the.

Next several weeks it is not uncommon that if they do it perfectly without falling off the wagon really marching uh uh those ketones to every cell in their body delivering fat uh throughout the system it's going to be four to six weeks before i can.

Truly be confident that their hormones are replaced enough that we can move on uh it's at what that point that we moved down to uh eating two meals a day uh you know when betsy showed up she was already intermittently fasting and said i just think i can get away with you know one meal a day.

And honestly this is where she really lost ground because she did not have enough fat hormones in supply for her to do that she had said well what if i just do a longer fast and again i said don't do that you do not have enough hormones in supply.

Uh to to really um gain the benefit you're going to have more of a price you pay instead of the benefits of uh doing a fast i'm all about fasting you'll see that my ketones rise each week on that uh on that um instagram post and it does it pretty robustly but if.

You scroll back a couple of years ago that was not the case i did not do such a hot job it took me 72 hours to get those ketones higher and it wasn't because i wasn't eating enough fat i felt good i just had a bit of a food addiction as well i mean really i relate to to what shelly is struggling.

With because she was down to two meals a day and uh anytime she would feel that she couldn't um that she had it was time to eat and she didn't feel like eating she was like no no i have to eat i have to eat even though the signal to her system had arrived probably a couple of months ago.

Where she was deaf she had enough fat based hormones she could have done it but her addiction got in the way of saying wow uh that process of uh improving her uh fat-based hormones had been there but if you look here i'm just trying to scroll up a little bit here.

Maybe that's not gonna work there you go scroll up if you look there is a the psychology i'll get it there there you go um but maybe i'm not beating this one that's what i'm trying to get at that the psychology is what she was really fighting with that's my mouse is not liking me today.

Anyway all right so it says psychology there i just can't get it to do that today i'm sorry guys um so if you look at some of these uh fat-based hormones i am going to be the first one to say they feel awesome when they arrive do not do not shy away from having enough fat to get keto adapted.

Keto adaption isn't necessarily a number we look for it is a set of symptoms that you feel energized you can feel your body is running off of ketones and at which point that's when we step over those thresholds to improve your your choices from that point forward.

So i don't know if i lost my audience with this i really love this and these two patients are super important to me i am actually they're on my prayer list that they are safe and they're healthy knowing that they're not quite keto adapted is um maybe i should back up a little for the.

Light of this uh they're not quite uh keto adapted for handling and immune problems such as coronavirus so i'm really hoping they don't get infected as i look forward to the next uh five or six weeks i i expect both of them to be protected.

In a way that um they can say no to food long enough specifically uh sheila can say yep i am in a place where um the process of denying food is really not so emotional but really a logical step for her and that is a difficult place it's really a difficult place.

For some to get to and as we look at betsy's story she really needs to supply her body with enough fat uh to have the the protection of an immune system that's built on ketones or running on ketones so all right i am looking over at some of your comments here i do have.

Um just some questions that i can see a few about grandma rose i don't know if grandma rose is on the chat or not she she's continuing to learn her social media at 75 years old so if she's on i want to say hi to grandma rose i don't i haven't seen her name now as i look at some of the other things i.

Wanted to talk about i had a huge thank you that i need to do to four care so for a care is is the folks who i love their meter i found out about their meter because patients told me this is the one that the strips don't go bad on and i i'm very thankful for learning that.

For my patients great meter but in our clinic we use their thermometer and um sadly we've had uh some kiddos with some not feeling good so i needed to check temperature and i could not find a thermometer anywhere and of course when i found one it was not it was not this one it was not the.

Good one so i just want to put a plug out for anybody looking for a really good thermometer for care sent me the one that i love the most the one that i have in my clinic and the key about this their thermometer is you do not have to touch your forehead it is coronavirus safe.

You know again in our clinic we are all about how do you carefully see patients not just uh improving the the ketones uh but also all the other processes that you need to keep track of in a ketogenic journey but uh there's you don't have to touch the forehead and they saw me chirping that i missed my.

My thermometer and they sent it to me in hawaii so i did put a link below if you're looking for the world's best thermometer this is it i can't tell you when we did get a good thermometer none of the kids have a fever they're all feeling good and you know it is scary i'm not you know when i'm a.

Mile from my clinic and someone in my family gets sick i can you know find a way to at least you know get the resources for them but that doesn't work uh when you're in hawaii and so i just want to say thank you to four care if you're looking for a good thermometer this uh is my favorite and i do have a.

Link below for anybody who wants one you can use that dr boz code to get some money off i'm going to check my numbers again this is what i do usually every week the last the last time i was up in the tree house i forgot my little kit so i'm going to check that while i start.

To tell you about the class again as we look at again what what is this class about this class is an online class where i have really taken the knowledge i've learned over the last five years since writing the book and condensed it into where do i see people fall off the most where do i see.

The preventable problems in the ketogenic diet and how would i do how do i do it now what in the book is wonderful in that if you you don't know about the ketogenic diet it is an awesome beginner's guide to inspire people that you this is way more than a weight loss.

Process this is way more than just a body figuring out how to um make ketones i'll just give you as i so my blood sugar now 81 i can't remember what was the beginning i think it was 79 and my ketones are 1.0 so dr ball's ratio of 81 this is where my fast begins.

I mean i ate a couple hours ago so as i look at what i hope to do over the course of uh my fast i like my doctor balls ratio to get under and because i am very much keto adapted my system will definitely produce ketones when i stress it and you'll learn a lot about what that.

Stress looks like what it feels like in this course so you're going to see the course open up on wednesday if you're looking for the first layer that will get invited please make sure that you have signed up for our newsletter or signed up for.

Toxic traditions um those are just places where if you've had if you've downloaded fat as my fat is your friend 50 facts about fat that's another one of the free ebooks those people on the email list will get the first wave of uh inviting people to the to the class.

After that we'll put it up on facebook and instagram to give an awareness that we'll have it open from a wednesday through sunday and or until the classes are the seats are full i have no idea how well this is going to go over i'm super excited to teach it.

And you'll learn all about what the course is really about on wednesday i'll i do a little video and i've got a page of the facts but essentially i've got four modules of about 30 videos that are very strategic on different phases of the ketogenic diet really looking at what i've learned what.

Will be in this next book and the workbook that i've been i think is going to empower hopefully keto coaches to use this i've made mistakes and i want i want you to see what i can see and that helps more patients than i was ever able to help just one-on-one as a physician.

Uh this is a powerful transition of teaching and you guys are my favorite audience uh what a blessing to have such a classroom but as i get a little more intimate only this first class will have the one-on-one every week i will unpack any questions.

From the curriculum that we covered that week so you'll have your assignments for each week you'll get through them on your own pace whenever you can but then there'll be one time where i answer all the questions related to the content and i'm not going to do that again i'll.

Only do that for this first class i'm really trying to improve the the outline of uh how do you how do you do this the best how do you not have people like sheila fall off the wagon so many times because part of what i was trying to teach her wasn't clear enough.

When she finally understood why i was so adamant about her fat being high enough for long enough she wasn't being belligerent not following my instructions she just didn't understand and the same thing happened with um with betsy she had no uh ill will she wants she wants to feel better and as i said.

To her in the first few visits you got to stick with high fat you got to stick with high fat she didn't have an appreciation for why that was so important until this past week when she had fat based hormones in front of her and suddenly my education clicked with her and so i.

I do find that if i look at why uh uh why these uh two ladies trying their hardest fell didn't have success right out the gate it was because of the teacher and as i get better at teaching and i organize the thoughts get them in a process that says don't fail.

It is such a powerful step on the other side and once you get that body keto adapted unlike being carb adapted it i can have a bad week and you see in a matter of 40 hours my body comes back to using and producing ketones like i'm supposed to that process is something i can depend.

On because i'm keto adapted and i'm very confident about why and how my body works that way so i want that for these two women i don't want them having all the sacrifices that they've both gone through to be healthier fall short because the education wasn't quite as.

On par when they needed it so to have um the book written out would be great but i'm not there yet this is me testing to make sure i've got the sequence and enough of the right education for the students that are doing it so as i look at uh is this course for beginners or is it for seasoned you're gonna see that.

It is for beginners and then the later weeks are for the seasoned people so not every week will you be the target student you might be advanced in your ketogenic journey and you you won't get the benefits until those third or fourth week worth of videos but oh my goodness that is how those patients got better you might.

Think you're advanced but really haven't benefited with this powerful energy that should be coming from the ketogenic diet and i'll tell you they're in a weight loss stall they haven't lost weight in several months and they have the weight to lose that's another sign that.

You there's a step you're supposed to be doing and your teacher and if that teaches me i i'm thankful i feel blessed to be the teacher but i have a much more organized way to teach it than my youtube channel is awesome and i try to answer questions and.

Really keep up with what people have been asking me but if you want the fastest most succinct way to not fall off the wagon to get from here to where i am to where most of my people in my keto support group are at uh that is what is going to happen in this course so.

Stay tuned and if uh if you have friends that are trying the ketogenic diet well um share this link with them let them know that on uh wednesday we open up the classroom and i hope to see you in one of the seats there so i am gonna take a minute here it is a few minutes before the top of the hour.

But i'm going to take on a few questions um i look at lynn williams just saying something that i actually she reminded me of something so she says the first two weeks the first two weeks feel weaker then get more endurance in running when you look at why that.

Lean patient of betsy is so important for this teachable moment it is really because she has she has a good immune system she has a very powerful immunity and body but what she doesn't have is the sustainability for it like she has a she can only function really well for a.

Short period of time and that's because the supply of for fat-based hormones are not as robust as they need to be and if you want one lab to look at it is that vitamin d it it is a fat-based hormone it is i know it's a vitamin but it is it acts more like a hormone than it does a.

Vitamin and it's definitely related to how well you've been supplying fat and people who've had a difficult time getting their vitamin d level up and i have been that prescriber for prescribing 50 000 units of vitamin d trying to raise their vitamin d but what we were wrong was their gut.

Couldn't absorb it and they were not fat adapted they just couldn't use that fat molecule it just got tucked away before it ever got into the resources that it should have been so um thanks for stating that i don't have it has anything to do with what i was i.

Was really gonna talk about but all right so if you have a question that you didn't get answered uh later i've learned a little trick by watching some other youtubers that repost your question i'll take questions here for about five or six more minutes and um then uh we'll.

We'll call it we'll call it good let's see here so i've also learned that when i'm reading questions to have the them not over on the side is the better way to help uh people with um the bot the hat works well i'll tell you out in the sun um the uh it is the.

Sunlight that i couldn't see the screen the last time so i'm like i'm stealing the cowboy hat and um nothing like a beach cowboy hat to set the stage for you might be south dakotan in hawaii okay so please let's see why do i never get to the point of.

Skipping a meal kathy c says that okay so this is a really powerful one you are going to learn that in week number two uh in the class so i hope you can join us but the power of skipping a meal uh it is really based on how the two patients that i offer today is truly what i was trying to to to.

Bring home this point that when people have been trying keto and they just get stuck at this hurdle one group is not fat adapted i would have i would say that's where betsy has been she has been a low-fat lover when she first started keto she said you mean just increase my protein.

And as much as we kept saying fat her brain couldn't get quite around fat at first she's there now for sure uh but skipping a meal is a sense of satiety you don't get satiety unless you have a high amount of cholecystokinin fat based hormones in circulation.

So uh kathy c i would tell you um go back and look at your last set of labs and if you have a vitamin d level that's under 50 you can pretty confidently say your fat based hormones are still really low you can spend the thousands of dollars of saliva tests and such but what what i tell patients.

To do if you want to know for real go get a stick of butter now i love it if it's the really good butter because then it's a little easier to finish this experiment but you just get up in the morning tomorrow morning after you've fasted because you were sleeping.

And you start eating uh fat fat you eat butter and you just keep eating until you eat the whole stick of butter and what i want you doing is listening to your body and your system to say what do you feel like at about the last three or four bites of that.

Stick of butter and then what happens to your body after you ate that stick of butter you're like what are you serious i am serious it's totally what i told uh betsy to do this past week i'm like i'm not joking your body will have a uh response and if your gut is not used.

To absorbing fat you're going to be in the toilet you're going to poop out most of that butter but what happens to most people who've been trying keto and they're just at this kind of juncture where they really don't quite uh can't get over the next step i tell them to do this experiment.

And the reason they're doing it is i want them to write down what does it feel like to feel full what is the sensation this is not an experiment you can watch you have to participate so as they're eating that stick of butter some people will say i got nauseated and.

I'm like that's what cholecystokinin feels like in your body uh and then some people say i just i couldn't eat another bite and i said yep that's what coal has that's what high fat feels like in your body the sense of satiety or feeling full has been.

So long that their body hasn't um hasn't experienced that and i'm saying words like do you feel full but it's like this cognitive dissonance they just don't know what i'm saying and that's why this can't this experiment with eating butter.

Cannot be witnessed you have to experience it the feeling inside your body of how do you how does it feel to feel full and that truly is what we're trying to do so as much as that's a huge uh transition uh.

Inside your chemistry set it doesn't come with this neon sticker on your head you have to be able to say oh that's what it feels like to feel full and only when they really have a sense of understanding um that um that chemistry set within their body are we gonna succeed at saying all right.

Two meals a day and then we march through the next ones so that's a great question though kathy see thanks for asking it a couple of other things i've seen like four comments saying what's the best meter the reason i use the four care every week isn't because you need two meters to do it it is one meter.

That two sticks go into the link is in the show notes below they have been troopers to really give folks discounts due to a duck with a little promo code and honestly i i will tell you i have never had a bottle of their strips go bad which is my.

That was the reason i went looking for a good meter was in south dakota when the strips got too hot or too cold the whole stinking batch got bad so some people are asking about the difference between vitamin d and vitamin vitamin d3 and d2 i would tell you that yes they're both fat based one of them is absorbed a.

Little bit better i wouldn't focus so much i i prefer d3 when i'm really trying to help somebody it's just one less step and it's a little easier that first few slides i went through where i say the word inflammation and i have a picture of a flaming insulin people think that it's.

The opposite of water but that water is in every cell and when the water gets spongy and squishy that doesn't make your gut lining fit together better it actually kind of it swells and there are openings that minerals fit through and the vitamins fit through.

And you get i hate this term everybody knows that's watched me long enough that i hate this term you get leaky gut and leaky gut isn't a thing it's not a diagnosis code but you do you start swelling your swelling impacts the lining of your gut so yes vitamin d3 is really important.

When i look at the things i have my dad taking it is his d3 k2 d3 those vitamins are both fat based vitamins he has kidney failure and is on home dialysis and praise god for everybody that the last time i asked you to pray for him i really thought i would be announcing a funeral but he has made it he has done.

Two bouts through the hospitalizations and not got coronavirus um they are back on the on the farm and uh he slowly is feeling better it's just a heck of a thing though because today if you end up in the hospital many of you know that you don't get in the hospital very easily but if you do you can't have.

Family with you and he the first time he went in the hospital without family he didn't have his hearing aids and he couldn't hear so he was it was a mess but anyway thanks for asking about that we'll do one more question then we'll call it good so um uh let's see there's a few other.

Folks saying i struggle with too much weight loss so they count calories so again there is a process that as you age we want we really do get protective of patients losing too much weight most of the people watching that's not the case but one of the.

Core issues with counseling somebody to keep their weight stable versus those that are losing weight is we do not want you keeping your weight stable i think the gal said she's 68 125 pounds um she would need to count calories it's a different chemistry set.

She is keto adapted uh what i see people doing to keep weight on is they'll carb cycle and what carb cycling does is it bursts up their insulin their insulin sends flames throughout all of their body their immune system their brain their heart we do not want you doing that if you've.

Had struggles with insulin before it really stops the progress of cleaning up those cells of cleaning out autophagy when patients are saying doc i don't want to lose any weight i'm keto and i don't want to lose any weight i'm like okay no problem losing weight is a very big part of the first few phases of the ketogenic.

Diet but if you are blessed to not have to lose weight at this point great uh that's who counts calories you'll also see down below that i insist this is a new um and you'll hear a lot about this in the course i really insist on people using that chronometer app um.

My my biggest fails as a physician helping somebody with a ketogenic diet has been when i missed a micronutrient or their tracker just wasn't as accurate as i needed it to be to make the best advancements so in the name of those patients that i wish i would have had a chronometer.

Meter uh i have made it my number one go-to the link for that is below it is free download that use it on your phone if you're going to train yourself to keep track of things and if you are a coach my goodness use this tool it really empowers you as a coach there's a way that you can synchronize.

And watch patients especially during those critical times when you're asking them to change behavior you can be their accountability through that app and it is super um quality tracking which i'll tell you in the name of a couple of patients that had some some serious struggles this is why i recommend that app so all.

Right that is a little more than i wanted to do as far as the time i just want to say god bless all of you uh who are uh watching i hope to see people sign up for the course on on wednesday i can't wait to be your teacher i still have a ton of things to get done before wednesday so pray for me.

That i do do that i'll stick around and answer a few questions after this is offline if you want to stay and watch that god bless you see everybody wednesday and then i will see you next sunday on our live from yeah and somebody to ask if i'm on the big island oahu yes i am on oahu.

We are still hunkered down and it looks like we're going to be here for at least three or four more weeks god bless hawaii see you next week guys you
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