๐Ÿ”ด Live: Can we measure our stress?  Ketones, stress, and immunity

๐Ÿ”ด Live: Can we measure our stress? Ketones, stress, and immunity

๐Ÿ”ด Live: Can we measure our stress? Ketones, stress, and immunity

Check out the video on ๐Ÿ”ด Live: Can we measure our stress? Ketones, stress, and immunity.
In Hawaii but Sunday night in South Dakota where I usually go live from welcome to Sunday night I am not gonna lie I am not mining the weather here in Hawaii and I'm super excited to come to you tonight and give you hopefully some hope and some peace about what's happening to our world so again I have sent the kids down the beach just.

Because that's too loud when they're in the room with me so if you can hear me thank you very much the one who just said Brad thank you for telling me you can hear me again someday I'm gonna have a show where I have a producer and they can help me with all the little things that go wrong you know when I'm in Hawaii I have been thankful that my.

Computer which totally crashed two days ago I'm here in Hawaii I almost thought it was my husband saying shut down shuts down stop but it is it is great to be with you and I'm hoping that resolution keeps you have light behind you you're gonna have some darkness in your face so I guess that's that's what we got I bet you I could.

Turn on the light I don't know if that would help we'll try this for a little while and see how it goes well so I wanted to hear where you're from and just like we did last week if you can share updates of where your community is at when it comes to the coronavirus I think it's helpful to see one another's struggles what I think.

About when you know we have a keto group that I run in my community that happens on Friday morning and from three o'clock a.m. in Hawaiian time on Friday I dialed in to lead our little keto group because together when you share the stresses and I don't care if it's I ate carbs or what's gonna happen to my grandkids I there was a sharing story about the.

Nerves of what happens with children or myself or when the world of stress hits and that's what a community is all about so many times I have shared that the opposite of being addicted to something and in this situation I think carbohydrates is what we're talking about is a community and that's because you're never gonna find a time when the.

Stress doesn't affect you that stress is shared when you're in a community so on Friday at 3 o'clock in the morning 2:30 I woke up set up the stuff and in my pajamas dialed in to lead our local support group for a keto group and just found it so helpful for me to share where you're at and what the community around you has had for viruses and.

Quarantines I'm gonna check my number here I didn't I did not fast last week I'm gonna show you my Instagram here in a minute for those of you that don't follow I think it's a great way to bridge you into sharing your keto journey I actually just saw hi from Haiti and that really reminds me I've spent a lot of time in Haiti and done.

Some awesome soul-searching that happened I didn't mean for it to happen there but it really did and I just want to say hello to the person who said hi from Haiti I'm in Hawaii and I keep saying I'm in Haiti it feels like Haiti compared to South Dakota it looks sunny and beautiful as Haiti was to me but I'll tell you some updates.

Here from Hawaii and that is that it's the first state to lock their borders and I am on the inside my my family my my son goes to school here and when they close to school we looked at coming to visit him and by golly the prices couldn't be beat again I'm checking my numbers here we're gonna go through this again today but so we got everybody on a.

Plane and this kid's local school was cancelled because in South Dakota so yeah this is the ketones still counting down my sugars ninety-five and I asked I said I bet my ketones are not above one I have been not not cheating as much as I am not sticking to my one meal a day which I've been at for such a long time but vacation which.

Isn't what I don't know if you call about this anymore because in Hawaii we have locked the governor has locked the borders that anybody coming in has to wait two weeks in quarantine and I think I think that starts on the 26th but I don't know the newspaper has it all over the headlines today so we're in Hawaii or yeah Hawaii not hating all right so.

If you can share how many how many in your community have been infected I think it's just a nice way to show what's going on across the country it's also a way to mark in time what what has happened one of my nervous habits not nervous habits I just don't sit still very well so last night I had done some writing in my book for the first time in.

A while and the I was frustrated and there was a movie on so I sat and watched the movie and I braided my hair because it was like Prezi and so I call this my Haiti here because this is what I did I was in Haiti as I just have these lovely ladies braid it because it gets too super curly and it doesn't do this at all in South Dakota so I'm like.

Oh just turn into it and let it be curly so if you look around the I think many of you know I have three sons and we have a foreign-exchange daughter from who's been with our family for two years her family's from central China so we've watched very closely what's happened in Wuhan in that area she's from Shang do which is a.

Neighboring state if you would to Wuhan and oh my goodness for the first time it is safer to be in her area in her home country than it was in any of the states so her parents are like we just looked at the numbers and the number in Hawaii are higher than they are in South Dakota so a few pictures of just our family hunkering down watching.

Movies I think I've played more cribbage games then I've played with my sons in their whole life and we had a some time on the beach where we buried one of the kids on the in the sand and I I crashed and do if you can see the oh he's crashed into the coral while trying to snorkel and miscalculating that there was a big reef right there.

But again just staying very connected with the people that we love and we know but isolation is not gonna disappear any time soon my foreign exchange daughters family has been quarantined for two and a half months now and they are working from home they she has a little sister who is like first or second grade and they can't go to school so hope it.

That's just a lot they have finally reached according to their news the fact that there is no no new cases and that took two and a half months of quarantine and her family has literally been in their home in their little apartment in you know Chengdu for two and a half months so I I just give you that foreshadowing to tell you that we're.

Gonna talk about what things that you can improve and some of the things that I really have grown to embrace one of them is finding what comforts you and not letting happy carbohydrates during this time so I am gonna do a little review from last week I had a big update last week on just how viruses work I also have for the first time in my life.

Said I just need a producer because I started last week's show after practicing it with my kids but I started saying something and of course there's nobody to give feedback that I'm saying the wrong word and I said the wrong word all the way through the the show last week I was talking about viral replication.

And how viruses where they they have to replicate inside a cell or inside a being except when I was live I kept saying that's where they live and it's weird cuz virus is kind of I mean there are viruses so living is weird to living is kind of like replicating but I'm sure that's just kind of where my brain was going was the replication phase but I.

Never said the word replicate I always said the word they live that's all I should I have a editor who's not near his computer that we're gonna try and go back and just stamp over the mistake made where viruses do replicate inside cells they are wimpy little things to get rid of but they do live on surfaces for a short period of time they do have.

A lifespan inside a water droplet that's aerosolized but it's very small it's very tiny amounts of time and that's what the six feet distances are about when it comes to viral spreading and giving our social distances is that if it's in the air and you're six feet away the chances you're going to inhale enough viruses to cause an infection is.

Really low so there you go that's my that my clean up I swear I'm not Hawaiian cuz I don't know how to keep these little flowers in your hair I think they need a bobby pin but I don't see uni the other lady is using that they just pop it in their ear and it seems to stay maybe I need a stem on it or something anyway.

It's really pretty isn't it so I will get to some of the stuff today's the title is can you measure can you measure your stress and how your immune system is functioning and of course that's a little bit of a lead-in to say yep you can and then how quickly would will it take to change that stress we have a couple of studies I'm going to go.

Through and we have a few tools that I think you'll appreciate I do want everybody to notice that I checked my numbers at the beginning of this live and I left my water sitting over on the counter so I'm not gonna be able to have a drink during this but I don't have any supplements or any BHB here in Hawaii but I do have an immune.

System that makes way more ketones than a supplement could ever make and we're going to talk about that as we look through today so I'm gonna go to my slide show and we're going to talk about how do you unpack a mune system that is under question and can we look closer at where your body is at and how would we improve that so I do want to make a.

Couple of announcements when you are watching this I've had lots of feedback in the last week saying some people don't like these long lives and that's just how I do it but there is we do have clips on another playlist in here so it's called the best of doctor Boz and they're just 20 under 15 minute clips of these shows so if you like the shorter.

Versions you can go to that playlist and we'll keep putting those out clipping them and adding to that list for those that have a just a shorter preference okay so let's take this image and I am going to find this fella there we go okay so I am going to go here oops I got to take that away it's a good thing I clicked on that first that's the study.

We're going to go through in a minute I got to take that away let's see oh come on where is another one and keynote here okay thanks for the forgiveness there I should have had that setup before I started but again I'm sure if I had a producer they would have reminded me of that.

Okay so let's take a look so this is the ketones stress and immunity and I really want you to take a look at your own numbers throughout this story and if you don't check your numbers first of all I'm going to encourage you to find a way to do that especially in times such as these last week we did talk a lot about.

Cytokines these are the little hormones between white blood cells that send out the signal for whether or not you have an infection when people have overabundance of cytokines they are known for increased risk of cancer increased risk of infection increased autoimmune their their immune system stops attacking foreign or it it is.

Still a Tax Forum but it does it very poorly because so much energy is also put towards attacking their own body autoimmune problems include things like a thyroid being attacked by your immune system your rheumatoid arthritis is one lupus is where it attacks blood vessels Crohn's disease is where at a text your intestines all of those are cases where.

The immune system kind of went haywire and instead of attacking foreign in invaders it's attacking your own cells when we look for cytokines we talked last time about how they're they really do matter and they are not regulated when you are diabetic when you're overweight specifically it needs that high obese level when you have.

Depression or anxiety cytokines definitely cause depression anxiety they also are worse when you have high levels of cytokines autoimmune problems cancer elderly increased of smoking and vaping in those toxins coming in through those beautiful membranes of your lungs cause an immune response and inflammatory response and heavy amounts of alcohol.

All turn into a highly unread our less regulated cytokine setting so if you want more about that you can go to last week I ended last week by saying if it's a virus your body's trying to fight off you've got this little activated plasma cell it takes in those little viruses cuts it up into little pieces puts out a little flag on the.

Edge of its cell and said all right we need to find cells like this and it sends the cytokines to improve to find sends the cytokines in into a cell that's infected and that's how TNF alpha is one of the cytokines I've talked about this on my cancer lecture but it's in the tumor necrosis factor-alpha not cytokine is what makes you have a fever.

What causes you to not want to eat when you're infected when you have inflammation it also inhibits the growth of tumor cells and causes programmed cell death when you look at other dysregulation when things don't go so well when you have lots of years of high cytokines is when we know there's an increased risk for Alzheimer's increased.

Risk for cancer increased risk for major depression psoriasis and inflammatory bowel disease is another one of those autoimmune problems so psoriasis is also I sometimes skip that one where your immune system attacks the skin cells and you're you're not it's not regulated it's not doing what it's supposed to this is what happens when ketones move.

In and then we ended last week saying what is it that we could do to improve a and immune system and we're gonna get to what I like to call and what has been affectionately called the dr. Basri shio now I have some of my colleagues who make fun of this because they think that I came up with this and although I came up with the calculation sorry my my.

Stand is not very stable today I didn't come up with the name it has stuck and it works so I use it now but I wasn't what I had in mind so this is when you look at your blood glucose and you divide by your blood ketones this ratio I did not make up the data I use the data from the protocols where they are setting up a treatment plan for.

People with cancer people with seizures and they use these blood markers to say have we reached a metabolism have we reached an energy and signaling level that changes inside cell division immune systems seizures brain function this is what I used when my mom had cancer I was following a protocol for cancer patients so what are we really measuring when you.

Look at a doctor boz ratio if you look at blood glucose and ketones these the higher your doctor boz ratio the higher your insulin level is and checking this once doesn't give you much insight like today my number was somewhere in the 95 range and I had a ketone of 0.6 so that puts me about what a hundred and eighty or something on dr. Basra's show but so.

That says my insulin is a little high I haven't been limiting my eating as well as I usually do but I know with hundreds maybe thousands of times that I've checked my number that this will come down quickly as much as my insulin may be high for this moment over time I can lessen that and I spend more time with a normal to low insulin no normal is low.

But it's looks low compared to the rest of the world so we say low but we really mean normal when you look at ketones as we measure them though we can do the reason that protocol was written the way it was has a lot to do with Auto Fuji and I've given a big lecture on that there's a chapter and a blog post all about Auto Fuji out there one of the key.

Things to otology is that you can spark cells to to begin the cleanup within their within their internal borders much like you can spark a cell to have programmed cell death you can spark a cell to start Auto Fuji now you can't just run a test for that you have to have low insulin if there is a a process that doesn't.

It's it's not like there's a blood test that says here measure autophagy it's a series of numbers that say what are what is your glucose level and what is your insulin level and we looking at the literature saying okay if the doctor Baz ratio is 80 you might get auto AG Tophet you would also correlate to improving your white blood cell function and.

Whether or not your immune system is responding as appropriately or as efficiently as it could we know that at 80 you'll get weight loss that's for sure so if you're after weight loss and you get a ratio under 80 you win I really like the number 40 and that's what I reach for every week while on Instagram you'll see me post my.

Numbers and I am doing that for again Auto Fuji but also making sure my immune system I'm a physician I work around lots of infected people and I like to have the confidence to know that my immune system my immune system is my livelihood if I am sick I can't [__] I can't see patients without hurting them I secretly think my husband knew we were.

Gonna get trapped in Hawaii we don't have a medical license because the the the pol I have to help people during this crisis is it's it's it's part of my soul and I know Hawaii where I can't do that but if you get under 20 which is what the goal for my my mother was when she was fighting cancer now remember her cancer was in her white.

Blood cells her immune system was terrible she might have been 71 but her functional age was probably north of 90 maybe close to a hundred years old because she couldn't fight off infection she had a very wilted brain her energy was awful she was sleeping at least 20 hours a day and to get her autopsy back we had to do some incredible things in.

That story you'll know that those of you that are read the book know that she fasted for 40 days with 1/4 of a cup of bone broth and what happened in those 40 days is amazing but she didn't start out there she had been keto for nine months before that part of this happened and I really push patients to say yes we want you to lower your.

Insulin yes that's how we could predict if your immune system is working good better or best but having a blood sugar of 140 and a ketones of 0.7 gives you an insulin or a dr. Boggs ratio of 200 that's not what your insulin level is it just reflects that it's higher insulin when you get a blood sugar of 120 and your ketones are only 0.8 then you're.

Around 150 that your blood sugar of 80 ketones one is 80 pretty easy math there and if you get the really good blood sugars of 68 and your ketones are 1.7 now you have a ratio of 40 but it takes even a greater blood sugar of 68 and then a ketones over 3 to get an insulin or a dr. Baz ratio of 20 or less and that is where the fastest replication of.

Improvement happens and I do not let patients reach for this until they've been practicing a ketogenic journey for a while so let me just explain this because some of you have heard this a couple of times we have lots of new people on the show this is my image for evil insulin and yes I demonize insulin insulin although it saves your life it.

Is very important for life most of the people I see make excessive amounts of insulin and when they do that it causes inflammation it causes cells to replicate with errors it has an increase in their free radicals in their electrons that are not carefully tucked into where they belong so in this example I'll just show you the origin of.

How this happened we were reaching for a glucose ketone index of one to one for my mom that would be the perfect number if you have cancer right so but what we have to do is so her group here's an example of glucose being 97 but that's milligrams per deciliter and her key if your key if you take glucose divided by 18 you will convert it to the other.

Metric which is millimoles per liter ketones are measured in milliliters and so if the ketones are 1.2 that dr. Basri she owe 97 divided by 1.2 is 80 but the lucasz ketone index which is what we were trying to do with my mom is you take 5.3 and it is millimoles per liter and then the ketones at 1.2 millimoles.

Fleeter so you've got the same units but now you have to reduce the ketone to 1 so you have to take that 5.3 and divide by 1.2 to get four point five to one I'm telling you my mother remember I said she was like a hundred not doing that holy mackerel is she mad not just mad she was just like you've got to be kidding what are you talking.

About so a couple of days I'm trying to get her to do the math and I just said okay mom let me convert this to take the glucose divided by the ketones and that's gonna be the number we use so that's where the origin of this came from and it really did grow it is much easier for Americans and it's the same data you're just using the metrics in a.

Little different way so again here you have a glucose of 100 you divide by 18 that's 5.5 again that's how you convert from milligrams per deciliter to millimoles per liter ketones are already in no moles per liter that's a dr. Baz ratio of 66 again from anything under 80 we know you're losing weight that glucose ketone index the five point.

Five to one point five is now reduced to three point seven to one and again I get that the numbers are ridiculous but so many people have asked how do I do this dr. Baz ratio what is this and I will tell you it is measurable and one number isn't what you get you don't like suddenly arrive at one number follow me on instagram you'll see what i do when i.

Fast but when i first started out I probably checked two to three times a day and when grandma Rose was sick we checked several times a day when I look at the the next one is again a glucose of 88 which is four point eight in the other metrics and the ketones are 1.1 the dr. Boggs ratio is 80 and that is a four point four to one ratio again.

Probably just weight loss so immune repair takes more you have to have higher ketones and a little lower glucose to get that number under 40 I reach for that once a week and know that when my body hits that the number of cells that just in ignited [__] is a new crop from last week hitting that every week was what I did.

Is what I've done for the last couple of years I did not post them on I did not fast last week time zones in my brain did not do well I just like what gosh today's Monday I ate anyway so this is just a representation of what brains start out like and when you look at the number of things that we can improve in a ketogenic diet the data behind this is.

What is impressive and the number of studies looking at Alzheimer's migraines multiple sclerosis mood irritable mood focus headaches sleep troubles anger traumatic brain injuries anxiety Parkinson's I put math on there because it can be a syndrome if you're if you're really sick but what I like patients to look at is.

If you want to improve your immune system having an immune system where you measure that is the key to looking inside how how is your body doing I strongly recommend that you check first thing in the morning as the day goes on lots of parts of the equation become unpredictable they're hard to control for so there's a much better process.

Much better confidence in the number when it's first thing in the morning like I mean when you're emptying your bladder sit there on the toilet and check your number that's the best number when you look further into the day there's just so many variables have you eaten did you chew gum did you take some medications.

What's your stress level you know the the variables become so numerous that it's hard to make sense of it when I go to break my fast I rarely break it with numbers in the evening I want those numbers to be achieved probably before two o'clock in the afternoon if I don't reach my goal of a dr. Bob's ratio of forty or less by.

About two o'clock I really try not to count anything after that I just wait till the next morning I've been doing this for a while though so if you're new to the ketogenic diet you know waking up one day with an improved ratio that doesn't just happen so in in the show notes below your you'll see one of the links called toxic traditions and.

This is a to sign up and be on the list for those who will get the first announcement when I when I do a course that I felt I was gonna finish recording while in South Dakota this week but I don't know I don't know how I'm gonna do that now but I've got you know 2/3 of it recorded already and the course is the curriculum that I've been using for my.

Book coming up called keto continuum again when ketones are circulating in your blood great things happen and if you've all done this for a couple of days or maybe a few weeks and you have awesome results and you hit your goal and then you had a carb celebration and the road back to ketosis seems like a hike across the.

Himalayas and it's just long so looking at that kita that keto continuum is really what I am trying to be an advocate for creating community groups that are open sourced free doing as much as I can do for free to help inspire those groups and promote them in within our communities and I contend we will help more people improve.

Their health by showing them how to consistently be keto which is what the course is about it's also some of my I don't know best tips and tricks if you would some of them I've covered on here not all of them some of them are just longer stories so it takes a while to unpack them but I like you to look at this.

Beginners are the first column advanced is in the second column these are just a tie a transition of where you can progress this to go and I would I'll show you a little bit more about this in a minute I didn't know that was gonna do that so yes the key that I want you to know is if you're going to try and improve your immune system if you're.

Going to say I'm gonna be in isolation for maybe up to two months you could exit isolation with some of the best white blood cells you've ever had but you have to be measuring in order to do that there's a link in the show notes for four I care they actually have dr. Basra's yo programmed into their mobile app so you.

Don't even have to do the math they've been just really big supporters of teaching people promoting how to improve health and being very supportive by giving anybody who uses the dr. baz dr bo z promo code you get a 10% discount i will tell you it's about $100 for the kit once you get the 10% off and it is the best hundred dollars to help your.

Immune system it is more powerful than a visit with me could be so start with knowing your numbers for those of you engineers out there there is there are show notes out there that a link in there called the spreadsheet i had one of my favorite patients who built this saying here's how he plots his his data so you don't have to build the.

Spreadsheet you can just fill it in download the spreadsheet that is also in the show notes below so if you love keeping track of things i don't take on any patient unless they've got a spreadsheet they've been working with so i can look over time what their numbers have been and the truth is is once they start studying themselves rarely do they.

Need my help they can see what we're gonna do next so i like to show this and i before i show you the numbers i want you to notice these are healthy patients these are folks that are not overweight they do not have insulin resistance they came from a standard american diet they're not ketogenic but if you watch how long it took them to get a really.

Strong doctor Basri she oh we're gonna show you that the glucose started at 80 went to 70 then into 60s and 50s when they're in below that I would say below 60 excuse me below 70 in the 60s and the 50s is when I can have a high level of confidence that they are in gluconeogenesis I've had lots of people write in about that when you look at.

Their first first check their insulin is starting to decrease when they have a glucose of 80 glucagon and epinephrine these are things we've talked about in other other lectures but they start to rise by the time you get to those 60s you're gonna see they're up enough and their growth hormone rise I did a hormone or I did a one of the beginning.

Lectures and one of the chapters in the book is how to have human growth hormone HGH you know the the drug that athletes will use to strengthen their muscles but how do you do this without enlarging your breasts and swelling your sex organs and messing up your endocrine system and that is you can do that with the doctor vows ratio you can do that.

With a ketogenic diet and then adding time restricted eating to this cortisol is sounds like this bad thing because we see it ruined morning fasting glucoses but I'll tell you it's not the worst thing in the world you need cortisol to respond to stress you need cortisol to respond to infections they got lightheaded by day five so again that.

Healthy metabolism these are healthy people they start out with the standard American diet and notice these are hours and the first part of the the the chart what they looked at was this is glucose milligrams per hour is that first solid line so that is not what their glucose was it's how many milligrams per hour were they using so they have just eaten.

Right after they ate that really went down the glucose coming from glycogen which is stored glucose is what that dotted line is but you get to about the end of that third day or end of excuse me the first day 24 28 hours and you start to see the storage in your liver really decline you don't really get that gluconeogenesis until you get to the.

Third day or the glucoses that are somewhere in the 60s or 50s but again I'm showing this you this to compare it to people that have been overweight for years that haven't had high insulin for years these were healthy lean patients they were not on the ketogenic diet these was standard American diet and they fasted for again the 40 days is.

What that is a really great study to kind of unpack so you look at this study from Clinical Nutrition this was done in 2000 so again 20 years old this is not new data but you watch to see what happens during the 72 hour fast with these healthy patients and I think yeah this is the this is gonna be the same similar stuff.

To before so glycogen and glucose or what comes out of your liver again by 24 hours you get a range of 61 to 69 and then a glucose of 64 by the time you got to 72 hours you can see their glucose is now coming out of storage they are not taking anymore in and this is how quickly you can drop that in a healthy lean patient what I think is powerful is.

In those healthy lean patients if you were measuring ketones and you were doing a dr. Baz ratio they would not drop their dr. Baz ratio until you get to the third day 72-hour fast you can see that their their insulin was seven to thirteen again I when I do this in the clinic I love it when their insulin is less than five so these healthy lean.

Patients were not what I would consider a good level of insulin that stayed just about the same at 24 hours and maybe a little bit less at the 48 hours and by 72 hours you finally had a one of them at least hit 5.1 but still quite a range of insulin that did not really correct and this is just a glimpse to say even healthy lean patients when we're trying.

To improve their immune system you have to be checking both numbers to really understand now they did check ketones and you'll see that they didn't have any ketones at the beginning as you might expect but over 24 hours they shot up I think it was they hit – yeah healthy lean patients they don't have a lot of insulin and glucose hanging out.

In their liver enough to keep the glucose high on that first one but boy by 72 hours their group their ketones more were 4.8 and that got them to a dr. Byles ratio under 20 there were a few of them that made it into a dr. Baz ratio under 20 by 48 hours but that is the exception I didn't mean to put the slide in here but this is norepinephrine this.

Is kind of fun norepinephrine is what makes you feel so good so patients say I want that high that I get when I fast I said well if you got a you got a practice making it you're not gonna get it on your first fast unless you get clear out 270 and this is healthy people took 72 hours to really boost their norepinephrine.

But it's where this enlightenment comes from that people say boy I fasted and I really feel so much better like yes you do and we have evidence that it really does change as you watch the numbers but it's mostly at that 72-hour range so here's again 36 hours fasted these are growth hormone again healthy people these are not overweight people and it.

Still took them multiple days to really raise their growth hormone what I recommend for my folks over the age of 50 is to not fast for longer than 72 hours using a ketogenic diet using your dr. Baz ratio you can see when your body is start to improve I do not want to put that one in there again oh shoot this is when I laid it over there sorry I I hope.

I didn't make that go away so here's your insulin resistance patient okay so in it took days two weeks for them to get their fasting glucoses to drop below that 70 mark so again I do not recommend that my insulin resistant patients start fasting now until the day the quarantine is over that's a really bad idea there are lots of things that can go wrong and.

Access to health care is limited right now but I'm showing this to you to say we know that it happens we know that it's possible and we know that he'll turn over your white blood cells every four days but in order to you only get to build on last your last set of white blood cells to take your white blood cells from what grandma Rose had at the.

Beginning of her cancer to a one that could sustain the 40 days of fasting it took us nine months now we weren't nearly this intense we didn't even start blood checking her numbers till we've been at it for six months I really like this study and use this in my upcoming book where they they compared obese patients to non obese patients and.

Looked at who had the biggest change in I think this fast was 72 hours but just look at the hormone there of insulin the biggest drop in insulin is when they're overweight the biggest rise in the glucagon you know where can we have some extra glucose and growth hormone really happens to the folks who need it the most.

They are our folks who are overweight they have been suffering and bathing their body in inflammation their cytokines really are out of whack and we know that if we can get them to a place where they can healthy be healthy and fasting it really does improve their long term something must be happening in the background.

Long term girl's home there we go Mike something's happened there all right so this is the again your keto diet insulin resistant patients now I don't know if you remember that chart right had phase one two and three phase one was right after they got done eating but when you're on the keto diet which is again when the reason I'm so adamant.

About you checking numbers to see are you improving is what is that phase 2 what is what is it looking at and you are looking how did you empty the glute the glucose in your liver again that stored sugar is called glycogen and when you've been overweight with high insulin you locked it inside those liver cells you locked it inside.

Here in muscle cells and to get it to empty can take a really long time that process is evident by looking at your numbers so this is where I give a lot of credence to those who are have lost 100 pounds have been checking dr. Basra shows really been looking at how their body repairs and knowing that the reason we're doing this is you have been.

Over producing insulin for the better part of a couple of years that process of extra sugar every time there's more than a tablespoon of sugar in your body you took these little glucose on my channel this is what glucose looks like these are they're square and they are actually the rhomboid but they're happy sad they're kind of like the Seven.

Dwarves they have all kinds of emotions because glucose can make you feel good but it all is very short-lived its energy is rather wimpy kind of like burning pine needles in a fire it's really exciting but then it crashes pretty hard and our mood and our energy and our repair process is affected when too much sugar.

Is around when you take glucose and you say hey mister insulin says you need to be tucked into a cell that is inside the liver and inside the the muscle cells and that glycogen gets packaged by taking all these sugars connecting them together and then wrapping them into what I call glycogen bubbles I have a little bubble of our little glucose guys.

Here I think yeah I put it in there oops here we go sorry I didn't mean to do that twice yeah this lets you well close enough so yeah that little guy in the middle is a glycogen and glycogen is packaged glucose those glucose cannot leave the liver until you get your insulin down so remember insulin and dr. Basra's OH are equivalent you lower your.

Doctor boz ratio you lower the insulin the reason you lose weight with a dr. Boz ratio of 80 or less is because you can finally open up these glycogen bubbles and use the glucose and that in and of itself becomes difficult but you get to find the empty the storage that has been there for so long when glucose is in the body we fill it full of these.

Glycogen bubbles and boy you want to see the most gnarly looking livers they are livers filled with glucose almost like cirrhosis of the liver which usually we attribute to alcohol but most of the hardened livers today in America are from sugar excess sugar that looked just like this as we change I think I meant for that to transition yeah as he as the.

Sugars run out then your body starts to package them into fats and those are what those little yellow strings are then we start putting triglycerides all over the liver and we get a fatty liver fatty livers are even more disease than one's filled with glycogen but that's how it takes that you know almost two months to empty some of the storage.

Sugar in these glucoses and that is gonna take at least dr. Baz ratio of less than 80 before you can empty it and that's because it fills with all that fat that's what happens when you put ketones in circulation by just being on the ketogenic diet dropping those carbs to 20 that's when we can start to see a lot of the chemistry changes that not.

Only empty the liver but this is where cytokines and an improved immune system are calculated all right I think I think this one gets me yeah that's the 12 weeks on a ketogenic diet more than 12 weeks on a ketogenic diet and we really start to see a huge improvement in those livers but it's because they're measuring they're not just guessing that.

They're on a ketogenic diet they're really are emptying their glycogen storage they really are using those triglycerides in a way that is a much better plan and you get a bunch of happy ketones around is what I'm trying to show you there yes so ketones are known for pouring out the flames of insulin and I think that's where I was gonna.

Stop today on that one yes so let me go here here and there we go ah okay so let's see if we can keep my little beautiful flower in I got I got to ask the local ladies how they do this because it keeps falling out and I have three enough hair that it should just stick in there but it doesn't anyway bobby pins I guess that's what they have.

To do next time alright so I have a couple of things where I wanted to show you the let's take away now let's see here oh I want so a couple things let's go to my Instagram and see if I can take away the ketone here and where did I put the Instagram one here you all maybe oh actually this is lines gonna do okay.

So well I'll come back that one just give me a second – here's Instagram okay so when I look at Instagram what I want you to notice is that the the Instagram is where I post my numbers one of the hardest parts for patients to really appreciate is that I want my body to be healthy – and I think in the setting of a major improvement I can measure mine -.

So usually you find every week that I have numbers and pretty much all I put on my Instagram are these numbers so if you need a good list of numbers it's a great way to say this is the real deal some of them are not pretty and you'll see what happens to me when I hang out and how I was gonna say Haiti Hawaii with family and I'm out of my routine.

But that starts today I'll check my numbers here at the end of the show but you'll see each each number is shows you how long I've fasted I'm trying to get to a doctor boz ratio of 40 or less sometimes like this dr. Bosher ratio of 80 is because I didn't I didn't measure the third one or somehow usually I get to 40 so if it's not posted it means.

Either I ate before I checked my number which is a note I should not do that anymore I've made that mistake enough times but you look at this red one and you go back to when I started that was I'd fasted 18 hours my ratio was 108 at 26 hours the ratio is 43 by the time I got to 42 hours my ratio is 59 and then by the time I got to 52 hours my ratio.

Is 29 now this is not always this easy I mean I don't don't look at this as easy again fast at 16 hours my number was 162 by 24 hours it was in the 80s by 30 hours it was in the 50s and then ratio 58 ratio of 18 and I think I might have had a bite of something when I or maybe it's in the morning that that's probably the next morning where I had an 18 later.

In the day but I try not to trust the ones that are later in the day I like it to be first thing in the morning when I check them but again just gives you a chance to look at what I do I really appreciate when people are watching the numbers and they tag themselves with you'll see on here dr. Basri she oh if you put that in the.

Tag I try to go and support and encourage anybody who uses that hashtag because it is hard it's really hard when I look at the let's see here I want to go over here I look at this continuum is something that I really think is worth just putting a little bit of energy into so again when you first start out on the ketogenic diet this is part of what that.

Course is that I'm going to teach and if you want to be part of that sign up on that that toxic traditions which is just a short cliff notes from where I'm at right now in the writing okay so in beginner is number one where that's the standard American diet where they eat every two to four hours but then they choose to be keto which is 20.

Carbohydrates or less per day and within a week or two they are eating every six to eight hours their energy lasts longer their metabolism is better some things that I tell patients is this is chemistry you don't have to really do anything but cut those carbohydrates to less than 20 it takes four to six weeks for you to get to phase three and I tell.

People you cannot rush this I want you to keep eating as much fat as it takes to get to that one moment where you say I accidentally missed a meal and you're gonna see me unpack that process a lot more in the in the ketogenic class once that happens it's a very powerful transition to now choose you got to make a choice here that's why it's in red is.

You're gonna eat two meals a day you're gonna go from the three meals a day and eat only two meals a day but I will tell you it will not feel restrictive if you wait until this chemistry catches you when I see people skip over they push and just say oh I kind of didn't want to eat and I'm ready to go to two meals a day their hormones are not replaced.

Their insulin is not improved enough their fat based hormones is why you feel better and when they skip that oh my goodness do they feel terrible they get into sixteen eight they get into what we call advanced sixteen eight and they don't feel good they think this ketogenic diet is.

Terrible and I will tell you it's because they skip over they push their body to jump past number three when they're not quite ready for that so if you notice that the the basis once you get past number four five six seven and eight is what I call baseline metabolisms and that's where you should live five six seven or eight some people.

Never need to go past five and I have a couple people the the star of my upcoming book really is he lives at five and he never really had to do some of the super advanced levels and he is healthy it just took a steady change and he's ready for coronavirus and he's 65 I have no fear that his body could fight off that virus better than it could have.

Two years ago based on all of his history I don't like I don't like oh man because people say I eat one meal a day but I have a snack here and then I have some nuts before bed and I have cream in my coffee and so I walk you through saying what does 23 and one really mean and then how do you take that to the advanced level I usually live somewhere.

Between seven and eight I love it when I'm at eight I feel the best when I do that and then once a week I stress my metabolism I stress my metabolism this focuses on the hours like 36 hours 48 hours somebody but I really I encourage people to to to use a timer because that is the first step of figuring out fasting but really to get your.

Metabolism to to be a ratio that that you can be confident that you're improving your immune system with and it's not an easy thing to do but it really does it does change how people can can stay committed for the long long game if you would this is the last thing I was going to go through today which is the suppress I had.

Several physicians right in saying where's data on cytokines and the ketogenic diet so I just want to say thank you for being committed to the the the science and and making sure that people do have their their research based in science I know that my coronavirus video got demonetised or whatever that cut is.

Because YouTube is being very strict that they're only promoting those videos that come from the CDC and I think that's the right thing to do I think you're you're looking for the highest quality evidence and not everybody uses studies when they get on these channels to say let's try and improve the education but I like this study it is I.

Think this one was me see if I can blow this up a little bit hold on here I guess sorry my mouse is being a little bit sticky here today's study here we go it is unlocked Oh me good so let me try to blow this up because I think it's mm I can't reverse 2002 let me do it let me just look at that okay so let's try I thought the.

Date was on this one but okay I miss previous at the bottom the point I'm making is that if you look at oxidative stress so oxidative stress is one of those words that lots of supplements use like we decrease your free radicals and we need crease your oxidative stress but it is actually measurable and it has so much to do with your histone histone.

Deacetylase inhibitors and that word endogenous means that you do it yourself that as much as I use supplements when I'm not feeling well when I falling off the wagon and I need to get back on course your body does about a hundred times the improvement that a supplement can do so this data comes from what happens in the stress when beta hydroxy.

Butyrate which is the ketone that floats around in your blood when you do your finger checks that's what you're checking but when it stimulates the production of of the the hormones if you would the milieu of improvements so I could go through the whole study but I'm not gonna do that maybe this is where the I was thinking.

Maybe a septum and let me see if I can get the date so I can get that out of my head and say oh so this one was 2013 okay not even close to 2000 good fine checked okay so when looking at this though the key thing was the treatment of cells with beta hydroxy butyrate increased histone acetylation at these little bitty receptors both in a genetic.

Way and in the depletion of some of the ones that you don't want to have around they go on to talk about specifically looking inside kidney cells and that's really where I came across this was I was really looking what can I teach my dad who is on dialysis that every step of the way could gets better if we continue to use a chemistry set that has.

Improvement in his ketones at keeping his blood sugar low and it's not just about putting ketones by drinking them it's really getting your body to make them because of what happens at a cellular level this histone deacetylase part is where the DNA winds around these little little symbols if you will to to tightly hold the genetics.

The the DNA in the proper place free radicals will destroy and and mess up that DNA when when they have lots of oxidative stress and they were they were looking at what is the glucose level and what is the ketone level for a ketogenic diet to improve that immune response and that oxidative stress and the the study did a good job of at least unpacking.

That they have they do have evidence of this this is one of about 40 of the studies I could have picked but I have found based on viewership that when I stalk about studies I tend to lose some of the audience so let's get back to the punchline here which is what I see if I can go back over to comments and see if we can see the ocean behind.

Me a little bit maybe kind of I'll give you a I'll give you a closer look at what's outside the front step here so check that out oh boy it's hard to yeah yeah there you go oh I'm that cool I'm so happy to be stuck okay so now that I'm back I will wrap this up in a summary because I know that.

I did a lot of talking and I did a lot of like oh it's a dr. Baz ratio I wanted to shoot some clean up there because I've had lots of people write in this saying what is this I've had other people say did you just make this up like no I didn't make it up it is from the studies that look at ketones and glucose in ratio which is called a.

Glucose to ketone index it is the research used to make the protocols for cancer patients and for seizure patients in the ketogenic diet and then extrapolating that to look at what the autopsy data says the punchline I'm trying to get to is you got to measure it you cannot just guess when people call in and say I've been sick for the.

Better part of see if this is actually working I might have a problem here hold on hold on alone I think let's see okay as long as I hope you guys can see this because I it looks like something's wrong yeah so okay so okay I've got feedback that says it is working sorry without anybody else to tell me when things go wrong I move my.

Computer there's not power plugged in and that's enough to send it into the danger zone here without a an improvement in your doctor balls ratio you can't guarantee that you've got an improvement in your in your system and that's really what I'm getting at is that if you look at the the best part of a ketogenic diet is that it isn't about.

The food it's about the chemistry inside your body it's about what we and I can go through hunting the saddest part about how long it's taken me to write this book is that I keep doing which I'm sure every author does is the data keeps coming out or I find a study I haven't read and I spend two days kind of unpacking it deciding if it should go in.

The book deciding what it teaches me and I love it but the the worst part is is that it will slow you me down in my writing but I'm I've committed to not reading any studies that I haven't already read until it's published so I'm on the right track but when I look at meters first somebody just said what meter do you recommend I do recommend.

For care I do that unabashedly cuz I usually live in South Dakota and the biggest reason strips don't work you can say oh these are the ones are cheaper strips these are pretty pretty cheap about a dollar for the ketone strips and about say somewhere between thirty and fifty cents I don't even think it's that much for the glucose strips but the key.

Is they are temperature stable and in South Dakota it gets really cold and it gets really hot and you put that little strip in and you start to look and it sends you an error like oh if I do something wrong so you get out another strip and you poke your finger and you put it in there and it gives you an error and you do it again and out six.

Strips later you realize oh my goodness the whole bottle is not working because it got ten it was affected by the temperature it got too cold so that does now happen with worker and I am I'm usually a victim of the cold and the heat so not today but when you look at the improvement in your white blood cells.

And again today's live was about how can we can we measure your a new improved immune system and I would say yes you can but you need a meter so in the show notes you can have a link to this meter I'm gonna recheck my numbers at the end of the show here and show you what they did in the hour part of this is to show you yes I check my numbers part of its.

To get you to follow me on Instagram to say you're not alone that's silly little flower I'm just gonna let it stay there you're not alone it's hard you'll see me my numbers aren't perfect and when I'm stressed like isolated and braiding my hair because I can't believe I'm stuck in Hawaii I mean I'm happy I'm not.

Complaining I'm not complaining but yeah the clinics close it's in South Dakota and I'm not alright so I poke my finger and you can see that their code is set up for this that blinking little blood drop is really important to have blinking before you touch that the ketones take 10 seconds to read this is the glucose it's the exact same meter.

You don't have to buy two of them I just do that because you see it is faster and then you can you see that there's a blinking little drop of blood there and then you get that here mmm yes so the ketones are point nine and the glucose is 92 so it's a little better than it was when we started that Dr Boggs ratio is 92 divided by zero point nine and.

I've learned not to do any of long division on the air because you can make easy mistakes when you do that but it is measurable that's what I'm trying to tell you when you look at the dr. Boggs ratio and you look at your immune system and you say if you're gonna be confined for two months let's join together and share the journey so figure out.

Instagram I didn't want to learn that one either but it's really the only thing I put on Instagram is are my numbers when I fast people say how long do you stay in the doctor Baz ratio to get what you want if you have cancer when my mom had cancer we were there for 40 days that's why she fasted so much 40 days not she.

Lived and I think she couldn't have lived had we done it any other way but in that same respects if you look at my goal my goal is to be healthy and so I live a ketogenic diet I try to restrict my eating to one hour a day I really have cleaned up my coffee used to be filled with fat and for you newbies you have to stay at high fat.

Until you hit that moment where you say I accidentally missed a meal like it's shocking you think that only crazy people miss a meal but when you do that then we can start talking about changing some choices but so I I kept mine cream in my coffee for two years I loved it it tastes great when I'm sad when I'm having a tough day I comfort with cream.

In my coffee so I still do it but it's not my it's not what I like sound I get the best numbers so the rest of the week I try to have one meal a day it's a high fat meal my family I have teenagers so we eat together it's not as early in the day as I'd like it but I live in a family and it's got sacrifices that I'm happy to give to be in the blessed life.

That we are in if you look at once a week I fast from the show which I I remember last week why didn't fast because it was raining and I didn't do my show until Monday and so then I kind of got all messed up and said okay now what do I do and then it was Tuesday or Monday night and it was anyway and it's timezone is different so I'm starting.

Weight early in the day as the fast usually we have our Sunday meal together and then I fast after that but you can watch the numbers and they're not great I mean I'll probably check it right before I go to bed tonight because I'm in different time zones so it'll be like 2:00 in the morning for the rest of the world and I'll get up in the morning and.

I'll check it again and I will show you what my doctor baz ratio is and I do that just to say I'm as real as you I want a healthy immune system I don't want to have a virus get into my lungs and start whittling away the little cells that make surfactant and collapse my alveoli and have a respiratory failure.

Just because I do Kido doesn't guarantee that I'm healthy I have to check my numbers to be able to have the confidence that I have a healthy immune system so the other part that I really have a a genuine request for is to be the neighbor that you want in your life you know as I'm a woman of faith many of you know that that I have done lots of.

The reason I was in Haiti we do mission work I do mission work in my own state and in my own community that I believe that it's a time where it is to be that the hands and feet of what our faith calls us to do which is to genuine genuinely be generous in a time when everybody is scared that your brains will work better when your ketones are.

Higher and your glucose is lower using your your numbers to show where you're at and whether or not that's coming down it will lead to questions please put them in the YouTube notes the YouTube videos I try to answer the questions on YouTube first as opposed to Instagram and Facebook and the website and emails I answer YouTube first and I did really.

Terrible last week but I will get I will catch up I am NOT a I'm not saying this is a panacea I'm also saying it's not easy that if my mom were as unhealthy as she was at the time of her when she started keto I would be very worried about her survival of these next two years where coronavirus will probably infect all of us if you look at the.

Trends what we're hoping to do is that may your immune system be stronger when it hits you and you can calculate that but that means you have to check your numbers and you're gonna need to learn some stuff so if you haven't listened to the book the audio book is a great mental escape I read the audio book and I think it.

Turned out great it's my favorite of all the versions of the book you can find that in the show notes but it is a great story where you accidentally learn all about the ketogenic diet and my mom was 71 and she was there sick very sick and she wanted to die that's amazing she's Mary Poppins she saved the world and me all at once it.

Gives me goosebumps to think she wouldn't be here if I didn't master the science behind the ketogenic diet and break it down into little lessons for her what is now five five five years ago would be five years wow that's fast and as I do that in that story you will go from it thinking this keto thing is a little flaky to really understanding.

That there is way more to this than just weight loss as you process that when you're done reading the book if you get the paperback gift it to a neighbor and say just read the first three chapters if they get to the end of three chapters and they don't want anything to do with it it's okay you tried helping them to understand that this doesn't take money.

This doesn't take a bunch of supplements this really just takes education and may you GRA gain education from a story that changed not just my life but my mom's life and I hope to do that for you so the other thing I would love to have comments on is suggestions for what you would like to hear during times of I almost I almost did just live answers.

With my kids they weren't quite ready for that but if we're still in Hawaii next week I might have to have one of them sacrifice and be on the channel with me just to say what is it about the questions that people have so as I come up with ideas for the show I instantly want to unpack another study and show you what it looks like but I'd love to.

Hear your suggestions for what you'd like to hear on a ketogenic Channel like this doctor Baz we we are doing this for life that's what this next series is about that's what the next class is gonna be about that's what the next book will be about is not just how did I happen to help my mom through a really dangerous section of her health but how.

Do you do ketones for life and I mean that because it really does in enrich your life you will have a faster working brain you'll have less fogginess you will have it's like you reverse time it's like youth in a bottle huh but you will also do them for a lifetime and that's my goal for you is to share how I do it and what are the ways that.

We see people fall off the wagon and then you give them a hand and you pull them back on and say you can do this all right I will call that a wrap it's a little over an hour today I'm sorry for the extra but I do appreciate those of you that tuned in and I will stick around a little while I answer some questions on the live and see you next.

Week I am dr. Boz in proving your health 1 ketone at a time we'll see you next week
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