๐Ÿ”ด 48 hours into a 72 hour fast & Roadmap to Ketones for Life

๐Ÿ”ด 48 hours into a 72 hour fast & Roadmap to Ketones for Life

๐Ÿ”ด 48 hours into a 72 hour fast & Roadmap to Ketones for Life

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I've here in South Dakota this is the dr. Voss channel and it is Sunday night we have I have I hope a good show for you I am definitely in my most vulnerable part of a fast so it'll try not to get growly on camera but we're going to talk about why am i fasting early this week and a few tips and tricks that I've been.

Using to get through my fast I think it's authentic to show you what happens when I fast when I get to the part that's the hardest for me and how that landed it on Sunday at 6 o'clock instead of starting Sunday at 6 o'clock or at least Sunday afternoon the other parts that I wanted to do is I have some updates for folks that I'm really.

Thankful to talk about but we are gonna do what we always do and start by checking numbers but I am 48 hours fasted so this should be a I don't know it's actually a little bit risky for me to always do this live it probably should have checked it right before I started but yeah didn't do that alright so I am going to prick my finger and.

Check both ketones and glucose and as I do that it is again if so now it's actually 49 hours since I've eaten last and I am gonna start with my ketones and the ketones have a purple strip they take 10 seconds to countdown and while that's at it this is the white strip and it's got the little piece of blood or a little drip of blood saying it we're.

Ready and we will add the ketones or add that glucose so we've got glucose counting down ketones at one point four so 78 one point four and that's 48 hours into the fast and this is my worst part of a fast so we're gonna get through the next hour and during that hour I was going to show you a couple of things that I don't often get a chance to do I.

Am gonna actually do the live chat next to me just to see how everybody's wing and making sure it is all flowing like it's supposed to um there we go yeah it is good deal alright so I just wanna make sure it looks like I'm topping out on the set on the sound here so I'm gonna turn it down just a hint just so it doesn't peak out.

Like that don't do that okay Jack says don't do that okay so let's try that see how you feel see how that sounds all right so this week instead of drinking my BHB I often on the show will have a scoop of something and the ketones in a can are something that I don't use nearly as much as I used to when I was really.

Getting better at fasting trying to practice saying no to food so I learned that if I had a struggle during my fast if I would add some ketones I could get through the whatever was going on whether it was a craving whether it was me just being whiny and wanting food or if I really didn't need to you know emphasize or improve brainpower.

Trying to concentrate adding some ketones doing a fast always helped me if I was in clinic and starting to feel draggy I could quickly add ketones in about 15 minutes feeling much better since I've really practiced fasting every week to a doctor boz ratio of 40 or less has been my goal recently actually six weeks ago now my dad died.

And I did the first 72-hour fast I started the fast on the day that he died that was actually I was planning on the fast but that fast became really a spiritual you know transition for me to just dedicate the fast to him and since then I've been trying to do a 72-hour fast every week for I'm hoping to get to eight weeks so this is week six I think.

And I'm really impressed with what it does to my auto fatty ratio meaning people fast for different reasons I don't like fasting I actually do this because it really inspires my patients to see even when you're healthy give stress to your metabolism watching it and calculating it really does offer you an advantage but it doesn't mean I like.

It 72 hour fast I really don't like cuz that's even longer but I'm so impressed at how much quicker and how much better my my numbers have gotten over those six weeks and the last time I did this I was impressed I tell patients how this works and of course it works for them but I don't know somehow doing it myself.

Reminds me okay yes this is actually a really good idea but it's it's stressful so today though I wanted to do something different that when I do use in my fast I used to do bone broth all the time that was harder for me to keep on hand than powder so when I switched over to doing ketones in a can it was easy but it has stevia in it and most people do.

Not have an insulin response from stevia but I always tell my patients to check check check the studies that look at stevia not showing the insulin or the glucose to rise after that fake sweetener they were the studies were done in healthy lean people so if your insulin resistance and you want to know if you've had diabetes or if you're.

Overweight and you want to know does the does the stevia in in something break your fast or does it shoot your sugars up for heaven's sakes just check it look at your own sugar 30 minutes after you take this up line so I don't have much of an insulin response from that but I don't like taking stevia yes I mean I take it.

Sometimes but it's not my favorite thing to do instead I put ketones in a capsule and so I was gonna take one dose of these at the beginning of the show and then see what they are at the end of the show now when it comes to capsules these are the largest capsules you can put it on the market so they're kind of big but you want to get as much powder in a.

Capsule as possible it still takes at least four capsules to have a dose and I just want to show you what's gonna happen to my ketones at the beginning of the hour versus the end of the hour so let me quickly take these okay so that the other reason I do ketones in a capsule or I made ketones in a capsule under the dr. Baz.

Brand was because my husband is allergic to stevia and he gets horrific ly sick when he has stevia so that's the only ketones and I can he can take but it really is another way to just see what happens if you just add ketones you don't add any extra flavors or powders or anything else that is in the process and I'll show you what my numbers do in.

The next half an hour to 45 minutes the final announcement I want to make before I tell a little bit more about why I'm fasting is I have awesome news that we are back on the market with the keto combo I will say of all the supplements I make this is my favorite because it tastes so good this one has the MCT c8 c10 powder and BHB all in one scoop so.

For those of you that watch the dr. Paz show on an annual you know that ketones will rise within about 15 minutes of taking them those ketones in a can they'll rise really quickly but when you have MCT it takes a little longer for that fat to get through absorbed into your circulation and into your liver once in your liver your liver starts to.

Make ketones and that supplement really was one of the one of the key things that helped me it was probably a year ago now that I went from having two meals a day to having one meal a day and the first step that I did to accomplish that was to substitute some of this powder for one of the meals and I did that for probably three weeks before I.

Was able to say I really can only have I can do one meal a day and really stay at it what happened during that time is by supplementing routinely I was able to increase my production of ketones a little bit and a lot of it was mental I was ready to say okay I can do this I can do this I can do this so I really love this supplement it does use.

The two substances that do augment the production or the presence of ketones in circulation so I'm super thankful that finally finally finally it's back on the market I just want to put a shout-out to go BHB there they are I use their branded PHP in that and that supplement and it's just very predictable my patients have really good numbers when I.

When they spend the money on something I want it to work and I want it to be predictable and that's why I go BHB is in in that product all right so it's just tell one more story and that is why am i fasting at 48 hours on a Sunday night as most of you know I start fasting usually on Sundays and then I go until my doctor baz ratio is usually.

Forty or less recently I've been doing this 72-hour fast and watching to see how quickly my ratio comes down how much that atif are you really once you practice it a couple of weeks in a row boy I can make those numbers look great much faster than I did two months ago but I had someone to reach out to me and say we're gonna do a marathon fast we're.

Gonna have a fast for 20 days where each person in the fast was going to have a section of the fast for you know whatever whatever that oopsy-daisy whatever that I don't have to see if I can make this go to that so I don't I guess they wanted Miss Australian the marathon was twenty days of fasting and each person in the.

Marathon had a different segment for the fast mine was supposed to start on Friday and so Friday night is when I said okay this is the beginning of my fast and I said I would try to fast for four days which is a little longer than I usually do and then Friday came around and I realized oh it's not a marathon everybody was starting on Friday and we.

Were supposed to have an accumulated fasting days of 20 days between I think there's five of us on our team so I am I said I don't know what I was thinking to say I'm gonna fast over the weekend and I have five teenagers around this summer we have a cousin in town and we've got our kids and foreign exchange.

Students and just a lot of busyness so it's not easy to fast when there's kids ordering pizza or events to go to the busier I get in my practice it's easy I can not eat and do pretty well but you get out in that social world where there's the smell of hotdogs or something like what am I thinking so I get to Sunday and this is definitely.

Where I get crabby I get your table so when they ordered pizza on Sunday night excuse me on Saturday night I was about 24 hours into it and again that's usually a tipping point where I like to be away from temptations during that 24 hour mark I can usually feel my body step up to produce a few more ketones if I'm checking I can totally see it.

Goes from like point 8 point 8 point 8 to 1.2 and so it's definitely making a shift the glucose usually goes from somewhere in the 80s down to lower 70s or maybe even high 60s and so I again remove myself from the situation I got in the sauna because you can't eat the sauna or you shouldn't eat in the sauna so.

That really kind of helps me break a sweat and again stay away while the pizza was being eaten and then afterwards took a actually took a mud bath which is something I'll talk about in another show but it's very curious and interesting but again finding a routine that is helpful for distracting or knowing when you're gonna have the.

Tough times that you've got something planned to do I really do stick with salt and black coffee during my fast now the salt is really the ticket where this went from much more difficult to much easier I put salt in my coffee I put salt in a little Soleil water in my water when I'm fasting all of those things are supplemented to help me.

Through the fast and it makes all the difference like I used to think it's just not that big of a deal and dang I was wrong it really does help so tomorrow tomorrow night I'll be at 72 hours around 5 o'clock and I have planned a massage because I I know this is gonna be up it's not I'm gonna want to eat I'm gonna want to.

Eat tomorrow night I can tell you that right now but getting past that go to bed get away from the temptation make it easy find something you like to do that's better than eating and so I'm gonna I have a massage scheduled tomorrow night that is starts at five o'clock which is when the kids and the family are gonna eat supper.

And then can I go to bed probably earlier than usual just to stay out of the kitchen I don't know those are some of the things that I like to do but as you watch the the other process that happens during a fast I really try to pray about something I really try to meditate on what am I trying to improve where am i where am I not being as good.

Of a mom or good as good of a wife or where can I work at improving me and I screw it up just like anybody else but it is it has been but besides adding salt it has been the other major thing that if I look at was the fast painful was it irritable was it crabby or did I really get through it and a lot of that is determined on did I have a reason why.

I was fasting did I put that to purpose during the fast and when I feel like eating I remind myself why I'm doing it so I encourage you if you're trying too fast if you're trying to do this first of all don't start until you're keto adapted that's a really big deal that I think anybody that's taken my online course that is a huge component to the.

Success of fasting is Dane you really want to be key to adapted to get the benefits of fasting to go without food is one thing and praying through it's you know very good you know practice in cultures throughout the globe but wow you get a lot more growth hormone a norepinephrine and atif AG when you've started the fast already in a ketogenic.

State which is keto adapted so all right so that's the first half of the show I want to tell you why I was fasting tell you the part we're back on Amazon for my favorite supplement with with MCT and bhp in the supplement and I'm checking my ketones one hour or 40 minutes after taking 4 capsules of the ketones in a.

Capsule so the show I have for you tonight is a map is the map of a ketogenic diet and I am going to see if I can transition over to this and show you this map alright so this is what I like to call the keto continuum let's see here you're gonna give me a thumbs up that looks good so this map of the keto continuum is something that is the.

Foundation for where I wrote this book that I've been working on that's been another reason why I people say why did you do this 72 hour fast so many weeks in a row and the real answer is I really want to finish this book I'm so close to finishing it that it's painful actually so between grieving for my dad having an extended summer where kids are around.

And trying to recover from being in here in Hawaii for 12 unexpected weeks and finish a book at just a lot of distractions but I have got to finish this book so the online course that I put out a few months a few weeks ago was this curriculum it was practicing the curriculum that's in the book that I really do think is when I wrote the book.

Anyway you can it was my first stumble understanding helping my mother through her cancer journey of how can we use a ketogenic diet to improve her cancer numbers while resurrecting her health I was five years ago though and I learned so much about what are the missed steps for a ketogenic diet and what should people be doing if you really want to be.

Ketones for life which is really my model and that that really means two things not just ketones until the day you die but ketones to really five your life and boy I really I can separate as they walk as I walk in the room when I see a patient who is Anna ketogenic state or who's been practicing ketosis and who hasn't been there yet.

And the energy that is in their eyes in their voice in the in the passion for their life is just a different caliber for my ketogenic patients versus those who have yet to step over the threshold alright so I'm going to go through this real quick to say this roadmap has a few really important things in it so I'm gonna first begin by showing you this.

Column that is the key to Jen the the keto continuum of beginners baseline and stressing metabolism and specifically what I like you to see is that in a beginners setting you have you start out like everybody else you're not really testing anything you're eating whenever you feel hungry and most people's metabolism has them eating every two to.

Four hours now the reason I put that you know standard American diet as step one on the keto continuum is if you've been doing the ketogenic diet you'll you'll probably fall off now I hope people don't fall all the way back to step one but in the event that they do we start over and we start with the next steps on what it means to be in a ketogenic diet.

So some of the other things I like to point out and in step one is that you are fueled on glucose that you have to refuel often because you don't you don't burn any ketones you really have a a struggle for keeping energy high enough without getting a hunger or craving when you step over the threshold into the ketogenic diet that is no little.

Threshold it is actually 20 carbs or less and when you do that your chemistry inside your body changes you'll notice that this strip over here that says test the one that's yellow is the urine Piton strips and at the beginning I really don't think people need to be doing this I didn't do that for almost six months nine months into the ketogenic diet.

Those urine ketone strips or other it's called piton strips are they're great they're easy they're cheap they're safe you don't have to poke your finger and they are pretty reliable at this early stage at this stage of the game chemistry is what's shifting for those of you that's twenty total carbohydrates are less sounds like a lot of a drop I.

Would push you to look into that taking that online course that consistently Kido preps people that are what I call in the 200 Club I'm taking more than 200 carbohydrates per day and when they slam down to 20 carbs or less some gnarly things can happen and they often can't make it past the first week if they do that I really spend time.

Going through what you can do to prepare for that what you should do if it happens if you run into one of the most common troubles but it really does begin ketosis is not a diet it is a chemistry set it begins when your P tone strips turn positive and from this point forward we want you consistently keto or on the keto continuum because there are.

Ketones in your circulation that is what the ketogenic diet does if you want Auto G if you want the best metabolic health if you want to find that way to prevent infections from over running your body with a cytokine storm with the problems that we see in folks with chronic insulin chronically overweight high blood pressure but pre-existing.

Conditions for Cova 19 what's the what's the separating factor they have buckets of insulin and their body is not as prepared for fighting off infections as it would be had they been practicing a state of ketosis for the weeks prior to that all right some big highlights for the guidelines again 20 carbs per day that's total carbs the key that I really.

Like people to know is that be sure you eat high fat so many patients start the ketogenic diet and they skip the high fat part their brain just cannot get around how valuable it is to add fat then in the first step of the ketogenic diet without the fat you skip the chemistry you cannot resurrect your chemistry you especially if your insulin.

Resistant you've had those 15 20 pounds on more than a couple years your body is used to not letting fat out of the fat cells the only fat you get to use for hormones and this chemistry I keep talking about is the fat you eat and until we get Yuki 2 adapted you have to eat your fat in order to get the.

Benefits of the ketogenic diet it's a huge mistake that I see folks make this continues until they accidentally miss a meal and it's usually one of these remarkable moments where I often jump out of my chair I'm usually excited for them because it really does mark keto adaption that the hormones that shut off your hunger are in a state of ketosis a.

Chronic state of ketosis it is one of the things with the supplements that when I'm asking patients to just journey forward if they can't lift it all if they can't make all these changes I don't want them on supplements forever but I don't want them falling all the way down the ditch back into the carb fog instead I like them just let me give.

You the supplements let me give you the ketones but that keto adaption comes when your body is making ketones on a regular basis you're gonna see in a minute that I I took these ketones in a capsule and I'll check my numbers at the end of the show but it really is nothing of the ketones that my body makes my body makes 120 times 30 times 40 times.

More ketones then I just swallowed in those four little capsules when I have a scoop of ketone powder again it's I'm making way more ketones from my liver than I ever could take in a supplement what the supplement does is that sparks that chemistry to shift in the right direction you should still be checking ketone.

Strips and it takes you about four to six weeks to get through these first four steps of the keto continuum I tell patients that the first three steps the chemistry will carry you as long as you cut those carbs to 20 and you're eating fat the chemistry really does most of the work people say it's easy I'm keto I'm doing.

Great my pee stone my PE tone strips are positive what you know and they get they just hang out right there at keto adaption or keto continua number three at keto adapted the next step takes a little bit of discipline and that is where you say all right your chemistry is working for you now I need you to eat two meals per day.

And I like people to stay there at least a couple of weeks two meals per day do not do not try to shorten that to two days of two meals per day I really like them getting a pattern of what this looks like to have two meals a day as opposed to eating every six to eight hours and again number one was eating every two to four hours so there's quite.

A transition in there getting the social parts used to eating only two meals a day is it is really weird so there are several things that you're gonna run into and I like them to stay at keto continua number four until they are successful for at least at least ten days two weeks is even better but again it's a choice number you're never you're.

Not going to wake up saying hey I accidentally ate two meals every day no you got to really plan that as two meals a day that's what you do this is a time where I still want them I want them succeeding seven consecutive days in a row before they advance and ten days to two weeks is even better but then the next place comes that they graduate from.

Being a beginner and they move into what I call the baseline metabolism baseline metabolism is a place where people can live this is your keto ketones for life when I look at my first year and a half I was probably at keto continuum number five for most of that year I put my food into an eight-hour window my eight-hour window didn't start until around noon so.

I was eating pretty late at night you do the work in this you I did have to really work at not having breakfast at that time I still was having my my morning coffee drink filled with ketones so Annunaki don't filled with fat I put heavy cream in my coffee I put MCT in my coffee I put butter in my coffee I did all kinds of things to experiment.

What what did I like in my coffee for the morning and it worked pretty well until it didn't at which point there was they come to Jesus moment clean up my morning drink and that's the next step so I like people to be at sixteen eight again for a season enough that you feel stable that you've tested out your social environment that this is.

Where you I mean I was there for over six months like okay it's good enough for me I wasn't really looking for weight loss I really wanted to feel good and I was doing that at sixteen eight with a morning coffee but at at there did come a point where I needed to say I got already to raise this raised the bar a little bit and that's when I moved to.

Baseline number keto continuum number six which is called advanced sixteen eight again I was still teching urine piton strips at the time you can check blood numbers at this point but it is not mandatory I start getting mandatory at number seven with checking blood meters and some people never need to advance past number five they do fine.

They do great but if you're trying to improve your diabetes to get your immune system stronger and you cannot get your numbers to improve you cannot get that morning fasting blood sugar under a hundred or I like to hit a fasting sugar of 60s before I quit my 72-hour fast if you're struggling to get those morning sugars down to get your liver empty of.

Cortisol to get your muscle cells so you liver empty of glycogen your muscle cells empty of glycogen that that's gonna be a blood sugar in your 60s so if you're looking for that and you're not able to do that that's where I tell them they're gonna have to clean up their morning drink remove all calories and sweeteners from their morning drink it.

Means there's no fat no MCT no butter no sweeteners no calories the other sixteen hours are only salt water black coffee or tea and I tell them don't remove the fat from that morning ritual until this phase I have so many people who get who are they look at this list and they'll say well I'm just never gonna put fat in my coffee I'll just not do that what I.

See happen is they never raise those fat based hormones they never get to feel a full satiety because they're cholecystokinin which is made from fat and responds to eating fat but send this message to your brain to say you're not hungry and there's about 15 other fat based hormones that do the same thing right along with.

Cholecystokinin and peptide YY looking at your response to food that you just don't feel hungry you can't white-knuckle it forever you really do need hormones on your side and that's why I say leave the fat in your coffee until you get taketo continuum number six which is advanced 16/8 so again there's still 16 hours of the day.

Where you don't put any chewing it's the one thing I didn't mention in five is if you're a gum chore this is where I have you deal with your gum chewing is that you only chew gum during the eight hours where you can eat the rest of the time you need to not be chewing them it's a habit and it has a trickle to the to the ditch of falling off the ketogenic diet.

It also makes it more difficult to suppress the insulin when you're constantly chewing it stimulates your pancreas to produce just enough insulin and if your insulin resistant it's actually a lot of insulin they produce so I need you to shut that chewing off for the 16 hours in the day you can chew it for the eight hours in the day but.

That's it so when you get to advance then I tell you to take out the fat in your coffee so again some people never go past the baseline number six some people stay at baseline number five and those that have the best numbers are the ones who say yeah I feel great I feel fine why would I do anything more and the answer is exactly I wouldn't go any.

Further if you feel that good but if you need it if you need to step to the next level that is what I call 23 and one and oh matt is the common acronym for one meal a day but I don't like that people screw that up all the time they have one real meal where they sit down and eat and it is ketogenic but they have a handful of nuts in the morning they put.

Fat in their coffee they have a handful and that's at night they put fat in their coffee in the morning they have all kinds of places where calories are coming in you notice that we did not talk about calories when we were up here at this high fat phase when you're a beginner when you're even in that 16 8 4 keto continua number 5 we do not talk.

Calories we are depending on you to have enough fat to resurrect your fat based hormones and when you're there and some of my infamous assistant patients this took them six months eight they screwed it up a little bit they didn't have enough fat they kept trying to cut calories before the fat based hormones were there and they might have gotten.

Through the first fast but the second fast they felt awful you'll know that your fat adapted because the next few steps I'm gonna talk about aren't terrible I can be 48 hours since my last snitch of food and I feel just fine I feel just fine I don't feel light-headed I don't have a craving I don't feel I can I can say.

Irritable but it's really not that irritable but the reason I can do that is I have the hormones that are needed to sustain life without food for a few hours and they're in high supply when you've been insulin resistant and you try to march down this keto continuum so quickly hop to ohm at 23 and one and.

They just don't get the results that they want and I'm telling them you've got to clean up the rest of the time if you've left salt specifically I'm a big fan of Redman salt you can find that in the links below if you have not added a mineral dense salt which is pink Himalayan but I'll tell you I've studied them nothing beats Redman salt for how.

Much value you get in a sprinkle of salt you're gonna have a tough time marching past keto continuum number 6 onward without having a really high quality salt frequently in your journey I would start you a little sooner than that and I really do a good job of explaining what that's all about in that course alright but you'll notice that the next.

Thing once they're on 23 and 1 I do like them too I'll just make sure I say that out loud all calories and sweeteners are in 1 hour 23 hours only salt water tea and coffee and my gum chores now you have one hour to chew gum yeah it can be tough again this is where blood checking really does matter so I push people to.

Say not you really got to step up and check your blood meters here the next the next and final metabolism that makes the baseline metabolism is called advanced twenty three and one and again you'll see that I divided these four through seven into you do the work it does take discipline but if you get down to number eight you're gonna need some.

Advanced psychology you're gonna need it the self-talk or at least a support group I really recommend the support group from eight onward that says to you the things you're gonna need to hear when you feel like I just can't do this but I the psychology involved with the next few steps it really is a huge part of.

The successful process of being ketones for life and that is there's a lot of self-talk that goes on that you cover up with eating the the thoughts and the time you spend the scheduling food is amazing to me and I used to do it just like you so it's it's weird but the energy put into focusing on what did you last eat when are you gonna eat next.

What's your next menu is the fridge full of this and that constant noise in your head when you take it away it's why the meditation part of fasting becomes a big subtext of successful ketogenic go doors for life keto nians whatever the word is we use these days alright I want to show you something that was so advanced 23 one is now you move the one hour that.

You eat into the daylight hours I like to say 11 hours following sunrise and I like it to be a little earlier than that we don't want you eating late at night so if Sun if the Sun is up at 6 o'clock in the morning we want you done eating by 5 o'clock if the Sun is up by 6:30 or 7:00 we definitely want you done eating by 6 o'clock and what you're doing is as.

You put that food earlier in the day you closer match your cortisol rise which does release the glycogen that's in your liver that's in your in your muscles and that lucasz was your blood so when you show up with a morning fasting glucose that's so stinkin high you can't figure out where it's coming from.

I'm telling you you still haven't emptied the glycogen or you have so much glycogen that you churn is if you fast until you get those glucoses into the 65 and then you eat again you quickly fill up that glycogen because you've got so much history with high insulin that is reset when you stop stimulating it so much so the reason we.

Move 23 and one earlier in the day is we want it to closer match that cortisol burst of glucose that happens with every sunrise it's gonna happen whether or not you sleep in or not that sunrise isn't something you actually have to see it's your brains signal of being in sync with the Sun and even the nightshift workers still have a morning glucose rise.

Because of their cortisol rise that is synced with the e sunrise we want that meal closer to sunrise now I don't tell you you got to keep it before noon but I do have some patients that that is where we've ended up saying I really need you to not eat after noon you're gonna have to have that meal first thing in the morning you need to eat to satiety you.

Have to eat until you feel full but for now that needs to happen before before noon hour I don't put that in this official rule book I usually use that for somebody who's been severely insulin resistant and it's also a huge psychology to not eat from noon on that's where a lot of our social time comes from that's where a lot of our.

Food rituals come from and if you tell somebody they can't do that it's usually a battle we don't need to do that we got plenty other battles to fight all right so the last phase we're gonna I just want to point one other thing here is that the the baseline metabolisms you live here the beginner phase that 1 through 4 that's that first 4 to 6 weeks.

Of a ketogenic diet when we get down to stressing metabolisms this is keto continuum 9 through 12 and again the psychology of this phase is really important this is a place where I really do like my patients to be using a blood meter I want them measuring their dr. Baz ratio I want them.

Measuring did the fast to get you the results that we need and if there's one reason that I unabashedly say the best lecture I've ever given is at the end of that online course it's about fasting it's about what happens on a ketogenic diet when you fast versus what happens when your insulin resistant and you fast and what happens to an athlete in their.

20s when they fast and it's my favorite lecture it really does summarize why do I do this every week why do I fast every week and I measure my etapa G ratio I don't like it it's not fun but it really is good for me and the example for my patients is just something I feel very called to do so again we don't want you doing this every day I've had people try.

To do a fast every 48 hours oh me odd at one meal every other day but it is that's a really big stress you do need a healthy support system usually a ketone buddy doing it with you is important you'll see that I fast using one of these stressing metabolisms once a week I start on that Sunday show I usually go until I get a dr. Bob's ratio of 40 I.

Used to use the clock and in this in this worksheet I have used the this the overview of having a stressing metabolism or stressing your metabolism and using the clock as your measurement of fasting because it is this simple way to say this is the place I begin to sort to say how well can you do this each of these fasts have a skill set with them.

That first fast of 36 hours seems daunting to people the first time they do it I will recommend to remember when you do a 36 hour fast make sure you're clipping the coupon that's the 16 hours of sleep that means you have two sleep cycles in that 36 hours that's how you get to 36 hours so you have supper normally and you don't eat after supper.

You go to bed you wake up the next morning and mentally you are just fasting for that day you are gonna get your head to bed that night without anything but salt and black water if it's your first fast I let my patients have bone broth I really recommend ketones in a can at that point if they've been doing MCT oil.

I actually don't like him to do MCT when they're fasting I just like him to do the ketones in a camp I really want their liver making as much of the ketones as possible from their fat cells and that requires as few of calories as possible so I say yep you can have ketones in a can for that you can have ketones and a capsule for that and as.

You can see on this fast a few minutes 40 minutes ago I took a few capsules but for the most part we want you having nothing but salt black coffee tea water and the better you get at fasting the it is a skill it is a skill to say no it's not just about not eating it's what do you do when you're not eating which sounds obvious except it's weird the.

First couple of them you're like oh my goodness I just went 36 hours without food it's like an identity shift a couple warnings I do like to put on there here is to show you that begin the fast after the evening meal and this is danger if you take blood pressure medicines or if you take blood sugar lowering meds please walk with your.

Doctor on this you want to be in step with what they advise and if somebody's watching you do not help into a 36 hour fast if you're on those medications and you haven't talked to your doctor all right so then 36 hour yeah this is still a hard one for me not so much with 36 but definitely at 48 and my goodness at 72 I'm terrible at this is I have a.

Celebration meal I'm done with my fast I go from fasting to feasting and I do it a lot as much as I tell myself I'm not gonna do it I'm just gonna have a can of sardines I'm gonna have some braunschweiger and I'm gone with my life dang I really struggle by the time you get the third day without food and I've gone like seven days I've had a couple.

Of times where I pushed and when I audio recorded the book I fasted for seven and a half days and it does change your measuring tool but the feast afterwards man I just boy I struggle with that one as you work through this you're 48 hour fast and 72 hour fasts have different options I will tell you that this is the one that I'm work.

Right now when the timing is right stress your metabolism with eight consecutive weeks of a 72 hour fast and that is really where I have cleaned up people who when they're ready and they've I mean these are the folks that write in and say dr. Boz I've been on a ketogenic diet for a year and a half I've been stalled I feel really good I.

Just can't seem to get to the next level I've done a few 36-hour fasts I pushed them and again I select them pretty carefully of who I tell to do this but say you need consecutive at least six weeks of 72-hour fasting once a week and what happens during those 72-hour fasts is they go from dabbling and fasting to really honing the skill of what it looks.

Like to not eat for three days now you cannot even talk about that when you are in keto continual number two or three or four your body isn't ready for that and the number of people that go from two meals a day and then they hop down to a 36-hour fast only to say geez I didn't feel very good or I felt fine but I just didn't have the energy you said I was.

Gonna have what I contend is they don't know what it feels to feel fine yet those fat based hormones weren't high enough to support a fast so I know this is a lot to go through but I really show you this because the map of where you're going with the ketogenic diet does matter it is not a race to the bottom it is not that everybody needs to poke.

Their finger like I do no not everybody should be fasting there is a season for this and if your goal is to improve your health to the point where your immune system works better you take care of a cancer like Grandma Rose did remember she was nine months into that story before she did the fast of a lifetime which lasted 40 days and it did save her.

Life it was amazing and had we not been practicing a ketogenic diet I had her fat based hormones not been in good rhythm she would not have survived she would not have had that outcome as I write this next book and as I get to the last few chapters here talking about a patient who's going through this keto continuum and where he gets stalled and.

Where he finds benefit and where he kind of struggles with his own you know mental demons or can he do this it really shows you what I've learned in the last five years about a ketogenic diet how it fits in with the chronic illnesses of many of my patients and then how do I march through and advance them slowly one of my the last this past.

Week I had a couple other people saying my my family member has cancer I saw I read your book we're gonna try and fast for 40 days and I'm like stop do not do that you are taking an insulin resistant cancer patient on chemo fasting them for 40 days is not the right answer they have got to be in a ketogenic state for a period of time before you can really.

Push that unless they're under strict medical supervision when you look at the trials for people like that are being treated for brain tumors or some of it even like pancreatic cancers that they're trying to use a ketogenic state to help that chemotherapy work better they are they are checked incessantly they are in the hospital on these things.

So if you're a loved one has cancer and you want to use the ketogenic diet the right answer is you do the ketogenic diet you walk with them and you start at step 1 step 2 step 3 that online course shows you where do people fall apart where do they not understand what's happening in their body and how can you prevent that it is super easy but you.

Got to have it in the sequence and in the timing for those people who really need it all right I hope that does show you why I wanted you to see the path of what I use in my practice but also in life for coaching people on the ketogenic diet I am going to go back here and go here and just let you know that I am going to check my numbers one.

More time so again I've got my it's been about 40 minutes since I had my ketones on a capsule I took four of them I will tell you that it takes about eight capsules eight to ten capsules to equal a scoop of this it takes about 10 to 12 capsules to equal a scoop of this so a in the Best Buy is the powder when you.

Just buy the capsules they're really big capsules so where you put as much powder in them as possible but still takes a lot of capsules to equal a scoop of that of that ketone powder all right so I'm gonna prick my finger again and I have my ketones that's just the code it's not 275 but I want you to see that it is dripping that little little flashing.

Little drip there cuz that's ready so purple strip ten seconds is what it takes to measure the ketones this is my glucose strip and you can see it's blinking and so let's see how I did this dress up so we have ketones on top 22.1 and glucose at 87 can't member what the glucose was at the beginning but I do remember the ketones were like 1.6.

Something like that I can't remember all right so it did go up so I'm showing you the ketones went up I think the glucose went up too if I remember right so again more fuel being produced but the supplement of those capsules did raise the ketones a little bit again the biggest platform for my ketones are the ones made in my liver.

It's because I am Kino adapted I do practice this I am super excited that my favorite favorite supplement of both ketones and sea 8010 MCT in one powder back on Amazon oh and I actually don't have a single stinking bag of this at my house I sent them all the Amazon so if I want to get that supplement I have to order it myself.

How embarrassing all right well that's it that's a doctor basho I hope you really enjoyed this this show looking at what's the map that I use in a ketogenic diet I am gonna finish out my final hours of a 72 hour actually it'll be a little longer than 72 hour fast so set I'll be at 72 hours tomorrow night and then another 12 will put me like 90.

Hours somewhere closer to 90 before I probably quit so maybe it'll be 96 hours maybe I'll make it that you can follow me on Instagram and see how how long I make it I do really appreciate those of you tuning in sharing all of those experiences especially those of you that are in the neurons group once you sign up for that.

Online class it's my favorite place to go in and check because these these folks have all been through the the class of the ketogenic of consistently keto and they ask questions that are they're very fun for me to answer they are so educated because they've gone through the course and it's one of the first places that I absolutely enjoy.

Answering them because it's at a much higher level of communication but that's a part of being that online class and thank you for all of you that have joined in and asked me those good questions it will be much better about my presence on social media when the book is written all right I am gonna answer one more question I had a patient.

Say how his grandma rose so grandma rose yes is my mom and this is a picture of her I don't know if you can see her cute little chubby cheeks there at the beginning of the ketogenic diet and this is what it looked like when she was about a year later cancer-free chemo three free and incredible story of her but as I said earlier in the show we.

Buried her husband my dad six weeks ago and she is definitely grieving but doing well thank you everyone who put a sponsor towards the memorial for my dad and those of you that prayed for my parent my mom my family and just how heavy it is to bury a parent so thanks for the grace for all of you that have been waiting for me to reply to a lot of.

Those questions and knowing that I just I'm doing the best I can so we will see you next Sunday we are the dr. Vose show improving your health one key tone at a time see you next week everybody
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