Dr. Berg’s STRESS Webinar: Rid Stress & Sleep Like a Baby!

Dr. Berg’s STRESS Webinar: Rid Stress & Sleep Like a Baby!

Dr. Berg’s STRESS Webinar: Rid Stress & Sleep Like a Baby!

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hi guys welcome to the stress webinar I’m excited to share this very valuable information with you be just because number one I know what its gonna do to your physical body and number two the amount of people that are walking around with stress is just like off the charts okay this is not a webinar about sitting in a mountaintop doing meditation it’s not a webinar to give you a bunch of things that may reduce your stress a little bit it’s not a seminar that is going to handle any of your actual root life problems it’s mainly focused on extracting the physical stress that is stuck in your body right now okay what you have to realize is all stress is accumulative all stress physical and mental stress some people have had a lot of stress in your life other people really had no stress it’s kind of interesting I don’t really meet these people that have no stress but there’s some I had this one guy for example he used to be a rodeo clown okay so he would be fighting with these bowls okay then he decided joined the Marines and you know how stressful that is to go through basic training so anyway he was in combat he jumped out of the plane his chute didn’t open he hit the trees he survived he fractured his back he got caught held hostage for I think 30 days tortured okay here’s a guy who has basically massive amount of physical stress massive blood pressure because he’s been through a lot other people have not had stress so number one you have to realize that stress is accumulative mental stress can sticks in your body physical trauma surgeries injury stick to the body so what we’re going to do is I’m going to show you how to extract that stress if you scan your body right now and just kind of feel for stress like is the stress located in your head is it in your neck is in your jaw and your upper back is it in the mid back the lower back the inside of your chest cavity is it in your abdomen where is your stress right now make mental note because we’re going to come back to that I’m going to show you one quite a few people just to demo this exactly how to do it and there’s different techniques to extract stress I isolated the key areas in your body that tend to be the epicenters of stress and then I developed a technique of how to get rid of it and you’re gonna learn it okay it would be good if you had a partner watching this okay if you had someone to practice this practice on back and forth if not that’s fine because I am gonna show you they do it yourself version you will need a tool like this comes with the manual so you don’t have to memorize anything also if you take people that are gaining weight okay there’s always a point where they start gaining weight and so many people started gaining weight after a stress event okay whether it’s pregnancy hysterectomy even a tonsillectomy and menopause these stressors can kick in and affect the body big-time okay also think about the last time you were sick I will bet you anything there was some stress that occurred just before that that lowered your resistance and set you up for getting an infection it’s an area that people don’t look at what’s involved is the adrenal glands the adrenal glands sit on top of the kidney you have two of them there are the glands that react and adapt to stress whether it’s increasing your pulse rate turning things on turning things off running adrenaline so if you are under a lot of stress over many many years the adrenal glands can then wear out and then you have a lot of issues so the main stress hormone that is created by the adrenal glands it’s called course all cortisol I’ve done a lot of videos on this I’m not going to give you a lot of data all you need to know is that a lot of people have a constant high level of cortisol they don’t know it and if the quarter cells too high you have a whole bunch of symptoms a lot of blood sugar issues too and if the cortisol is too low you have a whole set of additional symptoms if you want to find out more information about that you can search my youtube channel so when the accumulation of stress starts building more and more and more what happens you’re gonna find that you’re gonna be very busy in your head excessively thinking solving problems 24/7 very busy and might feel nervous anxious worried you’re solving problems you’re fixated on problems so in a given day you can have everything go right but one problem and all your attention is stuck on that one problem so eventually it will cause a lack of focus and attention and concentration okay they call that a dee dee where your attention is not on something you’re thinking about over here over here and it’s hard to focus you have to realize your power your ability to complete things is your attention so the more stress you have the more it can really affect your your productivity you’ll get brain fog then you need caffeine you need coffee but so recently I was at a grocery store and I look across the street there’s a Starbucks there was a line all the way around the building and this was like in the afternoon so there’s a lot of people drinking a lot of coffee to stay awake and they probably all have adrenal issues too also it’s gonna eventually affect your tolerance to stress your ability to tolerate incompetent people will be a problem your ability to tolerate insanities they’re gonna rub you the wrong way so that’s really a good indication of how well your drina’s are of how tolerant you are to life if you can’t tolerate then your adrenals aren’t that great over time if course all stays high you end up getting a lot of conditions a lot of blood sugar issues diabetes because cortisol turns your muscle into sugar you get inflammatory conditions like arthritis high cholesterol high blood pressure osteoporosis all sorts of health issues now there’s a test that I used to do in my office called heart rate variability and it measures how much stress is in a body and it’s fascinating because out if you have people come in and look at this graph they’re so stuck in stress mode and I wouldn’t even have to ask them if they’re stressed I would say well you’re stressed out and they go wow how do you know now if that needle is up and down perfectly level then their body is not in stress mode and I would also say that and they go yeah how do you know how did you know that my machine measures how much stress you have in your body and we can we can pick it up so when I mentioned technique I’m talking about a technique that I’m going to teach you right now of how to extract stress from the body and I would use this as a before-and-after to see the change one of the biggest things that this technique is going to help you with is to improve your quality of sleep sleep is everything it’s going to help you cope with stress it’s going to help you rejuvenate it’s going to increase your tolerance for stress in fact you cannot heal the adrenals without sleep it’s impossible how you gonna get rid of sleep problems if you have stress and I’m talking about a cumulative stress in your body so so yes we need to go for long walks we need to get space we need to eat better the first technique we’re going to show you is how to get rid of stress in your neck okay so that’s going to be a very cool technique and there’s different points in the neck that we’re going to work on and then we’re gonna work on the points in the mid-back and then the abdomen area and then in the upper part of the ribcage where a lot of people hold a lot of stress so with that let’s get right to it and show you how to do this technique okay so we’re going to show you how to pull stress out of the body the first technique is the called the upper cervical now what we’re gonna do is you’re gonna take this is meant to be done on someone else so hopefully you have a twin or a partner you can do this I’m going to show you how to do it to yourself but this is great to do it on someone else okay so you want to use this finger here this one I’m not flipping you off this is this is just the middle finger right here and then your thumb okay and then we’re gonna press this way right underneath her skull and the most important thing is not to mess up your hair okay so we’re going to there’s this little Ridge right underneath the skull you’re going to slip right underneath it and you’re going to press in equally okay and you’re going to take your hand and press in the forehead so you’re going to press in right like this you feel that and the key is to make sure that your equal like the thumb and the middle finger are the pressure so you not too much on one side now what I’m doing now is I’m stimulating something in your neck that is triggering the kind of the the brake pads or the it’s called the parasympathetic nervous system which is the relaxation points in the body and the person pathetic nervous system that comes out at this level of your spine kind of helps you sleep it helps you relax and so that’s why the more that I do this the more that you’re gonna feel like you want to take a nap how does it feel so far you’re gonna go to sleep I thought so so I’m just pressing in underneath that and I’m just gonna hold that for about an hour yeah but if I keep doing this she’s gonna feel very relaxed so this is like the real key de-stress or point its gonna pull the stress right out of your body now I’ll do this for a little bit maybe for like a minute and then I’ll slip down to the second vertebra right here this one is really good for sinus issues so do you have any sinus issues did you want any okay so the sinus points it just helps you breathe and it’s good for people that have sleep apnea so again I’m just pressing my fingers in this way in the head that way okay so we’re gonna come right in there alright and then I’ll slowly kind of come down and I’m looking for tightness if there’s no tightness I’m not gonna press on it now when I come down to the third vertebra on her left side there’s a big knot it’s tight so what I’ll do is I’ll just press a little more towards the left side and it’s gonna make her neck feel really good it’s gonna put the curve back on the neck so I’m just kind of creep down lower lower until they get right here this is not c5 this one is really good if you have a sore throat or a rasp enos like your your voice is hoarse let’s say you’re a musician you like you sing or you speak for a living and your voice is kind of raspy you do this and it kind of opens up the voice now you feel this point how tight this is right here yeah so I’m just holding this pressure until it melts okay I’m not pressing that hard and then now I’m going to go all the way down very lower like to the lower points that’s this is c6 this is really good for the thyroid thyroid points but what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna hold this until the entire neck is nice and loose and she’s gonna feel very relaxed in the neck so many people hold stress in the neck okay look it right through in there you feel this point right here so I’m emphasizing the left side because it’s it’s kind of really tight on the left okay so how does that feel like that yeah okay good so you can let’s let’s get the next victim I mean the next patient and I’m just going to show you example several examples okay good so this is great because now we can actually see what we’re doing again here’s our skull I’m going to slip right down up underneath her skull right through and here and yeah we have some tightness here so this is a good one I’m sorry – I didn’t mean to invalidate you but okay relax your head I want to get directly underneath her skull so I’m gonna press right in there as you could see this right here and tell me what that feels like good yeah so the thing you want to focus on is basically doing it equal because you don’t want to just put more pressure on one side unless it’s tighter okay relax your head now the only time you wouldn’t want to do this like this is let’s say they had a car accident have you ever had a car accident okay good and they were rear-ended and their neck went like this way back like this and then now here I am putting their neck in the same motion that’s not going to be good so for that one you’d want to do the opposite you want to stress the other way okay so tell me what you’re feeling right now when I do that no pate or anything does it give any relaxation through any part of the body yeah you’re gonna feel like a calmness down the entire spine so now I’m going to come down the second one the third one would actually handle hiccups if you have this hiccup have you ever had hiccups yes okay well you don’t have one right now do you yeah okay darn it I wanted to show you if you press on this point it tends to clear it up okay so now I’m on this point right here this is pretty tight do you feel that so I’m a little bit lower on her neck but I think she’s gonna sleep really good tonight but again you have to just find out where the person is holding their tension and clear that out Yeah right there good all right good how does that feel now do you feel relaxed great okay good so you can we’re gonna get the next victim now we’re going to do another point that’s very very important and this one there’s a little muscle underneath the collarbone okay this is the collarbone call the clavicle and you have these little muscles underneath here no one ever works on these muscles ever and it’s a source of a lot of tension especially if you’re sitting all day and your posture is bad but what we want to do is you want to hook the finger up underneath these two bones and have her lift your head back all the way back all the way back back back back back stretch it back and I’m lifting up on the collarbone okay and we so I’m spreading my hands out and then inward like this okay go back good go forward go back good forward go back and I’m lifting up as I’m pressing in okay and what will happen is she’ll be able to tilt her neck all the way back after doing that in fact doing this will totally melt the neck in so many different cases so which one if you have it has a stiff neck let me just let me just borrow you so thanks for coming up give you a lot of examples how to do this okay so tilt read back okay good good for it now okay so I’m gonna go back dollar it back forward back forward back forward okay so not touch it back oh they’re just crack yeah okay so go ahead and tilt it back now let’s see how is it any looser go further yeah so if you keep doing this you’ll be able to have us turn his head actually at 365 decays but yeah so we heard a little snap in there which just kind of happens sometimes okay well thank you for coming up good have a seat right here alright so then we’re gonna have let’s have Roxanna come up so now that you know how to do the clavicle point now we’re gonna do something really cool and we’re gonna do the mid-back it’s for people that sit and slouch a lot and don’t sit up tall and basically in the mid-back you have something called the sympathetic nervous system okay that’s the flight-or-fight that’s the stress part of the activation of the nervous system that helps you counter stress and it’s from the top of the upper back to kind of almost to the lower part okay and there’s this ligament on the front part of the vertebra on the inside that’s really tight with a lot of people so we’re gonna stretch that out so when we’re done not only is she’s gonna be you know very good posture but she’s gonna feel very relaxed okay so we’re gonna take take your first finger and your thumb like this okay see that right there and then we’re gonna take this and I like to grab the shoulder but make sure you don’t like press down here to it because it might be sore but go ahead and tilt your head back now go forward good and back and I’m pressing and I’m polling her body over this pivot point and I’m keeping this part straight and my elbow is tucked into my body so I’m not like this because I’m like if I did like this tilted back be like this is like a lot of work right I’m gonna keep my body directly behind her put this right in the center and have her do the work stretch over this point it’s kind of like a leverage point good comeback mm-hmm this one it feels really good it’s important it’s a little hard to do if someone’s really big but just have them do it stretch right over your okay now the thing about Roxanna it’s like she’s not not too stiff so you might feel a little more relaxed but you’re in pretty good shape good thank you let’s uh let’s bring our friend up here first which seems to respond really good so so again we’re going to take this right here I’m going to take this and press bat-like touch head back over good go forward back good and back good I’m going to show you how to do this to yourself with a device in a little bit oh yeah did it snap again there’s no extra charge for that okay okay good so he’s really loose right here so again I’m not gonna spend a lot of time if it’s not tight but you should see how tight some people are okay so how’s that feel feel relaxed I thought through my ears oh did you yeah that’s awesome no surcharge for that too good heavy right here all right so let’s have you come up here okay good so we’re going to take my hand here and we’re gonna tilt the head back yeah good go forward and then back good and then back mm-hmm and then back all the way stretch stretch stretch have her do the work okay come back yep that’s right don’t let them cheat okay right there good normally I’m used to working on really stiff people you guys are not too bad okay good how does that feel yeah that’s good is it okay great have a seat so that’s how you do the mid-back okay all right we saved the best for last okay so what we’re gonna do this these points are a problem for everyone the adrenal glands are deep very deep on top of the kidney deep in the abdomen okay so we’re not we there’s no way we can contact the adrenals however there’s a lot of acupressure points around this there’s a lot of nerve points around the adrenals in this area and in Chinese medicine there’s acupressure points that go right along the side we’re going to be kind of tapping into that and releasing a lot of the stress in this area around the adrenals so her belly button is right here okay so we’re gonna just go right to the right of it her right and down about an inch again we’re gonna press down in here now this is I’m showing you how to do it on someone else but we’re gonna show you how to do it on yourself so I like to take my thumb in my middle finger again I’m not I’m not flipping you off and I’m gonna press down in here to her tolerance and I’m actually trying to find some tenderness this isn’t too bad so if I don’t feel any tender so I’m gonna kind of sneak up a little bit and I’m gonna do all these points up on this line about an inch off the midline okay so we’re gonna come in here press in here and I’m gonna go to the left and to the right a little bit just to kind of find these stress pockets you can’t see them if I could find these yeah there’s a couple right here and then once I find it I’ll just hold it for a little bit until it releases and what I’m doing is I’m extracting stress from this area of your body and this produces some really cool effects relaxation sleep like I’ve had people had the best sleep in their life so this is a really important area of the body that like no one works on so now as I’m coming up to the right side you do have the gallbladder on the right side but that’s kind of tucked this area you’re not going to it’s not going to be a problem when you press on that you’d just have to press to the tolerance of the person so you’re not going too deep because it could be sore again work that’s why I’d like to have you do this on yourself so you can adjust the pressure so you’re not you know going too deep so some people say well is it dangerous depress in your abdomen I’m like no why would it be was it dangerous to press in your muscle in your thigh I mean you have a layer of fat okay and you also have I didn’t mean to say that everyone has like a layer of fat and then the organs are tucked in there with a lot of connective tissue and I’ve been doing this for like 29 years and it’s not a problem it’s pretty safe get in there but like you massage your muscles but how many times do you work on the the muscles in the air and your in your abdomen like rarely and some of the organs like the kidneys and the liver points I mean people never work on these points but I’m coming through here right up through in here on this side and I do find some some tension I’m just going to press on that a little bit until it releases and of course I’m going a little bit faster than I normally would because sometimes I’ll spend maybe two or three minutes just on the right side how does that feel is it feel uncomfortable yeah okay good so now I’m going to go to the opposite side and press on that now if the person has low back pain what you do is you press on the exact opposite side on the front BAM gone so you want to find out where it’s hurting in the back like just draw a line right through it and press in the front it gets rid of a little back pain like that so on every one you’re going to find like one or two points that are really really tight and then you’ll work on those more aggressively so I’m going to press in here and just kind of work that out and and some people it would be very very tender so you want to go kind of light on them some people have a lot up they have a huge belly you can still do this but you will because you’re working on the superficial points more than anything that connect because an acupressure point you know an acupressure point is okay an acupressure point is an area on the surface of the skin that kind of connects on the inside you have all these electrical circuits so it’s kind of like a switchboard I can press this point and it can affect inside does that make sense are you sure are you good so it’s working so so a lot of these are nerve points kind of you could look at Matt like nerve points because they really are so pack your pressure points are communication channels if you if you take a look at the nervous system being the freeway the acupressure points are the side roads so they’re just other forms of communication that you can affect like right through and here this is a good one and you if you think about that last time you were stressed I will guarantee you have a lot of tension in your abdomen after that and you’ll feel like why is it so hard on them because you have the adrenaline the adrenals pumping a lot of hormones and it tightens up all the muscles you start working on that it gets rid of stress so what we’re doing now is we’re handling she’s sleeping now we’re handling physical stress that is stuck in your body for years I mean probably what 30 years 35 years now you have some people that have never experienced stress in their life and I’m like do you live on planet Earth and other people have experienced a tremendous amount but if I keep doing this and I’m just holding these pressure points like I’m trying to keep a broad content I’m not like digging it like like look at how wide my thumb is okay I have huge thumbs so that comes in handy so but if you have this little tiny thumb that could be it’s like sticking a little thing in there it’s good it could irritate the area so you want to keep a broad contact almost like take your two fingers and kind of separate them out and press in there and okay good good so now you ready for a nap okay good so let’s bring the next person up thank you very much okay so you can just relax your arms right here where’s your belly button right yeah okay so we’re gonna just start and again one inch off the midline taking my two fingers and you can use your thumb or several fingers to equal the size of the thumb if you even if you don’t have a thumb like mine and come right in there and we’re just going to work out he has some tension in here have you ever experienced trust before okay it’s a new concept for people but all right through there so we’re just gonna press in there and again I’m watching the eyeballs to make sure they don’t pop out because I don’t want to press too hard and then so each time I do this I might do it a couple times a week or maybe once a week each time I do this I’m gonna feel like less and less tension to the point where I go right in there and like there’s nothing there’s no resistance so that’s the goal so if you can do it on yourself I would do it every night before you go to bed I’m going fast for time but I wanted to see if there’s any let’s see right through in there that’s a ton of a tight spot right there okay now I’m going to do the opposite side if the right side is not sore chances are the opposite side will be sore it’s always going to be one of the other so if you find that there’s like one or two points that’s all that you find that’s constantly sorted those are the points you’re going to focus on so that’s this kind of an example now let’s say he was going to do it to himself if you’d used this torture I mean treatment device and it has these longer prongs and the shorter ones you want to use the long one you’d want to have him grab the tool and now we’re going to position this this little thing right on this point okay so I want you to kind of press just like like I like you felt me doing it and tell me if you can feel the same kind of pressure yeah feel that well yeah just start start with one point and just press in in there does it feel similar yeah okay and the reason why it feels similar is because I developed this tool after my thumb for myself because like I was the last guy to get treatments I never got treatment so I’m like I’m gonna do it myself so I developed this device that mimics my hand because we’re going to show you the neck points as well and we just come in here and then he would before he goes to bed right he’s in his bed he puts his point on there let’s and try to actually get through all of it without falling asleep but by the time he gets all the way to the top I mean so many times I’ll wake up and I’m like oh wow where’s that device it’s right next to me I almost rolled on it like I literally fall asleep by it while I’m doing this because it’s releasing a lot of stress is there creating any effect on you yet yeah yeah it’s interesting how it gives people so much relief I think because you have a kidneys in there you have the solar plexus which are all these nerve connections you have all these connections to the adrenal points you have the gall bladder the digestion you probably have you heard the flight of fight mode have you heard of the flood fight okay it’s called a sympathetic nervous system that’s like this stress mode then you have another system and I’m gonna give you this big word it’s called enteric and that’s part of the system that’s below your awareness that actually runs all your digestion and that’s really another system that we’re tapping into right now we’re actually stimulating it to relax a lot of stuff that’s going on in your gut nerve wise can affect your head like if you ate the wrong thing and you feel bloated you’re gonna feel funky in the head how many of you experienced that yeah so your digestion can affect your mood big-time there’s a connection so when you release the tension in your gut especially if you have like IBS or irritable bowel syndrome or inflammation that creates like spasms it gives you a lot of relief in the head now when we come up to these points right through in here like on his right side it’s a little sore right yeah so now you just the pressure so it’s just right for you he’s hitting something called the phrenic nerve that goes right to his diaphragm up to the right neck he’s gonna release all the right neck tension so the more he does this point here he’s gonna have like less tension on the right side up here even like headaches will go away on the right side shoulder stuff so anything right here will remember side right here because the other side he’ll actually rule that releases the other side here okay how does that feel really good okay good so now he’ll do the other side here take your belly button and just go right to the side of it and you want to go see how I’m rocking left and right and you just find the spot find the sweet spot where it’s like whoo that’s a little thing that’s smarts and you just now don’t do this with a knife okay don’t do that with a sharp object use it the massage tool though I’m just joking delayed humor here but you know you want to use something that’s kind of like a dull point and okay and then you just kind of inch up a little bit a little sore yeah so this is something he would need to do every single night and to the point where there’s no soreness and he would find that his ability to relax not recently I saw this so I was watching this movie it was Lincoln I mean here’s a guy who his dad beat him growing up his mom died I think his sister and his brother died and then his first why our first love died and then his several of his kids died I mean like can you imagine how many losses this guy had right and then he becomes the president which is a no-stress job I mean he was I think I’m 53 he was like 53 he looked like a grandfather he was look old so stress believe it or not does aid you I’m gonna put some years give you some gray hairs especially if you have kids so this basically kind of pulls the stress out so you can go back in the life and recharge and start over again because you don’t want to just keep carrying this dressed around your whole life might as well kind of have a blank slate clean it out because our bodies are sponges and we pick up stress I think he’s actually asleep did you fall asleep did you fall asleep yeah see it worked and he did it to himself I didn’t do anything yeah so this is a really amazing so a lot of you guys watching already have the tool because I actually hear the success if you don’t have this tool you need to get it because I fly everywhere I go I travel I bring it with me and the plane I do my neck points because you sit on these these these little I mean you flew to California right and you’re trying to with your neck get this thing out sit back and just kind of just like a hub people like where did you get that can I borrow that and like now I’m like I’m gonna keep it on my neck so it’s good for that and also for jet lag because you can actually work on these points and kind of rejuvenate yourself okay then we come to this point come to this point right go right through in here got a little sore yeah yeah and then he’s gonna work on that and then what’ll happen is you’re gonna feel like you’re gonna take layers of this stuff off and it could take a while and if you had like a fight with your spouse you could find that you can like put the stress back in but at least you have the tool to pull it out you know you have the tool as not as a weapon but as a therapy to help yourself so you can sleep so you’re not thinking about it all night long or you could throw it in – yeah it’s plastic it won’t break don’t worry about it I’m just kidding you don’t want to throw it on your spouse okay good so now tell me just sit up for me for a second face the camera how do you feel a little light-headed but I feel a lot better yeah do you feel like stress more stress-free yeah I feel more relaxed yes that is the goal thank you we did it okay appreciate it thank you now I’m going to show you how to do it on yourself alright so we’re going to show you how to do this on yourself you need a device like this this is built after my own hand okay and this is great for different sizes of people look at the real wide one here this is for the top part of the neck this is for different parts of the neck this is for different size people we’re going to take the widest one on myself hook it on the back of my neck scoot this down on a tall back chair or the couch I think this works better then using it on on your pillow and when you’re going to sleep at night because you’re at a certain angle and you can apply it you can sit back and just let these points press right into your neck and there’s a sweet spot that you want to hit that you’ll just feel like the maximum release of stress and you’ll just want to take a nap I fell asleep sometimes I’ll do this on my desk up with my feet up and I’ll sit back and I will just like go right out this is like the most important acupressure point for your entire spine to feel relaxed and to melt because you’re hitting a point called the parasympathetic the origin of the person to the nervous system which is right there and that’s the turn off switch that’s like the rest and digest that’s your relaxation points and then you do that for a little while and then you come down to the next point through here second one and I had a history of a lot of neck problems so I do this a lot to keep my neck nice and relaxed okay then I’ll inch down to the middle part like c5 and this is again really good for tension in your upper your upper shoulders and also good for your believe or not it’s going to help your voice yeah hoarseness because what you’re doing is you’re putting stimulating these points that bring circulation to the entire front part of your neck and I always tell people don’t believe me just do it and just tell me what you feel be skeptical and see if it prove it to yourself and 9 out of 10 times it seems to work so you should try it okay so that’s so you want to start out with this first one second third fourth and just kind of like ease down to the lower part of your neck okay so that’s how you do the neck point now this one here you want to go right up underneath the clavicle collarbone and you’re gonna stretch back like this what I like to do is I like to take the longer part and come on the outside and stretch it lift and stretch okay and you’re gonna do this on both sides right up underneath the clavicle so you’re taking the upper part of your chest you’re taking the upper part of your chest and you’re lengthening and you’re getting you’re expanding it so now your neck becomes very relaxed so if you have tension in the back part of your neck you want to work on the front part right down here if you had a whiplash injury and you do this you’re gonna have so much relief it’s gonna be crazy this is really because when you get a whiplash that’s where all the scar tissue that’s where a lot of the scar tissue kind of develops but no one ever addressed addresses those points so you want to just take right underneath the clavicle and just stretch it out okay now we showed you to do the abdomen points okay which we call them adrenal points so you can work on that you can do that I recommend doing that in your bed when you’re lying down so you can be comfortable now for the mid-back it’s a little more difficult to do this but it’s actually not that bad if you do it on your bed at night you this is a tripod okay and what I like to do is I like to take the medium point and I put this underneath my my body okay I’m laying in bed with my pillow right I put this in the lower part of my spine so this is my spine the middle of my spine is right here and I’m laying down so I’ll lay on these two points and what’s cool is that the the mattress is soft enough where it squishes in so it doesn’t like because if I did it in that table that I worked on those other people with it would be it would be too invasive so on your your mattress it’s better because you can lay back on it so I take it I put it in my back and I guess the camera person can see that can you see that okay and I lean back like this and so the cushion takes most of the slack and I’ll just lay there until the points from like oh my gosh that feels so good and now take my hand now watch how I do this I inch it up and I lay back down on my bed so I’m like to the left and right side of my spine I’m gonna hit every single vertebra going up so it’s kind of like a wonderful massage okay but with sustained pressure okay now go up a little bit and of course I’m doing on this chair and you can do it on a chair too and you lean back and you’re basically hitting the left to the right side of the body it’s not just about the muscles you’re working on something called the autonomic nervous system back there and it tends to relax the whole front part as well so I’ll do that point and I might lay there for like I don’t know 30 seconds and I’ll inch up until I go all the way up here on my spine and so what I’ll do is if my arm can’t go back high enough I’ll position it and I’ll lay back on the point and I’ll just put my body off those two points and if you saw with those other people I was kind of Bank bending their head back you can put this on a chair and I actually lean back you had like this and you’re stretching that ligament on the front of the spine and giving you a lot of relief okay so I can also do this I can just kind of like kind of let it slip down right here and you can I can let it slip down and just do this right right here so that that way you get your mid back okay you can do your neck do up underneath the clavicle and your points right through in here okay there’s a there’s a couple other things you can do it’s in the manual but those are the the main points right there so if you don’t have this tool you need to get one it’s awesome you can travel with it it lasts forever it will not break and if you don’t like it you can send it back with it it’s like a 60-day money-back guarantee anyway I have a little discount down below if you want to click and get 10% off what you can do that and then there’s two other products that I’m going to talk about one is the sleep aid okay so I take one of these before I go to bed it’s it has certain nutrients to support the adrenal glands to help pull stress out of your body more from a nutritional angle it doesn’t give you a groggy feeling in the morning but it does help the quality of sleep so if you really have a lot of stress or sleeping problems this might really help you in addition to the tool massage tool there’s also a vegan version as well but this the regular version does have adrenal extracts in it so adrenal gland extract but it seems to work great I like the formula I like actually both of them I take both of them and they both work equally so you just need one before bed and you’ll sleep pretty good the other product that I recommend for stress would be the adrenal and cortisol relief this is good for the daytime some people take six a day some people take three a day spread out you can take them with or without meals you’re gonna feel very calm when you take this it’ll help you give you energy but mainly it’s for stress your tolerance for stress will be much better so this supports the adrenal from different angles and if you have a lot of built-up of like nervous energy this is wonderful you’ll feel like within a few minutes you’ll just feel stress free so you can get all three of these products in a kit get the adrenal cortisol support the night formula and the massage tool and a kit or get them individually depending on what you want and what you need alright guys so thank you so much for listening in on this webinar and lasting this long I really appreciate your attention I can’t wait to hear the results from you applying this to someone else and yourself definitely share that with me alright we’ll see you later

This Post Was All About Dr. Berg’s STRESS Webinar: Rid Stress & Sleep Like a Baby!.
Dr. Berg's STRESS Webinar: Rid Stress & Sleep Like a Baby!

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