Dr. Berg’s Favorite Keto Products

Dr. Berg’s Favorite Keto Products

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hello I’d like to talk about almond milk today honey let’s let me just do my thing okay hi guys hi we are back with another video on the our favorite keto products yes and so what was that yeah I just want to make sure we have one mic so we’re sharing it today I think you should just I’ll leave it on yeah I’ll do all the talking okay so the first product is almond milk this is a really great product it’s called Ellie’s best bigger better nut milk bag easy to make it all by yourself we’re going to take these almonds high quality almonds and then we’re gonna turn into almond milk and what do you use almond milk for well I mean you just drink it you can drink it with your keto cookies I say that again no okay okay you drink you with anything your keto cookies we are gonna also be going over an amazing granola that we have you drink it instead of milk you can put it in your tea or coffee anything your shakes exactly I’m glad that you clarified that because people just don’t know why to drink this stuff almond milk you know actual regular milk is becoming a big problem so this is a non dairy products oh the first thing we’re gonna do guys you’re going to taste take a cup of almonds and we’re gonna soak it in water overnight and what that does is it germinates it so while Karen’s rinsing this out go ahead and rinse that out Karen I’m gonna talk about what germinating is which you’re soaking your nuts I’m sorry you guys so so Cleese things overnight you’re getting rid of enzyme inhibitors so those are the things that block enzymes so now we can actually digest those things so it doesn’t below you and I think one of the big problems is that for the gall bladder if you’re consuming nuts with enzyme inhibitors you’re gonna create a lot of gall bladder congestion so you’re really making a lot of noise over there Karen but that’s fine so we rinsed them out and now what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna blend them with water a blender four to four and a half cups of water for these nuts okay very good keep in mind when you’re soaked in the nuts overnight they do swell so make sure your container has enough room this is a little over four cups of water it’s interesting because I didn’t know you had to dilute it that much but you do and then we’re gonna add some so we’re gonna even illah a half a teaspoon of vanilla and this is in this container because I make made my own vanilla last year in your spare time you know all my free time a little heavy okay okay and then a half a teaspoon of salt now this is Himalayan salt Himalayan salt the best yeah you can add a sweetener if you want to we don’t drink our beverage is sweet almond milk coconut milk tea coffee so we’re not gonna sweeten it but you could put some stevia or something like that in there okay now we’re gonna make a lot of noise ready [Applause] well that was a long long ggest minute in the world long time when you’re just watching it okay now what do we do okay so now what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna pour it in this nifty bag here awesome bag over a large ball we’re basically gonna strain the mixture and we’re gonna squeeze we’re gonna squeeze it all out until the mixture inside is pretty dry so here we go it actually makes quite a bit of milk for just a small amount of almonds one cup this is like one cup of almonds this making all this milk this is awesome okay so now now you tight you can actually tighten the strings okay but you’re still gonna have to squeeze the bag even if you tighten the strings right so you’re gonna squeeze and twist I’m just gonna get all the liquid out of it it’s a lot of good milk there and you know what’s cool about this is you know when you buy in the store it comes with carrageen which a lot of people don’t like that ingredient is it’s kind of questionable but this has just basically almonds salt vanilla and water that’s it and these are some high-quality wild harvested raw sweet almonds family farmed and they’re natural which is even better so you know cuz the problem is if you consume these nuts just by itself they have enzyme inhibitors so it’s hard to digest you have to either bury your nuts in the backyard and then germinate them or soak them overnight baby and soak your nuts [Music] all right good okay maybe we’ll do another video on all your impressions Karen that’s for another day another day so I don’t I don’t want to kwikki this but it does say keep going until the almond mixture is really dry so you’ve squeezed out all the liquid and we’re getting there that’s good I guess you could be perfect in all of this for the demonstration we’re gonna end right there I think thank you good okay all right now what we have is we have our milk yes why don’t we pour some in the air and test it out pour some in there and then okay great bring our back the pitcher back now it does say chill immediately before you serve so we’re not necessarily gonna do that no because we want to show how it is to enjoy it right that’s correct Kevin all right okay actually it’s pretty good I read already tried it before but let’s just pretend like we’ve never tried this back Hey hmm mmm that is good is wonderful and I think ice cold really good yeah amazing mm-hmm awesome okay good now let’s go to the granola all right we’re gonna try our next thing okay so now we’re gonna do some granola okay Wow that’s right this is a punch to the palate – the sugar and the violence it’s really cool this company makes granola it’s Tony keto friendly there’s flavors a salted caramel brownie snickerdoodle cookie and that’s another salted caramel they have different flavors and probably other flavors but my kids ate them all yeah we had a problem with that we have to hide this because my adult children they like to eat granola yet this is about the keto Baking Company I actually interviewed her so she basically does all this in a kitchen it’s a community kitchen so it’s a lot of work and let’s go ahead and sample it Karen okay while you while we’re pouring that and I want to tell you the ingredients so first of all it’s extra virgin coconut oil no coconut a wreath rotol which is a really good sweetener almonds flax seed walnuts pecans unsweetened cocoa chips free-range eye so that eggs cocoa powder Himalayan pink sea salt grass-fed bovine collagen stevia natural flavours sodium bicarbonate which is baking soda okay what all those make sure you have this here so they can see so all of these ingredients together make a really really yummy cereal and granola you could munch it down out of a bowl like I have or have it with milk let’s do it let’s try it so not too much chewing you have the mic it’s good it’s really good you know and it’s just nice I’m not a big bread person but it is nice to sit with a bowl of cereal I don’t know if it’s just in my head that that’s comforting or wonderful but what’s just in your head yeah it’s a great it’s a great experience this could be used as a dessert or possibly a meal you have to add some other things now when we try to make our home granola at one time we’re looking at having some granola I’m a racer NOLA it was amazing yeah huge demands for migrants a big project but what was the flaw it’s really hard to make it without oats mm-hmm so this is a winner guys this is a really good product we like this is another favorite product so now let’s go to the next product okay all right so we got the next product this is called goodies goodies sugar-free sweetness so if pancakes brownies cookies that’s right and you know what I like about this camp what no maltitol uh mommy likey and you know why no multi tall my tummy knows why yeah and has a glycemic index of like 53 that’s like almost like sugar it’s the worst why sugar as a sugar substitute it and all the sugar-free stuff but if it still jacks your blood sugar slide sugars um you know that’s if I knew that would I be standing here right now probably not but anyway this is good almond flour it’s great ingredients so we’re gonna try these so we’re not trying this we’re not gonna be trying the pancake we’re gonna be trying the cookies why is that because we made all the other ingredients when we already made the other packages and I just didn’t as you say get around to it well the problem is keeping those in the house right right it was all we could do to have enough cookies to sample because our kids ate them all I had to hide them in a utility drawer seriously and then my daughter-in-law found them getting some batteries she’s like oh these cookies okay well I’m glad you saved at least two so we could sample their sugar cookies yeah mm-hmm great yeah so for those people that need convenience is that pancakes cookies and brownies so there’s a lot of people that like brownies mm-hmm you’re eating faster than me so I’m sorry that’s okay mm-hmm convenience it’s good so remember guys this is your dessert it’s not the meal this is not the snack something in your throat it’s for it’s meant to be like I better not put that back after the meal snack police will that’s right okay look I like to make stuff from scratch but there are times I don’t have the time for that I don’t have the ingredients all you need is a pack of this and there’s two other ingredients that’s all that we added to these and I say we I mean me it was so simple it was so fast and goodies that’s good news that’s right awesome so let’s show you let’s let’s go to the next one okay okay we’re at the next product okay cauliflower crust okay so this comes in three different flavors we’ve got sweet red pepper we got the original Italian and then we have the spicy jalapeno oh that sounds great now you know first of all I like that they call cauliflower the new white flower because people are using cauliflower in so many ways and I dig it I love cauliflower it’s my all-time favorite vegetable now and there’s so many things that you can do with cauliflower it’s off the charts and you just have to google and experiment you’ll love it and it’s true maybe you know we have our cauliflower pizza made from scratch and that’s awesome just like anything made from scratch at home is wonderful but let’s face it dr. Berg sometimes you don’t have time to do that or you don’t want to do it are you seeing some people like convenience are you trying to say that Lee they just want to go to their fridge they want to go to their freezer and they want to be able to pull out that crust and then still they’re custom making it however they want to I dig that idea and I’m really glad these guys came up with it with the keto frame of mine well I think we should just want to make sure the biggest concern that most people have is it gluten-free let me just tell you the ingredients guys it has fresh cauliflower mozzarella cheese egg whites jalapeno garlic and chili flakes that’s it and look how cute Amy is she’s on she’s on every box and she issues Dora ball right so with all of that how can it possibly be bad so let’s free let’s eat this let’s eat it can let’s see what happens beneath you know I didn’t add my red pepper chili peppers was it for garlic which I always have to have that in the crust mm-hmm Wow she got she got that right mm-hmm mm-hmm yeah did you bring the napkins No you know look em mmm this is good mm-hmm you guys are gonna enjoy this make your homemade when you want to but have this in your freezer this means I need to sound pitchy but this crust is Italian oh the Italian it’s sweet that’s a nice little flavor mm-hmm she got that right mm-hmm mm-hmm okay that that’s the thumbs-up right yep this is awesome good let’s go to the next one we’re gonna do another one all right we’re at the next and last product review this is called cocoa perfection this is the probably the most ultimate very low very low carb if any it’s like zero sugar type product on sharpen yeah it’s awesome yeah it’s very high quality so there’s a couple flavors this is a whole bar and it is almond dark chocolate so if I open the bar you can see that it is a chocolate bar and you can see the almonds look how beautiful that is okay I don’t think we’re just simply gorgeous do you want to bite yep okay that one’s for you these are big bites this is really amazing mm-hmm it’s still high-quality mm-hmm it doesn’t have that flat waxy tastes um I don’t know it just seems like sugar alternative chocolates have all that same kind of flat not full rich chocolate taste but this has that amazing chocolate flavor it’s a candy bar so we could basically do this as a snack right I’m gonna let you answer that that’s it you know I feel like you set me up with that question is basically after the meal as your dessert and let me just tell you something Karen the first ingredient is dry cocoa solids roasted almonds chicory root fiber arethe rotol coconut butter and vanilla extract I mean that’s it so a lot of times when you get these sugar-free bars it comes with maltitol and different sweeteners that give a lot of digestive issues oh and I can tell you I’m really sensitive to that and I did I’m sure you’d be shocked to know that I sampled these yesterday I am shocked I can’t zero-zero effect it was a beautiful thing I mean I’ve tried these over the over the years and I keep coming back like this is like the top top one so if you want quality if you want something good this is it right and this flavor is chocolate mint no I don’t know I remember growing up and going out to dinner to a steak house with my whole family and at the end of the meal you would get those little like I think that our Andes candies or something they’re little chocolates and they’re minty and I just hoarded everybody’s joint your minute you want your mint you know this reminds me of that this is a little mint wafer chocolate wafer it is so lovely it is exactly that it’s it’s awesome look how little it is so they have the mint chocolate dark chocolate we have the orange dark chocolate orange chocolate and then the other one is just a dark chocolate a regular chocolate yeah it’s pretty good I mean there’s there’s people out there that like chocolate I know that’s hard to believe they there and they want to know if they can have chocolate yeah as long as this is low sugar this has a net carb of – so we’re monitoring the fiber and two carbs not bad mm-hmm not bad so yeah if you’re gonna do chocolate this is something you may want to try out have a little chocolate for a nice dinner or around the holiday if you ever put candy out this is the perfect alternative there you have it that’s a review of our favorite keto products right enjoy them good good good probably got me probably doesn’t matter but all this step on the cake please don’t say a couple chains I’m good with that

This Post Was All About Dr. Berg’s Favorite Keto Products.
Dr. Berg's Favorite Keto Products

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Dr. Berg and his wife Karen showed some of their favorite Keto Products.

Elie’s Best – Bigger Better Nut Milk Bag
Almond Milk
• Germination Process: Soak almonds in the water overnight
• Rinse out
• Blend almonds in blender and add water, vanilla, Himalayan sea salt and other sweetener of your choice

“Gra-POW” granola
Different Flavors: Snickerdoodle, PB&J Thumbprint, Salted Caramel Brownie, Peanut Butter Cup
Original Recipe Ingredients: extra virgin coconut oil*, coconut*, non-GMO erythritol, almonds, walnuts, golden flax seed, sunflower seeds, free-range eggs, pecans, himalayan pink salt, grass-fed bovine collagen, stevia*, cinnamon*, ceylon cinnamon*, vanilla extract, sodium bicarbonate, clove.

Good Dee’s SugarFree Sweetness (Pancakes)
Pancake Mix – Low Carb, Sugar Free, Gluten Free, Grain Free and Soy Free
• Zero Maltitol
• Made with Almond Flour
• Sweetened with Stevia
• Easy to make
Ingredients: Almond Flour, Erythritol, Leavening (Sodium Acid Pyrophosphate, Sodium Bicarbonate, Tapioca Starch, Monocalcium Phosphate Monohydrate), Salt, Stevia Extract.
Contains: Tree Nuts (Almonds)

Cauliflower crust
Different Flavors: Sweet Red Pepper, Original Italian, Spicy Jalapeño

ChocoPerfection Chocolate Bar
Sugar free, all natural, gourmet ChocoPerfection variety package.
Different Flavors: Dark Mint, Dark European, Milk European, Dark Raspberry and Dark Almond Bar
Dark Almond Ingredients: Dry Cocoa Solids: 60%, Roasted Almonds, Chicory Root Fiber, Erythritol, Cocoa Butter, Butter Oil, Soy Lecithin, Vanilla Extract

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