Dr. Berg’s Coffee Experiment

Dr. Berg’s Coffee Experiment

Dr. Berg’s Coffee Experiment

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hey guys I wanted to tell you what happened in a recent experiment we did with coffee in my Quito closed Facebook group it’s called dr. Burks Quito and in a minute fasting lab okay we have about 40,000 members right now so we’re gonna be doing all sorts of experiments this is our first experiment I want to tell you what we found this is a kind of a general experiment I’m gonna do another one to drill down less variables more standard more people but I wanted at least give you some of the results with this generalized study and basically all we did is we measured the key talents before and after drinking coffee okay and this was no food involved it was just straight coffee some people added cream some people didn’t so basically we just want to see what would happen with ketones okay this is what we found which is actually quite surprising we found the ketones increased after drinking coffee which is interesting and there is some data that I found that coffee can increase the free fatty acids from the liver and that’s probably what’s happening because this fat is being converted to ketones now I’m gonna do some more investigation on if that’s actually true or if there’s some other reasons but I also found some interesting data because I have a testing kit that measures both blood sugars and ketones okay so I checked my blood sugars which I was surprised it went up a little bit so my blood sugars went up and my ketones went up myself so the blood sugars weren’t even a part of the study because I didn’t tell people to test their blood sugars but the next test I will have people check both the blood sugars and the ketones to see if there was a difference and I’m sure someone’s gonna ask what device you could find that will measure both ketones and blood sugars there’s not a lot of them out there but I’ll put a little link down below of this one it’s called md6 bluetooth guess it’s Bruno high-accuracy blood glucose and beta ketone monitoring system so you can maybe get one similar to this but it I think it’s important to measure your glucose and ketones just to see what happens it’s both ok so stay tuned for more interesting results from the studies we’re gonna be doing in the next coming weeks hey if you haven’t already subscribed press the button below and I will keep you in the know hey that runs

This Post Was All About Dr. Berg’s Coffee Experiment.
Dr. Berg's Coffee Experiment

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In this video Dr. Berg goes over a coffee experiment that was tried within the Facebook Keto & IF Lab group. We measured the ketones before and after coffee and found that the ketones increased after drinking coffee.

Coffee can increase the free fatty acids from the liver as well but you can use a testing kit that measures both ketones and blood sugars.

Monitoring Ketones:

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