Dr. Berg Skypes Shawn Rega on Keto & Intermittent Fasting

Dr. Berg Skypes Shawn Rega on Keto & Intermittent Fasting

Dr. Berg Skypes Shawn Rega on Keto & Intermittent Fasting

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[Music] hey everyone welcome back we have a great new Skype from Sean raiga so welcome Sean thank you so you’re you’re on the beach here I saw the background so we flipped the camera so I can actually see you better but hey can you tell us a little bit about your history of what you kind of been through his struggles with your weight I want to know more about that sure well um kind of overweight as a kid I was plenty active but I think I just had a poor diet and so that continued into my adulthood I’m very tall so I can carry the weight fun I mean I’m 5/8 I’m not that tall but I’m I can carry it better than some but I just love sweets and I have my whole life and I just it makes it’s probably my go-to you know some people drink I eat donuts Wow you said that sound like me yeah that’s my story so you ate a lot of sugar in your life yes Wow yes I do it’s it’s sometimes that would be my meal um you know cookies with my coffee I don’t know I just say it way too much of it and I realized towards the end of last year that I was kind of getting out of control I was the heaviest I had ever been and it wasn’t going down when that is your peak wait what did you uh what was the top weight thank you um 195 which is pretty you know I hadn’t even wait for a while because I knew it was not good but it I just it was really I kind of got to this turning point I believe that I felt like if I didn’t do something then I was probably just not gonna worry about it but the problem I mean yeah of course you want to look good but I was really starting to feel bad and so I just decided I’ve got to do something you know looking better would be definitely be a bonus but I just felt overwhelmed like you know habitual dieter my whole life yep you know yo-yo in middle school I can’t remember going with my now sister-in-law you know friend back then with her mom to Weight Watchers and you know that was you know kind of I mean who wants to think about that when you’re 15 and I can even remember even farther back I’ll never forget it because this is when they weighed you in elementary school you stood in a line you went to the clinic and you got weighed well I was taller than everybody anyway but I weighed 84 pounds in second grade which you know kind of up there but I just remember being humiliated and then I probably went home and ate so anyway I just nothing had worked for me and it was discouraging and you know I could walk and really count calories was the last thing I did which worked but again if you’re not you know having great results it was really not a lifestyle to stick with because I was hungry all the time and so anyway I heard about you from a friend of mine who actually I graduated from high school with but I’ve not seen her we’ve only facebooked and she said this was maybe the end of Mad December she all of her Facebook friends if you have never heard of dr. Berg you need to check him out because I’ve lost a fair amount of weight in a short amount of time and I can do it anybody can do it so that was all I needed to hear because I just encouraged me and the like well what have I got to lose except you know weight plus feeling better so then I checked you out Wow did you one of those symptoms did you have when you’re a heavy like what kind of we said you felt bad was it fatigue was it memory what was it um well it was I really was had no stamina which I have you know been better off you know and previously like I said I have a physical job clean homes I also have a little farm you know come family farm so you know I’m hauling feed bags and throwing him around and I’m fairly strong but I would just like then go sit down and you know if there was many stairs or anything I mean I could do it but I was very winded and I could tell it was it was worse than I had imagined from you know previous exertion so I was kind of getting worried that I really had something wrong with me but now I didn’t go to the doctor I had no pant you know blood panels done or anything but I want to tell you that since you know I’ve been you know watching the videos and everything that you have that about maybe 18 months ago I had I was having an eye problem still I am but what they said to me was are you diabetic and then I thought well no I’m not I haven’t been to the doctor how do I know by this very fast growing cataract in one of my eyes and since I went I mean it’s completely clouded I’m blind in one eye basically and so I do need to you know get that taken care of that I’m hoping and that will be one of my questions for you if you think with the with some of your the NAC drops and changing my diet if it can ever be fully reversed but sorry to get off on it – you know I think let’s not let’s talk about that right now do you have any at all sensation tingling burning numbness in your fingers or your toes no okay good cataracts usually are related to blood sugars but it’s also a very severe b1 deficiency I have nutritional yeast tablets that are non fortified there really may have some b12 but that’s probably a good source to be one I would probably take six of those a day and and those drops and then continue on the eating plan because I think and I’m not making any claim sir I think that can greatly improve your situation I’m not saying a hundred percent but maybe but I would go in that direction because especially because think about what happens with the diabetic the eyes are the first to go and a lot of diabetics have cataracts and the B vitamins get depleted with sugar yes and so I’m just really I never knew all of this till I started watching your videos and then you know reading more about what causes them and that now I feel terrible that this could have been prevented and and the other thing that stuck in my mind was so I went through the whole test to have the surgery last the end of last year but I didn’t want to meet I hadn’t met my deductible and I didn’t want to meet at that end of the year so I thought huh I’ll wait till the beginning of the year then my new insurance didn’t take that doctor so which is why I have not gotten it done yet but I remember sitting in his office thinking and I asked him that like well what has cost this he’s not the one that said it it was like an optometrist so they sent me to the ophthalmologist and I said well I grew up in Florida I’ve been in the Sun my whole life and he said this isn’t from the Sun and I thought oh but you know he didn’t really go any farther than that but he said but if you have it in one you will have it in the other it’s just a matter of time and I just left the office being like depressed because having one vision in one eye because now I mean I can see light but no color it’s completely opaque I guess that’s the right word and because of how your eyes work together I’m like feeling like I’m cross-eyed all the time anyway so wasn’t the main reason because I didn’t realize it at the time but now I’m really thinking is it was cost for my diet yeah I mean it’s uh never know that well I think it’s the most obvious thing and the the challenge of the medical profession is they’re they’re stuck in this well we don’t know yet we have to do research this L is this big it’s a big lack of connection between what you put in your mouth and then because they don’t understand through therapy everyone they it gets worse so like well you’re it’s inevitable it’s nothing you can do the point is that if you do some research just type in cataracts and b1 deficiency and you’ll find all this interesting data but if you actually had years of become becoming depleted that lack of b1 affects the chemistry of all sorts of things in all the cells so you know sometimes it’ll affect the feet sometimes it affects the retina sometimes it affects the lens of the eye just affects everyone differently but I think you’re on the right track I would like you can see what it is right now I would continue this and just see if it improves over the next few months with what you do but the body the body can change I mean you’d be surprised I had one guy he came to my office and he laid on the table and his arms and his legs completely went dead when he had lay down he wasn’t even concerned about that I’m like aren’t you worried about the guys no it’s fine so because even he stands up he can just pound them and get him back to work so I found out what he’s eating he’s having pancakes a big stack of pancakes the best not the problem it’s the cup 12 ounce cup of maple syrup which is high fructose corn syrup He pours on there and that’s what he consumes for his breakfast I didn’t want to talk about his lunches dinner so I told him I said dude that’s going to kill you that is gonna kill you but he just he just wasn’t aware he wasn’t interested at that point he was a typical guy like you have to be nearly dead well anyway months later he came my office with glasses I walked in the room and he had dark glasses on and he had a cane and his sister was with him he was blind now he’s living a life of Darkness I’m like completely unavailable I mean if you would have just done something you know wake up I mean take care of your body you got to live in your body so then he came in he wanted to do something about it can you help me I’m like no it’s too far gone what were were you you know months ago that’s not gonna happen to you but getting back to your weight like you were 190 like what are you now I’m right now i’m 154 wow that’s incredible yeah and so I’ve had a little ways to go just for my personal preference but I feel so much better in so many other ways except for my I you know more stamina just feel healthier in general and um you know I just don’t know why that we are not told this this is why it’s hard for me to believe but but the interesting thing is that my mom was a diabetes education nurse before she retired and did she ever tell me any thing about sugar no she liked when I would be dieting at different times she would say oh well you know complex carbohydrates missus the peanut butter with the cracker and I’m thinking why but now why the cracker you know and so I never heard it from her she taught people not her fault because I’m sure she was you know had to go to her seee classes to eat you classes by the sugar you know that’s funded by big sugar I’m sure of what she you know the food pyramid and all that um and I’m yeah it’s not her fault but I’m just wondering like I had never heard that but fat you know some fats in moderation are okay here I’m cutting every all the fat out and not worrying about the carbs you know or the you know sugar so it’s just it’s amazing to me like there’s even certain doctors that are saying the problem is the saturated fats you have to get off the saturated fats sugars are okay yeah so it’s it’s frustrating but unfortunately yeah we’re basically in this kind of a trap of getting the wrong information and we keep getting worse and you almost have to stumble on it you know here and there and because if you even search on how to get healthy how to lose weight on the internet the top page is WebMD I mean it just goes right to the list it’s hard to find the truth on on health when you do searches on the internet so right well now I my mom has to I be just so you know and it’s very hard although I we don’t live in the same city so and I do talk to her every day but it’s hard for me because I’m not an expert to educate the educator because I just think that she has that’s just you know she’s kind of old school that way and you know when I’m hearing you know about what they had for dinner or whatever and my brother goes over there sometimes and there’s lots of cookie wrappers like why are you even eating those you know like I she shouldn’t be so anyway um you know I’ve got to figure out how to address that in a way that can you know they don’t have internet or I’d be sending her to your channel I mean you know they’re old school they don’t have a smartphone it sounds like the more educated the more educated someone is the harder it is to them to be willing to learn something so yeah I’m gonna take these people that have like really so-called trained in the wrong information they’ve such fixed ideas it’s like it’s tough I mean it’s run into them all the time I know I could only imagine it especially if your mom taught it like it’d be like well wait a second um I taught this you know so yeah no I’m just trying to you know maybe be an example she hasn’t seen me in a long time so but I mean I’ve told her I don’t I’ve cut this out or cut that out but I haven’t even I did at the beginning of year get a membership to a gym with a friend of mine but then I just you know heard in one of your videos you know don’t work out too hard because of the cortisol you know just walk or you know do do some cardio but don’t do anything too strenuous because it’s you know maybe later on when you get where you want to be um so I haven’t been there too often but I have you know do see this friend of mine that we joined together and I have lost a lot of weight and she has lost probably not very much but she hasn’t really changed her diet so but she was very impressed so I you know gave her sent her a few links to different videos to watch because I just think until people do it you do not realize how it works and I probably wouldn’t have either and it’s I mean I can follow directions and I can stick to things if I see results I guess that was the thing that really helped me is because you know it took a few several weeks but you know it was 2 pounds 2 more pounds um it was enough and it wasn’t just the weight it was the way my clothes were fitting which was you know I knew something was going on with that but I was just feeling so much better and you know most of the cravings have gone every now and then I think about a Publix cupcake and I wonder if they taste the same but I just don’t it’s not worth it to me and I’ve had family members say are you just never gonna eat sugar again and I’m like maybe you know probably because it’s bad for you but you know I don’t get on my Bandstand but they just said well I don’t want to deprive myself and I’m thinking of being healthy but you know that’s just where I am in my mind and they’re not there so hey well can I show you something yes so that’s one of the reasons why I personally I like ice cream so I I now have a nice there’s no sugar we’re working on trying to get in the grocery stores but it’s gonna take a long time but the point is that when you eat the problem with sugar is it has 23 grams 20 actually 36 grams of sugar that’s even per serving that’s 1/2 of a cup you know so so we’ll have a zero sugar and I just sent it to one of my diabetic patients who is recovering and doing great so I had her test it it barely increased her blood Sugar’s so that’s cool so anyway like well we know now we have to put some chocolate in there so I want to show you this right here I don’t know if you can see it see this right here oh yes this here is I found an artesian chocolate artist spade he’s an artist because he he makes the best chocolate and I wanted him to make it with a monk fruit which actually has it’s better than Steven because there’s no not to taste okay I’ve seen that at the store from the extractor it’s with the stevia monk fruit and I wondered it’s a really good sugar a bit pricey but it’s a really good sugar because it has no aftertaste it’s really sweet so anyway we’ve made the chocolate zero sugars so I really like it so when I’m done with this Skype I’m gonna go upstairs to my staff and I’m gonna give them samples and see if they like it but I’m trying to find you know an alternative so a person wouldn’t have to give up everything they can actually have just alternative type things I mean like Halloween for example did you have any trick-or-treaters no well I live out on property so I have a gate so now so I mean I think the trick-or-treaters that came to my house last year basically we’re gonna tour the paper my house because we gave these little toys and pens and they’re like what is this you know so it’s really hard to have some alternative stuff so I mean sooner or later I mean we start off eating sugar at such an early age and we just keep feeding these kids and you know I I’m like the perfect example and then we get older and we wondering like why is our body just going downhill so there has to be some substitute verses you can’t ever eat sugar again that’s the point but like what are there have you noticed that your cognitive function is improved at all yes I would say so I think that I mean of course if you know you’re tired you might not be as sharp but definitely so I just feel sharper in general I think because I just feel you know when I get up in the morning I’m ready to go and I do get tired you know but I get up early so you know by 10:00 o’clock I’m kind of shot but yes that is definitely better and then what about when do you eat what’s your first meal of the day what times well if I’m home you probably like it around 11 ish um like if I’m gonna be home for the day and that I did have a question for you about that because I always try to get in my kale shake so I know a lot of people eat that with their breakfast um sometimes I just have that for breakfast I mean that’s enough so I’m not gonna eat it if I’m you know more if I’m not hungry but the problem but um I just my question is because I am trying to do the intermittent fasting but like like this morning well I was a little hungry and I wanted to get the kale shaken and now I won’t probably be home till 5:00 or 6:00 so I’m gonna try not to eat anything you know at all till I get home but I didn’t have anything else you know I didn’t have eggs so I don’t know if that’s gonna last me but um I just wondered like if you have that for a snack I mean I know you don’t promote snacking but if I was to have a snack you know if I just couldn’t make it does that raise your blood sugar not too much not too much I mean if you take it like what I do in the morning good amount of the time is I’ll get up I get a bit like five but then about 8 o’clock I’ll take I freeze my kale it’s all chopped I put it in the blender I actually fill the blender one third filled I have a pretty powerful blender I’ll put a cup of blueberries I’ll put two teaspoons of the lemon wheatgrass just because give it a little bit of a sweet fill the whole thing with water blend it up for four minutes and then I don’t fill the whole thing up with water just like right above the 1/3 because it’ll raise the foam will come up so I’ll blend it performance more four minutes and I’ll actually take I have the big mason jars which is it’ll make three and a half of those Wow so I’ll drink two of them I’ll give one to my wife if she wants it and that’s my kind of my greens for the whole day like if I’m I’ll do that which is tremendous amount of greens I might have a little salad later but you can do it in the morning and then have your lunch and then your dinner and it’s really like I would say it’s two and a half meals because it’s not gonna spike insulin okay oh it’s gonna be minor that makes me feel better because I was I didn’t want to cut that out but sometimes I’m not home at lunch to have it then but I need something in the morning but I might not want that and eggs or I don’t have time to make it all so when I eat my eggs and bacon and cheese for its really my late morning which is about twelve my breakfast I can’t I’m like I can’t eat a lot of salad or greens at that point so I might have my greens either later in the afternoon or for dinner or I’ll have them early in the morning so so you do two meals a day yeah and give me an example of if you weren’t gonna do like cat what what would you eat for your lunch sometimes I’ll have a lot of times I’ll have celery with peanut butter a little peanut butter or eggs trying to think I’m salad you know I try to mix it up a little bit I could sometimes I could eat the same thing you know day after day so but usually or I may just have a big you know two or three eggs and a little bacon just just kind of depends by I didn’t eat a lot of celery because I like it and it with a little peanut butter it’s a great meal and people will probably say well that’s not gonna hold me but I think after you’ve gotten used to eating less because I’m really not that hungry so that’s what I like so what do you have for dinner um usually you know some kind of lean meat chicken or maybe some kind of hamburger you know usually something on the grill some kind of lean meat well it’s not always lean chicken or hamburger meat loaf I make meatloaf with pork rinds that’s a favorite and vegetable or salad or both just have eliminated the starch where I used to always when I planned my meal think Oh know what first side rice-a-roni know and my daughter sometimes when she comes to visit well she’s used to it now but um you know you just get used to eating that for so long you think that’s what you should eat anyway I don’t I don’t miss it we do eat a lot of salads I get the big box from like Walmart of the organic spring mix or something so we do eat a lot of that and I go through several bills bags of kale a week awesome no sweets no desserts although I do sometimes make a cheesecake because you can have cream cheese with a little stevia and eggs and that’s pretty nice it’s pretty good is that uh yeah I like to take um grass-fed whipping cream put a little stevia in there and whip it up it’s like I mean that’s a dessert right there right good yes it definitely makes me more what’s the word creative creative because um you know I do I do still like sweet but I definitely don’t crave them and I have I don’t really think I’ll fall off that wagon anytime soon just because it’s so it was just so bad for me and I just I never realized how bad it’s like a conspiracy oh yeah I know and it’s sometimes it takes a health problem to motivate people I mean honestly I had to get to the point where my eyes were bloodshot and fatigued before I said okay maybe I should change I mean you’re awesome I probably would have kept going but this is awesome Sean I really appreciate just kind of sharing your story I think it’ll just help people to realize that they can do it there’s another way and I would say one for one every single person that I talked to once they get to this state they’re not going back because that now they know the difference in like why would I go back to sugar right and I guess what I’m wondering and I’m sure it’s just like the pharmaceuticals you know when there’s so much money to be lost why aren’t we telling you know kids young not to do this because I just never thought it was the only harmful that would come to me would be a cavity not diabetes or you know a cataract or you know the laundry list of other problems from it’s not just overeating I mean yes I was overweight but it was like you said at the cellular level what what was happening from from the sugar and you know it feeds probably cancer so anyway I really wish I had heard sooner but anybody that will listen I’m not obnoxious but I I want them to know that there’s a you know it’s easier if there’s an easier way but you do have to stick to it I think that brings up just a key point that I want to talk about just real briefly is that my whole thing is I just like to help people that want how so that’s why I’m always telling people spread the word start telling your friends and there’s certain people that are ready and willing and interested other people are not so that’s totally fine you could do what you want but those people that are interested in being educated on a better way to do it those are the people that I’m I’m interested in working with so definite we just have to spread the word because there are people out there that are interested willing they want to get better and they want to try a new thing and they’re sick of being tired and fat and enflamed you know right yes that’s that’s I would say that’s probably what I was I’m sure I had all kinds of inflammation and you know every part of my body and so it just sort of manifested itself with my eye problem but I just know I was definitely I was just so sluggish well you saw my picture I sent in I mean not only did I lose weight but it I feel like I act younger but I think I look younger which I’m sure there’s some connection there I think so you get healthy on the inside it shows up on the outside so what we’ll have to do is do another video and let’s say four months okay and then we’ll talk about your I talk about your weight and and just see how much will this compare this video to the next one so we’ll do like a transition I think that’d be a great video yes that’d be great can I ask you one question I know in one of your twelve several of your videos you talked about autoimmune because you know how it manifests itself in different ways but you have to get to the source of the problem well my mom who has has diabetes but she also has sarcoidosis which is the autoimmune problem that affects her lung it can affect your heart but with her it’s a lot of scarring in the lung so my question is she’s has to take prednisone she was diagnosed with this in 2000 so and it’s you know she’s really struggled with it you know a difference she’s been in the hospital numerous times for pneumonia which you always have to I mean it doesn’t cost pneumonia but because your lungs are so compromised she ends up sometimes in the ICU but my question is and I don’t know I haven’t really asked her about this I’m not sure if her diabetes was caused from long-term prednisone use but if it is can that I mean she can’t stop taking prednisone because that’s what controls the inflammation but I guess my question is could that be could her diabetes be reversed if she eliminated the cookies waffles muffins you know your whole list of sweets breads or no because of the prednisone well do you know do you know what prednisone is a hormone you know which one it is cortisol you know what gland makes it um the adrenals mm-hmm so here she is taking an adrenal hormone to help suppress her sarcoid or sarcoidosis right right because it’s an anti-inflammatory and also it helps it’s given to almost every autoimmune case so that’s interesting like you’re taking something to give to support the adrenal to help your autoimmune simply because the actual root cause is the weak in adrenal in the first place because it’s that hormone naturally cortisol is not working to to regulate the immune system so at some point something shifted probably related to stress or something and then what happened is the immune system started doing a self attack and now she’s stuck doing that and yes taking prednisone one of the big side effects is it turns your muscles into sugar it increases the sugar way way up and it burns out the cells of the pancreas causing diabetes and it’s right in Cybil encyclopedia for endocrinology page 86 it talks to right about the relationship between high levels of cortisone or prednisone and diabetes so yeah that’s probably what caused it now she would have to be really willing to you know try different ways support the adrenals with nutrition for a period of time changed the diet get on in a minute fasting that will then stimulate a toughie gene start cleaning up all the inflammation and old cells and start reversing this process I think she could if she was willing to make changes but yeah it’s um I mean you can see the down little effect from stress to drug to diabetes to so you have to I mean it’s it’s not that complex when you understand some of these key points but all right okay well I it’s definitely worth looking into for her if I could just get her mind to shift about it because who wants to be sick but I think she’s about giving up that that’s this will be her quality of life which is really not too good right yeah give it a shot see if she’s willing to look at it I think that’s the key is uh will you please watch a video or something and see what she says right I’ll let you know okay great well thanks a lot I appreciate it all your help and what you’re doing for everyone my friends Wendy by the way Wendy Patton oh I don’t know if you’ve interviewed her or not but um I know sometimes she’s on your life you know she asks question on your live show wendypatton but anyway she’s the one that um has been you know spreading the word so I have her to thank because you know that’s why I try to tell people because it you know I just I don’t know why it stuck in my mind about you know that day with her but it definitely is life-changing for me because I just can hardly believe it um but it’s but it works that’s awesome well Thank You Wendy for spreading the word because look what happened look what you created right here that’s awesome all right you have a great Oh I’ll let up talk to you in a few months okay good okay thank you you’re welcome

This Post Was All About Dr. Berg Skypes Shawn Rega on Keto & Intermittent Fasting.
Dr. Berg Skypes Shawn Rega on Keto & Intermittent Fasting

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