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hey guys how are you I’m gonna let everyone kind of log on here we are using a different method today it’s called punt a piece of our equipment broke down so we’re gonna just go live on my cell phones okay so I can communicate and so when you call in you’ll be able to call in and we’ll take the questions Karen’s gonna give me the questions and I’ll answer the questions of course you can also you know type in your questions right now so yeah so if you can hear me just post I can hear you that would be great okay good so hello Elizabeth LaVon is here Lorraine is in the house Margaret is here that’s awesome and I’m assuming YouTube is also working here so give me a shout out if there’s any YouTube guys let’s see here we go here so oh and anything that I recommend is not meant to diagnose you or replace your medical treatment it’s just meant to give you education so you can do further research okay all right so Michelle had a question is Quito bad for people that have a stomach surgery like in gastric bypass or or not actually I think it’s really really good the combination between keto and intermittent fasting is what you need to do for stomach surgery because you not eating so frequent is gonna take a lot of stress off that tissue so anything surgery wise you need to do in a minute fasting as a healing thing so that’s gonna be really important all right so all right Karen is it how do we look on YouTube I just have a tension on that that’s okay we’re just pulling YouTube up now okay then I have a caller yes I do want to call her okay great well we have taxes hey Ruth from Texas yeah and she says her 76 year old mother has lost weight with keto 76 year old mother lost weight with keto for some reason she doesn’t want all that loose flabby skin so she’s want to know should she eat more okay so she feels too thin how does she stay in that that mode where she’s building up her connective tissue well here’s the thing the pro here’s the problem with doing keto you may lose too much weight so in that case you’re gonna have to increase your fats okay increase your fats not start increasing your protein or carbs increase more fat have big meals probably don’t go lower than two meals a day like don’t go to one meal a day just go to two meals a day and spread them on a little bit further and have bigger meals now another thing with the loose skin is that if it’s in the lower belly I did a video recently on that lower belly pooch that you can do reverse situps or so watch that because you’re standing and you’re going back stretching your abdomen to really tighten up that loose skin in the lower part so that’s definitely something that you can do and then the other thing that you can do is basically make sure you don’t snack because in a minute fasting is the main thing that’s going to tighten the skin so I just want to ask Steve for a second you are you and are you sure that YouTube is on my channel because I don’t see any anyone subscribe yeah so what I’m gonna try Steve is I’m gonna try something here I’m gonna try this cuz I think this is not working alrighty let’s see now camera nice dream there you go next yeah so this is interesting yeah thank you everybody what hey there just hanging out while we’re sorting things out okay so I’m live yeah so yeah well let’s just see for example because I want to know on YouTube if you guys can can see me and if it’s working so go ahead and let me know I know Facebook thanks for your patience we just want to get this YouTube thing going and let’s see hello how about that so it may take a couple seconds to get this working you see that really nice thing in the top of mine my ceiling there all those cords hanging out that looks wonderful so okay we have a question from Donna yes how much cheese can you eat a day should you eat low-fat or full fat cheese Donna wants to know how much cheese can you eat per day in ounces or pounds and then does it was the last part it should be low-fat should it be a low-fat or a high fat okay so the thing about cheese especially if you’re not living in Wisconsin is that you want to not overdo it the cheese Jesus sometimes constipating so that could be an issue so I personally would recommend probably 3 to 4 ounces with a meal you can do that twice a day and you should be fine now don’t do the low-fat cheese do higher cheese higher amounts of cheese because I’m sorry high fat cheese like brie cheese because that’s gonna slow down the glycemic index when you do lean low-fat cheese you’re gonna stimulate insulin and that’s not good so that is the problem and I’m looking at Facebook and we’re doesn’t seem to be anyone can see me I don’t know I’m sorry YouTube so for some reason we apologize YouTube hop on to Facebook yeah I don’t know what’s going on yeah yeah so we’re gonna look at that all right give me another question Karen Florida Stephen you’re from Florida you had a question yes it’s taking the adrenal cortisol relief supplement is okay with the nutritional yeast so one question at a time and so one one if Steve wants to know it’s a product called adrenal relief and cortisol relief okay so that’s the product I have if you wanted to know can you take that with nutritional yeast because when they cross over because they both have nutritional yeast well here’s the thing the cortisol relief formula has nutritional yeast and it’s pretty it’s not nearly the amounts the quantity of regular nutritional yeast so it’s good for stress but if you want if you want if you’re looking more for adapting Aikido and you want the full be complex and b12 it might be better just to do the nutritional yeast but the other ones specific for stress because it also has herbal stuff for stress and it targets more the adrenal than just the B vitamins okay Karen okay good all right good I want another question okay good blushing and was told to go down to one meal a day and continue adrenal massaging and supplements there hasn’t been any change and not losing weight alright Karen can you ask me that a little bit like in a condensed version it’s kind of a long question some sure blushing chronic blushing eating one meal a day but no change in the blushing or weight yeah well if you’re talking about rosacea or blushing there’s a difference if it’s if it’s an increased fleshing of your face that occurs just randomly and it’s not there permanently that is a problem with your nervous system it’s part of the autonomic nervous system and the autonomic nervous system is has two parts the flight-or-fight and the recovery and rest sympathetic compare so in that case you need to support the Drina maybe with more nutrition and it could take a lot longer you probably be you’d benefit to take the adrenal supplements in addition to using the massage tool to do the stress and I didn’t recently I did a webinar on how to use that and how to take stress out of your body you should probably watch that but now let’s say you’re blushing or the redness in the face is all it’s permanently there it’s like a constant thing they called that rosacea that could be coming from a vitamin C deficiency now either you’re not consuming enough vegetables or you are your digestive system or stomach isn’t working enough to absorb the vitamin C you actually need good stomach acid to absorb vitamin C and you also need good friendly bacteria to absorb vitamin C that could be one reason and last reason is that if your insulin resistant you you won’t be able to absorb out them and see either so that could be a big problem okay so good question – and we have a million questions here I’m going to ask Steve can you comment on my YouTube for me your end over there and see if it shows up because I think it’s working but I can’t prove it yeah okay in the meantime we have Janet who says she’s starving when she wakes up in the morning intermittent fasting is hard to start okay Janet is starving in the morning and she says that intermittent fasting is very hard to implement can she do it from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. can she do it from 8 a.m. to 2 a.m. yeah yeah 2 p.m. now you know here’s the thing I recently did a video I can’t remember if I released it or not I may have I may have not I don’t remember but here’s the point some of you need to adjust the the pattern around your your lifestyle so let’s say for example you need a lot of your energy in the morning and the mid-afternoon versus that night you may want to just eat at 8 a.m. and then eat again at 12 or even 2 so you start off here in him and fasting and then you fast from 12 or 2 all the way to 8 o’clock in the morning there’s two reasons for that number one your stomach is mostly acidic at 8 o’clock in the morning so it’s ready to digest all this protein versus late at night if you’re gonna eat a big meal it’s harder to sleep on a large fatty meal or a protein meal so you might want to play around with the frequency but yeah it doesn’t really matter when you eat as much as the pattern – I would fit the pattern into your lifestyle what would work better if you find that especially when you’re adapting you’re tired in the morning because you’re not eating until 12 eat and then just don’t eat at night when you’re trying to wind down so that might might work and gosh I think I released that video but I’m gonna double-check so I didn’t I’ll release it really quick looks like there’s a plea scare in common I have alopecia okay I’ll answer that in a second and doc tell YouTube on private so we’re gonna end the stream and come back up and see if we can do it okay yeah just go ahead and end it we’re gonna end the stream on YouTube and come back up so we’ll work on that all right okay so alopecia okay that’s where you have this hair loss in different places it’s called an autoimmune disease and that usually comes after a stress event it’s really the adrenal being a problem and the adrenals are producing an imbalance in your immune system because the adrenals controlled the white blood cell so when you actually lose that control your body velop santé bias against your own hair the way to solve that is not with a remedy the way to solve that is by going after really fixing the core health problem that you have especially the adrenals so I would recommend get on key to them and a fasting make sure you’re all your nutrients there and the biggest thing is do things to reduce stress long walks if there’s some stressful thing in your life you’re gonna have to avoid that person or thing and just because you’re there’s no way you’re gonna heal from an autoimmune if you’re a constant under stress you really want to kind of be of a stress-free life with putting in these basics all right all right Karen do we have any questions coming in at all yes we have just now from Iowa okay she gets a lot of cramps in her feet and calves and has a history of joint problems and patella femoral and plantar fasciitis how should she address this well when you have plantar fasciitis a lot of people have plantar fasciitis and they don’t really have plantar fasciitis because it’s pain in the bottom of the feet you know especially if it’s on the right side it’s gonna be gallbladder don’t ask me why it’s just gonna be gallbladder working a goal better it’ll go away but the point is that you have inflammation you need to do keto in a minute fasting hardcore because that’s going to be the best thing to reduce inflammatory conditions now if you want to fix the plantar fasciitis part what you want to do is you want to stretch the opposite side of the foot if the pain is in the bottom you stretch the top part of the foot so when you and I have a video on this you can kneel so your your feet are flat so you’re stretching your toes downward not the calf and that will really get rid of your plantar fasciitis I really like that word plantar fasciitis that’s a cool word is it working yeah Facebook Elliot is asking what can be done for vertigo vertigo this is a great movie vertigo know now vertigo dizziness and vertigo is easier like there’s two reasons for that number one if you stand up real fast and you get vertigo that is a classic adrenal because the adrenals that cause your body to adapt to the position of movement quick and your adrenals are weak you can’t push the blood flow up to your brain fast enough all right good so I’m on which one but does this work okay good all right sorry about that guys just working out these fun little glitches so if you get up fast and you’re dizzy that means it’s adrenal okay so if you have and in that case what you want to do hey youtube we finally got you guys online if you actually get up too fast and you have an adrenal issue you can actually take your blood pressure okay take your blood pressure lying down and then standing up you have the top number in the bottom number you have the systolic top number and the bottom number there’s a diastolic if you have stand-up what will happen with your vertigo the blood pressure the top number drops down by six 200 or 210 points normally it should go up so you’re gonna feel like whoa I’m feel dizzy just because of lack of blood flow so that means the adrenals are low they’re weak so you want to support them I would recommend using my sleep aid for the sleep because the sleep is the best thing that’s going to put you into the Delta wave sleep and start recovering adrenals in addition you know do the acupressure technique it’s on my webinar under stress so you might want to check that out good so now we finally got some some people on YouTube YouTube and I’m just going to click there yeah I’m ready for a call ok Gerardo from Los Angeles he fasts 24 hours because he’s not hungry Geraldo from Los Angeles Gerardo and he’s basically fasting for 24 hours because he’s not hungry thousand calories a day basically he’s just wondering should he force himself to eat more he’s lost thirty pounds this is a really good question Karen I was waiting for this question and now you answered it I asked it now you asked your ro ass yes that’s right so here’s the thing when you dookied on a minute fasting you’re not gonna be hungry and you could probably go for a long period of time and your body is just actually in this fat-burning mode if you have a lot of weight to lose you B want to ride the wave and go ahead and keep going more than 24 hours the only thing I would recommend is to take nutrition with that whether it’s electrolytes or nutritional yeast just to get the electrolytes in there so you have some nutrients but maybe not without the calorie the reason for that is that your body is in a nice state of fat-burning you feel fine you keep going and maybe you’ll be hungry the next day but that is a problem and you have to make a judgment call if you are going into this with nutritional deficiencies and you go longer than 24 hours we don’t want you to feel dizzy because your electrolytes drop and you don’t have enough fluids with electrolytes so it’s a judgment call but you know it’s really up to you you might want to experiment and go for a little bit but you don’t have to necessarily eat that frequent there are people that I know that do this they eat every 48 hours and they feel fine from it especially when the here they spend all this time and we’re getting the body in the fat burning and it’s like almost euphoric and they just can keep going and going and going and going and they just feel wonderful so that’s what I suggest you do alright alright so Laura Lori Lorraine has a question about the benefits of nutritional yeast Karen she wants to know what are the benefits okay and the benefits are you get natural B vitamins ok these vitamin B vitamins are we’re gonna reduce your stress and they act as cofactors Co helper vitamins for all sorts of metabolic processes so they prevent problems with protein digestion they prevent your from your mood going down but mainly what I’ll notice when people take nutritional yeast is they just have a stress relief they feel like calm if you drink coffee and you feel that jittery take nutritional yeast it just gets rid of it if you if your spouse is irritating you slip it in their coffee and they’ll be really nice to you so these are all these things that you can do alright good all right can give me a question ok great so we have someone from YouTube here says Sheila your YouTube videos thank you she’s 24 year old son who’s extremely extremely extremely thin she says very very thin and cannot gain weight help ok so Karen said we have a caller a mother who has a son that has a very very skinny he can’t gain weight and that’s probably a really important topic for most of you listening because you want to gain weight right now I have a video on this and the problem is you want to gain muscle you don’t want to gain fat right so the more you do in a minute faster you’re gonna get lean so if someone’s younger and they want to gain weight that’s gonna be a problem I think we can actually make them healthier and we might be able to make them more muscular and just overall bring them to their a balance but it’s going to be kind of a lean state because if you want to fatten someone up just go with the starches goin potatoes and rice and beer as a sumer sumo wrestler would consume and eat that multiple times of the day but it comes with a package the sumo wrestlers they eat like very frequent meals but they’re so-called healthy well they’re not really healthy they’re just exercising so much because when they stop exercising they develop all sorts of health problems they fall apart once they retire so I’m gonna recommend that for your son what he had three meals a day no snacks but just really increased the meals so he’s having large quantities of food and a lot of fat to prevent the loss and then start getting him into an exercise program and even involving weight training where you can start increasing more weight and develop the muscles that’s what I would do if I were you but I wouldn’t go for the starches all right all right so let’s see Karen what do we got coming down the pike okay good so we have Jessica on Facebook who’s asking you to speak a little bit about pregnant women and keto is all right so we have another question on Facebook regarding pregnant women and intermittent fasting thank you and kido well if you’re pregnant I’m gonna recommend that you don’t do any type of crazy in a minute fasting and I would just recommend three meals but I would recommend no snacks and I would recommend taking the B vitamins or nutritional yeast a and trace minerals a plant-based trace mineral because the trace minerals will prevent all sorts of problems in a kid a growing fetus and will eventually develop into a child for example if you’re deficient in iodine it can actually you can have a smaller size brain and you can even affect your child’s IQ so it’s important to do the the trace minerals or the seek help the other thing is if the child is low in manganese they can end up with flat feet or even scoliosis so there’s a lot of importance that we’ve been putting these basic nutrients in there especially the fat soluble vitamins vitamin A D and K and I would recommend my daughter-in-law is pregnant so we have her doing virgin cod liver oil high quality grass-fed butter trace minerals B vitamins but not the synthetic petroleum based vitamins that they give women prenatals which is I just don’t like those at all where can someone buy nutritional yeast you can get it at health the store or online it’s pretty readily I have it in a tablet form you can get it if you don’t want to take it as a powder good good questions can I’m ready for another one [Music] again on Facebook and I apologize because I cannot pronounce this name but she gets watery diarrhea after eating her vegetables alright no stool for about three days all right he’s getting scared of vegetables she’s lost 95 pounds but this has been happening for three weeks okay so we have another question about someone consumes vegetables and they get pretty severe diarrhea after that and it’s hard to even form stools after a period of time so in this case there’s a couple things I’m gonna recommend stop consuming those vegetables and you may need to start doing small amounts of steamed vegetables consume vegetables like you’ve never eaten before word like different types and see if that’s a problem and then the last thing you could try is fermented if that still produces this diarrhea then you’re gonna have to try to do get your nutrients from other sources you know whether it’s going to be nuts or mushrooms or other vegetables things like that or proteins because you don’t want to keep doing that obviously your body doesn’t have the flora and that’s really what’s missing so you’re gonna have to build that back up there’s a certain probiotic that I’m gonna recommend it’s called effective microbes I’m not going to tell you what brand but you can just look it up effective microbes it’s called eeehm it’s a synergistic effect of all these if like 400 different strains of microbes that really help grow all the strains of microbes and you take some before you go to bed all night long it builds up in your gut and now you can actually digest a lot better now if you have diarrhea there’s a couple things you can do blackberry and some really high-quality unsweetened plain yogurt or kefir normally I don’t recommend that for keto but in your case I would blend it up in a shake drink that a few times during the day activated charcoal is another thing you can take for diarrhea as well and that could it’s going to help absorb poisons and toxins okay so we got to talk to Mary now Mary is on Facebook I am the opposite I am solid I’d solid constipation I eat my vegetables drink my water if I don’t take meds I don’t go to the bathroom so okay so now we have someone that gets constipated constipation well the same thing those fibers in the vegetables are not broken down by the microbes so you need more microbes I would I would consume steamed vegetables to make it easier to break down and then a portion of that have fermented vegetables okay so that would that that would be a lot better than some of these raw if you if you constipate you because you don’t want to be constipated alright good all right Karen what do we got okay we have a caller Karen from Arizona Karen from Arizona is calling in yes her husband has dementia he’s on keto Ania okay her husband has dementia on keto and if’ yeah and she added benefit to me how much should he be taking per day the tablets are 300 machines she added benefit I mean benfotiamine is a synthetic but very healthy form of b1 it’s a fats I believe I be vitamin that’s really good for nerve and brain function and vision and preventing the damage from high sugar so how much should he take well I would recommend if you have dementia I would take four times the dosage so whatever the dosages up it by four or even five times the dosage because that way it’ll flood the nervous system with exactly what he’s going to need the other thing that I would do is I would take the nutritional yeast with it to make sure you have all the B vitamins but if it takes a little longer to kick in that just means that you have a lot of degeneration going on but it will tend to reverse damage on the nervous system and the brain it’s great for something called peripheral neuropathy which is nerve damage on the bottom of the feet okay good question though alright Karen what do we got okay well I’m reading a few different posts on YouTube ok we’re on YouTube here mm-hmm and these questions are I’m fasting for days yeah I am doing keto diet and I’m not losing weight and the question is maybe should fast longer and longer but aren’t there other reasons why a body wouldn’t be different on a scale ok so here’s here’s what someone wanted to know they’re basically fasting for days doing keto and they’re not losing weight ok what are you gonna do in that situation well if you’re not eating and you’re not losing weight and then I’m guessing you’re fasting maybe it’s not like completely 100 100 % fasting like 24 hours a day because if you were eventually you’re gonna lose weight when you stop eating I promise you yeah but if you’re fasting let’s say intermittent fasting maybe that’s what you’re asking in a minute fasting haven’t eaten since Tuesday you’re not losing then I would find out are you losing size is your waist going down are you constable did I had one lady who came in she drove her car from Michigan to my office a while ago and she was she went once a month okay to the bathroom and she wasn’t interested in handling that problem she was interested in losing weight I said I’m sorry you’re full of it literally you need to get rid of your constipation so I went outside for lunch and I looked at her car and it was just lined with Cheetos and Oreo cookie wrappers and all sort of backseat I’m like okay so where there is the problem right there so the point is that if you’re let’s say you’re not constipated then I would look at your sleep are you sleeping do you have stressed you have any other body problems that could be preventing this weight loss these are things that you want to look at because if you don’t eat you will eventually lose weight because your body is in that mode give it more time well I don’t know if you’re gonna be building that much muscle and gaining weight when you’re not eating so because you need a certain amount of protein to prevent the atrophy of muscle so in your question honestly I’m gonna say you’re gonna have to watch a lot of my videos and get my book to get all the details because there’s probably more things that are going on then you’re telling me at this point I can’t really evaluate based on what you told me all right good next question hormone versus desiccated people ok so Karen had another question about someone want to know they had your thyroid removed and do they take synthetic hormones or can they take something called desiccated thyroid which most of the desiccated thyroid compounds don’t have hormones in them they remove the hormones however there are some extracts that do have hormones natural hormones doctors don’t like to use them because it’s hard to regulate the thyroid hormones because of the dosage they’d like the synthetic synthroid so they can really keep things standard and I understand that but what I’m gonna recommend is you’re gonna if you have a thyroid removed you’re gonna have to take hormones there’s no other way because there’s no other part of your body that makes this hormone so I kind of like armored thyroid if you can find it find a doctor that will regulate that and do that because synthroid you know it’s it’s like t4 and your body has to convert it there’s no t3 and also it’s synthetic I mean there’s a lot of people that are happy with that but there’s someone to bring up about this Karen as so many people are taking thyroid medication but they’re not losing weight they’re not seeing change so there’s something else going on and it could be the conversion from t4 to t3 in which case the liver and the gallbladder needs to be supported with bile salts so yeah that’s just another point that you might want to watch my videos on that alright good you have another question Kerri yeah it’s a caller Cheryl from California Cheryl from California is calling in yes she was drinking v8 low sodium which caused a lot of gastric distress okay she was drinking v8 with no sodium create a lot of digestive problems love the electrolyte powder and is asking how much is needed do you really need 4,500 a day if she’s taking a thousand okay she wants to know she’s taking me electrolyte powder and she wants to know do we really need forty seven hundred milligrams of potassium a day right so she’s taking about a thousand in the electrolytes she gets about twenty six hundred from food she’s getting about twenty six hundred from the food a thousand from the powder should she worry about magnesium toxicity from all the supplements plus should she worry about the magnesium deficiency or toxicity well here’s the thing if you’re you don’t have to prove my electrolytes you don’t to worry about magnesium deficiency because I toxicity because we’re not giving you more than the recommended amount that you need nor will you have to worry about potassium excess because it’s 1/4 of what you need so the combination of the electrolyte powder and vegetables are gonna be just fine unless you’re taking some additional magnesium which you can probably get away with taking more and not have any symptoms but because it’s really hard to become toxic with magnesium what happens when you increase my museum is you can start depleting your calcium because they work together and that’s why I like to always take a blend of a lot of minerals but here’s here’s the thing with that when you actually reduce the frequency of eating and you eat less frequent guess what that requirement of 4700 goes down maybe to 3,000 because your body is in this conservation mode and it doesn’t need the large amounts also you fix instant resistance so you really absorb a lot more than if you had insulin problems so I think you’re going to be fine the reason if the people that need a lot of potassium even more than I’m what I’m recommending are the cases that have rheumatoid arthritis or they have heart palpitations really bad or they have atrial fibrillation where it’s a really strong deficiency of this potassium and then you just need a lot so again do the best you can something is better than nothing right Karen right so okay so someone want to know is it normal to have kidney pain a week into if’ well I would really like to know where the pain is because that so-called kidney pain could be gallbladder pain but let’s say is it normal no it’s not normal so you could be consuming too much fat and that could be gallbladder or it could be that you’re not consuming enough lemon juice so I would recommend start increasing the lemon juice okay because that’s going to counter any potential for oxalate stone irritation into your in your kidneys if that’s the case keep your vegetables high but maybe not consume any spinach right now because spinach has the highest oxalates and that could in people that are predisposed to getting kidney stones create a problem but if you doing a lot of lemon juice and you do potassium citrate it’s in my electrolyte powder but if you do protection potassium citrate that will also lower uric acid and uric acid stones and counter the Oxus stone so you got a lot to look out there and I would watch my videos more on that but that’s the quick answer all right and I’m staying to it Susan and Facebook has a question yes she fasting for 15 hours does the fasting for 15 hours yes and doesn’t matter what she eats she feels extremely sleepy okay okay so what happens when she breaks the fast and she just starts eating she gets incredibly sleepy and she’s already taking and several of my supplements and like blood sugar formula so this tells me two things well one of two things one is that either her stomach needs more acid in which case apple cider vinegar will wake her up because if the food is not fully broken down with hydrochloric acid then it’ll literally this undigested protein will just bite put you out that’s one case or the other other situation is that you’re still in that transition phase where you have high insulin and in insulin resistance in which case that you’re gonna have to go longer with you’re fasting okay go longer with your fasting make sure that your protein is not too high because that can put you out make sure the carbs are low and then just give it more time okay okay great so we have on YouTube we have Maria he is on YouTube yeah and this subject comes up a lot what do you think about not drinking any water during the fasting this idea of a dry fest okay so she asked about dry fasting not drinking any water another good question this comes up a lot dry fasting I can just see this you’re telling your friends oh yeah go see dr. Berg you’re gonna he’s gonna tell you not to eat eat a lot of fat and you know I’m not gonna drink any water oh yeah I’m gonna jump on that that sounds like a great plan right it’s a bit extreme there is some data that shows that it actually can help people but I am mixed on it because the average person that goes in a dry fast it doesn’t like water it’s probably already low in minerals and so now what happens is we’re we’re getting a nutritional deficiency symptoms problem if you go too long without water because you need water to kind of hydrate and actually mix with the minerals especially if you’re peeing them out okay because when you’re even you’re fasting it’s gonna be hard to go 24 hours without peeing so you’re peeing all this liquid out you have less fluid in the body you’re not drinking any fluid in you’re not taking electrolytes and you’re already deficient a perfect combination to pass out or faint so but if you’re healthy and you’re doing this a while and you have a lot of minerals in already in your body well go ahead and try it but as far as my recommendation for the average person I’m not going to tell you to do it there’s a lot of things out there that you’re gonna see that that people want to know is it’s going to help you like taking a cold shower for example will stimulate your metabolism well try to get the the general population to take cold showers it’s good it’s like very painful but I will say that when you put your body in a stress mode whether it’s high intense exercise you know starting keto without or we’re in cutting off sugars or going long long prison without eating or all the stuff your body does respond by adapting to the stress and in a positive way so if there’s something to it but I don’t think that you need to go to that extreme that’s just my opinion how do you like that answer Karen I like it I would tell people all right okay thank you I’m the doctor’s wife the doctor’s wife yeah okay so we have a Farrah from Illinois is calling it Farrah from Illinois is calling in mm-hmm she just started you know and I have on Monday okay start on Monday everything was great for two days everything was great for two days and she woke up on Wednesday he could hardly move anymore can she push past this okay I need a little more data like when she says she can’t move is it because her joints are sore or she’s tired or what that’s like is it stiffness because why don’t you address the versions of food like nothing has yes she she says she can no food sounds good anymore after just two days yeah well here’s the thing I think when some people everyone reacts differently and it’s why I recommend you you jump it and just try it because some people take longer chilled-out some people adapt pretty fast where they’re in fat burning and they’re like wow I have no interested in food whatsoever I like I don’t need to eat I’m fine I feel fine if you feel fine and you don’t have the need to eat realize you are eating you are eating your own fat and that’s a fuel source that’s very similar to food and there are stored nutrients in the fat like this specifically fat soluble biden’s so maybe what you would do is ride the wave because I don’t want you to eat and feel sick so go ahead and just keep going to the point where you get hungry but make sure you take nutrients okay vitamins minerals things like that that wait because that’s the purpose of eating Karen is to get your nutrition so if you actually get your nutrition without the calories but you’re getting the calories from the fat-burning thing you might be okay in fact I think for some people you know there’s a guy that fasted for over a year not not long after year but about it about it roughly about a year did need for a year and he took vitamins and he took nutrients and he lost I think he lost close to over I think it was her over 200 pounds yeah yeah but he didn’t eat any food so this idea that you guys are gonna turn into a skeleton or is I think it’s go overrated I think we could go for a long period of time think about in the caveman times how long would someone go without eating would it be more than 24 hours and afraid look at the guys on naked and afraid Karen that’s a great point okay they lose weight incredibly fast they’re eating a couple insects and maybe a fish here and there but they’re not eating so but they couldn’t go a year no because there’s thin I’m talking about a really large person they can’t go they can go for a long period of time if you have the reserve but the key Karen is to take the nutrition okay your vitamins and minerals that’s what I would recommend hey someone had a question about cruciferous will that break the fast oh no that’s not the question well cruciferous count towards your carbs no none of the vegetables will count towards the carbs so don’t count those in your net carbs or any carbs okay just keep eating them and don’t even factor them in an equation other than to eat a lot of them all right Karen so there’s YouTube it’s squirrel pass but wondering if there is an age where gall bladder issues are unusual so I mean I don’t know gallbladder issues aren’t normal at okay so someone that question is there an age where it’s just highly unusual so there’s a lot of questions out there that are very personal and might not be common someone want to know is there an age that gall bladder symptoms would not be expected right maybe a child or no actually you can have gall bladder problems at any age actually okay any age and that brings up another question Karen and this question has to do with the function of the appendix okay no and there’s nothing to do with the gall bladder but since they’re both little little organs that are removed quite common because it doesn’t have they don’t have a purpose I want to bring it up Karen so appendix do you know what the pen does care it’s a lubricant it’s a lubricant okay it’s not for anything okay so good so I tell you what this is our first question of the day probably our only question today I want you guys to see if you can tell me what the gall bladder I’m sorry what the what the appendix does no googling okay no googling to see what go ahead and type it in there and then Karen you’re gonna tell me what they find and what they say okay so we got what is the appendix does it have a purpose or not and what does it do okay well don’t tell me yet journey all right why you’re answering that we’re gonna continue on here can type one diabetic Dookie toe okay so Kim asked a question of Facebook can type one diabetics dookied oh now I just want to say something guys I have 3,000 videos and almost every question that everyone always asked is on there so you can also type dr. Berg and does diabetes type one do they needed keto because they do need to Duke you know in fact it’s the only diet they should do there is no other diet because think about it diabetes one means that your pancreas is no longer producing insulin okay so that means your sugar is gonna go screaming high so the more car you eat though the more insulin you’re gonna have to take the more times you eat the more I’m sorry the more insulin that you’re gonna have to take and when you take more insulin that actually creates more damage than the high sugar so we don’t we want if you’re diabetic type one we want to take the minimum amount of insulin possible and so we want to not stimulate or actually we don’t want to release hardly any sugar in the system if possible so we can take the least amount of insulin that’s what we want to do and you’ll you’ll be much healthier in fact I believe and this is just my opinion Karen that a lot of the damage from type one yeah has to do with the amount of insulin they’re taking more than the blood sugars now that’s just my opinion I could be wrong but probably not yeah but I would definitely take a lot of nutritional yeast to prevent the damage also from the high sugar okay okay good someone had a question about lipitor in relationship to liver damage lipitor is a statin and statins block cholesterol we need cholesterol in the body to make hormone sex hormones estrogen testosterone so when you starve the body of cholesterol because the body makes it and it needs it what will happen is that you’ll starve off testosterone if if you’re a guy and have those symptoms but then you’ll have a lot of muscle problems you need testosterone to build muscle so then what’ll happen is you will have muscle pain muscle loss muscle damage so yeah that’s I do not like the cholesterol medication at all but I’m not a medical doctor and I can’t tell you not to take it but what I can say is do some research okay do some research and then decide for yourself all right now Karen I want to know what are we getting as far as answers about my question what’s the function of that little appendix guy [Music] appendix helps digest stuff it’s hard to digest appendix may be a good place for good bacteria they hang out okay hold on care so I know one could hear you no one could hear you so I’m I have to repeat what do you hear me No so because I’m over here so we’re getting a lot of random things so I’m just gonna tell you what it is and we have a drum wall here okay so here’s the answer here’s the answer it is there to act as a reservoir for friendly bacteria in case you need to repopulate the large intestine with good bacteria after diarrhea or antibiotics so it’s there as a backup if you need to release a lot of good bacteria it also is limp tissue which also is related to developing antibodies because you have the entire gut Karen that’s it’s an immune organ it’s like your first line of defense against microbes so there’s lymphatic tissue and it does have something to do with immune immunity okay I can’t hear Karen oh I can they can hear me just fine what okay Wow thank you people this is good this is gonna save me repeating she’s here I’m repeating every questions and I’m like oh my god that’s crazy all right okay thank you all right so my daughter has PCOS this is from Denise Tara just started keto will that eventually help with or just kind of you lose it here okay well it’s will help with excessive hair already there or just prevent it okay so if you have PCOS you need to do keto and a minute fasting it’s gonna lower in insulin which is then it’s going to lower antigens and its yeah it’s gonna reverse it’s gonna all the symptoms from from high energy and will improve so yes you’ll see some huge changes and insulin resistance in high insulin is not associated with PCOS it causes it make no all right Karen what do we got okay so I have Robert on YouTube and he says he has really high blood pressure and what is a this looks like a typo but some kind of natural substance he can take or what you do oh this is the no-brainer so if you have I finally have an easy answer that can easily answer with confidence blood pressure I had and I’m gonna answer it by telling you a quick short little story of a guy who just sent me this success to are saying I I started taking potassium I think it was sit right he was taking it blood pressure went way down like within two days goes to the doctor or I he’s gonna go to the doctor and he’s like to ask the doctor why didn’t you recommend this because high potassium relaxes the blood vessels it’s a physiological relaxer for the blood vessels that helps elasticity it brings the pressure down it improves insulin resistance which which then will lower insulin which is under behind the high blood pressure because high levels of insulin trigger the flight or fight mechanism and also they cause sodium retention so very very important potassium potassium potassium to lower blood pressure and then of course keto and I’m in a fasting but that should do it and you want to take little higher amounts okay yeah okay so what do we got Karen okay so here’s one person Karen on Facebook is it knitting she is not on keto but this is her scene she has internal electric tremors shaking that you can’t see externally she’s had it for about two years she is not a Kido she is Hashimoto’s hypo thyroid and she says is keto good for thyroid it appears to make me more hypothyroid lower although she says she’s not on it so I’m not totally clear on that but take it away all right so we’re getting a lot of or some questions that are require a lot more in-depth answer so I’m going to kind of give you the thumbnail sketch because I could talk like a half hour about this because it’s like more in-depth it’s a huge problem but there’s a couple things when you have these tremors that are you can see them or you just feel them you absolutely positively need to do keto and in a minute fasting hardcore the reason for that is because you’re gonna regrow the nervous system you’re good because it’s a neurological problem you’re going to regrow nerve cells and brain tissue which is going to greatly help any neurological problem including the tremor or situation which is usually coming from the brain the other thing you need large quantities of is the B vitamins you need to do a lot of like nutritional yeast you can get them as tablets but don’t forget to when you do key to make sure it’s high-quality food you know don’t just try to do it for like with low-quality stuff because um you to build nerve tissue you it’s a whole package so that’s what I would do and I think that would help you greatly okay you me yep okay my dog there’s a cop ‘no kapoor on youtube her daughter her his I’m sorry has a minor phallus some new ballast emia phallus see Mia will intermittent fasting help yeah you’re its condition with the blood and the immune system and what you have to do with the blood cells and that you you need to do in a minute fasting for sure and I’m going to tell you what’s more important its intermittent fasting that’s way more important because the in a minute fasting is the thing that will build up your immune system it builds up the immune system to the point where a lot of problems go away that you might not even think is connected including autoimmune weird symptoms that you didn’t know connected because you’re actually putting the body into a state of etapa G which it’s recycling old damaged parts and cleaning up microbes so that’s the that’s the most important thing that I would do as a quick answer the next question has to do is high pulse rate I have a high pulse rate what is that that is either you have low potassium or low B one so take make sure you’re including foods that have that and your pulse rate should come down okay all right okay so we have Samira oh I just lost it here from Belgium how does a number of things going on but basically struggling with indigestion for four years thinks she has a parasite she eats seventy percent raw she’s Candida she can’t get rid of she has h pylori histamine reaction she’s losing weight but wants to gain weight and she’s describing strong digestive enzymes help but she has to keep increasing the dose all right and I think you guys heard this so I just want to tell you for this condition I would go after first of all acidifying the stomach the purpose of the acid in the stomach one of the big purposes is to kill parasites and microbes and viruses that are coming into the food like if you beat sushi raw meats or fish and they’re usually loaded with micros just FYI I’m sorry to tell you that but your stomach should kill it just like our dog our dog couldn’t drink out of the stream and not have any problem because Charlie’s stomach is so acidic it kills off everything so if your pH is too alkaline you allow these microbes to go in your stomach pH is too alkaline you allow the microbes to live and survive and innervate the lower part of the system and that’s how you start getting all sorts of parasites and things in the stomach the h pylori microbe lives in an alkaline stomach in fact one of the mechanism is it makes your stomach more alkaline so just by keeping an acid you can keep it in remission or get rid of it because a lot of people have h pylori it’s just in an inactive state becomes active when your body becomes alkaline so I would acidify that and then by eating poorly and losing the stomach acids over time would you acidify it well that’s what she’s taking if I knew that would I be seeing right here right now you too you’d apple cider vinegar you take betaine hydrochloride and you need potassium to build the stomach acids Karen you need potassium from vegetables because the the little pump that secretes hydrochloric acid in your stomach is the potassium pump the worst thing you could possibly do is to consume a proton a proton inhibitor like a like a anti-acid medication because that’s just going to take you from bad to worse so I’m just society know also the other thing that we’ll do is antibiotics will screw up your pH as well but yeah you need to certify and then take like garlic and oregano to kill off the microbes that are in there black walnut hulls are good for parasites if you have them and clove okay all right good questions yeah all right so one question someone wanted to know what do you do for chronic lung infections or lung congestion let’s say you have asthma or some chronic congested lung there’s something that works really good for this okay it’s called cordyceps cordyceps it’s actually a it’s a fungus that is in Tibet in the high mountain range and this fungus has a unique property of invading the central nervous system and the brain of the insects to survive and it starts spreading well Chinese have been using this cordyceps for ever for thousands of years and what what it does is it increases your oxygen carrying capacity of the lung and it’s great for long-distance runners performance helping people overcome things like emphysema asthma and it’s good for vitality and its really good for adrenal fatigue an adrenal burnout okay it’s called cordyceps it’s a fungus and you can do some research on them alright another question is can I continue keto with no appendix or no gallbladder Wow okay so yes you just need to take a little purified bile salts and you want to continue it because it’s the thing that’s gonna help you greatly can I take k2 without d3 yes but d3 actually helps work with k2 so what might be good you can take k2 with just and just get Sun and that would be great I think that’ll be fine all right Karen yeah all right what are the question do we have do we have this quick question if not I can find one all right how does keto help people that seizures in a major way epilepsy seizures are purely a blood sugar problem you switched to running ketones and the seizures go away just go do it healthily alright good to hear Karen’s interactions thank you thank you all right is there any help with nausea and morning sickness yes that usually is the gallbladder problem because what’s happening is that there’s a change in hormones and there’s also pressure on the gallbladder and there’s a lotta less space in there so I would recommend consuming beets beet tops to help thin the bile radishes are really really good to thin the bile make sure you cut down your fats a little bit and if the gallbladder can flow normally the nauseousness should go away in theory in theory so go ahead and try that one more thing okay you can also try activated charcoal for nauseousness that tends to work too if you needed something go ahead Karen that’s my final and I’m sticking to it okay good so on you two natalie is asking why does she always wake up with a really fast heartbeat oh I already answered that Karen today you weren’t listening yes today hi Paul straight yeah oh pulse rate heart rate same thing okay Natalie I hope your potassium and b1 potassium and b1 is the answer for that and see you wouldn’t have to worry about it that if you consumed enough vegetables all right good questions guys [Music] okay ed wants to know what about the red rice yeast for lowering lowering cholesterol I can talk the red red yeast red rice let’s readiness it’s hard to say right exactly okay so yes it is really good for cholesterol in fact in some studies it works even better than some of the statins down there you just probably don’t want to take it together with the statin but the point is if you want to lower cholesterol I think I would recommend red Reese the red rice red rice yeast if you had a genetic problem with cholesterol okay but if you do Q doing in the fasting you’re not gonna need that at all fact that’s why I took it out of my one of my products k2 and d3 and I put in there some purified bile salts which is really cool because one of the problems with people digesting fats I love vitamins is they don’t have enough gallbladder health in the bio so I put some pure purified bile salts so when you take it it goes in like a rocket ship it’s the d3 in k2 so that’s the live recent change that I made okay so your skin is a protein vegetables are protein your body can create protein do you need much dietary protein well here’s the thing if you don’t consume enough protein if your protein deficient your body will start going after your own muscle proteins that’s what it’ll do and that’s the problem there’s not a lot of protein there’s not a complete profile protein amino acid profile and salad there is a lot of protein complete in the full egg in different meats and fish things like that and also you can get some great protein from spirulina but not necessarily from vegetables so if you don’t consume enough amino acids over like four four days if you don’t consume enough amino acids your body will start robbing your own muscle and that’s one of the problems of people end up with like a muscle loss but on the other hand converted into and into fat so make note of that cam I made it okay good and there’s a caller who asks regarding keno and INF if the if see there’s the understanding that the body isn’t burning fat after a long fast so their idea is the body isn’t burning fat if you’re fasting for more than 22 hours is it burning muscle for fuel okay so after you do extend it fastest fast will your body then start going after the muscle it’s gonna take three to four days before it starts going after your muscle because what will happen is that the body will go into a very conservative mode where growth hormone spikes in a major way and growth hormone is highly protective against your muscle protein so in a minute fasting it will spike growth hormone by 2,000 percent and men and thirteen hundred percent women and on top of that when you do at Apogee the body will start recycling more proteins so the need goes way down so I don’t think you’re gonna lose muscle if you do it for even a couple days but when you get into three or four days probably you’re going to start losing some muscle about beans and protein that beans are good protein yeah I’m not gonna debate that at this point I think just do your own research if you find that it if it works for you that gives you enough protein you’re happy with it go for it but beans well the problem is the beans tend to be high in carbs so we want to have lower carbs am I saying that if you eat a small amount of beans is that gonna bump you out it really depends on your total car so you know think with the information make your own judgments on that and see if it can help you I wanted a question about can I do intimate fasting with my regular diet well yeah you can do it but just don’t expect then the great results that we’re talking about because first of all when you’re consuming the regular diet that means you some sugars and carbs right so what’ll happen it’s gonna be hard for you to get in the ketosis yes you’re not going to be eating and you probably think you’re probably going to get into ketosis to some degree but think about what ketosis is it’s the it’s the reduction of carbs to the point where your body is forced to burn ketones so if you’re feeding it carbs you might never get into a state of ketosis where you see all the benefits so I recommend you both but you know that’s all I’m going to say about that okay there are the next best source would be sunflower seeds sunflower seeds I noticed that yeah alright okay guys have a lot of questions yeah does toothpaste break your fast um no no it won’t break your fast unless you’re swallowing your toothpaste in large quantities I wouldn’t worry about it now now also this aligns with another question will putting like facial creams in your face break your fast no yeah well why don’t you tell them what you did to me the other day well I’m gonna do a video about it so I’m gonna surprise them but I Karen is my guinea pig she’s a good sport she always lets me do it’s with weather supplements she’ll just like grab a handful take it and not even ask me like what was that and then recently we did a facial mask with you know there’s always coffee ground extracts that you’re rubbing on your face with these facial which really helps your skin I said wait a second let’s do a green coffee extract Karen let’s you can either grind the coffee brains green or we can buy the powder and then what we could do is we could rub it on your face and see what happens and it really produces a nice complexion I was amazed because you get all these phytonutrients you get the caffeine in there on the face it’s not gonna absorb in the skin so I will be sending a video out on that because it’s a great I think it’s better than the ground stuff but you do have to wash it off at least once a day what are you daily must-haves okay so well as far as eating goes I like my eggs I like salad huge amounts of salad I like olive oil high quality from Italy virgin extra-virgin olive oil it’s really good it actually just tastes better and it’s a lot better amazing as far as supplements go the must-haves are the electrolytes and the nutritional yeast those two are the key with that all right let’s see do gym work to double boost growth hormone and holistic repair well yeah if you do intermittent fasting when you workout and you do a full-body workout you’re gonna on top of it a minute fasting oh my gosh if you combine the ultimate workout which is sprinting which is will release seven hundred and seventy percent of your growth hormone within a minute fasting and drop your carbs all at the same time and you get a good night rest you’ll probably be looking about 20 years younger very soon because it’s a great anti-aging thing so here we go Karen’s gone guys she’s she’s sprinting down the street okay so you did other question Karen yes I got several questions on Facebook about hair loss I know you addressed alopecia but regular hair loss on keto yeah happening well it’s usually a B vitamin deficiency and if you take a look at for example the number one remedy for hair is biotin it’s the B vitamin so it it’s when you actually do keto and in the fasting your cells utilize more B vitamins so if you’re deficient going into it you could actually suck out that last bit and then it with hair loss so you need nutritionally yeast okay certainly used to prevent hair loss if that doesn’t work then what you want to do is you want to do the trace minerals okay there’s a great hair product that I have it’s called hair formula that has nutritional yeast as the B vitamins has the trace minerals and it has a type of collagen that actually feeds the hair it’s pretty powerful has a lot of great reviews so you could try that as well listen guys I want to thank you so much for coping with this temporary patch up thing we did we seem to make it work so we will be back next week with a fixed machine right Steve photobomb hey hey come on now alright thanks guys have a good one [Music]

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