Dr. Berg Reacts to Jillian Michaels Keto Confusion

Dr. Berg Reacts to Jillian Michaels Keto Confusion

Dr. Berg Reacts to Jillian Michaels Keto Confusion

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hey guys so recently I had a lot of people wanting me to do a video on this topic so I’m gonna go ahead and do it so recently and Julian Michael’s gave her opinion on a ketogenic diet and I just want to go through point by point and talk about it so let’s get started this business for a long time what’s changed the most over the years the reality of fitness and nutrition is they’re all just fads reskin right I mean if you think about it like right now it’s keto and like I don’t know if anybody’s as old as me in this room but that ty it used to be called Atkins and my mother did it in 1980 so you know so so it is true the Atkins diet does put you in ketosis but the Atkins diet is pretty high in protein so keto is moderate protein okay so I just want to clarify that people will take fads and trends and reskin them with a different name what does keto is Locarno is exactly it puts you in ketosis but you know but that’s not good for you no it’s not in the end of the day just like two plus two will always equal four when it comes to health it’s an energy equation eat less use common sense with your food choices and move more and that’s just alright guys so that is the solution we if we just eat less and move more we would all lose weight first of all if you’re in practice for any period of time and you’re working with people one on one especially over the age of 40 especially if they’re female especially if they’re pre menopausal you’re gonna run up against a situation with a very slow metabolism and eating less and moving more is not going to work so one thing she really doesn’t realize is that exercise has a very small influence over your ability to lose weight maybe if you’re lucky it’s 15% that means that 85% of your results in weight loss has to do with eating science all right let’s go to another one the keto diet I don’t understand like why would anybody think this is a good idea your cells your macromolecules are literally made up of protein fat carbohydrates nucleic acids okay so let’s talk about that point this is one of the million reasons why you should not do a ketogenic diet because your cells are made of fat protein carbohydrates and nucleic acids most of your brain is fat most of your nervous system is fat most of your endocrine system is fat then the rest is protein you actually don’t have a large amount of carbohydrate that makes up the structural part of your body yes it can be used as fuel but it doesn’t make up body cells so if your brain and nervous system and muscles are mostly protein and fat why wouldn’t you want to consume a higher fat moderate protein low carbohydrate diet the diet that she recommends is very high in carbohydrate so what physical structural component of your cells are high in carbohydrate there is none when you do not eat one of the three macronutrients those three things I just mentioned you’re starving your cells all right so let me just kind of explain this and this is mainly for new people it’s not for people who’ve been watching my videos it’s really obvious that she just does not understand this one really important topic in relationship to the Q generic diet and that is the word insulin she does not understand what that is and what it does how it functions in the body so for those of you that are new insulin is a hormone made by the pancreas and one of its functions is to lower blood sugars okay and it gets triggered by carbohydrates when we consume too much carb we raise insulin too much and then do we develop a condition called insulin resistance your body’s blocking it when you get instant resistance what happens is the body starts making more of it to try to connect with that cell because it’s it’s being resistive those macronutrients serve a very important purpose for your overall health and well-being each and every one of them period end of story you might process sugar you don’t eat processed grains and to make a very long story short avoid the keto diet so when you do a balanced diet and include all this carbohydrate you’re gonna keep insulin very very high in the presence of just a little bit of insulin all the fat burning hormones that get blocked and nullified so in other words insulin blocks and prevents weight loss the more insulin in the bloodstream the harder it is to lose weight if someone has a slow metabolism and they have a little too much insulin they’re gonna have even a tougher time losing weight despite how many hours of exercise that they do and when you develop insulin resistance you can’t absorb those nutrients so the concept of everything in moderation or a balanced diet is a very bad idea so I looked at Julian’s website just to find out what food she’s recommending of course you can do toast you can do fruit like apples and bananas you can do yogurt waffles pizza pop chips that’s processed potato okay these are all just gonna raise insulin it’s gonna make it harder and harder to lose weight and one more little point about this is that she’s part owners with a company called SodaStream and some of the products have sugar in it so of course she has to justify that I mean the ketogenic diet right now is exploding it is the fastest trending diet right now and because she spent years promoting the same old low-calorie low-fat whole-grain eat everything in moderation snacking between meals she obviously has to defend that viewpoint because there are so many people searching for the ketogenic diet and her whole thing is the exact opposite of the ketogenic diet so it’s really obvious that she’s not trying to understand it she doesn’t have a clue she doesn’t understand insulin and she just has to invalidate it because basically opposing her diet all right so let’s just continue this is an article NBC internal investigation probe whether Biggest Loser contestants were getting drugs so right now there’s a lawsuit going on to determine if there was drugs involved to help people lose weight Jillian Michaels was one of the personal trainers involved in this show and very very few of these contestants ever kept the weight off simply because they found that it slowed their metabolism let me show you they found that the average contestants metabolism had dramatically slowed down and although they may have continued to eat healthy and exercise they had trouble keeping the weight off so the big problem with the biggest losers is the carbohydrate content when you keep the carbohydrates too high it actually slows the metabolism and even keep ptosis by itself needs to be done in a healthy way because it’s not lose weight and get healthy it’s get healthy to lose the weight now that might sound really simple but it’s very very effective especially if you want to keep the weight off so for those of you that are new to keto don’t get discouraged when you hear things like this learn the facts understand why it works how it works understand insulin I put a little mini course down below for you personally to get the facts and not the opinions that are not true so you yourself can get the amazing results that keto has the potential to give you keto is low carb is exactly it puts you in ketosis but you know but that’s not good for you no it’s not so I’ve lost 130 pounds with keto and intermittent fasting and I love it I feel amazing little old me was on 350 milligrams of blood-pressure meds every time I complain to the doctors they just keep giving me more and more and it wasn’t helping me so I decided to quit everything and do keto in a minute fasting and it is so working I’m the healthier for it I feel like it they’ve had it back thirty years to my life I lost from July to November I lost 60 pounds no bad plan I’ve been on keto since a year ago January I’m 76 I’ve lost 25 pounds I’ve been following your plan for like the last 14 months and I have lost 40 pounds brought back my even see below five point five which is five point four now and kind of reverse my diabetes and also lost my stomach inches about eight inches wow that’s not bad I’ve been doing keto since December so I lost 42 pounds I’m in maintenance now I’m back to the weight I was pretty much in high school lost 40 pounds Wow I’ve been on your keto diet since five months and I’ve lost 50 pounds no bad plan insulin dependent type-2 I’m 72 years old I was on a hundred units a day of insulin and I’ve been able to bring it down to 20 units so I am calling you last 62 days you know and I lost almost 50 pounds you’re on steroids the end of November it’s been going going pretty well lost about forty six pounds or so now no bad plan have gotten rid of all of my arthritis so my journey through keto and intermittent fasting has been something that has literally like changed my life it has also saved my life you know I started keto diet because of fighting brain cancer and before that I was doing the complete opposite and I never thought in a million years that I was going to be consuming low carbs and I never thought that I would feel the way that I do and now I feel better than I ever have when I’m really not supposed to you know I was going through chemotherapy and radiation and that’s kind of when I found the ketogenic diet and you know doctors like this is gonna happen this is going to happen this can have they gave me literally a book of side effects and symptoms and problems I was going to have and I literally had none of them and I keto diet intermittent fasting has been so incredibly powerful and overcoming that and that’s it’s something that has changed my life in more ways than one other than physical results it’s mental results it’s just emotional balance it’s incredible and again keto diet has literally saved my life

This Post Was All About Dr. Berg Reacts to Jillian Michaels Keto Confusion.
Dr. Berg Reacts to Jillian Michaels Keto Confusion

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Jillian Michaels is a fitness trainer and a television personality who is known for her appearance on NBC’s The Biggest Loser show. Recently, she was interviewed by another show where she gave her opinion about the ketogenic diet not being good for you and in this video, Dr. Berg reacts and clarifies keto(ketogenic diet) confusion from Jillian Michaels comments on keto diet.

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