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hello this is dr. Burke how are you yes¬†my name is no single have a question¬†about my wife doesn’t have a gallbladder¬†how how can she grow a new gallbladder¬†you know sometimes they have what’s¬†called a remnant gallbladder but they¬†usually don’t grow back but there’s a¬†tube that connects from the liver right¬†to the small intestine so as long as she¬†you know maintains the the production of¬†BIOS you’ll be okay but probably be¬†helpful to take some purified bile salts¬†because you she’s always gonna be¬†somewhat deficient and then she won’t¬†get the full digestion of all the fats¬†so if she starts noticing that let’s say¬†at night she can’t really see that well¬†because the the vitamin A is deficient¬†then you know she needs more bile salts¬†so yeah usually they don’t grow back¬†sometimes they do but rarely so yeah¬†thank you for answer question yeah we¬†already take the ball salt from from¬†your supplements actually we use those¬†every day so thank you good you’re¬†welcome thanks for calling thank you¬†thank you sir thank you doctor¬†sure hey guys this is really cool this¬†really does work hello hello how are you¬†I’m doing well how are you great hey¬†this really this is amazing this app is¬†awesome I can actually talk to you guys¬†so what’s your question this is amazing¬†okay first of all thank you so much dr.¬†Berg my question is I have been doing¬†keto off and on I haven’t always stayed¬†on the wagon but I’m on now I started¬†experiencing about maybe two three¬†months ago tingling in my feet and in my¬†left hand kind of where my pinky finger¬†is at and i was wondering because i’ve¬†listened to a lot to the videos but that¬†might be a slide of some living¬†neuropathy starting i’m not diabetic¬†have been diagnosed but I was gay people¬†I’m thinking okay I think my sugar is¬†out of control¬†and so again I started back on Aikido so¬†I was wondering is there something else¬†I need to be doing I’m strictly¬†following but I was wondering do I need¬†to possibly get some medical testing¬†down well I can give you my¬†recommendations but I can’t really tell¬†you whether to go to the doctor or¬†Nakhla the doctor but it sounded me like¬†it’s a it’s a symptom of something¬†called peripheral neuropathy from high¬†sugar because the high sugar tends to¬†destroy the the little tiny blood¬†vessels to the nerve and they show up a¬†half and the feet and the hands first is¬†kind of a alteration and touching and¬†feeling so it’s really really a kind of¬†a simple thing I would get on keto in I¬†up immediately and gets a product called¬†benefit Amin¬†it’s a it’s a type of b1 it’s a fat¬†soluble that helps to heal the nerves¬†it’s called bent bow to me okay that’s¬†one of the best ones that you could do¬†you can also do others but I think¬†that’s like the easiest thing to do and¬†that’s just starting to turn things¬†around but make sure you do the keto and¬†iaf very strictly right now because¬†that’s like a indication that’s gone a¬†little too far okay¬†okay thank you connected down is because¬†I do take that it’ll be separate the¬†nutritional yeast is great but if you¬†have problem your opposite you need¬†something a little stronger¬†this actually penetrates sometimes like¬†about 20 times more so it’s a little bit¬†different but yeah keep taking used as¬†well okay thank you so much you’re¬†welcome¬†hello hello hi hi this is great my other¬†speaker so I don’t this is great awesome¬†I’ve been I’ve been ketosis when I¬†promised and occasionally I’ll do like a¬†fad or a feast meal just to work keep¬†metabolism kind of on but my main¬†question here is adrenal fatigue¬†so I’ve been going in to see like a¬†cranial psychotherapists acupuncture or¬†acupressure person and I’m continuously¬†experiencing adrenal fatigue like and¬†and so I put together my own plan last¬†night of like removing dark chocolate¬†caffeine I may be very sensitive to that¬†yeah but any other suggestions before¬†tests or anything any other actions to¬†take yeah¬†do you find it are you sleeping are you¬†sleeping well are you is there any¬†problem sleeping so the most I sleep¬†well like so I had the session yesterday¬†and then last night I can feel some kind¬†of that adrenal area like like surges of¬†something that just kind of wakes me up¬†suddenly epinephrine or you know yeah so¬†here’s what here’s a couple things I¬†would definitely there’s a there’s a¬†video to watch it’s called this stressed¬†webinar and it’s one of my videos and I¬†go through actual an actual technique to¬†kind of extract stress from your body¬†and it’s that you can even it’s a¬†do-it-yourself technique I would¬†definitely do that but something like¬†what you’re describing is is more of a¬†either you’re doing a little too much¬†stimulants like caffeine or with¬†chocolate there’s another chemical that¬†will keep you kind of wired I would kind¬†of that’s like the most obvious thing I¬†would eliminate that bring that down and¬†I would also make sure that your¬†minerals are real high like potassium¬†and magnesium whether a lot of¬†vegetables or electrolyze just because¬†you want to those are calming minerals¬†and the nervous system could be kind of¬†wound up care and there’s so many other¬†things you can do as well but that would¬†be the most obvious thing and then you¬†know the adrenals it’s it’s really a¬†matter of doing long walks and making¬†sure you get enough sleep if you’re not¬†sleeping there’s nothing that you’re¬†going to do pill wise to really¬†rejuvenate that because the sleep is¬†really behind the adrenal issue¬†excellent I got my notes taken thank you¬†so much doctor¬†I appreciate the time and your knowledge¬†shown here thank you my pleasure all¬†right have a good one¬†you too okay cool hello hello I stocked¬†burger to give alright hi¬†yes sir hi dr. Berger so I was wondering¬†if maybe at some point you could get¬†some more videos out about synthetic¬†vitamins I know you’ve done a lot about¬†like synthetic vitamin C and how it’s¬†basically like eating rocks I know how¬†they can drive these pathetic vitamins¬†for Mike like bacon and sodium like¬†calcium carbonate and things like that¬†so I was just curious maybe you could do¬†like more in-depth on like other¬†vitamins like a medic like vitamin D if¬†that’s the thing sure yeah I will do¬†that I will do that because you have two¬†sets of items you have the fat soluble¬†vitamins and if those are synthetic¬†those are way more dangerous than a¬†water soluble but you know if you’re¬†taking synthetic vitamin C you’d have to¬†take a good amount of it to create some¬†imbalances but there are some¬†therapeutic benefits of taking short¬†term high doses but I personally have¬†met people who have taken like over a¬†hundred thousand milligrams of vitamin C¬†over course in a couple days and ended¬†up with hemorrhoids and spider veins and¬†all sorts of things because the vitamin¬†C is I think it’s meant to be consumed¬†in a complex and nature has provided it¬†so yeah I’ll do some more videos on that¬†and talking about the sources of item is¬†most of the vitamins that are sold on¬†the market are synthetic and the only¬†synthetic vitamin that I would take is¬†either if you’re doing a short-term¬†detox or that been throat you mean¬†benfotiamine is synthetic but that’s the¬†one that doesn’t seem to create any side¬†effects I’ve never seen that just all¬†positive things because it’s slightly¬†different and it’s more about maybe a¬†four month treatment and then your¬†much done sounds cool great yeah video¬†thank you hey you’re welcome¬†sure and hey guys I have a new cooking¬†channel if you go to my website under¬†channels you can check it out we’re¬†releasing one video every other day so¬†check it out¬†hello dr. Berg hello oh let me let me¬†pause for ya hello hello hi hi yes my¬†name my name is Dave and I just want to¬†say that since I started following the¬†intermittent fasting plan I have I’ve¬†been a I’ve had ulcerative colitis for¬†about ten years Wow¬†and the last time I had the last time¬†that I had my colon checked the doctor¬†said it looked like I almost had never¬†had ulcerative colitis and I do take you¬†Mara I’ve been taking Jumeirah shots for¬†approximately five or six years now and¬†so definitely the humor is like helped¬†out for about a couple years I’ve been¬†doing intermittent fasting¬†well like off and on and when he asked¬†me like what do you what do you do and I¬†said well like I’m an intermittent¬†faster down yeah I just really enjoy it¬†and so he even like talked about the¬†possibility of coming off Thank You Mara¬†one day and that’s just that’s my¬†question I told him well I’m a notary to¬†come off the Humera but that’s just¬†wondering if there has been some¬†research out there on other people with¬†you know with like intestinal issues¬†that have been totally cleared up from¬†intermittent fasting oh my gosh oh my¬†gosh absolutely when you do in a minute¬†faster and even periodic prolong fasting¬†there’s all sorts of sorts of genetic¬†things that kick kick in that basically¬†re growing new intestinal cells and¬†you’re restoring the lining because¬†think about it people are eating like¬†this at this constant amount all the¬†time¬†they never give their system a chance to¬†kind of turn off and reset and so it you¬†start developing ulcers so it’s a great¬†way to heal it and honestly I I don’t¬†think if they don’t detect any¬†inflammation you might want to¬†experiment with your doc to see if you¬†could come off and even get better¬†because who knows what what is doing¬†side-effect wise but we are you taking¬†the anti-inflammatories probably one of¬†the most common anti-inflammatories that¬†people take for autoimmune and¬†inflammatory conditions but yeah¬†intermittent fasting is just a powerful¬†therapy and it’s very cheap actually you¬†just don’t eat yeah it but uh yeah I¬†just I just thank you very much okay I¬†watched a lot of videos about the¬†intermittent fasting¬†Papaji and I just to believe in it¬†that’s awesome I have felt the effects¬†so I just thank you I’ll put putting out¬†such scientific research on everybody¬†thanks Dave I appreciate very much all¬†right I’ll talk to you¬†hello can you hear me¬†hello can you hear me oh yeah hi yes can¬†you turn your speaker down a little bit¬†on your computer I’m ready okay great¬†okay so I look at a hospital and I¬†recently had that antibody test done and¬†it came back negative and I’m Korean for¬†now taking microbiology class I’m¬†learning a little bit about this as well¬†but I wanted to know if I obviously if¬†you’re negative used to supposedly¬†haven’t been exposed¬†but we’re still finding out more and¬†more about this virus is it possible¬†that the virus apply dormant and and¬†won’t be detected by the antibody test¬†yeah well here’s what happens they check¬†the antibodies which just indicates if¬†you’ve been infected and then your¬†immune system generated and created¬†antibodies so there’s always a chance¬†that there could be a false positive but¬†let’s just say you’re not¬†you weren’t infected that’s all that¬†means and that’s fine and then now it’s¬†just a matter if you’re in an¬†environment that’s which is very very¬†you’re vulnerable to a lot of different¬†microbes in your hospital so the best¬†thing that I would do if I were you is I¬†would you know use type of protective¬†things obviously to avoid exposure but¬†the big thing is I would take minimally¬†twenty thousand I use a vitamin d3 every¬†single day because that will increase¬†your immune system majorly I would take¬†about a hundred milligrams of zinc and I¬†would take a good amount of vitamin C¬†like a natural good vitamin C like two¬†hundred milligrams keep that in your¬†body every single day because it’s more¬†protective keep your yeah make sure that¬†your foods that you eat are definitely¬†not sweets I would do keto and¬†especially in a minute fasting because¬†there’s¬†the people that are our vulnerable have¬†all sorts of symptoms of metabolic¬†disease we get high blood pressure¬†we got obesity we got diabetes all those¬†are symptoms of insulin resistance which¬†is kind of the common denominator so if¬†you were to you know protect yourself¬†against the blood sugar issues and take¬†those nutrients I think that’s going to¬†give you the unfair advantage to avoid¬†getting this infection and it’s all¬†about – you’re an environment that’s¬†very very concentrated with potential¬†viruses versus like out being outside so¬†yes if you if someone for example coughs¬†around you and you get a little bit of¬†that virus that would actually be better¬†than getting a lot of concentration¬†because then your body would have a lot¬†more mild symptoms and that’s really¬†what determines if your immune system is¬†good what determines no symptoms mild¬†symptoms and severe is the amount of¬†exposure or viral exposure you get so¬†you know it’s all about strengthen¬†immune system and then at the same time¬†preventing too much of that exposure to¬†the virus that makes sense perfect it¬†makes 100% sense thank you so much dr.¬†Berg and I said those pedo thanks to you¬†I’ve been pretty successful I lost about¬†35 pounds Wow every month yes and it’s I¬†feel so much better you know when I was¬†having knee problems and I you know lost¬†the weight and I’m not having some of¬†the issues I were having before the only¬†thing is I haven’t but I have a high¬†blood pressure recently in the past I¬†was a year my blood pressure has just¬†been like prehypertension and now it’s¬†like full fledge and this is before I¬†started intermittent fasting and Kate’s¬†been kedo but my parents didn’t¬†ethically I have a history of high blood¬†pressure and my family my mother and¬†father both have it so if if their way¬†is there something that I can do to I¬†drink my apple cider vinegar every day¬†are there other things I can implement¬†to¬†lower my blood pressure there’s there’s¬†two things and by the way anything that¬†I say is obviously not meant to replace¬†medical care but this is my opinion and¬†this is what I would I would try with¬†help if your doc I would try a bit¬†higher amounts of vitamin D because¬†vitamin D is one of the most powerful¬†things for hypertension and I’m talking¬†about you know 30,000 IU’s a day that’s¬†not outrageous at all¬†so 30,000 I used a day unless you can¬†get a lot of Sun but I probably would¬†take that and that should start bringing¬†it down if it doesn’t bring all the way¬†down then I would add about a thousand¬†milligrams of potassium as a supplement¬†in addition to your large big salads¬†every day because it’s the combination¬†of enough potassium and vitamin D that¬†will usually bring this thing down so¬†try those things and let me know if it¬†works okay perfect thank you so much¬†you’re welcome¬†this thing is so amazing hello can you¬†hear me hello hi dr. Bert hi thanks for¬†answering my call this ugh I’m gonna try¬†to explain my symptoms to the best of my¬†ability I just want to say thank you for¬†saving me and my mother’s like 42 by the¬†way so what’s been going on is that uh¬†I’ve been on keto at the beginning of¬†January of 2020 yeah and as of the first¬†week of April I’ve been having these¬†symptoms of whenever I wake up I’ll be¬†very busy and I’ve noticed one of our¬†I’m just laying down I’m very busy¬†however if I keep moving my dizziness¬†will slowly start to go away and it will¬†come and go I’m taking all the¬†supplements of what you’ve recommended¬†over the years but I like I’m just¬†trying to really explain these dizziness¬†know that symptom so it feels like it’s¬†almost in the back of my head as well so¬†you know how whenever you can feel your¬†own pulse it seems like with every pulse¬†in the back of the head it feels like¬†it’s just like a it’s like a headache¬†without pain at that night son yeah¬†okay so I’ve done that yeah so okay so¬†there’s a couple things that you might¬†want to try number one find a very very¬†good chiropractor that does upper¬†cervical type work because a lot of¬†times they can help that especially if¬†it’s in the back of the head or the neck¬†let’s say that does not work and you¬†still go get you’re still getting this¬†and you’re doing all the right things¬†and you’re taking nutrition then it’s¬†your missing information so you have to¬†kind of get more data and so you have to¬†get a test and the the problem is what¬†type of test would you get or something¬†like that you’d want to find a¬†neurologist that will can evaluate your¬†autonomic nervous system so write that¬†down autonomic nervous system there’s¬†certain tests that they can do like on a¬†table to put you in different positions¬†and see if there’s just any type of¬†problem with the either the the¬†sympathetic or the parasympathetic¬†nervous system which is located in the¬†back of the neck the Paris attacks¬†located there because um right now it’s¬†kind of a mystery so you could try¬†things but if you do a brain scan or MRI¬†that’s just like I think that’s just¬†inappropriate it’s way too much of a¬†expensive test I think the best yeah¬†just get your autonomic nervous system¬†measured a neurologist can do that to¬†find out if there’s anything kind of out¬†of whack there and then then call me¬†back whatever yeah cuz I even watch your¬†video and I thought of something as¬†silly as uh like oh it’s gonna be a¬†tumor or something I remember that you¬†said like 90% of times it could even be¬†in a gallbladder it’s a 1% with the you¬†know tomb or something as crazy of that¬†but yeah the only symptom I truly have¬†so yeah so it’s kind of it’s it’s it’s¬†kind of a something that let’s try to do¬†the most obvious thing first that’s like¬†okay you know I there’s some really good¬†Karos out there that can help you that¬†you’d be surprised that I’ve had people¬†like oh six years of dizziness and then¬†you work on them goes away and so try¬†stand-up it’s a no brainer¬†okay actually I cuz I did actually go¬†someone yesterday and right after the¬†session I was like oh yeah I feel a¬†little bit alright feel better¬†but then as time went on it kind of like¬†retracted back to that single feeling¬†okay so uh yeah yeah you might you might¬†want to um you might want to just give¬†it a little more time because especially¬†if it’s been going on for a while but¬†you know if it doesn’t handle within¬†several weeks and then you’re like okay¬†let’s just let’s dig deeper into what’s¬†going on¬†absolutely okay thank you dr. Berger¬†working and you actually truly did saved¬†me in my mother’s life my mother¬†actually recommended your videos on¬†hyperglycemia in the first place so oh¬†wow but uh well you know I I¬†yeah what’s funny is that uh last year I¬†truly saw ignored your videos at first¬†I’m like oh no it couldn’t be as simple¬†as you know eating keto and I just¬†remembered I was I was uh you know at¬†work I used to work for AT&T at the time¬†and if I did not eat I would literally¬†go in a shaking spasm of sweating and I¬†need to literally lay down in the back¬†room of where I worked and I rushed to¬†chick-fil-a and I would eat massive¬†amounts of carbs and it would be a¬†vicious cycle and you know eventually I¬†just said okay enough is enough if I die¬†from trying keto then it was worth it in¬†the first place because it was it was¬†your life yeah everything that you you¬†know South Keough I fall to a tee and¬†it’s saved in my life truly it’s living¬†my life I can go as many days as I want¬†without eating when you know and you’ve¬†motivated me beyond your comprehension I¬†would say you voted me I’m just shocked¬†you know¬†thank you go shocked up there I would¬†say one last thing because they just I¬†just thought of this too I don’t know¬†how much you’re into the EMF the¬†electromagnetic frequency stuff but¬†there’s a meter that I bought and I¬†started playing around with it and I’m¬†going through my house I’m like okay¬†definitely the computer are gonna handle¬†that and I go into my bomb go to my¬†bedroom and I go close to the head of my¬†bed board and it’s just going on¬†completely off the scale¬†and I realized that really electrical¬†panel is in the basement just underneath¬†the bed and I’m like and all the wires¬†come right there I’m like okay I need to¬†I need so I slept the other way was my¬†head on the outside and it was like I¬†slept an extra 2 hours so also you know¬†could be something like that going on¬†especially with blood you know in your¬†house or wherever and at that if that’s¬†it that could be a real like oh no¬†wonder because that could affect the¬†brain as well absolutely and I thought¬†that is interesting to me because I did¬†this movement in your house so that¬†might be the situation you know yeah¬†okay excellent thank you so much doctor¬†you’re magnificent¬†you’re welcome hello hey dr. Berg this¬†is Hank from Florida thanks for taking¬†my call I hate sure what was your¬†question I have a question about blood¬†pressure my blood pressure is really¬†high and I have been doing the keto diet¬†for about a year and a half I’ve lost¬†about 40 pounds but still have real high¬†blood pressure I started taking some¬†magnesium water and doing the deep¬†breathing that I’ve read about and that¬†has lowered it but I still stay up with¬†a 180 185 systolic and a 100 diastolic I¬†think you know there’s something very¬†very powerful that’s very very natural¬†and it’s very very inexpensive in fact¬†it’s free and it’s called the Sun and¬†the vitamin D that it can give you if¬†you were to if you were to get a good¬†amount of Sun or you can take the¬†supplement vitamin B and I’m talking¬†about about at least 20 thousand¬†international units of vitamin d3¬†honestly that should bring the blood¬†pressure down very nicely if it doesn’t¬†bring it down a hundred percent then you¬†need to add in potassium potassium¬†magnesium does help the potassium is a¬†little bit more important for blood¬†pressure because without potassium it¬†stiffens the arteries so if you took a¬†thousand milligrams of potassium¬†every day with a good huge salad you¬†know¬†like I’m talking a huge one they’ll give¬†you the other minerals as well that¬†would be your best bet to bring blood¬†pressure down so try that that’s like¬†okay there’s no go ahead that sounds¬†really good I just started on your¬†vitamin d3 and k2 that you sell there¬†and I haven’t been on it really long¬†enough to check to see if that’s gonna¬†work¬†take we’re taking four and a good source¬†of potassium take four of those¬†okay take four of those with your first¬†meal okay and then potassium I would¬†recommend my electrolyte powder that I¬†would do the regular electrolyte powder¬†I have a sports one but I don’t would¬†recommend that one unless you’re¬†sweating a lot so this takes a regular¬†potassium and I would take like two¬†scoops a day and that will give you your¬†potassium plus we value electrolytes III¬†think that would help a lot okay I can¬†guarantee you that I’m not low in¬†vitamin d3 because as I stated in¬†Florida and I’m out in the Sun daily and¬†probably three or four hours from the¬†weekend playing golf okay so that’s¬†definitely not it then do the potassium¬†and then are you doing keto sorta keto¬†are you doing it like hardcore strict¬†I’m doing sort to keto I’m still on two¬†meals a day yeah and on the weekends I¬†will probably have a beer and some¬†french fries yeah when I come home and¬†check my teeth this is my blood meter¬†I’m still at 0.5 to 0.7 millimoles try¬†and experiment okay just for two weeks¬†okay just do it hardcore like for real¬†and then just evaluate your blood¬†pressure and just to see where it’s at I¬†think you’ll be quite surprised to do it¬†for real like parkour because even¬†though you’re showing ketones we still¬†want to have the benefits of not just¬†ketones but just the drop in insulin¬†that’s gonna occur without having any of¬†that stuff¬†sure right right just try it well I will¬†Thanks sounds like great advice thank¬†you okay you’re welcome¬†thanks for all you do do doc we¬†appreciate it my pleasure¬†hello hello hi what was your question¬†hey how’s it going out it’s good I¬†killed me¬†hi this is Idol Dominguez I’m calling¬†out of Florida Maya situation is that¬†I’m diabetic time – okay¬†I’ve been diabetic since 2007 now for¬†the past about a year and a half maybe¬†two I’ve been on a very strict fasting¬†and keto diet which has helped a lot¬†greatly to the point that I’ve been out¬†of my medication now the problem is that¬†I’m still having the Adhan effect when I¬†wake up I check my sugar levels and for¬†some reason it’s between maybe 125 I’m¬†like maybe 145 am i during the day it¬†seems to be fine like between 90’s and¬†like a hundreds like like no hundreds is¬†now the other the other problem is that¬†I’m you know five nine and about 125¬†maybe 130 and I’m still having trouble¬†gaining weight I ate about maybe 2,000¬†maybe 25,000 I mean 2500 calories a day¬†okay it is you’re stuck in a rock and a¬†hard place¬†because if you do more aggressive¬†fasting you’ll probably lose more weight¬†so what I think the solution that I¬†would do especially in the morning when¬†you get up I think that the blood sugars¬†are being made by your own liver or it¬†could be the cortisol and I don’t think¬†that is a very serious problem I think¬†it’s just something you’re gonna have to¬†do this a little bit longer do it more¬†strict and then I want you to try¬†something tomorrow morning I want you to¬†so as you get up go exercise exercise¬†that extra sugar off you’re out of your¬†body¬†burn it up and bring that down right now¬†and then also do some things to support¬†your liver like milk thistle that would¬†be good¬†increase cruciferous vegetables and¬†choline is a really good one as well for¬†the liver because that way your liver¬†will be a little bit better and you’ll¬†produce less sugar so try those things¬†and then let me know how it works okay¬†okay so walk mean exercise and yes it¬†milks this so that’s a really good one¬†for the liver¬†milk thistle th e there so I can’t even¬†spell it milk thistle oh okay I don’t¬†think I have a good one thank you thank¬†you so much hello hello dr. Berg hi yeah¬†hi hi I had a year I had a question I’ve¬†been doing the fasting and the keto and¬†I’ve gotten great results from it but¬†however I noticed that after its many¬†fibers 3 4 days 2 days I can’t perform¬†at night ok and I want to know what what¬†I’ve taken the minerals as you have¬†instructed on your videos and I’m and I¬†write in some scientific studies that¬†doing the keto causes at one hundred¬†thirty percent drop in testosterone I¬†don’t know if that has something to do¬†with it that I would I would actually¬†read this study yourself and you’re¬†gonna find that that studies not very¬†credible but this is what I would do I¬†would are you taking any zinc I am¬†occasionally I do take think I do take¬†magnesium I ordered this super zinc but¬†see but I don’t know if that’s been I¬†don’t know if that’s been doing any¬†any I noticed that when I do take a¬†larger amounts of zinc I end up vomiting¬†okay so when I take a very small amount¬†to think I’m okay yeah you you might you¬†might need some of the other minerals¬†too so make sure you’re taking a a blend¬†of trace minerals within the zinc and¬†then other the other thing that I would¬†do is I would¬†don’t focus on performance I would focus¬†on sleeping get a much deeper sleep you¬†can your sleep aids out there you can¬†take you can get to bed a little earlier¬†you can take another nap you can do¬†things that your body sleeping but a¬†more quality sleep will then cause more¬†recovery and those other hormones will¬†come straight I mean like they’ll¬†improve greatly so I think that’s what¬†I’m do and then also if you’re taking¬†any type of stimulants like too much¬†coffee or too much of this or that that¬†will also burn out those receptors for¬†testosterone more also yeah and hey when¬†you called you did you have to wait were¬†you on hold for a while or do you just¬†pick that you just call and I I picked¬†up no I wasn’t home for a while okay¬†okay so I just didn’t know how it worked¬†on the other side but that’s pretty cool¬†okay so go ahead and try those things¬†okay and then let me know how it works¬†so pretty much you’d so since I’m an¬†avid coffee drinker I drink large¬†amounts of coffee every day think about¬†what I should do yeah because this is¬†what’s happening you’re you’re over¬†stimulating your nervous system so so¬†now it’s like it never has a chance to¬†kind of recover so things kind of get¬†burnt out hormone wise neurotransmitter¬†wise and so you want to cut back to one¬†cup in the morning honestly that that¬†probably will solve your problem within¬†probably a couple weeks yeah what if¬†what if I switch to decaf would that¬†help it’s gonna be better for sure make¬†sure it’s an organic decaf¬†yeah it’ll definitely help you or again¬†any brand you recommend I don’t have any¬†brand now¬†okay okay dr. Berg thank you resign sir¬†hey you’re welcome¬†hello oh can you turn down your computer¬†no you turn down your computer please¬†hello hello dr. Berg so much taking my¬†call Kandra yeah listen to the video¬†isn’t very helpful okay yeah I carry¬†perfectly¬†yeah who I I have a question the one I¬†just talked to a logic afford enabled I¬†tested positive for the co-lead I came¬†upon a so serious wasn’t that severe¬†I covered I am impossible I got a new¬†infiltrate which I hope it’s there i¬†determinants about stakes I just when I¬†think it’s resolving so I’m act after 20¬†days I went to get tested its efficient¬†positive so what is my chances of be¬†really infected and or what do I need to¬†do to clear this well here’s the thing¬†your immune system is going to start¬†making antibodies against the virus and¬†so you can then be immune from it but in¬†the process of this happening this¬†infection you want to let your immune¬†system run its course and do everything¬†you can to strengthen immune system so¬†we’re talking about vitamin D with a¬†good amount of Sun if you can fresh air¬†and as well as zinc like about I would¬†do about 50 50 to 75 milligrams of zinc¬†every single day and then you want a¬†good whole food vitamin C so vitamin D¬†zinc and vitamin C and then let your¬†immune system runs course you know you¬†get plenty of sleep if you have a fever¬†don’t try to immediately do something to¬†get rid of¬†fever because what happens the infection¬†will go longer because here is their to¬†decrease their the reproduction of the¬†virus so you want to get your immune¬†system just let it run its course and if¬†you don’t have anything severe that’s a¬†good thing if you start getting severe¬†symptoms of course then you have to get¬†evaluated but you kind of want to stay¬†out of the hospital because it’s so¬†infected in that environment and so¬†those are some simple things that you¬†want to do right now and definitely¬†definitely get on keto and fasting¬†because the complications of this kovetz¬†19 viral thing is that it’s a metabolic¬†syndrome actually if you have like the¬†diabetes blood pressure all these other¬†things which is all related to insulin¬†problems if you get on keto and if’¬†you’re gonna bulletproof yourself a lot¬†more so it’s time now to get motivated¬†just to get healthy and so you don’t¬†have all these these pre-existing¬†problems which I have no idea if you¬†have or or don’t have but those are some¬†general occasion hypertension well then¬†you definitely need the vitamin D and¬†you need to potassium lots of potassium¬†a lot of D and and then get on the keto¬†and if’ intermittent fasting and¬†hopefully that will bring that down but¬†you know here’s the thing they’re¬†finding that much larger group of the¬†population has been infected or is¬†getting infected than previously thought¬†I’m talking about on an order of¬†magnitude up to fifty to eighty times¬†more of the population and what does¬†that mean it means that it’s fifty to¬†eighty times less dangerous than they¬†thought so that’s good news¬†but until they’ve done the testing¬†they’re not going to know they’re not¬†going to be able to have that full¬†understanding but in certain like in two¬†universities in California they did the¬†test just recently and they found this¬†out so and also we did it in Germany and¬†they’ve done in several other places in¬†the world so¬†this is the good news so I think you’re¬†gonna be fine but just let it keep¬†watching the videos and then stay tuned¬†for my my webinar on the immune system¬†which is going to be very good I spent¬†probably 300 hours preparing for this¬†one webinar that I’m going to be doing¬†very shortly so stay tuned for that ok¬†ok so I’ll give up immunity oh yeah oh¬†yeah yeah yeah it’s a you develop¬†anybody’s and then guess what and then¬†you’re not going to be reinfected oh¬†you’ll be bulletproof either yeah I have¬†another HS coming up on Monday so I’m¬†just hoping that from from the from the¬†first to Monday the 11th so I’m hoping¬†that I have like cell communication as¬†well yeah what happened you get you’ll¬†get tested and then let’s say you’re¬†positive and then over a period of time¬†you’ll test negative because the bar the¬†immune system will take over and get rid¬†of the viruses and then you’ll be you’ll¬†be test positive for the antibodies¬†which are little things that are just¬†sitting there waiting for the next time¬†that that virus comes in your body and¬†it’s ready for it now because it has¬†experience and it knows what to do and¬†it can prevent it from getting in¬†yourselves so I think you’re going to be¬†okay thank you you’re welcome¬†okay guys I really appreciate all your¬†calls awesome stay tuned I’m going to be¬†doing more of these I’m going to do one¬†of these a day¬†it’s my new little cool gadget I love it¬†okay¬†have a good one¬†

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