Dr Berg Q&A Live (Keto and Intermittent Fasting)

Dr Berg Q&A Live (Keto and Intermittent Fasting)

Dr Berg Q&A Live (Keto and Intermittent Fasting)

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okay guys so I’m here to answer your questions excuse me mmm little throat thing and take a little water here no alcohol okay so as people are logging on I want to touch on a question that people someone had related to cruciferous vegetables they wanted to know does consuming cruciferous vegetables increase or decrease your estrogen okay so because they see it as a final estrogen like a plant based estrogen so they’re concerned oh my gosh if I consume cruciferous I’m gonna become infertile whatever cruciferous it doesn’t give you any more estrogen it actually balances out estrogen shifts from the bad estrogen to the good estrogen there’s several different types of estrogen so it just lowers the bat and increases the good the protective because certain estrogens tend to cause cancer and certain are protective against cancer so cruciferous is highly protective so that’s just one thing that it does so I hope I answered clarify that but we got quite a few people we have 700 people on here so I’m here to answer your question is grilling really bad for you it’s not too bad as long as you don’t add any type of sugar you know if you’re using like if you don’t get like if you don’t put any like lighter flame and lighter fluid on there and you just actually have it over like a grill without any sugar it’s gonna be totally fine it’s not gonna be an issue yeah I’ll do some data about like burnt meat is that gonna be a problem or burnt fat it’s mixed reviews on that there’s nothing wrong with having a crispy you know piece of fat on the grill I wouldn’t worry about it too much but I will say that adding sugar and then adding to that heat and that protein and you caramelize it or you heat it together it creates something old advanced glycation end-products and makes sticky blood it creates all sorts of issues okay so can you speak about lipomas the Pumas are one of those things that are benign they don’t do anything they just sit there they’re just kind of a nuisance I have not been successful at getting rid of them naturally so honestly I probably would have them removed surgically there’s some links to a liver problem but you bought is probably trying to protect something in that kind of fat cyst all right so let’s see here I have been bleeding for months and feel weak what’s happening how can I stop it well are you bleeding from your nose from your mouth where are you bleeding from I need to know that if it’s a menstrual problem then you need to buy a product it’s online it’s through Stan a process is called eutrophic PMG eutrophic PMG standard process okay so with your thoughts on Hebrew beef franks I’m not sure if it’s organic or grass-fed but I would highly recommend good and grass-fed and organic together okay how long should I expect to have spiked glucose levels after starting keto well keto should not spike your glucose unless you’re doing something incorrect there’s a couple things I want to talk about with keto when you’re starting out if you just go to my site dr. Berg calm and you download the plan I actually show you how to do it like really simply A to B but a lot of times there’s so called Aikido friendly foods but they have multi dextran which is has the glycemic index of a hundred and ten or dextrose or tapioca starch or syrup or maybe even what’s the other one malted tall all these are gonna spike your blood sugar so I’m not sure what you’re doing with it your sugar should come okay is it okay to take cruciferous when you’re when you have a hypothyroid condition good question it depends if you have a Hashimoto’s which is really an immune problem you need cruciferous more than if you just had a regular hypothyroid condition but most hypothyroid cases are secondary to either gallbladder issues or high estrogen to be safe I would just take one seek help tablet in the morning and eat your cruciferous but the benefit of cruciferous is HUGE I mean you’re it’s it’s protective against cancer it’s going to help detoxify the liver there’s a product called dim I have it in my Astra j’en balanced with added dim and dim is a an end product of in Dolf 3 carbonyl which is a final nutrient from the cruciferous vegetables which is very unique to cruciferous and this end product called dim one tablet is but the same as 2 pounds of cruciferous vegetables and so what it can do for you is it can actually really bulletproof you against a lot of problems and so since cancer is like the number two cause of death you want to start to protect yourself and you want to start eating more cruciferous or do dim one of the other let’s see I’ve been doing in a minute fasting for hours to 6 hours I’m guessing that you’re I’m guessing that you’re eating window oh yeah staying under 20 to 25 Oh 25 carbs a day for six months lately while walking three miles my knee has been in a lot of pain very simply for knee pain you need about 30 I use thirty thousand I use a vitamin d3 you then you want 300 micrograms of k2 mk7 version okay so 30,000 I use of d3 that will knock your pain out like that but if you’d let’s say for example you have new pain on the right side and it’s on the outside of that knee okay then what you could do is you can massage on the opposite knee on the left side so you work on the opposite side and work on the outside of the the leg it’s it’s got the fascial area it’s called a tension fasciae latae iliotibial band and you just work on the outside of your thigh muscle on the opposite side and gone if the pain is on the top of the knee right where the quad connects to the patella then you work on not the outside of the opposite leg but just the top part of the leg the middle part so you just kind of you mirror image but you then you work on the major muscle that attaches to that area how can I lose weight and be a healthy vegan well you it’s more difficult you’re gonna have to do more calculations with you making sure you have enough protein keeping your carbs down keeping your fats up I do have like one or two videos on that but it’s a bit more difficult and plus you’re gonna have to take supplements like DHA b12 things like that maybe some iron vitamin A um okay I just gained so much weight since the removal of my thyroid and plus some heavier periods now I never before working but I okay so you just gain a lot of weight you just had your thyroid out yeah that’s a situation because but the good thing is that you can take you’re gonna have to make adjustments with your thyroid medications the thyroid doesn’t just produce t4 it actually makes several hormones so I would get armorer thyroid which is a little bit better doctors don’t like to use it because it’s hard to adjust but that’s what you need to do and I would probably also take some bile salts I have a product called gall bladder formula that can help but the bile salts help convert thyroid hormone and actually enhance the medication that you’re taking a little bit better okay so then is fruit sugar bad for you yes it is bad for you you know if you’re a small child fruits okay if it’s organic but as you get older our metabolisms you know gets slower and I would recommend avoiding fructose fructose creates a lot of problems especially if you want to get into ketosis and get the benefits of that you can do some berries but definitely not apples or peaches okay twenty-nine-year-old body fully crashed but extreme heartbeat from one to eight night while I’m relaxed sleep is shallow waking up a lot okay so if the heartbeat is going higher okay so let’s see your pulse rates are going higher you need more potassium you need more greens you need more magnesium you might need beat one okay so that’s gonna be really important if your sleep is a problem the B vitamins will probably handle it but I also would try vitamin D as well minimally to get the benefits of to get these benefits vitamin D you need to take it with a meal and also you need to take a listen fat so it gets absorbed now someone asked a question about one of my products gonna go into the UK well you know it’s so funny I’m I’m working on that as we speak right now we’re gonna start with like four main of our main products and then we’ll get more in there but just transition okay what do you recommend for Dietetic studying students so what is the best way to improve knowledge can you source or tell us well are you going to school to be a dietitian honestly I think you’d be better off being a clinical nutritionist the dietician you know data that they teach you honestly is pretty pretty pathetic but if you just want to learn for yourself you know there’s various courses that you can take on nutrition online but I would go I go in the area of nutritional clinical nutritionist I am coming out with a basic nutrition course in August so that’s the kind of a you know it’s gonna be pretty pretty awesome but it’s not gonna be compared to some you know course that you’re gonna learn that if you actually get your certification being a nutritionist okay my urine test shows positive ketones why am I not losing weight this is you just gave me another good idea for a video positive ketones thank you and I’m not losing weight good so let me answer that let’s say for example you you know people this idea like okay ketones in the urine I’m losing weight well ketones in the urine mean means that you’re burning fat but it could mean that you’re burning your dietary fat okay the food that you’re eating the fat that you’re eating and not your own fat so you may need to adjust your fats down a little bit and if you really want to see a bigger change you want to get it down to about 75 grams of fat per day and then cut your carbs down a little bit more because the weight loss is more about the whole package and understanding that you have to get healthy first and things will kind of stop you hidden carbs hidden ingredients and the biggest thing for most people especially if you over the age of 40 you may need to go one meal a day so many people have not experienced the mean the big results until they start doing the one one meal a day and then they start really seeing the change happening so try that can mercury toxicity cause panic attacks absolutely dr. Berger waiting for my wheatgrass juice shipment currently drinking apple cider vinegar how long should I take this okay so you just take your you want to be taking your outside vinegar for a long period of time because it’s really good put it into your you know water when you drink you know if you’re drinking in a meal it can be done an empty stomach as well the wheatgrass juice powder what I do is I’ll take one scoop in some water probably I don’t have the size of it it’s probably 16 ounce in the morning with I will do our dogs gonna bark someone’s actually coming in a house and I would take one scoop of electrolyte powder and I’ll mix that up drink that down on morning boom I just had the wheatgrass juice powder tested for some antioxidants some additional ones and I found that it has superoxide dismutase which is an enzyme that is a very powerful antioxidant and so it had it’s loaded with that stuff so I was like this explains why it’s so good for healing the internal skin or ulcers or any type of inflammation your gut so interesting okay so then the question is can you update your purchasing website online to allow for different billing and mailing addresses we’re working on that right now because what we flagged it like if you actually enter in the order product and you ship it to another address it gets flagged because we had some scammers you know I’m you wouldn’t believe this we’ve had people like order five thousand dollars of product and ship it to another address and and basically you know just selling and then selling it and two different you know they’re not authorized to sell it so there’s all sorts of scams going on so we actually have a red flag with that right now but we I haven’t we have a solution okay so it’s crystal meth and hard liquor bad for a nine-year-old man’s health well no it’s totally fine I don’t see a problem with that especially you have to mix it together and then add a little cyanide in there in the OB you’ll be good to go okay I’m a vegan for three months I’m my period is two weeks late please tell me what to do get checked to see if you’re pregnant okay next question my wife’s okay that was the sarcasm so what I would do is I would take seek help seek help helps to regulate the period and help your ovaries okay my wife has water retention how should I deal with that very simply it’s so easy it’s like you just get on keto get an if’ your fluid will go right down your water follows wherever the sugar goes so if you’re retaining sugar carbs you’re gonna retain water okay very simple but you can add some more potassium and that should push the water out but you really need to cut the carbs down all right so let’s do it here all right let’s see here how much sauerkraut per day one cup sauerkraut’s awesome I’m really into from fermenting things I just have my the easy fermenter I’m just really into it now I’m just gonna start experimenting and doing work for sauerkraut and fermented vegetables really good stuff with that let’s see is it possible to retain fluids and love handles it’s probably actual fat more than water okay that was my digestion is gone to every two days since keto okay so you’re you’re kind of backed up you either need to increase or decrease your fiber I don’t know what you I don’t know what you’re doing but you needed to do that sometimes people when they do keto they do too much protein and that can constipate them sometimes they’ll have too many nuts that will constipate them or dairy that can constipate them as well is there anything I could do to put weight back on without gaining without messing with my pleasure blood sugars and bread yeah well you what you can do is you can you’re gonna have to get your calories up you’re gonna have to do like three maybe thirty four hundred hundred calories per day so do two meals a day you’re gonna have to maybe push your carbs to about 50 grams per day because a lot of times people that are really thin they’re doing as their carbs when you evaluate them it’s like down to like 10 and so they’re like they’re losing a lot of weight so and they want to work out so you want to just do those two things can a gall bladder heal from stones with keto well it will it help liver stop making sense well there’s one thing that cause the stones and that’s excessive amounts of insulin core so we’ll do it lack of friendly bacteria will do it lack of bile it will do it so if you do in a minute fasting and your adding more fat you’re gonna increase more bile and that’s gonna help you well it does auger stone I don’t know but it’s worth a shot and I would definitely get some gallbladder formula just to kind of support that as well advice for food after an alcohol addiction after 10 years only big belly and liver fatty liver yeah you need to be doing foods high in choline and choline as a supplement egg yolks would be good a lot of greens with your with that are loaded with potassium and sodium are important to support the liver a moderate amount of protein not high you just got to do the healthy keto in if’ over a period of time but it’s gonna take you a good three years to restore your liver the other thing is you need nutritional yeast because the B vitamins are gonna be very important in restoring the liver alcohol depletes B vitamins what do you think about Institute of Integrative Nutrition I think they have way too many theories I think there’s like there’s like there’s 100 presenters or something so you’re like left with all this data but they don’t emphasize the vital data versus the trivial data so it’s all just like hey try this and try this and try this this like a massive confusion so I actually do not recommend that program okay on my egg carton it says one egg equals 70 percent of my DV of cholesterol well that might be true but think about this your body makes cholesterol and when you eat more it makes less so our bodies make 3,000 milligrams of cholesterol a day that’s like that’s 14 eggs every single day if you make more your body just will get rid of it okay I have a hiatal hernia and I’ve been taking meds twice a day for acid reflux what can I do I just released a video

This Post Was All About Dr Berg Q&A Live (Keto and Intermittent Fasting).
Dr Berg Q&A Live (Keto and Intermittent Fasting)

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