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good so you can just alright hey guys so we are back traveling and we dissect Chaplin we’re back in another location just traveling we thought we didn’t see most location I just just on the road for a few days yeah I like it oh there we go that’s yeah good we got five people on this is exciting okay and I’m trying to get on anything that we say is not meant to diagnose you I’m here to answer your questions and yeah it’s just for information for you to research with your doc got Connie Connie is on hi Connie alright guys we’re up to 12 people that’s exciting who put me out if you’re gonna only put my nose on you’re gonna have it to hear all right we’ll just wait a second here and see if we can hold up a couple things let’s say go press here that’s here press videos alright it should be coming up I can try this right here okay alright so um good morning there’s people actually in different time zones would we have someone from Morocco Jason peek is first Wow that’s exciting alright we have someone from Kentucky okay so Mary says I’ve been trying to call you but it’s not going through yeah today we’re not gonna be able to take calls because we’re just using my cell phone next week we’ll be in the new studio so we can take your call so we got people from Maryland Wisconsin what part okay can you talk about having too many electrolytes yes go alright so if you have too many electrolytes potentially you could start having loosed bowels you can have diarrhea but generally speaking if you have too much potassium for example your body will release it i’ve hip too much magnesium you know it creates pretty much just a lock sit laxative effect that’s pretty much the only side effect you’re gonna have if you’re doing massive amounts over a long period of time that can create other issues but typically it’s not going to be an issue now taking too much calcium is a big problem but typically if you’re taking in the electrolyte powder that I’m right that I recommend you’re not gonna have an issue all right so we have turn up the sound okay how is that we have Rivera from India okay is xanthan gum bad well it’s a fiber it’s not too bad a lot of the research done with fiber is using that gum it’s um it’s considered low glycemic because it’s a fiber so it’s kind of used in a lot of different things to make the texture just right it’s um it’s not toxic it’s not going to be an issue some people you know it might Kant constipate them if you have too much so some people actually get digestive issues if they have too much but it’s it’s rare we have some people from Germany Libya how’s it coming uh pregnant I can’t all right okay so is the allergy is oh is it is there an allergy outside of vinegar no what’s probably happening is you might detox and oh there it is right there live Wow how about videos did that answer the question about allergies okay you can’t actually have a true ology I think what happens is that it’s throwing off your your pH you could actually have some arrays and histamines from that so histamines can increase if that’s the case there could be a problem in what’s called fermentation and your because what happens what the way they they make episode of the vinegar as they ferment apple juice and it goes through a certain process so there could be some I don’t know residue from some fermentation that you could be sensitive to in which case you probably would be okay with just regular vinegar but I don’t recommend taking it so I would just not take it if you have some sensitivity to it alright let’s see can you do keto while you’re pregnant absolutely yes you just might want to just kind of be cautious about a minute fasting ok surgery when I was 9 now it hurts and stiff when okay so your lung surgery now you’re 9 and it hurts and you have stiffness there’s a really good product that you can take for improving lung function and that would be something called new betrothing PMG it’s a standard process product you can probably finally find it on Amazon okay choline and NASA tall I take both I’ve noticed serious belly bloating and lately not good as I’m a personal trainer I totally understand could it be the choline inositol chances are it’s the inositol I would just get them individually and I think it’ll be okay with the choline but it also could be the quality of the product as well I have a question that won’t even be seen are there too many people right now yes there are too many people to answer all these questions now there’s actually 971 people okay thoughts on ramadan i have no opinion because i don’t know much about it i was great for intermittent fasting yeah because you have to fast if you’re trying to get into intermittent fasting and you celebrate Ramadan that’s the perfect time just make sure that when you come off your fasting you’re not eating garbage right it’s what you eat when you stop fasting okay how many carbs in dr. Burgess electrolyte powder there’s actually zero carbohydrates there is no carbohydrates that’s why we didn’t have to list it all right adrenal fatigue you know one of the best things for adrenal fatigue is vitamin D but vitamin D I think I’m gonna bring this up now Karen if you can grab my notes right over there I just forgot them yeah thank you so I have some things we’re gonna share throughout this period of time I want to just talk first of all vitamin D vitamin D normal rdas are basically like 600 I use which is incredibly small amounts and the way they came up with those figures is arbitrarily using some a few studies that show that it will prevent rickets but it’s not really designed to maintain like levels to maintain health or therapeutic levels to improve autoimmune conditions or even issues with depression or clinical problems they they don’t really take those in consideration so it’s really almost impossible to create an effect with vitamin D and a lot of body parts unless you’re doing close to twenty to thirty thousand I use per day now some people are saying wow that’s that’s a lot did you realize that thirty thousand I use or let me say let me take the back now thirty thousand I use is one milligram of vitamin d3 so again there’s just I’m gonna do a lot more videos on this but it’s a very very hot topic right now very interesting the vitamin D is like if you have any type of like mood disorders or insomnia or chronic pain you should be going up with your vitamin D 220-thousand I used even 30,000 I use and sometimes even more and you’re gonna see start seeing some changed with that because you have about 35 billion mm white blood cells in your bond those are the soldiers that actually do the protecting and every single one of those cells need vitamin D to work correctly so you could imagine if you’re low in vitamin D your immune system is very very weak so it’s really a simple thing to increase vitamin D inexpensive and it’s very difficult to get from food so hope there’s a long long winded answer to your question let’s say I have so many pimples on my face is it my genes no no you just need to lower your insulin and that will actually help your antigens I have a whole video on acne you should watch that ok nausea please help with the keto with died oh please with okay please with a keto digest I’m not sure what you mean by that but if you have nausea when you’re doing keto it could be that you’re doing too much fat from adaptation which you need B vitamins so you might want to play around with B vitamins and reducing your fat another thing that helps nausea is outside of vinegar or pertain how to chloride which can improve your bile release and help that symptoms okay so C can anorexics reverse diet I guess you’re asking can that diet reverse the condition of anorexia I don’t really understand the question so I’m gonna move on because it doesn’t make sense to me okay so you have to clarify that because it’s just like can anorexic reversed diet I don’t know what that means let’s say seven weeks in and feeling fantastic awesome Karen what do we have over there half my face here you go yes Karen people I don’t have to view a video I just don’t want to have my face in the video you just don’t want half of you I just yeah okay hello people okay so can you give K two kids sure they need it okay but the pill yes it’s you can give it to kids um you want to actually have kids eat those foods as well you know I spit butter press the cheese and egg yolks that pasture-raised eggs good now someone here I forget his name says he’s got low cholesterol he’s always had super low like too low how can you increase your yeah that’s a problem actually there’s more problems with low cholesterol than there is high cholesterol so I would honestly start chowing down the eggs make sure the egg yolks starting food with a cholesterol there are certain are you born I’m already Wow I gotta I gotta make this more interesting but yeah you need increased more cholesterol but if you’re actually consuming more cholesterol and your cholesterol still low it’s just because your body’s not make as much one way to really increase cholesterol recommend is eat a lot of carbs refined carbs I don’t recommend that so I would actually not worry about it if your cholesterol is like if you’re eight if you’re eating a good amount of cholesterol and it’s still though I wouldn’t okay getting too much fat in the keto diet am I worried about gaining weight no what’s going on with your carb so you got to keep your carbs low how many you eat but he was eating like massive amounts I would know it wasn’t dietary fat that was like chowing down six or seven keto bombs at night yeah I don’t know I don’t I can’t tell if you gained weight he just wasn’t losing weight but the point is that I think you did you need to intermittent fasting that is like the most important thing and then adjust your fats okay now what about love handles that’s not a body type is it no it’s it’s not really a specific body type it’s just excess fat that’s spilling off from your liver and spilling off from the your your viscera around your organs Food for Thought I had exam sorry I get a headache I fast I would ease into it slowly and if you start getting a headache eat a meal and then gradually do this over a period of time okay so there’s a video feed issue I know because we’re in a remote location yeah this is like this is called cope coat this is not the fancy professional film studio with producers this is just called telephone yes flat you see here lying by the seat of thine own pants okay someone had a question Karen PCOS you already know if that is Dean’s syndrome mm-hmm they’re having difficulty getting pregnant and because they have PCOS what do they do say it again someone’s having difficulty getting pregnant because they have PCOS what would you suggest that they do keto an intermittent fasting good did I get it right you got that right that time okay now the thing is because then that crib um are the veggie alternatives to me good for me uh usually not because they use like soy protein isolates and processed garbage I don’t like them sorry don’t you know don’t hide feelings dr. Burton I won’t mince my words say what you feel about it okay okay um okay good so can kedo help autistic symptoms no we don’t cure anything well it’s illegal to cure nobody can cure anything that being said symptoms that are sometimes also observable with people who have that diagnosis of autism if someone else had similar symptoms to that would keto and intermittent fasting have any effect whatsoever on those symptoms here’s what I would do I would totally do that I would put your child on that I would also do depending on the age I would really try to do a little bit longer intermittent fasting simply because the better huh if it said that but I’m tired look you should do C do some research yourself on the cost link between vitamin in autism and I think you’re gonna find some fascinating data all right okay green hair this guy says visceral fat and liver solution she diet should I follow number fat and liver selection okay let’s ask you that let’s let’s ask everybody here’s the first place house visceral fat and a liver situation what kind of diet should they follow yeah that’s the first question put your answer down below what kind of someone has belly fat who gets it right yeah okay I’ve been watching your videos for two weeks unless 25 kilograms into it that’s amazing immanuel immanuel you’re doing great good job okay everyone is saying you know and I have you guys are so smart now listen oh that there’s a bad connection this last time we’re gonna say it there is a bad connection for some of you because we only have this little telephone though but look everybody’s key intermittent fasting keto i have keto i have you guys are very smart well done guys yeah i want to mention when talk a little bit about yours about skincare not your skin just skin in general okay I was talking about age for skin i’m gonna talk about sagging skin i’m about wrinkles does that it hasn’t been interested in that topic anyone let’s see if they’re interested I mean I can talk about something else we can talk about the vitamin D receptor does nicotine affect your insulin nicotine you know what that’s a very good question I don’t know that answer good question good question mark came up with a good one mark you stumped him okay so we got we got one person that wants me to talk about the skin two three yes yes yes no no yes that’s more yeses than the nose take it away good all right so there’s three things that you guys I’m going three little little reasons why the skin mic aging faster it should and what you just you know maintain your skin as long as possible and I’m talking about preventing aging skin primarily there happens to be this thing called a GE age that’s involved with aging skin I know it’s so profound it stands for advanced glycated and products know advanced glycation end-products so this basically is a term a g e–‘s it’s a compound that is created in your body not a compound but it’s a combination of protein in sugar or sugar and fat and oils in the bodies so in other words your skin if you’re consuming sugar with protein or sugar with those combinations you’re gonna start developing what’s called 8a GES and your skin is going to get very rigid and loose and wrinkly and old very fast so again this aligns with what we’ve been recommending for ever but the the the magnitude of what sugar does in your skin I mean it ages the skin is so fast so that’s one thing you want to definitely avoid that combination and your collagen will be more resilient versus you know kind of like old okay now okay I got two more things the next thing that you want to do you want to do in a minute fasting and I’ve already talked about this a million times but I would recommend if you really want to see a boost in your skin is is to really spike that a toffee I’m sorry spike it by doing periodic I’m talking about once a week prolonged fasting I would do the first one 48 hours and then if you could eventually get up to 72 occasion that would be even better you’re gonna notice your skin is gonna start to really change in a big way but you’re gonna start replacing all the IDI damaged cells especially the skin cells you’ll stimulate stem cells are just gonna help growth you’re gonna look a lot younger I’m actually 73 Karen is 84 and and we can in tribute that prolonged fasting now the third thing and then I’ll zip it okay okay you definitely want to increase your cholesterol on your diet because the skin cell walls the brain the nervous system is all built with cholesterol and if you don’t do enough cholesterol the skin dries out so egg yolks would be the one of the best ways to to give you that raw material and then of course don’t screw it up with any other junk food because that’ll mess up the liver so those three things do that for skin all right I was gonna say um we have two friends you only have two friends we only have two friends and no we’re not brother and sister Sultan no no we’re married look more alike when you you do as you together we’re married almost 30 years oh look your pets right yeah look we have to really watch what kind of have we right okay so anyway but the two friends that we have a green and Maryann yeah right they have been on keto and I have and they have dramatic dramatic change in their skin yeah I mean their skin they look so much younger just saw Irene the other day and we were both like holy cow you look 20 years younger she literally her her skin just looks beautiful yeah mr. Moni yeah okay so now let’s see if this went away or if I was able to keep it oh yeah here Janey says intermittent fasting makes my on phenomenon worse I’m gonna die abetik mmm and yeah I guess maybe you don’t tell them what donphan Bonin is and then what happens is that when you wake up in the morning your blood sugars are high and you didn’t eat anything so all that long you fasted and sudden your blood Sugar’s spike it’s called the dawn phenomena now there’s a couple reasons for that number one is that the liver could be making more glucose from gluco neo Genesis or it could be the cortisol spike which is also then breaking down protein and turn in book goes to because cortisol spikes at 8 o’clock in the morning I have videos on this I think the best thing to do is to number one consume some apple cider vinegar before you go to bed number one number to increase your B vitamins especially be one that’s going to help your blood Sugar’s take chromium and also workout in the morning I promise it’s just a temporary thing it’s going to go away it’s an adjustment it needs your livers adjusting it have to do with insulin resistance it will go away you just stick with it but if you do these things take these nutrients and even potassium as well you will see that will improve more and more and more okay good xylitol addicting no no now here’s a question for you Karen can a senior apparent to if’ who’s frail and thin yes okay good all right next question well you know anybody it’s like a child if you have someone who’s in a delicate condition either super young or super old and frail you have to be very careful you have to make sure they’re getting good nutrients you said you said the magic word right there when you put your parents that are older or your grandparents that are frail whatever on keto and if’ especially you’re gonna see tremendous improvements in their brain function okay but if they’re very thin and you’re concerned about them losing weight well put up on two meals a day and make sure those meals are nice and big and nutrient-dense I mean I guarantee if you put your parents or grandparents on two meals a day they’re not gonna wither away and you know what I found with my parents oh I have three because I have step dad but as they got older they ate less anyway they very naturally ate less they were not eating all through the day they were not snacking at night although my mom did a little tiny bit but their meals were super small can I be transparent and be totally upfront and honest are you running for office or something yeah that’s funny yes please be honest I think both of our parents the challenge was they they like to snack now my parents are changing their ways but I will say like the typical thing that they did is they had a lot of snacks and between meals three meals at least there was just frequent eating a lot and then even when your mom was in that home they what do they feed her frequently right well that was a different situation and she went to skilled nursing and she had a huge breakfast she they fed her and it’s moon fed her way more food than she ever would have eaten at home like probably five times yeah the amount of food and then also there was a an afternoon snack yeah right so this is nice might have been four or five times a day and the meals were massive yeah I know okay so we want to take another question here what do we got okay so what can 48 hours of fasting do to our body what can I consume in the 48 hours okay so fasting means nothing fasting means you’re not eating anything water other than water and electrolytes yeah you think salt tea supplements but nothing else no food and then you could you should check out because I mean we’ve covered it a couple times now but you should check out the videos on YouTube dr. Berg videos and he covers the benefits of intermittent fasting you can really if you missed it here earlier you can go to those videos and watch tons of videos to explain you know very simply the benefits of intermittent fasting huge so I want to mention something too because people say to me well how I start and I said well you know read about the foods that you need to take out of your diet and then do intermittent fasting and they immediately think oh that means I can’t eat for days and days the number of people that say oh I can’t go you know I am terrible at fasting long term I just said you know I get hungry or I feel woozy or whatever beginning in Iran fasting just means no snacking right and so you start with three meals no snow now some of you this might be hard to believe I know you’re gonna tell me that because it’s some of your sitting out there and you might even have a difficult time avoiding snacks at night if I’m talking to you go ahead and let me know but if you’re a if you want a couple tips on you know that late-night snack errs and I think that that’s really the biggest problem is the late night snacking a couple things you can do there’s an herb you can buy it’s called gymnema gymnema gymnema yeah that’s what it is okay so check this out if you chew on this bitter or herb or supplement okay get in your tongue and then try to consume some sweet oh yeah it’s awesome it turns this wheel right it blocks the taste of sweet I did a video on this so you can’t ruins your pleasure remember we had that party and we did serve some champagne and I late I you just put in a spray and I spray my mouth I ruined the party because you were a little upset because no one could enjoy anything at all that was like at least six months ago 15 years ago now yeah we had that video where we had when our kids were and we would spray the gymnema on their tongue and then you bought ding-dongs and Oreos and all these things and did a video of them tasting they were so excited they were gonna be able to eat the junk food and they put it in their mouth and one-for-one the kids were spitting it out because it’s you don’t realize how much the sugar is all of the flavor it’s all of the flavor in anything you can do with alcohol you can do it with anything sweet it basically will stop your addiction to sweets number one number two you can brush your teeth that seems to really ruin the urge to want to eat some you should try that the third thing is to add more fat to the last meal at night to satisfy yourself so you’re not so darn hungry without stuffing yourself too much so those are the some just some tips that you can do okay good so grapefruit question mark is grapefruit and edible fruit now if you compare it to apples it’s a lot better but I don’t recommend it because it’s it’s a bit yeah okay cookie dough stunt growth in a teenager only if you go on and Lok nutrient dense calorie a nutrient dense depleted meal our foods so you want more low nutrient low nutrient and type of diet not if you actually you know feed that child when I recommend the book okay here is a question that brings me up to a summit teaser okay but someone want to know that how do i spell gymnema and it will finish it jimmy monk it’s there’s a Y in there somewhere I know yeah you’re asking the wrong person I know sorry um what was your question when do you come on live we are in life [Laughter] okay um say I had one and then they start moving as soon as you said something with the Kido summit oh yes I was gonna tease about the cutest oh there’s a question here about can you talk about the most important vitamins and that remind excuse me that reminded me that there is going to be a big reveal at the summit that we can’t really talk about but it has to do with vitamins yeah it’s a big reveal let’s say I’ve been working on this for a very long time and I’m finally finally gonna release it it’s gonna be very very cool cool information so you definitely want to come to the summit just for that alone yeah so the summit is August 31st and September 1st in the DC area and you can go to the website and find out all about it dr. Berg comm definitely come okay someone says you guys are awesome your videos have had a very positive effect in my life that’s nice well thank you which hour which the hour okay that’s great hoarse for no reason eight hours and all they found was low vitamin D levels of 16 blah blah guard to start of take fifty thousand yeah okay so here’s the thing course I I have a video on this what horst is how to get rid of hoarseness in your throat yes vitamin D is gonna be a good idea but you want to do acupressure in fact I did a video on doing Ellen Karen and it was amazing so I would watch the video it just typed dr. Bergin hoarseness and I’ll show you how to get rid of it okay someone asked about psoriasis there are two main nutrient deficiencies in psoriasis one is vitamin d which you need a lot of probably at least thirty to forty thousand i use per day don’t forget the k2 and then secondly is zinc nearly all cases of psoriasis are zinc deficient so zinc and vitamin D in a minute fasting is awesome and I just want to say something about zinc zinc is involved in a thousand enzymes I mean it’s intimately involved in so many different things in fact it’s always low when you have alopecia which is like a hairy next question yeah I picked it up hair coming out of your head you know different patches it’s autoimmune it’s always low and ulcers in patches ulcers you’re gonna see though think acne you’re gonna see those ink and also if you don’t have enough think your thymus is gonna atrophy I bet you didn’t know that your thymus is a little gland on top of the heart and that was a training camp for your white blood your white blood cells so zinc is like really really important and by the way if you have a candida candida competes and it steals your zinc and you need same for your immune system so if you have Candida you better be taking zinc or else your means this one will be weak and can’t and your system can’t fight off they can’t either that was that should be a video because that was a lot of them for me I gave a lot of information and it’s like two sentences you have to watch this over again to get all that information okay so speaking of alopecia yeah Andrew wants to know does sugar affect the immune system suppressing hair growth are they related the immune system and hair growth or is it something completely different than suppresses hair growth sugar suppresses the immune system sugar suppresses the also it increases insulin which then increases androgens as one side effect of too much energy would be hair loss hmm male pattern baldness polycystic ovarian syndrome so it’s very very hard to you know have your body work with with too much sugar and especially like even like the insulin resistance because you can’t absorb amino acids that well if you have insulin resistance so yeah there’s a connection there for sure okay how much zinc honestly what I would like I would recommend is I would probably do 10 milligrams a day and I’m going on the low side just because you know you can overdo it so you don’t want to like do too much just do a little bit of zing without zinc all you lose the sense in taste oh yeah so do starchy foods like rice and potatoes become low glycemic when refrigerated for 12 to 24 hours before eating somebody’s really busy looking for a way to eat rice and potatoes no but if you actually rinse it really well underneath water cold water all the starch goes away and then you can eat it he’s joking no you have to put it under hot water and then it on your head yeah hop around it three times no I’m sorry if someone gave you that information don’t listen to them in the future that is there’s nothing today all right Lily’s 1/2 a chocolate bar during you know is okay yeah it’s okay not a problem it has it’s low sugars in that one I have memory loss brain fog only 18 years old well if you have memory problems at that age it tells me you have a serious problem with insulin resistance and it’s affecting the brain already so you need to do the healthy keto Nana fasting very very fast because that’s gonna switch things around here’s the thing that I was gonna mention about IQ there are certain minerals that you need to get your to make sure your IQ is peaked out or maximized iodine is one of them especially if you’re pregnant you should be having enough iodine and selenium the infant can come out with a lower IQ you’re deficient the other thing you got to be careful about is fluoride fluoride is very toxic to a pea in a small child it’s not a sensual mineral that people think about like it’s not an essential thing it actually can drop a child’s IQ Jen Janet and Traci ounce anyway here no no it’s I’m talking about the flooring and the water I’m talking about the Florida in the toothpaste you got to be very careful with kids taking taking in toxic amounts can affect their enamel but mainly by Q so I would get a nice good filter on your water filter system and filter it out and do fluoride free toothpaste so your child could be very smart Oh mad fasting with Hashimoto’s Wow well it’s Oh mad what kita fasting one meal a day well one one is that’s right one meal a day is fasting it’s working right now and then we’ll just take a couple questions there’s two types of Hashimoto’s I’m sorry two types of when does house you notice one is just regular hypothyroidism immune in which case yes why one day prolonged fasting is the secret to helping that condition a lot of antioxidants too because that can actually improve things take it to the next level I’m gonna go they can it’s gonna happen possibly as it’s gonna freeze again and then we’re this before you say goodbye we appreciate you guys with all these questions and next week it’ll be a lot better and thank you for putting up with this not quality video alright let’s let’s go through a couple more questions [Music] keto rash is that different than diaper rash it’s very different with diaper rash you weeks Kito rash you just take some B vitamins and boom go the other one zinc zinc cream that’s right we love you too all right once you recommend recommendation conferred big ticket cute thing is basically that vitamin D is good intermittent fasting is really really key Lokar moderate fiber moderate fiber uncle crazy all right let’s see you that dry fasting you know I think you got it careful you get it because you’re now you’re eliminating tones you can increase more your cat it could worsen things but that being said some people have experienced incredible results with dry fasting so I think that if you’re in a pretty good health and you’ve already done the fasting for a period of time okay so April says why do my feet swell while on [Music] I wouldn’t add potassium I would actually add my electrolyte but the potassium it just means you need more vegetables and you might need some more B vitamins is 10,000 IU is I’m gonna detox this little teaches at 3000 I use dangerous I’m gonna do a separate video on this guys but that’s based on an arbitrary thing it’s absolutely they’re trying to be eight on that is is really not exactly accurate and the other thing is like it was like one person had a major problem by taking large amounts of vitamin D but it wasn’t even from cows it was from sepsis and infection and I want to do a whole video just to make this very complete but no it’s not it’s not dangerous taking and I use you get twenty thousand I use from from sunlight from being out there half hour so yeah it’s not gonna be a problem especially if you’re taking k2 okay here’s one oh man add breakfast Oh Matt if you don’t know is one meal a day nuts and seeds a meal and fruits what’s your opinion dr. Berg what to eat first like it just to avoid the fruit in the oatmeal and you’ll be good to go and then avoid the entire meal because breakfast is not the most important meal of the day if you this cadet a flame never eat unless you’re hungry that’s answer to more questions okay make sure they’re really good though not me so it’s a soy fermented soy you could do it just me thank you dr. Byrd we’ve been listening to with home you instance that’s awesome it’s great that’s really good we tried to push it but we’re gonna have one less question okay someone say someone takes a diet pill you take diet pills mm-hmm to suppress their appetite does that interfere with intermittent fasting absolutely yeah do that it’s gonna you don’t need you don’t need the diet pill so you absolutely don’t you can do this without diet pills you can do this naturally it works you’re gonna see the results we have tens I mean literally tens of thousands of successes they could just roll in they’re just amazed so amazing so listen guys I know that I we’re cutting it short but I want to thank you your your attention yeah interest your wonderful comments thanks for putting up with this really awkward fuzzy poor a video quality video but we hope that you got some questions answered and you’re inspired to keep key toeing and I f’ing till next week yes have a great weekend guys we’ll see it okay bye bye

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