Dr Berg Liver Body Type

Dr Berg Liver Body Type

Dr Berg Liver Body Type

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so last body type is called the liver body type the liver is located right here on the size of a football it’s three and a half pounds put your hand on your liver it’s on the right side the military right over here okay good your liver is kind of an extra organ you don’t really need it I’m just being sarcastic the liver if it becomes dysfunctional you’re going to start getting more of a protruded potbelly okay you ever see the guy in the beach of the speedo sorry to give you that image but that’s kind of like a basketball belly it’s hard it’s higher if you take your hand on one side and tap it it’ll create a little ripple why because most of its fluid it’s called ascites the fluid means fluid it’s leaked the livers leaking fluid into that sac right there so how many sit-ups won’t work sit-ups won’t work their legs are skinny it’s just right there it’s not just beer it’s actually fluid coming from destruction of the liver the two foods that destroy the liver our heavy cooked proteins animal proteins heavy cooked texas-style steaks this thick big ones every night before you go to bed deep fried food deep fried catfish will do it too just all that fat in meat will just destroy the liver so the worse the liver the more you can’t tolerate the heavy proteins the older you get the less you can tolerate red meat so what happens is that you want to adjust the food based on your weakness but the good thing about the liver it’s the only organ that completely regenerate a hundred percent but the bad news is it takes three years of eating a certain way okay the liver is the hub of so many things the liver will cause of liver problem will cause pain on the right side right shoulder why is it on the right shoulder the livers on the right it’s going to be swell up it’s going to go right here you have a liver problem don’t sleep on your left side because it’s too heavy it’s going to compress the heart you can feel uncomfortable you’ll sleep on the right side the liver will create a little red spots on your skin little red dot skin psoriasis eczema little liver spots ET skin hot feet white tongue that’s a yeast chronic halitosis that’s bad breath sometimes they usually talk to you very close to front of your face they don’t know that they have bad breath it’s like really they have a lot of digestive bloating okay now the liver makes bile now there’s a confusion about bile some people think it’s bowel and it no that’s bow bile bi L II bio helps it’s like the detergent that breaks down the grease it helps you digest the fats and it helps you absorb the fat vitamins that side the vitamins vitamin A if you’re deficient about M&A you’re going to have a hard time seeing at night you’re going to have sinus problems you’re going to dry skin you can have a little yellow thing in your inside of your eye right here a little tag there there’s a lot of issues with vitamin A vitamin D you’re going to problems with calcium you’re going to problems with seasonal depression vitamin E you’re going to have problems with libido vitamin C a e D and K you’re going to bruising so you have a lot of other issues just for me done a bio how do you know if you don’t have bile you’re going to bloat when you eat you’re going to get bloating burping belching headache on the right side ninety-eight percent of headaches and migraines are coming from that right there try an experiment next time you get a headache press right here on your gallbladder just press right there and just hold that for two minutes you’ll hide like we’ll go right away the problem is not in your head it’s in your down here because when you step on a dog’s tail he barks to his mouth right okay I’m just checking so we get bloating burping belching many people don’t have the bile and their bloat when they like at night they feel like you’re pregnant yet during the day they’re a flat stomach is that real to anyone okay so the liver they crave deep fried catfish they like deep fried anything because they’re not absorbing it so you’re going to want the stuff that you can absorb the other symptom is that when you eat you’re going to need a little sweet after you eat you need that little sweet because you’re not digesting fats to satisfy your blood Sugar’s okay you’re going to be grouchy in the morning because you have a low blood sugar in the morning how many work with people that are grout you in the morning okay so what you do on Monday when you go back to work just go up to go up to the guy hey John listen you know I’ve been holding a grudge on you because you’ve been very kind of grouchy but now I know it’s just your litter I forgive you or the next time you go the all-you-can-eat buffet just go online excuse me sir I’ve never had your liver checked do you have any right shoulder pain do you ever H in the bottom of your feet let me see your tongue for a second here’s dr. Berg’s card you might want to give him a call do you get bloating by the way I actually don’t mention my name if you say that they might get offended see the problem with teaching you the seminar is you’re going to want to evaluate everyone you know everywhere you go you’re going to spot Oh liver Authority – sorry so that is liver liver is they do very well on cruciferous vegetables okay 

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Dr Berg Liver Body Type

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