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hey Brandon all right just chuck it in guys I wanted to answer any questions you have all right so let me see if I can actually if this thing works here um right there I think right there okay got the chat on hey hi so I finally got my package today and waiting for this for a while so I ordered some raw pistachio butter I got I got a salted and unsalted so I am going to make some amazing keto recipes with pistachio butter taste to see if it’s any good Wow that is rich that is really rich Wow amazing pistachio butter and I have mentis pistachios from nuts calm these things are amazing me they’re huge and they’re really dark green so the cool thing about the stash is it’s one of my favorite nut it loaded with antioxidants like lutein and beta carotene and these are really good for the brain the eyes and it also has a type of vitamin E called gamma to cough Rahl that’s really good for smokers if someone smokes they need to actually have more gamma tocopheryl it protects the lungs hello everyone hi Anna hi Charles hey Denise how you doing and also pistachios are really good for phosphorus so we make energy through our mitochondria so it’s ATP adenosine triphosphate so we need phosphorus to build more energy so you’ll actually get the phosphorus and b6 from that stuff but I mean you can get it from a lot of things but that’s a really good nut but this is what I’m very interested in how this pistachio butter mixes with so we can mix them keto bomb so we’ll do some recipes this week we’ll share them pretty exciting yeah okay so now what I’m going to do is I want to answer questions what happens when your immune system goes down and you catch a cold is it due to kita LIF all right so I think you’re talking about the keto flu okay Paquito flu it’s not a virus it is not a virus the symptoms of the flu are identical to hyponatremia let me explain basically it’s low sodium when you actually are low sodium you have the same symptoms as the flu and I’ll just go through the list the chills swollen glands you may feel muscle weakness lethargy fatigue headache so this the fastest way to handle that is just add some salt sea salt after consume a lot more salt like I’m talking like a good good teaspoon a day but it’s hard to do that because sometimes like you forget and you don’t add the salt but you have if you if your salt is too low you will feel tired kind of like feel like you have the flu all right so kedo really is hard with depression not being able to eat all the time well it’s going to improve depression once you adapt I think what you should do if you have depression is I think when you’re not consuming food when you’re fasting do you like the wheatgrass juice powder and also go out and get some vitamin b1 and add some more b1 with nutritional yeast so I would do about like a thousand milligrams of b1 and that should actually bring your mood up because that’s gonna actually bring your energy up so many people that have depression are just really really physically exhausted I mean like if you think about it the sensation of depression is very similar to exhaustion like you feel pressure heavy you feel tired down in your head when you hit full a full amount of energy it’s gonna be really hard to be depressed alright so someone says it’s the true self the aim of fasting is to activate at otha G which is the body breaking down and recycling protein would eat eating zero protein caused this to occur or do we need not to eat for that to occur well it’s actually an adaptive protective survival mechanism that occurs when you’re fasting so as soon as you eat that thing goes away so you don’t get the benefit of otaku G there’s also some other benefits of fasting which I’m going to do some videos on that you can actually stimulate stem cells yeah but you have to do it longer alright in a minute okay so we have is caustic constipation normal I’m Kido and I’m fasting it can be if you’re consuming too many vegetables that you can’t and you don’t have the floor to digest them so you might want to cut down on the vegetables and see if that doesn’t help you the other thing is that if you do more longer intermittent costing you will you’ll find that yours your bobbum let’s do a lot better it’s pretty interesting it’ll give it the system a chance to reset okay I have swelling in my right ankle that swells bigger throughout the day it does not hurt when I walk but sometimes feels hot the other ankle is fine well on the right side it could be the lymphatic system where the liver is so what I would do is I would do massage on the opposite first but also do some massage underneath your right gallbladder area underneath the right ribcage if your massage there that will actually help things drain and you may find the fluid go down on the right side if it’s on the left side it’s more heart it’s better if you have it on the right side all right I drank 18 pack of beer last night I feel bad what should I do to get back on track well you’ll feel a lot better if you start drinking right now and then you’ll be numb to it I’m just being sarcastic know what what you need to do is you need to go out and get nutritional yeast and you need to start chopping down that stuff those are the B vitamins that will actually start making you feel better the other thing you can do is either drink pickle juice if you don’t have it you can do episode of vinegar but pickle juice really works fast that’ll make you feel better and then you’re gonna have to drink more water because you’re probably dehydrated but the if you have some sea salt and and some of that pickle juice and drink a little more more watery I think you’ll feel better with the B vitamins all right does nutritional yeast have aspartame no it does not fruit are natural can we eat fruits if not on keto I’m skinny well my whole goal is to educate people in Quito I mean if you’re not in Quito do whatever you want but fruits sparingly here and there if you’re not in Quito it might be ok but the problem is the fruit has been hybrid so it’s very very very sweet it’s just a bit too much sugar especially to consume on a regular basis what’s wrong with fortified yeast well you know there’s synthetic vitamins and I mean I can see synthetic B vitamins taking short-term but you don’t really know where this source of all those B vitamins are coming from so it’s better to have unfortified unless you really know that it’s a good source of added vitamin B vitamins and make sure that you don’t take it synthetics on a long-term basis I can see there are certain synthetic vitamins that are water-soluble and they probably don’t create a tremendous amount of damage but half of the B complex is fat soluble and half of it is water soluble so if you’re gonna just like just take all synthetics it might not be the best idea alright so I’m doing this intermittent fasting and I’m trying to do a 20-hour fast all right 20 hour 2 for our ratio how many calories am I supposed to eat in the 4 hours both meals well it depends if you’re trying to lose weight you know it really varies on your age your your speed of a tablet how fast your metabolism is I would range per meal anywhere between maybe I don’t know 11 1200 calories per meal or a thousand calories per meal I mean that’s just a rough idea I don’t know I don’t know what you look like but that’s just an idea receding gums on keto that you need more vitamin C so increase the greens okay I feel good but my recent blood test showed high creatine any thoughts or why well as long as you’re not taking creatine I mean if you’re taking creatine that’s probably what it is but if you’re having problems with and I don’t see I don’t know your history so I really can’t tell you I don’t know if you’re doing hito or not but typically if you have creatine there’s a little bit of a problem with the kidney I would definitely get back on the healthy keto and then in a minute fasting especially in a minute fasting and that actually should eventually go away because you want to heal your kidneys the stuff that’s good for the liver is also good for the kidney but I always like to go back to the basics rather than take some pill like get in the basics first does smoking affect fasting well it puts a lot of oxidant damage into the system and that’s what’s not good for the body all right I’m interested in the cortisol pills will they help let me lose belly fat that’s the only issue my belly has okay how can I get in control well if you combine to see the cortisol pills it’s called adrenal and cortisol relief basically what that does is it reduces your stress so you feel better and you can actually sleep better and then in addition to the healthy Kido and in a minute fasting that’s when you’re going to lose your belly but you have to reduce insulin to actually lose the belly so search my videos on how to reduce insulin okay Bridget wants to know gastric bypass three years ago I cannot eat seven cups of salad a day lots of stress over the past year taking up soda vinegar potassium and magnesium hysterectomy last year due to my cancer meters well I I think I think you’re right I think if you don’t have the room for seven cups I would just do what you can probably occasionally do the kale shake and drink it but you’re gonna have to watch my latest video on cancer and really learn about that and apply the things that I talked about but you’re gonna have to do long-term fast so that so longer-term fasting so your your cancer does not come back and you’re gonna have to consume really high-quality organic food now just to keep the in accidents high just to keep make sure there’s no more damage in the mitochondria one thing that’s really good though for the mitochondria is something called ip6 you can look it up I’ve done a video on it okay I’m on ol med for a month and my weight is not losing after after a week what’s your opinion well I don’t I’d like to know what you’re eating let’s see where is that mic okay I think what I would do if I were you I would really adjust I would bring you down your carbs a little bit more and maybe even down the fat a little bit more and add exercise okay don’t don’t give free doctor information just yourself relax [Laughter] that’s fine a lot of people have questions we have a thousand people on right now and they have questions so I I don’t mind answering questions okay calcium lactate let’s see sugar alcohol is totally fine yes stress can cause cancer you said you will do a whole program on this topic but you forgot no I did I did actually a webinar on stress if you type under the stress webinar I did an entire program now at the summit we’re gonna be talking a lot more about it but I do have a video a webinar on stress you can look it up let’s see please talk about kids on keto yeah I want I’m gonna save a lot of that for the summit but I do want to mention a couple things you guys really need to start your kids as young as possible on keto because don’t wait till they’re 18 years old it’s it’s going to be impossible that changed change them at that point Karin and Jordan are watching great I wonder if we could pull them on so they can actually be on the other side let’s see if I click that no that doesn’t work okay Karen and Jordan maybe you can tell me where you guys went where did you go where did you go you left the house where did you go did you go shopping tell me where you are okay getting back to kids start them off young that’s my advice and have a lot of alternative key to things in your house so you know that kids like cookies they like candy like stuff like that you’re gonna have to create those but just keep them sugar-free that way they’ll never know the difference between sugar and xylitol or wreath rotol or studio what’s gonna happen is if you can actually raise your kids with low sugar then they’re not going to get insulin resistance they’re gonna have a strong healthy body and it’s gonna really be good in the long run versus the average child which is doing massive amounts of sugar on a regular basis is just insane they’re gonna get diabetes so a couple other things for kids the kids need trace minerals and so if you’re not doing trace minerals they may not grow correctly they might be shorter they might even have a low IQ especially with iodine so trace mineral a liquid trace mineral you can get a plant one or you can get seek help but that’s really really important kids kids need more fat like especially DHA for the brain and and so that comes from fish oils and omega-3 and things like that okay Heidi said customer service was awful well I tell you what maybe not bring that up on this channel maybe you can call my office and then up we we can actually help you talk to the office manager I don’t know what happened sorry to hear that but yeah so I’m not gonna really to run the customer service on this this channel right here thank you very much okay so sugar alcohols that okay dark chocolate stevia I would use if you could find stevia nori throat all a sweetener that would be really really good that’s like the best for cha best sweetener for chocolate but make sure it doesn’t have in Ulan inulin creates a lot of gas and a lot of bloating okay carnivore diet well here’s the problem I have with a carnivore diet first of all I think it will help someone with a lot of chemical sensitivities or allergies for sure however where are you gonna get your antioxidants if you’re consuming a lot of protein yeah you know carnivore and you do too much protein you can spike insulin so that’s one situation what else do you gonna eat other than just that protein and are you gonna eat organ meats that’s you know you’re gonna have to really be creative and have organ meats to get all your vitamins and minerals because if you just do with like animal muscle protein I do not think it’s going to work long term but it might make you feel better initially because you’re cutting your carbs down and you’re eliminating a lot of allergies just my viewpoint I think if you if you did a carnivore diet with a lot of vegetables I think that would be very very good alright is he tough safe for diabetics it’s the only diet for diabetics it’s the only diet for a diabetic that actually is beneficial what other diet would be better than a ketogenic diet for diabetes because what is diabetes it’s a disease it’s a disease of high carbohydrates it’s a disease of high sugar so what is keto it’s a low sugar low carbohydrate diet like it’s a no-brainer to me why would someone want to add more carbohydrates to a disease that has too many carbohydrates it’s kind of like someone coming up to me and saying dr. Berg would it be bad to put water on that fire I’m like no no we want to put out the fire right or should I put gasoline should I keep putting gasoline on the fire I’m like no put water on the fire okay that’s this that’s the equivalent all right so let’s see here dr. Burke says I’m one of your coaches Eric Taylor I’m one of my your coaches out of Washington State would love to connect awesome Eric hey listen Eric I am gonna be doing a special webinar just for the coaches so stay tuned we’re gonna actually open up a Facebook channel for that so awesome all right is calcium chloride say in organic foods yeah it’s totally fun all right do calories matter in kilo keto um well fact the only calories that matter is if you’ve adapted taquito and you’re consuming excessive fat calories and the only reason that would be a problem is it may slow down your weight loss because the calories that you’re burning are more of the dietary ketone calories and not your own calories okay all right so I eat more vegetables than vegan friends since they eat more carbs that’s great I know I do a lot of vegetables vegetables myself all right can you talk about keto and I tea for teenagers I think I mean I F right 14:17 I’ll tell you one thing if I had to do it over again all my kids would be doing in a minute fasting in Quito because they would do very very very well and but I would I would actually want to do a mild version of Quito I’m sorry in a minute fasting with the kids maybe you just do three meals but no snacks like coming home after school having a snack no like if you could just get them to the point where they can wait to the to the meal because what happens is that constant eating never lets your digestive system rest I mean you think about it I’m sure some of you go on vacations every so often right you go on a vacation why do you go on a vacation because you want to rest right you want to you want to rest well but what do you eat when you’re when you want to rest you probably eat a lot of bad things when you go on a vacation right so your digestive system never never has a chance to rest so fasting is finally a vacation for your digestive system that’s really what it is and it creates some serious benefits all right good so let’s see here thank you Oh see there’s that Sun hands and feet okay I am seeing the outside seeing your nerves outside your hands Wow um I think what I would do if I were you I would actually add some more salt because you might you might need a little bit more volume of fluid and when you’re low on salt sometimes you your your connective tissue doesn’t doesn’t really hold the volume the fluid and you can actually things can pop out like your veins and your arteries can pop out a little bit more and that might be more noticeable so I would add some sea salt with the water alright so macadamia nuts peanuts sunflower greens and salad awesome awesome I really like macadamia nuts alright so I’m instead of having six fibroadenomas and breast well I I would definitely go after this seek help hardcore I would do cruciferous I would eat organic yeah that’s what I would do if I were you all right so should teenagers do more carbs well I would I would do it on the high side I would do it like 50 grams of carbs instead of 20 but try not to go crazy with too many carbs can I replace my salad with wheatgrass juice instead I I would suggest that you enhance your salad with wheatgrass juice what’s really good about the wheatgrass juice is taking it when you’re fasting twice a day like I’ll take it in the morning because I’m not eating and I’ll take it at night and mandus it I could feel so much better it’s like it it really just there’s no there’s there’s like one gram of carb it does not knock does not knock you out and it just makes you feel so calm yet energetic at the same time all right worst thing for IBS is obviously gluten the best thing is in a minute fasting what about whole wheat toast have you watched any of my videos yeah you don’t want to do toast I’m sorry yeah toast all right so let’s see here make more videos on if’ yes I’m actually I just created three more so we have some really good stuff and yes we’re gonna be talking about loose skin can you please talk a little bit about sour cream you didn’t mention it well sour cream is just great to put in all the recipes for keto just make sure it’s organic but it’s really it’s nice and fatty and creamy so yeah it’s totally fine um all mad in juicing greens to get that one meal well I think if you blend it you might be better off versus juicing pickle juice instead of outside of vinegar yeah you can do that it’s not a problem all right best way to break a stall in six weeks well two things you can actually drop your carbs well three things you can increase your fast drop your carbs or drop your fats all right so let’s see here when will your app be ready I know I know I’m sorry I’m sorry um we have a real a top line person right looking at it right now cuz I don’t want to release it and have someone say hey there’s a typo I’m giving you a one-star review and that’s what people do by the way it has to be perfect or I’ll say they will complain okay well 10 grams of fat on my coffee get me out of the fast no but for some people you will find that the fat will turn the ketones but it prevents your own body from turning into ketones so if you’re trying to lose weight that’s when you might now want to add fat to your coffee okay all right let’s see I’m 17 not overweight should I diet um no I think you should just eat healthy I think I would do the keto but I would add more fat I would do a version of in a minute fasting three times a meal three meals a day and I think honestly do not wait until you have a weight problem don’t wait to have a health problem learn from the mistakes of mine I’ve made a lot of mistakes and I waited until I got sick before I changed my ways what are your opinions and vegetables well most of them are terrible corn oil soy oil are so inflammatory it’s crazy so you want to use a a little bit of safflower oil but mainly you want to use olive oil that’s one of the best ones all right all right cool you’re welcome Truvia yeah that’s fine you can use true yeah that’s it’s a combination of a stevia and a wreath wrote all white and brown rice hey listen I just did a video today you can watch that all right how to lower cholesterol levels with keto well I already did like six videos on that Peter you should just kind of do a search and find them cuz I just did that and Peter this summit October 13 14 be there in DC and go to dr. Byrd calm look it up I think it’s a quito health summit calm we’re gonna be covering in depth in a very humorous way cholesterol you will walk away with the full understanding of cholesterol and a lot of other things so you should come alright mark going to summit awesome mark that’s awesome I can’t wait to meet you in person okay Sheila says the best snacks Sheila I can tell you have not been you haven’t been watching my videos because we don’t snack it’s bad you don’t want to snack because snacking will increase insulin dr. Burke could you please give me the name of your reference book again I would like to order the old book in use well I have a lot of references book reference books are you talking about CIPA encyclopedia of endocrinology vol 4 by Frank neder okay all right she has been doing the adrenal support pills I would actually in addition to that you want to look up my video on stress and start doing those acupressure to techniques with it the combination of the nutrition support and the acupressure is very powerful I would like to attend the summit following but following from Ireland please record it for us all hey you know you know what’s coming we have Ivan Cummings is coming and he’s from or Iver Cummings he’s from Ireland why don’t you see if you could come the same time he’s coming that would be awesome all right yes Dave Feldman and I ever Cummings will be there absolutely we’re gonna have a blast and I check out the site we’re just adding another speaker to and I have one more and then I have a couple of surprised speakers which are gonna blow people away all right we’ll bone broth break my fast it really depends on how much you consume if you have too much it can throw you off a little bit because it’s a protein I think what I would do if I were you is I would I would consume the bone broth at the meal yeah dr. Finney is he’s flying in another place so he will not be there as scheduling didn’t work but probably the next one he’ll be there I’m having a problem finding the effective microbes I think if you go to Amazon and just look under effective microbes I do know it’s there I noticed people are asking about almond milk Wow that’s a good point I completely forgot I should have done a bit I’ll do a video on that I will do a video on that you know guys people are talking about calcium carbonate and calcium I’m gonna cover this at the summit but you got to be careful when you take calcium because if you’re especially if you’re female and you’re menopausal the calcium’s that people are taking oh my gosh it just increases your risk of heart attacks the calcium we’re too full of calcium in general calcium is good in smaller amounts at certain times like if you’re trying to like stop a fever or you’re you have osteoporosis or you have some cramps and you want to put that electrolyte back but when you’re doing keto realize that probably you’re going to need potassium magnesium more than calcium to handle your cramps and things and another forgotten one that is really important is the salt the sea sea salt for cramps too so start increasing the sea salt and I think you’re gonna feel a lot better from that but the calcium is an issue I’m not against calcium there’s certain types of calcium that are good for certain situations but not for everyone okay get your calcium from dairy but if you what’s interesting is calcium is just one of the many minerals that build bone there’s a lot of them all right let’s see here okay so you found a M for soil well just so you know I’m not telling you to consume that but it’s actually not a problem if you two but there is one I from that same company that sells it for humans you can look it up if you might want to look on their website all right I’ve been doing I’ve been diagnosed with prostate cancer here’s what I would do let me rephrase that here’s what I would suggest for you and your doctor to research okay that’s a better way to say it I would start doing more hardcore fasting I would start – I would do 100% organic I would do a low protein diet because glutamine can also feed cancer I would do a higher fat low protein but some I would do definitely a very low carb I would do a ton of high ACT hi I am antioxidant foods like kale and broccoli and Brussels sprouts and all those I would definitely do that to actually help heal the mitochondria but I would like I would seriously start getting into that now would I would probably fast I would do long fast and maybe like one meal a day and I’d fast probably for maybe 36 hours and then eat I would really want to do the hard core because that would that create some really quick jump starts on your jump start on your immune system all right when would you give right let’s see here all right I’m 16 and I do one mill a day I feel amazing should I continue because of my age absolutely absolutely I would I wish I would have started when I was your age starts Berg I can’t understand how can fat fight fat in keto diet Thanks well fat doesn’t fight fat eating fats not going to dissolve your fat okay that’s not how it works fat allows you to go from one meal to the next fat provides nutrients so if you actually have a low carb that mobilized the fat but if you go low fat that’s bad because it actually creates a lot of nutritional deficiencies and especially in your mental state and your cognitive function a lot of people get depressed when they go low fat even increases with low fat diets alright step oh is that I’m a pancreas body type I have a high metabolism could that be possible yeah oh yeah it just means that you’re you have high insulin and your metabolism is high but apparently your genetics are a little different than most people so you might have other problems other than just weight it could just be you know cholesterol and heart and cardio like brain fog and things like that all right please discuss endometriosis please well I have a video on that but you should actually take um seek help pregnant and can’t have any animal products because of hip pain well why would animal products worsen your hip pain maybe do eggs do five in the on how to get rid of pain all right opinion I like raw milk I have a hard time digesting it some people can but I think it’s it’s a lot better product than the pasteurized milk you literally ignore my question well Kyle there are there’s aa 1200 people and there’s a million questions I can’t even get to a fraction of them okay eggs and fish don’t work either they cause swelling okay so then you need to work on your digestion of those protein of those protein sources I would add Petain hydrochloride to your diet when you eat that’s what you’re that’s what you need and maybe do a protein powder like pea protein alright you guys thanks for checking in I just wanted to say hello and I wanted to just basically answer some questions and I will see you real soon guys okay I’m checking out see ya

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