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what’s that hi guys I’m back and today we I’m going solo Karen somehow had some other plans but she’ll be here next week because we’ve been off two weeks welcome to the show anything that I say is not meant to diagnose or cure you it’s just a meant to give you some helpful hints and things to focus on researching check with your doctor before taking any my recommendations looks like we have we have a little glitch but we’re good because we do have both Facebook and YouTube together I can see the comments coming in from both both areas so we’re just going to people in YouTube might have a difficult time hearing me and it looks like I have a sanding light on my head there but I’ll just repeat the question questions that come in let’s see here there’s a couple questions from I’m just gonna jump right in here ask see norrison it had a question left upper mid-back pain what is that and where’s that coming from left upper mid-back pain that usually is related to digestion and it could be related to more pancreas digestion because when you eat especially if you’re eating cooked foods or foods that require a lot of enzymes it could strain the pancreas and then that can overwork and refer pain to the left shoulder or the mid-back sometimes it could be the stomach especially if you’re not not on the right track so I would again go right back to a combination of housing Kido in a minute fasting especially in a minute fasting to see if that could help you so you don’t overload the digestive system if you’re eating too much fat that can do it as well okay para lumen had a question on Facebook how do you sleep faster I tell you I had all I have to say is I put my head down BAM I go right out probably within two seconds I’m up real early like at 4:00 in the morning this morning was weird I woke up that I thought it was four but it was actually two and I’m like what the heck I want to write back to bed the days that I don’t go for a walk are the days that I have I might not get the best sleep so I think the best thing to sleep faster is to either have your window open so you actually get more oxygen have some plants involved so you have more oxygen from the plants and you’re in your room and do stretching also go for the long walk each day because that’s going to extract stress also you can take a sleep aid there’s a good one that I have on my website I usually take that before I go to bed not too much anymore but probably for the first couple years I’ve taken that and then I don’t really need anymore so it’s something that’ll help you get to get to bed quick it’s you don’t want something like melatonin that bee is becoming addictive so you can take something like adaptogens for the adrenal things to calm the adrenals down there’s a great thing there’s the video I did on the stress webinar if you watch that dr. Berg stress webinar I show you how to do acupressure and that usually will help in the extraction of stress okay so I want to catch some of these questions coming through here please well no it has value since when you buy a new okay the question was yeast nutritional yeast is it bad if you get the synthetic version what happens they both come in natural versions but they actually sometime enrich it or fortify it with synthetic B vitamins so they can spike the numbers it’s not I don’t think it’s going to create a problem with nutrients but when you start taking synthetic vitamins your urine is gonna be bright bright like orange or yellow because your body’s getting rid of them there okay very short-term but they’re not actually as healthy as that as the food base one simply because they are made from chemicals like even petroleum that’s how they make B vitamins they’re very cheap so I’d like the nutritional yeast without the fortification now the only fortification that I do with my nutritional yeast that I have in a pill is I add it’s not adding any synthetics I’m adding a food based natural b12 because one thing about nutritional yeast is it doesn’t come with the b12 that is the problem so that’s the only only thing that I add to it everything else is food based it’s much better to get it get your vitamins even if it’s lower amounts from natural sources then high potency synthetic things that are from petroleum so let’s go right to Chris from California are you there Chris hi how are you a good question okay so for people on YouTube the question was it’s a known fact that the way they make viruses they they actually add egg whites to feed the virus does that mean that if I eat egg whites it might imagine feeding the viruses the answer is no it’s the same thing it’s a very similar question to if cancer lives on sugar and the amino acid glutamine does that mean if I’m consuming glutamine for example glutamate which is an amino acid is does that mean it’s gonna feed the cancer here’s the thing it really has to do with if you have cancer then you would want to not have glutamine but glutamine is a natural amino acid that is really good for everything so if you don’t have cancer it’s not gonna harm it’s not going to make you get cancer at all cancer comes from a damaged DNA our mitochondria but with your question now eating egg whites will not feed the viruses realize this that viruses they mainly can only affect you when they get in the cell okay so they go in there their goal is to get in the cell our job is to prevent them from getting in the cell and if you have a strong immune system they’re not going in if you have a weak immune systems I’ll go in and once that virus goes in the cell then it can start reproducing our immune system can’t see it so once it shreds or basically comes out in massive numbers it breaks a cell and now it leaves traces where our immune cells that call the B cells start to produce antibodies and we start developing anybody’s against it and then the next time you get that infection it’s ready for you to neutralize that virus but now I would not worry about that because if you don’t have an infection if your resistance is low adding an egg or not is not going to increase or decrease your susceptibility the main thing is if you’re stressed if you have if you’re eating sugar if you’re low in vitamin C zinc vitamin D then you’re going to be more susceptible I’ve done a lot of videos on that but yeah I would not worry about that Chris all right okay for those people on YouTube someone had a question what do you do for hiatal hernia I’m gonna do another video on this but it’s a very very very simple thing to do you basically do acupressure underneath your left and right ribcage close to the midline and you press in there very gently or moderately for about two minutes to the right side two minutes the left side what you’re doing is you’re pushing back in the soft tissue that’s kind of lacks and you basically will kind of push the stomach back into the word where it should be and it’s gonna give you a lot of relief then when you want to do is you want to start adding more hydrochloric acid to acidify the food and strengthen the collagen so you don’t have a weakness in that area I will do a video on the technique very beneficial very easy when you press your hands up underneath the ribcage and you stretch back you create this huge space that allows your digestive system to not be stress with this with this hernia situation all right so Denise you are calling you had a question are you there hi Denise great yeah okay yeah you know you should send it to me because when you actually read these articles doesn’t always mean what they’re telling you I will want you to send it to me but really AG ease and for those of you that on youtube that missed that question that she’s asking about AG’s and coming from grass-fed meats and vegetables and things like that AG e stand for advanced glycated end products if you think about this if you combine protein with sugar or glucose together it will form these these kind of like alteration in the in the proteins so they alter the protein same thing happens if your blood sugar is high that’s you’re diabetic and it goes right it connects to with the heme and your hemoglobin your blood and that’s what high a 1c is it’s a indicator of how high your blood sugar is because it alters it creates a glycation in your hemoglobin but I would absolutely positively not worry about your AG’s coming from meat and vegetables because you’re gonna if you do a comparison with the amount that will be created versus adding like consuming I don’t know like ice cream where you have the protein in the case which is the casein in the milk products and all the sugar you talk about generating a G’s and sticky blood and problems and every other type of mixture that you have which occurs when you go to a restaurant like um you get a McDonald’s hamburger or a Burger King whatever and you had a fries and coke and you mix the sugar with the protein you’re gonna be creating these these damaged proteins that are gonna make your blood get messed up it’s gonna go to your brain create Alzheimer’s all sorts I mean potentially lead to Alzheimer’s because when they when you look at these chronic inflammatory conditions they’re loaded with AGS so by going a little carb you bulletproof yourself because you’re not adding all the glucose in there now how do you prevent this from happening what you do is you consume a large amount of greens to actually offset some of that also you do fast internment of fasting because guess what fasting does it clears out damaged proteins so by getting rid of those damaged proteins you’re gonna actually be fine this and this is why fasting is really important for people with like heart disease Alzheimer’s people with that had a heart attack and you do that you start cleaning up these old proteins you start countering the effects of a GES but definitely send this to us at dr. Burke at dr. Burke calm thanks Denise yeah I think the odds of you okay so for YouTube is consuming vegetables safe because of this pandemic because the contamination to the vegetables honestly you’re not gonna have to worry about that I should probably do a video about some background on that but no in fact consuming vegetables will increase your resistance to viruses because you’re actually if there’s a lot of nutrients in there including folic acid and vitamin C and other things so because what happens if you don’t consume vegetables you’re going to not have you’re going to lower your resistance if you start eating like everything cooked and sterilized you really kill off your immune system like even in the in the Spanish flu in the pandemic which 15 million people died in 1918 what happened you had this global war and you had all this transportation of the food going from vegetable raw things like that in the garden – everything preserved and canned well that made things worse it made people more susceptible but no you you don’t have to worry about it there’s been no cases of outbreaks having it being on vegetables I would not worry about that at all okay good so now let’s go to Sharman from Florida you had a question go ahead hi yeah okay so for you for those of you on YouTube the question was what’s the shortest amount of time that you can do fasting to really get some benefits from Tov Ajit it’s really the magic number is right around 18 hours it could be like 17 19 but on average is about 18 hours of fasting that means you have a six hour window so if you eat at 12 and then that’s six o’clock and then you fast for 18 hours that’s when you start seeing some good changes and of course if you go more you’ll see more benefit but yeah it’s about 18 hours also if you add exercise and you sleep better that’s another benefit to that as well all right let’s see we got here okay if you want to call in guys if you’re on YouTube you want to call in the number is eight six six five six one four two nine two okay give me a call I do want to talk about the this recent study on hydroxychloroquine there is definitely a push to invalidate that drug that’s all I’m gonna say about that but that a lot of doctors are using as a preventative right now in hospitals a lot of people are getting a lot of success from it there’s some mixed reviews and things like that but there was a recent study that’s been pushed around all over in the media right now that hydroxychloroquine now is found to increase your mortality okay increased your death rate and it doesn’t work okay so before you jump to conclusions you want to see that steady and I’m gonna do a video today on it I’m just gonna tell you right now what this study actually says the study was what’s called the retrospective study okay what does that mean it means it was study that was gathering information of events that occurred in the past okay and with those types of studies there’s a lot of flaws okay because they’re basically looking at charts and things like that and that’s what they did they looked at charts and information and data in a a VA hospital which I actually used to work out and so what they did is they evaluated three groups of people people who took hydroxychloroquine by itself people that took hydroxychloroquine and I read through myosin okay actually I don’t know if it was a read through most news was that it was basically a type of antibiotic okay and then they evaluated the last group that had no high Galax hydroxychloroquine okay and what they concluded was this that the group that did not take hydroxy cork and chloroquine had less deaths okay then the group that had it so right there you know the meters gonna jump on that and start saying oh I see I told you so and this whole thing well let me just if you actually read the study and you dig into the data what you’re gonna find is this there’s been uh there’s all these people from very very serious to very very mild cases coming in to the VA hospital and if you’re somewhat healthy and let’s say you have a have some symptoms and you go into the hospital house but don’t get tested chances are they’re not gonna actually prescribed hydroxychloroquine why because you’re you haven’t really become very severe because they’re only giving to people that are severe and so what they’re emitting in the study and really kind of emphasizing is that well they mentioned a little bit at the end that the group that did not take it were the healthy group okay the healthy group so if you’re evaluating a healthy group versus a you know group that’s very unhealthy with all these other pre-existing problems obesity diabetes regardless of what you take your risk of you’re gonna have more deaths in this group over here so the bottom line is that it’s kind of a bogus study because you really have to do you have to do an objective study that’s randomized control clinical trials and you can’t just you know it’s not even this is not even peer reviewed yet it’s not even published yet and of course the media is to having a field day from it so again don’t put a lot of weight into the study at all anyway so let’s see let’s go – I’m gonna go to YouTube alright so Arnold said hey Doc what is more infectious the dry cough or a cough with phlegm what’s your reason of those – coughs someone from the Philippines now I’m not a medical doctor I can’t give you that data I would imagine it really depends on other variables because here’s the thing that I really want to bring up about that is that as soon as someone gets a fever where they start getting a cough or they start getting symptoms they start taking aspirin or they start taking acid a minified fad and you start taking things to mitigate the symptoms thinking that’s going to help your immune system your immune system if it runs into a virus is going to react to it and actually kill it is that you have an army sitting back there that’s highly trained and ready to take on just about anything if your immune system is strong so I would let your body run through its course to a certain extent especially if there’s a fever or even a coffee or even if there’s mucus or not mucus the fever by getting rid of the fever too fast you’re actually increasing the duration of an infection you’re weakening the immune system and you’re not letting the immune system do its thing because guess what when you actually your body’s creating a fever to decrease the replication of the virus heat actually tends to slow down the virus replication so that’s all I want to say for that and and that’s about it on that one let’s see yeah go ahead okay so on Facebook someone had a question and I am doing keto and I’m gonna fasting I only lost a certain amount of weight what can I do to speed it up I really have never had that question before Steve so it’s a real tough one and I’m being very sarcastic because I always get that question every single time there’s a great video that I did on it called are you plateaued with keto at him in a fasting you should look at that but there’s a whole series of things the first thing you want to look at is um am i eating too many carbs second thing am i fasting a long enough you want to adjust those too and keep that insulin low next thing you want to do is you want to get more sleep okay very very important next thing is reduce your stress stop watching so much of the news go exercise start walking more every day that’s going to reduce the stress help your sleep also you want to make sure that you take certain nutrient especially the B vitamins and minerals and potassium which actually speeds things up as well these are just several things that I would recommend and I normally see most people are not doing alright let’s see here all right so now we have do you recommend keto for a young healthy person no only if you’re older and you have a lot of health problems okay next question I’m being sarcastic yes you want to do keto regardless of how young healthy you are because there’s a lot of benefits that go beyond weight loss and actually will protect you against things down the road okay okay another question for someone that how can I build muscle well you’re gonna have to do this thing called think exercise yeah you want to do a lot of exercise increase more volume more compound resistance using your whole body and then you do want to make sure you have enough of course amino acids as raw material it’s just you know you don’t have to go overboard but at least I would say six to seven eight ounces per meal okay and then in a minute fasting maybe twice eat twice a day but do in a minute fasting which actually preserves your muscle and get a lot of sleep because all these things will stimulate growth hormone these are things that get nullified if you are like for example people of this idea I’m gonna build muscle with sugar right because it’s an anabolic hormone yeah but it’s gonna make fatty fatty muscle and that’s not what you want so I would not try to get your muscle from eating carbs Oh Lord or the camera please yeah it’s hard to hold this and kind of juggle let’s go to Brooke from Phoenix go ahead Brooke hi good morning you lost 310 pounds that’s amazing Wow mm-hm so let let me let me let me let me repeat your question to Facebook okay so for those of you that in the Facebook and this these lights are terrible by the way on this camera right here Brooke had a question she’s from Phoenix she won her now she lost over 300 pounds she handled many different issues with insulin resistance and other conditions and now she still has some estrogen dominance she wants to know how to deal with that how to speed it up does it normally take that long so Brooke one just one question how much more weight do you have to lose if any okay okay just found how to do this here alright so um here’s what I would do Brooke and just from people on YouTube she still has some weight to lose and so but she actually gave out a muscle so that’s awesome so Brooke here’s here’s the thing about estrogen dominance how old are you 42 okay as you get close to menopause I’m not saying you’re there yet what happens is that some of that estrogen is produced by your own fat and that’s probably what you’re dealing with is the fat actually is making some of the estrogen and I do not think it’s coming from the ovaries so one of the things now you’re left with how do I deal with that I would absolutely positively start consuming foods that are a bit anti estrogen ik and that will help you balance out the estrogen the good and bad and that would be of course something called dim I would take a good amount of it which is a concentrated form of cruciferous vegetable I would take consume from Chris Chris sephorus vegetables and start working on your liver a little bit more because it could take a long could take a bit of time when you the more you support your liver the more you’re going to be able to regulate estrogen a lot better that’s probably what you’re dealing with now you just lost a ton of weight allow all that fat had to go through your liver so now is the chance to start beefing up your strength of your liver no pun intended so you can do that with a lot of cruciferous and you can also do with milk thistle and dandelion greens are a good one as well thanks Brooke and I can’t wait to see that success story yes so Steve just said that people from all over the world are listening in and despite the corona virus they’re still interested in Quito in them and fasting so that’s really cool listen clarify doctor please clarify okay tips for type 1 diabetes done quite of research to still have a question confusion some more videos yeah ok so the question about type 1 diabetes this is an autoimmune condition okay there’s some interesting things about autoimmune conditions especially diabetes type 1 if you actually look at where people live in relationship to the latitude and the equator and the in the northern hemisphere versus the southern hemisphere you’re gonna find way more cases of autoimmune cases and diabetes type 1 in the northern hemisphere okay because of the link between vitamin D vitamin D is probably the most important thing in supporting parts of your immune system that deal with differentiating good cells and bad cells because what happened what goes wrong in your immune system is that it starts attacking the wrong thing like a mistake right well there’s certain cells specifically the T cell regulatory cell and that cell will prevent it’s supposed to prevent autoimmune diseases okay but if it goes bad or it goes it becomes weak because the person is deficient in vitamin D ding ding ding then you can start developing in autoimmune I think you also have to have some gut issue and maybe a virus involved so taking a good amount of vitamin D would be something that I would recommend for type 1 diabetes but you still want to do the exact same diet as type 2 because even though you you have you don’t have any insulin anymore you still want to eat as if you so you don’t actually over produce insulin so you just want to you can eat and eat less than your carbs to have less of your medication that’s going to be better long-term for you health-wise because just as high sugar is bad so is high insulin and people don’t realize that if you if you don’t have any information on that you can look just look up hyperinsulinemia and cardiovascular disease and stroke and a fatty liver and the list goes on and on you get a lot of great data okay Erica from Toronto has a question go ahead Erica good morning hmm Wow okay vitamin what d okay okay so let me repeat this question Erica for Facebook okay so Erica lost 65 pounds I think 55 pounds since November 1st so that’s awesome but since Good Friday she’s now getting dizzy she has some tension headaches she went to the doctor they didn’t find anything to wrong other than low vitamin D and they also find she’s anemic she’s high but she has high amounts of b12 so quick question Erica do you did you actually go off the program during Good Friday for not did you make those yourself could you buy my restaurant okay all right so Erica what the only thing it was different with Erica is that she had some lemon chicken type meal that she got from some other place here’s what it here’s the thing when I look at a thing right here where she’s having all this success and all of a sudden she’s having symptoms there’s something that a lot of especially doctors don’t look at it’s like they don’t dig into what occurred just before this happened and really emphasize and dig and pull the string and try to figure out because you you know people don’t just all of a sudden have symptoms with no reason right that chicken that she hates that’s what I would evaluate I don’t know how many times that I would have like a similar thing and then I would reflect back and go oh that’s right I went to the restaurant there could have been something in there who knows what that created a reaction in your body either inflammatory reaction and now and it’s lasting two weeks and it’s not uncommon for that to happen I really think it boils down to that food that you ate so what you probably should do is go on a three-day fast if you could do it or two-day fast to clear out the system and then like reset I think that’s what I would do I wouldn’t go digging too far or any other thing because especially if it’s headache it’s it’s really food-related who knows what they did to that chicken or what spices or work chemicals especially if it was at a restaurant it’s happened to me so many times where I’m just like I feel like really funky after this food so that’s what I would do do you want to go on a fast also you can take bentonite clay as a way to kind of absorb any type of toxic whatever thanks Erica yeah okay on YouTube there’s a question on Facebook someone wanted to know is it okay if I consume pineapple and mango and the answer is no not if you’re doing keto and because you that’s like really gonna increase the blood sugar so I wouldn’t do it the fruit that you can do some amount is berries okay someone want to know how can you cure fibromyalgia I love I love making claims about curing things and I’m being very sarcastic I can’t cure anything but to get your body to heal itself especially if it’s fibromyalgia I would watch my video on that because usually fibromyalgia and don’t ask well I know why but if you ask someone where do you have it it’s usually on the right side of the body why is that because the gall bladder liver on that side and that can actually refer pain to the right side so what you can do is you can start to pay attention to your gallbladder start eating things to support the gallbladder and what really kills off the gallbladder is refined carbs and sugars so it’s not necessarily the fat unless you’re doing sugar in fat like I remember in college Steve I got a recipe from my grandmother for this meatloaf and of course I knew nothing about nutrition and and I didn’t read the whole thing I scanned it I don’t know if you ever do that Steve you ever scan things and don’t really read the detail especially instructions so I missed that little point we had to drain the grease from the from the one pound of hamburger in a whole loaf of bread as I was making this and put in the ketchup so anyway do you know I ate the whole thing in one sitting late at night so I’m up at 2:00 with this serious pain in my stomach going very surprised where is this coming from so that was coming from the amount of grease from a hamburger combined with the bread combined with the ketchup and I actually get up and go to the drug sort of try to find some medication that’s how unaware I was so anyway to make a long story short you may not have the bile in your in you enough you’re not you might not be able to not used to if especially when you start in Quito to handle a lot of fat so you might want to go into it slowly until your body builds up more bile salts okay all right so let’s see here kimchi is it okay oh that’s awesome kimchi is like really good for you there’s women breastfeeding contain sugar isn’t it appropriate for keto yeah breast milk contains the the milk sugar lactose and even know you’re actually feeding your baby lactose that doesn’t seem to affect ketosis and and what’s interesting it it’s a type of sugar that especially if you’re an infant or even before when your as a fetus you’re actually in ketosis so it actually promotes ketosis surprisingly so no I would not worry about that sugar and breast milk in fact I would recommend trying to breast milk breastfeed as long as possible but I’m not talking until they you know are 16 years old and talking about a few years okay it’s gonna be very very healthy especially for the immune system yeah my gallbladder formula is gluten-free in fact none of the products I have have any gluten in them at all even the wheatgrass powder juice powder because the the gluten happens in the seed that develops with a very tall fully grown wheat plant but as baby sprouts you don’t get the seed that that develops say there’s no gluten in there at all alright let’s go to Joseph from Australia are you there hi what question here okay good question so Joseph wanted to know how long does it take to reach starvation mode when you’re doing a prolong fast there’s a difference between fasting and starvation okay and starvation usually sets in when you run out of your fat okay when you don’t have if you have if you’re really really thin you probably shouldn’t be doing prolonged fasting very long okay I’m talking like you know over two weeks just because you body is living off this fat and if you don’t have any fat then that’s gonna be a problem and then guess what your body goes after the organ so that question really depends on how much fat you have in your body the longest fast was like over a year okay like I think it’s just over a year and the difference also in symptoms star being versus fasting is when you’re doing fasting you’re feeling good you’re strong that’s healthy fasting when you’re starving you’re feeling bad you’re feeling weak poor immune system yeah you’re hungry so that’s a good way to tell as well but it’s a judgement call and how much fat you have on your body but a very good question thanks Joseph alright so how is Steve holding up okay so Steve is holding up great he he contracted the corona virus and he actually got a situation where he’s able to take the hydroxy korklan and it seemed to help of course I know it’s probably a combination of that with his healthy eating plan that we put him on but he actually has fully recovered got checked out he’s good to go he’s sitting right over there and he’s not dead yet no side effects great so Steve decision those of you on YouTube he took the round of hydroxychloroquine did great minimal symptoms he basically also said that his doctor was recommending it and said that it doesn’t it’s been around for forty five years or more and very few side effects and the thing is that what it does it’s a ionophore which means it allows zinc to travel in the cell and help to disrupt the reproduction of this of the virus but it also does more than that it helps as a preventative for people and again I’m not recommending taking it unless your doctor recommends it to you but what I find interesting Steve is a well there’s a huge push to wait well here’s the thing to do these studies it’s going to take months and months and months what do we do in the meantime so III there’s a lot of doctors taking is preventive and there’s also I mean entire states are taking it now and so honestly you got it you got to weigh out the advantages and disadvantages and yeah and then we’ll stay tuned for some more videos on that okay good so let’s see here all right someone from Odyssey of his Pam from Fort Worth Texas have been having some lower back pain what caused it well probably all the sitting that you’re doing quarantined but what you could do for low back pain is you want to stretch your hamstrings really really good and your quadriceps and that is probably the best thing you can do right now for a low back pain I’ve done a lot of videos on it but it’s usually tight hamstrings especially if you’re sitting all day long okay so we want to go to Kathy from Kentucky Kathy you two question about your blood sugars right sure so question I have Kathy is do you feel okay okay so here’s the thing here’s this is a I having a video but you probably it’s very hard to find it but I’m gonna tell you what’s going on there so for those of you on YouTube Kathy from Kentucky had a question and she said that listen everything’s going great lost weight been doing clean keto for a a while early January and but my blood Sugar’s are too low they’re in the low 60s okay um is it a problem I said did you feel okay she goes yes well here’s what happens Kathy when you’re not consuming carbs your body is gonna not it’s gonna run on fat fuel right ketones and fatty acids and so the need for that sugar is not going to be there so there’s gonna be less sugar in your blood I’ve had people come even see me with and even the doctors sent them in to see me to to tweak some things with various problems and I noticed that that when they get on keto in a minute intermittent fasting their blood Sugar’s the new normal is low in the low-60s sometimes the high 50s and what’s happening your body’s just adapting to less sugar no I would not start eating more carbs I would just ride the way if you’re doing fine it’s working and this is your normal especially if you feel good if you feel funky and weak then that’s a problem but no I don’t think you have hypoglycemia it’s just a new normal of low blood sugar because you’re running off of other fuel thanks Kathy alright so let’s see here can you do in a minute faster daily I suggest you do it daily okay what about dr. Berg what about bioavailable copper for coronavirus well zinc is good but zinc always you need copper to copper is very important with the immune system it I recommend as a supportive supportive measure to take not just zinc and copper but in a blend of all the trace minerals and I have a lot of information that that you can check out on my website okay another question is what is the way to tackle high uric acid while doing keto what you want to do is you want to get your pH normalized usually it’s going to be like a five which is pretty acidic and you want to bring up to maybe a six six and a half and to do that you want to keep things that are consumed things that are alkaline like more vegetables would help you can even take like potassium citrate or even magnesium citrate to help change your pH just slightly to decrease the severity of the uric acid crystals or yeah so because it’s really a pH issue and a weakness within the kidney alright let’s see we have so many questions I wish I can get to all these I am gonna be doing a webinar coming up on understanding the immune system I’m gonna make it really cool you guys are gonna like this but I’m gonna to be able to explain the immune system which is very complex in a very short period of time it takes a tremendous amount of understanding of every part and every player in the immune system so I’ve been going over this topic probably I’ve done over 300 hours of getting every textbook like one of the best textbooks that I found I found too and Steve you can’t just buy these textbooks on on at the bookstore you have to order them special order them and they’re very expensive like the one the textbooks that I want are related to the combination of using nutrition physiology on the immune system and their technical books and even the Kindles you can rent them for $50 but to buy them they’re like 130 dollars so I bit the bullet i buy all these books and I study them talk about a wealth of information I was just about this close to doing the webinar but then I got the book and I’m like oh my gosh I I’m glad I waited because I have some additional things there’s really seven main players in the immune system that I’m gonna cover and I’m gonna help you understand it in a simple way because once you understand the immune system this is your army you’ll know what to feed it you know what to do about it it’s gonna be very very healthy yeah um okay would you recommend fasting over 24 hours when you still it you still not hungry yeah I would I would if you have extra weight to lose I would ride the wave for maybe even two days maybe even three if you feel okay ride the wave just take your nutrients as well hey April you’re from Florida you had a question go ahead hi okay great April I’m glad you called let me just repeat your question to the Facebook group okay so April from Florida she had a question she has a leaky heart and leaky valve and her heart and she wants to know is it okay to do keto with that and usually she’s talking about the valves are not closing okay and so you’re getting this leak which is a murmur and one of the best things that you can actually even I’ve done a video on this you can look up the research on it just look under murmurs and b-vitamin research okay you’re gonna find a lot of data that there’s certain B vitamins especially vitamin b1 that’s intimately involved in the tone of your heart okay the tone of the heart when the tone of the heart is kind of lacks or loose it dilates a little bit enlarges a little bit like a muscle and then the valves don’t close right so one of the most important things to do is to get off diets that cause B vitamin deficiencies as in high carbohydrate diets as in diets high in sugar high carb diets so what is the opposite of that it’s key to inanimate fasting probably one of the best things you can do right now to support a healthy heart and to support healthy valves that’s what I would do if I were you I would jump on it it’s not harmful this the few studies that you may run into that keto is dangerous to the heart there these studies are always done on rats okay and if you look at the what they feed the rats what’s called the low the keto or low carb diet or they don’t even say that huh they don’t even call it keto they don’t even call it a little car they call it high-fat diet okay high fat versus normal fat because they have a confusion some of these researchers on what a ketogenic diet is and what you can find if you find out what they actually what the high debt high fat diet is there’s no definition and you’re gonna find that’s actually a high amount of carbs with that high amount of fat and they’re calling that a keto diet come on so I would totally do it 100% I would definitely I think you’re gonna like that okay so for facebook someone from Dubai asked my products available and Dubai yet no but we’re actively and aggressively going into the UK which then can ship to Dubai very easily so we’re gonna need probably a few months and we’ll be there so yes we’ll be well we’re going there but it takes a bit of work to kind of go through all the different hurdles okay dr. Berg what is your brand of whole food multivitamin minerals um I don’t have like a multivitamin mineral per se but I would recommend my wheat grass juice formula because that’s the one that has a lot of different factors final nutrients a lot of different vitamins and also the energy the keto energy which is also called the mitochondria energy is a really good one multi everything but it’s nutrition for your cells so that’s a really good one as well alright guys have a great questions I really appreciate all your questions I have to kind of select these strategically because we do so many let’s go to janae on from Michigan are you there sure yeah okay so let me just repeat your question okay for YouTube a mother from Michigan called about her son he is juvenile rheumatoid arthritis and so he’s just started doing fasting and I think he’s doing keto with some carbs which is awesome that’s what you want to do I think this is an autoimmune condition where you have antibodies going on to its to your body so there’s definitely a gut issue involved so you you need to get support the gut primarily with a very high quality probiotic also high quality vegetables if you’ll eat it because there’s a great data on even rheumatoid arthritis in general that if you increase potassium now for an adult that would be 6,000 milligrams you’ll actually see tremendous benefits we’re through the eternal threat is so you have fasting you have keto stripped keto also colostrum which will help heal the gut as well and with a good probiotic also zinc is vital vital vital with that and then just increasing your potassium and chloral silver is another really good remedy for that those things that are the things I would do and then give it some more time and I think that the combination of those will be very beneficial to support him hey Vicki oh you’re welcome hey Vicki you’re from Arras Arizona you the question because I think you you’re facing surgery but you can’t because the virus tell me about what’s going on yeah okay okay yeah uh here’s my response not the case so let me just repeat it to YouTube so Vicki from Arizona she’s facing surgery she has a keloid in her tongue and she she wants to do it but they want to and then they have to feed do it I threw put food and threw a feeding tube for I think two days afterwards and of course I want to feed her glucose and of course yeah that’s none she wants to do so here’s here’s my suggestion and that is there’s plenty of doctors out there that’ll probably work with you to maybe put some other types of food into your body maybe there’s a you can do it through a syringe with just blended foods but I agree it’s like that glucose is not a great alternative I do know even people in my family that had surgery but they had to do they couldn’t eat anything for a period of time and they they used a small tube to feed themselves so I think you’ll be able to find someone worst case scenario scenario you just do a two day fast that’s not an issue but that’s what I would do because fasting actually can act support your healing good question that’s great Steve thank you very much for those of you on YouTube let me just tell you what he said he want to thank me for the success of educating him he’s done very well his diet is near perfect it’s not a hundred percent but that set him up for success because most of the the actual numbers for the deaths are you know with people with pre-existing problems because it all comes down to the immune system and I just want to let you guys know I have some very very interesting videos that we’ll be releasing in the next few days so stay tuned I do want to release one that talks about the actual numbers this virus is not as deadly as they say and it’s not by me it’s by real credible people who are doing the math because they’re doing antibody tests now in places all over the world and they’re showing that many many more people are infected than they thought by a factor of 10x so if you factor in the amount of people that were infected divided by the number of people who died it’s called infection fat tale it fit fatality rate which is your just your mortality rate or death rate they’re finding that that is no longer like a 4% it’s like a 0.15 or 1.3 point five percent it’s it’s very similar to the flu so I’ll be releasing that video and what does that mean it means it’s not as deadly as they said as the flu it’s not like a lot more deadly than the flu and the problem with you know not having those statistics correctly stated the media jumps in there and they will go haywire and they start freaking people out and you’ll be scared and then they can change all sorts of policies and things that really fast so always push for correct statistics and data before people exaggerate and overestimate or underestimate anything on that note thank you guys so much for watching stay tuned for more videos I’ll talk to you next week live see ya 

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