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all right see here guys welcome all right so today is the day we’re gonna answer your questions related to the 30-day challenge so hope you’re doing well I’m going to something right here all right we got quite a few people on there so a couple things want to talk about and I’m going to talk about and I’m gonna answer some questions so let’s just see what we have all right okay so the first thing we’ll talk about someone asks some questions about exercise what’s the best exercise for mental health for brain health that’s gonna be aerobic exercise and that’s the type that involves a lot of oxygen so if you do like a short type of high intensity level training and it’s not that much volume you’re not going to necessarily get enough oxygen but if you’re doing biking swimming wrestling’s sports you were gonna map massively spike the oxygen that’s gonna actually help help your brain the best it’s going to slow down the aging you can even stimulate neurogenesis which basically will increase the brain cells so that’s cool and let me see if there’s another question here there’s actually a study that shows that will increase your IQ which is amazing you see where I had some other questions here oh yeah someone someone asked a question why this key they’ll have such a bad rap well I think it actually has a good rap but there are a couple things about it that are valid but you need to explain what I’m with what I mean by that if you take a lot of the research on the ketogenic diet way back when they still a lot of studies with children with epilepsy they studied something called traditional or classical ketogenic diet they didn’t they didn’t do the version which is healthy keto it’s like this very very medical version low-carb but the ingredients included mayonnaise oil soy oils they had this thing this canned powder that was casein and you know just like something you’d feed of rat the you’d have tons of whipped cream and then diet soda like not a lot of vegetables not a lot of organic foods a lot of GMO type stuff and with that comes a lot of problems constipation possible kidney stones gall stones low calcium low magnesium high cholesterol fatigue hypoglycemia things like that so what you want to do is you want to do the healthy version but I will say that that’s if you look at some of the research for epilepsy that’s pretty much the side effects simply because they’re not differentiating they’re not doing the healthy version those researchers that put people on on these programs they meet at different Quito conventions in Europe and if you saw what they eat like they’re totally removed from Quito you think it’s like this thing over here for certain medical conditions but not for themselves they’re eating like junk food and they don’t really see the big picture when you do Quito the healthy way you don’t get those symptoms you don’t I mean I don’t know a lot of people are getting those symptoms if they do it correctly okay Quito and stomach pain it’s another question that people are asking um a couple reasons for that when you start Quito and you get stomach pain that’s simply meat you’re just not drinking enough fluids because you lose a lot of fluid with Quito and you need to put that back and I’m talking about not just water but electrolytes with that the other thing too is if you’re consuming a vegetable fiber it’s going to suck up a lot of water too if you’re not drinking enough water with or liquids with that fiber it can be kind of difficult to eliminate and you can constipation from that and bloating and pain and things like that the other one is um sugar alcohols that’s a big one the other one is just too much fat and you’re doing too many Quito bombs with too much fat you’re not used to it or you’re doing MCT oil which is the you know you have to be able to digest that fat so these are just things that our potential problems for stomach pain but you don’t forget to spike your your fluids on that all right let’s see if I can see this right here okay Kido and gall stones gall stones do not come from eating too much fat gall stones come from a super concentrated cholesterol because there’s not enough vile the key thing is the bile deficiency if you’re deficient in bile then the cholesterol will look start accumulating that’s really what it is and what stimulates cholesterol is saturated fats so if you actually people that actually have low fat diets they get the higher risk for kidney gallstones so you need more bile to prevent stones kibum does not cause stones now let’s say you’re doing fasting is that it gonna be a problem well first of all your your you still but fasting does not deplete your bile because you’re not eating so it’s just sitting there it’s concentrated so the bile in the gall bladder is like twenty times concentrated than any other place so you’re not gonna develop a stone when it’s that concentrated because it’s that concentrated bile that will keep the stones from developing alright let’s see here okay people with it says blue spots on the top of the feet I think that’s just a circulation problem if you look in the lower part of your legs and there’s red spots or blue spots that’s the venous blood that’s accumulating that you need to actually do something to get more circulation the red spots that form in the back of your arm that could be a subclinical vitamin C deficiency because it caught it’s it’s called follicular hemangioma I think and whether it’s basically like a little but blood vessels are bursting at the follicles in the back of your arm or the legs and you can also have like these purple little spots there’s other causes but vitamin C deficiency could be one and that’s kind of a common common one all right let’s see here someone asked about the summit okay I am actually going to the summit the the low carb Denver summit in March I’m gonna be there one of the speakers and I’m also we’re just planning now the new summit coming up in August I hope you guys could make it I was just telling I just got off the phone with Chuck Chick Corea he is a famous jazz musician and he just watched one of my videos so I was just explaining to him about fasting but um it’s and I told him I said what’s nice about this summit is I finally get to meet you guys on the other side because all they long I’m doing videos but I don’t really see who you are so it’s real a blast just to meet everyone in person so we’re gonna do the summer a some summit at the end of August 29th and 30th of August have some amazing speakers you’re gonna love it hope you guys can make it this time okay let’s see here let’s see if I could read this here something left rib while fasting oh so you have pain in your left rib while you’re fasting I think that I would increase your fluids and with salt that’s what I would do because your blood Sugar’s your your you’re not eating so you’re fasting and you’re taking the pancreas and it’s finally chilling out the other thing that you can do is you can take your hand in massage underneath your rib cage on both sides that will help to mobilize this sometimes the congestion that’s occurring in there alright you sound like you care I do okay let’s see here trying to find an easy question because some of you guys are like you have histories of things okay lower back pain what do you do for lower back pain usually typically get people get low back pain because we’re sitting all day but you lose the curve in the lower back I would there’s a couple things that you could do there’s a muscle the quadricep that’s in the front part of the thigh that needs to be stretched usually that’s going to be tight and that’s going to actually throw an imbalance with your lower back so I would stretch the quadricep you’d have to take your ankle bring it in you can lay in the stomach and arch up but you want to stretch the lower legs usually the quadricep which is the front part and that’s gonna help the lower back tremendously you can also take your your hands and press them about an inch below your belly button and on the left and right side of press on the inside the abdomen and that seems to loosen up the muscles in the lower in the inside of your pelvis that just take that back and just relax it so that’s what you can do fasting also helps to can you say hi to dela hi Dylan okay Kyoto chiropractor told me cholesterol can be from the thyroid issue yeah if your thyroid is slow you could actually develop high cholesterol because everything is sluggish with with hypothyroidism but since you brought that up if any of you have thyroid problem a hypothyroidism and you have alopecia okay this is for you all you need to do is take more zinc zinc you know there’s several trace minerals involved with the thyroid iodine of course selenium with the conversion from t4 to t3 iodine for the production of t4 and t3 because because the t3 and t4 are the basic of the iodine molecules but coppers involved but zinc is involved in the in the conversion of activation from t4 to t3 as well as the production of of t4 and sourest giving hormone so it does double it does two things without enough zinc your thyroid cannot work without enough zinc prolactin testosterone will not work so zinc has like 200 different functions in the body for the immune system a loss of smell and taste is a zinc deficiency but here’s the thing if you have a thyroid problem you have hair loss and you’re taking your medication that’s fine but take some zinc and watch your hair it’ll it’ll start coming back plus you’ll actually your thyroid do you’ll do much better with that it needs the trace minerals so the best food can anyone guess what the best food for zinc would be let’s see if you can guess that correctly okay someone says every time I take electrolytes I feel kind of groggy what what happens is that you probably need more salt salt because there’s one thing electrolytes that I don’t have it’s sodium very much sodium so that’s what I would do if I were you but to offset that and take a very small amounts that’s what I haven’t to do but speaking about energy most of the potassium is in your skeletal muscle it’s there for a reason because it’s involved in the sodium potassium pump which is the pump that pumps like 24,000 sodium ions outside the cell and 18,000 of potassium inside the cell so if we take the difference between 24,000 24,000 and 18,000 you have 8,000 left right so there’s a difference of 8,000 positive so in other words it makes an electrical difference and it makes the cell have voltage it makes the cell have electrical properties because that’s the purpose of that pump and then what happens is that that triggers the nerve and the muscles to contract and it gives you a lot of energy well it gives you a lot of muscle power and endurance but it sucks a lot of energy from your body so there’s two things that are going to help you if you take potassium or electrolyzing you feel tired either you need more or you need less that’s what I would do because you’re actually causing this this change in the physiology and usually most people are deficient in potassium so clinically it doesn’t show up in the blood test but they have a major deficiency with that all right so there was a question I don’t think I got to all right let’s see here let’s see here oh yeah the answer okay you guys are getting it right it’s a shellfish that has the most sink organ meats also have it but shellfish is the best thing for that this is another reason why people that take wasters or clams were you know other types of even seafood they definitely feel stronger they just feel better so you may need to take zinc wood to plate zinc his coarse high carbs also breads because it has the that brand that fiber and bread in the grains has a lot of something called phytic acid which blocks the zinc also if your stomach is not acid enough you won’t be able to absorb zinc all right let’s see okay let’s see okay so I’m slowly dying okay someone wanted to know if I do sessions with people I really don’t do sessions with people I want I want them to watch the videos to learn on themselves because what I’m gonna do if we do a session is I’m going to tell you the same thing to everyone I’m going to say get on a healthy keto in a minute fasting do it and absolutely get those basics implemented first because it’s not gonna work if we try to fix the remedy or using the remedy with some type of symptom you got to get these basics in someone said what type of exercise do I do I do right now I’m doing a lot of exercise with body weight a personal trainer so we’re doing a lot of pull-ups and push-ups and different angles and a lot of different exercises with my own body weight I like that it’s really really hard it makes you very very sore but it’s easier on the joints if you’re over the age of 50 which I’m almost 55 someone said can I do keto if I’m a diabetic type one I absolutely need to do keto if you’re type 1 the need for insulin will go down and that means that you will you’ll have to you’ll be able to take less medication and control your blood Sugar’s which means you’ll have less complications from the medication because there is side effects from from insulin okay someone says I have surgery no I have gall stones you don’t want surgery but what I think you should take purified bile salts there’s something that I use called gall bladder formula you can take that you want to now think about this there’s two scenarios here you have a lack of bile salts and you have too much cholesterol so maybe what you do is you kind of cut down your fats a little bit and you take more bile salts and then that will dissolve it but here the thing you want to recycle the bile salts and you want to you want to take four probiotics because you need more bacteria to help facilitate that recycle that recycling process and that way you can get more bile there’s all the stones and do the manual flushing then they talked about in the video is called through the search on this gallbladder and liver flushing it’s very powerful okay someone says I love the channel well thank you appreciate that okay someone says I need help with the piriformis syndrome that’s a muscle in your buttocks here’s a little secret with the piriformis it’s a little muscle that goes lateral like this way you need to get someone on the opposite side so if it’s on the right side get some on the left side to press into your butt stimulating the piriformis on the mirror-image side the good side that doesn’t hurt and that thing will go right away someone says do I drink a six-pack actually um no I don’t drink beer but in college I did drink 24 a 24 cans of beer at one time that was the first and last time I ever did that but it makes me tired alright so let’s see here I am down doing the low carb diet Wow – 125 kilograms since haven’t moved oh you’re you’re you haven’t moved wide okay so I did a video on that if you plateau and what you have to do is you have to first thing is check your carbs number one number two you want to extend your fasting longer number three you want to add exercise next one you want to reduce your stress get more sleep and also find out what type of weakness you have if you have some type of disease or some health problem then fix that it could be an inflammatory condition it could be a thyroid issue okay someone wanted to know I’m slightly low they’re asking about sun exposure so there’s some controversy on this like melanoma skin cancer the most common type some people say you have to avoid the Sun but other people say that everyone’s deficient in vitamin D so you need the Sun so it’s very confusing here’s the data and I’m gonna release a video on this to show you the research on it 69% of people on this planet are have vitamin D insufficiency and here’s the data if you get a moderate amount of Sun like an on burning sun exposure that actually decreases the risk for melanoma versus getting a sunburn will double your risk of getting a melanoma so that’s the data on that plus vitamin D actually supports those well can I use white Alba’s vinegar instead of outside of vinegar yeah you can do that it’ll still work because it’s not the rid of the nutrients in the opposite of immigrants the acetic acid how do I keep my brother on track I lost 48 pounds 58 days with Kido mad but they can’t stick with it for more than a day how can I help them well there’s three things that I like to make it simple for people I would recommend providing some substitutes from the food they eat the three things are this do not eat unless you’re hungry like you really got to follow that rule the snacking is a killer and then the other thing is some at each meal have a big salad first so that way you’ll get the potassium and magnesium and you’d be very satisfied and that you’ll eat a little less protein with that as well it’s more filling it’s gonna help you so you want to get those greens in it because if you actually do keto not correctly and you’re doing like chicken wings and what protein but you don’t need your vegetables you’re gonna just be craving you’re gonna be hungry you’re gonna get off get off of it quicker because you’re not going to be as satisfied that’s just my opinion and also you want to have high quality food especially the fats not some like dirty keto version all right I’m afraid I’m getting sick of salad we’ll try try other types of vegetables but you know have some guys I appreciate your attention next week I’m going to talk to you on Tuesday no Thursday stay tuned I’m gonna go on Facebook right now I’m sorry yeah Facebook I’m gonna go on Facebook right now so I will see you over there and I will talk to you also next Tuesday have a wonderful day thanks for your questions 

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