Dr. Berg & Karen: Questions & Answers on the Ketogenic Diet and Other Stuff

Dr. Berg & Karen: Questions & Answers on the Ketogenic Diet and Other Stuff

Dr. Berg & Karen: Questions & Answers on the Ketogenic Diet and Other Stuff

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hi guys we’re here with five questions from all of you and we’re gonna answer these questions in fact you’re gonna ask them I’ll give you the answers and correct me if I’m if I need to clarify them I’ll tell you when you’re wrong okay thank you okay good all right so question number one is is it a problem if I eat my biggest meal right before I go to bed okay well that’s a very good question let me just see if I could find the answer and I look here okay so here’s this whole concept about eating before bed you know people say oh it’s bad you’re gonna gain weight it really has to do with when you’re starting your intimate of fasting for example if you’re like a lot of people have a hard time not eating at night so what I suggested was you start your first meal later in the day like a three o’clock under your second meal at 7:00 or 8:00 so that way you are eating close to bed and that’s totally fine it really is not going to help you or hurt you if you eat at night if that’s one of your meals and if you actually have your window about 6 to 4 hours now talk about the window yeah the window is the time of eating so let’s say you’re eating at 12 and 6 that’s a six hour window of your meals what do we what window do we want well you actually get into the most fat burning’ between 18 and 24 hours so that’s like a six hour window to like a zero hour window where you’re basically it’s probably that 24 hours is like 23 and a half depending on if you spend an hour to eat or half out eat but the ideal scene I tell people is to go for 6:00 and then start going to four-hour window because that would give you some really good fat burning but if you have a very slow metabolism and you have a really bad blood sugar problem you probably need to shoot for one meal a day eventually but do it gradually because you’re gonna actually if you do it one mill day you’ll heal the body and you have a lot of chance to recycle the cells and and clean out all the damaged parts and improve aging it’ll help your parts it’ll help the parts of your cells that need to be replacing now if somebody’s gonna eat one time a day dr. Burke or twice a day how much food are they gonna eat can they just like chow down can they eat huge meals or what that’s a really good question let me get my book chance for that when we say that was our page okay here’s the thing the difference between a low calorie diet Karen and in a minute fasting it has to do with the nutrients are you getting most of your nutrients in that one meal or are you going low calorie and depriving yourself of nutrients because the definition of the word food comes from the derivation nourish which means nutrients so that we eat to supply nutrients most people eat for a sensation which is good or bad depending on you know what kind of food you’re eating so as long as you’re compensating by adding more of the nutrient-dense foods at one time of day and maybe you might enhance it with supplements or like electrolytes and B vitamins you’re gonna be fine but yeah you’re gonna have to eat more but not to the point where you’re like stuffing yourself like crazy just like a really good meal right well you you sort of opened a window we’re using the window a lot okay okay you sort of you said if you eat for pleasure you have to eat more nutrient-dense food but that’s fine as long as you’re eating in the window so it sounded to me like you’re saying it’s okay if you’re eating other things mmm for pleasure so let’s clarify that what I meant is that they’re they’re like for example I get pleasure from eating a salad okay I’ll get pleasure from eating litter worst eggs I enjoy them I love avocado like my the pizza recipe right with the cauliflower I dig that right so that’s what I’m talking about you can get pleasure from eating low carb foods I mean that that pie that you made that pecan pie that was pleasurable the ice cream is pleasurable without sugar right versus a something low load low nutrient yeah it’s like it’s not you’re not going to get any long-lasting pleasure from right so it’s a shift from that old phrase you know eating living to eat or eating to live you eat to live I do but you enjoy you’re eating right so but the first purpose should be how am I going to survive better on that food we’ve gotten way off track people are just going insane with the stuff that they’re putting in their bodies they’re not even thinking about is that going to improve my blood Sugar’s and you see this at holiday events or social events where they pig out they know they’re gonna be hurting an hour later they know the next morning Linda feel like crap but they do it anyway it’s a holiday I might deserve it true what are some other ones my body deserves it right I was gone a week I work hard did you get everybody else is doing it if your body on radish my father used to say if everyone was jumping off a bridge would you jump off a bridge did your dad ever say that no you never said that you never said that no concept it’s a good one it is it’s the same concept so but anyway that our recipes sort of kill that concept because you there’s so much food that’s nutrient dense and not gonna kill you I don’t really need a doughnut you don’t need a note of it okay what’s narrative okay second question this idea of drinking a protein drink after you workout to help you lose weight yeah so about that so you have pre and post meals or snacks with a workout right and people have this idea that oh I need that so I’m gonna burn more fat or I’m gonna recover better I need this protein powder or whatever actually it’s kind of funny when you think about it but do you think that protein powder is gonna go into the body that fast and replace any muscle loss no it’s gonna take a long period of time what’s happening is you’re just basically putting food into the stomach which is not going to be digested four hours later you know that’s going to take a while and then what do you mean well it takes a while for it to digest so it’s it’s not necessarily going to fix anything when you’re working out that makes sense so here you are you’re working out people are thinking I’m depleting my nutrients I better put it back in there to enhance their performance whatever well that food is not going to digest for the next several hours so I think the question is really about a protein powder drink like these protein drinks before or after is is there any difference drinking it after a workout versus just drinking it anytime during the day what’s happening is again every time you put something in your stomach there’s a change it happens in the stomach where you actually spike insulin so now we just worked out we spiked insulin insulin blocks of fat-burning if you have insulin resistance it’ll actually won’t allow you to even absorb those amino acids as well so even a sugar-free protein drink it’s not a good idea especially if you want to see results what you should do is do in a minute fasting and work out ideally in your fasting window if you can do it if you can’t then eat close to your meal but what’ll how close to your meal sorry work out close to your meal close to your meal to your mealtime yeah and then exercise yeah exactly so I’m glad you’re here that’s what we have Karen to correct some of these mistakes I think we need to help me in the video the other videos as well sometimes I’m like right so things like when you work out you’re creating a kind of a vacuum you’re pulling fat from your fat cells okay you’re pulling energy from the fat cells okay you want to do yes yeah so why would you want to spike insulin it’s gonna stop the whole process let your body pull the fat wait until your first meal and then wait – your second meal or whatever and now you got some really good benefits of that workout so now on the flip side people say well I need to consume an energy drink because I get fatigued if I work out we’re just placing the stored sugar that you lost and that if you’re doing that you’re just like depleting your sugar reserves and you’re putting them back I I got lost okay your body actually when you workout runs on stored sugar it’s called glycogen okay okay that’s not the ideal scene we don’t want it to do that we want it to burn fat right okay so what we want to do is mobilize as much as fat as possible when you eat sugar it’s just sell in the process when you workout your body is mobilizing fat it’s using fat as energy out it has to deplete some of the stored sugar but then it goes down after fat okay so so that’s one aspect and also when you workout you trigger hormones like growth hormone growth hormone is like something that’s very beneficial to not just burn fat but it actually helps you preserve muscle protein so in other words it protects you from the loss of muscle so you by doing it fasting people are concerned oh my god I’m not eating someone and waste away all my muscles are gonna go away no no no no the intermittent fasting protects the muscles mm-hmm so you won’t yeah and one last point your your body even if doing one meal a day your body will go into a state where it won’t need as much protein why because there’s something that kicks in called the tofu G a tofu G is the recycling of the of the protein or the cell structure which is all proteins it’s recycling that more efficiently so now we get into a situation that is we don’t need as much dietary protein because your body’s recycling Lin it’s exactly this would be a good solution for vegetarians or vegans who are like not getting a lot of hurt enough protein yeah so they should do keto and intermittent fasting then they’re not gonna have to worry as much about their their protein needs I’m thinking that’s your thinking Karen because some people are concerned I’m doing three meals a day then I’m going to one do I have to keep the exact same calories not the exact same calories because your system is more efficient okay because you could imagine that’s like you can’t even fit that in your stomach plus you want to be using your own fuel your your snack that you’re eating between meals is your own fat is hips so in fact I’m gonna create a video how do the best connect the best snack is your own fat I think it’s good that has a ring its mobile its immobilized you don’t have to heat it you carry the wrong with you you don’t have to always with you as your serving size I like it let’s look how can we point out let’s coin that we can coin it yeah okay coined it coined it ready for the next question ready I’ve been born ready for that it’s lowering ready okay um how do I know if I need to support my adrenals mm-hmm you can tell me about that question it was a throw-in you it was a that one how do I know you know that I need to support my favor you know actually just exactly what I said okay so it’s real simple okay all right do you have any adrenal symptoms okay number one are you stressed out how is your tolerance to stress can you tolerate crazy people can you tolerate incompetent people can you tolerate slow drivers how is your tolerance to stress that’s the big one okay number two how is your sleep do you sleep comfortably do you sleep long enough I was a quality safe it’s a boom boom and then also belly fat that’s another symptom of adrenal and then it goes down the list let’s just I’ll give you like inflammation allergies autoimmune blood sugar issues can be caused by adrenal excessive thinking all the time 24/7 can’t turn it off dementia I have blood pressure low vitamin D levels should I go on yeah that enough I think that’s a good start I have one more okay you get up too fast and you get dizzy you go up inclines and your legs feel heavy mm-hmm those are real big adrenal symptoms but I got one more ankle swelling that’s another one cankles right that’s right all right so there you go support your adrenal today I’m gonna make a t-shirt well we’ll have a new t-shirt line and what’ll be the fad the best snack is your fat mm-hmm and then what was it support your adrenals support the cost yeah okay good I have another question go for it okay muscle cramps and twitching what can handle that all right so muscle cramps usually is an electrolyte deficiency and what about those are minerals like potassium calcium magnesium and even sodium okay the most common one believe it or not is the calcium deficiency so let’s say for example Karen yeah you’re in bed and you point your toes down and you get that right right what that means is you need calcium now the best source of calcium would be high quality grass bed sheets okay the second best would be calcium lactate and then you can do citrate I don’t recommend carbonate okay but so calcium is one thing potassium is another common reason why people get muscle cramps magnesium but if we look at the diet the most commonly deficient nutrient would be potassium ii magnesium an electrolyte powder we we have all those minerals and the right ratios but the only one that’s very low is sodium because most people get enough of that but I also put the electrolytes is that sodium salt yeah sodium that makes sodium chloride we we put both sodium and chloride together and sea salt to be able to give you some of it but you know it’s not much and then there’s the trace minerals in there as well so that kind of covers all bases now as far as a twitching especially in the left eyelid right here to right here that is that means that your pH is too alkaline in your body and now you’re back I know people are gonna go wait a second I thought your body is supposed to be alkaline well only certain parts of it like the blood which should be alkaline so if the blood is should be a certain alkaline level and it’s a little to alkalyn it’s like more Auckland then you’ll start having this twitch so what do I do if my blood is to Auckland you I don’t know my blood is Auckland all I know is that my eyelid is well what’s happening use calcium building up on that nerve and if you look outside on your spicket where the water hose comes out ya never see that little those white specks that accumulate yeah that’s calcium that’s coming out of the water because the pH is alkaline so when we acidify the water it gets all dissolved so apple cider vinegar a tablespoon and water with the straw take some of that BAM the twitching goes away that’s why with meals outside a vinegar with water is a really good thing to consume on keto and just in general all meals are once a day I would do it all meals all six I don’t like apple cider fingers it’s very hard for me to get it counted it in a tablet form okay yeah wasn’t that isn’t in their digest it’s an ax digest it’s in the digest formula okay okay good question five this was my favorite question today are you ready fried foods okay so was like air so fried foods good bad it really depends on what you’re frying and in like especially what’s it’s coated with too like if you’re doing fried onion rings or a shrimp they have all this breading if you could do almond flour breading or even the pork run breading we have recipes for that by the way it’s actually in this book so you can actually then deep-fry it in coconut oil you can also do olive oil but I don’t recommend any of the other vegetables like you know Crisco or what about avocado oil I mean you could do that that’s totally fine I don’t know if that one will actually handle the high heat it does I just read it last night that goes for it then go for it so there’s not a problem with the fried foods as long as you’re doing a healthy oil and you’re not doing the carb with that thing you’re frying with right so you have to find it the big thing is like the what your breading it with that’s the big thing what about we just got to try or I saw a package and I bought it didn’t try it yet this I think it’s a chickpea based breadcrumbs I like that a lot better than wheat I think I would like to try that chickpeas they make hummus with is usually it’s a bit of a carbohydrate but it’s it’s hardly any type of sugar and there’s a lot of fiber in there as well so like for example I want to just clarify this people like oh my gosh carrots well carrots are about they’re not high glycemic they’re like medium glycemic on the index scale but they have so much fiber they will not affect blood Sugar’s too much so you really have to think with the whole picture here but you knows whole carrot yeah me and carrot juice a whole carrot with the fiber is not going to be an issue okay hummus is not an issue because it has the fiber and it has very low sugar levels okay that’s really the key as compared to apples which have 19 grams of sugar per Apple it’s like on the fiber true but they do so much sugar in there it kind of offsets that I’m sorry care I like apples I’m sorry I haven’t I know it’s sad it’s very sad sad thing yep okay what if you’re not trying to lose weight well again kedo in an Amana fasting is not just for weight loss it’s for health it’s to improve your health it’s for anti-aging it keeps all sorts of issues at bay infant I mean yeah I got something to say okay it’s always gonna say it’s all in effect okay until another two seconds until you ask the next question okay good um okay so here is a situation that I have run into okay okay now I am not naturally thin I’m not naturally athletic I have to work at everything and I can progress and and like pull at oh okay and it’s frustrating because I can be really really good and then nothing nothing changes in terms of my weight loss okay so let’s just kind of give you a a mini answer to that because that’s really this whole book this book is about every single possible way that it wouldn’t work with a solution but there’s a little checklist that I kind of go through so it’s not working number one I want to look at I always ask like when people say oh yeah I did it and then also know it’s not working well well okay what did you do so I list what they did I thought wow you’re not even doing what you’re supposed to be doing so that’s number one are they doing it correctly okay number two are they doing in a minute fasting I think if they have a slow metabolism they should be really squeezing in that window of eating okay and not cheating just keep it in there consistently the other thing is that sometimes they that because the fast not going away they think it’s all fat but it could be atrophied muscle so the muscle is so wasting it’s not bad it’s just destroyed muscle that you’re gonna have to rebuild right over time it’s gonna take a long time especially if it’s been there for a long time an acorn – nope tree takes time rome wasn’t built in a day right okay I listed up right the next thing I look at what are the other factors what health problems like your the sleep problem yeah a thyroid issue do you have an ovary issue a cycle issue is there inflammation in the body there’s other missing organs missing organs you have a gall but if you don’t you need some some help with that and then also there’s some other things that can speed things up like if you have insulin resistance like most people have which I’m in it I’m not going to kind of go into that because I’ve talked so much about it but potassium B vitamins hands-down those are the two that most people need to make it just kick in a lot better okay so episode of vinegar will improve that the quality of food let’s say you’re doing your fats are soyal what that alone could keep the problem there it’s the hidden things that I’m looking at and usually when you cover all those things and you clear those up then I go to more exercise like are you doing exercise no I’m not okay well plug that in there and let’s take it to the next level and at that point the person is going to lose weight or it’s going to be slow and they’re gonna gradually get better over time so there’s always a way you can improve things what I did is I just put every single possible barrier that you can run into and things you’d even think of because I’ve done this for a few years like 29 years so I ran into every single problem you’re gonna possibly imagine that you know may not be a problem but it may okay so you touched on something else I never up until recently ever had a belly I had hips but never belly hit a certain age well belly going on a little bit belly got a little bit of that we going on but um but also you say okay that could be adrenal or that is adrenal but I’m exercising how much exercise is too much exercise when you have adrenal when do I exercise how do I know if the exercise is too much not enough it’s very confusing there’s things that are really really important and things that are not very important okay or maybe they’re less important the most important thing is driving insulin down okay keeping insulin down so that would be the eating eating correct eating will give you 85% of results exercise will give you 15% so people that work out and think oh I can eat what I want because I make sure it’s the burning of calories good luck on that one Wow so that’s one thing the other thing is that the adrenal hormones especially cortisol tend to turn your own muscle into sugar raising it turns your muscle into sugar yeah because it’s in a state of flight-or-fight or stress so it’s just going to mobilize that muscle and convert that into sugar and that’s going to end up with a high insulin so now we’re dealing with we’re trying to lower insulin so so in reality the problem with the adrenal is it turns you into insulin insulin problem and you become a diabetic eventually so it boils down to that insulin so we have all these things that can do it eating sugar eating too frequently and stress so in that case you know you have to support the adrenal take nutrition for that belly fat okay so say I have very stressful life but I’m not eating any sugar right but I have a really stressful life I’m not really sleeping working working working or we hear we heard this all the time right in the practice we live in the DC area and people come in all kinds of jobs I sleep two hours a night I sleep three hours a night I have an incredibly stressful job say I had that lifestyle and I ate no sugar are you telling me that cortisol that comes from the stress is going to turn my protein my body protein into sugar yes yes that’s what I’m telling you I just don’t make sure I udders do that I never really understood that before witnessed and understanding well that’s fascinating it is so I mean that could be frustrating of people saying I’m doing everything right in a diet and I’m just not losing anyway you take take any person that has gained weight on their life and find out what age what point of time they start gaining weight and then just ask them what happened just before you start gaining weight and you’re gonna find a lot of people are gonna mention a stressful situation so that’s gonna be spiking the cortisol BAM I mean oh I got I got pregnant Wow that’s transfer I had a divorce I had a loss of a loved one BAM so what happens it happens it happens a lot actually so so all that can be supported by what the adrenal but take care of your adrenals making sure that you’re doing things to de-stress if I write you you have to remove the thing that’s stressing you out okay so that’s the neighbors have to move get a new job or or and no and I’m sorry and and actually support and build back up the adrenal by acts there’s acupressure techniques I recommend they do really work I used the techniques and then nutrition and supplements and things like that while you remove the actual source of that stress that it’s still there right even if it’s your job like some people just can’t end their jobs yeah some people hate this some people hate their job you know maybe they love their job but it’s still incredibly stressful maybe it’s it’s yeah a good job and it’s financially a good job but it’s incredibly stressful there are still things they need to do they absolutely need to do to to balance the stress like I said that’s the walking or the yeah relaxation time or whatever you’re just gonna have to improve it somehow you’re gonna have to improve it you just can’t get in a situation where you’re stuck between a rock and a hard place it’s not a good place to be in so you got to do something to improve it at least to make it less of a problem that’s staying away from negative people that’s the big one are critical critical people over the critical for so if you have a youtube channel you may have some haters an example P haters Tube channel yeah you have haters down there that basically will make chopped liver out of you thank goodness we can delete those guys right yeah you can delete those guys to the goddesses really have to regardless of who you are you’re gonna get haters I mean it just happens it’s just a nutritional deficiency probably and that and insulin resistance I mean Here I am I’m creating this video on how to help a child you know lose weight right and it’s just like great advice then I get a thumbs down from someone right I’m like really why so yeah you have to remove this stress from your life so changing the food adding walks removing the negative people from your environment strangles Nason therapy Dilli that but sometimes you feel like that yeah right but it’s just you have to get that stuff out of your life as best you can troll Alt Delete Control Alt Delete yeah Control Alt Delete right here okay that’s the therapy that’s good okay so you have one last question even though we’re doing five actuaries I know we’re at seven that was a just-in-case and I think that that’s a wrap okay great thank you though for coming out yes thanks for watching stay tuned for Malta we’ll get to as many questions as we can that’s right yeah see ya yeah

This Post Was All About Dr. Berg & Karen: Questions & Answers on the Ketogenic Diet and Other Stuff.
Dr. Berg & Karen: Questions & Answers on the Ketogenic Diet and Other Stuff

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