Dr. Berg Interviews Naturopathic Doctor Nadia Pateguana (PCOS)

Dr. Berg Interviews Naturopathic Doctor Nadia Pateguana (PCOS)

Dr. Berg Interviews Naturopathic Doctor Nadia Pateguana (PCOS)

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hey guys welcome back we had a special guest it’s Nadia petiguana and nice to meet you I’m glad that you’re here you’re a naturopathic doctor right that’s right thank you awesome absolutely you know the reason I wanted to bring you on is two reasons one is that you are gonna be one of our special guests at the upcoming summit which I’m really excited to have you attend and you have a lot of great experience in in Quito and in a minute fasting and polycystic ovarian syndrome actually you you work with dr. Fung right Jason come in Megan yeah awesome will welcome your you’re right now living off the coast of Africa right no I’m from the coast of Africa I’m living in Portugal so I okay great well welcome I so what’s the lichen in your country I’ve never been there is what’s the food like so I’m from a country called Mozambique which as you said is on the coast it’s on the east coast of Africa it used to be a Portuguese colony so there’s a connection between Mozambique in Portugal that’s why I’m importing right now because I speak Portuguese and so Mozambique isn’t on this it’s right on the border with South Africa so it has a lot of influences it had a food-wise three major influence is obviously the African influence all around Portuguese the Portuguese warn Mozambique for 500 years and Indian because there’s a very large Indian community of Pakistani I guess that part of India but back in the day it was it was when they came from India was India and so that’s what the food is like it’s a mix of Portuguese which basically it’s a kind of food that has a lot of pork a lot of seafood a lot of olive oil that’s the Portuguese type of Mediterranean type of cooking mixed with very spicy food like Indian spicy food and then African food at least in our country and a peanut based type of curry sauces [Music] you’re getting me hungry this designs really good sounds amazing so compared to American foods I’m sure it’s healthier I would imagine well it used to be I think which is part of my journey my professional journey I I grew up in Canada so I’m from this lovely tropical exotic country but I grew up in Canada so I only went to I left Mozambique when I was one so I only went to eat in Mozambique when I was 25 turning 26 when I finished naturopathic College as soon as I finish as soon as I finished my board exams I was dying to go back to my home country really because I thought I was gonna do all these great wonderful humanitarian things which is a very North American kid mentality to be totally honest and then when I got there I realized that wasn’t really gonna be the case and so I started working against my will but that was the only thing that was available to me then I started working as a nutritionist dietician and what did I learn I learned that the people in my city of course cities are very different than the countryside but in my city were very much exposed to the western-style diet so right now the diet is very much KFC coca-cola heats in that kind of diet of course they still have their traditional dishes and but the funny thing is the only these traditional healthier dishes on holidays it’s much more of a holiday type food during the week people tend to eat a very Western based type of diet in my opinion and so the people that I was seeing in clinic and that’s why I had to kind of learn this cuz I didn’t I wasn’t taught this in school was how to treat metabolic syndrome I was seeing people that were obese diabetic with cardiovascular disease and eventually just by luck stumbled across sort of fertility struggles and got into that because of my own personal journey but really the diet is was wonderful it’s a wonderful diet but it’s been very like every other country it’s very influenced by globalization in the Western culture yeah hey we I know that very I’m like I’m from the Midwest and this is what we were raised on I didn’t have a chance to even start in a nice good healthy country but um the you had infertility issues and then you why don’t you just stumble on some things that just turn things around for you well actually because like I said I because I didn’t really I wasn’t taught in naturopathic College just like no it’s it’s different than medical doctors right or the instruction education of a naturopathic college is very much geared towards natural therapies and acupuncture and homeopathy and of course we do all the medical sciences and we do we do have nutrition probably more than medical doctors but it’s not just like you probably got in school you know for your 3 whole 3 hours and I got a little bit more than 3 hours a lot more but it wasn’t it still wasn’t the way that we’re hoping today that people are gonna learn nutrition so it was very much like you know this food has this vitamin and that food has this and so when I went to Mozambique and people wanted help to lose weight I had to make it up I didn’t have any face to go on oh you know I I I was given everybody at the beginning the very same eat less move more more Whole Grains sort of I really was until I started to figure out ok this is not gonna work and then I had some basis a natural at the college we did talk about gluten and so I started to remove some grains and eventually I started to make up my own plans based on just trial and error point very early on in my journey I would say within the first year or two I’ve been a naja path for 15 years now so right at the very beginning I had this person get pregnant accidentally quote-unquote and that was that’s when I started to realize that there was something there way before I started trying to get pregnant and their story was very interesting because it was a couple that had it was a South African couple had been married for 13 years and six or seven years into their marriage after many IVF it’s funny because South Africa is a very big IBF medical community they’re not they have very I have family members that have gone through it very successful they’re very good at it I’m not sure why but that’s just an aside so the this couple had tried IVF numerous times I’m successfully and they adopted a little girl so by the time they came to see me in Mozambique they were living in Mozambique at the time your daughter was already six or seven so anyway they’ve been married for about thirteen years and she’s never got pregnant with IVF and whatnot then she did my diet which was an ethos it was a very low carb diet I mean at that point I’d already figured out that in order to help people lose weight I had to go low-carb I figure that moves less move more eat less thing wasn’t worth thinking that I am going to get away but I had to call it in detox mm-hmm do is I would throw in this eat dogs once a month and then the rest of the month we were eating healthy cards and then you know and I was doing this carb cycling thing with them so that was I don’t know 12 13 years ago and then three months later this woman and her husband come to my office and the husband is the one that’s wanting to know what’s what’s going on how is my wife pregnant it’s been 13 years we’ve done IVF we’ve done what happened here and I didn’t know nor was that the intent she just wanted to lose weight so that was my fruit and that that of course stayed in my mind and then it started to happen more and more often and then it became a dope like don’t go to that doctor unless you want to get pregnant and then it just kind of happened and and somewhere down the line I had my own issue and I and I went back I said you know I don’t know what it is but that’s what I gotta do to get pregnant and it worked for me as well so by the second time I try to get pregnant I did have a doctor a friend of mine and she said she made a connection for me she’s like it’s insulin resistance that’s what it is and I was like Wow and so then for men of course you know it was very clear and it coincided with the time that I went back to Canada I had my second child I met dr. Fung and I started working with them so fascinating so let’s talk about PCOS we it’s polycystic ovarian syndrome and they always say that insulin resistance is associated with it but actually it causes it I mean it’s like thank you yeah yeah and then when you when you say you you got her introduced to Jason Fung and then use I’m sure that at that point I would imagine that you started to implement a lot more innovative fasting or he was already well very well known to me maybe not as well-known as he is today but in naps but I had already been quote-unquote stalking him okay cool I knew enough about him I had started fasting I I did start keto way before that but I started fasting we were very interested in his work my husband had already started looking at to fasting and actually my husband’s very first fast was a super long fast it was a 12 day fast so we were very into it and then I went to a conference and I knew some people in South Africa and they introduced me to him and so it was you know but I had already contacted him before I was in Toronto and I wanted to work with him you know IMing was off and and so it all worked out so there’s a lot of women now that are getting some ideas somewhere to the internet I don’t know what article they’re reading but yeah well women shouldn’t do fasting because it’s going to mess up their hormones what’s your what’s your take on that well most people that I’ve worked with over time not because I wanted to to be honest this fertility thing as I said just kind of stumbled upon me mostly I worked with people with metabolic syndrome right but the reality is that people most people that look for this kind of help or the photo and nutritionists are still women and probably you know pre perimenopausal or postmenopausal around eyes probably been you know the highest percentage of people that search for people like me and since I’ve been working with Megan and Jason Megan and I worked very closely together in clinic when I first started with them I was in clinic because I was a natural path I could work in in clinic and couldn’t work which was great that’s how I got my basis right and same with them when the majority of their of their patients are women so Megan and I’m gonna give me this source here because way better than anything I can tell you is just to go to the source she’s got a series of blogs on women and fasting because because of this and so if you go to IDM program comm slash blog and you search women and fasting there’s a series of blogs that Megan has written as a woman number one she’s a young woman she’s in her mid thirties but she’s a woman nonetheless and she has treated thousands of women you know adult women in all age groups and so what she says and then I’m gonna leave this out there for you I know your listeners and the people that follow you or very informed people and so it would be easy enough for them to understand this but what she says is that every time she reads something but women that shouldn’t be fasting and then she goes in searches that person and their repertoire and their experience you just can’t compare their experience to her experience I mean she’s been doing this for over eight years both personally and professionally they have thousands of women that they have followed so it’s really a myth why would I leave it there I agree a hundred percent in fact if you pull the string a lot of times I said well I’m doing I’m doing fasting and it’s making my hormones worse you find out it’s like the five and two I said oh so you’re basically five days of the week you’re pretty much eating than normal whatever you want and then two days you’re doing a low calorie diet and you’re sorry yeah and you’re you personally you’re not gonna have a chance to adapt secondly it’s not the way to build fertility I remember you know when I was in practice I was um putting people on fasting and I noticed would improve fertility I remember one lady she she actually was scheduled to come in she didn’t come in called her offices and her husband answered says oh yeah I told my wife she can’t come back to you I said why because she’s getting worse oh yeah after you know you’re treating and she’s getting worse she’s feeling sick like oh well sorry to hear that two weeks later they show up my office we’re sorry that was morning sickness she got pregnant and I’m like you’re welcome so yeah it does improve fertility because you’re especially if you do it healthily I mean you’reyou’re not just starving you’re having nutrient-dense foods and but the main thing is the high insulin what that does to a female’s hormones and a male hormone I mean it’s just messing everything up so so that’s like we need to talk about androgens for example um I guess people actually automatically think well they didn’t they can’t seem to get their wits around how insulin can trigger antigens but it does since the resistance increases antigen so yeah there’s great diagrams out there q if you look it up I mean dr. Frank and I are doing some work together on PCOS it’s something that’s gonna come out next year but and so there’s a lot of there’s there’s some significant research out there I mean from my friend in Mozambique in in 20 whatever year it was 2012 to say to me what do you mean it’s insulin resistant I think Barcelona I think that’s what she did her her oh it she was like so obvious like wrong and it really if you look it up insulin we think of insulin and we think Ivy’s right we think insulin and we think obviously metabolic endocrine hormones but it has major reflective functions and yes does affect both female women and men and what you want to do is balance out that insulin you can’t have too little but you can’t have too much either and so that’s exactly we’re trying to do and it is true that in the process a lot of women feel like their cycles make it longer or make it shorter I mean they’re there it’s still balancing out right there’s a there’s there’s a sort of balancing act that’s on there and when insulin is is leveled then your your reproductive hormones work out better there’s other things do move it if insulin affects mood because it affects the sympathetic nervous system it has other functions except that we all think of or many people think of insulin as just being an endocrine or metabolic hormone but it isn’t no it’s actually one of the most it’s probably the most dominating hormone because in the presence of too much insulin you get a nullification of thyroid all all the of the growth hormone testosterone you have all these hormones or just get nullified especially when you’re dealing with fat burning too so it’s you know you can do all these great things you could try to stimulate your thyroid hormones your growth hormone your anti-aging hormone but if your insulin is too high those things get nullified you cancelled out you don’t see the benefits so yeah it’s um I think just a matter of educating people on the truth of this so and then with fasting you instantly have this additional benefit of repair action and genes that get turned into start turned on to start to repair all all different parts of your body so that’s like huge so the combination and that’s what I always recommend you know if you were to do the key to a little carb and then just eat constantly all day long you know it’s not gonna help you so you want to do both that’s just that’s my opinion I’m sticking to it well your opinion though is is not just an opinion of course it’s based on a lot of experience and seeing this firsthand a lot of people are talking about eat or they’re talking about fasting but then as Megan says if you go and look into their experience they have no experience right this subject matter they’re giving a lot of opinions no experience for whatever reason whether because it just didn’t want to get into it or because they read something a long time ago and they were just turned off by it so now they’re just repeating what they’ve heard but what experience do they have have they actually as anyone has any medical doctor or any health professional that’s people through the ketogenic diet or intermittent fasting how about say Oh No you know I was wrong it’s caused them harm I haven’t seen that yet no one I have not seen that absolutely not yeah I mean like unless you’re in practice and you work with real people over and over and over over a period of yours you’re not gonna see this like even with me I didn’t accept insurance I was all cash practice so it forces you to you know people are gonna pay you you better get results or they’re not coming around so it forces you to take it to the next level where you’re doing everything you can to research and figure things out because unfortunately in school like you said I think I got four and a half hours of nutrition less sorry it wasn’t it was so it was just all the wrong information I think there was a little nutrition class and then there was a it was a joke and so you’re graduating going okay how do I do this so you just have to figure it out when you graduated so there’s there’s not enough time to really learn everything while you’re in school because you just have to get through the tests I mean unfortunately that’s how its rigged you know so yeah so that’s interesting I mean as a naturopath I I look at my colleagues now I don’t practice as a naturopath anymore only because I’ve moved out of Canada and now I’m in Portugal I have to figure out getting a license here I did get a license in Mozambique in about six months let’s see how long it’s gonna take me here I mean I I like to keep my my license active I do like to see people in clinic so it’s something that I’ll probably look into but since I’ve been working with IDM its it’s gonna be three years coming up very shortly the first two years I was in clinic but during that time we already had this online program so you get to speak with a lot of people all over the world which is wonderful and for me that’s really all I want to do I consider myself a dietary educator I don’t necessarily work as a naturopath so it doesn’t matter to me whether I have a naturopathic license or not does naturopath tend to do many other things you know they’re running Theriot specifically they’re considered primary health care providers this is in Canada and the province where dr. Fung and Megan are at so I was actually supposed to be following people as a primary health care provider but that’s not really what I do I provide dietary education so I help people as you said with low carb diets and intermittent fasting and I can do that anywhere online what works out really well especially because people need constant support when they’re starting out they have questions they want to be able to you know call you and so this is the program that Megan and dr. Fong have set up I think that’s smart you’re gonna reach more people and you don’t you know we with the internet you eliminated space so you can pretty much contact anyone anywhere without having to drive there or travel or anything like that it’s so nice and and I’m sure I don’t know how to get that if this happens with you but you have someone that might meet some help and they they start presenting all their symptoms and everything and it really comes back down to okay well let’s first make sure you’re doing the basics okay you know boom boom boom and usually they’re not you get them doing the basics nothing fancy and they start seeing amazing results so that’s one of the things that frustrated me frustrated me because I didn’t do enough education in my clinic so they were constantly just dependent on dr. Berg what do I do for this what I do for that and now it’s just what I’m doing videos put them out there this is how you get the basics in there and then the amount of results and you don’t have to necessarily treat every single symptom because they it gets better by getting in these basic really vital key things which I think if they were implemented it would just you know create a huge dent into all these these problems now and the drugs and everything it’s just insane I mean the simple thing of cutting your carbs down fasting those two things right there okay so you’re gonna handle so many issues yeah and it sounds I mean today when we tell people well let’s do some fasting but let’s cut your carbs they you know you know get unless it come to you right once they’ve already done their own sort of processing and journey and they come to you and they’re ready beautiful it works out really well it’s simple you know it’s this is what dr. Fung is always saying it’s simple it’s free you know fasting is super easy once you exercise that muscle of course when I’m talking about fasting there’s many different schedules for many different people and you can you know you can start with the basics which is just cutting out snacks for example this is huge and then you know all the other intermittent fasting scheduling protocols can be implemented over time depending on people’s comfort level depending on their goals etc but when you tell them tell somebody who’s slowly not ready or hasn’t been properly and educated they think you’re completely nuts and brought it it’s so funny because just this weekend or I guess today’s Saturday but just yesterday it was it was a holiday here on Thursday so for me this is a long weekend but I was looking at the history of sort of the Canadian dietary guidelines because it’s the same as everywhere else in the world right the dietary guidelines are very similar all over and influenced by a whole bunch of stuff I was looking I wanted to see what it would it look like before you know the famous 77 1982 sort of guidelines like Amen started all this craziness that were you know but we’re now kind of having to deal with and and I found this awesome little thing it’s called it’s not a it wasn’t a guide live it was like a food what what you should eat basically for Canadians in 1949 and it was they had breakfast and they had some instructions basic stuff it was like an egg and bread yes they did he carves it’s not that people didn’t eat carbs but if you look at this just this basic it was a breakfast with you know with an egg and it was a piece of slice of toast I think with butter and it was cereal with milk I was breakfast was it said lunch or lunch or dinner assuming that people weren’t having a whole bunch of meals which many very for me this doesn’t shock me because I always use the example of Mozambique people in Mozambique not in the city but in the country still live a very rural obviously life me can live off the land okay they don’t have money to go to grocery stores and buy stuff so they live off the land if I basic things there’s basically two or three things that they buy a month and then the rest of the stuff they grow and they have one or two meals simple and I think people think of fasting is this like oh my gosh craziness but not too long ago people were having two maybe three meals and that was it and that was normal no snacks snacking was completely ridiculous there was no packaged stuff anyway you know most of the time there is people just didn’t they live off of normal stuff you know they could have bread they did have rice they had potatoes potatoes was on this pie line I think it was pretty important back in 1949 in Canada but it was yeah within their meals and dr. fun talks about this all the time you know every culture let’s have a staple you know like in parts of of Africa sweet potato or it’s Tsavo which is a root whatever and in Asia we all know they eat a lot of rice it’s within their meals the main thing there is that they were eating main meals not snacking so they were eating two three meals a day what’s happening now with your patients and my clients doctor is that they’re already insulin resistant I already have a metabolic syndrome so now we’re not talking about healthy diet now we’re talking about therapeutic eating and how our therapeutic fasting right because now you’re gonna you’re trying you’re trying to help somebody reverse a situation that’s been caused by eating too often so now you need to eat less often right yeah our bodies were developed ten tens of thousands of years to not eat and that’s how you know we’re not like we’re specialists at starving and surviving under conditions where where there’s not a lot of food that’s it’s in our DNA and we do very well with that we’re really good at storing fat we can store an unlimited amount of energy and that came that environment but now I know it’s hard to believe but you can actually call someone in order food delivered to already cooked within a half-hour that’s incredible it’s amazing eats even existed it to lemon was to Portugal I am sure they have any Canada but I just I didn’t know it’s like you can get food instantly because I got to eat every hour and a half I just have to constantly eat if it’s the situation it’s terrible well I’m really excited to have you come to our summit have you ever been to Washington DC I don’t think that I have no not Washington I do have a very good friend that lives in Washington you’d think I would have gone sooner but I’m so excited oh you’re gonna love it you’re actually gonna be in Maryland but it’s right over the border but it’s just a simple gorgeous place it’ll be at the Gaylord hotel which is a hotel that I always wanted to do an event at or a seminar we’re doing our second one it’s just it is just simply gorgeous it’s massive and they’ll be the coolest people that you’ve ever met will fly in there and these are people just watching us on YouTube and they know they’re gonna come and they’re all just very enthusiastic and we’ll have a blast some great speakers and you’re gonna be talking about PCOS in detail but but making it simple for people to get so it’s going to be exciting I’m super excited I loved your your YouTube video there’s a proper name for it but your launch figures it’s super it made me really excited to think about being part of it oh great yeah I had um I had Jared who basically is a guidance never been trained on video he just watched YouTube videos he learned how to edit he does all my he’s my videographer he does all my video and editing and he just did an incredible job of putting together the difference between last year and this year’s we’re gonna we’re shooting for a thousand people so it’s gonna be double the size so it’s just a bunch of really amazing people that just love the information and we’re gonna have a really good time so those of you that are watching it’s a mandatory seminar you have to come though I’ll put a link down below so you could actually check it out but we’re already filling up pretty fast and so those are people are sitting on the edge don’t wait too long because I would hate to have you go our books we can’t fit anyone else in the room because you have to book these a year in advance by the way and this is what’s happening to do many of the low carb conferences that we’ve been going to right like before it was like you know a couple dozen people maybe then it was a hundred two hundred and now we’re seeing close to a thousand people and then it’s you know a month before or so we’re saying there’s no more spots and we’ve got a whole bunch of people that are desperately trying to get a spot but you can’t right you can’t magically create more room and we’re spying this hat this is happy it’s happening which is a good sign it just there’s a whole bunch of doctors that come to these things because doctors of course you want to make a difference it’s not a big bone right but they want to learn a and then there’s a whole bunch of people other people that have been affected by this personally and just really want to be continued to be a part of it or people that are learning about it so I I it is true what you’re saying I think if people are interested in coming to this one specifically I you know I’m saying that just based on experience for my own clients because I know I had a lot of people really disappointed that they hadn’t weren’t able to go to past ones yeah awesome thank you so much

This Post Was All About Dr. Berg Interviews Naturopathic Doctor Nadia Pateguana (PCOS).
Dr. Berg Interviews Naturopathic Doctor Nadia Pateguana (PCOS)

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In this video, Dr. Berg interviews a special guest, Nadia Pateguana, a Naturopathic Doctor. She is one of the guest speakers in the upcoming keto summit this August 31st to September 1st. Nadia has a lot of great experience with the ketogenic diet, intermittent fasting, and PCOS or Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome.

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