Dr. Berg Interviews Keto-Carnivore Coach Tristan on Organ Meats

Dr. Berg Interviews Keto-Carnivore Coach Tristan on Organ Meats

Dr. Berg Interviews Keto-Carnivore Coach Tristan on Organ Meats

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[Music] awesome hey guys welcome we have a great special guest today Tristan is here he’s a famous YouTube guy he basically I kind of think he’s off the grid but he’s really not to a full degree so I guess you man I know you’re a high tech it’s it’s yeah I guess you know what I admire about you you basically are doing what you really want to do you just a lot of people want to just move to someplace where it’s out of the you know out of the society and like you just basically did it with your family and you’re you’re living off the land it seems like so that’s pretty pretty admire well thanks man I really appreciate it you know I mean we don’t we don’t necessarily when I hear we look living off the land I I would of course I’ll go to kind of an extreme of like what it’s actually like to live completely off of you know your own land it’s something I think is a beautiful idea but in the modern world it’s kind of almost impossible to do you know I mean without proper training we haven’t been trained generationally to even know shoot how to feed ourselves by going to the grocery store right we don’t even understand what to buy in the grocery store nonetheless how to completely harvest our own land so I think it’d be so cool to live off of our own land I think one day well I just saw I just I was looking at some of your videos and it looked like you have some land looks like you have some cows looks like you so I just assume that you eat those cows yes well did you have cows we haven’t eaten any of our own cows at this point okay plan on eating most of these cows some of these cows we’re ready to be almost now so yeah so we do we got a bunch of chickens and we’ve got a dog that eats more of our chickens than we do because we get a lot of eggs but I actually find when you eat a lot of meat when you eat you know you’re doing like a ketogenic diet or something you’re gonna have like fatty cuts of meat and so if you get t-bones regularly which our daughter loves t-bone steaks so get those t-bones and we feed them to the chickens we find that their egg production has almost doubled so I think we’ve probably got like a 3540 percent increase in egg production just from giving them more bones and leftover scraps I really like to eat marrow as well so oh I love marrow I love Meryl it’s just hard to get enough of it you know you like get this and you get this little scoop of marrow it doesn’t really add up yeah okay what are you gotta get the whole boho what’s it so nice you get the whole bone you know when you live somewhere where you’re close to a food source or if you’ve got you know everybody no matter where you live even if you live in a city there’s going to be I mean even if you check your local Craigslist you might be able to find providers who’ve got you know the organic farms nearby about grass-fed animals and you can get a whole femur bone and if you get that whole femur bone you don’t have to get it cut up if you got like a saw at your house got a bandsaw you can think you cut that femur bone however you want I like to use an axe myself in the backyard I just like to chop it down what’s up now do these chickens they can’t eat bone right I mean like how do they could they break the bone up or do you have to crush them you know what they just pick it they pick all the little bits out of it that you don’t get all the collagen I’d say the entire collagen network it’s all tied into the bone I mean we think of our of our body almost I think it’s it’s funny I mean you as a chiropractor you probably see this a lot when you’re working with other chiropractors I know you actually trained other doctors but I mean we tend to look at the body as like well you have the bone and that’s separate from the muscle and then you have the blood vessels but when you actually look at the the matrix of your body these you’re looking at systems within systems within systems of magnetic fluids electrified moving through your blood which is you know this paramagnetic substance filled with iron and it’s constantly interacting with the mitochondria in your body and pumping through this giant magnet of your heart and this all this whole matrix of fluids and metals and salts and I mean there’s just so much going on electricity it’s not just like you know the bone and then the collagen and you just peel the collagen off it’s this stuff is all intertwined and when you actually look at a bone after you cook it you know you make a steak and it’s got that little marrow a bone in the middle you see it opens up all these holes and these juices seep out of it so I mean there’s there’s so much going on there when you look at like protein I’m really big on you know protein coming from something that has eyes or a shell and you know not necessarily a powder not you know whey protein powder while that might have some benefits for some people in certain contexts I just don’t think that that’s uh that’s not food I don’t that is food now for properties that you get from the whole food that you don’t get from these other totally I mean for dinner I had the you I order us wellness meats they ship and it’s like total grass-fed and and the soil is amazing and the farmers are incredible so I have the steak it’s a fifty-five percent fat like it’s the most fat so I’m actually could I cooked the steak and man I just feel so good when I consume that I’ll show you I actually have another thing that I I don’t I order also liverwurst but this is kind of I don’t know if you’ve ever seen this before I don’t have can you pronounce it I would say oh my god yes this has I mean it’s grass-fed liver beef onion white pepper and salt the perfect food right there look at what you would make I mean when I do you know I mean we don’t eat all I wish everything we ate was our own we’re our own animals that would be so nice but it’s cool you live in a place or when you’ve worked with companies like us wellness meats or you know you butcher box or something like that when you know like this is coming from a really good source you know that the whole animal is healthy and very edible you know making sausage or something like that I mean you you you’ve got so much of the animal that is very affordable well not a lot of people really eat nowadays and it kind of gets overlooked and it can be way cheaper than normal cuts oh I bet that that’s pretty affordable that was it Browns Friday yeah it’s pretty full cuz you don’t really I don’t need a lie mean I eat like a chunk of it each day and it’s like it’s just like a superfood because you have you actually have more nutrients than anything on the planet in the organ meats you know so that’s one of the things I want to talk to you about you you I think you said you do a carnivore diet right I do a primarily carnivorous diet now I think that term it’s kind of a C word right now I mean I don’t even know what the carnivore diet is right a lot of people say there’s this diet that dad’s a keto diet whereas you know you I know there’s a million different ways we can spew a ketogenic diet right I do keep in a diet that basically comes all from the animal kingdom right now and that’s not because I believe plants are bad so now because I think that we should all eat this way I just find myself gravitating towards these foods and I like to experiment all the time and I’m kind of going through a phase where I’m craving just foods like marrow heart liver fatty cuts of meat and that’s basically what I build my diet around right now and I think other things that I would be consuming would I mean it’s all peripheral you know I like chocolate I think 100 percent chocolates great food some people are sensitive to oxalates they’re highly sensitive dog slices they don’t do well with chocolate I can eat it but I don’t know I just I do find that I function really well on a diet that’s very very low in fiber which I would have never thought that I would say right I used to be so big on fiber but I do find myself gravitating towards lower fiber diet high in animal fats whole unrefined animal fats it’s fast timing I know people they’re always asking me well what do you think about this I said well I think if it works for you great do it I mean I think that when I when I was a vegan woman in my 20s I’m 50 now 53 and I actually had the worst digestion on the planet I mean I was like gaseous and bloating and then one day I had this burger and I was like my whole stomach just stopped bloating I’m like wow wow I mean I was like I thought it was the fiber we needed the fiber but actually you need I mean I think you need some fiber but you and I don’t know maybe there’s a way the microbes live without the fiber but the point is that when I went with more fatty meats my digestive system did very well so I think a lot of people have a problem with you know beans and lentils and all these other things that our bodies just just produce so much gas and then they think they have to dump all this tremendous amounts of fiber as fiber is the secret nutrient I mean I think it can tear you up so I started at consuming fatty hamburger for breakfast I remember and I was like what laughs my digestion second it feels great I was just blown away so then it was like oh my gosh I’m gonna just go for this so I started doing fish in Mead for breakfast and I start stopped eating all these the so called brain and fiber which is you know insoluble just terrible you know I guess the the saying goes that your gut bacteria needs a lot of fiber which we do know there’s certain got bacteria the feed off of fiber certain types of got bacteria can feed off of certain fibers there’s also i’ll you know fungus and yeasts that grow in our gut and they’re not all bad they’re not all good it’s about context and the gut microbiomes fascinating now the assumption would have been myself included i would have assumed this you know three four years ago well you remove all that fiber you’re gonna get digestive issues you’re gonna have constipation you’re not going to be getting the you know the nutrition from your food because you won’t be digesting it because you’re losing gut bacteria now i think that was definitely maybe a little bit of oversimplification in my mind when i look at it now i mean it’s you know we’re gonna have gut bacteria for every single macronutrient not just fiber we’ve got bacteria that are there just to break down fats we’ve got bacteria that are there to break down proteins in our body and all of these are all connected with our immune systems and very intelligent ways that have over millennia been dealing with different dietary pathways but when you look at every diet of every healthy human being or you know every human being on this planet before a hundred or two hundred years ago the main part of every single cultures diet that’s unavoidable are animal foods so you know i mean whether it’s in india whether they’re vegetarian and they don’t iver Emaar the population they’re still obsessively consuming milk cream and cheese and dairy products so it’s animal husbandry animal foods in my opinion and you’re not gonna really be gaining by removing these and i would say that that is objectively true i guess i’m gonna say my opinion i do believe that to be objectively true which kind of talk about that quite a bit on channel cuz i I was a vegan myself for a little while and eating a very high fiber diet not that I’m totally against fiber but I think we tend to look at plants so we can be naive and looking at plant says all of them being so deliciousness and so great and like plants are just this panacea of health I think what we might be seeing and a lot of the medical literature is what these plant foods replacing and that’s usually well the bun on the burger you know I mean if you replacing wheat with fruit and vegetables like a lot of people do and they go into a vegan diet they’re gonna feel they better so I think if we don’t want to simplify it too much but uh the gut microbiome is a complex thing and it does need to digest proteins and fats as well and eating very little fiber for me now at this point feels very good so I I kind of do what’s right for me well what was the thing when you were a vegan what was the thing that said you’re you made the shift into or out of veganism out out of veganism okay so vegan for me was a way to get healthy it was a way to try and use diet to make mice make my body perform better right I just I wanted to feel better I wanted to be clear-headed I wanted to be without allergies asthma chronic pain degenerating discs I had injuries so I started looking at diet and as you probably know being a chiropractor I mean you’ve been around this stuff for a long time especially in the mid 2000s a lot of people’s go to alternative health method was leaning towards plant-based diets right it was you know people were getting into like raw vegan which I wasn’t really too into a periodically I’ll go through appears where I’d play around with the idea but that was you knows it’s disastrous for my gut disastrous for my well-being and I definitely felt better than on a standard junk food diet but long-term I ended up getting really really sick I contracted some sort of a viral or bacterial infection I think it was a virus or I don’t know whatever happened to me I was in bed for a week and there was a I couldn’t drink water for several days of that week I was evacuating everything I put in my body I couldn’t hold anything down I thought I was gonna have liver failure that was what was coming to mind because I could feel I was just I felt so inflamed and I felt so deathly sick and when I was so sick I remember actually telling my wife it was horrific it was it was beautiful at the time it was like but I remember thinking back was so terrible I remember telling her what I might die like I feel like a dyke and it wasn’t me just telling her as a joke like I got the flu a dying babe it was like it was an intense experience so um anyways I ended up getting really hungry for Chickenfoot so sick and I don’t know why I’d never had chicken food soup chicken foot soup in my life I just knew that uh traditional Chinese medicine they always used organs and they would use the bones and they would use the whole carcass and make soup and they would do it for people that cold and flu so I thought this is what I need when they come out of this I’m so nutritionally depleted I’ve been eating quinoa and feeling guilty when I sneak in cheese or something just because it was this idealistic thing of all I can live without those animal foods I can do it other people maybe fail because they’re not eating a Whole Foods diet I’m gonna do it all Whole Foods lentils beans rice quinoa and a little bit of goat cheese every now and then but it wasn’t necessary no which I was I was fooling myself that goat cheese was priced saving my butt every once in a while I mean even though making b12 supplements and stuff it just for me it didn’t work so yeah first thing I had was chicken foot soup after that was just made the transition you know um I have a good friend who’s a podiatrist and she does surgery on people’s feet all the time and she can always recognize a vegan I’m like what what are you talking about when she does surgery smell right now I’m gonna know that the the tissue it looks gray the tissue is gray it’s not bright red like it’s great and I’m like what she goes oh yeah all of my doctor friends could spot you know like well that’s interesting that’s amazing that’s incredible now yeah I mean we you’re probably looking all right so a lot of the arguments the argumentation I’d say the main argumentation you’ll see on the internet against not eating plants the scurvy so lack of vitamin C scurvy what is wrong with where what happens in it scurvy that’s you know the noticeable you know degenerative factor is you’re not able to synthesize collagen so you start breaking down but what’s crazy is when you actually look at all these people that are doing diets with no plants in them you look at the Plains Indians over with they were including certain plants right but you look like so I guess maybe the Plains Indians aren’t the best argument or that but they did eat primarily from the Buffalo and then you have the Inuit living off of mostly all animal foods but of course they would have some kelp and stuff like that so you can’t use that as an example either but when you look at a lot of people that are doing these diets now there’s a lot of people that are getting by on steak for there’s a few people Charlene Anderson for instance and Joelle Anderson they’ve got two kids I’m not saying this is a good idea I’m not saying that I know that they’re healthy because I don’t know these folks but apparently allegedly they’ve been doing 20 years just on steaks and they all seem to be in phenomenal health and they yeah they they get attacked online for it and they’ve had to remove certain blog posts because of the negativity that comes to them but I it’s funny what we consider extreme these days right it’s like I think a lot of this stuff is culturally induced and recent taboos against foods like organs foods like meat we think these foods are bad bacon and eggs for breakfast oh my goodness that’s terrible when it’s like that’s what your grandparents did and your parents were Keeling over from cancer at 30 years old they weren’t getting Alzheimers degrees a disease like I have apparently know that we wouldn’t get an owl’s dimers disease in it disease in neurodegeneration in their early 40s like we’re seeing today so like you know it’s there’s there’s a lot of different arguments against these diets but I think the scurvy thinks fascinating and just going back to where your podiatrists friend notice difference in tissue quality that’s just amazing that when you’re looking at the absence of animal fats and of certain vitamin cofactors like vitamin D vitamin k2 vitamin A all of these involved in the production of your nervous system so if you deprive a pig of vitamin A that pig can be born blind and without eyes and this has been experimentally done many times and proven that their nervous system is not properly forming without these fat soluble vitamins so that’s just really horrifying that you’d see things like that but I wouldn’t because my hip injury that I thought was getting better when I was on a vegan diet I don’t think it got any better at all now that I look back it’s like the amount of healing that I’ve seen and of course it’s years later and when you’re dealing with a lot of you know tissue inflammation and scar tissue and like a hip or something like that it does take time to process but man the regeneration that I noticed as soon as I came out of that vegan paradigm was just remarkable and quite frankly frustrating to me because I I never was ideologically married to it I think I just stubbornly wanted to prove to myself that I could do it and they’ll deeper I got into it the more I kept you know this is just sheer will I’m detoxing it’s just detox those kind of things I would tell myself and looking back it was so silly and even then I knew better but I still got so wrapped up in it I mean once you do something like that you almost have to people have a real hard time being wrong so they have to maintain that rightness despite how wrong it is they’ll keep keeping the right because in Bali all this stuff invalidates their whole paradigm so people have this drive to be right no matter what even if it makes them unhealthy but one of the reasons I brought you on is that I do want to add more recipes for organ meats and stuff and you have a amazing cookbook which you’re you’re sending me and I want to know more about it but I think the the organ mines meats you know the problem is like you have to prepare them you have to make them taste good there’s ways to cook them and the amount of nutrition I mean even like some of the Indians they would consume the adrenal gland not a lot of it just a little bit of them from the caribou which is basically the the main organ that or the gland that has the most vitamin C I think that’s one of the things they got a ton of vitamin C from the adrenal glands because that’s where those how so animal going back to the scurvy thing there’s an interesting point about vitamin C right so when you’re looking at foods like liver with just got more vitamin A than almost any other food that you’re gonna find in the world it’s got 300 like I think for a hundred grams it’s around 360 percent of the daily recommended value of vitamin A and that’s retinol for in vitamin A naught beta carrots right just made a carotene is very different so you know you’re looking at the mineral what’s in these foods and it’s very different for you’re gonna find in plant-based foods and the vitamin C thing I think that’s an interesting point and you know without consuming plant products will you get scurvy so fascinating is you can’t you see with Steffensen you know about the guys Steffensen yeah he lived like the Inuit for a while nice he’s just cute he wants me to hold him so I’m gonna have to hold prop I need so Steffensen lived with the Inuit for years and he hunted with them and he lived among them and he was not eating any plant foods at all during this period he came back and the Western science didn’t believe him that he didn’t get scurvy and died they said that’s impossible without vegetables you’re gonna get scurvy and you’re gonna die and nothing bad happened to the guy so then he was under medical observation for I think two years it was either a year or two years doing the same thing eating organs fatty animal cuts and meat and he was totally fine and if you read you know actually the literature on and they say much to our surprise he didn’t die so they’re trying to prove this you know that it’s really interesting to me the the the difficulty in reconciling the scurvy idea and the not eating plants but but it has been observed and so many people that without eating plants people are not getting these vitamin C deficiencies well I would pause it as an alternate thing that could be happening is you’re getting a lot of these other cofactors that are involved with the building of collagen so you’re eating when you’re eating animal foods you’re eating the entire college and major matrix of the animal you’re getting a lot of glycine prolene which these are also precursors to collagen synthesis so we could be looking at multiple pathways leading to the same destination and perhaps just perhaps you’re not gonna have to worry about scurvy and stuff if you’re getting the right vitamins and minerals in from the whole animal which Stefan said observed and he also noted that if he didn’t eat a lot of fatty pieces and if he just ate lean meat he would get sick get diarrhea vomit and feel like crap so start getting all the scurvy symptom right well I mean there is actually vitamin C in liver I mean um like the gin as well yeah you gave me an active form of vitamin I mean vitamin A you got you got iron you got b12 you got b1 b2 for folate it’s just crazy amounts yeah it’s like a lot of bullet and also coenzyme q10 yeah so correct I’m cute it’s a massive antioxidant very powerful antioxidant your body also mate yeah yeah I mean there’s so many nutrients that you can survive off of I mean you’re gonna thrive you’re gonna thrive so so yes I mean foods like liver if you I think one of the most powerful scenes and like what a modern film is in the revenant when Leonardo DiCaprio his character hasn’t eaten in days he’s completely beaten and busted up he’s almost dying and he finds a guy who had just killed a buffalo and he gives him the raw liver and just the visser allottee of that scene and that being the first thing then the guy looked at him in his eyes and looked at him and you could see just that the most human basic level that non-verbally this guy understood was going on and as it was portrayed in the film it was really beautiful and you just ate that full liver like it was like it was his job and when you look at any apex predators they’re all going for the fatty parts of the animal they go for the liver the heart and they’ll eat the guts is what I don’t they do that for a reason they do not digest that lean meat and look for the nutrients and the lean meat that they do in foods like marrow and liver and heart so these are foods that are actually really really easy to prepare it’s not really hard to make heart or liver a part of your diet like a few times a week making something just like some liver sauteed and butter you know really simple recipes you mentioned our book like we’ve got some recipes for an entire section on organ meats in our book the ketogenic edge cookbook so we’ve got we call it the odd bit section and we teach you just you know how to make bone broth how to prepare liver how to make heart kidney how to prepare tongue how to make your own tallow so I mean there’s there’s so many ways that you can use the entire animal and get really affordable pieces of the animal and they’re the most nutritious pieces so you mentioned like you know vitamin adek folate the amount of b12 and liver is so absurd it’s like this is the food that people would go for first when they were starving and this is literally with one of the most important human foods in the world is liver the liver of ruminant animals especially you know coenzyme q-10 it’s a powerful antioxidant as we age we produce less of it so getting in foods like liver at least you know once a week is something that we definitely made a big part of our lives when we first started out on eating a higher fat diet about five years ago my daughter was a year old after she experienced dental caries was likely due to like that’s why it hit me earlier and you said the podiatrist saw that the bones of these kids we were doing a vegan diet before my daughter was conceived she got dental caries immediately when they broke through her tom by the grace of God we weren’t doing it well she was pregnant but we were you know I wouldn’t have done that I had known I’d known well enough at that time to know that not you know what the one thing I just I just remembered when I was a kid probably five six years old for four of my birthday I don’t know why I requested this my half of my family is Swedish and so that we had all these they had the Swedish butter I wanted butter I wanted a pound of butter I would eat literally just right out of you know just eat butter I just would add the kraid it and now I know looking back I had every single tooth was filled with you know amalgams and because I had so many dental cavities I was trying to find those fat soluble vitamins trying to get them and Nate Lee but obviously it was too late because I didn’t stop eating sugar dough until I was 23 years old and what’s that in when you’re eating sugar it’s the white sugar especially you’re having to leach minerals out of your body to observe and deal with that sugar to absorb what’s the glycation I mean there’s a lot going on so I yeah man that’s crazy and when you look at you what Western a prices book nutrition and physical degeneration that that’s an amazing book so yeah he gets into the same thing he would have kids where they were having behavioral issues and showing I guess what we would consider now autism type disorders where you know social issues not performing well in school difficulty focusing and he would always notice a nutritional component in a degeneration of the teeth he would give these kids foods like cod liver and high vitamin butter oil which was just really concentrated grass-fed butter and they would regenerate and they become the best students in the class frequently so I mean this is it’s a shame that we’re not looking at this more and he even gets demonized I mean a lot of people are well that guy you can’t trust him it’s it’s it’s old that’s an old book and it’s never been demonstrated scientifically in peer-reviewed studies now it’s like well who’s gonna fund who’s gonna fund this study you know let’s take some orphans and let’s give them some good high-fat foods and let’s turn their life around it see you’re not gonna say it’s no money in it it’s a it’s ridiculous that you also do you have like old injuries is that why you had a lot of pain from sports yeah uh yeah no I have just for me being an idiot I heard my hip really bad skateboarding was involved with a vehicle that was totally my fault and yeah so I ran into a car which in turn reciprocated with its gravity right into my hip and I was going pretty fast and yeah so I had a chronic injury there but also I had some degenerative stuff as well because you know you mentioned dental cavities there looking back also had I think six teeth filled when I was ten and then various you know dental issues after that scoliosis was diagnosed in seventh grade and that wasn’t I’m pretty sure it’s not a genetic thing I don’t think that my back was I was just born with it twisted it was postured I mean it was you know my bones not being strong enough perhaps who knows you know just I mean what do we do all day and when were in school we lean over our desks and so I think there are big nutritional deficiencies too that would be involved with the proper growth of your spine and the proper healing and that definitely got me into looking at nutrition as a way to try to regenerate the body and be free of pain and you were you were pretty close to becoming a chiropractor at one point but so so did you do still have hip pain yeah yeah I mean I still have a hip so still hurts every once in a while my left side left side is that where you got hit yeah so I got hit you know going sideways into the side of a car but also I remember I was diagnosed Coley osis before this and even before this injury happened I would I would get knots in my my thoracic spine and had really poor thoracic extension and you know forward neck all this stuff and man I’m really definitely a big proponent or a proponent but I just definitely been believer and posture greatly affecting things like digestion and general health like I I’m uh I’m not a chiropractor so I’ve got no invest no vested interest but but people say chiropractic is whack your chiropractors are quacks I just laughed as a man like a chiropractors and helped me more than any other conventional medicine doctor that I’ve ever been to in my life and I grew up with asthma allergies you know I was taking amoxicillin I remember the taste of amoxicillin I loved it was pink and it was tasted sweet and I would get it when I got here infections and the next time I got an ear infection I’d get more you know I think we all deal with these things antibiotic use low quality foods you know even more abrasive foods once we start trying to get healthy and we think yeah you know I mean I mean eat a bunch of broccoli and maybe if it’s raw it’s better well it’s like no Rob broccoli is not elde food you’ve got to steam that stuff and you’ve got to make it edible so it’s uh yeah the pain and digestion posture all those things are definitely linked to me well I’m gonna I want to give you a little tip on the hip pain because there’s something uh that it’s quite magical you can get rid of hip pain or any injury at all and it’s a very contradictory of so if you if the car hits you on the left side right is that word impacted you on the left hip yep okay so yes you can do this when we’re done here and then you can tell me how you feel but do you have a tennis ball laying around or yeah yeah well alright so yeah all right yes do you ever experience pain still I’ve got a jackhammer next to my desk that’s good yeah you could probably good so you can use that ball on there and so what you want to do and you want to when we’re done lay on the on the floor and lay on your right side and put that ball on the mirror image on the good hip exactly opposing where you got hit on the bad hip you put it on the good head and so and what happens it’s like you want to find the epicenter of that so it’s gonna hurt like hell in fact yeah good side when you press on it it’s gonna hurt way more than you ever thought that it could hurt it’s like always like hypersensitive and that’s just because of the circuits so when I treat people I never ever ever ever work on the side of injury because that just takes too long this new method works like that so you put it on the good side that no one ever even deals with and you lay on it right on that hip right on the mirror image and for about two minutes and then stand up and then see how it feels on the other side it just puts you’ll feel like there’s blood flow circulation it just starts coming back you’re like what the house is so amazing I mean yeah you can put pressure on one part of the body that’s low in the body and you’re gonna affect how your neck is feeling and you you know it’s it’s so incredible especially you have this yeah let’s go ahead oh I do I’m just digging out on just thinking of what the heck’s going on there when you got electrical current and different magnetic fields being created by those electrical currents and there’s only so much energy in the body so it’s like I mean it’s I love thinking about what even happens kinetically hit her in our body when those are going and those things are happening yeah because you have you have a loss of communication lines internet areas of injury so you have a high amount of resistance so you just throw off the entire electrical field so but the cool thing is that that circuit is is connected to the spinal column on the mirror-image side so it’s all one so you can influence this side by working on this side it works with like I was weightlifting with sandals once okay and I had a 45 pound dumbbell and I dropped in my toe okay so that hurt so I instantly started working the opposite BAM took took all the pain way healed real quick same thing with the tip of my finger I closed the door on it crushed it work on the opposite side so injuries you always work on the opposite and like they don’t teach this in school they don’t teach it they actually tell you to start working on the inflammatory areas and you’re on that thing for like the next 10 years it never gets goes yeah it’s like the deeper you dig it into that scar tissue it’s like it’s just like oh yeah I’ll push it right back yes longer yeah right that’s funny and then you find yourself walking differently and then you see that’s gonna affect all the way up your entire spine and if you’re walking weird and you know same thing with gut issues right you can get gut issues that are greatly exacerbated by injuries or vice versa yeah the the biggest thing I see in Pride this is probably the most common thing in practice is gall bladder congestion the gall bladder from probably high insulin right the gall bladder there’s a nerve right connected is called the phrenic that goes right up to the right side of the neck and nearly 100% of time any time people have right-sided headaches right shoulder it’s always the gallbladder you massage the gall bladder the pain goes away I mean that’s so common everyone comes in with it they’re blown away again they’ve been working on the shoulder for the ten years doesn’t it doesn’t help so a lot of pain is referred one yeah yeah it’s just so amazing the human body is so incredible I think you know the way that people look at it we look at it in segments like it’s a I don’t know like that game operation or something right it’s just that’s my arm and in no way is my arm connected to my foot yeah it’s all connected yeah yeah I I have some book that haven’t got a look at yet but uh Thomas Myers Anatomy trains I really want to look at that yet have you ever seen that one he’s just I’m not sure he’s like a body worker of some type or my shirt as a chiropractor but he’s got an interesting interesting perspective just on the holistic nature of the human body and movement I haven’t seen that I haven’t seen it but the thing is when like I had a cast practice and so I didn’t accept insurance and so you had you were forced to get results because if you didn’t get results people aren’t gonna come back so it kept pushing you know more and more like I mean to the point where these people would come in expecting like okay I want all my problems gone into business so like that’s kind of where my head was wrote for many years but like when you have the typical Rock’em Sock’em crack on practice where you’re basically lining people up and you’re just cracking stuff it’s like I think that’s where carp are just get a bad name yeah yeah so I mean you really begin to give me people with corrective exercises and you know showing them how to manage their posture and stuff throughout the day afterwards well what I’m bigging is really understanding that the essence of the injury and all the compensatory muscles that are happening especially with ankle stuff and nice stuff which how it throws off the opposite hip and the shoulder and so going through the whole thing and stripping off all these compensations that’s like very fascinating and then you you find out why the person can’t hold the treatment because they’re they have these muscle that’s been working twice as hard and no one ever dealt with that because they fell on their knee when there were seven and then that created this over here so you’re dealing with like all these interesting ropes that are too tight you’re an accident yeah the psychology of it all – yes probably the huge emotional component you’ll see with people somebody used the press is gonna have a compress I could kya phonic posture that’s gonna affect their how their chest is other breathing how their diaphragm moves I’m just gonna affect their digestion yeah it’s important to get like a history of old injuries I’m talking like falling on your tailbone I mean I was upside down on a swing set when I was five and fell right on my head and compressed and jammed my neck I mean I probably I think what got me so interested is cuz I had pretty much more injury than any person that I’ve ever wanted to ask you you must be I mean that no one gets into chiropractic just cuz like oh I want to make a bunch of money as a chiropractor like you got to have a specific reason Oh injuries wrestling injuries have fractured my neck wrestling in college I mean just snap your neck yeah and then I kept wrestling a broken the ankle the shoulder this I was I was driving a bike up a hill on the cement fast as I could go and I the chain fell off and I landed on this elbow is completely no Sprint in your chain yes the chain canceled words going so hard Oh No yeah and so it actually the told chain it was a the bike jammed and it just threw me right off like you always think you can tuck and roll it happened so fast all I could do is turn my head and kiss the cement and it felt like some of my tooth just like jammed up and I’m like damn like that’s gonna be a while before I feel normal again oh yeah that’s – I just remembered this and they hit my head pretty hard you know maybe you know suburban fence so maybe five foot five and a half foot tall you know like your dad can look over it but you got to climb up it and yeah I was playing hide and seek running from my friend and fell off the top of the fence straight down on my head side down just straight to my head you know like forward you know right there so I’ve got you know I’ve got like a little I mean you just get up and you just like somehow how did you survive learn swear words recently so I think I said some swear words and went to the doctor got a couple stitches he was like now you don’t have a concussion you’re fine kid and then just moved on but who knows I mean I’m sure that wasn’t great for my spinal cord oh your neck you’re an active I was running I was we were playing outside in the dark running I didn’t see the clothesline it was right on my neck and I literally almost severed my head and I mean like I go to school the next day and there’s this huge like red mark and I’m like why did I do that you know so there’s some film I watched a few years ago is like this Ridley Scott film about drug smugglers I forget was called the counselor do you ever watch shows a weird movie now a lot of dialogue I thought it was actually a good film this maybe some people would be annoyed whether it’s very kind of pretentious dialogue but yeah there was a thing where they they they would strung a piece of just metal wire across the road to get a guy’s head when he was on his motorcycle eppard that was pretty picturesque that I remember and that was it yeah that was her that was almost you good thing you couldn’t run that yes I know well I my feet came up I literally couldn’t breathe I’m like I just somehow lucked out I mean I’ve done so many things where it just almost could have went this way and so but if I can you know in one hand it was good because it forced me to come up with techniques that deal with pain and chronic injury and also old injury and inflammation and basically I have I put it all on YouTube so people can watch and get rid of their injuries now you get a help how many people I mean you owe million people pricing your videos so I mean you’ve got what a blessing all these other people that you and I can just be so dumb sometimes idiotic there’s a there’s a condition called reflex sympathetic dystrophy have you ever heard that no it’s called simple a sympathetic reflex well something like that anyway this weird condition is when you get surgery on an area and then you have chronic pain it’s so bad on some people that they basically commit suicide it’s so bad so they it’s after surgery they they have a neuroma on the foot and then they get taken out and now they can’t walk and it debilitated that is the easiest thing to correct on the planet with the and I’m talking within minutes so I’ll have people that will literally come in with that and they’ll walk out like just without any pain so why does that work so well because I work on the opposite side no one does that no one does that they do more surgery on the area of injury and I’m like oh my god it’s like taking an open wound and just like digging in there so so completely sometimes what we think is gonna be good for us a complete opposite of a kind of contra to ative but I actually I contacted some of the support groups I’m like hey guys I can I can help you and it’s weird like they’re not interested I’m like what no thanks I’m like I got my doctor I’m like no no I can get rid of your pain okay no no I’m good I’m like okay all right interesting I mean I mean a guy like you going through all those injuries and then what was the final I mean how did you even hear about chiropractic and and pull the trigger to actually go for it and ten do that well it was ninth grade actually uh my grandfather I never met him but he was a chiropractor and I said well what’s a chiropractor do my mom brought me there after some injuries from wrestling and he said lay down and I don’t know what he’s gonna do and he went and I go oh my god I feel so good I said I said you like what you do and he said yes I said I want to do that so I’m gonna be a chiropractor ninth grade so that’s when I knew so I had to go through pre-med I went through pre-med you had pain before ninth grade so you were in chronic pain I went in there and 14 year old right yeah I mean by the time I was 20 I had my hands were arthritic arthritis down the spine I was like messed up I was like a basketball so that’s what drove me to this saying and then unfortunately the way they teach you in school is not always the most effective I had to kind of figure it out because it didn’t work for me I mean it didn’t hold you know you get adjusted and you have to keep coming back but I will say this if you find a really good doc there’s nothing better than a really good adjustment where he has the right amount of force the right amount of just the perfect amount of tension and bam it’s just like oh my gosh this is it’s the best and my experience too is them knowing what to adjust right rather than just you know if you see him you know if they’re just lining them up with crank and a mouse but yeah I had to shop around for chiropractors because I met a few that were just okay I can tell you just you’re just looking at me as like alright next guy where there’s other chiropractors you sit down you talk to them and they look at you can just you could see it them engineering reverse engineering your body as they ask you questions and you cannot yeah it’s an interesting relationship that develops unfortunately there’s there’s seminars within the car part of community that basically call volume seminars volume go for Vaughn I’m talking like a thousand patients in a week a hundred patients a day and you know you know it’s just it’s they’re not taking the time it’s just Rock’em Sock’em number game just cracker I mean it’s I can crack every bone in your body and then the conventional medicine model right like I guess if you’re you want to be like a normal you know the the American Medical Association that’s that seems to be like the standard of care that I got you go in what are your symptoms right I mean your knee with a piece of rubber up here put this in your mouth for two minutes okay here’s some amoxicillin you gone you know it’s just it was just who am I even talking to like so half of doctors don’t even look you in the face they just walk in all soaked in and inflamed like the face is like five flaps hanging off itself look half-dead like what what is this I had one doctor that I felt cared and he was a he was a really nice guy dr. Linea Weaver he was he looked like John Luke Picard from from Star Trek and he was uh it was an asthma doctor and but he still had asthma but he was it was it was like seven years old but he had running trophies on his desk and he’s like you know still uses an inhaler but he would use to asthma guy and he wanted to help people but all you knew how to do is have you blow into a freaking bingo and then say yeah you’re fighting today here next time you get your next time your lungs seized up and you can’t breathe inhale this steroid and it was like there’s no thinking maybe diet is affecting you you know maybe connections you know maybe you should be looking at other lifestyle factors maybe you shouldn’t be eating Cheerios and Mama should be making you some some eggs in the morning and maybe have some liver once a week you know you’re just little things like that that we don’t get told in abundance and it almost goes against conventional wisdom to what we end up finding out works where it’s like yeah we need fats right and we that’s the heel don’t you find that it’s it’s it’s it’s almost every single recommendation is the truth is the opposite I mean it’s like it’s literally I’m serious it’s a hundred percent it’s so hard it’s so hard to like it could be really hard for me to try and and legitimize any of the things that the mainstream medical establishment says so I’m just I feel like myself constantly just trying to understand from somebody’s perspective who buys into the charade I don’t I think it’s all the big charade at this point it’s like there’s so much it’s so backwards and it’s so maybe that’s just the nature of it though where it’s like I don’t obviously doctors think they’re doing the right thing right and the people of these pharmaceutical companies they probably think that they’re doing the right thing because when you’re blind you can be completely blinded by greed so easily people human beings are so flawed we’re so we’re so open to manipulation by our lower nature that yeah I mean it’s I mean to look at an entire profession and think oh wow that’s like they’ve all been duped it’s really it’s really not that hard I mean humans are greedy creatures we really easily puffed up with pride alright so if you tell somebody that they’re brilliant because they went into $20,000 worth of debt or because daddy pushed him so hard when they’re a little kid made him want to go to Harvard and become a doctor and now you know they’re just trying to pay off their debt now you know it’s like we think that it’s so easy for us to to be blinded and to be ideologically completely possessed by something that’s not beneficial to us or anybody else just because we’re making money or because you know being we’re insecure and we want to be accepted by society we want to be accepted by daddy and mommy so therefore I’m a doctor or a lawyer or you know whatever it is and we tell ourselves and yeah it’s so sad it’s so sad to see people suffer I have a little other theory about like in medical school because I went to pre-med and you you basically do not have time to learn the information you don’t this is too much style it’s too much data it’s volumes of data so what you end up doing is you end up memorizing things getting passing the test without any any application or knowledge or any evaluation of the data to see if it’s true or not so we accept it all is true and then you keep doing that over over years and years and you literally brainwash yourself to the point where you get out of school and you have all these fixed ideas because you you can’t think anymore you you went in be able to think now you can’t think you’re actually dumber when you graduate you can’t even your professors are also in this your professors are just like a little deeper into the prison to like where they figured out like you know they’re like the shot-callers in the prison but they get yeah they get like the the more accolades and they think they get a little bit more power and they get a puffed-up so then you it’s it’s so easy and I look at my university experience and looking at every probably I went to school within the whole system it’s like when you it kids out there if you’re in high school or something when you graduate from university and you know you get your bachelor’s degree then you get your master’s degree then you get your PhD now of course I’ve I stopped at a bachelor’s degree but I’ll tell you this you get your bachelor’s degree you come out just as dumb confused lost frustrated and just totally bewildered as when you graduated eighth grade you’re basically and you can but you have debt and you’re told that you have this responsibility and that responsibility and you know you’ve got you got all this other stuff going on oh man the whole the education systems me I’m incredibly kind of black pilled on the whole education system I think that most of it is just it’s to create ideologies and it’s not really when you look at the people who created the public school system and you look at their writings they actually write about it as a utopian concept that has nothing to do with intellectual endeavor has nothing to do with increasing human intelligence it’s about creating a utopian society of perfect of a perfectly functioning little society as they see it to be ordered which is basically a bunch of people doing repetitive tasks in factories and you know being able to regurgitate information we’re gonna say I’m gonna mold you into being a perfect citizen and you can work in our factories and get your certification and I know it’s I think it’s actually honestly I told my kids that movie metropolis remember it’s like metropolis and and the the neophytes student is the the golem the the the false create creature that’s trying to be made and the whole ritualistic society around it in this film is it’s just there to create this new human which is a total robot in that film and then I guess that’s that’s pretty that’s a pretty funny vision other but I really isn’t so far off from that it’s now now I think some of the brightest minds they may either dropouts or they are self-taught and I mean unless you find it really I’ve had one really good teacher chemistry but other than that I mean there’s some brilliant guys in the humanities departments of the schools that I went to that were like Canaries in the coal mine right there basically in there you know speaking out against what’s all around them that’s what I found there there’s a few good ones in there and then there’s a lot of ideologue who are just totally puffed up with pride and they think they’re geniuses because they have a paycheck and you know 18 year old girls flirt with them over beers at the dining hall it’s sad you know I mean the university system it’s silly and I I think I think it’s valuable to get educated and get and to learn like I have obviously a voracious hunger for knowledge but you know it’s the Internet and now not that the Internet’s perfect or you know that it’s not addictive and she bruins people many ways but we have access to so much knowledge and we can we can learn a lot outside of roarin different structures and I think that there’s better ways to go about it then we do in our modern system and I hope to see reform in it and more independent teachers right like guys like you who are doubt they’re educating people and helping people and you mentioned that you actually would you know train other chiropractors and seminars and stuff too so yeah I think this that’s important yeah that was some it was it was good it was a lot of work but then I found out it was easier to train the lay person I was like wow they don’t have all these fixed ideas so what I did is I said you know what I’m just gonna I’m gonna put all this information out there and see what happens and people liked it and there apply and they get it they don’t I mean I think the more educated someone is the more educated the harder it is for them to learn new things and so I had these guys that like went way beyond their basic training and man they just couldn’t get it so I mean they got straight A’s but they couldn’t they’re not very practical they couldn’t quite make it in the real life so anyway that’s it’s a long story well I get you know with nutrition it’s the same thing like you know ya had to kind of have to figure it out outside the standard guidelines that we’ve been given and you know it’s it’s funny because we can be told well this food these are bad because they’re high in cholesterol you shouldn’t have eggs or bacon you shouldn’t eat these foods because they’ve got cholesterol I mean this is these are the things that we’ve been told and we have to actually be able to first of all be intelligent enough to question it and then second of all be confident enough to be able to live in a manner without being constantly worried about the other narratives right it’s like you have to uh it takes a lot for people to actually even start to implement some of these nutritional practices that have been around forever like emags and butter right not cooking in margarine not using vegetable oil not eating bread every freakin meal because it’s not even human food they’re things that we’ve kind of had to figure out on our own but you know I think you know bringing it back to like the basics of human nutrition that are unavoidably important if certain fat soluble vitamins that we need right I mean we need things like vitamin A vitamin D vitamin K and we need these fat soluble vitamins we need protein that’s easily digested and a lot of people aren’t digesting very well and animal-based foods actually digest easier than any other foods out there and we forget because we’ve been so inundated with you know thinking the soluble fiber and taking you know psyllium husk powder and Metamucil is how you get good digestion but you know fats and foods like marrow play a really important part in our bone marrows got components and you can actually regenerate your gut lining with I mean bone marrow is filled with adiponectin in our body so our bone marrow stores this adiponectin which helps us to maintain insulin sensitivity helps us to break down fat when it’s also associated high levels of adiponectin associated with decreased risk of cardiovascular disease diabetes and all these other conditions so I mean just eating foods like this like Mara where it’s so rich in fats where it’s got all these stem cells of the animal being stored in the fat in the marrow and all these regenerative properties have been associated with these foods for millennia but we’ve suddenly started throwing these foods out because we thought they were useless so what am I gonna do with these bones what I’m gonna do with this liver now we forget that the best parts the animal so you know just learning how to implement that foods like liver and heart one of the things that we like to do we usually recommend people when you’re first starting out try heart hearts one of the most nutrient-dense pieces of the animal and you can get it ground up just like ground beef from a butcher yeah so you just go to a butcher you get it crowned up with your ground beef you can do like 75252 star or you can go up to like 50% heart but we’ll make meatball sometimes with a hundred percent beef heart it’s very lean so you’re probably gonna want to add some sort of fat have with that you know grass butter q10 on steroids exactly litter like your heart you think about your heart so your heart is the most powerful magnetic field in your body besides your brain and that’s where we’ve got the most mitochondria in our body actually the heart and the brain so these two tissues are also the some of the most important stores of certain vitamins and factors and you’re not gonna find elsewhere you know the brain and got a lot of DHA the human brain needs fats it’s made mostly of cholesterol and DHA and then coenzyme q10 in heart you’re not gonna find any other food in the planet with more colons on q10 than art also loads of iron folate but it just tastes amazing too so you didn’t make meatballs with ground-up heart we really like doing that like Jessica’s got some recipe called Mama’s best meatballs in her book which she gave me an author credit but I you know good my wife she did this whole book Jessica she’s the brains behind the ketogenic edge cookbook so I kind of I can’t wait to get it because I I what I want to do is now I I do a lot of vegetables but I don’t want to do like chicken lean chicken breasts what I’d like to do is do my bed user fermented and then add the organ meats with that that’s what I want to try I think that and then add the intermittent fasting cuz you’re gonna get like massive quantities of fat soluble vitamins way better than a piece of lean protein you know like a chicken breast it I look at chicken breast it’s like then the totem pole of protein sources like chicken is least priority for me like ruminant animals you’re getting so much more and the liver the heart I mean even the brain like we show you how to make brain in the book to it like real simple traditional recipes that people have used for so long like you know eggs and brain scrambled eggs and brain is how they do it here they’ll make tortillas as well with just the egg and the brain and then they’ll just fry it up on both sides until I don’t like to fry stuff too super hardcore but here they’ll make a tortilla oh just brain the egg so I mean it’s you know these are foods that and I live in Ecuador by the way for definitely I don’t think we talked about that but I’m yeah you know just really easy air Foods liver you can also the little tip I gave about ground beef you can grind up liver with it too so it’s like if you’ve got a week where you’re so busy and you’re just man I don’t want to have to prepare five different meals this week I’m gonna make a bunch of meat this week you can just mix in some liver and some heart ground liver ground heart with your ground beef and have much more nutrient density and you know of course you know if you like vegetables we I just because I don’t eat vegetables doesn’t mean I think everybody should avoid vegetables I know everybody’s at somewhere else in their journey and I like to experiment with different things so now I like you mentioned sauerkraut because we put a sauerkraut recipe we show you how to make sauerkraut in the book to eat just those are all the foods that you know that are our grandparents were eating that every single generation before us was preparing plants in a specific way and using things like fermentation storing things in specific ways so I think it’s I think it’s important that we understand how to prepare these foods and yeah you know properly prepared sauerkraut can be so amazing I love the juice the vitamins all art so here’s what I’m gonna do I’m going to I’m gonna get your book and I’m gonna actually we’ve been doing a series of like recipes like keto bombs but now we’re gonna do a series of organ meat recipes out of your book and we’re gonna try babies meatballs some we’ll do some heart we’ll just some brain and we’ll just amazing as I think you can input on ways to vary them too because over the years you’ve always you know it’s like this was kind of made this was like our kitchen this is kind of like our kitchen transmute it into a book okay we have it as a book – which is I’d the ebooks way cheaper obviously print it out but we we really like we had a lot of fun doing this and we really liked taking certain recipes and rearranging them so we take like Mama’s best meatballs recipe which is just like a normal meatball recipe not too many ingredients simple straightforward meatball recipe with a little bit of crunch in it because that always helps with meatballs but you can just substitute some organ meat for that ground beef and make that rest I’m gonna try that I mean I know what it takes to put together a recipe book it’s like it is a lot of work because you get it you know type all the recipes out and in the pictures and all that stuff so anyway guys for those of you that are interesting I’m gonna put a link with his book down below so check it out but we’re gonna make some recipes and I think I’m I want to do more organ stuff and I think of course we’re talking high quality we’re not talking like conventional you know animal products but yeah usually with the organs that going for the grass yeah you want to exactly not have a lot of hormones people think foods like liver I think when you talk about Oregon’s people like well isn’t the liver and the kidney aren’t those filters don’t those just filter things out they think of it’s like I Drive on a dusty road all the time here in Ecuador it’s all dirt roads and they I got to clean my air filter every few months which glad I just reminded myself I got to buy some of this spray oil stuff to clean it out and yeah but that’s not what the liver does so it’s like the liver is you know dr. burgher liver is making enzymes it’s making vitamins and storing vitamins so that it can deal with and remove toxic loads from the body extra toxins end up when they can’t be processed by the liver being excreted in other ways or stored in fat tissue so yeah I think when you’re eating like you know you’re May in tallow I really prefer going for the grass-fed high quality stuff whenever possible and doing your best to get quality so yeah we’re will having food quality for me absolutely so I’m excited to do that and then I’ll I’ll send you some of the videos and you could see we’ll see well it’s basically we’re gonna do a taste test and we’re gonna experiment we’ll put some stuff together and we need to do a series of these organ meats because it’s people just don’t do it anymore so we’ll increase some awareness I think I think how about you guys fly down here to Ecuador come into our kitchen we’ll make some organ meats here you eat some Ecuadorian grass-fed beef beef liver and right down the street right there right you know but for you to fly from Florida it’s not so long it’s actually not so long but uh yeah what Jen went to Columbia how let’s see Ecuador is probably next to Peru isn’t it yeah yeah between Peru and Colombia yeah I’ve been to Colombia that was an interesting what was the name of that sitios and it was an interesting city just Holley name a couple more it’s at the top party midday een there’s another another place I can’t remember Colombia is a big beautiful country that I’ve never been to I didn’t know a lot of really awesome salons doing really well now with there’s like very little crime and it’s really turned around the economy’s good but what happened was I had to leave and the Pope is flying in right after me and there was a hurricane do you shine what the heck man there was a hurricane and I’m like so I bought a one-way ticket because I didn’t know when I was gonna come back and I was doing a convention and so there’s a hurricane and they jacked up the price is a one-way ticket I had to go from Panama to Cancun to Texas cost me $2,500 for a one-way ticket back home and I’m like ouch but anyway you’re forever traumatized so you’ll never come visit in Ecuador because what those dings airlines going to Colombia this they’re actually good flights from from Miami to poquito you know that the capital of Ecuador is that is Quito right yeah Wow what do you think I didn’t know that it’s Q uit oh yeah yeah so if you ever want to come over we can have some Quito and Quito we have to live down there we’ll do Quito on Quito in detail I love it yeah I love it maybe we’ll have to come up there next time we come to the States gotta come to DC yeah yeah Austin and a little bit of that area yeah in Vermont but never been to uh never been to Virginia you haven’t well Washington DC is a most amazing plant for history historical you see you know Mount Vernon and Old Town and Jefferson I’m like it’s all there it’s all the history is there it’s really a nice place to visit yeah well New England it’s just beautiful it’s amazing area yes I’d like to the Boston area was really cool a lot of history there too oh love it and people these posts are really nice I love you we’re gonna be mean I’m from California and everywhere else in the world people are really nice I know they’re very nice in these coasts so you got we got that going for us anyway um I really enjoyed the talk and I got some great tips and I think everyone’s going to get this book and look forward to some of the recipes that we’re gonna make so thanks for excited to see I know so am I so thanks for bringing me awareness up of organ meats it’s kind of something that people need to start focusing on thanks so much dr. Berg really appreciate you having me on man know what you do you know I mean you’re it’s just incredible to see like how many people you’re able to reach on YouTube and you know I’m definitely inspired by your your productivity put out two videos a day right like every day and then I’m just amazed at how hard you work and you know definitely we’re we’re definitely inspired by about what you do so thanks a lot man we appreciate it my pleasure and let me know how this technique does with your hip I will yes I’m gonna get on that okay right after this they don’t always players know when I’m sitting of course yeah all right cool have a good one

This Post Was All About Dr. Berg Interviews Keto-Carnivore Coach Tristan on Organ Meats.
Dr. Berg Interviews Keto-Carnivore Coach Tristan on Organ Meats

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Dr. Berg interviews a special guest and a famous YouTuber, Tristan Haggard.

Dr. Berg: Hey guys, welcome! We have a great special guest today, Tristan is here. He is a famous YouTube guy. He is basically.. I kind of think he is off the grid, he is really not to a full degree. I guess you can explain…

Tristan: Look at my mic man.. Look at my microphone..

Dr. Berg: I know, you’re a high tech. It’s I guess what I admire about you, you are basically are doing what you really want to do. You just, apparently lot of people wanted just move to some place where it is out of the society and like you just basically did it with your family and you’re living off the land it seems like so that’s pretty admirable

Tristan: Well, thanks man.. I really appreciate it. You know, I mean, we don’t necessarily. I, when I hear living off the land, I would of course I’ll go to kind of an extreme of like what it’s actually like to live completely off of your own land. It’s something I think is a beautiful idea but in the modern world it’s kind of almost to do. You know, I mean without proper training, we haven’t been trained generationally to even though we have to feed ourselves by going to the grocery stores. Right? We don’t even understand what to buy in the grocery store nonetheless how to completely harvest our own land so I think it’d be so cool to live off of our own land.

Dr. Berg: I think it’ll be cool.

Tristan: I think one day.

Dr. Berg: Well, I just saw.. I was looking at some of your videos and it looked like you have some land. Looks like you have some cows, so I just assume that you eat those cows.

Tristan: Yes, well we do have cows. We haven’t eaten any of our own cows at this point. We plan on eating most of these cows, some of these cows were ready to be eaten almost now so.. yea we do we got a bunch of chickens and we’ve got a dog that eats more of our chickens than we do because we get a lot of eggs.

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