Dr. Berg Interviews Fitness Expert Tiffany Rothe on Skype

Dr. Berg Interviews Fitness Expert Tiffany Rothe on Skype

Dr. Berg Interviews Fitness Expert Tiffany Rothe on Skype

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[Music] hey guys this is dr. Berg I have a really interesting interview today with Tiffany Roth and I heard about her from several my clients and I just wanted to interview you you’re from California right yeah yeah so it’s interesting she’s an attorney but then she also she taught classes in Mexico on unfitness and now she does a lot of things online and I just wanted to kind of pick your brain because one thing I don’t focus as much on is exercise so I really wanted to kind of find out from you especially with females like what to do to improve the workouts so would you mind ask you some questions about that yeah so so I guess you were when you were a kid you were kind of chubby right I heard I heard from the grapevine you weren’t in really good shape one of the things that you know my family really didn’t know how to focus on healthy eating and exercise so you know I was kind of eating the foods that my mom was eating and I wasn’t getting the proper exercise and my body had that result when we raised as a child where was I raised yeah in California okay I got it so was it Elaine I think people assume when you’re in California that it’s all health foods but it’s probably similar to the Midwest where I was raised you know it’s probably the same meat and potatoes but I don’t know as a community in general we’ve gotten a lot more access to information about how to eat healthy and how to exercise then existed in the past I mean it serves something that’s been developing over time especially with you know the internet we can get the message out there a lot quicker about how to be healthy or how to use great workouts back then you know like you just go on a diet and you need great proof I remember my mom was doing the pineapple diet we shade pineapple for three days so I didn’t find up over three days you know and you lose weight but it’s not sustainable no I know really the knowledge that we have in this day and age allows us to make better choices when it comes to food and exercises that really wasn’t available back then it leads to to my mom no I think I actually I actually practiced in San Diego for a while next to the charger stadium I was in when I graduated I wanted to move where I wanted to live so I moved to Washington State because it’s so beautiful but it rained every day so I just couldn’t take it it was beautiful but it’s just too much rain so then I decided let’s let’s move to San Diego so went there and I’m like wow this is so beautiful this is great but all my family because I met my wife there and then all my family lived on the East Coast so we and her family so we moved to Virginia but it’s a I mean I think it’s a it’s a great place to live on the west coast but so here’s so here’s some questions I want to get into now with your clients you work with what’s kind of like the top mistakes that people are making when they’re working out like what are they always doing wrong when they’re doing it by themselves okay well I’m gonna start with one of the three things that I say now one of the three things three of the most important things that what I call the three prongs of fitness and that’s constant and consistent commitment so the first thing I want to tell anybody who wants to get in shape is that you have to be committed and you can’t give up and the reason why a lot of people give up is because either it comes too hard or maybe they get injured or they’re when they’re doing the workout they’re not feeling the way they want to feel so some of the tips that I would like to provide will be on how to breathe correctly how to workout so that you’re not getting engineer and how to check your body alignment and the mirror to make sure that you’re getting the results that you set out some cheat okay so let’s talk about breathing first breathing so is it an okay to just can’t we just hold our breath people are working out right they’re doing it and the harder it gets the less they start degrees okay so I do and like what I’m teaching class if it’s a cardio class I do an eight count and I do the eight count it’s really back sort of check it’s almost like a call-and-response I’ll say eight and that’s count down with me eight seven sit but that way I know that they are breathing because one of the most important things that our body needs for movement is addressed we have to connect the breath with the movement to get actually the power that you need to continue so I do it when you’re doing here I’m partying back to make sure that you do was call the talk test you should be able to save one or two or three words while you’re doing your cardio if you’re not then your breathing is off you just take it down a little bit so you can say yeah I’m okay let me interject right there so let’s say for example and I just want to know your philosophy on this you put someone through a workout and they do a certain set right they’re doing a certain set I mean we’re not talking about like aerobics we’re talking about like a set of maybe some plyometrics or push-ups or whatever right and then they’re gonna rest for a period of time do you have any rule of thumb of how long a person rest versus the time they’re exercising because I know there’s a lot of variation there okay if you are training to build muscle then you need more rest in between your sets because you want to actually maximize your output per exercise so I would tell like you know some of my girls that really want to build their leg muscles over what’s really hot it’s like to build up your butt right now if you’re doing heavy squats and be working out with heavier weight then you would need like at least 45 to 145 seconds to one minute rest in between sets to allow your muscles to recover and you know be able to go back and maximize the benefit out of the exercise you don’t want to exercise when you’re tired you know you want to exercise when your body feels and strong if you want to tone your body then I shortened that rest I shortened that rest because I like to focus on muscle confusion and I’ll do back-to-back sets for example if you just want to tone your legs then you might do lunges maybe you squat and then you do what I called rocket squats and I’ll put them back-to-back boom boom boom to build that muscle endurance when you build your muscle endurance you actually have more lean long muscles and they are able to go for a longer period of time but they don’t deliver the maximum amount of power as if you were trying to build like a stronger heart muscle shape I think that brings up a really important point on you have the person with the belly fat right women don’t like belly fat personally I don’t like it and then you have the fat in the lower part of the legs right so here’s what I found you can actually flatten the stomach a lot faster if you actually address the diet ya a unique way and I’m gonna give you a couple tips on that for a year your views too if you want to share this but let the lower extremity of the legs you’re not you’re not going to get the fat off the legs unless you use exercise because a lot of these women especially you probably work with menopausal women they the ratio of fat muscle is like way off like they lost so much muscle tone and you haven’t tried to do a squat and they just like oh they just can’t do it so you have to build up that muscle and that could take literally a few years of workouts so as you lose the muscle as you gain the muscle you may not lose weight because it’s heavier of course but also there’s going to be probably weeks that you’re gonna plateau and then you’re gonna have to just realize it’s gonna take some time because you’re actually you’re healing the body so and I don’t know if you saw this on my website but my whole philosophy is getting healthy then lose weight versus trying to lose weight to get healthy it’s a it’s a simple thing but it’s like really powerful yeah I really am intrigued by your whole philosophy and I think that’s really vital for people to understand how your gut health and we our nutritional intake is so important in getting the results that you want and I love how you focus on the different body types that to me is wonderful because if you have someone that really like has like skinny let’s take a care that’s about like doing the legs they really just want to work that on their bellies it would take a very very very long time before they were able to work that workout and get rid of all that by just doing exercise about you have to change your diet and your philosophy on food is something that I really want to align with because I think that it’s powerful and it creates awesome results so like where are some of the tips that you give like even to some of my followers that could help them I get a healthy gut and see better and quicker results in the abdominal area well there’s one thing that’s probably the most important it’s like the common thread with pretty much 80% of all the problems I’m talking like body problems and weight problems you you ready for this are you sitting down good it really has to do with high levels of insulin but but here’s the thing insulin is um has a lot of different functions but insulin has two really really important functions that people need to realize number one it it’s the hormone that converts everything the fat it’s a fat making hormone number one number two it prevents the loss of fat so you if you’re let’s say you’re eating good and you’re exercising six hours a day whatever like I had one patient who’s working out six hours a day but they weren’t losing anything right or they have a stuck metabolism it’s like totally frozen they can’t get below that setpoint it’s it’s high levels of insulin but when you go to the doctor they check the glucose they don’t check the insulin whoops if they did they would find the insulin is going to be too high and what people realize is like what they don’t realize is how to lower insulin you can actually you can help someone like like losing weight way more by addressing that then exercise exercise will like really will help but if you actually address the insulin you’ll really really drop down to weight a lot faster you get leaner you get stronger really really fast so that’s like the most important thing you need to kind of focus on if you’re trying to get lean body mass if you’re trying to fix your metabolism is lower insulin so then I’ll out then either so do you have any idea right now like what you would do did lower insulin you have any ideas I’m just asking before I tell you okay reduce your sugar and intake and your simple carbohydrate good yes that’s number one so you want to reduce your carbs you know the ones that turn this sugar really fast so that would be all the breads pasta cereal crackers biscuits waffles pancakes muffins so does juice those and then you have alcohol but then you also have a lot of hidden carbs as well like fruit I’m sorry I’m sorry so because what happens you fruit is sorry but fruit fruit what fruit will do is uh it doesn’t actually address the blood sugars directly because it’s fructose it has a different pathway in a kid it throws you off through the liver so it will eventually affect the insulin but not directly so people say oh yeah it doesn’t affect the butcher because yes it does indirectly but so we have we have that right but that’s like half of the answer so people on a low-carb diet they might be successful somewhat but they’re not a hundred percent successful because there’s something else that’s equally as important do you want to know about this okay it’s has to do with every time you eat anything new raise insulin so it’s the frequency of meals the frequency of meals so I used to promote and push in my old book oh yeah you need to consume six meals a day three meals with snacks right bad bad advice that was very bad because every time you meet you spike insulin even if it’s healthy so with myself I was eating apples and peanut butter as the afternoon snack and then at night I would have nuts right and I got up to like 211 pounds so then I I went back to guidance physiology I’m studying this I’m like what the heck I missed this one point about the food increases insulin so then I started looking at okay let’s do in a minute fasting eating less frequently so we went three meals no snacks and then two meals a day and that’s kind of where I’m staying right now but you can drop insulin so nicely and fix so many problems by cutting out the snacks it’s it’s the same thing about snacks really like takes on the information that after you can to spike your metabolism up you can spike your metabolism up with protein which will help your muscles sort of be more sustainable and you will keep your body pumping on its own tissue okay so let me just bring up that one point because here’s another piece of false day that where you’re eating protein to spike your metabolism okay so really let’s let’s define with that that thought would mean it’s basically you eating protein will stimulate a hormone that can trigger your metabolism but if your metabolism is slow you’re just gonna spike insulin so so this idea that eating stimulates metabolism is false data it actually slows in metabolism because it increases insulin hmm tell me so for example how would eat a piece of chicken increase your insulin because protein protein there’s two types of macro foods that stimulate insulin one is carbs and the other one is protein especially if it’s lean protein so the breathitt chicken breast everyone’s like Everett low fat protein low fat protein yeah no no no because because really if you want to keep insulin low you want to go more fat that is the food that will be neutral with insulin why yeah because our bodies one of the function is insulin actually helps you build muscle so when you stimulate a meno acid from protein your body will increase insulin to try to put that to muscle so you know we need protein for sure and you want to keep eating protein but you don’t want to do excessive amounts of protein like a lot of bodybuilders and stuff they have tons of protein because that’s gonna make you eventually you’re gonna actually stimulate some insulin you’re gonna get tired after you eat you’re gonna want to take a nap that’s high insulin and then what happens when the insulin goes high if you develop insulin resistance and then you have you urinate in the middle of night more than once or once or more that’s you shouldn’t do that you get tired after you eat I know someone who had that problem with frequent urination and this is their really this is actually this is something that’s really gonna help her probably a lot of women out there that you know it’s the insulin that’s interesting I’ve never heard of that before it’s fascinating insulin you have vision problems your vision starts going brain fog uh-huh lack of focus yeah irritability low tolerance to stress this is all blood sugar problem so no you’re saying to me out of the day well no just start it used to I have a little mini course that I put everyone through first it’s a free little course online at my website you you basically lose like four videos get the basics to learn how to do this but you start with two three meals no snacks and the problem is some people can’t go from one meal to the next because they’re so hungry so you add more fat to the meal okay and then what happens is that oh well it just buffers the insulin spike okay so then it’s more satisfying versus the low fat protein so then what happens you do that for a while until you start your body starts adapting and and then it’s starting adapting to running burning um fat so you’re actually burning fat at this point when you burn fat it’s a much cleaner fuel you have more energy you’ll have less blood sugar issues then in the morning when you wake up you’re not going to be hungry so then you start pushing your breakfast further and further towards the lunch until eventually you don’t have anymore breakfast that’s how you do it you do it gradually so it’s comfortable so you’re recommending lunch and dinner then a breakfast you’re gonna go against all what society saying about the breakfast is the most healthy an important meal of the day and you’re gonna say no to that hey listen I was the guy who wrote the book on eating breakfast I have videos on YouTube right now but I promise to delete let’s keep pushing you guys need to have your breakfast do you know why I told people that because I had such a blood sugar when I was a kid and also all through teenage years into early in like when I was 20 that what 20 is and then all of a sudden I started going wow I started eating protein for breakfast and I felt so good that I said this is it this is what everyone needs to do but the reason I felt good is because I spiked insulin because I had low blood sugar so I raised the blood sugar I felt better but I didn’t think what’s really underneath it I didn’t I was I was just kind of like going off a feeling it’s kind of like hey I feel good when I drink alcohol so alcohol is good for me I’m like so the point is that you just really understand what’s happening if you have a blood sugar which most people have a blood sugar problem you don’t want to do the frequent meal thing it’s a real bad idea so there’s a way to adapt your body to running on fat fuel which very few people know about and they don’t know how to do it correctly but when you run your body on fat fuel you like your metabolism is gonna be like a machine you’re gonna feel really good your skin’s gonna look good it’s anti-aging if there’s so many benefits to your joint stiffness I’m fifty to like I feel like I’m 20 when I was in my 20s I felt like I was 50 actually kind of bring this back around because what you’re saying is really informative and I think it’ll help a lot of my members and actually I’m gonna look into this whole thing because I I do advise my clients to eat the frequent meals healthy meals throughout day so that they don’t get hungry and go been done foods that they shouldn’t be eating okay so I know I think it’s really good maybe they can you know try your program to see how to transition away from you know those insulin spikes and it’s something that might make them feel better and a lot less sluggish but I do have to point out that even if you eat really well it’s not gonna keep that buck from sagging in the tummy from not being told you kind of always mix it up with the workout because what the workout does is it works the muscle itself and actually give to the vitality and the energy that you need in order to enjoy this healthy body that you have internally right externally you can do more stuff you have more agile you have more energy and when you have more muscle tone that increases your metabolism as well right yeah it does it you need exercise for sure and actually exercise builds the muscle which then will increase your your calories burned okay you’ll burn more calories right but let me just talk about that for a second because that’s another confusion people say I’m gonna build up my muscles so I couldn’t have a better metabolism I go okay so you’re gonna burn more calories but what calories are you burning and they’ll go well all calories and like no you’re gonna either burn sugar calories or fat calories do you want to burn fat calories and not just the stored sugar then you’re gonna have to lower your carbohydrates because if you’re doing the whole carbo thing and the fruit thing you’re burning up calories but you’re only burning up stored sugar calories now let’s check this out so sugar calories I’m talking about stored sugar as glycogen and the muscle in the liver when you store glycogen you’re you hold a tremendous amount of water because one glycogen compotes two molecules of water so it’s a it’s a it’s like a it’s like a sponge of water right so when you cut the carbs down you’re gonna dump a lot of fluid out of the system you’ll lose weight water weight and you’re like wow I lost all this weight right and then you eat the carbs back and you gain the weight back and then you do the exercise it so exercise will dump the water because you’re burning up the glycogen you’ve dumped this water and you start going up and down up and down you’re like why why can’t I actually just get all this weight off well because you’re running you’re buying sugar so if you were to just convert your body to fat-burning not only would you dump the water you would lose fat and then here’s the here’s the point that I really wanted to tell you about your into muscle physiology your into building more lean muscle because that’s important but when you have high insulin and high insulin resistance which makes insulin at work you can no longer build muscles that’s why the diabetics are flabby and they can’t get toned even if they work out because it takes healthy insulin to work I’ll absorb the protein insulin controls protein so in other words by doing this program I’m talking about you can actually fix the muscle help the absorption burn more fat get rid of the fluid retention it’s just an overall really dynamic thing to do amazing ok I have one question with all the fruits and vegetables and the nutrients in there the high fiber and the minerals and the vitamins how do you suggest that people get those same nutrients like for example like from their berries and like the via the vitamin C and all of those things that Nature has provided for us to actually nurture our bodies on a micro level great question I would give him from the vegetables and I recommend consuming about 7 to 10 cups of vegetables a day because you need a lot of potassium and like people like I actually went to the restaurant a few I think about a month ago and they they brought me the salad it was a one cup of salad like mmm I need a bowl so my salads are huge so what you want to do is you want to start get that get your nutrients from salad or vegetables but if you’re trying to do this thing I’m talking about which I don’t even get into you I just kind of scratch the surface you don’t want to do too much fruit I mean you can do a like maybe one cup of berry a day berries a day but you start adding more fruit and then now so we add this sugar into it so because the main problem of an average person is too much insulin we we want to heal the sugar a problem that we have now if you’ve never actually abused sugar and you don’t have a weight problem you could probably get away with it but for most of us out there that abuse sugar it’s just an extra it’s too much sugar for our system to do fruit in plus the the way they grow the fruits nowadays and even the apples they spike them they make them very very very sweet high levels of sugar 1 1 apple nowadays is 19 grams of actual sugar that’s not carbohydrates that’s sugar so you’re like eating a candy bar Wow so yes that’s what the interesting because I think that it’s a good distinction to point out that you need to sort of almost detox your body from the sugar dependency and the insulin spikes in order to get some of the benefits of the fat variants you say in other words you want to sort of reduce that like Michaels in storage so that your body’s been always going there for fuel but instead to where your fat is story that was that route saying yes you you know think about it how much stored sugar you have you have about a couple days worth of stored sugar at 1,700 calories so you have about 77,000 stored calories of fat on a non fat person so it’s a lot more if you fat right so our bodies were designed to run on fat fuel as a primary fuel not sugar it’s only in the last you know a couple hundred years that we’re not a couple of years but basically it’s only recently that we’ve been focusing on so much sugar metabolism and not fat burning but when you start switching over and converting your body to running on fat fuel you will never go back because your cognitive functions gonna be better your memory your metabolism your your whole mood will change your emotional state will change you’ll feel better and so because the brain gets its energy from either the the blood because it doesn’t can’t store sugar so it gets its sugar from the blood which if it’s too high or low it’s gonna be a problem but if you run your body on fat which is called ketones that’s what thus the ketosis your mood your cognitive function will like totally change and you’ll like I feel so good and then you go back to your sugar thing and you’re like I feel like crap right now so but you have to prove it to yourself are listening this and they’re very intrigued as I am how long does it take if that’s a question I always get with fitness how long does it take before I’m going to get results how long does it take before I can see an actual difference how long will it take before they can actually feel a difference from this these little adjustments that you’re suggesting well it depends on what kind of problem you have like for example if you have weight problems you’ll probably dump the fluid out and you’ll lose like five to ten pounds in the first week or two so that you’ll be like wow that’s dramatic but as far as energy goes it could take anywhere between three days to a week to up to six weeks to fully adapt to fat-burning and if the worst the blood sugar problem you are the more diabetic you are the more pre-diabetic you are the longer the transition period is but I have a lot of videos on how to make it smooth and easy but you’re going to notice some real nice changes within three weeks but if you do this I’m sorry three days but they do this if you do this too fast and you’re not doing it correctly because you didn’t watch the videos all the way through and maybe you don’t know about this or that and you’re not eating enough of this you’re gonna go through a period of like transition where you might have like called a keto flu you might feel kind of rundown or ketu fatigued or like oh my gosh because you didn’t do it correctly so the way I teach it it’s a healthy version you do it gradually and you shouldn’t feel bad you should feel really good exercise because I know that a lot of my clients when they’re working out a lot of times you may if you’re making a big change like in your diet might feel the more sluggish but I find that when you workout even if it’s on my youtube channel I have the 10 minute workout that you can do just ten minutes a day and I’ll help you to improve your mood and you’ll be able to get through some of those tough periods because you start to burn up that extra insulin as well during your workouts what you feel about that I recommend every person start exercising the own I mean right away you don’t have to slow you don’t slow down the only thing that I talk about in my book is that you have the person that’s really out of shape in there they’re basically a adrenal dominant they have a lot of adrenal issues like they go up the stairs and they’re out of breath and they just let their body go and they don’t sleep those people should kind of do walking for a while low pulse rate stuff work up to it because I’ll give you an example I had this lady okay this is when I first began I put her through a whole workout and spiked her pulse rate to 158 she came back the next day her pulse rate was 158 and I’m like oh my god so her recovery was so poor that you don’t want to like push the person too fast you want to kind of easily gradually go into it so basically if you’re not sleeping for example you should go very light because it’s very dangerous to the heart if you overdo it but I mean these are all just minor points that cut common sense about working out in the morning yeah and I think most people can do that very very comfortably but what happens if you have a pre-existing low blood sugar situation it’s called hypoglycemia and you work out and you tap out too much glycogen too fast you can be dizzy or tired in which case you either should work out during your time you’re eating or just before until you can really adapt correctly but I want to mention one last piece of data because we’re I know people like I kind of like to keep it to 30 minutes because that but I want to add one little thing in here this is something that kind of a brain strain for people like because they’re like oh what’s weight during the to work out what kind of pre-workout snack do I eat right I need that protein protein protein protein that’s like a common knowledge right we need to eat or drink something up some sugar water or whatever we’ll check this out if you consume like let’s say a little juice or a little sugar or a protein bar with sugar like most people do or what’s gonna happen you’re gonna basically knock yourself out of fat-burning for about 48 hours yeah because it’s gonna take now another couple days before you get back into ketosis so you don’t you don’t want to do a sugary type of energy drink when you’re working out or a Gatorade thing and then even protein even the protein stuff you’d be much better off waiting to the meal because when you’re fasting between meals you’re stimulating growth hormone growth hormone is the main fat burning hormone it actually preserves your muscles and actually will in a female you can doing in a minute faster you can spike growth hormone by 13 hundred percent in a male body by 2,000 percent by doing it a min fasting so it’s like the anti aging activity on steroids it’s a great thing to do you should start going you should start at three meals a day okay keep it whenever you eat slowly push your breakfast to a lunch and I have a video on this by the way and then what you do over time is you slowly push your dinner closer to your lunch till you get about an ideal thing would be like four or five hours of between your meals what that will give you is a tremendous amount of fasting to create some serious improvement with the parts of the body that you want to work on you support the digestive system but there’s a lot of other things too that you can do that for anti-aging it’s like and just for brain health just to focus better if you go to dr. Berg comm under educational tab it’ll say the ketosis mini course it’s pretty coarse I have like probably fifty thousand people who did the course already but you basically it’s like four short videos just go to dr. Burt education and you can also just go to youtube and type dr. Berg intermittent fasting whatever topic and I’ll pop up and you can watch those videos and then also for those people I one thing I noticed about some of the people that that I know that have done your program also some of the videos that you have you have a lot of great content on workout stuff and fitness that I want to just just recommend anyone who needs guidance or at once to know how to do it correctly and you can watch your videos on our website which I’ll put a link down below you have also like an online program that people can it’s very affordable that you basically go through a lot of great techniques workouts and it’s almost like you’re not it’s like you have a personal trainer but you know now it’s like you’re actually have everything like one-on-one in this portal that you can go into so I’m gonna recommend people check it out I’ll put your link down below and I think it’s pretty cool and also I think on your YouTube channel you have a ton of work out so you guys can check it out I’m gonna take some of your advice and because you know on the Tiffany box a club you know I’ve really enjoyed doing different workouts but I mean this this has been so informative for me because you know what you said about insulin is absolutely like mind blowing I’m gonna look into it look into some of your food plans and things like that maybe adapt some of them for the Tiffany Rasta Club members so they can get better results because I think what you’re saying is really resonating with me and I think that’ll help a lot of people and combined with the workout which it helps you mood and the way that you look so win-win right it’s nice to see icing on the cake maybe I shouldn’t talk about cake right now but you know that is great well thank you so much for the video and we’ll talk soon and thanks for sharing thank you I’ve really really learned a lot thanks so much for sharing dr. Burke okay I’ll talk to you later

This Post Was All About Dr. Berg Interviews Fitness Expert Tiffany Rothe on Skype.
Dr. Berg Interviews Fitness Expert Tiffany Rothe on Skype

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