Dr.Berg Interviews Dave Feldmen: Discussion on Ketogenic Diet & Cholesterol Levels

Dr.Berg Interviews Dave Feldmen: Discussion on Ketogenic Diet & Cholesterol Levels

Dr.Berg Interviews Dave Feldmen: Discussion on Ketogenic Diet & Cholesterol Levels

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This Post Was All About Dr.Berg Interviews Dave Feldmen: Discussion on Ketogenic Diet & Cholesterol Levels.
Dr.Berg Interviews Dave Feldmen: Discussion on Ketogenic Diet & Cholesterol Levels

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Dr. Berg: Hey guys! I’m here with Dave Feldman. This guy is awesome, he is basically an outsider that can take complex subjects about cholesterol and break them down for the average persons understanding. What I like about you is you are a software engineer so you actually think in logic. So you basically look at this problem from an engineering standpoint and you actually just really figure it out because as you would agree that you would thing there is a lot of science in medicine but there’s doesn’t seem to be common sense when there comes down cholesterol.

Dave: Cholesterol in particular. There really is a sort of a prevailing. I wanna find a better word for this but prevailing attitude sort of cholesterol which sort of an almost near avoidance of finding good news that associate especially LDL cholesterol with positive outcomes.

Dr. Berg: Yea. Guys if you don’t know this, Dave is going to be at out summit. There’s a couple little things that we are gonna tell you right now, that we can’t tell you fully. But there is potentially gonna be a release of some information that is quite huge. right Dave?

Dave: Yes. Yes.

Dr. Berg: Hopefully? It will be done by then?

Dave: Hopefully, one of the things that I think a lot of people can appreciate is its kind of amazing. I always think that I have reached the apex of the data that I have gathered about my inner own experiments for those who follow me. And often I’m wrong. Often in fact I don’t know a single time I be able to give a presentation where at least 50% of it doesn’t have to change from the last one. It is very common for me to have a whole new data. And in particular, one of the things that has been a very impressive treasure trove is this most recent experiment where I literally gained weight and in the current phase of the weight loss period of that the same experiment I haven’t actually fully loss all the weight that I gain. Because this is never actually been done before. I’m pretty excited to be able to have done this, is that we never had people who have gone low carb ketogenic diet and throughout the whole process took a very wide spectrum of test. So I thought I am gonna go ahead and just take this shot all the time insisting that nobody else follow my shoe. There’s lot of people get inspired of my experiment but I say this is the one not to do because in order to do it, you have to induce the state of hyperinsulinemia. I was adding of course a lot of carbs and fat.

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