Dr. Berg Collaborates with Dr. Mercola on EMFs, Fasting and other Stuff

Dr. Berg Collaborates with Dr. Mercola on EMFs, Fasting and other Stuff

Dr. Berg Collaborates with Dr. Mercola on EMFs, Fasting and other Stuff

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hey everyone I’m excited to bring you another special guest dr. Mercola is here how are you dr. Mercola I’m doing great good I guess you know I’m up here in Maryland it’s snow outside it’s freezing I need some Sun I need some vitamin D looks like you you have some nice vitamin D down there we do well it’s a little bit deceptive because I just got back from a week in Costa Rica oh but it is it’s gonna be in the 70s today so and sunny so that’s that’s good I suppose it was rough you had to put a towel on when you got out of the pool right that was pretty big pool person I’d rather swim in the ocean so oh yeah that’s nice so you know we’re gonna basically it’s non-scripted we’re gonna just I want to go through some things today with you lately I’m sure you’ve heard the news Jillian Michaels she had this whole thing against the ketogenic diet have you heard about that seriously configures women yeah yeah so I did a video on her and on her confusion and and we basically got sixty seven hundred views an hour it’s blowing up and yeah I think it’s been three days and we’re it’s like twenty five hundred years an hour so there’s a lot of interest in this time as a personal trainer he doesn’t have formal science training oh yeah she’s a TV celebrity she’s not a scientist she’s clinician no I know she has a as a major confusion on insulin she doesn’t understand what that word is and what it does so yeah yeah I know so a couple things I wanted just to kind of bring up you you’ve recently read you recently wrote two books and you’re you’re on your next one actually you you have a lot of books but one of the books actually I’m we’re gonna I’m actually currently working well I’m not gonna we’re gonna two books one for next year and the year after so I’m doing in parallel you know I can’t just work on one project I have to do several things at once I just get bored so I have to kind of mala it’s not a board thing it’s just that there’s they’re really important topics that need to be to be out there so and one of them is personal to us for longevity so that’s that’s you know as I’m writing the book I’m learning things and applying them for myself so by the time the book is written I’ll have had a lot of experience and personally be able to validate many of these strategies that’s great the first topic I want to bring up this in a minute fasting um your your next book that you’re writing your you found some interesting data with detoxing like when people do I think you you know most of the toxins are stored in the fat cell so what happens if you detox org fast too long there’s a potential of detoxing some of these chemicals tell us bread yeah so it’s actually it’s not intermittent intermittent fasting was my last book with bad for fuel which essentially describes a process that is necessary to become metabolically flexible and you can actually regain the ability to burn fat because I would say 3/4 of the population aren’t able to do this because of their consistent indulgences and excessive carbohydrates which essentially shuts down their ability to burn fat effectively and they develop insulin resistance and then secondarily all these other metabolic consequences especially obesity so that’s the baseline if you you know to stab establish metabolic flexibility and that’s typically done with a compressed eating window which is the most one of those profoundly simple and effective strategies to regain health is just to restrict and time your that you’re eating the window eating period to about six to eight hours and you mate you know it’s shocked me but I guess it shouldn’t have that ninety percent nine out of ten people eat more than twelve hours a day let alone six or eight we’re talking twelve twelve hours it’s not natural it’s just not natural but we’re so used to it it’s this what’s your thoughts on this I mean massive habit of just snacking like it’s almost like you people can’t even go a few hours without eat they have to constantly snack that has pushed on us I’m not opposed to snacking it’s not like a magic you have one or two meals in fact I have a six hour window and I eat liberally in those six hours I said you know and but before those six hours or after those six hours I don’t eat well that’s what I’m talking about I’m talking about like yeah night in the morning all snacking at night is one of the worst thing I could possibly do to your body yeah I bet your viewers would like to know why because when you’re getting when you’re consuming calories you’re converting those calories to energy and the process the energy the biochemical metabolism that’s required to do that generates reactive oxygen species and they tend to back up and you expansion expand the production of those oxidative stress errs when you eat when you’re not using the energy and it’s exactly what you do when you eat before you go to bed because your energy consumption drops dramatically when you’re sleeping there’s no need to have extra energy so it’s just you’re just damaging your body when you do that so one of the most important principles does not eat for three hours before you’re asleep so let’s just clarify that for those people when you talk about Ross or reaction auctioning species in relationship to what you said just make it really simple like what how could someone really get that what does that mean well there is a process that occurs when you’re creating energy and it usually occurs in our mitochondria those are these little organelles and our cells that are considered to be the energy producers and they create ATP and that process is has a leaky production of these electrons that go out and they cause free Router they cause reactive oxygen species which are responsible producing free radicals which can create cellular damage and proteins DNA cell membranes okay so net and it’s the many people have heard that and they think free radicals are bad but actually the truth is that you need a certain level of them to operate and be healthy there are important biological signaling molecules so that if you indiscriminately suppress them with excessive antioxidants that could actually cause problems but the key here is not to take external exogenous supplementation’s but to live it the production and one of the ways you can do that is by not exposing yourself to ionizing radiation there’s no dispute here’s it’s non-controversial the last thing you want to do is stand in front of an x-ray or a cat scan on a regular basis because you’re going to die prematurely or handle radioactive material we know that and if we have time later on we’ll talk about the non innovative radiation but similarly you don’t want to expose yourself to excessive oxidative stress errs by eating at the wrong time because it’s trying to cause similar damage okay so now when you talk about I mean like just eating in general or certain things will create more oxygen stress both actually timing is probably the crucial one but certainly eating the wrong foods things like trans fats or industrially processed vegetable oils you know are really pernicious to your health and and the trans fats are probably in the industrial process oils they’re worse than sugar in my view because the sugar will create these this pulse of oxidative stress but then it’s gone it doesn’t do any long-term damage from that perspective but these industrial oils get embed yourself membranes they stick around for a long time and they really plug up your system and make it difficult to stay healthy so when you don’t eat when you’re fasting what happens with these do you just have less free radical damage well you’re not well because you’re eating at the right time you’re not creating excessive free radicals but there’s there’s a lot of other magic that occurs metabolic magic when you’re not eating because you’re replicating what our ancestors did they went regularly through times of not eating and they never had access to a refrigerator 24/7 where they can eat like most of our population does I said 90% people eat more than 12 hours a day I mean that’s essentially every waking hour they’re eating yes crazy when would they get up to the moment they go to bed and that is a prescription for metabolic disaster so that was one that was one aspect and the other is that I’m well I forgot what they did your question was there well just just the relationship to when you when you don’t eat I think there’s a fasting elicit some genetic things what so that what happens you’re not eating is that you will actually stimulate some very important metabolic about a process called autopsy which is from the Greek word to self eat and that is a clean up process that you have the cellular debris these organelles these cells that clog up your system that essentially are removed when you’re not eating because your system shuts down it has clean and repair and then your digestive system is given a chance to rest to so that you are less likely to have leaky gut and absorb these large molecules from your food that you’re eating into your system and cause autoimmune problems so it’s it’s really an important process that we were designed to follow if we want to stay healthy oh yeah you know I was before I was a Carroll I was a x-ray tech and I did x-rays in nursing homes that would portable x-rays said go out there and I didn’t have time to you know properly bring a shield I would take x-rays with this little unit like from one foot away and no shield like I know I was filled with radiation so that’s just something that in the back of my mind that’s why I’m kind of like really you can be filled with glyphosate from eating non-gmo foods but you can’t be filled with radiation you’re exposed to and then it causes damages you have to deal with unfortunately there are some strategies because the ionizing radiation your is exposed to as an x-ray tech is very similar to the radiation you’re exposed to flying at 35,000 feet I don’t know about you but I’m pretty much on an airplane at least once a month and there are some really effective strategies in would you like to know one of the simplest and least expensive strategy to protect it to do this basic but when you’re flying does this have to do with fasting it has to do with fasting because you up regularly you the other interesting thing when you don’t eat food is that you increase the levels of one of the most important coenzymes in your body which is nad nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide and that is really the fuel for an enzyme that repairs the DNA damage response or helps repair the damage and it’s called poly poly adp-ribose polymerase or par for short and it’s so when you’re the the radiation comes in damages the DNA this PARP can facilitate the repair but this part requires nad so when you’re fasting you’re going to increase your entity levels now there’s other ways you can do that you can take exogenous ketones which is very expensive it’s going to be about 25 to 40 dollars a dose depending on how much ketones you’re taking and you know it’s in a work we’re presenting in fact they’re studying this exogenous ketones with the NASA is for the astronauts to mitigate ionizing radiation damage but you can just do it by not eating and you know that gets into my next book which is keto fast that comes out in May which talks about the benefits of partial fasting as opposed to long-term multi-day water fasting which is what I was thinking I was going to promote because initially I liked this time last year I thought five-day water fest was the best metabolic intervention I’d ever seen in my entire political career and it still is powerful but I think in the 21st century it’s not a wise solution that’s the conclusion I reach after studying this very carefully now I recommend a partial fast which I described in keto fast like intermittent fasting I’m sorry intermittent fasting no it’s different intermittent fasting let me let me describe a keto kisses because it’s a bit confusing intermittent fasting is the base so that you do this for you know eat within a 6 to 8 hour window for at least a month and then your metabolically flexible and upon that platform you add another level of fasting which is you would your first meal instead of having to whatever 2,000 3,000 4,000 calories a day that you normally eat your first meal of the day after fasting for 18 hours would be anywhere from 300 to 600 calories maybe 800 if you’re a really big muscle builder so you just have that one meal and that’s the only thing you eat that and then for 24 hours you don’t need anything else so for 42 hours you’re only having anywhere from 300 to 500 calories that’s it so that’s the partial fast which will not give you the identical benefits of a 5 day water fast but will give you a large percentage of them probably 80 to 90% of the benefits which virtually no the downside which involves liberation of these toxins from your fat cells and being unable to effectively process and eliminate them from your body causing further damage so so so clarify that so we’re talking about a pattern of eating and not eating um and you said you know you have this certain intimate of fasting and then periodically you do that’s right that’s the key it’s not something you do every day right just like exercise if you do extras intense exercise every day you will kill yourself prematurely you’re digging a hole as you can’t get out of this and fasting or partial fasting is very similar exercising that is it’s a pulse it definitely in some ways weakens your body but it makes it stronger when you get out of it on the other side so you only want to do this like once or if you’re if you’re metabolically deranged you’re damaged then I could say your weight a hundred pounds overweight they may want to do it twice a week but for healthy people I think once a week is enough maybe even a little bit less than that but I try depending on my schedule when I gain enough weight I’ll partial fast like I partial fasted Sunday and so that we’re reporting this on a Thursday so and I lost six pounds and I regained the six pounds and so then when I get to that threshold of weight then I then I can know I can partial fast I’m gonna lose five or six pounds my partial fast this is the way it works it’s interesting because you’re you’re talking about something that I’ve I’m also experimenting on right now as well when it you know because you think about it’s a little bit like muscle confusion if you training over time decreases your gains because your body adapts to it so you have to constantly switch it up because it’s and it probably goes within a minute faster I mean you take a look at how our bodies were designed way back it wasn’t such a regular thing it was like one day we’re eating two days we’re not you know right right I mean we see this in nature all time I’m watching this brilliant planet Earth 2 on BBC documentary X and it’s just so fascinating to watch the animals a charlie I mean Laden don’t make it they just don’t get the food on their dead but I mean that food supply is not guaranteed on a regular basis it’s intermittent yeah my wife we’re now just watching that last night – with the little starfish and they’re there like I mean there’s the tides coming and I’m like this is incredible with this I just as much planet Earth oh okay which is I liked even I mean I like getting better because it’s terrestrial animals and it’s like it’s just so fascinating these wild wild stuff I was gonna I wanted to ask about an interesting phenomena that occurs and you touched on it when you fast there’s a your body basically resists stress it protects you I guess it’s a I guess it’s the term is it resists oxidative stress it actually it’s not like an emergent like like Julie Michael she’s saying oh yeah ketosis fasting it’s an emergency state like actually it’s not necessarily stressful it’s gonna your body’s gonna actually protect you against oxidative damage and that is a very interesting phenomena because you would think it’s just the opposite oh I’m gonna starve I’m stressed out I’m not gonna eat she hasn’t she probably doesn’t even know what a ketone is No so for your and many of your here’s may not either so it’s you know we hear all the time but what the hell is a ketone you know it is a simply put it’s a very small chain it’s usually two three or four carbon chain fat that’s because it’s so short its water soluble and is consensually penetrate almost every cell in your body can easily pass the blood-brain barrier and supply your brain with fuel that makes it mentally alert and sharp yeah interesting yeah I you know just one side out on that just because um what I don’t understand about and the reason I bring this up just because it was a hot topic and I wanted for those of you that are listening you know there’s a dr. axe is one of his companies called ancient nutrition I think and cheese she’s one of the investors and I’m just surprising because why would you bash keto if you’re investing in a company has all these keto products so it’s just it’s weird I don’t understand it so inconsistent yeah you mentioned about radiation what about EMF I just wanna a lot of people don’t know what that is I know you’re you’re interested in it you you know a lot about it just give us some data on that well there we talked about there for hours essentially the reason why there’s a lot of confusion out it relates to the reason why there’s confusion about conventional medicine because there’s very powerful corporations and with respect to medicine that’s primarily the drug companies that can go out and influence the public and in fact there was an article published two weeks ago in JAMA that reviewed medical marketing and a night in 1997 they spent 2 billion dollars on direct to consumer advertising direct to consumer every time this is what you see on TV that was in 1997 ok to confuse people now remember the United States is only one of two countries in the world where this is legal you can’t do it in any almost any other country in the world so what do you think they spent 2016 what did it go up to literally 20 years later I have no idea 10 billion dollars what 10 billion dollars was spent direct to consumer advertising okay that sounds like a lot right what did they spend in 1997 for for manipulating deceiving and confusing positions how much 16 billion Woods thousand 16 and went up to 30 billion dollars oh no you know and this is so that sounds like a lot of money it is and the reason I went on this tangent is that most of your viewers are familiar with the process of manipulation and deception and fraud that occurs in medicine otherwise they wouldn’t be watching your channel wouldn’t be watching me so the where they’re not familiar with they’re not familiar with is the EMF of component and you need to understand that the level of corporate influence is exponentially higher when it comes to the telecommunications industry they dwarf the pharmaceutical industry they have been able to centrally manipulate the federal regulatory agencies including the FTC the FDA the EPA that this is safe they these guys are bought and sold I mean the former head of the FTC was the head of the telecommunications lobbying industry it’s like this is icky the fox guarding the hen house Wow so and and we don’t have to there’s a great there’s a I don’t think it’s on Netflix it’s on Amazon Prime you have to pay for I think is merchants of doubt’ which doesn’t brilliant expose on the the corporate influence a lot of these policies and they did they focused a lot on tobacco industry and yeah there’s also a book if you prefer reading which preceded the movie or the documentary but the purpose of this is to know to understand that the CDC and the FDA believes if DEA at the FDA and CDC both came out Surgeon General and denounced smoking yet the tobacco industry was able to convince the public and created enough doubt that they were able to delay the final acknowledgment in the day of the dangers of smoking for three decades 30 years now again tobacco industry is peanuts compared to telex telecommunications and we don’t and and they had the federal regulatory agencies saying that it was harmful we don’t have that with EMF so understand the very basic protective mechanisms that are the government is supposed to have don’t work when it comes email if they just don’t work so that you have to understand any of the public health authorities that what you’re going to see in the media which is bought and sold for by the industry is going to confuse the heck out of you but yet there are like the bio initiative report published years ago and it’s updated annually has thousands and thousands and thousands of studies documenting clearly in peer-reviewed published journals the science that that that that authentically validates the danger of these exposures you talk about EMF EMF yes stuff that stuff yeah so you’re holding a cell phone I’m assuming that it’s an airplane mode good question but let’s see without it’s no it’s not an airline or airplane mode yeah okay so the airplane mode okay all right well you that’s good and even dr. bird in airplane mode and hopefully I will be able to convince him of the danger from my perspective unless you have a medical emergency or something that’s really just shockingly critical you should never have your phone on your body unless it’s an airplane mode and this is even validated by the instructions that come with each and every phone it needs to be at least six to eight millimeters away from your body okay so first of all why why should we keep it an airplane mode well because that will lower radically by orders of magnitude the radiation that comes out from there won’t eliminate it but it almost does so basically I have to turn it on right now right era airplane mode yeah yeah turn it on right and then you can put it on then do funny about you sure damage it I mean you know you know Senator McCain died recently right yeah glioblastoma that was from a cell phone he also got a parotid tumors I exactly what where he held a cell phone Wow I mean it doesn’t discriminate against you know who you know who you are what type of political office you hold or how much money you have it’s gonna hit you either way so so this this information you’re saying it’s not readily available I mean it’s like this probably been since lightly suppressed it’s readily available but there’s just like that’s why the book merchants of doubt’ is so good because it helps you understand the strategies that the court it’s corporations used and it wasn’t just tobacco it’s asbestos and climate change global warming it’s this whole there’s a lynnium about six different areas that they discussed it’s the same down strategy every time Wow telecommunications industry is still they they hire the same PR agencies that tobacco did interesting you know so you just understand it you know because people are going to think I’m way out there and I’m confused and I don’t know what the heck I’m talking about but once you understand the foundational realities of what was that seeking to confuse you then you then you can realize well maybe there is something more listen you feel easily validate this you can do this yourself problem is most of us don’t have the time right you know I’m in a position in life where I delegate been able to delegate almost every non-essential thing in my life out and I just have loads of time where I can research and stuff and most people don’t have that luxury so right you know and I can read it and compile and put it together and put in a book that you can read and there’s other people who do that too I’m not the only one certainly but you know it’s there and you can independently assess it and figure it out yourself fascinating you know I I’m very very very sensitive to this phone I can’t I hate talking the phone I I never ever hold it up to my ear however the and I don’t know a tremendous amount amount EMF but the way I learned about it is I used to do seminars and all the governmental agencies in Washington DC and I went into the an agency the National Science ‘national Science Institute I go in there to do a seminar and this guy came up to me he was one of the scientists and he he says what’s your thoughts on EMF and at that time I didn’t really have any data and he started to educate me from he was doing research at that institution on EMF and telling me yeah it’s it can create tumors it creates this and I just was a sudden awareness of like I had no idea and if you’re studying this you know there’s must be something to it yeah there is a lot to it and the we’re not going to I said we wouldn’t need two to three hours to cover this copper sensibly and I could easily do that without notes but we don’t have the time to do that now so for those who are interested in this simple book that’s easy to read and gives you a lot of pretzel strategies until mine comes out in 2020 would be the non tin foil guide to EMF a Nicholas pin alt and it’s available on Amazon so that’s that’s a good one to say because it goes with basically it’s not for the the research savvy scientist or clinician who wants the details because this is written for the consumer which is you know really the target of most people watching this so that that’s a strategy for sure and the other component to understand we talked about nad before now there’s if for those of you who are a little more science oriented there’s an incredible research paper written twelve years ago now is written 2007 by Paul patcher PA CH ER and it’s called parry oxy nitrite PE ro X y ni t RI t parallaxing nitrite in health and disease and it’s a literally a hundred and forty page paper it is a book it is a book and it has 1,400 references it is literally I read hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of thousands of studies every year and this is one of the best written papers I’ve ever read in my life is just unbelievable and it’s free there’s no charge for it love you know half the journal articles you got to pay $30 $40 to get this write free go online on google type in what I said line I gave you a title and you’ll get get this paper and he helps you understand this is such a foundational critical paper it really is a foundation for the next three books I’m writing is to understand we talked about oxidative stress and we took then most people think our OS reactive oxygen species but it’s not just our OS it’s our NS reactive nitrogen species and the most toxic probably the most toxic species is Perry oxy nitrates so what the heck is it well this is what happened this is so just understand it is a thing that you you and I were not taught in school and I would say almost all medical students today are not taught in school okay because this is biology there’s just figured out in last 10 years ago maybe 15 years so and then I learned about if I’m Martin Paul who should my view should get him a Nobel Prize for this he’s a little too deep for most people watching but he does MPA ll Martin Pau pal-14 and EMF on YouTube and get he’s got dozens of hour or longer lectures we’ll go into the deep science of it and far more detail than I had time to do now but he told me about Paris I mean he talks about Paris tonight reelection and he seems like everyone knows about it but no one knows about it that’s why this paper I mentioned it’s so critical because it help you understand it because this is a foundation and the problem is when you’re exposed to EMF like you are when your phone wasn’t in airplane mode or almost everyone watching is because they are at home where the Wi-Fi is on and believe me if you don’t understand this you need to know that having a Wi-Fi modem in your home on is like having a cell phone tower in your house yeah that is a same thing that’s why when I’m talking to you from my home studio and I do not have any Wi-Fi in here I have a very safe signal I’m in the green zone with respect to I’m less than point zero 1 volts per meter of radio frequency exposures so that’s great but almost everyone is watching this on Wi-Fi and they got their phone on they’re getting blasted so what is happening what is happening when you do that these radio frequency signals typically in the gigahertz range but even at lower frequencies will go and stimulate the voltage-gated calcium channels of V GCC’s they’re embedded in all the cell membranes the neurological tissue like the brain and the conduction pathways in your heart at the highest densities so that’s why there’s so many people now with brain tumors and cardiac arrhythmias afib a flutter you know and if you know anyone who has these conditions you’ve got to tell them be enough because that’s probably that’s a good likelihood that’s what’s causing it so anyway these voltage-gated calcium channels get activated and it’s just a gate right it’s just like a gate you have on your front yard when you open it up things come in so there a calcium gauge so the calcium floods and calcium is really high outside the cell orders a magnetized on the inside and which opens up the calcium flows in the cell so what happens when now calcium flies into the cell it act it it does two primary things is a signal and it will causes more nitric oxide and superoxide to form and these are very reactive molecules they get within a hair breadth of each other a hair growth of a hair growth of each other and they form peri oxy nitrite why is this so dangerous why is it so much because the most dangerous ro s is hydroxyl free radical hydroxyl free radicals and I know many people have heard of this think what they don’t know about hydroxyl free radical is his only last one billionth of one second much very short-lived it hardly goes anywhere so most of the art most of the hydroxyl radical is actually created in energy generation in mitochondria so and when it only lasts of billions of a second it can only travel for the distance of a protein or so so essentially that means it doesn’t escape the mitochondria and cousin go to the cytoplasm it doesn’t travel into the nucleus but peri AXI nitrite not only is it not just the mitochondria it’s hitting it all the cells but the entire cell is going in but but it lasts nine billion times longer and hydroxyl free radical so I usually travel out of my Kandra into it can go out of the cell back in the cell into the nucleus all over a cause is damaged so it’s not as a aggressively voracious as hydroxyl but it lasts nine billion times longer so it’s 99 billion times more potent from that perspective now the hydroxyl radical has two needs either iron or copper to be reactive right now that’s just catalyzed it’s called the fencin reaction that the catalyzes that reaction what does this created it’s created so the Fen catalyzes that so if that’s another that’s another interesting point that most clinicians are ignorant of essentially that’s the best term that I would use to describe the dead excess iron your body which almost all your adult males watching this and any postmenopausal women is a problem so you’ve got to measure your iron levels and the best way to do that it’s fair and ideally should be between 20 and simple thing that’ll radically lower your risk of heart disease and cancer and dementia that’s well documented right so how do we how do we get these this this new radical thing well how do is it from the EMF or what what’s creating it no no the primary that’s a great question the primary catalyst for that is this excessive disposer to EMF that’s the molecular necklace he I knew about EMS for two decades and probably you knew about him to take so treat it and you know we’re told by the people who should know that it’s dangerous and should but it’s so darn convenient that we don’t want to believe it right right and you know and and these merchants of doubt are creating doubt they’re create all these studies to say well it does it you know so you’re using data justification to perpetuate your ignorance or lack not ignorance but lack of action to effectively mitigate your exposure to this so I was like that up until a few years ago and a clean heart catalyze my interest in this and they started studying and Paul is really the genius in this whole area who’s really sure I think should get a Nobel Prize but what so once you once you understand the mechanism that there’s actually hard science behind this then you start to believe it Wow okay so it’s basically creating this influx of calcium in the cell what what are some of the consequences other than you know signal signaling problems brain tumors there many that’s why the title of my book the tentative title for 2020 is EMF the extinction event yeah because your your what is it I already mentioned earlier it’s going to hit the heart so you’ll have arrhythmias but on the beginning and end of the spectrum it’s certainly not the only variable but it’s an important variable to contribute to the the occurrence of autism in autism even by conservative measures the last measurement that by the government by the government when I was in med school when I started practicing in 85 wanted I didn’t see any autistic patients because there was one in 10,000 we’re autistic faces I have 10,000 patients okay I’ve seen tens of thousands of patient business but I didn’t have 10,000 patients so I never saw an autistic patient and tell us the instance start increase now today they admit conservative it is probably much higher this is one in 40 one in 41 40 Wow so from one in ten thousand one and forty so that’s one consequence glyphosate is another issue vaccines are another issue but probably collecting they are the two biggest so that’s one so you’ve got you know if a trial with autism requires care givers otherwise they’re gonna die they just can’t take care of themselves so you have an enormous amount of resources being invested in the taking care of the autistic ators and then the other in this spectrum you’ve got Alzheimer’s which we have a tsunami an epidemic of Alzheimer’s which is clearly EMF is contributing to this Wow so you know both of those are increasing exponentially so if you’ve got you know half the population demented in the other half I mean we’re going to one in two autistic birds that care for themselves how can the society survive the only segments or remnants of the sub population of those survivor that people aren’t exposed to have these types of exposures because they’re you can’t it just it’ll collapse it’s just destined to collapse unless there’s some changes incorrect what now as someone ages there’s definitely this huge problem and I don’t know if this is related with calcium calcium deposits you have arthritis you have calcium yeah well there’s a lot of variables for that it’s like a chronic inflammation and right and in vitamin k2 is another important because that sucks the calcium from the lining of the blood vessels back into the bones where it belongs so and it you know in the hormonal component so it’s not just a simple I mean you shouldn’t be taking calcium supplements for the most part but you should but you know museum is far more important but you know excess calcium could be in there but it but it’s not it’s more of a symptom that it caused yeah exactly okay so as far as the viewers right now or they’re kind of probably gonna go alright you opened a can of worms at least need to know something about because they all have cell phones only put in airplane mode if it’s gonna be in your body what it what about the earphones that earbuds see they have different kinds what yeah yeah well we’ll talk about that but let me just finish this airplane mode okay how often do you charge your phone every day at night how often do you think I charge my phone I have no idea yes when it runs out yeah well yeah I guess a phone depending if it’s on I guess it lasts what every two days every day once once every seven to ten days what yeah that’s how often I charge my phone what yeah how does it last that long I have a super battery no cuz it’s an airplane mode that you’re putting into the battery is creating radio frequencies which are exposing you your body and your family to these this energy interesting so acid mine is mine is on occasionally I mean but even if you don’t you ever turn it on it’s still gonna vary probably only last maybe two weeks before it goes dead so so you basically extend your battery life when you it’s in yeah exponentially alright so then your other question was well what do you do you know how do you protect yourself well the first step is airplane mode is almost all the time and use a landline you can easily use a landline by using your computer there’s voice phones on your computer which is what I do all the time people cannot caught they know I I don’t text I just do not use my cell phone I mean I’ll use text occasionally but I mean I get more the amount of texting I do today in a year is equal to most people’s what they’re doing today essentially you know I do it to over and catch an uber or something and it’s not a text but that’s a using my cell phone but anyway so what can you do if when you do use it make sure it’s far from your body so if you’re going to hold it you speaker from them you know that’s a lot easier more community because you all we have speaker always have the speakerphone actually you never know not necessarily going to have your headphone Asst yes inconvenient it’s a hassle so most of them you just go to quite place you know I mean you don’t want to annoy or disturb others so like if I’m in an airplane lounge and the only that’s the only phone I have I’ll use mice but a whole far from you and I’ll have it on the speaker mode I mean you’re still hurting your hand but at least it’s a far away from them what really counts because the your friend is distant so the further away from your body it is the better and you have to know though and I with with the equipment the and the best meter to get for remittitur and radio frequencies for everyone is called the acoustic comm – acoustic just like it sounds with an om and a – and get that out it’s very hard to find though because it’s it’s so it’s a very obscure website it’s called Amazon $150 and I actually the battery lock I think I’ve had mine for two years I have been change the battery but it’s it’s an analog signal so you can actually it has an acoustic sound so you can get audio feedback and by the type of the sound it can tell you what’s it where the signals coming from this coming from a cell phone is coming from a Wi-Fi router is it coming from a cell phone tower so it’s pretty interesting so from anything else will tell you the level you can see it and hear it and so you know those of you there watching he’s talking about a device to measure EMF right well well one love one type of EMF there’s many types this is a radio frequency typically from a few hundred megahertz to like eight gigahertz but then there’s also higher frequencies and radio frequencies and then there are magnetic fields and electrical fields this doesn’t measure magnetic or electrical fields okay so like around someone’s house what are some of the big sources of EMF that’s a great question probably the most important is I already mentioned the Wi-Fi router Wow your cell phones are the two biggest threats you have here to your health so for that problem what is the solution for that problem well the first step the baby step to get you put your toe in the water is to turn off your router at night because you’re not using it okay turn off your router or night you can easily do that you can buy a $25 switch you plug in your you actually plug your router into that and then you can control the switch with a with like a garage remote control but the bet the law that’s not the long-term solution launcher solution is to get rid of your turn your wife left permanently in hardwire your house pain in the butt but it’ll help you and your family quite a bit you know I I agree a hundred percent because I there was a our power went down for three days in her house and all the Wi-Fi went down and man did I just I slept better I felt better I’m like what what’s different I just feel so good yeah and he saw also my computer my hard drive was very close to underneath my desk and I felt like I was literally being electrified every single day as like it and I said get this thing well you well it’s not your hard drive it’s that it’s that your computer is using the Wi-Fi st. Louis right next to you so and that and don’t make the mistake I did say you hardwire your house right you know have no Wi-Fi you still have to go to your desktop even though there’s an Ethernet cable and it’s getting a signal from the ethernet you have to turn the Wi-Fi off you have to put in an airplane mode just like your phone otherwise it’s continuing to blast you with a signal okay yeah so it’s the confident Devils of the details because your body it doesn’t matter what your attention is you have to take it attention to details because your body will suffer otherwise can you hurry up and finish this book well the book is almost finished I’m just tweaking I it’s already written I just have to put it together in a in a cohesive and motivating and catalyzing way so that it will convince people of the dangers but there’s a lot of books written up this is not the only one and I said Nick’s book is really pretty good for the most part it’s just not gonna go in as much of the science as I’m gonna do and really some of the other components and go more into the deception in the fraud so that people aren’t because what people understand the basic reason why they’re being deceived and manipulated then there are more open to the science I think because you scan him with a science you got a you got a paint the picture for ya see see the full frame yeah and then the other thing is that I think one of the big challenges is especially when I did or do our summit we had the speakers fly in and people want application want simple ways of applying it because right they don’t want all the science they want okay what do I do with this information you know what practical things yeah well you need to be motivated first of all that’s the key Thanks so that’s the reason for the science and for me I I was it gave me a simple implementation measures to follow but unless I was convinced it was an issue I wouldn’t do it I didn’t do anything right we convinced first right but next book goes into great detail all little little things but the most important thing is your cell phone and your Wi-Fi may those are the big ones I mean the magnetic fields are an issue but they’re pretty easy to find and mitigate against electrical fields there’s a lot more complex topic that we have time to talk about now but but it does things it is a big issue for people with solar panels and I happen to have you know 15 kilowatts of solar panels on my roof and the problem is there’s nothing no nothing wrong with the solar panels because they create DC power and DC power is fine the problem is that you anyone who is almost anyone who’s using them has an AC converter so they converts the DC to AC instead inverter that causes the complication which creates a massive amount was called dirty electricity which inputs high voltage transients into your wiring system which causes electrical fields which go go throughout the wiring of your housing can cause similar problems as the cellphones Wow a mechanism Wow fortunately there’s things that you can do to address that but most but you got to know it’s an issue to begin with right yeah this is fascinating this is great data I had no idea now you got me really interested now I’m gonna dive in the optics here I’ll pick up next book because that’ll give me the best strategy right away cuz my books not gonna be out for it could be out within a year I mean it’s entually written I just had to fine-tune it well and the book I’m ready now now we’ll see the book I’m ready and now it’s going to be it’s my master but it’s gonna have thousands of references it’s how it’s how to extend your life but but it’s based on the preceding book so you know intermittent fasting partial fasting e-m-f remediation you got to do those that’s the basics right you don’t do to the advanced stuff until you do the basics agree yeah down and then when you’re there then you can do the fine-tuning awesome Wow well thank you so much for your time this has been great I think a lot of people got a lot of great content and also a lot of ideas to start we opened a can of worms but now it’s time for them also to take do their own research and start learning about these you know be a skeptic I think it’s their skepticism is a healthy strategy you know you have to be careful and ideally validate these things yourself I mean it has a good source you says be careful especially with with the EMF because you’re gonna find a lot of confusing material out there based on the deception and fraud that the telecommunications industry is introducing into the system so no but you can you can pretty much if you go to these studies you can see who funded them and find out you know why they’re confused fascinating Wow well thank you so much for spending the time okay well good to be with you

This Post Was All About Dr. Berg Collaborates with Dr. Mercola on EMFs, Fasting and other Stuff.
Dr. Berg Collaborates with Dr. Mercola on EMFs, Fasting and other Stuff

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