Dr. Berg and Thomas Delauer Chat on How they Ended Up in the Keto World

Dr. Berg and Thomas Delauer Chat on How they Ended Up in the Keto World

Dr. Berg and Thomas Delauer Chat on How they Ended Up in the Keto World

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everyone have a great special guest today Thomas LRO is here how are you doing tom I’m doing great dr. Berg thanks for having me on great I wanted to catch up with you a couple things number one now you’re coming to our summit to actually be one of the speakers so that’s gonna be exciting yeah I’m stoked it’s it’s gonna be great you know um I’ve had quite a few people sign up and of you people that follow you and they’re like I just want to meet you they want to meet you so in-person so you’re gonna see quite a few fans they’re gonna line up and wanted to meet you so it’s gonna be great not looking forward to it yeah so we have a lot of people signed up this year we’re gonna go for a thousand last year was 500 so and these are just the most wonderful people it’s just it’s gonna be a blast so if you’re watching now and you’re considering coming you may want to get signed up pretty quick because I would hate to have people like find out it’s like sold out and then like you have to wait till next year so definitely check it out so yeah let’s let’s talk so lately a lot of things going in the news I you know I always check in to see what video that you’re releasing and things and you know because we actually are kind of a same same wavelength for sure and there’s a whole bunch of data on eggs you know and cholesterol and so do you have you have anything interesting to comment on this egg thing yeah I just put it you know I know you put a video up like a month or so ago when this first came out and and I feel like that’s kind of beating a dead horse a little bit with this whole anything but it’s I think one thing that just really needs to be out there is people understanding that it’s not the cholesterol it’s the inflammation that’s what we have to look at and you can pick apart they can pick apart any food they want to like I could I could find a problem with broccoli I could find a problem with cabbage I mean you can find a problem with any food and when it’s a cohort study like that when things don’t look at the big picture it’s very easy to just extract what you want to extract out of a study and having been involved in clinical studies before and seeing them it’s the unfortunate thing as dr. Barragan you know this and it’s unfortunately it breaks it breaks down a lot of people is know that clinical studies aren’t always the gospel I told it great it’s about a corruption I mean you know like I just did a video on this recently apparently and I there’s a rule that was passed I think in 2005 that faith I don’t think they follow this but you have to be transparent you have to upload all the studies that you actually do including the ones that don’t turn out that well do the ones that have complications but into I guess it’s a clinical studies don’t quote me but the point is that before 2005 they can trick what studies they want to put up and so you’re getting this altered so-called facts and I mean one thing they can do they can actually filter out the first six weeks data so you know you can’t you can’t always go by these studies I mean it’s insane well in the first sometime I mean it’s it’s I’ve heard that before you can filter out the first six to eight weeks and the fact is the first six weeks sometimes that’s for both positive and negative that’s a really important period of time like people have radical ships in so many different important markers in those first six weeks and a lot can happen in six weeks a lot of good and bad and you know of course the body’s gonna come back to whatever homeostasis is theirs but the whole purpose of them kind of being able to take away that first six weeks at first I thought it was put in place out of good good faith I thought maybe okay maybe they’re trying to get rid of the impulse response that happens with the body sometimes you know massive course-correction I mean someone goes on keto they’re gonna have massive potentially reductions in inflammation within the first few weeks just because it’s a big shock to their system in their bodies coming into a whole new world and then it can kind of balance out sometimes but most of the time how quickly someone adapts to something is a very good indicator of how their lifestyle was before so I think it’s very good information that should be included in the study and also rounds out what the ultimate conclusion is of that study and what do you do with studies that are ten weeks long that means you only have four four weeks of aggregate data right yeah I mean even one of the things that they they have listed it’s basically non-compliance and so if you look at what they mean by non-compliance it’s almost like side effects so you’re like gonna eliminate all the side effects okay so and I don’t know how much of the how much of this is like diet related I think it’s a mainly talking about more of the drug studies that they do yeah which you I think you you were in that field for a while so yeah it was yeah and that’s that’s a really gnarly world so I was in the lab services world so you know we were kind of some of the first that we’re doing like the old zrt cortisol salivary testing and stuff like that way back in the day when it was just concierge doctors doing it so it was interesting seeing as we were in direct competition with the organizations that were just trying to go for a maximum reimbursement you know so we were working with like you’re familiar with concierge medicine obviously it’s very similar to chiropractic and stuff that’s in the medical side so it’s just where’s doctors that were generally working with patients on a fee-for-service basis not based on insurance reimbursable so that being said a lot of the doctors that I was working with we’re very invested in keeping their patients happy and doing the right thing because if they weren’t getting good patient outcomes they weren’t getting paid because it was the affluent patients that were paying them directly whereas we were working you know the other side of the equation or the doctors that we’re just going for the jugular with whatever they could a maximum reimbursement so then you have doctors that will lobby for specific drugs depending on what the reimbursements going to be on it it’s like oh my gosh it really is saying yeah I’m saying you know one one really touchy subject today I haven’t done a lot of videos not and I probably won’t for various reasons but and I don’t want to get too into it but vaccinations you know it’s the only thing I want to say about it is and I’ll shut up but you have to say oh yeah it’s safe but over four billion dollars we’re spent on the vaccine courts yeah see you a vaccine court like wait a second now if you earn on a slight drug they don’t have a side truck or it’s like but you have a vaccine court and apparently they don’t even have judges they have like health and services employees I’m like what and then so you have this situation where it’s like interesting interesting data in a year yeah you know so I think as as time goes on more and more things will pop up on that but I do know that certain friends of mine that had have quite large YouTube channels they had some of their social media taken away because they talked a little too much about that so you know it’s just an area that I’ll probably stay away from right now but you know people always ask me and I just like well you do the research you know it’s looking just look into what why they have the backs of vaccination courts and then also how much is paid out and then of course we have to do companies don’t pay that we have to pay a tax payers pay that I’m like what the heck is up with that so yeah you know it’s you have studies you have the data but I think you need to personally experience some of these these things yourself to see if it works for you and then you really know agreed agreed and and you know back to the original topic at hand which was the egg study where it wasn’t even called the egg study I mean am i calling it the egg study I was like the eggs are just like this cherry-picked portion of it the fact was is you’ve touched on and I’ve touched on it they asked these patients once if they consume dicks you know and that’s like asking it’s going up to a 16 year old asking if they consume a Snickers bar and I was like if they said no they’d be lying but if they said yes they’re gonna assume that you did every day that’s not very fair I mean that’s kind of backing someone into a corner so you can at the very and I have a video that hasn’t gone live yet talking about the skipping breakfast study there’s another study that came out that said skipping breakfast is correlated with increased risk of CVD and all this – and it’s if you haven’t if you haven’t seen the whole thing else and did a link but it’s it’s just and and the way that I even opened my video on that I was talking about okay like literally by saying like you’re putting someone into a corner just by how you frame the question so for example dr. Burke if I say dr. Burke do you yep breakfast the word skip and its very nature is implying that if by skipping breakfast you’re doing something wrong whereas if I always say dr. Burton do you eat breakfast or not right different questions so right yes by how it’s phrased in the study itself even in the abstract skip skip breakfast so you can tell that they’re there they’re putting people on edge so if someone comes to me and says you skip do you skip breakfast and I’m you know someone that’s intimidating because I’m in a clinical setting and I’m not familiar and don’t know how to navigate the world I’m just saying like of course someone’s gonna put me in a corner I’m gonna say no I don’t skip breakfast like now I’m not supposed to breakfast on skipper how do you neglect your breakfast no yeah that’s just crazy so you’re talking about the questionnaire studies the video yeah yeah it’s so I mean and those having those have a valid place but we can’t take questionnaire studies and really try to extrapolate like concrete clinical evidence that’s gonna dictate what we eat and don’t eat didn’t I mean that’s that’s just not there and all the study said and the other thing we had to look at is the skipping breakfast study what they don’t mention in the primary ports in this study that you have to dig deeper and those that skipped breakfast also happen to be generally smokers drinkers and chronic drinkers and those that had other unhealthy lifestyle habits so it’s like that’s not to say everyone that’s gets breakfast does but there’s a big big difference between consciously skipping breakfast because you’re fast named or you’re playing around with time restrictive eating and just forgetting breakfast because you’re not paying attention to what you eat or what you don’t eat you know there’s a lot of people that get up in the morning and then just like breakfast isn’t even a thought because they’re just stressed out and they’re going through their day and they’re it’s it’s no fault of their own but they’re just they’re just going through life and they’re not thinking about it then there’s the people that have maybe watched our videos and I’ve seen this and they’re like oh I’m consciously going to skip breakfast and I’m gonna make sure that I get my greens and make sure I get my nutrients within my respective eating window big difference between skipping breakfast and that absolutely absolutely yeah so you um you have a small boy right I mean Siwon years older hose it he’s 18 months now he’s going west just now how do I slow him down you know if I had the answers that I would probably be sitting here right now now so we have a little little baby in the house five months Lucy so so we’re similar with my granddaughter and so she we’re doing cod liver oil every morning just a little bit and of course breastfed and talk about like robust cheeks and just spot and like the tea I mean teeth are coming in now but everything’s just coming out perfect so what what do you what did you guys do with your child did you did your wife breastfeed and yeah so he was so my wife was kedo when we got pregnant she went through a period during her pregnancy she went through a period of time where she she thought it was wise to bring in some low glycemic carbohydrates just to introduce a limit of everything and then the third trimester she went back strict keto baby was born healthy and very big my wife is not a large woman she’s 5 to 5 3 about 115 pounds and the baby was over nine pounds so here’s the big boy and it was like okay how did this happen so then yes I mean the funny thing is you said cod liver oil so cod liver oil is we give it to him in the evening so I wasn’t asked you select digression is there a reason that you give in cod liver oil or her cod liver oil in the morning or evening or is it just the best time oh not any specific time in the evening you know she’s she’s still you know breastfeeding probably several times a day yeah but she just that baby is hungry so we gotta like so we’re doing the egg yolk cooked of course just egg yolk and then with a common one that seems to I mean Lucy just sucks it up just you know yeah he likes it she’s learning how to swim just really happy baby no problems no health issues you know I I always get I’m sure you probably get questions about kids too with you know what do I do for this where they’re always sick you know we don’t you don’t have in that situation yeah Tommy in the 18 months you know he’s been sick Mary got sick really bad over his first birthday and I think it was just because his immune system was crushed because he had four molars coming in at one time where I’m sorry canine and three more or so he had one coming in and the other one was coming in later and I think it just crushed his immune system that’s a little sinuses where he’s is all inflamed but you know he’s just had other than that you know one other little cold and it’s just I mean he’s a he’s a good bait what I noticed when Amber was breastfeeding was that there was a period of time where she kind of tested it where she wasn’t kedo and the breast when it would go in the fridge the fat that would have come to the top was about yay big maybe like a centimeter versus when she would go back in Quito and then we would actually refrigerate me whatever she was pumping I’m kidding you not Eric it was like an inch of fat that was float to the top it’s amazing the overall volume of liquid was less I would say and that makes sense because probably in a slight state of not want to say dehydration but just less fluid just because your keto and but I was so amazed like net net calorie content I had to have been double just because the amount of fat was twice as much so like he would latch and he had a little bit of an issue with latching because he had a totally you know you’re familiar with a tongue tie so he had a tongue tie where the tongue basically a little flap of skin that holds the tongue to the bottom of the mouth was a little bit too large or it was just fastened a little bit too close to even to the tongue so he was having a hard time latching so we were concerned that he wasn’t getting enough nutrients but here this kid was growing like a weed and the fact that the number was on keto he didn’t have to consume nearly as much milk just because the fat content was so high so it was ah yeah it was really interesting now how long did she breastfeed for so she stressed fed for about seven months before her supply started to go and that’s you know so we were like okay well what do we do because we were really cuz we don’t like formula no but then we actually did find we’re like okay if we we can do peas a little hard to digest but they do make a goat milk formula which is a to casein so if you people out there do have to supplement and it does happen go with like a goat milk formula or something that’s a to do not this is okay I mean I can’t get parental advice I’m not having a dad long enough but come on like that the the formulas that are out there like you can get a goat milk for me I think the one we used was Holly an organic goat milk that’s a to casein those of you are familiar with a 2 a 1 a 2 is the beta casein that is not doesn’t have nearly as many inflammatory linkages to it and it also doesn’t have the the high opioid level that’s basically the opiate response level that typical a 1 this so yeah not addictive because little babies get don’t realize it but they get addicted to formula so oh my gosh it’s just insane so so you um you started to enhance the diet and then did you do you actually do solid foods as well oh yeah he’s he’s he’s been on solid food we did you familiar with baby led weaning yeah so baby led weaning is where you you let them start to have solid food at a pretty young age like 6 months you just learnt letting them kind of like pick at it and you just monitor them closely and you know so by the time he was 8 months he was eating solid food so we figured okay if if the supply is you know not as great as we want to be let’s get him on solid for as much as we can and you know everything that we were diving into research wives saying no the only reason yeah you continued to either a breast feed or formula feed or milk feed if the baby’s not getting enough nutrients and our baby was he was eating I mean you know the funny thing his favorite food was broccolini like baby broccoli so he was just devouring that stuff yeah so it’s well it’s good these babies can adapt I mean they they’re gonna quickly develop what they need to digest that food I think the big challenge that I think we’re gonna have is other relatives and that you know like we’re gonna bring Lucy’s somewhere to a party or something all the other garbage because it’s really hard to get everyone in my entire environment to be on page with that so you know last thing I’m gonna do is have some of these you know these parties where they have all the sugar and then start that yeah I’m gonna try to avoid it as much as possible I want her to be a Kido Kido baby yeah as long as possible agreed agreed and it’s it’s it’s a bummer cause I mean it’s I try to keep it out of my mind but it’s a reality that as kids get older they’re going to be exposed to these things and the only thing that you can do is teach them that the way that your teaching them to eat not necessarily is the right way but make it fun and if they feel good there’s gonna be a simple Pavlovian response where they go and they have that garbage food and they’re not gonna feel good right and you know I can’t be the dad that’s saying like you go to Jimmy’s house and you don’t you dare eat that isn’t a breed resentment and it’s not gonna work but I know that if he goes to Jimmy’s house and he has a pop tart that he’s gonna come home and he’s a dad I don’t feel so good right I don’t exactly yeah I don’t want to use too much force but I do want to educate them what I do with my kids is I I showed him a couple of videos on just foods in general one was actually about GMO foods and I did see when they were probably like six or seven eight this shift so they’re like you know what you see the you know the point where now they can I’m gonna start a woody now versus me telling what to eat so yeah I think it’s a self-determined thing that they have to eventually you know have a lipoma offered of course used too much force they’re just gonna do the opposite and then they’re gonna go okay I’ll just do this despite you so good yeah not exactly but I mean it’s it’s so fun to watch and it’s so fun to see just everything click and knowing that you know this high DHA diet that you know my babies eating is is working and I am NOT one to ever like try to compare to others but I see his development compared to a lot of others and I’m just like wow okay it’s a boat of confidence for me and we’re doing something right if I fail at everything else I’m doing in life right now I know that at least I think we’re doing something right here and it’s it’s so amazing and that was one of the you know one of the key supplements that my wife took the route pregnancy was you know like high dose of DHA docosahexaenoic acid know whether it be from shallow marine whether it be from some forms of krill alcohol oil we rotated them up and I think that I made a really big big change I’m really think of it yes brain development yeah I optic nerve do you find that what about nutritional yeast did you use that at all we haven’t used it with with him I mean I’m I’m practically addicted to the stuff I put everything if I’ve seen my video where I but always put it like my favorite is putting in a nutritional yeast with a little bit of coconut oil or premise of putting it with asparagus and a little bit of coconut oil and mixing it up and I mean it tastes amazing but I haven’t done any anything with him and nutritional yeast however he I mean he eats the asparagus that I make with nutritional yeast didn’t devours it but I haven’t done any specific protocols or anything like that now when you were a kid did you were you a junkie or did you were you raised really healthy in the very beginning and then what what happened what did you eat yeah it was interesting my mom was was hard on us kids in a really interesting way like I ran my first marathon when I was 11 years old which was probably too young to run a marathon but you know my mom’s always about pushing us and it was interesting I think it raised my sister raised my sister and I in a very unique way so it was interesting like from what I recall with my childhood was was definitely was not a junk food junkie at all but there would be random things that my parents would be wildly opposed to and random things that they would allow like I do remember going to McDonald’s and getting McChicken sandwiches somewhat frequently but then I also remember hearing that cornflakes which weren’t even sweetened were by abstain from them at all costs don’t ever touch a cornflake so there was just these weird mixed messages that I’m just like okay I go get a McChicken but I keep you know these weird personal biases or just getting kind of put onto us with no real rhyme or reason but I learned at a really young age I took a took a real interest in just my blood work by the time I was like 13 years old I was really interested in things I I started working out and I had a friend that was a doctor and or his friends who dad was a doctor and I I got some blood work done for some routine thing and I started getting like really interested in like what makes the body tick and I remember seeing I remember vividly my middle school cross-country coach telling me that his triglycerides were high and this was like a super health guy and then I remember looking at my lab results for some reason and finding that my triglycerides are high that’s a triglyceride I’m a thin runner and like what’s going on and it just so it was at that very point in time where I started learning about okay well you could be a seemingly healthy person very athletic person and I have a high storage form of fat that’s not actually depositing as adipose tissue and I was like I remember freaking out me like I’m fat on the inside I’m actually I’m fat on the inside I’m just not fat so I developed this sort of interest in it and then I worked really interesting as I remember my parents were divorced after about 13 14 years old and I remember I used to go to dinner with my dad a couple times per week or one time per week and I remember I used to feel so much better if I if I would go with my dad we’d go out to pizza but I always found that if I just abstained from food throughout the course of the day that I didn’t bloat as much when I ate the pizza so it was funny I look back I’m like oh my gosh I was intermittent fasting at 14 years old various I just felt better granted I was breaking my fast food Pizza but I was like I feel so much better the day after I eat it was wild interesting well I saw your picture that you have posted and some of the videos as well you you were very large at one time yeah what was it like was it close to 300 yeah I was about 200 205 pounds so that was so I went from being super athletic in high school a little bit of college to getting into the corporate world I was in corporate healthcare and I was a physician recruiter and honestly I just I cut my lifting down from four days five days per week down to like one day per week and I was just it quite frankly doctor it was like a it was kind of a bulk gone wrong like it was like I started me like I want to put some muscle on and then just stop worrying about the gym portion altogether because I was focused on making money in my career and yada yada and you know next thing I know it’s been really six seven months later I’m looking at myself being like I’m a shell if the person I used to be like what the heck is going on you know so it’s I wasn’t overweight for a really long period of time but what made it really interesting was that I had experience I was I looked like the the football coach that just kind of just let himself go they used to play football and then just stop playing football and just continue to eat like that I like I was a decently muscled person but I was just sloppy and what age was that so I was young I was 22 so it was like I was way too young and you know so it wasn’t until you know I was our pre diet at 22 I went from being seemingly pretty darn healthy to gaining a ton of weight and ICRP levels were off the charts I was in the healthcare world so I mean I had access to amazing physicians and everything else so unfortunately I was at a young age which I think thank goodness I was at a young age because I was able to bounce back and recover and get my head on straight and I’m I was fearful that I had had gone on for another ten years it could have been really serious yeah Wow interesting yeah I was uh I was very very thin did the whole wrestling thing in college and then you know I’m like you know I need to gain some weight so I start eating potatoes at first I was trying like just milk fat cheese butter and I noticed I was trying to I was getting skinnier this is actually in San Diego and I’m like well that didn’t work so I started doing potatoes and I did not gain any weight to a hit like 28 years old and then I was started to putting a little pizza crust around my waist at 28 so but I didn’t you know get extremely weight away but the point is that I started having a combination of inflammatory problems probably so much of you I started noticing arthritis in my fingers and my back and got so bad where I actually was living I don’t know where I was at the time but I flew to Bernard Jensen remember him yep he was to colon hydrotherapy genius guy so I got there a visit him because I I figure well maybe he knows what’s wrong with me and I said I waited all day to see what was wrong and I said I stand in line and I said what is going on because look at my eyes they’re all bloodshot the inside of the eyelids he looked at me and he just said I don’t know I’m like I came all the way out here I thought you were gonna solve all my problems right so that was just a severe hypoglycemia um it was bad blood sugar problems high insulin was inflamed and I was in San Diego at the time and I was driving on the street and I said honey let’s since the health house let’s go see the house is just like yellow building so we go in there this guy had all these protein protein pills and raw milk and so I started that and he’s had us back in his backyard working out like all these things I was I remember I was just searching so desperately to try to find what’s wrong and then I just happened to stumble on this book mastering the zone I started reading the saying about inside my what I studied this in school but didn’t really click so I I started eating buffalo burger for breakfast and I’m like and no more life cereal and I’m like God do I feel good so I started to go Karen this is it this is amazing you know sorry I just don’t write in headfirst she and ice I said I’m gonna actually I don’t want to do chiropractic anymore she goes what do you want to do its energy nutrition she goes you don’t know anything about it I said I’m gonna learn so I said you okay so you’re gonna quit chiropractic and get a nutrition I say yep so here I am in the basically in our library or actually on our living room studying and trying to learn and going to coast graduate seminars and stuff and that’s kind of how it started but it was out of desperation for just straight trying to figure out this inflammatory condition and severe insomnia and all that stuff I think I think most people that I know even when when do I need the last summit like no one really gets into this unless they have a personal health crisis I don’t know do you know you know have anyone that got into it because well I’m already doing good I think I just want to go do beat Duke II know yeah I mean the only time that I see that is people that are in the biohacking world that I want an additional tool but there’s no real call to action there it’s more so just oh well you tell me that I can you know hiding my cognitive function and do this so there is a small subset there but yeah there’s almost always a call to action and like my call to action was I was you know I was in the healthcare world and I was the epitome of being unhealthy like it was just and so if I had a just a connection at that point where I’m going oh my gosh okay like this is a perfect example of what is wrong with our healthcare system but also what is wrong with me Rann so I mean for me it was was that it was like I want to do the opposite of what I’m doing now but in the same vein of helping people right and as you know then there is the side mission okay well I’ve already lost this way now I want to get really good shape and see how far I can take this and kind of a personal mission and then my next step was I realized that the fitness industry was extremely unhealthy and like the fitness industry is like artificially healthy fluorescent powders and and whatever it takes to look a certain way for a finite period of time and then not really think about their health I’m like boy oh boy is there a gap that needs to be bridged here where you can actually apply true health principles to fitness okay it’s a new concept okay yeah I am I mean out of desperation I I remember going into a room with patients and they’re complaining about some symptom and thinking if they only knew how effed up I was here like I’m coming out of I haven’t slept in four days I just can’t sleep on chronically fatigued with arthritis and they’re complaining I’m like I should be the patient you know so there was that little secret that I didn’t want anyone to know but yeah things start turning around but yeah it was some out of even in like chiropractic I remember we lived in this house all these curls and we would have deep fry night like three times a week and it’s not just healthy deep fry night right it was no it was Crisco it was like they would do that and then we would do meatloaf with counting like it just constantly carved out and extreme and I remember having severe right shoulder pain going what is that coming from you know mr. gallbladder was completely inflamed so I think out of all the people that I’ve ever met I think I’ve had every single symptom that everyone complains about so I think that’s how I that helped me relate to people I’m like oh you you have that no I had that too so and it’s good and bad at the same time but I think for me if I never went through that I would never push myself to learn some of the stuff that I’m into right now would you no no definitely I mean there’s people always comment in my videos that oh you’ve got such a energy that’s because there’s the passion is there because every time I learn something I’m applying it to my own regimen right and I’m learning it so that I can be better too so the funny thing is is here I am an online Authority like you and but I’m learning as I go to and it’s what’s great like I there sure I have a foundational knowledge and there’s a lot of things that I’ve learned and haven’t built a great repository of clinical studies and information but like I learned and I love sharing and when you see the passion you know specific video where you’re like aww Thomas is really heated or he seems really amped up about this that’s because there’s genuine excitement because I just learned something that I’m applying to my life now and seeing a result and I know you’re the same way and it’s like whether I’m not just going to like regurgitate something that’s boring to me I like I’m gonna stick with in the vein of what I’m passionate and excited about and where I’ve been and where I’ve been able to see a change in my life because I know that my viewers have expressed the same issues and concerns you know whether it’s gonna be inflammation based or whether it’s gonna be fat loss based or workout based I know where they’re coming from yes even though I was only there for a short amount of time I’ve been there and it’s so it’s a so it’s fun that’s that’s why I love I love what I do now and I know you do too it’s just I can’t ever imagine being back in that you know corporate junkie position I know I know I I’m actually doing exactly what I want to do like every day I like to research I like to figure out mysteries of things and I’d like to educate people and I could just keep doing that and I do a lot of that but yeah it’s fun and you know my wife says don’t you even want to read anything else I’m like you know um aren’t you interested like now I’m interested like I have this new here’s a book right here I’m reading right now natural products and drug discovery an integrated approach so first of all like this book written by Indian doctors about all of the natural remedies that drug companies get their ideas from I mean this is like pure gold and I’m just going into like these herbs in the history of the anti inflammatories signals but down and of course you know I’ll explain everything my wife and she’s like ok can we talk about something else yeah appreciate it that I’m at least someone’s into it but unfortunately though some of these books are this was like $150 I’m like he can’t just go and get him for $29 so some of these really technical books and filled with gold sometimes you have to be learned you know but you know I’ll have three ideas for rough to bat for videos that I’ll do just to research on it like they have if a drug company takes a property off of garlic extract um they’re gonna invest a lot of money in something like that for because obviously it must work so I want to know all about it that’s fascinating ya know that is fascinating and you know well I know you’ve got your you know electrolyte blend and everything like that I’m sure you’ve read have you read this book this is actually one that I the sole fix bucket Jenek the reason that you know I I have not in a Kindle it’s a very interesting book I like a really really interesting book and when you apply it it’s some of a lot of the things that he talks about dr. Jeannette talks about or just exacerbated on a keto diet in a positive way I mean it’s just like the impact of so that’s it that’s been my recent you know third outlet I’m always have at least one or two nerd outlets going at a specific absolutely so so what’s a good takeaway that you want to tell people about that book that you kind of just just generalized I mean I did a video on it some people saw it there’s one thing called the NST receptors which is a wild wild world like basically they now find that salt and being deprived of salt or being deficient in sodium literally if someone okay it’s put it better to put it in an analogy or an example if you were deficient in salt or you’re on the keto diet and you’re not getting enough salt and you’re not salt in your food with good healthy salt and you were creating salt well salt is the one thing that our bodies inherently know to get when we are deficient in it hence why livestock directly know how to go to a Salt Lick it’s really wild and as like oh my gosh that just clicked like dick we’ve got horses so we know like we can put any color salt brick in the middle of the pasture and they’ll go to it because we know sou means into that critical to our function know what’s really wild is in human studies if you give human something sweet when they’re deficient in salt it’s gonna satisfy the same receptor that would have been satisfied if they had salt so what that means is that we have signals that get crossed that make it like so on keto like if someone does start getting cravings the first thing I say is increase your salt because the signals are getting across and you might be craving something sweet because you’re really craving salt and they do that and they’re like I got just like the salt cravings gone it’s that’s why a lot of people crave salt and sugar at the same time I’m sure it is it’s a combination of that plus of course the hyper palatability that’s just not a natural it’s the same thing why fats and carbs together are so interesting like I think there was one study I just thought the other day it’s an older study but let you look at I took subjects that would say then give show a picture of cards and then they’d show a picture of meat and fat and then they’d show them a picture of like a pastry where it come by and the salivary response and everything of the combined fats in cars because it’s not something that would really occur in nature like we wouldn’t really very seldom do you have things that are naturally high in fat and carbs at the same time very few you don’t have a whole lot of that and it’s so I think there’s a couple there’s the hyper call ability there’s the signals getting crossed I mean I’m not a neuroscientist but about that whole world fascinates me that’s interesting because I’m I’m kind of like the same way like I’m really right now I’m into vitamin D hardcore so I’m just I can’t get enough information about him indeed but I’ll I’ll kind of go rotate in two different areas but vitamin D and I’ll just kind of touch on it just because it’s it’s like every single immune cell has a receptor for vitamin D mm-hmm and you have the cell called a neutrophil and it’s it is basically an assassin it’s one of your soldier immune cells that it’s triggered by vitamin D and it has many different strategies one is it has enzymes that basically will kill bacteria eats bacteria but it has this this net structure that’s about 25 times its size that it throws over bacteria and viruses and and then it releases free radicals and enzymes and then it just explodes it actually explodes like a little popper and kills the thing yeah there’s suicide bombers yeah so I’m like fascinating so when your vitamin D deficient they don’t gonna work they don’t work that well so it really brings up raise your defenses way down makes you susceptible so I am just like this could be a science fiction I mean sci-fi movie like incredible just about what happens inside your body and like even with vitamin D there’s four mutations that people can have so if you limitation you’re not gonna absorb vitamin D and you can get these tested genetically and so you’re you’re gonna take either take more or you can do other things as well to increase the absorption like take my assaults but I mean especially with even breastfeeding a mother that’s breastfeeding if they don’t take some additional vitamin D it’s really out of all the nutrients that one is the the hardest to achieve just regular foods because it’s not really you know it’s like sunshine but it’s not in a lot of foods unless you’re doing combat oil I mean maybe a little bit of mushrooms but I think mushrooms is that d2 yep yeah you’ve got to be able to have that active conversion and that’s an cod liver oil that’s exactly why I’m a huge proponent of a tube since the bite bioavailable you’re not looking synthetic and the same thing not to digress but I mean the live an ad combination liver oil the the retinol a the true bioavailable form that actually has what are called pro resolving mediators I mean it’s like that whole world and you’re totally dead on you can’t really get vitamin D from really good food sources and the egg supply that we do wouldn’t normally get vitamin D from I mean that’s that’s it’s negligible to be completely honest and right but then everything you’re saying about you know that the t-cell and the diet item D receptors and everything it makes sense why we get so sick in the wintertime when we have less sun exposure and we’re it’s a we could we should have a whole series on this where we could probably drive people crazy with with this stuff for for six hours at a time [Music] well I wanted to just chat with you a little bit I I know your time you’re you’re probably going to get back to studies and or your family right now but I wanted to touch base and just collaborate a little bit and also just tell people that you are going to be at the event coming at the end of August 29 then we’re gonna have a blast and so for you for those of you who are watching you should you should definitely sign up I’ll put a link down below and we can’t wait to meet you guys so definite Amoz thank you so much for this interview and we’ll definitely do more definitely it was nice to touch base absolutely and and yeah it’s I mean literally at your event it’s probably the only time in the foreseeable future that people are going to be able to be with dr. Berg and Thomas de Lauer at the same time so world we’ve got a lot of mutual followers and everyone that follows my channel is a huge fan of yours and so I’ll do whatever I can to help you know spread spread the worry but excited to see a lot of people there cuz I’m tracking the who’s signing up and I had I had you know several people I don’t know if it was a group or something but my staff always surveys like what why why do you want to come well we want to meet that just added Tom we want to meet Tom’s yeah you know I mentioned it so you know what it was I mentioned it it was right after you’d reached out to me I just mentioned it in a lesson of a live broadcast and it was like a subtle mention it was just like yeah I’m gonna be a doctor burgers event and you know so I think that might have been a little cluster of people that came from just from that little live broadcast so yeah I don’t want to you know as you know it’s like I don’t want to just like put it out to my audience and if but I mean I’m happy to if we spread the word more but I also don’t want I know you’re limited on seats so I don’t want to like have both of us blow it up too much and have people miss out and I like that so right exactly well we’ll just invite the people that we know okay

This Post Was All About Dr. Berg and Thomas Delauer Chat on How they Ended Up in the Keto World.
Dr. Berg and Thomas Delauer Chat on How they Ended Up in the Keto World

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