Don’t Take These Supplements if You’re Over 50!

Don’t Take These Supplements if You’re Over 50!

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okay there’s supplements that you should take and supplements that you absolutely should not take and that’s going to change depending on where you are in life it’s not a one-size-fits-all set in stone for life thing we need to constantly be knowing what’s gonna work and what’s not so in this video I’m going to break down the supplements that people over the age of 50 really should avoid from an overall health perspective so we’ll cover six of them alright let’s go ahead and let’s jump right in if you haven’t already I do ask that you hit the red subscribe button and then hit the bell icon to turn on notifications so you never ever miss a beat whenever we’re posting our daily videos the first one we need to talk about is one called kava this is a common anti-anxiety root people who use this thing all the time just to kind of chill them out okay they come home from work they’re stressed out and it has a similar effect to a very low dose of alcohol right so it’s common thing is just like alcohol it can be toxic the Journal of drug and alcohol published a study that found that when they looked at GGT scores which kind of measures toxicity and everything like that in the liver they found that kava definitely triggered an issue it was semi hepa toxic now they think that it’s doing this through an implied bile restriction so it’s making it so you don’t produce bile as well which could essentially cause a backlog in the liver making it more toxic now here’s the thing if you’re over 50 your liver does not regenerate nearly as well as when you’re younger so by taking kava something to simply try to calm you down you’re compromising your liver it’s not a good idea especially when there’s simple things and you can take instead I would highly recommend taking magnesium instead something because magnesium has been shown multiple times to contribute to higher levels of GABA gamma-aminobutyric acid in the brain which will quite frankly in my opinion probably give you a better calming effect than something like kava or alcohol for that matter so a few hundred milligrams of the right kind of magnesium magnesium glycinate die magnesium ale-8 those are gonna be a better option for you the next one we need to talk about is calcium do not take a calcium supplement look at calcium is important but you should be getting it from the diet the Americans decided in nephrology took a look at over 6,000 patients and they found that when their diet was rich in calcium they had less instance of cardiovascular disease and less instance of kidney stones okay however if subjects took a calcium supplement it was the opposite they had a higher instance of kidney stones so what gives they’re getting calcium either way right well my theory behind this and this is probably pretty well vetted is that when you’re taking a calcium supplement you’re having unopposed this unopposed mineral you’re having tons of calcium coming in with nothing to I don’t know have that natural protective balance right calcium and magnesium for example balance each other out too much calcium and magnesium can’t really do its job too much magnesium calcium can’t do its job they always kind of cancel each other out and keep each other in check so you take a calcium supplement well guess what calcification it calcifies it’s been shown in other studies to contribute to a coronary vascular disease okay again calcification of the arteries right so when you look at kidney stones it’s clear as day you get these calcium formations so what do you do well don’t take a calcium supplement get your calcium from your diet but more importantly get your vitamin D in because vitamin D is going to allow the calcium to get to the proper place calcium is not bad it just needs to be in the bone not in the blood causing problems it’s also excitatory which means that it triggers kind of a stimulus it makes it so you’re the opposite of relaxed so you could also take a magnesium supplement to kind of calm you down so I know this sounds like a lot of magnesium push but to be completely honest it’s important for everybody but the best thing you can do from a diet perspective is get calcium rich diet okay like good sources of fish and meat and things like that and get vitamin D again from good sources of fish with the skin and the bones or just get some adequate sunlight of course because the next one you talked about is a really important one and it’s kind of odd because you would think you need to do taking it vitamin E vitamin A and other antioxidants to an extreme okay back in the 90s there is this huge push to take lots of antioxidants and I understand it and I appreciate it and I think there is a place okay antioxidants yes we need to be getting but they are a supplement to our diet which should be rich in natural antioxidants right but the thing is our body comes equipped with the ability to combat oxidative stress and we need to let it combat oxidative stress otherwise well we get kind of weak okay here’s the thing especially as you get older your body needs to be exposed to aid a little bit of oxidative stress just a little bit so that it can continue to well develop how to overcome it think of it like this okay if you don’t use you’ll lose it or you all know that person that’s perhaps elderly and they they won’t leave their house and you keep on saying to your family I’m afraid that he just sits there is this going to die right well you want to encourage them to get out and stay alive and stay active and that’s very important the same kind of thing holds true for ourselves and our for our cells now the big piece with vitamin E comes down to mitochondrial dysfunction we are starting to see more and more evidence that metabolic issues are the root of so many different diseases specifically when it comes down to mitochondrial issues the mitochondria is the energy powerhouse inside of the cell and it needs to go through what’s called biogenesis meaning mitochondria needs to get stronger the mitochondria needs to get more dense and I can only get stronger and more dense if it’s exposed to a little bit of stress now and then turns out that taking antioxidant supplements specifically like vitamin E well it stops that it basically slept slows down PGR one which makes it so that you end up having less of a positive effect and less overcoming okay you need your mitochondria to be able to overcome the stress now if you take a dose of like 400 or 500 milligrams of vitamin E you definitely cause this effect but studies have shown that low dose like 45 50 milligrams of vitamin E that you might find in typical multivitamin actually enhances the effect so point is we want to make sure that we’re taking low dose vitamin E vitamin A or low dose beta-carotene not mega amounts of it to try to make yourself artificially healthier what I would recommend in the way of antioxidants is something that you can consume is going to be for sig Matic they’re a great kind of mushroom coffee adaptogenic blend so the reason that I’m a fan of adaptogens is because rather than bringing something exogenous into your body you are kind of encouraging the endogenous production of natural antioxidants and encouraging the endogenous sort of fight against free radicals so I highly recommend you check out for sig Matic mushroom coffee and mushroom cocoa and stuff like that down below I’ll put a link down below so you can check them out and get a special discount ok the next thing we have to talk about is a huge huge huge one especially in the Western world and that’s iron you do not need to be taking excess iron unless a medical professional has told you that you need that iron and even then things are a little bit sketchy because how they measure iron doesn’t certainly tell you your storage form of iron it only tells you your current blood levels of iron which could be totally different from what your storage form is here’s the thing iron carries oxygen which means it has an affinity for oxygen which means it has a high chance or high likelihood of becoming oxidized you leave a dumbbell or some metal out in the rain it’s going to rust when it’s combined with oxygen right it’s gonna turn rusty that’s oxidation happening inside your body – okay we don’t want this to happen too much because it’s going to compete with other minerals that need oxidation like magnesium and things like that you throw yourself out of balance the other thing is studies are studying to show that macrophages and different immune cells soak up iron they thrive on iron so sometimes it can trigger this inflammatory cascade but pathogens also feed on iron okay it likes oxygen and it can feed a lot of different things we need that delicate balance and we need it in its storage form so it can be released when we need it not just floating through the blood all the time oxidizing so go easy on the iron supplementation eat iron rich foods now and then eat your meat things like that but make sure you’re also getting adequate mineral balancing in through your magnesium and through your copper and stuff like that next up is one for men specifically but women don’t skip this one because the next one’s really important okay selenium now I talked about taking selenium but I talked about taking selenium the traditional food form like through some Brazil nuts and things like that you don’t need much the Journal the National Cancer Institute had published a study taking a look at over 1,700 people and they found that if they were in the top tier of natural selenium levels already and then took a selenium supplement it increased their risk of prostate cancer 91% okay so what this means to break it down is if you already have a good amount of selenium in your body as in you’re not deficient and then you add more in via supplementation you could be putting yourself at risk for prostate cancer the reasoning we honestly don’t know but this is scary science and when we look into the research when I specifically looked into the research it scared me away from selenium a little bit so I keep it – mother Brazil nuts that I’m normally gonna consume to get my adequate amount but that’s about it okay then the last one that I need to talk about is for women specifically soy isoflavones avoid supplements that have soy isoflavones added to them okay a lot of times after a woman goes through menopause she’s tempted to want to take in any kind of a soy right because it’s a phytoestrogen phytoestrogens mimic estrogen within the body well it turns out that phytoestrogens don’t seem to have an effect on menopause so they don’t really matter there however they do increase the risk of what is called ER breast cancers which is the worst form of breast cancer so you definitely want to be careful there now I’m not an oncologist so I don’t speak to this to a high degree but I can’t say when you look at the research generally speaking almost always you should be avoiding soy isoflavones whenever possible I hope this helped I’ll see you tomorrow 

This Post Was All About Don’t Take These Supplements if You’re Over 50!.
Don’t Take These Supplements if You’re Over 50!

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Irresponsible and uninformed choice of supplement can lead to various issues and possibly to hospitalization. According to estimations published in New England Journal of Medicine, 23000 emergency department visits per year are related to the use of supplements.

Supplements Containing Soy Isoflavones

A soy-based supplement is used as an alternative to menopausal hormone therapy (MHT). In early 2000’ MHT was associated with increased risk of CVD and breast cancer and since then the sales of soy-based supplements are rising. Thanks to their structural similarity to oestrogen, isoflavones can bind to oestrogen receptors. This can result in both anti and pro-tumour stimulation and the effect of isoflavones was therefore carefully studied.

In a study published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, 76 172 women were followed for 11 years. This study reported that risk of less prevalent but more dangerous ER- breast cancer is increased during consumption of soy supplements. Especially survivors and women with a family history of breast cancer should avoid soy-based supplements.

Furthermore, in a meta-analysis published Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews phytoestrogens were not found to be an effective treatment of menopausal symptoms.


Journal Drug and Alcohol reported that long-term consumption of Kava is associated with an increased score of liver tests. This Gamma Glutamyl Transpeptidase test can imply possible problems with bile production. The overall liver toxicity evidence remains to be fully established but case studies are numerous. As liver progressively loses its ability to regenerate with increased age, people over 50 should avoid this herbal supplement or limit it to only occasional use.

One of the safest and for our body very natural supplement is magnesium. Magnesium was found to increase levels of GABA and help us relax and sleep better.


A study published in American Society of Nephrology was assessing the risk of kidney stone formation in 6050 patients, Similarly, as in the association of CVD and calcium, the diet rich in calcium was reported to protect against the formation of kidney stones. However, this study showed that people taking calcium exhibit a higher rate of kidney stone formation.

Calcium supplements may increase the risk of kidney stone recurrence

Antioxidants – Beta Carotene, Vitamin A & E

The meta-analysis included results of 68 randomized trials. It was published by The Journal of the American Medical Association and involves results of 232 606 participants who were administered either beta carotene, vitamin A, vitamin C (ascorbic acid), vitamin E and selenium. The results of this paper are rather surprising. Beta carotene, vitamin A and vitamin E were all reported to increase mortality.


In a study published in Cancer Research, 674 breast cancers were analysed. Out of 61 genes of iron metabolism genes, 49% were associated with genes of breast cancer progression. Iron is stimulating proliferation, growth, essential features of growing tumour. On top of that, its pro-oxidant activity can induce DNA damage and mutations – another hallmark of cancer.

Selenium (+Vitamin E)

Prostate cancer has a prevalence of 11% in men and only very rarely occurs in men under 40 years. In a study published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute researchers assessed the effect of selenium in 1739 men:

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