Does Losing Weight Reduce Insulin Resistance?

Does Losing Weight Reduce Insulin Resistance?

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I wanted to create this video and answer a question that keeps coming up over and over and over we’ll losing weight reduce my insulin resistance okay now this could be also pre-diabetes or diabetes insulin resistance is kind of the thing that comes before pre-diabetes but if you have pre-diabetes or you have diabetes you also have insulin resistance so insulin resistance is a situation where your your cells are not absorbing insulin anymore they’re rejecting it and your body is now making way more insulin than it should okay and insulin what it does is it blocks the ability to burn fat so you can’t lose weight and also it caused you to store fat and it will keep you at that certain set point like that Plateau so you may lose weight but then you plateau at a certain amount like let’s say 180 and you just can’t seem to get past that point that’s because you have insulin resistance so now the question is if you lose weight can you improve this and does it put your body in a state where you can actually lose weight more easily here’s the answer it really depends how you go about losing weight okay now let me explain that if you try to lose weight incorrectly let’s say you do it with move more less calories but you don’t change your carbohydrate level so you’re like the Biggest Loser for example where they’re watching their calories and they’re exercising like crazy all day but they haven’t reduced the this thing internal okay they haven’t tried to target this as a cause of the obesity they haven’t fixed it so they’re losing weight to a certain point just with the fact that they’re exercising so much and trying to burn the calories but they still haven’t fixed this what’s gonna happen they’re gonna gain the weight right back and that’s really what happens if you don’t do it correctly and that also explains the fact that people on so many different diets if they on the wrong diet they lose gain lose gain into the point where they will not lose any more because they developed so much insulin resistance so I’m sort of talking about a side topic with this but I think it’s important because if you know how to lose weight correctly and that would be healthy keto and in a minute fasting you’re gonna correct insulin resistance and it’s going to make it very easy to lose weight and bust through this duck metabolism Plateau okay so now over here if someone’s obese and they lose weight will they improve insulin resistance if they do healthy Kido in a minute fasting now if you have too much fat in your body and you are severely overweight your fat cells will release something called cytokines and cytokines give off these little signaling molecules okay these things right here you don’t really need to know anything more than they create inflammation okay so now we have more inflammation in the body and we’re giving off too many free radicals and that’s creating destruction to the body and then this right here can worsen insulin resistance so being overweight can cause instant resistance but here’s the thing insulin resistance can also cause inflammation because of the high insulin having in some resistance will increase more insulin which will then cause more fat cells so it’s a two-way road once you actually gain all this weight now it’s going to be very very difficult to lose it simply because the fact that you have so much fat is creating this sequence and this generating so this thing right here so what does all this mean how can we use this information to achieve our weight-loss goals what I would recommend is not trying to lose weight to reduce your insulin resistance I would instead fix insulin resistance to lose weight because it’s much easier as soon as you start reducing your insulin what’s going to happen you’re going to start to burn for that you’re gonna stop storing fat and then you’re going to fix your metabolism and you’re also going to reduce your hunger and cravings to make it easy to do this if you try to lose weight without fixing this just the hunger alone is going to keep you from being successful if you’re new to my channel and you want to know how to do this I put a link down below it really boils down to healthy keto and in a minute fasting thanks for watching 

This Post Was All About Does Losing Weight Reduce Insulin Resistance?.
Does Losing Weight Reduce Insulin Resistance?

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Will losing weight reduce your insulin resistance? Watch this video to find out.

0:00 Will losing weight reduce my insulin resistance?
0:23 What is insulin resistance?
1:16 The incorrect way to lose weight
2:17 How to lose weight correctly and repair insulin resistance
3:47 Summary

In this video, I want to answer the question, “will losing weight reduce my insulin resistance?”

Insulin resistance is the thing that comes before diabetes and pre-diabetes. So if you have diabetes or pre-diabetes, you also have insulin resistance.

Insulin resistance is a situation where your cells are no longer absorbing insulin, so your body starts producing way more insulin than it should.

In turn, this causes a lot of problems:
• Prevents your ability to burn fat
• Stores excess amounts of fat
• Causes weight to plateau

So, if you lose weight, can you help improve insulin resistance?

The answer is this:

It all depends on how you lose weight. If you lose weight incorrectly, you are going to gain the weight right back. This is because if you don’t cut back on carbs, you won’t really fix insulin resistance—even if you cut calories and xercise.

The key is to lose weight correctly. Start on healthy keto and intermittent fasting. This is the best way to help correct insulin resistance.

If you have a lot of body fat, your fat cells will release something called cytokines. Cytokines help create inflammation—which causes damage to the body over the long term.

Inflammation also contributes to insulin resistance—it’s like a vicious cycle. The best way to fix the problem is healthy keto.

Don’t try to lose weight to reduce your insulin resistance. Instead, reduce your insulin resistance to lose weight.

Overview of Healthy Ketogenic Diet and Intermittent Fasting:

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