Do This for Stress Now!

Do This for Stress Now!

Do This for Stress Now!

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all right so you’re stressed out you
want to know what to do there’s some really really important things okay and
definitely watch this entire video because I’m gonna demonstrate a very
very powerful series of techniques to help you with stress using an
acupressure technique that it came up with and it really really works all
right number one a mineral relaxation bath this is what
you do you take a quarter cup of Himalayan sea salt quarter cup of epson
salts that’s magnesium sulfate okay and a third of a cup of apple cider vinegar
and 15 drops of eucalyptus essential oil okay you put that in your tub the
combination of the hot water and these minerals okay and this mineral and the
apple cider vinegar altogether will greatly promote relaxation the smell of
eucalyptus alone will calm the nervous system magnesium is known to help reduce
adrenal stress and promote a good night’s sleep and having 70 plus
minerals and I’m talking about minerals and trace minerals all together are very
very therapeutic to calming the body down and you’re also going to notice
that your skin is gonna be very amazing when you come out of this bath so I
really think you’ll like this combination the next thing they do is
you go on the long walks minimally 45 minutes okay get out in
nature unless you’re quarantined or you can’t leave your house but ideally you
want to get out there and you just want to get a lot of fresh air and a lot of
space very very important next one twenty minutes of Sun per day if there
is a Sun out there that Sun combined with vitamin D will help recharge the
adrenals and believe it or not it will help you sleep at night as well
and not to mention the vitamin D produced from the sun rays are so
important for the immune system for reducing inflammation but it’s also good
for your adrenals okay next thing avoid the news because this is constantly
putting out negativity negativity you don’t need any more of that right now
you want to keep your stress as low as possible now I personally spend about 10
minutes in the morning and 10 it’s a night stretching essential for a
good night’s sleep and the next thing and I think most importantly is
acupressure I’m going to show you right now how to do this and I’m telling you
even know you might not be into acupressure or I think it’s voodoo
it’s not it’s very effective and I’ll show you the techniques you just have to
try it and see for yourself all right the first thing you’re gonna do and you
need to have someone watch this video maybe a friend a family member well
probably a family member since you’re probably quarantined right now and you
can actually do it on each other what you’re gonna do is you’re gonna take your
hand okay your middle finger right here I’m not
flipping anyone off and your thumb and you’re gonna press you’re gonna support
the for the forehead so you know push it forward and right underneath the skull
you’re gonna take your fingers and press inward and you’re going to hold that
just like that okay now make sure that the pressure is equal on the left and
right and gently just press and hold and you want to make sure the heads is
neutral it’s not too far back or forward and you’re just going to hold that
gently for about 30 seconds okay what’s going to happen is you’re going to
reduce a lot of stress in the upper part of the neck okay and then what you do is
you just kind of inch down a little bit this the next one press in there and you
can come down a little bit right here so we’re coming down the neck and we’re
trying to find the areas of tension and we’re to spend more time right there and
we’re just going to hold that pressure now it might be difficult at first for
you to do this because it takes a bit of strength in your hand of course I’ve
been doing it on 40,000 people so my hands are strong and I can do this all
day long but you might want to take a break or even get my massage tool that
is designed around my hand so you can just lay back on a couch but you want to
press in here and just hold press in here and hold
press in here down here and just gonna hold that for 30 seconds and you’re
gonna the person’s gonna feel really really relaxed okay and then you would
have them do it on you okay let’s show you the next one and so the next thing
we’re gonna do is we’re going to stretch the mid part of the back right through
here so the first thing you’re gonna do is you’re gonna take your thumbs or
actually just take your your first finger here curl it and then your thumb
like that and hold right here and stretch the head back okay as far back
as you can stretch back all the way stretch stretch good go forward all the
way forward okay and then go back now as he’s going back I’m gonna take the other
hand grab underneath the front part and just pull him back and stretch so I’m
pushing this inward while he’s stretching back and I’m gonna inch down
to the next segment do it again stretch just stretch back back back I’m letting
him do the stretching over my pivot my hand right here and I’m going to come
down a little bit more come back stretch stretch stretch and we’re just going to
hold that for a second go forward and then come down forward let’s do this
again stretch stretch stretch back back all the way here good go forward and
then again come back stretch go forward come down stretch okay good that’s as
far as you want to go what this is gonna do it’s gonna stretch the mid-back now
what’s in the mid-back are nerves and this is the location of the sympathetic
nervous system that’s the flight-or-fight you’re gonna
put the person in such a calm relaxed mood they’re gonna feel like they want
to take a nap so the first technique is the neck the second one is right here
and the last one is going to be a simple stretch where you take your hand and
your thumb underneath the skull on the left side it’s called the occiput take
the other hand right here and you’re going to lift in
lift up and stretch forward so you’re gonna stretch like that and it’s a
subtle lift and stretch forward okay you do that about three times on this side
and then you come around to the right side and lift up and forward lift up and
over and we’re trying to separate this right here and I’m telling you if so
many people have the tension right here you start stretching this area they’re
gonna feel so relaxed they’re going to want to take a nap okay good and this is
the tool that I designed that mimics my hand okay so you could use this as well
as a Do It Yourself and this would be if you didn’t have someone that could do
this technique on you so basically I designed this to treat myself but I
created a more comprehensive video on acupressure if you haven’t seen my
stress webinar you definitely want to check that out I put it right here 

This Post Was All About Do This for Stress Now!.
Do This for Stress Now!

Here’s The Video Description From YouTube

If you’re stressed out, here are a few really helpful natural remedies for stress that you can try.

Dr. Berg’s Massage Tool:

0:19 Stress remedies #1
1:19 Stress remedies #2
1:35 Stress remedies #3
1:59 Stress remedies #4
2:09 Stress remedies #5
2:17 Stress remedies #6 (acupressure for stress demonstration) 

Today we’re going to talk about stress, and I’m going to share with you a few really great natural remedies for stress. I’m even going to give you an in-depth demonstration of helpful acupressure techniques that will help rid stress. 

How to reduce stress naturally:

1. A mineral relaxation bath 
• 1/4 cup Himalayan sea salt 
• 1/4 cup Epsom salt (magnesium sulfate)
• 1/3 cup apple cider vinegar 
• 15 drops eucalyptus essential oil 

2. Daily long walks (at least 45 minutes) 

3. 20 minutes of sun 

4. Avoid the news 

5. Daily stretches 

6. Acupressure (reference the video for a demonstration) 

Dr. Eric Berg DC Bio:
Dr. Berg, 53 years of age is a chiropractor who specializes in Healthy Ketosis & Intermittent Fasting. He is the author of The New Body Type Guide and other books published by KB Publishing. He has taught students nutrition as an adjunct professor at Howard University. He no longer practices, but focuses on health education through social media.


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Thanks for watching! If you’re stressed and you’re not sure what to do, consider giving these natural remedies for stress a try.

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