Do Not Use Herbal Detox Remedies Without..

Do Not Use Herbal Detox Remedies Without..

Do Not Use Herbal Detox Remedies Without..

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so I wanted to create a video for those
people that are using herbal detox formulas simply because many times when
you take these powerful herbal remedies especially for things like biofilms
which are these colonies of microbes that hide in these calcium shells and a
lot of times you have to take very powerful herbal remedies to break them
up there’s other remedies that will kill microbes fungus or mold here’s the
problem when you kill some of those microbes they release little particles
and byproducts and that’s when your immune system goes crazy and you start
feeling sick you have histamines which are boutique poisons you get tired and
now you’re coming down with some problem in your lung or your sinuses that you
didn’t have before so that’s really what happens so what you want to do if you’re
going to do something like that at the same time you want to take something
else to counter the detox reaction you can take bentonite clay which is just a
clay and the word bentonite comes from the location where they originally found
it Fort Benton Wyoming bentonite clay is really good to kind of deactivate
aflatoxins which is a kind of a toxic mold in certain food products but all
three of these are really good for attaching to heavy metals mycotoxins
ammonia pesticides mold mold byproducts Candida byproducts bacteria byproducts
so you can look at them like a sponge that attaches to them and then pulls
them out for the digestion and doesn’t get reabsorbed in your body okay so then
we have activated charcoal you don’t want to start consuming the charcoal
that you use in your barbecue okay you want to use something called activated
charcoal it’s a little different it’s a lot different a lot of people call this
the universal antidote they keep it in their house in case someone is poisoned
and they can take this if you take it right away you can deactivate like 70
percent of that poison so if you take it 30 minutes
after you were exposed to that poison it can actually get rid of 50% of
it and if you wait three hours you’re only gonna get rid of 20% so if you
wanted to take activated charcoal the faster you take it the more toxins it’s
gonna pull out of your body then you have something called zeolite which is
from volcanic ash it’s a combination of certain minerals it’s a great chelator
which means it attaches to certain things like heavy metals or byproducts
from fungus and it helps to detoxify it through the body without creating that
reaction that you’re trying to avoid so yes you would take the herbal remedy
but then you would take this to help clean up this detox reaction this is
also an antioxidant as well as an anti-inflammatory so I wanted to give
you a couple options if you wanted to do some herbal detox if you want more
information about how to strengthen your immune system you definitely want to
check out this video right here 

This Post Was All About Do Not Use Herbal Detox Remedies Without...
Do Not Use Herbal Detox Remedies Without..

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If you want to use herbal detox remedies, you should also consider using one of these to help counter the detox reaction. 


0:08 What happens when you take powerful herbal remedies 
0:54 What to do if you’re going to use herbal detox remedies
1:03 Bentonite clay
1:48 Activated charcoal
2:28 Zeolite 

Today we’re going to talk about herbal detox remedies. If you use herbal detox formulas, this video is for you. 

Many times when people take powerful natural remedies or herbal remedies, you kill little microbes. When you kill these microbes, they release little particles and byproducts. This can cause you to start feeling sick with things you didn’t even have before the herbal remedy. 

If you’re going to use herbal detox remedies, you need to also consider taking something at the same time that will counter the detox reaction. 

What to consider taking at the same time as you take herbal detox remedies:

1. Bentonite clay
2. Activated charcoal 
3. Zeolite 

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Thanks for watching! Consider not using herbal detox remedies without also using bentonite clay, activated charcoal, or zeolite.

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