Do Carbs Stop Fat Loss After Eating Them?

Do Carbs Stop Fat Loss After Eating Them?

Do Carbs Stop Fat Loss After Eating Them?

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what happens to your fat loss right after a high carb meal does it come to a screeching halt does it change your whole dynamic of how your body uses fuel in some ways it does we're going to take a little walkthrough of what happens after we ingest a bunch of carbohydrates after this video check out today's .

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Bread so make sure you check them out after this video and a big thank you to them for the continued support remember carbohydrates are not the enemy here okay i consume carbohydrates i periodically cycle in and out of keto i'm not saying they're bad but we do need to understand the physiological shifts that occur and even the metabolic .

Shifts okay the key determinant of if we are going to use carbs as a fuel source is the level of carbs in our body okay our body is going to prefer to use carbs if those carbs are present right if we are eating carbs you can bet your bottom dollar the body is going to want to utilize them okay if you are predominantly eating .

Fats and not a lot of carbohydrates then yes your body might preferentially start leaning into the fats so there are some systems that take place because our bodies really shouldn't be having high levels of glucose and high levels of fats in the bloodstream at the same time it doesn't typically work like that so right when we consume a carbohydrate .

Our pancreatic beta cells produce insulin okay we've all heard of insulin before but what that insulin does is it goes around and opens the cellular gateway it opens the doors of the cell to allow the carbohydrates that we just consumed in pretty cool right yes that's awesome okay and then one of the first things it does is it allows our .

Peripheral tissues our muscles everything throughout the course of the body our tissues to soak up the carbohydrates and it does this by encouraging what's called glute4 translocation so glute4 is like a big net that catches the carbohydrates it usually lives inside of a cell but once insulin comes a knocking that glut4 .

Comes to the surface of the cell casts the big net and starts grabbing the carbohydrates to improve and increase what is called glycogenesis where we take carbohydrates and we store them as glycogen this is a phenomenal thing and it makes it so our blood sugar doesn't go sky high but if we're not insulin sensitive this doesn't happen very well .

But we're talking about a normally you know semi-healthy person here the next thing that happens is the liver level we go through hepatic glycogenesis where the liver takes up carbohydrates and stores them as glycogen again a phenomenal thing now remember when we are just using fuel like our storage fuel our stored form of carbohydrates .

The first part that your body is going to burn through is going to be the liver glycogen do not believe stuff out there that says like you immediately start pulling from your muscle glycogen your body will deplete your liver glycogen before it really has a strong desire to burn through the muscle glycogen the muscle glycogen will replete the liver .

Glycogen meaning the muscle glycogen those carbohydrates they don't go immediately into the cell they go into the tissue or they go into the bloodstream and then they go into the liver and then they so they kind of go through like a staging okay anyhow that's not the point here the next piece that's very important okay .

The carbohydrates will bring lipolysis to a stop okay what does that mean it does mean that when you consume carbohydrates you have a temporary stop in fatty acid oxidation that doesn't mean that you won't lose weight but it does slow down the rate in which you are utilizing fats as a fuel source so does that mean that fat loss comes to .

A screeching halt in some ways kind of when you do consume the carbohydrates it is going to slow that process down okay because what ends up happening is the insulin binds to an insulin receptor on the fat cell okay and here's kind of what happens within that category so like the insulin comes in it binds to the fat cell and yeah it stops the fat .

From being liberated into the bloodstream but there's a deeper process that occurs when the insulin binds to the fat cell it activates something called protein kinase b this protein kinase b then blocks what is called cyclic adenosine monophosphate cyclic adenosine monophosphate is what would allow protein kinase a to allow .

Hormone-sensitive lipase to liberate fatty acids off of the glyceride backbone from a triglyceride that is brain exploding okay essentially what that means is we cannot burn fat outside of hormone-sensitive lipase hormone-sensitive lipase acts upon a fat cell to allow it to be liberated if we are stopping hormone-sensitive lipase we .

Are stopping the liberation of fats so fats no longer get liberated into the bloodstream that does not mean that we're not ever going to lose weight but it does mean that right when insulin is activated the fat liberation does come to a screeching halt additionally we have an increase in lipoprotein lipase or lpl lipoprotein lipase encourages a .

Fat cell to take in more fat okay so what does that mean well that means when you're consuming a bunch of carbohydrates with a bunch of fats you have an insulin spike that is making it so that lipoprotein lipase could take those fatty acids from what you just ate and soak them up more now there's a lot of disbelief behind that some people .

Will say combining fats and carbs isn't that big of a deal and in moderation it really isn't but when you start looking at cakes and pies and things like that that all have a bunch of sugar and a bunch of fat yeah you could probably guess that this could be happening so when you eat a carbohydrate your body is going to do what it can to allocate the .

Carbohydrates properly burn them if necessary slow down fatty acid utilization so it can prioritize the carbs and that could be slowing down your fat loss that does not mean and again i'll say it again that you should avoid carbohydrates if you're doing keto that's a different discussion okay but you do have to remember that .

Consistently munching on carbohydrates throughout the day might be getting in the way of how your body utilizes fat you can still lose weight but you might not be losing the right kind of weight okay so pay attention to that monitor the signs and there you go i'll see you tomorrow

This Post Was All About Do Carbs Stop Fat Loss After Eating Them?.
Do Carbs Stop Fat Loss After Eating Them?

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