Diabetic and Pregnant? WATCH THIS!

Diabetic and Pregnant? WATCH THIS!

Diabetic and Pregnant? WATCH THIS!

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More specifically, you want help with Diabetic and Pregnant? WATCH THIS!?

so I want to talk about pregnancy and diabetes okay if you’re pregnant and you’re a diabetic there’s several things you need to know in fact if you’re pregnant you’re a pre-diabetic or you’re pregnant and you have insulin resistance which is a lot more common in fact probably I would say 65% of women who are pregnant that are not diabetic usually have insulin resistance this video is for you first let me just define insulin resistance this is a condition where your body is not able to absorb insulin which means that when insulin is triggered by carbohydrates it doesn’t seem to work that well and then what happens is your body has to make more insulin than it needs and that excess insulin creates a lot of problems if you check the blood sugars your blood sugars may be normal okay because of the excess amount of insulin that’s being generated keeping your blood Sugar’s normal but your the big problem underneath the surface you have high amounts of insulin this is the test that can be done to check that it’s called Homa – I are I would definitely get this test before you get pregnant because you want to know if you have insulin resistance because it creates a lot of problems so if you’re a diabetic or pre-diabetic or II have insulin resistance and you become pregnant the insulin resistance part gets worse why because it’s a survival mechanism the fetus is going to demand more fuel and so your body is as a protective mechanism it’s going to create instant resistance on you so it’s going to be shunning to the baby the problem is that if you have insulin resistance already going into this things get worse and you may become a diabetic and this is probably the reason why women get gestational diabetes during pregnancy they already are going into this with insulin resistance now if you’re a diabetic and you’re pregnant the diabetes tends to get worse because of this fact right here now the problem is the complications from you having blood sugar issues whether it’s in some resistance pre-diabetes or diabetes there’s complications for the baby one is that they’re more likely to become a diabetic more likely become a stillbirth and just being a diabetic you may find that you’re having a hard time being fertile in the first place the baby might have a stunted growth birth defects preeclampsia that’s a combination of three things high blood pressure protein in the urine and swelling in your hands and feet eclampsia is basically when you get seizures and a lot of other problems like you’re in a coma you can even die from that so these are three things that you need to be aware of right here but that could be coming from the blood sugar issue now the big problem of having insulin resistance in addition to being a diabetic or being a pre-diabetic is that your ability to absorb these nutrients is impaired okay you can’t absorb nutrients I’m talking about vitamin C vitamin A vitamin E magnesium potassium manganese zinc chromium selenium folate b1 biotin and these nutrients are essential to prevent these complications so you have a double-edged sword the insulin resistance is creating the inability for these vitamins to go in your body and these deficiencies now are creating more insulin resistance this is why if you’re thinking about getting pregnant or you’re already pregnant and you have insulin resistance you better be taking these vitamins or eating food high in these nutrients vital vital vital to prevent these complications in other words the blood sugar issues the insulin resistance the diabetes severely depletes you of nutrients and you have complications so if you’re diabetic and you take these nutrients these complications really diminish alright and the last question is how do you know if you have insulin resistance well you can get the test whole myir or you can actually go by symptoms as well do you have belly fat do you have frequent urination at night do you find that when you eat you’re not satisfied after a meal you need a little sweet after you eat or you’re tired after you eat lunch or you have low blood sugar symptoms let’s say you get Irabu and you cannot go very long without a meal before becoming lightheaded or highly irritable I mean think about how many women have these symptoms when they’re pregnant the best place to start is well before you become pregnant but if you’re already pregnant I would recommend getting on the healthy version of the ketogenic diet it starts in a minute fasting goes definitely do that before you’re pregnant but not while you’re pregnant okay or you’re breastfeeding you want to make sure that we don’t deprive you basically foods that have these nutrients in them all right thanks for watching if you’re liking this content please subscribe now and I will actually keep you updated on future videos

This Post Was All About Diabetic and Pregnant? WATCH THIS!.
Diabetic and Pregnant? WATCH THIS!

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In this video, we’re going to talk about pregnancy and diabetes. If you have pre-diabetes, insulin resistance, or you’re a diabetic while pregnant, there are several things you need to know.

What is insulin resistance? — This is a condition where your body is not able to absorb insulin. Your body has to make more insulin than it needs, and that excess insulin creates a lot of problems. Your blood sugars may be normal, but you have a big problem under the surface. 

HOMA-IR is a test you can take before you get pregnant to check and see if you have insulin resistance.

Complications from having blood sugar problems while pregnant:

• The baby is more likely to become a diabetic 
• There is a higher risk of a stillbirth
• The mother may have a problem with fertility
• The baby may have stunted growth
• The baby may have birth defects
• The baby may have pre-eclampsia

The big problem with insulin resistance, pre-diabetes, or diabetes is that your ability to absorb certain essential nutrients is impaired. If you’re pregnant and you have insulin resistance, you need to be taking nutrients or eating foods rich in nutrients to prevent complications. 

Nutrients you need:

• Vitamin C
• Vitamin A
• Vitamin E
• Magnesium 
• Potassium
• Manganese
• Zinc
• Chromium 
• Selenium
• Folate
• B1
• Biotin

Symptoms of insulin resistance:

• Belly fat
• Frequent urination at night
• Not satisfied after eating
• Tired after eating
• Low blood sugar symptoms
• Craving carbs 

Action steps:

• Get on the healthy ketogenic diet (before you’re pregnant or during pregnancy)

• Do intermittent fasting (only before you’re pregnant, not during pregnancy or while breast-feeding)

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