Cytokine Storm in COVID-19 Simplified

Cytokine Storm in COVID-19 Simplified

Cytokine Storm in COVID-19 Simplified

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let’s talk about the COVID-19 cytokine
storm what is a cytokine storm well it’s a situation that occurs in severe cases
in critical cases where you have a very high fever the spleen can be enlarged
you have this serious out-of-control inflammatory State not just in the lungs
but spreads throughout the body you can have a decrease or an increase in the
white blood cells low blood pressure but the point is that if you have this your
risk of dying goes way up another name for cytokine storm is
macrophage activation syndrome okay macrophage is a white blood cell I’ll
talk about it in a second they also observed that cytokine storms usually
occur when someone’s immune system is weak or they may have a genetic weakness
towards this condition or they’re grossly overweight which increases the
risk for this condition so the question is what is a cytokine a cytokine is a
communication messenger okay it’s something that signals the cell to do
certain things so it’s like a hormone like message and it’s a protein so when
the virus invades the cell your cells will then send out these messages okay
to let your immune system know there is a problem and we need help
this is why when this protein gets signaled you have this huge inflammatory
reaction and if it happens in your lungs there’ll be destruction in the lungs and
the problem is if it gets out of control your lungs fill up with fluid you get
damaged and then you basically drown and you’re in fluid it can also destroy
other cells as well so the cytokine basically tells your soldiers to fight
okay so let’s first talk about the macrophage
this cell means macro means big or large and phage means to eat so they’re this
large immune cell that can eat certain things and it eats microbes it eats
viruses it’ll eat bacteria so it’ll engulf them and
they’ll bind it to a certain vesicle or a certain little sac filled with acid
and poisons so it literally dissolves them and kills them through toxic
chemicals these chemicals leach out into the macrophage it’ll kill itself so it’s
highly protected now the b-cell is a part of the immune system that helps you
develop antibodies so in that way if you’re exposed to the virus later on you
have a memory of it and you have protection because now your army is
ready for them and prepared to fight off the virus or the bacteria and then you
have the mast cell which is involved with histamine reactions you’ve probably
heard of an antihistamine for sinus congestion in mucus but these guys are
heavily involved in cytokines and inflammation and then you have this
thing called the cytotoxic T cell cell toxic T cell and you have natural killer
cells and you also have this thing called interferon so interferon
actually releases cytokines but this is not a cell it’s just the body chemical
that’s produced by your body to protect it but this is heavily involved in
attacking viruses now this one the cytotoxic T cell and the natural killer
cell have a weapon to kill off the cell that’s infected with the virus okay and
that weapon is perforin okay now what they found with the cytokine storms is
that the perforin is defective also if you have a genetic defect or a problem
with making this and you’re deficient you may have a tendency to have a
cytokine storm in your body as well so it could be a genetic thing or it could
just be that your immune system is weak and you’re deficient in this weaponry
so if you can imagine having an army that you take away their weapons and you
have them try to fight they’re going to lose every single time but this protein
perforin literally punches holes in the infected cell
and injects a poison into the cell to kill it now the problem is when you have
your army fighting this infection without all the weaponry so you can’t
end up killing the cell so it creates this feedback loop that never turns off
because we never are able to complete the action of killing the cell so it
keeps going on and on and on now there’s also parts of your immune system that
are supposed to suppress this overreaction that’s not working as well
so you get the situation we have this out-of-control storm of inflammatory
reactions that end up destroying your own body so that’s really the basic
mechanism behind this but the interesting thing is this zinc enhances
perforin now this is just another reason to beef up on zinc no pun
intended it just so happens that beef has a lot of zinc in it and so does shellfish
and especially oysters zinc has over 200 enzymes and a lot of these enzymes are
involved in various ways of improving the immune system so you’d want to lose
weight get healthy we talk about that in our videos a lot and lastly which is
not really talked about now especially in the news is you want to strengthen
your immune system to understand more about that I created a video on that I
put it right here check it out 

This Post Was All About Cytokine Storm in COVID-19 Simplified.
Cytokine Storm in COVID-19 Simplified

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Here’s what you need to know about a COVID-19 cytokine storm. 


0:04 What is cytokine storm?
0:59 What is a cytokine? 
1:49 The macrophages 
2:33 The B-cell
2:52 The mast cell 
3:12 Interferon 
3:28 The cytotoxic T cells and natural killer cells
3:42 Perforin 
5:15 Zinc and perforin 

Today I want to explain a little bit about the Coronavirus (COVID-19) cytokine storm. 

What is a cytokine storm?
A cytokine storm is a situation that can occur in critical cases of the coronavirus. 

A few things that are associated with a cytokine storm are:

• High fever 
• Enlarged spleen 
• A decrease or increase of the white blood cell count 
• Low blood pressure 
• Massive inflammation 

Another name for cytokine storm is macrophage activation syndrome. A macrophage is a white blood cell. 

A cytokine storm will typically occur when someone’s immune system is weak, they have a genetic weakness towards this condition, or they are overweight. 

What is a cytokine?
A cytokine is a communication messenger. It signals the cells to do certain things. When the virus invades the cell, the cell will then send out these messages to let the immune system know there is a problem. 

This is why a huge inflammatory reaction can occur. If it happens in the lungs, there can be destruction in the lungs. The cytokines basically tell your “soldiers” to fight. 

The macrophages are large immune cells that can eat and dissolve certain things like microbes, viruses, and bacteria. 

The B-cell is a part of the immune system that helps you develop antibodies. If you’re exposed to the virus later on, you have protection. 

The mast cell is involved with histamine reactions. 

Interferon releases cytokines, but this is not a cell, it’s a body chemical. This is heavily involved in attacking viruses.

Cytotoxic T cells and natural killer cells have a weapon to kill off the cell that’s infected with the virus. This weapon is called perforin. 

It has been found that with a cytokine storm, perforin is defective. If a person has a genetic defect or problem making perforin and is deficient, that person may have a tendency to have a cytokine storm in the body. It could also be that a person’s immune system is weak and they are deficient in perforin. 

Zinc can actually enhance perforin. This is just another reason to get more zinc. 

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