COVID-19: Latitude, Mortality and Vitamin D

COVID-19: Latitude, Mortality and Vitamin D

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so we’re talking about an interesting
relationship between COVID-19 mortality vitamin D and latitude okay this is
basically the distance from the equator there are all sorts of diseases that are
related to latitude of where the person lives for example if you live in the
northern hemisphere you have a higher risk of getting colorectal cancer MS
diabetes type 1 and by the way MS and diabetes type 1 are autoimmune and then
breast cancer risk celiac okay this is an autoimmune disease your risk of
getting celiac is five point four times greater when you live in the northern
hemisphere which is fascinating and this could also relate to what we’re going to
talk about which is vitamin D because if you have celiac you have colon damage
and guess what that’s where you absorb vitamin D and if it’s wintertime and you
don’t have enough vitamin D you could be very very deficient even a higher risk
of having lung cancer and in countries that are in the northern latitude this
video is based on this report which I’m going to put a link down below low
population mortality from COVID-19 in countries south of latitude 35 degrees
north supports vitamin D as a factor determining severity now there’s an
exception the Nordic countries did not show a high mortality rate and that
could be because these countries consume a lot of fatty fish okay and they also
take a lot of vitamin D as supplements through the winter in fact if you go to
the health of store a lot of the supplements especially cod liver oil
comes from these countries right here now what is the connection between
vitamin D in this virus COVID-19 well vitamin D regulates and suppresses
inflammatory cytokines that is one of the conditions that actually can kill
someone if they’re in intensive care because in the respiratory system they
have this out-of-control inflammatory condition and they call that a cytokine
storm and so vitamin D doesn’t kill a virus what it does it can support
this these cytokines which are inflammatory as well as respiratory
macrophages which are white blood cells that are actually involved in this
inflammatory process so by decreasing the inflammation you can also decrease
this right here art which is acute respiratory distress syndrome and you
see this in advanced cases when someone’s in the hospital under serious
care and this is what could potentially kill them now the other thing that’s
actually quite interesting is that you also see low vitamin D levels in
hypertension obesity diabetes cardiovascular disease the various
things that increase the risk of dying from COVID-19 vitamin D has a very very
important place in supporting your immune system and I really don’t think
that they’re emphasizing the importance of using vitamin D with
hydroxychloroquine they’re using with zinc but what about vitamin D and I’m
talking about keeping the inflammation suppressed in the respiratory system and
I have another video that shows a relationship between vitamin D in all
parts of the immune system so check that out I put it right here 

This Post Was All About COVID-19: Latitude, Mortality and Vitamin D.
COVID-19: Latitude, Mortality and Vitamin D

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There is an interesting relationship between latitude, vitamin D, and COVID-19. Check this out. 

0:09 Diseases related to latitude 
1:02 An interesting report
1:40 Vitamin D and COVID-19

Today we’re going to talk about the relationship between COVID-19, mortality, vitamin D, and latitude.

There are actually all sorts of diseases related to latitude. For example, if you live in the northern hemisphere, you have a higher risk of getting:

• Colorectal cancer
• MS
• Diabetes type 1
• Breast cancer
• Celiac disease
• Lung cancer

An interesting report states that “low population mortality from COVID-19 in countries south of latitude 35 degrees north supports vitamin D as a factor determining severity.” Nordic countries are an exception likely because they consume a lot of fatty fish and take vitamin D supplements. 

Vitamin D regulates and suppresses inflammatory cytokines. Vitamin D doesn’t kill the virus, but it can help suppress cytokines, respiratory macrophages, and ARDS.  

You can also see lower vitamin D levels in people who have conditions that can increase the risk of death from COVID-19, such as:

• Hypertension
• Obesity 
• Diabetes
• Cardiovascular disease

Vitamin D is incredibly important to support the immune system and for suppressing inflammation in the respiratory system. 

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