COVID-19 is Causing Small Blood Clots

COVID-19 is Causing Small Blood Clots

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so there’s been some interesting new
findings on why people are dying from COVID-19 it’s been thought that it’s
more of a pneumonia type problem or ARDS ARDS is acute respiratory distress
syndrome because if you’re treating patients as if it’s a pneumonia or ARDS
using a ventilator the success rate should be pretty high
and the success using ventilators is actually very very low there’s been some
new research on this topic and they found that it’s more of a thrombosis
okay which is blood clots which is occurring in the lung and the arteries
and other places in the body which also explains why certain people are getting
heart attacks as well as strokes and it seems to be forming on the endothelial
layer inside your arteries and lungs and other areas of your body here’s what
happens the virus is triggering an immune
reaction okay and triggering these things called cytokines and there’s
different types of cytokines there’s inflammatory cytokines and
anti-inflammatories but it’s triggering the ones that are causing a massive
amount of inflammation now if you have pre-existing health problems or your
immune system is weak you are going to get an overreaction of these cytokines
and it’s called a cytokine storm inside your lungs inside your arteries and you
don’t have the enzymes to break down those clots so you actually deplete
those enzymes that are supposed to resolve that situation so it’s creating
a massive amount of oxidative stress which then destroys your tissues that’s
basically a massive scarring of the lungs and then what happens is basically
the patient is literally starving for oxygen so now there’s going to be a
shift in a lot of hospitals on how they treat this based on this new data which
are clots so this is a very good thing but just as a side note I’ve done
several videos on hydroxychloroquine it just so happens that hydroxychloroquine
is anti thrombotic it actually can prevent clotting it also has
anti-inflammatory anything that would prevent
clots and inflammation would be a very good thing another thing that I hope
they start using more of this antioxidants vitamin C vitamin E and
even zinc is considered an antioxidant and especially vitamin D because vitamin
D is very anti-inflammatory and will help support the lung and on top of
everything getting in a low carb diet because high carbohydrate diets
aggravate this condition and it’s not going to help someone with clots and
that’s probably why the people that are pre exposed are diabetics people that
are obese they have heart problems usually they’re all on a high carb diet
anyway this is really good news this is an important finding and if you haven’t
seen my video on how to boost the immune system I put it right here check it out 

This Post Was All About COVID-19 is Causing Small Blood Clots.
COVID-19 is Causing Small Blood Clots

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New research has come to light that could change the way hospitals treat COVID-19. 



0:05 COVID-19 and thrombosis 
0:50 What happens with COVID-19
1:45 A shift in COVID-19 treatment 
1:58 Hydroxychloroquine and thrombosis 
2:27 Other potentially helpful things for COVID-19

There have been some interesting new findings on why people are dying from COVID-19. It’s been thought that COVID-19 is more of a pneumonia type problem or ARDS. But, they have found that it’s actually more of a thrombosis, which is blood clots. This could explain why some people are also getting heart attacks or strokes. 

The virus is triggering inflammatory cytokines. If a person has a pre-existing condition or a weak immune system, they could get an overreaction of cytokines called a cytokine storm. They also don’t have the enzymes that are supposed to resolve the situation, which causes a massive amount of oxidative stress. At this point, the tissues are being destroyed, and the person is starving for oxygen. 

Hydroxychloroquine, which is being used in some cases as a treatment for COVID-19, just so happens to be anti-thrombotic. It can help prevent clotting. It’s also anti-inflammatory. A few other things that I think could potentially help this situation are:

• Antioxidants (vitamin C and vitamin E)
• Vitamin D 
• Zinc 
• A low carb diet

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