Costco PANTRY Foods to Stock Up on NOW! Healthy Grocery Haul

Costco PANTRY Foods to Stock Up on NOW! Healthy Grocery Haul

Costco PANTRY Foods to Stock Up on NOW! Healthy Grocery Haul

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More specifically, you want help with Costco PANTRY Foods to Stock Up on NOW! Healthy Grocery Haul?

hey it’s Thomas de Lauer and today we’re heading into Costco I’m gonna teach you how to shop healthy style when it comes down to stocking your pantry things that are in your pantry don’t have to be unhealthy just because they’re shelf stable so let’s go in let’s see what they’ve got they change things up all the time so right now we’re filming this March 2020 things are always gonna change but some of the legacy products are always there let’s have some fun with this and let’s learn a thing or two awesome thanks all right so we got all the regular nuts and snacks here let’s see what we can find I think it goes without saying that any of these foods right here are gonna be loaded with high fructose corn syrup any kind of preservative we’re just gonna avoid those altogether we’re in like the straight-up junk pile right here so let’s go and let’s try to get to the pseudo healthy aisle so we can start investigating some of the imposters that are there here’s something interesting this is a perform to a dress okay so these are little cheese things here here’s this wild they totally trick you so you think that this is gonna be just a good clean simple cheese snack right you think would be keto friendly anything like that no okay so yes the first ingredient is Parmesan cheese which of all the shelf staple cheese’s I would say that Parmesan cheese is probably the best it’s pasteurized is gonna be the lowest in lactose but here’s where things start to get a little bit weird all of a sudden we’ve got wheat flour there what the heck’s going on and then we’ve got cornstarch we’ve got soy lecithin okay first of all always look for sunflower lecithin over soy lecithin no need to have soy in there whatsoever except for the fact that it’s cheaper and manufacturers like it but these are really more of a pita chip that have been disguised as a cheese snack so if you’re doing keto these are not gonna fly okay so let’s just keep those out of the picture not healthy to begin with just because of all the wheat in there let’s check these paleo bars out okay then we get to these paleo bars these have caught my eye a couple times because I usually do like paleo type foods whether it’s for my toddler or even for myself if I’m not cycling in another pedo at that time so we have to look at what are the ingredients here nice curiam organic whole almonds organic honey organic coconut organic pumpkin seeds coconut oil Brazil nuts pumpkin seed protein these are actually really really clean the only thing that I don’t like is that they’re using organic honey now the problem with honey is it’s pure fructose okay fructose is gonna go straight to the liver and it’s gonna go through what’s called de novo lipid Genesis we can only hold about 30 to 40 grams of fructose in our liver before it starts getting stored as fat so that’s the only thing that I have with this that’s a problem I do like that everything’s organic even the vanilla flavor you have to look for natural flavorings because natural flavorings are a total trap-door okay just because they say natural doesn’t mean anything it just means that they got the name natural I mean what else is natural I mean there’s a lot of things that are natural that aren’t exactly good for you so this would I think make the list and it’s actually that’s a pretty good price I’m sorry actually that’s a pretty good price okay so you got 1249 for a box of 20 I mean that’s like less than a dollar a pop that’s really really good so I would say these are a pretty good shelf stable food the thing we have to look at is they don’t last for very long see this we’re filming this in March of 2020 and these are only good until July of 2020 so for a true shelf stable it’s not very good but for a healthy pantry item I’m gonna go ahead and grab these [Music] cereals are a world of just hidden landmines everyone’s promoting whole grains everyone’s promoting this and that and the reality is most grains almost all of them are going to be high in gluten okay they’re going to have gluten they’re going to have gliadin which triggers a program in response within the body it triggers an inflammatory response within the gut so even if you don’t have celiac you could potentially be dealing with some issues from gluten so most of the cereals are out of the equation renault TLAs they sketch me out a little bit simply because they’re calorie bombs right so even if we do find a like a grain free granola here keto and paleo friendly I love to see that here’s we have – 175 calories for 18 servings now I will say when we look through the ingredients I can almost guarantee there’s gonna be a pretty clean product we just have to be cognizant of the calories here okay you have one eighteenth of this and you’ve got almost 200 calories but pumpkin seeds so we have a lot of zinc there that’s solid sunflower seeds not the best Omega 6 Omega 3 profile but it can work dried coconut pecans that’s my go-to nut so I’m happy to see that good hi Omega 3 9 coconut oil coconut sugar coconut syrup then almond flour cassava flour okay that’s great always want to see cassava flour over tapioca flour okay cassava flour it comes from the same root it’s the same plant ultimately tapioca comes from cassava but tapioca is where they take the root and they essentially dry it out and you’re left with just the fibrous starch which is okay except you can contribute Rhian stew it although it is higher in carbohydrates so that probably contributes to well the overall eight grams of carbohydrates in this so if you’re doing a low carb diet it might not be the thing but if you’re looking for an overall shelf stable thing okay this is good until October of 2020 not a bad thing to be stocking your pantry with if you just need some quick good clean calories so if you’re going to have some cereal I would say this is probably a good fit I usually want to compare that to this right this is the one that is not a lower carb one whole grain rolled oats cane sugar soy oil okay soy oil let me just make this video very easy and short for you if it has a bunch of soy oil in it that’s a low quality oil that it’s organic or not okay high oleic soy oil still not good so this immediately you’re not gonna fly but also huh there’s more calories than this okay 250 for a three-quarter cup that’s that’s pretty crazy so I’m gonna stick with that one unfortunately not a lot of cereals we can get here this is kind of cool what’s this rx oats so here’s the thing with with oats even if they’re gluten-free oats they can still trigger a cross reaction within the body quick little science nerd lesson what happens with gluten is you have these different cross reactions that trigger antibodies to release within your body and that’s what causes the problem with gluten whether it’s celiac or not turns out that certain grains like oats can mimic that same effect within your body so people that are sensitive to gluten whether they have cilia or not and they get bloated they hold water they a lot of times will notice the same response happening when they eat oats and sometimes when they eat other grains like rice so I don’t like seeing things with heavy oats because oats are still just a cheap filler at the end of the day but I do like they at least have gluten-free oats here almonds dates as the sweetener which is great egg whites maple sugar don’t be deceived by maple sugar still fructose it’s still sugar it has a couple more things in the way of flavonoids and antioxidants but still at the end of the day sugar natural flavors that scetches me out a little bit cinnamon and sea salt so if you’re into a bunch of carbs then this would be great I’m not gonna get it because it’s not gonna really work in my household we pretty low carb but that’s not a bad deal $14.99 for actually that isn’t the best price eight cups for it’s almost two bucks a pop throw you know yeah I want to stop and take a look at these really quick because you look like a killer rain bar and you think okay yeah I know killer locks putting at the healthiest thing then you look at this Nature’s bakery so it seems like it’d be a little bit healthier and it probably is a little bit cleaner but there’s still first ingredient whole wheat flour okay the reason that we have issues with gluten isn’t because gluten per se is bad it’s because we’ve consumed it so much to the point where a body’s start to develop antibodies to it then second ingredient cane sugar then fig paste which is again I’m gonna be that pure fructose any sugar that’s coming from fruit he’s going to go straight into storage if you don’t burn it almost immediately okay brown rice syrup blueberry jam which consists of cane sugar then naturally milled sugar then rice starch glycerin blueberries this is quite honestly just as bad it’s easy to see how food marketing can really make you believe something is clean I would avoid those almond keto bites I’ve never seen these before all right here we have almond flour inulin erythritol almonds natural flavor flax seeds okay not bad but I don’t like seeing inulin as the second ingredient what’s gonna happen with inulin is you’re gonna get a lot of bloating it’s a prebiotic fiber which has a lot of positive effects within the body but in this particular case I think it’s a little too high up on the ingredient list if you’re not adjusted to consuming inulin you’re gonna get very bloated it’s a prebiotic fiber so it starts basically doesn’t digest so it causes bacteria to flood to it to break it down which actually is a quite a good thing in terms of building up gut diversity but I don’t think that these are all that shelf-stable sell-by 5:20 so there’s somewhat shelf-stable but the other thing is we also have a bunch of a result so when you combine inulin in the result i think you’d end up with below city not a big fan of low City these also aren’t the best price 9 bucks if you’re doing keto and you really want to treat that might work I’m gonna pass on those because those are the kinds of things that don’t want laying around the house way too easy to just load up on have way too many calories all right let’s talk canned goods for just a minute I think this is very important especially if you’re focusing on things that can be in your pantry for a longer period of time but still be healthy most of the canned fruit I would just avoid especially at Cosco yoona fine it’s in 100% pineapple juice whenever it’s in juice you’re getting more of that sugar more of that fructose we have to remember fructose is not good I would rather you have sugar over fructose okay let’s see what else we’ve got here it looks like almost all the fruits are gonna be in the same boat 100% fruit juice extra light syrup fruit juice yeah okay so not looking too good there here’s our good one to point out and I don’t mean this be just a negative Nelly I know they only grab a couple things we’ll get the things that I think I’m good I like these a lot but just remember they’re not made with just straight cauliflower they are made with cassava okay then sunflower oil then cauliflower then rice then whole grain brown rice then sorghum so overall it’s actually a really clean blend I actually quite like it so if you’re not doing keto it’s good to go you just have to remember that this still ultimately cassava flour that’s been fried in oil okay although it is fried and sunflower oil which I don’t think is the best oil to be frying and I would have loved to see avocado oil like the CIA chips will make their chips in avocado oil I don’t know if they have those here at Costco or not but so although it’s not the best food in the world it would be something that would be better to give to your kids than typical chips okay I would much rather see a lower glycemic carbohydrates like cassava which is a root start check that and then you don’t like to see it diversified like that I’m not gonna get it but just so you know this is probably I would rate it a five on a scale of one to ten okay you’re the perfect answer okay so we’ve got working on it kale and then a question that comes up a lot organic high oleic sunflower oil sea salt vitamin E this is a very clean product overall I would absolutely stock this it’s a great way to get some kale in a high oleic sunflower oil means that they’ve concentrated the sunflower oil to remove some of the other components and make it more high oleic so what that means is they’ve made it more shelf stable by highlighting the positive attributes of sunflower oil oleic acid is actually really good oleic acid is one of the main reasons we want olive oil one of the main reasons we want avocados oil so when you see high oleic it does mean they’re trying to take the more positive attributes of it but what they’re doing is they’re taking a normally unstable fat and they’re making it stable by concentrating the oleic compounds it’s very similar to hydrogenation except much healthier so don’t be afraid of it but you still want to look at what the underlying oil is for example if it’s high oleic soybean oil it’s still cruddy soybean oil if it’s high oleic canola oil it’s still credit canola oil since sunflower oil is kind of net neutral in my opinion I think these are good to go okay raisins pure fructose wouldn’t recommend that the same thing with sit with prunes although they do make you go to the bathroom I don’t know if it’s the best bet here any kind of dried fruit again getting back to that broken record concentrated fructose I think all this dried fruit we can just go ahead and skip let’s go look over here okay in the world of canned veggies green beans and sort they’ve got green beans water sea salt see if this is non BPA it doesn’t say but it probably is most most of them are avoiding BPA these days I’m gonna pass on this just because I think there’s more nutrient-dense canned food that we can get not terrible green means again I’d probably give them a 5 on a scale of 1 to 10 olives from a vitamin D standpoint not to spend a lot of time on them but just be careful their total sodium bombs you just got to watch out there Spanish olives okay I love these artichoke hearts there’s just one big problem with them okay first of all artichokes prebiotic fiber one of the best fibers you can consume when it comes down to helping your gut bacteria grow okay helping yourself and get that gram positive bacteria that you need to defeat lipopolysaccharides from leaking into your bloodstream and just helping you stabilize your overall gut biome there’s just one big problem here they’re in canola oil okay that’s a big bummer if you don’t wait for this so here’s the thing they’re not cooked in canola oil okay so the canola oil hasn’t been to natured which doesn’t really mean a whole lot but a thing is these artichokes aren’t cooked in it so they don’t have the oil soaked into it so this is such a good deal on the artichokes and artichokes are so healthy I get these I just give them a thorough bath okay I rinse the oil off and then I feel like I’m in a much better situation rinse them off and a lot of times I’ll drizzle a little bit of olive oil or I’ll take some avocado oil spray and I’ll spray that on them put a little bit pepper on them so yeah you lose the marination but this is still a really good price you’re not going to find that veteran is like one of the best things that you can stock your pantry with simply because they’re gonna fill you up and they’re one of the best veggies that you honestly can get you know I’m gonna go grab some protein powders while I’m at it because I wanna make sure that I stick within a budget and still get some protein that would be shelf-stable oh this is cool I have seen comment after comment asking for me to review these and I actually just found out yeah so this is a protein like ready to drink protein but it’s super it’s super hydrating tasting it’s a very very clean but look at the ingredients water whey protein isolate which is exactly what you want and most ready to drink proteins do not use isolate it’s where the protein is isolated key word isolate from the way right so it’s whey protein isolate very clean protein then they use erythritol then we’ve got sodium citrate we got force phosphoric acid which are just natural stabilizers those are good to go but what I really like they’re using fruit juice for the color and then they’re using a red a stevia a like leaf extracts they’re actually focusing on making this a lower carb product rather than having sugar in it for even worse sucralose or aspartame so huge shout out to them on that they’re now at Costco is I know that they’ve been at Costco but I think they had some of their other versions this is their newer version with stevia to definitely definitely recommend a huge shout out to them and hopefully that answers some of the questions that people have been asking about that most of these ready-to-drink proteins i’m not a fan of like here’s one for instance yeah says grass-fed I’ve talked about this in a specific protein video yeah filtered water grass-fed milk protein concentrate not whey protein milk protein and concentrate which means it’s not even isolated and then organic agave okay so we’ve got pure fructose again they’re assuming I’m going with that most of the ready drinks are not good it’s got to be really really careful you can find some good ones you just have to you have to weed through them you have to watch that other video to see that yeah they’ve got a keto products things like that but in terms of bang for the buck with that I don’t know not something you necessarily need to stock your pantry with [Music] if I was really interested in stocking my pantry for the long haul this is usually the protein powder I recommend whey protein isolate whey protein isolate cocoa okay natural flavors not the biggest fan but it’s all good it’s you know small amounts lecithin probably sunflower less than salt stevia leaf extract a little xanthan gum which in small amounts is good to go compare that to like another protein powder which let’s take a look at this one whoa whoa micro filtered protein blend whey protein concentrate whey protein isolate whey protein oh my gosh micellar casein egg albumin gluten-free cookie crumbs rice flour sugar tapioca starch a I think I rest my case if you want clean lean protein powder I technically consider it a pantry staple if you’re someone that’s trying to keep lean I usually like pea protein are usually like hemp protein but I don’t like the plant-based proteins that they have here at Costco too much or gain is great but I prefer some of the others I like the Sun warrior for instance okay let’s go ahead and let’s go grab some other stuff here you go Trail Mix almonds pepitas dried cheddar cheese pecans maggot Wow some aha okay here’s what’s funny I’m gonna speak quietly it’s them right by the sample station really actually a very good macronutrient profile illness capitis almonds so almonds the main one and then it gets down to mac name that’s and then what do they do they take these perfect that’s right and then they load it with sunflower oil they take almonds okay then they take macadamia nuts high in omega seven palmitoleic acid they take pecans high in alpha linolenic acid i mean we have a great blend here and then we have this Bifidobacterium they’re adding probiotics really a good product they just go to sunflower oil however however they very easily could have gone for soybean oil they very easily could have gone for kernel oil sunflower is the best out of all of those I just it just boggles my mind as to why this is done but 1389 that’s kind of a cool nut blend I think for the sake of this pantry haul I might actually go ahead and try this they make the cut they make the Thomas de Lauer approved list and granted as you know there are so many different so many different videos I could do on pantry items at Costco I’m just having a heyday going through some of the newer stuff and some of the stuff they have here now they really aren’t making a solid move to have healthier options so we can do more of these videos just make sure you let me know in the comment section I’m glad we went this way should always have your pantry stocked up with apple cider vinegar it is a must you know when it comes down to balancing out your gut biome when it comes down I’m sure we’ll go down this way so sure acetic acid has pectin in it which is very very good at helping good bacteria proliferate within your gut and also can help stave off bad bacteria but more importantly it just helps with your overall blood sugar levels that’s probably the biggest thing it’s go ahead and see what’s down here spam I think it goes without saying if you’re looking for true shelf-stable pantry items you want to go with bagged beans over canned beans they’re just gonna last a lot longer let’s see what they’ve got here though well this is kind of cool super bean mix was this ready-to-eat whoo I don’t like that the first one is soy beans whenever I see that I just think well you’re just trying to volumize a product with something that’s inexpensive they did that though more so to jack up the protein content soy beans are technically a complete protein so for someone that’s vegetarian they’re gonna want to do that I just think that you’re doing yourself a disservice because of the phytoestrogens that are in there phytoestrogens lead to more aromatization more estrogen within the body which leads to more fat depositing in your body I highly recommend you be very careful with soy even if it’s organic so this would be really cool if it was just chickpeas black beans and kidney beans but I understand the soy in there for the protein but unfortunately it doesn’t make my cut that way so just keep an eye out for stats on stuff more granolas we run into the same problem there a quick note on a gobby syrup just because it’s a gobby doesn’t make it healthy in fact agave is pure fructose and then they concentrate it it is one of the highest but concentrated forms of fructose that you can get just to give you a little science here when you consume fructose it absorbs through your small intestine and it goes straight through this thing called the portal vein from your intestine or ultimately for your stomach and intestine into the liver therefore the liver has to process it and since the liver can only process so much of fructose at a time where does it store well it turns into fat viadon over lipid Genesis and a sores it around the liver and around your midsection fructose and high fructose corn syrup end up being one our nation as the US biggest problems I love the shop for my pantry goods in the bag section which we’re gonna get into in just a second simply because the baking section you get things cheaper because they’re not marketed as pantry items they’re marketed as mass baked items or mass cooking items so we’ll get to that in a second but it just as we approach there let’s see if we’ve got almond butter this is just roasted almonds the issue I have with almond butter is yes it’s going to be a little bit hard to break down because the phytic acid this is a pretty good deal $7.99 it’s not organic I don’t see an organic option if you had an organic option it would be best the thing you have to remember is with almonds like I’ve talked about in other videos when they shake the tree the almonds fall to the ground well they spray the ground with pesticides so you end up running into a problem there so I’m gonna hold off on this maybe I’ll see an organic option alright and we’ve got the world of peanut butters important to note something out here when you’re shopping for pantry Goods you’re gonna see a lot of this hydrogenated vegetable oil cotton soybeans and rapeseed oil hydrogenation that is making it a trans fat so even if it doesn’t say that there’s trans fats on here see it says trans fat zero grams let’s because the FDA allows them to say zero grams if there’s less than a half a gram per serving well a serving is two tablespoons okay so two tablespoons you can be getting up to 0.5 grams of trans fat just FYI trans fats do not break down in the body it takes 51 days to molecular Li break down half of a trans fat it wreaks havoc from an inflammatory standpoint on your body they are chemical they’re man-made they add a hydrogen to make a fat shelf stable and to make matters worse they hydrogenate soybean oil so run away don’t walk run away and this isn’t any jab towards Skippy because they do have their natural version that doesn’t have that it’s just being honest so far I’m not seeing any other nut butters I might have to settle for the regular almond butter this stuff is great by the way great low-calorie alternative I love that it’s just organic roasted peanuts that’s perfect there’s nothing to it other than peanuts the problem and I know I’m something it’s such a negative Nancy the hard part with this is that then you get a concentrated legume right concentrated lectins potentially so if you’re sensitive to lectins if you’re sensitive to peanuts you’re gonna be way more sensitive to this although I think just for an overall just pantry item it is pretty solid so I’m gonna go ahead and I’m gonna get some I like to mix a tiny bit into some yogurt just to give it a little bit of flavor okay I did a whole separate video talking about I’m nuts at Costco so I don’t want to spend a whole lot of time here best omega-3 profile that you’re gonna have in terms of digestibility and everything is gonna be pecans in this case almonds be a little bit weary of them walnuts are great it’s just if you have an option to get pecans I would go for the pecans let’s go ahead and let’s grab some of these although it says for optimum freshness refrigerate after opening they’re still good to go they’re still gonna be stable even after you open them if there are options to get them in smaller packages I would recommend going for that in this case let’s just get these bad boys and I encourage you to watch the Costco nut video that I’ll link in the description so that we don’t have to waste a lot of time on the nuts here okay let’s see what we’ve got here all right then we have the Truvia this is a if you’re looking for sweeteners obviously their sugars there’s a Gavi there’s splendas there’s things like that in this particular case you’ve got stuff like Truvia which is going to be stevia plus some erythritol but that is it’s good to go and that’s a decent price on it normally I was hoping they’d have it here normally I would get LeConte oh because I like monk fruit much better so there’s usually LeConte Oh monk fruit which you can get at just about any Costco I’m not sure maybe they’re sold out here maybe with some in display it’s the same kind of thing except much much healthier in the way of monk fruits technically more of an herb so it has a different effect within your body it doesn’t digest and doesn’t digest by that I mean it doesn’t turn into any kind of glucose in your body now it’s I mean you look at stevia sure you have antibacterial components and everything like that but I’m just a fan of monk fruit because technically it’s a little bit cleaner in the body so if you see the LeConte o monk fruit I would go for that one instead thirty-one I mean that’s a no-brainer so a lot cheaper but here’s the thing so this is erythritol and monk food extract monk fruit is much better for you in terms of what it’s going to do for overall blood sugar what your overall health I would take between these this one I talked about LeConte oh all the time so this is pretty cool so they’re not probably at all Costco’s because I haven’t seen them at my other Costco close by but definitely going to get some of that so check them out if you have a Costco nearby a Gavi we already talked about that how that is definitely sketchy that’s pure fructose if this was an actual baking video I would definitely recommend the blanched almond flour people will say that almonds have what are called anti nutrients don’t worry about it with blanched almond flour the whole point with Blanche you don’t have the skin the anti nutrients are in the skin okay and what that means is when you eat whole almonds yes it can stop the absorption of some of the other foods that you’re eating but blanched almond flour is the way to go simply because see there’s no skin in there so you’re just getting the fats although almond flour I would recommend going for like hazelnut flour instead or diluting almond flour with coconut flour to get a little bit more of a just a better fatty acid profile and some fiber in the mix these are awesome look at these ingredients this is pancake mix cassava starch organic coconut flour a little bit of almond flour eggs and some leavening which is simply a mono calcium phosphate and sodium bicarbonate baking soda salt monk fruit which I love and spice that is so clean and that is a pancake that’s super clean you mix it with water and there you go so huge win and huge win to Costco for having these guys here my toddler loves these things they also have a keto version which I don’t think they have a Costco but that paleo version is amazing okay we’ve covered most of like the little snack food sections now I just want to go for some of the just more critical basic things that I think you should stock your pantry with avocado oil this avocado oil spray is great but if you’re going bang for the buck I would recommend that you try to find a jug of it so I’m gonna hold on to this let’s see higher smoke point high oleic acid content very overall health ah there we go yes this is what I would stock my pantry way good ol avocado oil put this guy back I am big on Mediterranean diets so avocado oil olive oil are my absolute Jim okay we’ve got Curtin signature extra-virgin olive oil 1199 for that giant jug of it let’s see oh no that’s balsamic know that it’s not still extra-virgin all different kinds let’s see what I’ll say yeah yeah okay so I’m just an olive oil nerd so I know this okay nestled in the lush mountains of Central California this is probably coming from yeah this is probably coming from like The Woodlands or like an area of California that I know of where they start to grow a lot of all rhythms where they grow a lot of olives I know that because I’m originally a northern California native and so I am very very particular so I like Australian olive oils and I like California olive oils and I like some Italian olive oils you just have to be really really careful of where those olives are grown I know that this Kirkland one is actually pretty good I’ll go ahead and I’ll link out down below to a company called Wellness Grove they’re the olive oil that I would recommend you can get them online they have super concentrated versions of olive oil super shelf-stable they know how to do it so that the antioxidants stay strong because the hydroxy Thai result is one of the most important things out of that and that is a very fragile fragile antioxidant in that oil remember you cook with the avocado oil and you drizzle with the olive oil okay that way you get your fatty acids but you can cook in that oil this canned chicken I will just go ahead and tell you don’t bother okay chicken breast meat water seasoning salt modified food starch sodium phosphates okay the food starch is what I don’t like and basically add a bunch of food starts to volumize the chicken and make it a little bit better be careful this company shrewd food kind of an interesting product okay so they use milk protein isolate and in a way way Parmesan cheese it’s not the cheapest thing in the world and I’m not gonna get it because it’s not an essential for my pantry but it’s pretty cool and I know these guys they started out as a keto brand but they’ve branched off and they’ve done quite a bit more so definitely just a good old-fashioned healthy lower carb product okay let’s take a look at mayonnaise real quick unless they have the primal kitchen avocado Mayo all the stuff yes soy bean oil be careful the mayonnaise here so we got to look for like primal kitchen stuff like that Wild Alaska pink salmon five hundred twenty milligrams omega-3s per serving ingredients pink salmon talk about shelf stable and solid that’s good to go if you want to have your omega-3s in a simple can definitely want to go for these bad boys albacore I like all the court but you pay a lot of money for albacore when quite frankly you can get the same point across with chunk light and less mercury I’m not gonna get him on this haul but I also recommend this brand new tea the chia seeds super good omega-3 content here the thing I like about it is if you’re in a situation where you just I don’t know when you’re hungry but you don’t really want to eat take a tablespoon or two of this mix it with a little bit of almond milk and let it sit for fifteen minutes and you have yourself a chia pudding then you just add some stevia or add some of that LeConte a monk fruit off to the races this stuff yes shelf-stable I just don’t think it’s that good of a bang for the buck okay it’s cauliflower water and malic acid alright there’s twelve servings and it’s ten bucks and it’s like it’s a little packet of cauliflower convenient yes shelf-stable yes healthy yes cost-effective not really okay I used to love this stuff until I learned a little bit more about phytoestrogens so the good news is it’s only organic soybeans and it’s a great low carb pasta look at 21 grams of carbs 12 of which is fiber yay yes it will definitely get you moving and is it a good pasta alternative to wheat it’s like I would say yes I would probably take this over wheat pasta but if there’s like a lentil pasta or something like that that would be a better move see what this one is this looks like it might be lentil okay it is okay but it’s a lentil flour brown rice flour and buckwheat flour if they just got rid of that brown rice flour this would be an amazing product again once again brown rice flour much cheaper so the reason I wanted just the lentil flour is the brown right flowers high glycemic rice is high glycemic it’s gonna spike your blood sugar although it’s brought down by the fact there’s lentil flour in there it’s still in my opinion it feels like it’s fluffing it up a little bit so it’s an okay pasta I would definitely recommend having that but again it’s not gonna make my 100% cut I’d probably give it a six or seven out of ten I’m trying to only purchase like eight through tens here eights nines and tens I didn’t see sardines either normally I would say load up on sardines absolutely straight ginseng tea wow that’s awesome that was a genuine discovery a genuine quote of me saying WOW awesome I’ve never seen this before I’m a huge huge fan of ginseng it is not practical for people to buy pure ginseng look at that price yeah there’s 80 tea bags in there so yes that’s not bad but ginseng it’s what I like to switch to later on in the day it doesn’t seem to give you that cardio tonic effect what that means it doesn’t get your heart rate all jacked up but it keeps your brain awake so after say 12:00 1:00 p.m. all usually switch to ginseng for the sake of this video it’s not worth me buying but I’m gonna make a note of that because that is truly awesome that really is cool yeah we’re in the beverages here now I don’t think there’s a lot we’re gonna find here but it’s worth taking a quick quick peek through okay if you’re looking for shelf-stable milks most important thing is make sure you go for unsweetened almond milk but I’m gonna show you something the stabilizers they usually have to use okay we got organic almond base filtered water organic almonds organic vanilla flavor that’s actually not bad sea salt sunflower lecithin locust bean gum gellan gum vitamin A palmitate oh here we go ergo Calcifer all yep here we go DL alpha tal several remote flames Inc lookin it that’s not and scion a couple almond vitamin b-12 from Santa kabob inform some of those preservatives in there make me not want to get this at all let me compare almond bass calcium carbonate sea salt sunflower lecithin locust bean gum gellan gum pum tape burger Kelso yep it’s almost the exact same ingredients what’s the difference Oh ones organic ones not same ingredients but what about there oat milk okay rolled oats rolled oat flour organic sunflower oil calcium carbonate natural flavors simpler are less than sea salt okay we’re gonna tell silver all I’m not it’s not the worst but I think you could do a lot better so the shelf-stable almond milks and stuff like that you really got to be careful let’s see what’s in this coconut milk ha ha ha ha there we go organic coconut water organic coconut cream and gellan gum or gellan gum depending on where you are definitely would want to get this the issue is is this one no this one’s unsweetened no added sugar okay so in all the options of shelf-stable milks coconut milks the way to go okay might not be your favorite if you’re gonna be keeping it in a fridge but if you’re stuck with just the pantry heck yes that’s awesome it’s basically like buying coconut milk in a can really it’s just a little bit more diluted with water so that makes the cut gonna get some of that coconut water is a sugar trap in my opinion all right so you have coconut water although it ends up having a a good amount of electrolytes in it it’s not worth it just because of all the sugar that you get out of it so avoid that kind of stuff people often think I’m gonna load up on coconut water because in the pantry that’s a great place for it right you think okay there’s an emergency anything like that you’re gonna have your electrolytes no it doesn’t work quite like that you’re much better off just bringing some magnesium with you and loading your pantry up with that and then just getting regular water all right we’ve got one quick stop here at sort of the front of Costco section where they have other little treats other little nut snacks and stuff like that let’s see what we got here so these are basically Costco brand kind bars almonds dark chocolate flavor coating Oh chicory root in you and sugar that are he loses I don’t even need to spend any more time there soy lecithin dry whole milk yeah unfortunately cashews FYI they are the highest in phytic acid the highest in phytates which means they have the worst anti nutrient profile but that means is they chelate excess minerals they chelate nutrients in your intestinal tract and make it so you don’t absorb the good nutrients out of them so they’re kind of a net net zero food right net zero nutrient food they’re just calories and they’re also the highest carb net so practically any no fiber in there it’s not really worth it compare that to what the cons that i got four grams of carbs three grams of fiber eight grams of carbs less than one gram of fiber so stick with my pecans I can definitely see doing this haul how many snack foods Costco has I knew there was a lot but yeah it’s a whole lot these rice rollers let’s see yeah I still bunch of sugar in these I actually I’m not a not opposed to just having some to having some rice cakes or anything like that this is cool well it’s really cool organic okay pumpkin seeds sunflower seeds chia seeds that’s actually a really nice omega-3 zinc blend here organic coconut organic pumpkin seeds organic sunflower organic cane sugar why organic brown rice syrup Organic why why why why this is so cool this was perfect coconut for your MC teas pumpkin seeds for your zinc sunflower seeds for just a decent decent monounsaturated fatty acid profile chia seeds for your alpha linolenic acid and your soluble fiber which is exactly what we’re seeing there okay but then they put cane sugar and organic brown rice syrup they could have easily just done stevia or coconut sugar or coconut coconut coconut syrup that’s a bummer because that actually is a really good product I would say if you’re like looking for a little indulgence it would be okay but I’m not gonna stock my pantry in it we have to talk about this one because this one always deceives me every time I see it I get excited make seaweed crisps but rice chips organic tapioca starch then somewhere down the lines organic seaweed that’s unfortunate same kind of thing here seaweed crunch seaweeds almonds toasted buckwheat snack sauce which is organic cane sugar purified water refined salt honey food start just modified here’s a good chance for me to talk about yeast extract powder it’s just another word for monosodium glutamate so yeast extract is still just msg okay and then fructooligosaccharides sounds like a very daunting thing it’s actually not that bad fruit to all aegyo saccharides are just an indigestion Griffin fruit that actually is halfway decent for you it’s a prebiotic in a lot of senses so it’s really not that that I’m worried about but the yeast extract powder basically excitotoxin to make something taste better and then we get back into the chocolate not gonna even touch on that more dark chocolate peppered apricots sounds good but yeah as we make our way to the end of this little snack hall let’s take a look at this last little aisle here something new green tea blend it’s kind of cool matcha green tea flavored cashews roasted salted almonds honey roasted almonds lemon flavored dried apples I see what they’re going whoa that’s a lot of ingredients canola oil peanut oil cottonseed oil almonds canola peanut cottonseed oil honey roasted almonds almonds sugar can cool concept but all the sugar just kills it just FYI these are probably little bit expensive but let’s see what these have almonds in this okay so garlic herb and olive oil this is just why you have to look at things almonds then the next ingredient vegetable oil almond canola and or safflower oil then sea salt then roasted garlic then spices then oregano basil rosemary and then the last ingredient is extra-virgin olive oil that way they can justify putting it on the label I will say them the nice thing is since these almonds don’t have the skin you at least don’t get the phytic acid so that’s solid but still loaded with just unhealthy oils and kind of Jerky’s they’re a quick note just on Jerky’s we’re not gonna spend a lot of time on them I would say with Jerky’s just try to make sure that you get ones that do not have soy sauce don’t have gluten in them normally I get pistachios but again I’m not doing a nut haul I’m just doing a pantry haul I will say macadamia nuts are definitely a good to go one but when it look comes down I spit up say two pounds I’m getting for $11.99 of pecans and here I get pound and a half for 20 bucks the fatty acid profile is definitely better in these better omega-3 omega-6 ratio so if you can afford a couple extra bucks you get these guys I’m gonna over the budget I’m gonna stick with the pecans but I will say macadamia star to go to nut basically it would be good if it didn’t have chocolate chips in it it’s got chocolate chips in it Pierce trigger I can go on and on and on and on I think we’ve got a pretty good array here so let’s go ahead let’s check out let’s get our pantry basics and then we can do another video where we stock up on more pantry essentials and Matsu essentials I probably could have spent well over a thousand dollars getting some decent pantry items here but I wanted to be extra critical so I know that I was very very very critical and somewhat negative on some of the ingredients but I wanted to really be able to instill upon you what you should be looking for and what really makes a product a 10 out of 10 and you’ve probably realized that it’s really hard to find a 10 out of 10 in a pantry item it just is I would say birch benders makes the cut I would say that the protein – Oh probably makes the cut the pink salmon the canned salmon makes the cut as being close to 10 out of 10 but everything else you know you’re always gonna have a little bit of giving a take you have some sacrifices and that’s just part of it you just moderate it you know how’s it going thank you much so I really do appreciate you being a part of this channel and watching all this content and if you have ideas for future of grocery hauls or future cops’ll videos or anything like that just put them down below in the comment section and we can work hard to create as always to keep it locked in I’ll see you in the next video 

This Post Was All About Costco PANTRY Foods to Stock Up on NOW! Healthy Grocery Haul.
Costco PANTRY Foods to Stock Up on NOW! Healthy Grocery Haul

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Costco PANTRY Foods to Stock Up on NOW! Healthy Grocery Haul – Thomas DeLauer

Today we’re headed into Costco to teach you how to stock your pantry in a healthy way! Just because foods are shelf-stable doesn’t mean that they have to be unhealthy – you just have to know what to look for! These foods are perfect for stocking up for the long haul, BUT won’t contribute to weight gain or promote inflammation! Enjoy, and ask any questions you might have in the comments!

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