COSTCO Hidden Items You’d NEVER Know are Keto Friendly!

COSTCO Hidden Items You’d NEVER Know are Keto Friendly!

COSTCO Hidden Items You’d NEVER Know are Keto Friendly!

New To Keto But Want To Grow Your Knowledge?

More specifically, you want help with COSTCO Hidden Items You’d NEVER Know are Keto Friendly!?

i am at costco and once again when it comes down to finding the ultimate keto items they're usually not labeled as keto so what i'm going to do is i'm going to find the best keto items at costco right now that you would never know are keto because .

They don't have a big old keto certified label on them they don't have keto plastered all over it they're not trying to over market it they're just good wholesome products that work well on keto so unless you know what you're looking for you wouldn't be able to find them so we're going to find the top keto products that are not labeled let's .

Keto let's rock okay this first one is this rouse or wrap i think rouse rousseau alfredo sauce i've tried this stuff it's pretty darn good it's not epic i mean it's not something that i would like seriously be writing home about but it is a good wholesome keto product so let me show you what this looks like okay so right now it's 9.99 .

For two of them which isn't a tremendous value but if we look at the ingredients definitely keto friendly take a look at this we've got milk cream parmesan cheese we've got salt disodium phosphate which really isn't a huge deal there yeah it's still a preservative but .

Modified cornstarch is the biggest issue here one thing you do need to know about modified starches is they are very high glycemic okay so a lot of times they do trigger an insulin spike but that was pretty far down the list and they're probably using that as a thickener so i'm not going to be too concerned about it now if we look at the macros .

Look at that okay we have three grams of carbs okay two of which are coming from the milk sugars because there's definitely no added sugar so it's going to have some lactose in there so this is a really cool find and definitely keto friendly a lot of times people just walk right by it and they automatically think they see tomato sauce too they think oh .

That's not going to work for me pasta is not going to work you put that over some spaghetti squash you put that over some like hearts of palm pasta you put it over it could work really really well now what's funny is right while we're here we can see this other marinara sauce that's from rouse now with marinara normally there's sugar added in .

It and i've talked about this one before i'm stoked on this because look if you look at the ingredients well first of all look at the carbohydrate count okay that's not bad six grams of carbs for a half a cup that's about your serving size really now let's see what the ingredients are okay this is what gets me pretty pumped .

When you look at it you see you've got italian whole roasted peel or whole peeled meat excuse me olive oil onions salt garlic basil black pepper and oregano so there's no added sugar the sugar is definitely just coming from the tomatoes i also like that the oil they're adding in it is olive oil okay so we get that rich oil methanol amine .

Which is called oea coming from the oleic acid of olive oil plus olive oil is full of antioxidants we've got hydroxytyrosol all these things that are tremendous monounsaturated fats and antioxidant compounds that don't just do good things for you in general but exponentially can improve how you activate fat adaptation okay ppr alpha .

So i'm a big fan of olive oil i don't think there's enough in this product to really like do anything crazy but it's still worth noting so definitely a tremendous keto product that is not labeled as keto this is what i do in my spare time like i i honestly like i'll go to the grocery store and i'll just see what's coming out on the market .

What's new like what's emerging what are people trying to pawn off as keto or paleo like what kind of you know nefarious acts are people up to but also what good products are coming out so let's keep looking all right now you would probably know tuna is probably a pretty good keto find right but there's a lot of things that people have .

To say about tuna okay they get upset about the mercury thing well there's some recent evidence that's starting to come out that's showing that because tuna is so high in selenium which is another powerful mineral it could potentially counteract some of the negative effects of mercury you see mercury binds to selenium and because .

The selenium content is so high in tuna that means that when you're potentially consuming them you know small amounts of mercury that is in tuna the selenium can bind to it and that could potentially allow it to be excreted metabolized better rather than going through its normal function which it's pretty hard to leave the body so let's take a look .

At the different kinds they have and let's take a look at which one might be the best chicken of the sea no that's not the highest quality one of the things you should know is that albacore if you look at the chart that's popping up on the screen right now albacore is much higher in mercury even if you're looking at .

That situation than say trunk light or skipjack okay so definitely something to be paying attention to also ahi is a little bit higher so you want to be paying attention ahi albacore maybe not the best ones to go with although i do like wild planet's whole like mantra about really being pole and line caught .

But i do like this yellow fin and it's in olive oil which here's the thing if you're looking to make like a sandwich or you're looking to kind of just enjoy tuna for the protein sake get it with water get the chunk light with water i would probably get in this case i don't see skipjack so i probably get this one this ahi wild .

Yellowfin a little bit higher mercury content but it's better than the chicken of the sea but if you want yellowfin and you actually want it with some olive oil the nice thing about this product check it out see if you can see that extra virgin olive oil sea salt so .

Why would i want it with oil well in this case i would say you can eat this straight out of the can you don't have like this you're realistically going to probably mix with mayonnaise or do something like that if you're getting tuna with olive oil you could have it straight out of the can i usually shy away from tuna in oil because usually .

It's cottonseed oil or rapeseed oil or soybean oil but i love it that's actually real extra virgin olive oil so here's the product again just so you can see it it's this portofino brand 9.99 for an eight pack which is pretty darn good that's pretty darn good price okay that's 27 just about 28 cents per ounce so a heck of a bargain too considering .

There's good quality olive oil check that out 8.99 these are california crazy inflated prices right for this thai kitchen organic coconut milk that's unsweetened looking for a coffee replacement or not a coffee looking for a coffee .

Creamer replacement looking for something to replace half and half heavy cream you can't really whip this stuff but look at the ingredients here we have where do we go here okay look at that okay only two grams of carbs okay and when you look at the actual ingredients pretty straightforward okay we have .

Organic coconut water and guar gum guar gum is just a thickener but it's also some i don't say it's an emulsifier but it's making it so that it doesn't totally separate this stuff if you were eliminating dairy or just trying to reduce dairy or even just trying to switch it up game changer okay now here's the thing .

Coconut also very rich in mcts okay so you've got those medium chain triglycerides so tremendous for stimulating ketone production ketogenesis but also mcts there's some cool studies that have shown that they can actually stimulate more thermogenesis they can stimulate your body's resting metabolic rate to be .

A little bit higher so you might actually get a little added benefit by adding that to your coffee instead of utilizing say half and half which i'm not opposed to half and half for heavy cream but just a heck of a good find i love when i come across something totally new something awesome check this out okay i just found .

Pura vida fire roasted brussels sprouts with bacon what is in here check this out okay we have now you're going to discover this with me it may or may not be good definitely going to buy this though unless it's terrible okay a mix of brussels sprouts and naturally smoked uncured bacon tossed in extra virgin olive oil let's .

See okay we got brussels sprouts we've got natural uncured bacon with no nitrites or nitrates added except for those naturally occurring awesome okay we've got a little bit of cane sugar probably in the bacon cultured celery juice natural flavors extra virgin olive oil .

Okay outside of the natural flavors that is a pretty darn good find really nothing terrible in there we got a little bit of sugar that's coming from the bacon but look we only have five grams of carbs and only one gram of sugar total including zero grams of added sugars which doesn't really add up it's a little confusing but it's .

Definitely in the bacon so i'm gonna get this because i think what i would like to do is i'd like to throw that in an air fly fryer here man i'm tongue twisted today an air fryer see we can come out of that you know why i like brussels sprouts i say keto item so much is because they are a cruciferous vegetable which i'm always trying to get .

More of okay they can really play a role in estrogen metabolism but they're also just tremendous tremendous when it comes down to being a great fiber for those bacteria that produce butyrate butyrate producers butyrate when it's in our gut is a short chain fatty acid so basically bacteria break down certain veggies and they .

Produce short-chain fatty acids that's right bacteria produce things that help us metabolize so there's evidence that shows that when we produce more butyrate more these short-chain fatty acids from good bacteria we can actually drive potentially drive ketone levels higher but more importantly we can improve fatty acid oxidation so outside .

Independent of ketosis driving fatty acid utilization just like the name implies means our body becomes better at utilizing fats that is always a good thing whether you are keto or not so i am stoked about this product definitely grabbing one of those ah we're in one of my favorite sections the bar section .

All right so much interesting stuff in the world of bars and honestly there's not a whole lot that i would recommend here i mean the protein bars from kirkland if we take a look talked about these a lot they really just kind of miss the mark the carb count is just too high it's just 22 .

Grams of carbs 10 grams of fiber stuff but you have 12 grams of carbs and then we have erythritol so it still puts you at 10 grams of carbs that's just that's just not going to fly on keto that's just really cutting it just i don't even want to say tad too close just a lot really that would just be aggressive so there's not a whole lot and we look at .

Like these uh pure protein bars yeah which is same kind of thing a bunch of sugar alcohols yeah that's not going to fly i think these even have multitol in them hydrolyzed collagen yeah maltitol see that that's a problem that's going to make you run into the bathroom especially if .

You overdo it definitely not a solid meal replacement i will say the sponsor of today's video just so that you know is a product called the good lovin bar so i want to make sure that i give them a massive shout out because when you look at the selection of bars in costco it just illuminates .

That it's really difficult to find good bars one of the ones that i've been using and again they're a sponsor on this channel and they haven't since i discovered them at aldi about i don't know a year ago they are in the refrigerated section of most grocery stores but you can use that link down below in the description if .

You want to save 20 persons off and try them out they are so pure and have such good products and i'm such good ingredients that they are in the refrigerated section there's no preservatives that's how a bar in terms of a whole food bar really should look now i know like there's been .

Other bars that have come through costco that are still really good like i'm still a fan of i love a good fats bar like phenomenal product i really really like it uh good loving bar in my opinion it's just different right it's a bar that you're going to find in the refrigerated section because it's not the kind that's just on the regular .

Shelf so it's just a whole different ballgame it's more of a meal replacement bar in the sense that it has a lot of what you need but it's also totally keto friendly and it's marketed towards keto because of that it's just really good my personal favorite i love the mint chocolate chip they're peanut butter and jelly i try to limit the peanut butter .

Flavoring just because i don't do a whole lot of peanuts but the peanut butter and jelly flavor oh my gosh and monk fruit stevia anyway so there's a link down below definitely recommend you check them out and a big thank you to them for sponsoring this content so that i can continue to do what i do okay and then we have my favorite nut of all time .

Which is the macadamia nut now macadamia nuts obviously not labeled as keto but really kind of developed a new name as being the keto nuts so it kind of goes without saying the thing i like about this product is macadamia nuts and sea salt it's all there is to it nothing else in it it's not roasted in any oil there's nothing weird and i do really .

Like something something i like about these look at how big those giant macadamia nuts are they're not gmo they're not adulterated there's nothing weird about them they're just big old giant macadamia nuts there's something so satisfying about them when they're like that dry roasted meaning they're not adding additional oils into it which .

Is something you definitely want to be paying attention to they do have a nice little selection of where they're sourced from which can sometimes be frustrating because you want to know the source not like a bunch of different places um but that being said the interesting thing about macadamia .

Nuts i'm going to get some more of these too macadamia nuts are not only phenomenal because they have a great omega-3 omega-6 profile they're actually very low in omega-3s and low in omega-6s making the ratio great they're rich in other fats like palmylic acid there's some interesting research i don't remember the journal right off hand that .

Shows that palmatolic acid can actually play a potential role in helping out with pancreatic beta cells meaning that it could play a role in helping insulin sensitivity which is good again not just for the ketogen independent of keto it's always a good thing to improve insulin sensitivity you know we're in this consistent battle against insulin .

Resistance in this country especially when i speak about the u.s but if you look at the data you start looking at pubmed and look at the research on macadamia nuts pulmonary acid omega-7 it's pretty fascinating stuff and i think we're just scratching the surface so not label this keto but definitely the keto knot you want to go .

For let me show you one more keto nut that i think is really powerful and that's going to be hey it's interesting someone ditched macadamia nuts for brazil nuts now the issue we face with brazil nuts is they're not as good of an omega-3 omega-6 profile but i don't want that to .

Dissuade you okay the omega-3 omega-6 ratio it's really there so that you don't just go completely overboard on omega-6s the way that you counterbalance it is make sure that you're getting omega-3s in place too okay the nice thing about brazil nuts is they're a very low phytic acid content so you're not having weird things that are .

Basically chelating minerals you want to like almonds even if you have too much of them cashews rich in phytic acid those are the ones that essentially are absorbing minerals in your gut and making it so you're not absorbing those minerals now with brazil nuts they're rich in you guessed it no you probably didn't maybe you did .

Selenium okay why do i like selenium well remember how i talked about the whole mercury thing if you are consuming a good amount of tuna having some brazil nuts with tuna can potentially help the higher your selenium levels the more things that you can chelate in the way of mercury now again i shouldn't say that like so .

Definitively because the data is done in mice right the studies are done in mice the data comes from that so i it's not saying that you're going to absolutely neutralize mercury but i do like what we're starting to see with selenium plus it's also really good when it comes down to thyroid support so .

There's another tremendous keto nut that isn't really marketed as a keto nut so much when i think it's man one of the best ah here's something awesome man not pushed as a keto product pumpkin seeds okay i really do like pumpkin seeds i like the zinc content of pumpkin seeds and i like this product because i don't know if you're familiar but organic .

Sprouted pumpkin seeds sprouted seeds are what you want to go for and you know what i like they're not pushing the keto thing here they're not twisting up marketing to try to just make it a perfect keto product but look at this four grams of carbs three grams of fiber that puts you at one gram of net carb that is a tremendous .

Keto like carb ratio so heck yes but why do i like them so much well the zinc for one thing tremendous for men when it comes down to testosterone uh great for immune support great for that but then there's some other pieces of the equation that we need to look at too when you're looking at sprouted nuts and sprouted seeds the .

Sprouting process makes them more expensive for one so you can expect a mark up there but the sprouting process breaks down the phytates and the oxalates which are usually pretty heavy in nuts and seeds and that is the people that are kind of opposed to nuts and seeds biggest agenda against them is oh the phytic acid the phytates the .

Oxalates uh because they chelate gut in the gut they chelate minerals if you sprout them that's not a problem okay so i always look for sprouted nuts and sprouted seeds and a lot of times i sprout them myself and it's kind of a pain to sprout them and make sure you get them sprouted properly so i love seeing that and that was a pretty good .

Bargain so go for the sprouted nuts and season you can especially on keto you'll find you don't get the digestive upset as much and long term i think you're going to be better off and you're going to feel a lot better when i made the decision to start really sprouting nuts a lot more it really changed how my gut felt i've suffered .

From ibs for well like two decades so anyhow just fun fact out of the selection of nut butters that we have here we have this new peanut butter we have their almond butter and we have nutso okay obviously the almond butter 5.79 that's a really good price okay one thing i will say at least the almonds .

Are roasted when you roast almonds you do break down some of the phytic acids right you do break that down so raw almond butter would be a little bit different so the fact that it's roasted is definitely better peanut butter i'm not the biggest fan of peanuts are technically a legume at least they're organic okay that's a .

Good value because you're getting two things there nutso is a great product look at the price though 14.99 for one now we have cashews almonds brazil nuts flax seeds chia seeds hazelnuts pumpkin seeds okay cashews very high in phytic acid almonds pretty high in phytic acid brazil nuts i love because of the .

Selenium right flax seeds and chia seeds especially flax flax has way more soluble fiber than chia does they're both great though and flax seeds just come with a tremendous amount of research showing that they are just tremendously good for the gut okay hazelnuts also rich in soluble fiber okay pumpkin seeds we get that zinc and .

We get the celtic sea salt okay so let's see in that little um you see right there that little like kind of crucifix sign that means uh dry roasted so the cashews are dry roasted the almonds are dry roasted the brazil nuts are dry roasted the flax seeds and the chia seeds are dry roasted okay and .

Organic so the only thing that's not organic in this looks like is the celtic sea salt so is it a great product it's a great product i just it's expensive 14.99 for that like that's not realistic right um but if you're really trying to make really good decisions on keto i would say that's .

Probably your best bet the only trepidation i have is the cashew butter that's just pretty high in fighter gas it's pretty hard to out do that in terms of uh just roasting the cashew anyhow ah here's one hemp hearts if you've seen my hauls before i've talked about these okay hemp hearts look .

At this people don't realize this okay two grams of carbs one of which is fiber one gram of net carbs in these hemp parts these organic kirkland hemp hearts where's the price on them we've got 1259 okay you can barely see that that's gonna last you a long time if you mix a .

Little bit of these guys along with a little bit of these guys it's actually a really cool like you can add a little bit of hot water a little bit of those hemp parts a little bit of flax meal a little bit of chia let it kind of cook for a little bit makes an oatmeal that you can eat it is you can also rub it on your body .

Whatever right it's kind of funny that i said make an oatmeal that you can eat what else are you going to do i guess when i was a kid and i got poison oak really bad which i used to always get uh there were these oatmeal baths that you could take you could like put oatmeal in your bath and like you pat this weird oatmeal on .

Your skin where you have a rash so i guess you could do that but probably wouldn't really work with keto oatmeal anyway hem parts like if you're doing especially like a plant-based keto great way to get those methane those sulfur aminos there's these things called sulfur aminos that are really difficult to get sometimes uh hard to .

Get in your in your diet and you need them to make up your full essential amino acid profile to build muscle and to really allow your cells to recover and allow your body tissues to recover and things like that without those sulfur aminos that you would get from like hemp and things like that it's really hard to have that full spectrum .

Essential amino acid profile that you need so they're always good to add in if you're not eating a lot of meat um if you're just kind of doing a lower protein keto they're just a great thing in general so they're not marketed as keto in fact they're marketed much more as just a plant-based item but they're .

Great for anyone that's on keto or for anyone that's really just trying to increase their fiber increase their protein content and just get a little bit more substance sorry no no you're good man i was just turning up i thought i subscribed to you awesome brother dude i'm sorry no no i'm literally just filming some costco stuff .

Dude you're good man you helped me lose like 20 pounds awesome brother you local you live around here yeah awesome around here yeah okay cool see man that's awesome i love when that happens i don't even heard this guy uh you know didn't put him on camera or anything but yeah ran into me says hey man i follow you lost 20 pounds watching .

Your videos i love this stuff i mean that's a good way to end the video so if you uh were watching this video to its entirety you get to see that which was awesome or hear it at least as always keep it locked here on my channel i'm gonna try to find some more things but you know they're really catching on they're starting to throw .

The key to label on stuff and these are things that i showed you today that i buy things that i would put in my pantry things that i would put in my house because i always go for the things that aren't labeled as keto because once just like just like anything once it gets popular once people figure it out it kind of takes .

The fun out of it right anyhow i'll see you tomorrow

This Post Was All About COSTCO Hidden Items You’d NEVER Know are Keto Friendly!.
COSTCO Hidden Items You’d NEVER Know are Keto Friendly!

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