Cooking Keto Breakfast Recipes from our Aldi Grocery Haul – Part 2 with FlavCity

Cooking Keto Breakfast Recipes from our Aldi Grocery Haul – Part 2 with FlavCity

Cooking Keto Breakfast Recipes from our Aldi Grocery Haul – Part 2 with FlavCity

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we went to Aldi and we got a bunch of different breakfast items so you don’t have to just be eating good old-fashioned begging the next anymore hey I’m here with Bobbi parish from Flav City and we’re gonna have some awesome fun cooking up what we got from our all the breakfast grocery haul okay I want to make sure before you go any further then you go ahead and hit that red subscribe button and then hit that little belt like on the turn on notifications and Bobby tell where they can find you over Flav City 4 videos a week rocking out in a grocery store and in the kitchen that’s how we all came together right reason oh hey we’re always getting kicked out of grocery stores doing fun stuff showing people how to eat healthy well why don’t we come together and get kicked out of some grocery stores together make a bigger scene which we did yes right so fun fact this is part two so if you haven’t seen part one we went to the grocery store we went to all D and had some fun we taught them what to get you drop some knowledge in terms of the ingredients I drop some knowledge in terms of what happens inside your body with those foods and then we also did a video at Costco which is gonna be on your channel yep part 1 it’s the first time I’ve ever been kicked out of Cosmos these private property you guys I should beat that to Thomas so thank you Tom yes when worlds collide people that normally go to grocery stores and occasionally get kicked out come together and we definitely get kicked out so any well without wasting any of your time what are we making what’s gonna happen here is Bobby is a really good acclaimed chef but he’s just awesome so he’s going to show me how to cook up some of these inexpensive budget items we got at Aldi he’s gonna show me how to make them and I’m gonna just Yap my mouth about science and what’s going on in your body because that’s just the way to go fix something first up we’re gonna make my version of keto Starbucks egg whites we’re gonna super clean no filler and then while that’s baking in the oven we’re gonna make a mini meatball hash with vegetables and a fried egg sweet that’s odd if you watch our haul video you never would have known that like we’re gonna be making this much amazing food off of the basic stuff we got from all these so it’s so cool so easy so alright well where we going we’re gonna first blend up the ingredients for the Starbucks egg whites so we have 5 eggs I’m just gonna drop them in the processor here now again you sell from the from the Aldi video if you watched the part 1 we went with the best option that we could get there which they don’t have the full-blown pasture-raised eggs but they have a pretty close second in this particular case and best of what you’re gonna get for all Deena so you’re using the whole egg here correct okay so if you’ve watched my channel before I do talk if you’re doing keto one thing that you can do we’re not gonna do it in this video just because we don’t want to screw down with the recipe too much but have you ever played around with actually just using the yolk in a recipe like this I haven’t but I’m curious this we’re gonna say about that so what’s going on is believe it or not it’s the white that has most of the the antibodies and the immune system components for growing the chicken and the egg right so when we as humans consume the white that’s what could potentially cause any kind of inflammatory reaction not saying it does but if you are sensitive to eggs it might be more likely is the white not the yolk so you also want that nice fat to protein ratio and keto so go ahead and have the yolk that’s all the good stuff I love that very cool all right so we put a little bit of all unrefined salt in there okay and then for the cheese we picked out that cheddar cheese over at Aldi so I’m gonna put a half a cup in there right normally we would grate them but this is a bare-bones every man’s kind of kitchen thing Thomas didn’t have a cheese grater I said you know what here’s the homemade cheese grater you do it by hand you’ll get a right exactly you know it’s cool so we use the white cheddar yes the more aged cheese you can get the better because it’s going to have less of the a1 casein and more of the a2 casein which is an anti inform shouldn’t say anti-inflammatory but less inflammatory I know I’m using that word a lot what that means is you’re gonna have less of that immune system response that makes you feel lethargic so on keto we’re trying to constantly combat that inflammatory response so we don’t want to defeat the purpose by having really low-quality cheese so this is the one we got from Aldi was an aged white cheddar we could have gone for a gray we could have gone for a Swiss yeah like that and they didn’t have a grass-fed at this one so exactly good yeah but when you buy my Starbucks number one it’s overpriced number two they’re using the lowest quality shoes possible and they could stuff like emulsifiers and a potato starch Georgia yeah so now we’re doing that cream cheese we got about a quarter cup and you can also in the cookbook here it says to use cottage cheese about in case you have like an aversion to kind of cheese because it reminds you of your grandmother like eating out of a cantaloupe you just use cream cheese no one’s gonna care cool thing and also you know the cream cheese is generally like when you’re going at a store like Aldi you can probably have a cleaner opportunity with cream cheese than you are with cottage cheese because all he didn’t have yeah it’s good quality yeah yeah yeah the ingredients um that kind of shoes are pretty sketch it wasn’t as good we don’t want that so that’s it all we do now is blended so easy you don’t even have to whip it but the key is the blender gets a lot of air in there so it’s gonna make it light and almost go souffle 132nd okay the oven back there is preheating at 300 degrees we get 300 yeah not a super high temp yeah because you want to go low and slow yeah I don’t want to make these like rubbery I want to make them soft like a souffle but the key is look in the oven back there Thomas we have a sheet pan of water in there that’s called a bain-marie or a water bath okay and that creates a human environment so you slow the almost poach interest gently cook the eggs so they’re really soft and say that makes more sense I might always come out kind of deflated and dry yes okay thank you so now we have a little mini muffin tin I think this is from the super mini department here so we’re gonna fill that up it’s really 25 calorie bytes exactly but the best part is earlier right before we started I cook some bacon and I made the kitchen smell great but we’re gonna put it on top because I don’t know if you’ve ever gonna have the ones at Starbucks Thomas they have a pretty cool layer of bacon marbled across the top and this is my way of doing it and we’re using that really clean make um you gotta add all the awesome and you know what’s funny is when you look at the bacon I talked about the all the video if you didn’t watch it you want bacon that has a thicker ribbon of fat and less marbling no interest yeah you really want to get that good clean layer of fat cuz that’s actually the pure saturated fat versus the lesser high quality I shouldn’t say the lesser quality sorry the lesser high quality the lesser quality fats that are actually marbled through pork so it’s kind of different with with red meat but with pork and another cool thing that you might want to note is we use Redmond real salt here always a fan of using high quality salt and the bacon some of this stuff you guys can get over at thrive market so I always talk about thrive market Bobby talks about that I’ve market so if you look down below in the description after you watch this video there is a link to thrive market so you can get a lot of the ingredients that we’re using for today’s video cheaper through thrive then you would add a lot of grocery stores now I know we did this precursor to this at Aldi but the point is is that if you don’t have an Aldi close by or you just want to get something shipped to your doorstep a little bit easier I have custom boxes down below they have a lot of these ingredients so make sure that you check them out oh all right now Thomas why don’t you just like sprinkle a few of those bacon bits how heavy should I go on anything you want there’s no I like bacon yes so now whenever you’re cooking bacon if the recipe calls for three strips make five because you’re gonna snack on hot bacon song snacking on forget about or just if you’re following my channel and you do a lot of intermittent fasting just make these up when you’re fasting and that way it’s just a clean line reset nope it’s a no-go okay otherwise you’ll always find a reason and convince yourself that it’s okay totally although the reason that Thomas actually I think has broken his fast I saw is this cheese you guys don’t act on this cheese like a little mouse yeah I broke my fast a little because I was like I saw some cheese I saw this I was like I want to go ahead and I’m gonna break it so that I can have some of that yeah Mena’s cameraman were munching down on the grass-fed beef sticks at Costco but Thomas is all about the bacon that’s probably good there okay so now I like to put this in a little sheet tray because if it happens to make a mess it doesn’t leak in your other okay I’m gonna take it back here I’ll wait for June and you might be wondering what’s happening with all these veggies this is for the next recipe we’re doing two recipes today so that’s not going on the egg whites although you probably could put some bell pepper and stuff in there if you want okay so we definitely could have done that if you want to make it more of a veggie mix okay let’s go in and see once again the water bath is gonna create a nice human environment there I’m gonna set a timer for these are smaller these are extra mini me so I’ll set a timer for 20 minutes and then we’ll take a look and then Thomas watch you fire up a pan for the mini meatball hash okay let’s see do you want to go same size here yeah but you ever one you want so I’m excited because both these recipes are in the keto meal prepping cookbook and this is cool because it’s a little take on a hash you might get at the restaurant it’s usually loaded with potatoes and starch and they’re using you know no quality beef we were hoping to get grass-fed beef at Aldi they didn’t have it so we got organic turkey which is a great substance so we even start the turkey yes okay so what I’m gonna do I’m gonna Formula meatballs and then Thomas why don’t you just put a shot of begin here talk about the week though super happy to find that yeah we are stoking see Jessie a Smoot over there yeah a little scoop this some of this out here yeah alright so yeah we’re really stoked to find this particular ghee well give general I’ve talked about the benefits of ghee but what happens in your body with beef is it is clarified butter which means that it’s pure butter fat pure milk fat so it doesn’t have any of the solids it doesn’t have any of the other inflammatory components you’re gonna find with the area in fact if you are introducing dairy or you don’t do a lot of dairy most of the time you’ll still be okay to have ghee so it’s pretty cool stuff so a cool thing is if you’re on a low carb or a keto diet sure you get the healthy fats from there but it’s very high in what is called butyric acid butyrate so it’s a short chain fatty acid so the cells that are inside our gut well they’re living creatures too right so we’re not talking about the microbiome we’re talking about the cells that line the gut they fuel on short chain fatty acids so the salesmen in our gut can die if they don’t get fuel from things like this now certain fibers will turn into short chain fatty acids but it’s a long drawn-out process flax things like that you’re getting straight short chain fatty acids can you go with something like GE so really really powerful plus it’s stable to cook with you you know you know if you cook with butter you’re obviously having the solids and can burn and you can have some denaturing some lipid peroxidation where it basically becomes somewhat toxic another thing just to mention thrive again if you don’t have get your local store you want to get it a cheaper price so let me grab this one over here like drives got this one if we weren’t shopping at all these I probably would’ve this you thrive it’s my favorite yeah yeah it tastes really really good so that’s usually what I’ll use to cook whether I’m cooking meat or I’m cooking up some veggies so you’ll see me using this stuff a lot so again there’s a special link down below in the description and this key is in my keto box so with all my keto groceries and stuff like that cool alright so what are we doing here right so first a little bit we’re making mini meatballs number one mini meatballs are fun right it’s breakfast time sweating getting these also breakfast swaps you can I see the ground turkey organic raw sexy from all of you yep weight a little bit of red and salt some thyme and some cayenne the book calls for oregano they didn’t have it a big deal so we added cayenne because you are I’m a big fan of what it’s called substance P and I know we’re getting some sizzle here hopefully we really thought but substance P what it does was in your body is it actually makes it to that you can help you out with cane so if you are having any kind of older injury or anything like that there’s a reason they used to put Cayenne in certain topical ointments and stuff like that because what it does is it exhausts the nervous system because of the spikes so for literally you could put cayenne on your skin and selfi cotton it’s gonna exhaust the nervous system to where it deplete substance P so that you have less pain because this in the body to from anti-inflammatory standpoint now everything that’s the repeating theme here right anti-inflammatory so everything we’re making here comes from an anti-inflammatory standpoint because I talked about inflammation constantly on my channel so basically with cayenne we’re not only getting the thermogenic effect yes it does raise your poor body temperature for about a half an hour after you eat it so you can use literally eat some cayenne pepper and get cinema Genesis going for your body it’s like you took a thermogenic fat burner it’s the easiest way to do it and I always tell people to put it in their coffee and stuff like that but that kind of put it you mix it up with something like this you don’t really know any of that can you’re getting the thermogenic effect so it’s just awesome awesome stuff that that’s cool all right we’re gonna Brown those I’m gonna wash my hands we don’t get salmonella I’ll be right back alright and in case you didn’t watch the only video we went with ground turkey because they didn’t have a ground chicken option if you have to choose between an organic ground chicken and organic ground turkey go with organic ground chicken because the fatty acid profiles can be a little bit better a little less in the way of them in the got X that you might find you grab new every day right so check out the color on that you can really see very nice and round okay crusty meatballs just are fantastic will cook those until they’re almost all the way cooked through then we’ll evacuate the dancefloor and get the vegetables but Thomas was keen on the frozen cauliflower rice it’s not part of the recipe in the cookbook but I thought we can mimic like a hash brown okay that’s pretty exactly that’s what I was saying so put give me all the stupid eggy right here my friends go let’s get up I’m just gonna basically cook it like I would have some brown so relatively hot pan and this is one of the only times I would use a frozen cauliflower rice my wife dusty has a recipe for a keto actually dairy-free cauliflower pizza crust with frozen cauliflower rice that is gangbusters so now another good application so I’m gonna put that in here this is just as such a screaming deal at all these like amazing so that’s why we had to pick it up it wasn’t like I just only wanted to add cauliflower for cauliflower sake it’s hard to find it’s hard to find good quality cauliflower out there anyway I would always recommend whenever possible going fresh it really is better and I’ll say cheaper but I mean you’ve got a time cost associated good point so but all he had this and it was a great meal so it works out really well but from a health perspective I talked about this in so many different videos but cauliflower is cruciferous so there’s two things you need to know about cauliflower one yes its cruciferous if you are concerned about your thyroid and it being a goitrogenic food do not worry gorgeous genetic foods does not mean that it’s going to affect your thyroid in a negative way there’s a lot of just misinformation out there if anything it’s good for your thyroid because it can help metabolize additional estrogens with the D and ol methane that’s in it and that is going to in turn help your thyroid so for me I think it’s one of those powerful superfoods that out there simply because of that and it’s so universal like you can do this with diced broccoli or rice broccoli anything like that but with cauliflower it’s a nice neutral taste and yes I don’t know a blank canvas they say like in the book we do keto cauliflower tops fried cauliflower rice it’s a blank canvas yeah it’s perfect adds so much flavor and weight give this like 5-10 minutes you don’t get like crusty and delicious yeah and like add such a caramelized note to that so we’re gonna let that happen we’re gonna finish cooking these and then we’ll get some vegetables it’s perfect [Music] all right [Music] where’d you learn to cook my mom called every school on my path what’s that over there yeah I know you’re not a narcissist no no yeah you rarely look at my phone except when you do that hairy hairs pretty you know what I have to look this my wife used to do my hair and she killed it and then shed no more time so like last time I got a haircut they got you talking a trip and blow drying it so yeah [Music] all right the egg whites are just about done but look at this Thomas I mean this is why we have the hot pan here the hash of the rice cauliflower is getting nice and caramelized so I think I might actually just kill the heat and let them finish cooking through but it only took 20 minutes for these egg bites and this is what I like to see them and look at this they’re literally humping out of the tens here literally look at that they’re jumping they are jumping they’re half out that’s what I call it jump times and what’s cool is already cargo people can jump they’re soft and silky and you guys cut into one but you just pinch one here I mean it’s like it’s almost like a mini souffle right like a trampoline exactly so what I’m gonna do is just plate them up and put them up to the side why don’t you here’s what I like to do I want to make sure that the mini meatballs whether they’re made of turkey or beef are cooked through so let’s sacrifice one to the gods and cut it in half and see if it’s done let’s go ahead and use joint use a knife because we could use it’s pretty soft I was great yeah so let’s just push those to the side and not any kind of plate over there then I’m gonna take out our half here now if you have a hard time getting the water out of rice cauliflower which tell me I don’t necessarily care too much with this recipe take this frozen cauliflower right and put it in a tea towel like this and then squeeze it flex your bicep squeeze all the water out of there that’s how you’re gonna make it a lot more cohesive kind of you were making like cauliflower pizza crust for this one it’s fine now this was put this on the side of your bed of our head oh Sh let’s keep firing up that pan there okay give me another side V and we’ll put the vegetables this is like all gr vey yeah I’m gonna use them used to thrive letting sit up my favorite soup hey do you want to go we’ve been using ghee do you want to go and use my avocado oil this one’s for the heck of it why not just get a more diverse d50 let’s go crazy yes let’s do 50/50 oil and II since avocado oil spray is pretty awesome again another thing you can get on the right you can get avocado oil avocado oil super high smoke point yeah but the other thing high in what’s called oleic acid oleic acid is get a clean spoon here yeah oleic acid very very good quality fat does a lot of things in terms of what’s called activating PPAR which is a specific pathway within the body that basically helps uncoupling protein so it allows the Browning of white fat so white fat is the unsightly fat that’s just hanging out on your body okay brown fat is brown fat it’s not that has a thermogenic effect so whenever you are trying to your body’s trying to keep warm and it’s basically what’s gonna do is it’s gonna have like a radiation effect where as energy flows through brown fat much like a radiator heater that would be in your in your room and it does this and it keeps your body warm but that takes energy so basically it’s incinerating calories to create heat so really really cool so that’s the cool thing is PPAR helps with that but also helps with the mobilization of the fats so literally if you’re doing a ketogenic diet avocado oil and olive oil hi and now that oleic acid that converts – oh yay and that Oh a I mean I mean this literally makes its when you create more ketones sweet that’s awesome I love cooking with it along with the short chain fatty mean it’s like actually if I were to create a really cool hybrid brand blend I would create avocado ghee that would be like a perfect Bowl hybrid that’s great that’s gonna be the product on the market in 2020 right so I’m missing Bobby’s huggy ok trademark app before someone else does yes are you done okay so Matt Perry market that’s hot in this cutting board here a few minutes before we started the video I chopped up some zucchini that we got it Aldi some red onions and the tricolor organic peppers let’s add that to our pan I don’t know that we don’t yeah nothing you perfect and then once you tension some Redman salt yeah so one of the things I find that most home cooks like us do long in the kitchen is we don’t see them properly there’s a reason why restaurant food tastes awesome they tend to over sauce there they use fat like butter that’s why it tastes good but salt especially something like unrefined salt not only makes it taste good it’s not just pure sodium chlorite it has like sixty other trace minerals makes the food taste good and makes adduction will kiss more like themselves it makes fake it must inky so don’t be afraid to be aggressive assault especially if you’re on a low-carb diet because then you’re losing a little bit one of the things that you notice that you’re doing a keto diet you’re urinating a lot you’re using the restroom a lot well that’s simply because when the carbs are low the kidneys essentially allow more water to be evacuated other levels of insulin tell the kidneys hey flush out water so the kidney is therefore flushed out the water which means what are you losing along with the water salt potassium and electrolytes so that’s why we always replenish that liberally when we’re doing a ketogenic diet she asking if you hydrated the water put all that up yep which is like contrary to what people think and a lot of people are worried about high blood pressure if you eat so refined the white salt that’s the place your blood pressure like crazy if you eat the unrefined one like Redmond yeah it does not spike your blood not nearly as much of an issue and contrary to popular belief salt isn’t nearly as much of a hypertensive issue as sugar is it’s the inflammation that triggers the blood pressure more than hey there’s that operative word once again yeah alright so we’re gonna cook those for about eight minutes just once they get towards the end we have our baby spinach organic we’re gonna hold in there at the end of it I want to overcook it exactly and then we’ll fire up a couple fried eggs and Bobby and Thomas there’s a bogey we’re done this is like a digestive superfood mix here okay because we got the date which is gonna be very good like short chain fatty-acids but then we’ve got the red onion super-high prebiotic fiber content I mean you could put a little garlic in this too and Gaetano pack right so add some garlic odelay and then zucchinis also really good prebiotic lat absolutel them in the cookbook 125 recipes like this nutrient-dense high fiber of previa prebiotic fiber but exciting pita recipe that don’t get you tired of eating the same thing although I’ll go ahead and I’ll put a link down in the description for your your book as well awesome so in the meantime I think we should try one of our egg whites all right okay let’s do it I’m gonna go with one that has the most make in here we go for this little one that’s good those are really really reliable so each one of these only has about half a gram of net and total carbs Wow it’s crazy it was four or five ingredients that she’s soaking expensive to make so understand that then you could do this and make it probably even a leaner if you wanted to go less geez if you want to follow it that is impressive yeah he’ll prep this right double triple the recipe like I do in the book catch them in the freezer the perfect Psalm out the night before on-the-go that with like a bulletproof coffee breakfast the chance I’m gonna make those just to have them in the fridge for my kid Oh totally that’s a perfect toddler food lucky Laura’s what do I give my toddler first thing in the morning trying to like shuffle together getting something yeah that would be perfect now we’re going to Starbucks and load them up with potato starch exactly exactly all right we’ll be back in a few minutes after this is ready those are good I think Wow they came out great whoever bought the mini mini muffin tin attributed to that the flavor that cheese is like phenomenal it’s really good oh my bogey let’s all go eat up that’s a lot of good affinity boom above you BAM so see you love it yeah so we’re gonna just crack a couple eggs in here the thing is when you’re frying an egg you want a good amount of oil in there I’ll just leave them we got the old egg throw in there but you want to make it where the bottom gets super almost caramelized but the yolk still is running and you know any way you can do that it’s literally at a medium height you okay so it’s gonna happen fast and furious I called in diesel style [Music] yes you want to wait for the yeah bogey just um how about smoke and then drop them in what happens if you go to too hot it’s just gonna if you go too hot you’ll burn the bottom and the tops gonna be wrong yeah yeah so that’s just about right cool thing about eggs too again I’ve talked to my videos very high in what is called choline which is something that people don’t talk about with eggs all the time they always talk about biotin they always talk about the healthy fats they always talk about vitamin D which is all gray vitamin D hormone signaling all that stuff is powerful but choline is a precursor to what is called acetylcholine which is a neurotransmitter that is imperative to brain function so pre-filming it’s not uncommon for me to either fast or if I do have a breakfast the light breakfast with some eggs because the choline being a precursor to acetylcholine like my brain up I feel really good but also it’s now been shown in other studies that deficiencies in acetylcholine manifest through poor performance so when people are supplementing acetylcholine or boosting their Co choline through good foods or supplementation they’ve actually found that it improves their their vertical jump their performance and their plyometric performance because basically the brain is able to send a sharper faster signal to the muscle its operating quicker it’s really crazy stuff so if you’re in Quito you’re getting fatigued boom take it up Wow egg and cheddar cheese Thomas runs on eggs and cheddar cheese really know what’s got me in the eye yes we’ve got a lot of fat in there so that’s never you know we’d normally do it absolutely so this is done let’s put the vegetables right over the bed of your rice cauliflower okay I mean when this nature excited tea breakfast yeah talked earlier part one about not having a boring eggs and bacon the same boring there’s no eggs in bacon anymore that is kind of eggs and bacon well no this one here talking about this hook gonna be like so let us happening the bottom here is getting a little brown see that the color yep yep put the top and what I like to do is just kind of flick no oil over the white you just kind of cook the top now the interesting okay and 30 more seconds we’re done here we’ll slide it over there and now we just sit and watch we watch edge fry and Thomas’s kitchen get here oh that was Mike there goes my choline and then just to cook the egg yolks and the whites around it spoon that a bogey right over the top a little over bath and look at the bottom wanting it once again not nice that’s just texture right so now come over here okay let’s put it right on top of our hash so it’s okay that’s running on top it’s kind of is it kind of gonna cook itself a little bit more no I won’t but I would love that okay yeah if you don’t want it like that flip it for 30 more seconds it’s people think it’s unsafe to eat niggas no way no no I mean it’s been just saturated in heat like any bacteria and there is it’s gone absolutely alright guys this was like ‘wait quicker than I thought we have the keto version of Starbucks egg whites done we have the mini meatball and most forgot they’ll say when the meatballs go we don’t have the mini meatball breakfast scramble oh my gosh man this is you know what I actually forgot to put the spinach in there but doesn’t okay well at least talk to quick benefits and spit fry it up throw it on the rug I go her in there so if you can use baby kale use baby kale it cooks up a lot like baby spinach but just higher nutrient profile baby spinach very high in iron which a lot of people are going to say okay I’m anemic I need an iron the thing is is you’re likely not anemic you probably just have low levels of iron in your blood but you don’t have do you have sufficient iron in its ferric state in its other state basically in your bones and stuff like that so point is is don’t eat spinach for the iron and don’t worry about it for the oxalic eat it because it’s nice fiber and nice good levels of chlorophyll and good levels of what you need just in terms of micronutrients so people concerned about box with some you’re never heard of it oxalates are something that are in spinach they’re an all men’s things like that and they chelate minerals in our gut so people will say Oh particularly I mean I are doing predominately carnivore and stuff like that there’s a lot of times misinformed about oxalates now I’m not anti carnivore at all I’m just saying that this misinformation gets spread out there so why ends up happening is oxalates will keel 8-iron they’ll chelate magnesium things like that in your gut and make it so that your excreting it out and not absorbing ah so it’s a chelation effect but it’s so minimal with what happens in terms of oxalate and the other side of the equation in terms of benefit that you get from these micronutrients far supersedes and outweighs any potential negative effect that you get from the oxalate so case in point don’t worry about oxalates but phytic acid stuff like that from high amounts of almonds almond butter yeah you want to go easy on that I usually don’t recommend how many more in like four tablespoons of almond butter a day yeah cool all right serious knowledge there now just give me a little pinch of that reading software there we go oh I fight ate all of it here too so one tip I want to give you guys is always scent always saw flavor or season greens like this at the end cause you see how this wilted down to literally nothing if you excusing it when it’s big even put the whole thing in there you will over season it in the beginning yes it looks like a huge amount of volume it goes down to nothing so now we’ll just take the spinach well put it around and like even though we made a mistake look at this it took 30 seconds we got serious spinach knowledge from Thomas and now it is not so this is it it looks like I mean it looks Mediterranean it does like it’s so you ain’t gonna get that at Denny’s y’all you only get this in the keto kitchen I mean that is just delicious stuff I think I’m a car the combination of textures you’ve got there and I don’t even taste it yet but we’ve got literally like every texture you can think of okay we’ve got the gooey gooey eggs we’ve got a little bit of crispy ‘no stare we’ve got the crunchy satisfaction from the meatball there I mean it’s just like every texture you possibly everything you want you can’t get all that one bite we can try so we try my dinner heck yeah perfect I’m gonna this one’s got a little bit ghee on it all right I actually like that a lot okay [Music] maybe we got that awesome I’m pretty stoked about it so I don’t want to toot my own horn but you got to get that it is awesome I’m getting in there look at this get a little meatball action get a little egg action get my oxalates I’m taking a big bite I’m doing you’re putting me to shame you got some food the crust on those meatballs is like bangin everything is just popular we barely used really any seasoning no we used minimal you could even skip any of the spices just salt did you go Bobby that’s unreal dude more recipes like that in his like seriously I’m blown away by that that is yeah but the thing is even you say oh you’re a bad cook I guarantee you can make that and rock it for your wife and Kitty probably good bye kitty like my kiddo or me you know yeah I could rock it for my kitty too yeah yeah three kitties they gotta eat right guys thank you so much for being a part of this and if you haven’t already if you just tuned in here for the recipe video you got to go back to video one and watch the all the grocery halls and you can hear all the ingredient knowledge and science behind why we pick what we picked at the store all the way soup-to-nuts step one all the way to step 10 make sure you go follow my buddy Bobby here down below in the description there’s a link out to his channel you won’t be disappointed and also check out the Costco haul and the recipe videos we’re doing for his channel Comcast got awesome

This Post Was All About Cooking Keto Breakfast Recipes from our Aldi Grocery Haul – Part 2 with FlavCity.
Cooking Keto Breakfast Recipes from our Aldi Grocery Haul - Part 2 with FlavCity

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Cooking Keto Breakfast Recipes from our Aldi Grocery Haul – Part 2 with FlavCity

We went to Aldi, and we got a bunch of different breakfast items so that you don’t have to just be eating good old fashioned bacon and eggs anymore. Hey, I’m here with Bobby Parrish from Flav City, and we’re going to have some awesome fun cooking up what we got from our Aldi breakfast grocery haul. Hey, I want to make sure before you go any further that you go ahead and hit that red subscribe button, and then hit that little bell icon to turn on notifications and Bobby, tell them where they can find you.

Well, why don’t we come together and get kicked out of some grocery stores together, make a bigger scene, which we did.

That’s right. Which we did.

So fun fact, this is part two. So if you haven’t seen part one, we went to the grocery store, we went to Aldi and we had some fun, we taught them what to get. You dropped some knowledge in terms of the ingredients. I dropped some knowledge in terms of what happens inside your body with those foods. And then we also did a video at Costco, which is going to be on your channel.

Yep. Part one. It’s the first time I’ve ever been kicked out of Costco. This is private property, you guys can’t be filming inside the store. Attribute that to Thomas, so thank you Thomas.

When worlds collide, when two people that normally go to grocery stores and occasionally get kicked out, come together. Well, we definitely get kicked out. So anyway, without wasting any of your time, what are we making? What’s going to happen here is Bobby is a really good acclaimed chef. Like he’s just awesome. So he’s going to show me how to cook up some of these inexpensive budget items we got at Aldi. He’s going to show me how to make them, and then I’m going to just yap my mouth about science and what’s going on in your body, because that’s just the way to go.

Perfect. So I think first off we’re going to make my version of keto Starbucks egg bites. Super clean, no filler. And then while that’s baking in the oven, we’re going to make a mini meatball hash with vegetables and a fried egg.

Sweet. That’s awesome. If you watch our haul video, you never would have known that we’re going to be making this much amazing food off of the basic stuff we got from Aldi. It’s so cool.

It’s so easy. So easy.

All right, well where are we going?

All right, we’re going to first blend up the ingredients for the Starbucks egg bites. So we have five eggs. I’m just going to drop them in the processor here.

Now again, you said from the Aldi video, if you watch the part one, we went with the best option that we could get there, which they don’t have the full blown pasture raised eggs. But they have a pretty close second in this particular case. And best of what you’re going to get for Aldi. Now, so you’re using the whole egg here?


Okay. So if you’ve watched my channel before I do talk. If you’re doing keto, one thing that you can do, we’re not going to do it in this video just because we don’t want to screw it out with the recipe too much. But have you ever played around with actually just using the yolk in a recipe like this?

I haven’t, but I’m curious to see what you’re going to say about that.


So what’s going on is, believe it or not, it’s the white that has most of the antibodies and the immune system components for growing the chicken and the egg, right? So when we as humans consume the white, that’s what could potentially cause any kind of inflammatory reaction. Not saying it does, but if you are sensitive to eggs, it might be more than likely is the white, not the yolk. So you also want that nice fat to protein ratio on keto. So go ahead and have the yolk. That’s all the good stuff.

You guys, thank you so, so much for being a part of this. And if you haven’t already, if you just tuned in here for the recipe video, you’ve got to go back to video one and watch the Aldi grocery haul, so you can hear all the ingredient knowledge and science behind why we pick what we pick at the store.

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