Consequences of a Fatty Liver that Might Surprise You

Consequences of a Fatty Liver that Might Surprise You

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so today we’re gonna talk about the consequences of a fatty liver that you may not associate with a fatty liver let’s go through them some you will some you won’t when you have a fetid liver your inflammatory markers go up not just in your liver but through the entire body the problem with that is will increase a condition called insulin resistance okay so then that that’s going to increase more insulin so insulin is going to create this problem but then this problem will create more insulin through creating this condition called insulin resistance if the inflammation is there too long chronic inflammation the liver you start developing scar tissue of the liver it’s called cirrhosis this is where you start having some really big problems most liver problems are asymptomatic you don’t have any symptoms for a long period of time until you start losing the actual function of the liver cells but you’d have to lose a significant portion of your liver for certain things to show up like a site ease where you have this fluid in the gut that might not show up until like 90 percent of your liver is destroyed but the problem is that this can be brewing in the oven without you even knowing it a real good way to know if you have a liver problem is just look down and see if you have a gut if you do that means you have a lot of spillover or fat or visceral fat that’s spilling over from the liver because the liver is already filling up with fat that fat then causes inflammation and eventual scar tissue so the point is that you want to understand what’s happening so you can change a couple things in your diet so you can actually actually reverse it because you can if you get it in time number three when you lose the function of the liver you lose the capacity of making bile because the liver cells parasites make bile and bile is necessary to dissolve and absorb the fat soluble vitamins and a lot of times people don’t connect the dots between a lack of bile coming from the liver and their vision for example because they have a vitamin A deficiency or their lower mood because they have a vitamin D deficiency or they might have flaky skin or they might have really sore muscles after exercise that just won’t heal because they’re low in vitamin E and vitamin E can also can’t cause heart problems and angina or they might have little broken blood vessels from but lacking vitamin K and that all can come from this right here so when they consume those vitamins it doesn’t really work because they don’t have the the bile to help resolve it and pull it into the body so they also are not absorbing omega-3 fatty acids so this will show up in inflammation so they’re taking the fish oil but they still have a key joints they still have pain in the body also they might not connect the dots with a thyroid being well because it takes a bio and a healthy liver to convert t4 to t3 the active form of thyroid hormones so they might notice their metabolism is slow things are sluggish they lost that vitality what happens when you lose the capacity of the liver you increase more toxins because you can’t eliminate the toxins with the help of bile you also start holding on to more estrogen one of the functions of the liver is to help get rid of excessive estrogen and cortisol so if you’re holding more estrogen you can start developing really soft skin and lose your body hair just from this alone this is why right here because the liver is losing function or increasing cortisol and you’re always stressed out and number four a fatty liver will decrease testosterone so some people take the biochemical hormones but the real problem is coming from the liver number five they start developing metabolic syndrome might be pre-diabetic or diabetic high blood pressure high cholesterol and their focus on the heart not the liver the liver is the cause the heart is the affect belly fat that’s the number one indicator for a fatty liver and heart disease as I mentioned over here so there’s three big things that cause a feather liver and one is called de novo lipid Genesis this basically is the conversion of carbs into fat in your body so when you do a high carb diet okay you start generating on a fad that starts depositing in your liver I put a link down below for more information about this but people with a fatty liver need to be on a low carbohydrate diet also the fructose high fructose corn syrup the corn syrup will create a fatty liver faster than any type of sugar alcohol will do it as well now there are two nutrients that are essential for a fatty liver one is choline because choline helps dissolve fat especially on your liver and by the way egg yolks have choline and vitamin E but don’t get the synthetic version get a natural version a complex that has half to cough rolls and half tocotrienols okay very very important this has been known to significantly reduce inflammation in the liver as well as in the arteries and also decrease the formation of scar tissue which eventually turns into cirrhosis but don’t even think about taking these two unless you first get your diet corrected the diet I’m going to recommend is the healthy version of ketosis and in a minute fasting together as one I put a link down below if you’re new to my channel so and then I would recommend taking these two and this will help you start reversing this right here alright thanks for watching so if you’re enjoying this content go ahead and share it with someone that could really benefit from it

This Post Was All About Consequences of a Fatty Liver that Might Surprise You.
Consequences of a Fatty Liver that Might Surprise You

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In this video, Dr. Berg talks about the consequences of a fatty liver that you may not associate with the fatty liver.
Fatty Liver Symptoms
1. Inflammation – when you have a fatty liver, your inflammatory markers go up. Not just in the liver but with your entire body which increases insulin resistance.
2. Scar Tissue (Cirrhosis) – It is developed when there is a chronic inflammation for too long.
3. Decrease Bile
Cannot Dissolve and Absorb Fat Soluble Vitamins
Can’t absorb Omega 3s
Can’t convert T4 to T3
Can’t Eliminate Toxin
High Estrogen / Cortisol
4. Decrease Testosterone
5. Metabolic Syndrome
6. Belly Fat
7. Heart Disease

3 Causes of Fatty Liver
1. De Novo Lipogenesis
2. High Fructose Corn Syrup / Fructose
3. Alcohol

Two Essential Nutrients for Fatty Liver
1. Choline
2. Vitamin E Complex

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