Common Nutrient Deficiencies Caused by Drugs that You Should Know About

Common Nutrient Deficiencies Caused by Drugs that You Should Know About

Common Nutrient Deficiencies Caused by Drugs that You Should Know About

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More specifically, you want help with Common Nutrient Deficiencies Caused by Drugs that You Should Know About?

so I want to talk about the micronutrient deficiencies that are created when you actually take a drug this is one of those things that no one’s really talking about your doctors not telling you about this it’s not listening to label but it’s something that’s occurring and the problem is that as you create these nutritional deficiencies you create symptoms that then are treated with a drug so it gets really confusing you don’t know what’s causing what okay so in the assets when you take any assets there’s several type if you’re taking like an h2 antagonist it creates an iron deficiency b12 vitamin D deficiency calcium deficiency zinc deficiency and the folic acid deficiency a lot of these nutrients function to help repair DNA so that’s really important for longevity and then we have proton pump inhibitors you get a magnesium deficiency and a b12 deficiency if this goes on too long that can create all sorts of severe neurological problems and the acids in general like Rolaids for example that use calcium neutralize the stomach and now you’re gonna have all sorts of mineral deficiencies could be zinc it could be calcium potassium magnesium all the minerals they just can’t get absorbed also b12 and protein antibiotics not just destroy your good bacteria but it creates a deficiency in calcium magnesium iron k1 because the microbes actually make k1 be one two three five six nine that’s folic acid and b12 and a depressive medication you become deficient in Co Q 10 which is really important in repairing the heart magnesium which is a cofactor in about 600 different enzymes b2 b6 b9 and b12 antipsychotic drugs create a b2 deficiency and in vitamin C deficiency not to mention there’s actually a lot more – I just put the main and a hypertensive drugs that reduce blood pressure so if ACE inhibitors which deplete zinc magnesium and potassium which by the way when you take potassium and magnesium it helps you lower blood pressure okay beta blockers coenzyme q10 depletion vitamin D deficiency calcium channel blocker so it’s not only going to block calcium but folic acid and the B complex then we have anti cholesterol medication of mainly talking about statins this is a big one it’s going to create two deficiencies with vitamin A D e K Co Q 10 EPA DHA these are the omega-3 fatty acids that make up the brain structure and it’s intimately involved with the brain function because with statins they’re blocking the production of cholesterol so you’re gonna have a problem with making cell membranes hormones testosterone many things okay cortical steroids you’ll have a deficiency of calcium and magnesium and b1 by the way then we have metformin which is for type 2 diabetes it creates a deficiency in B 12 B 1 and B 9 and the other problem with metformin is that it has a black label that it can produce lactic acidosis and guess what the remedy for that is b1 but if you don’t have any b1 it can build up and can create a problem diuretics it’s a big one because diuretics are used to get rid of fluid and they’re given for people that have high blood pressure so it starts to block magnesium potassium zinc and if you take the diuretics that our potassium sparrows in other ones they don’t deplete potassium you’ll get a buildup of calcium so it throws off your electrolytes it’d be interesting to see if you did take electrolytes if you had flute retention that’s because potassium and magnesium help to eliminate excess sodium and they help balance your fluids but they don’t really look at that okay hormone replacement therapy depletes B nine which is folic acid magnesium b6 and b12 and this is just the tip of the iceberg we’re not even talking about other side effects anyway if you’re taking in these medications you better be taking these nutrients thanks for watching if you’re liking this content please subscribe now and I will actually keep you updated on future videos

This Post Was All About Common Nutrient Deficiencies Caused by Drugs that You Should Know About.
Common Nutrient Deficiencies Caused by Drugs that You Should Know About

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In this video, we’re going to talk about the nutritional deficiencies that are created when you take a drug. 

As you create these nutritional deficiencies by taking a drug, you create nutritional deficiency symptoms that are then treated with a drug. 

Here is a list of different drugs and the nutritional deficiencies they can create:

H2 antagonists — Iron, B12, Vitamin D, calcium, zinc, folic acid 
Proton-pump inhibitors — Magnesium, B12, 
Antacids — Minerals, B12, protein

Antibiotics — Ca, Mg, iron, k1, B 1,2,3,5,6, 9, 12

Antidepressive — COQ10, Mg, B 2,6,9,12 

Antipsychotic — B2, vitamin C

Ace inhibitor — Zinc, Mg, potassium 
Beta blocker — COQ10, vitamin D
Calcium channel blocker — Folic acid, B complex

Anticholesterol — Vitamin A, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, Vitamin K, COQ10, EPA, DHA

Corticosteroids — Ca, Mg

Metformin — B12, B1, B9 

Diuretics — Mg, vitamin K, Zinc, calcium build up 

HRT — B9, Mg, B6, B12

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